Fußball ist tot

For many years in the wilderness of the mountain Paddy-Thustra embraced solitude. Finally, brimming with wisdom he decided to leave his exile and share the fruits of his sacrifice with the world of the ordinary supporter.


“I must descend into the depths: as you do at evening, when you go behind the sea and bring light to the underworld too, superabundant star!”


During Paddy-Thustra’s descent he encountered an old hermit who asked him what business he had with the football supporter. Paddy-Thustra replied that he loved the support and is bringing them the gift of his painstaking endeavours. The old man warned him that mainstream support will not take kindly to his offering, but will respond with ridicule and hatred. But Paddy-Thustra brushed aside the old man’s warning, and continued on his mission.


He soon comes upon Glasgow, where a large crowd is gathered, awaiting a trapeze performance by a famous green and white footballer. Seizing upon the opportunity to spread his wisdom, Paddy-Thustra begins by teaching the crowd of the tragic deceit of the Five Way Agreement.


“I will teach you how to reach your Sacred Destiny. ‘Old Firm Man’ is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All creatures hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and do you want to be the ebb of this great tide, and return to the animals rather than overcome the Old Firm Man?”


Paddy-Thustra urges the crowd to reject the teachings of the Plc and instead create a new meaning; in which the natural instincts are seen as sources of energy to be overcome for the sake of self-realisation. This new meaning, Paddy-Thustra announces to be their Sacred Destiny.


The philosophy of the Plc repressed this aspiration by spreading the idea that to seek domination and dependence upon the Plc was the highest good. The individual was taught by the Executives not to overcome himself, but to deny himself, to embrace Old-Firmism for the sake of corporate profit.


“Once you said ‘Domination’ when you gazed across the Clyde; but now I have taught you to say “Sacred Destiny.”


The footballer’s quest is dangerous as he must walk a tightrope suspended over a deep, profitable, religious chasm. So too, in bringing about their Sacred Destiny, the supporter must assume a great metamorphosis, never remain stagnant, but despite their fear always live for the sake of Love.


When Paddy-Thustra finished his speech, the crowd erupted in laughter. Believing the fault to lie in his approach, he tries a different tactic.


“Football is Dying…It’s crippled by…the corruption of values.” He informs them that this decline is breeding, “the most contemptible man” : “The Old Firm Man”, the counter ideal of our shared Sacred Destiny.


“It is time for man to fix his goal. It is time for man to plant the Resolution of his purest hope.


The supporters soil is still rich enough for it. But this soil will one day be poor and weak; no longer will a high tree be able to grow from it…”


The Old Firm Man is the individual who gorges in consumption. In satisfying base desires, he claims to have “discovered happiness” by virtue of the claim that he lives in the most successful era of the club’s history.


But the superficial self-infatuation of the Old Firm Man conceals a deep-rooted anxiety On some level, the Old Firm Man knows that despite his pleasures and comforts, he is empty and terrified. He has nothing he can use to justify the pain and struggle needed to realise his Sacred Destiny. He ignores the toxicity of the Taig-Hun axiom.


In his soul Old Firm Man knows he’s passed up the opportunity to realise his ancient Sacred Destiny and fantanises about running away to the fertile financial soil to the hostile South.


The footballer begins his dangerous high wire crossing from the Tower of Hate to the Tower of Destiny. The courage of the lonely figure in green and white isn’t enough.


A mendacious executive intervenes and distracts him. The footballer falls to his death. The brave player’s attempt at self-transformation ends surrounded by the sneering, triumphalism of the Old Firm Man.


Dying in the arms of Paddy-Thustra the footballer senses the toxic vitriol of mankind. His final breath is silenced by the Old Firm Man’s wretched Banshee howls of “Taig and Hun.” Chants born in the darkest recesses of the mind, where the foulest of deeds are schemed and entombed.


During his ill-fated high wire walk and fall the footballer tasted the freedom of the Sacred Destiny. A freedom Old Firm Man will never experience.


Paddy-Thustra looks to the sky and sees an eagle soaring through the delicate innocence of the clouds, a snake is coiled around its neck. The snake and the eagle are secret accomplices, their eyes are fixed on the Sky and the hazardous terrain to the lucrative South.


When will the mainstream supporter see freedom’s light?


“It is the same with the human being as with the tree. The higher they climb into the height and light, the more strongly their roots strive earthward, downward, into the dark, the depths – into evil.”


With grateful thanks to the contribution and interpretations of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

The above by The Gombeen Man. sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Dharma Bam

Test your idols with a hammer.

But not on the way to the game as you will get nicked.

Very good and very well expressed, The Gombeen Man!

Dharma Bam

I’m sad, as the events of the last few years since the death of rangers, has made me think I’ve outgrown Celtic – I feel like the curtain has been pulled back; I’ve looked round and I’ve seen the man pulling all the levers and stops that put on the show.

Big Audio Dynamite

Dharma Bam

That is exactly how I feel. In fact, the Celtic I fell in love with never even existed! We were fed a line and bought it. To see my club in cahoots with that shower, is too much to take.

DDs quotes still ringing in my ears …wanker!


Morning All,


Dharma Bam

I hope i haven’t killed the blog.



There’s some deep thinking required to digest that article,but I agree with the gist of it. We are stuck in a domestic cesspit with aspirations only to achieve admission to another cesspit n our neighbour’s house,or even throw ourselves on the tender mercies of a corruption-ridden UEFA.

Some choices,huh?


I had intended to update the NAPS table a bit earlier than this,but although I had a record of all the winning and placed bets from 19/09,I couldn’t find the updated table till then!

This is the one updated after the meetings on 29/8,with a note of the winners from each Saturday to follow. After I’ve done that,I’ll collate the up-to-date table ready for the weekend.


1 RayMac £36.33. (2.5)
2 The Real McCoy £8.00. (5.5)
3 Leftclicktic £4.00. (4.93)
4 Craig 76. £2.50 (2.13)
5 Big Packy £0.23 (0)
6 Bada -£1.00. (4.63)
7 Jimmy NP -£1.25. (0.63)
8 Celtic Champs -£2.50 (1.83)
9 Vogue Punter -£4.00. ( 4.68)
10 Chalmersbhoy -£4.00. (2.38)
11 Calton Tongues -£4.00. (0.75)
12 Jim the Tim -£4.27. ( 0)
13 BMCUW -£5.00. ( 3.75)
14 Gordon -£6.90. ( 1.63)
15 Garry -£6.90. ( 1.16)
16 Twisty -£9.00. ( 10.5)
17 Mahe -£9.00. (4.13)
18 AS67 -£9.00. ( 3.26)
19 Valleybhoy -£9.00. ( 2.25)
20 Mea Culpa -£9.00. ( 0.63)
21 Big Railroad B. -£9.00. ( 0.40)
22 Cosy Corner B -£9.00. (0)


Right. Here goes. I’ve noted down the place money too,but I won’t itemise them,just put them in the up-to-date table.
CCE 9/4

CCB 14/1
CRAIG76 6/1
GARRY 15/8
VP 3/1

MAHE 15/8
BP 6/4

VP 6/5

BP 11/8
CCB 17/2

VP 16/5
CT 3/1
G64 4/5

Back in an hour once I’ve done the tallying up.


WEEK 15,w/e 10/10 update.


RayMac £30.33. (3.6
Cosy Corner B £7.50 (0)
Big Packy £3.33 (0.2)
Craig 76. £2.50 (2.13)
The Real McCoy £2.00. (5.5)
Leftclicktic -£2.00. (6.33)
Vogue Punter -£2.60. ( 5.38)
Celtic Champs -£6.20 (2.83)
Bada -£7.00. (5.43)
Calton Tongues -£7.00. (1.95)
Jimmy NP -£7.25. (3.83)
BMCUW -£7.50 ( 7.25)
Chalmersbhoy -£10.00. (3.38)
Jim the Tim -£10.27. ( 1.4)
Gordon -£12.10. ( 3.23)
Garry -£12.90. ( 1.86)
Mahe -£13.10. (6.03)
Twisty -£15.00. ( 11.6)
AS67 -£15.00. ( 4.66)
Valleybhoy -£15.00. ( 2.25)
Mea Culpa -£15.00. ( 0.63)
Big Railroad B. -£15.00. ( 7.65

bada bing1

The Club have flown Barkas back from Greece, by private jet, as Greek Air Traffic mob are on strike

bada bing1

Need to catch Voguepunter in the Naps




Champions Day on Saturday,mate. And not just our team!


Afternoon all…last week I completed a survey about returning to Celtic Park, how I feel about returning, what measures would reassure me re Covid etc. Results were published last night and this morning I received an email requesting details of other season ticket holders at the same address (my son). So Celtic are being proactive with a view to getting supporters back to fitba.
Let’s hope it’s sorted in time for Saturday!!😉😁


Anybody in.


So Ali macoist won’t eat green starburst’s.
He couldn’t bring himself to say mr Green,the ceo of themz.
They all called him Charles, and no one asked why.
But we know don’t we.



The bigotry is ingrained to them. Fortunately we don’t define ourselves by them.

That McCoist,who was probably being serious with that comment,thought that it was funny and worth repeating to a national audience,shows him and them up for what they are.


The Gombeen Man,
Many many thanks for today’s food for thought.
More and more are seeing the charade for what it is, and that just doesn’t go for Scottish football or ourselves it goes for most things on this globe.
The information we now have access to in nanoseconds makes pulling the wool over eyes muchuch harder.

The PLC have divided and conquered but a new supporters organization for the woke shall soon emerge, grow to be the biggest and best, and put pressure on board to conform, not the other way around.

I agree with Darma Bham, the curtain was pulled back with Res12.
Good way to put it.
And there is a lot lacking. Post the ten is the time for change. I hope and pray it comes.

Thanks again pal.
Hail Hail


Btw,promise to update the table weekly in future!

All of my tabs have dropped off my iPad,happened on Monday and I can’t get it to retain any other than the one I’m using at any given time. Anyone got any ideas?

Nuisance part of it is that some of the tabs I had open were ones that were there for a reason,like the most up to date Naps table,or job applications. All gone,and it’s a bloody pain in the arse.


Also sprach Paddy-Thustra: Celtic Fc Ein Fußballverein für Alle und Keinen

Übermensch CSC


Bobby, throw Ipad out would be my advice.
Leave everything I or Apple alone.
Trouble with a capital T.

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Mhan
Outstanding and insightful article. 👏👏

COYBIG, let’s be having you on Saturday. 🍀🍀




I’ve had it for seven years and that’s about the first problem I’ve had with it. Iphone,I would agree with you on that-but I need it to run my household broadband via the hotspot so it stays too.

Mind you,I’ve long since said I’ll never buy another one of their products. I think the fact that they offered the iPhone 5 with a battery length of about five hours was the deciding factor. What effing use is a mobile phone if it has to be plugged into the bloody wall all the time? It’s why I use my old Nokia as my main phone. Charge it once a week whether it needs it or not.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks everyone for the comments…

Busy today :

But this Hun/Taig mindset could quite easily be substituted for any other class, race or minority.

Labels are too general.

It’s easy to fall into the trap, I’m no saint bye the way…

It’s a toxic variation of the three nationalities/stereotypes joke…Sorry about the wiki, just to illustrate…

“The “three nationalities” joke format is also very common in other countries. In these cases, the two foreigners are almost always portrayed as cocky, stupid, or naïve, while the home national is smart, practical, or in any case ultimately victorious.

Such jokes in Canada usually substitute the Irishman with a Newfie (a sometimes pejorative term for someone who is from Newfoundland.
in Turkey as “An Englishman, a Frenchman, and Temel…” (the last being a fictional character from the Black Sea region
in China as “A Chinese, an American and a Japanese…”
in Poland as “A Pole, a German and a Russian…”
in the Czech Republic as “A Czech, an American and a Russian…”
in Russia, see Russian jokes: Russians
in Scandinavia as “A Swede, a Dane and a Norwegian…”
in Sweden the Bellman joke has this format: “a Russian, a German and Bellman…”, where Bellman was originally a real person, Carl Michael Bellman
in Finland as “A Finn, a Swede and a Norwegian (or Dane)…”
in Spain as “a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Spaniard”
sometimes other national stereotypes are used: womanizing Italians, punctual Germans and so on. Sometimes nationals in specific professions are substituted: the Spanish Guardia Civil contrasted to the Italian carabinieri, French gendarmerie and English bobbies
alternatively, Spanish regional identities may be substituted: funny Andalusians, mean Catalans, backwoodsy Basques, Galicians or Aragonese, cocky Madridians and so on. In contrast, the neighbouring Portuguese are seldom mentioned
sometimes the Spaniard is the butt of the joke
in Italy as “A Frenchman, an Englishman (or a German) and an Italian…” where normally the other foreigners are portrayed as slow or stupid and the Italian as smarter or winning by cheating
in Portugal as “a Portuguese man, a Frenchman and an Englishman…”
in Germany with varying other nationalities, but most commonly “a German, an Austrian and a Swiss…”
in Greece, many variants:
with stereotypical nationals (such as “a Greek, a Frenchman, and a German… “)
regional variations (such as “a Cretan, a Cypriot, and a Pontian…”). Here, Pontians are always the punchline of the joke, being portrayed as stupid and thus taking on a role similar to that of the Irishman in the UK variant.
in India as “a Sardarji, a Bihari and a Bengali…”
in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, any variation on its many nationalities can take part (e.g. “a Croat, a Serb and a Bosnian…” or “a Montenegrin, a Macedonian, and a Slovenian…”
in Bulgaria the usual form is “an American/Englishman, a Frenchman and a Bulgarian/Bay Ganyo…”, though various other national stereotypes can be employed as well
in Brazil there are variations. It is common to use an Argentinian or a Portuguese as the stupid one, if there is only one flawed man, with the nationalities of neutral characters being American, English or French. A shorter variation has only two men, usually a Brazilian and an Argentinian.
in Iran as “A Persian, a Turk and an Arab…”

The joke need not necessarily involve nationalities. Jokes about the hard sciences may begin “A mathematician, a physicist and an engineer…”


Was thinking the last game at home, New Year, 2019.

Christie missed a penalty. Retrospective ban. Taken to hospital for emergency surgery after unclarified incident. Possibly in the tunnel? John Kennedy rumoured to have protected players.

Cut-throat gesture.
Gun gesture.
Morales sent off.
Gerrard loses it.

Away support allegedly throw items and sing about mental health.

Translatergate with Sky.
Ofcom complaint.

Result: 12 year old child charged.

Think that was all the one game? This is an awful fixture and does nothing apart from cause harm and swell corporate coffers.

bada bing1

Andy Burnham, a true politician, who fights for his cause, and the people.



It’s been a toxic fixture since Adam was a lad,and we have grown to expect the media to hype it up every time. We’ve also grown used to certain behaviours by fans before during and after the matches. But sometimes when you hear someone talking about stuff from their own past,and there’s a kinda disapproving murmur from his friends,they will point out that those were different days then,things have changed.

And for the better.

Not so with this fixture. I’ve long said that the return of Souness heralded in a step backwards in it,and one that too many on both sides were only too happy to join. But I recall a couple of years earlier,waiting for SOLKITTS to come over and join me in a pre-match drink in The Devil’s Elbow/Wenches Bar before we headed out to Ibrox. I’d grabbed a decent table,but he was taking his time. Four Rangers fans came over and asked if it was ok if they sat down. I explained who I was waiting for and why,but that they were welcome to join me.

Great lads as it turned out,and when it became obvious that SOLKITTS wasn’t going to make it in time-we had Plan B just to meet at the game anyway-they pointed out that the only way I would get there for the kick off was via the subway.

Aye,that’ll be right! Aw,you’ll be fine wi us.

I’m fairly certain that plenty of us have similar tales. We aren’t that much different,but people inject the poison for their own reasons. Just a shame that so many of us fall for it. But having said that,if we have to play them-thank you,5WA-then I want to beat them.

Same as I want to beat every team we play. Let the haters hate,let others encourage them. We can only change them the same way that water changes a stone,one drip at a time.

big packy

my team for saturday, i will be resting some players because this lot are shite, pardon my french,, fallon young and brogan ,o-neil cushley and cattenach, johnstone wallace chalmers mcbride and hughes,and im still confident that side will beat them.H.H.



Your midfield’s a bit non-existent.

big packy

BOBBY, apologies that non existant midfield, would still bury that load of shite,excuse my french.


It’s a hateful fixture because its allowed to be a hateful fixture imo.
A proper boss or committee would sort this out.
Those in charge at the minute are far from proper and I sincerely hope the spending of the 5million loan is itemized.
There’s zero sign of change in fans mindset, the media, or governing bodies behalf, which is why I contend a move down south would sanitize the affair.
Wishful thinking probably.

If Gov are forced to bail out football perhaps they could insist on a more hands on approach, forcing adherence to rule book, but again probably wishful thinking.

I think many would say the game is much better than bygone days.
Covid could have brought people together but the social media posts we see show a very old mentality.
When there’s a willingness or need to clean up the derby games it will happen.
The health workers who see incident numbers rise surrounding this fixture could play a role.
Copss could have a role also but they want the overtime, or to attend and revel in it themselves.
Tv companies love the drama packed incident while ignoring the illegal or immoral aspects of the spectacle.

The question I have is now we have a smaller connected online world, the youth aren’t following the traditional paths or stereotypes anymore. They are also schooled beside and know many more different races than we did at their age. Religion is much less important in the modern world than 50 years ago.
The kids are different now, and not in a bad way. They don’t view skin colour or church type like their predecessors did.
The hatefest on offer will not attract but disgust them I think.

In not modernising the OF could see their potential fanbase dwindle.
To entice the next generation of fans will need more than a couple visits while young. Xbox’s and mobile phones have replaced the street football.
Bent refs will only increase the ‘thanks no thanks’.

That game and all that surrounds it is a remnant of the past.
When people are even avoiding green sweeties, its clearly ingrained.
Will it ever step into the future? This youth will, leaving it behind to an ageing demographic.

Hail Hail

big packy

NEWRADBHOY, apoligies meant to post before, had a delivery in horwich this morning, then picked up the A666 through to darwen then accrington ,remember them 😎 im quite proud of the fact that i have not lost it after 10 years of retirement, i can still deliver, OK its only a 7-5 tonne van,but hey my eyesight would not let me drive my 38 tonne truck,,needs must,this is troubling times, do i want to start driving again in all honesty no, but wee joan needs help, and i need to do something,H,H,

The Gombeen Man


The generation that founded Celtic were deeply affected by what they witnessed in Ireland.
Not only did approximately 1m people die an agonising death and another 1m forced into emigration but a whole philosophy and way of life was destoyed.

In many ways we never recovered and still carry the scars.

One thing that the victims and survivors of An Gorta Mor would of wanted was for the later generations to achieve freedom.

Celtic Plc don’t offer that.

The mighty buck comes first.The customer a very distant second.

As BMCUWPS writes when we actually meet many from the other side the stereotype falls away.

It’s ironic that the only attenders at the game on Saturday will be the East End pigeons and the stool pigeons in the Directors Box.

Here’s hoping that the next generations can escape the yoke of An Gorta Mor.

The best way to do that is stop the poison. The poison is in the Now, not 150 years ago.

The Gombeen Man :

Behind a web of bottles, bales,

Tobacco, sugar, coffin nails,

The gombeen like a spider sits,

Surfeited; and, for all his wits,

As meagre as the tally board,

On which his usuries are scored.

Seosamh MacCathmhaoil.

bada bing1

We’ve seen the stuff on TV at care homes, with folk talking to mothers,grans etc,from about 10 yards away through patio doors ,I seen it today absolutely heartbreaking stuff…


Big Jim Packy…good you’ve not lost it, what were you delivering? Coiffured Chihuahuas? 😉😂😂😂

Awe Naw

The single act of the Old Firm joining the EPL is by itself not enough to save English football as we know it. English football will not vote for that of it’s own volition. An overriding external factor would still need to come into play to allow the English games administrators to accept such a proposal . Lets say a UK government handout of 1 billion smackeroonis might do the trick. To reduce marketing disruption and product displacement Instead of the Barclays Premier League the British Premier league which can only exist at the UK governments insistence for as long as the British Union exists. The likes of Boris Johnston and Dermot Desmond tickling the bellies of the peasant Scottish/Nordie voter in a state of heightened sexual fulfilment while emptying their collective wallets. I told you all this on CQN 14 year ago.

big packy

MCAFF, 3 pallets of terrys chocolate, and NO I did not eat any,,another true story😎

Margaret McGill

This Twighlight of the idols is beyond good and evil. I’m tellin ye.
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the Dawn.


Wee Nicola asks Sky to allow free to view access for the game between Celtic & Sevco on Saturday to assist in social segregation – IE no crowds piling off to Blackpool or round to their mates house with a carry out to watch the game as they subscribe to Sky. Both Sky and the SPFL basically tell Nicola to GTF – no surprise there.

Charlie Nick has now officially became my most disliked former Celt. Some going by Charlie to knock Andy@souptakers.co.prick Walker off the top spot.

big packy

APOLOGIES stolen from cqn JIM would love this https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/2725



Heartbreaking,and IMO an over the top reaction. Our governments have never at any time had a joined up policy on this,and are simply making it up on the hoof.

Incompetence on a massive scale,yet not an official inquiry instigated.



Nicholas is an uneducated oaf. Walker has no similar excuse.

Awe Naw

Neil Doncaster issues Nicola Sturgeon response as SPFL chief dismisses her Sky TV plea
The First Minister has called for Saturday’s game to be shown free-to-air.

ByGabriel McKay

Neil Doncaster has dismissed Nicola Sturgeon’s suggestion that Saturday’s Celtic vs Rangers game should be shown free-to-air.

The move, first proposed by the Scottish Green Party, was endorsed by the First Minister at Holyrood on Thursday.

However, the head of the SPFL insists the broadcaster shouldn’t be expected to take that financial hit having already put plenty of money into the game.

Doncaster told BBC Radio Scotland while jokingly performing a very convincing impersonation of Peter Lawwell : “We saw the comments that the game should be given away for free and we agree with Sky that it wouldn’t be a reasonable thing to ask when they’ve invested so much in the product and in Scottish football.

“Ultimately Sky have invested well over £125million for the next four seasons, as well as this season in Scottish football, and they’ve bought the rights on an exclusive basis with a view to people subscribing for their services.

“I think it’s unreasonable that Sky give those crown jewels away.”

Sturgeon had called for the match to be made available on free TV to try and prevent people gathering in houses to watch it.

The First Minister said: “I really do strongly agree with Joan McAlpine and would encourage Sky Sports this weekend to make the Rangers vs Celtic match free to view for supporters.

“As a small but important contribution that they could make to help keep people safe right now.

“Enabling people to watch the match in the comfort and safety of their own home and reduce the temptation people who don’t have access to pay-to-view services might have to go and watch the match somewhere else.

“So if anyone from Sky Sports is listening, I would encourage you to think about making the match free to view this weekend.”


Go on the Geordies. Always liked them and their club.

The EPL now talking about independent regulators. Considering we tend to follow their lead, I think this is a good thing.
I called for a Commissioner before but a ruling board would be fine if pulled from different fields (law, sports, science, finance, marketing).

Hail Hail

Awe Naw

XXXTRA TIME Rangers-daft porn star Lana Wolf promises ‘one Old Firm Nicola can’t cancel’ with racy sex tape for OnlyFans
Gary Taylor
15 Oct 2020, 16:19Updated: 15 Oct 2020, 16:33
A RANGERS-daft porn star has promised fans ‘one Old Firm Nicola can’t cancel’ in the form of a racy sex tape.

Lana Wolf has taken to social media to share the short clip to set pulses racing among both Gers and Celtic fans.

The renowned Scottish porn star and five other adult entertainers have made a video for OnlyFans with a special Old Firm theme.

In the graphic clip, Light Blues fan Wolf, who describes herself as “staunch as f***”, shared some intimate moments with the five women.

With coronavirus restrictions imposed throughout Scotland, there had been doubts about whether Neil Lennon and Steven Gerrard’s sides would be able to line up this Saturday.

But the group’s clear message is that the First Minister can’t cancel this Old Firm matchup.

With two of the performers, including Wolf, wearing Rangers tops and two wearing Celtic jerseys, the encounter was overseen by a ‘referee’ who was even seen flashing yellow and red cards.

The video was posted on Twitter by Wolf to her near 60,000 followers.

She captioned the post: “Coming soon to an OnlyFans near you.”

And social media users were loving the racy porn vid.

SFTB wrote: “Not your average Old Firm. Especially if we look at it over the last 5 pornos and before streaming”

Jimthetim53 said: “If only I got a season ticket to this kind of game WOW.”

Mahe added: “Looks like something outta Star Wars. I love Star Wars”

Cosy Corner bhoy said: “This looks SO F****** FUN. I want an invite next time. It´s a shame that not all the girls are on the same bed”

A Thing of Beauty said: “I´m no having it”

Fellow porn star Awe Naw said: “Just a day with the girls, doing girl things…”

BMCUWP said: “I´m not busy at the moment”

Back in August, we told you Wolf offered to give George Edmundson a “birthday lesson in keeping possession”.

Lana Wolf tweeted the English defender to say she would perform the lesson for his big day.

Edmundson, 22, did not respond to the tweet.

Lana, who has 45,000 followers followers exactly, makes no secret of her love for the Light Blues, and tweeted recently that she was buzzing to get her hands on the new kit.

And she posted two pictures of her wearing the top and nothing else but a pair of pants, stockings, and high heels as she wrote: ” Happy Birthday @georgedmundson4. I’ll give you a lesson in keep ball later.

The tweet won her even more favour with some fans on the site.




Awe Naw,

Where was Paul Baxendale Walker when all this was happening???

A thing of beauty

The Gombeen Man,
Clever article but could only be written by someone who has lost his love for Celtic. That’s fine, I understand you feel betrayed by the board and feel so strongly about it that it has led you to leave Celtic behind. The board won’t stop me from supporting my team. We’ve had similar conversations since the blog started and probably will as long as it lasts. As for the hun/taig comparison you make. I have said it before but will again so we can be clear. Hun is a mindset. Not all supporters of the ibrox club are Huns. When they get together though, that’s when the hun comes out. Superiority, bigotry, hatred. I live among them and will call them Huns because that’s what they are. I will stop calling them Huns when I see a change – so not anytime soon.



So bloody annoying when a good friend turns back into a hun the minute there are three or more of them together. All that good missionary work down the pan in an instant.

Margaret McGill

Some of my best friends are (black/huns/African Wild Hunting Dogs)*
* delete where appropriate.