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Looks like the board and nearly everyone else called this wrong when they requested that the SPFL put tomorrow’s game as far back in the calendar as possible,with a view to fans being allowed back to watch matches by now. It is the last match in the original eleven game round robin before the next cycle begins,and if anything the chances of fan attendance grow ever more remote by the day-or the latest official update.


No-one can make any plans to do hellish much these days,with new restrictions now being introduced with little more than a 24-hour notice period. I could have been in Scotland for a fortnight at the moment,but changed my mind five weeks ago now,fearing the worst. Where am I gonna stay if two households can’t mix together-the garden shed? A total screw up by various executive arms of the governments we foolishly empower at the ballot box,even if only due to the lack of serious opposition. In addition to the game going on during a lockdown period in Scotland,with pubs closed entirely across the Central Belt,nobody thought to take into account that tomorrow’s match would immediately follow an international break. With all the travelling which that entails.


Nobody saw it coming,they will tell you. And I’ll tell you that these pages informed you all as early as March that Euro 20 would have to be postponed due to the outbreak,and that there was a very high probability that it would be put back till 2022 to ensure a finish to curtailed club competitions in this present season.


I couldn’t get a bet on that at the time as the bookies were shut!


So we are where we are,and as always,we play with the hand we are dealt. As it stands,we have lost four players during the international break,all of whom would certainly have been either playing or on the bench. Additionally we will definitely be without Forrest,and even if Ajeti and Jullien return,they are likely to be way short of match fitness. And it’s not as though we can blithely risk them and worry about the fallout later,as our next two matches are against Aberdeen-one in the league,with the second being last season’s delayed cup semi final,going for our twelfth consecutive trophy.


To read the newspapers and various online sites,watch the telly,listen to the radio,it seems to be a foregone conclusion. The huns are the best team in the world and we are rubbish. Casually ignoring that we are outscoring them and have a higher points per match ratio. Of course we are a weakened squad due to the international fiasco,who wouldn’t be weaker by losing players of their quality?


Overlooking one simple fact,that it is only Celtic who have players of their quality to lose in the first place.


How many of us have said that there isn’t a player in their side who would be guaranteed a slot in ours? My money is on Neil Lennon still having the players available to beat the best that they can muster. From what I can see,they are at full strength,and they even have their top referee in charge. Doubtless with wee Toryboy running the line. They can do their damnedest,and even in adversity like this,I’m confident that we will prevail.


Celtic teams in the past have faced bigger obstacles than this. That big display of The Greats that wraps around our stadium is testament to the simple fact that Celtic Park is a home of legends,a place where a footballer can earn his name in the pantheon.


Nobody will let us down tomorrow,because the players know how important this is. They know that a win tomorrow-against all the odds-will deal a huge blow to the mentality of the visitors. A win tomorrow will knock them back,it could be a blow which brings their usual New Year paralysis forward by ten weeks and puts us a huge step closer to our ultimate goal of ten in a row. And two wins at Hampden in the upcoming weeks will give us Treble Number Four as well.


No point in crying into our pints-even those who are lucky enough to still be able to go out for one. Celtic Park is a place of legends,and these players already know what it takes. There’s room on that display for a few more faces.


It’s up to the players to earn it.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Cosy Corner Bhoy

Another good article from BMCUWP! Well, I have to say that!! Joking aside I also think we can beat the team playing out of Ibrox, but we must attempt to curtail their crosses from Captain Marvellous and the Boracic Crystal as that is their plan B… Plan A already installed in the form of Brother Beaton, the Free Kirk Enabler. Sorry, typo error, Free Kick Enabler😁.
Needles to say others not too far from CCB and BMCUWP will be less confident.
We need to press them high and all the time and also more than Frimpers defending when we have free kicks and corners…that’s if we get anyway.
As always, looking forward to the game because we might know they are Sevco but THEY think they are Rangers…always good to beat either.
An early……COYBIG!


NAPSTERS,follow the link…


Predictors,follow the link…


Usually by this time I am getting that awful feeling in my belly that we are playing them again,but not this time I don’t know if it is old age,living through the virus, or because the curtain has been pulled back and we get a clearer picture of what’s been going on. As BMCUWP says their ex players bum them up and we start to believe some of their drivel, but not for me this time.
the league is a marathon and we know how to compete in a marathon I will get up at 04:00 hours and every muscle in my body will twitch with muscle memory kicking or tackleing for every ball
Then my wife will get up for breakfast and she will know who won without asking but by looking at my face
Come on the tic make me smile

The Gombeen Man

Good read BMCUWPS, let’s hope for three points tomorrow. The media circus around the Old Firm would give Donald a riddy.

You’re both doing a great job providing a heathy environment for us to have a bit of dialogue during these different times.

The Plc’s favourite blog has been involved in a distasteful bout of politics for weeks. It’s clear that we face a difficult winter to say the least. The brief relaxation of lockdown during the summer is coming to an end.

Many quite rightly enjoyed a few trips to the pub in the UK. The balance between mental health and safety from covid-19, shouldn’t be underestimated.

In Dublin the wet pubs (without food) remained closed. There was a brief bit of respite outside of Dublin for a couple of weeks but that’s now gone.

We had 1,200 cases in the ROI yesterday the numbers seem to be stabilising in Dublin. Very tight controls are in place across Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan.

This is just the way things are. If the infection rate gets too high, the hospitals won’t cope and people will die.

Different strokes for different governments. There’s even been talk of limiting the hours and quantities that folk can buy at off licences to deter house parties…They seem to have backed off on that. Even Trick or Treating is furloughed. No Paddy’s Day…

From the get go the childish behaviour of many football executives in Scotland has been an embarrassment.

Against the backdrop of a National Emergency there was Dossiergate. An episode that I don’t think was repeated anywhere else? The type of thing that could be serialised in a Netflix Boxset.

To add to that Celtic Plc’s favourite blog has consistently undermined government policy for months. Why?

Ok. I get their UK Unionism is really about the possibility of making money by taking their Old Firm brand to England.

Their politics really has nothing to do with the governance of Scotland or England. It’s about money.

It’s likely that the noise coming from the Plc is more to do with finger pointing should the question of refunds come into question.

“We did everything we could but Government wouldn’t let us. No refunds.”

It will be interesting to see how Boards of clubs elsewhere deal with the issue both in terms of their relationship with the government and the supporter.

Let’s see what happens at Newcastle.

“A Cause, Cultural, Calling. A change in the terms and conditions of your SB.”

The Gombeen Man

Jimthetim 53,

I hope you’re well Jim.

Have you ever came across this place, Kerrytown, Co Donegal?
It’s a bit like Knock. There’s been apparitions by Our Lady there.
I’ve a friend that visits when she’s home in Donegal.


Excellent article BMCUW. I am extremely confident that we will get a good result tomorrow. We have by far the better players. Time for them to show it.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks again for your continued hard work.

Do you remember before Brendan joined us? Peter offered to meet with and met individual SB Holder’s who were concerned about how events were unfolding and were considering not renewing?

At the time and to this day I believe that this is a deck of cards that can and will fold quickly when the circumstances are right. Like a politician that’s around for years and suddenly gone.

“Ultimately sectarianism in Scottish football will continue for as long as the football industry itself thinks they benefit financially from its existence. Remove its financial value and that thinking changes.”

The problem’s in the incoherent thinking.


That sounds like a compliment from your friends.

You’re right to highlight the responsibilities of the Plc and the potential conflict of interest between the interests of the Plc the supporter and the game as a whole.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how all of this unfolds in due course.

Till Later.


Can you let me know your prediction for your free £5 correct score or scorecast bet for the hun game before 12.00 tomorrow.
Cheers and good luck..

Cosy Corner Bhoy

ChalmersBhoy: Thanks for reminder, I’d forgotten about that. Here’s hoping for a good dream tonight😁


Morning All,

BMCUWP, rather than moving the huns game to tomorrow to allow the possibility of allowing fans in.
The cynic in me say’s it was scheduled for after three Internationals where we have most players away therefore more chance of injury and less time together on the training field. Subsequent Covid issues are just a bonus.



Carlton Tongues
Spot on. Hope you’re well. Look forward to having a beer up the East End soon.





All well here, hope you’re good.

Hopefully, pubs will open next weekend but doubt it.


Nana Mouskouri C.SC

Hello Hello. Sorry wrong blog

Big Audio Dynamite

Our sports press aren’t even attempting to come across as neutral anymore …it’s full-on Old Firm guff time!

And with thems selling cheap tat showing our manager beheaded, you just knew it would be countered today …they haven’t disappointed.

Margaret McGill

Some old anonymous fanny once said that football without fans is nothing.
Looks like we are in line for a big pile of nothing.
The way the greed of UEFA has shone through treating football players in the Nations League as expendable commodities in light of the global public health crisis is beyond the pale. I genuinely hope that covid obliterates this sport and all the parasites that go with it.


Cannot disagree,MAGS. People are an expendable commodity to be sacrificed at the altar of Big Business.


Well said Bobby.
I’m confident like yerself.

It’s soo strange there won’t be fan in park or pub. I’m not there but it’s clear they have effed up the virus response, just like my new adopted home.

Interesting TGM thinks refunds are on the table now and so we see a campaign to discourage refunds, just like last year.
One thing is for certain, refunds or not, there won’t be a full time up next season if no attendance on horizon.
I think this pushes Petey out the door for a new guy to deal with.
We do have sellable assets to cover such losses, thankfully for the board.
But in doing that they would reduce the will to buy VSTs, it’s a vicious cycle.

So the Geordies want cash back now as it really looks like no games n the park for fans, when will the Tims think we want out money back or will they? Not sure the support will clamour for refunds.

My two girls have came down with the cold.
Babysitters are us.

Hail Hail
Get well Jim the Tim


What flavour are Fishermens Friends cough drops pls anyone?
Can you still get them?

Stupid things have got stuck in my noggin lately.


“Then my wife will get up for breakfast and she will know who won without asking but by looking at my face”
There’s Celtic wife’s and girlfriends all over the globe will go through the same.
I could tell the result just by mums demeanour.
She spoilt more games for me than I care to remember.
Many a fight we have had over relaying info regarding games.
She never grabbed the fact I didn’t want to know the result asap and had plans to avoid score watch game later.
When she did grab it little sister couldn’t.
Chat regarding that club is now banned in the family home when I’m back there I shit you not.

The old mother is a widowed penshioner herself with many aches and pains yet both her parents still live in their own home and need caring for. Immediate family only, won’t have carers or such.
She lives the closest to them, takes most of the strain I believe. It’s a terrible weight on her shoulders God Bless her.

Have a great weekend no matter where you are.
Hail Hail

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Mahe and his mum reminded me of the classic Likely Lads episode when they were trying to avoid the score of the big match


Wives / Girlfriends and the football lovin’ bloke.

Usually a volatile mix. I was ‘chucked’ on more than one occasion for prioritising a trip to Celtic park to see the bhoys in action rather than spending time with my then girlfriends in my younger days, that is after having been away offshore or abroad working for a few weeks. Sadly never dated a girl that was remotely interested in football 🤔 One of the worst arguments i ever had with my wife was during MO’Ns tenure. The game against Juve away – nail biting stuff a couple of minutes to go (88th min?) Celtic having fought their way back to 2-2, wife walks into the living room looks at the TV and the time remaining and utters ‘ it’ll be ok the game is over’ no sooner are the words out of her mouth then Juve are awarded a very dodgy pen. I jump up from behind the couch and scream at her with real anger – “That’s your fecking fault”!!! absolute mad Irrational behaviour, but that is what following Celtic does to you, and I’ve never ever been allowed to to forget it. Took her to CP once but – never again – not that she wanted to go back – far too cold, far too noisy. Thank feck for the advent of the live streaming of games. i can lock myself away in the man cave (aka the spare room) and rant at the game without incurring the icy stare of doom every few minutes.


“Juve are awarded a very dodgy pen”
I honestly thought he had been shot by a sniper in the crowd for he just collapsed with no one near him!
I started ducking in the house just watching the game, expecting the players to run for their lives.
Incredibly a finger points at the spot while I’m thinking the autopsy is about to begin.

‘Everyone gets robbed in Turin’ an old Irish priest once told me chuckling.

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

i was at that game n Turin when they got their dodgy penalty. There was loads of Torino fans in with us by the end of the game they had the Celtic fans fluent in Italian in anti Juve songs and insults. If you havent read about the Grand Torino team that was wiped out in the plane crash it is well worth a read

The Gombeen Man


Me too. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain the Offside Rule. It’s got to the stage where I think they are doing it on purpose.


Another headline from the Plc’s favourite blog that would make the National Enquirer blush.
It’s stark that little consideration is given to the victims of this disease…

629 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19; of these 58 were in intensive care in the week ending 12 October,

413 COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospital in the week ending 15 October there were 40 patients who have ever been confirmed COVID-19 admitted to intensive care

4,847 inpatients who tested positive for COVID-19 have been discharged from hospital since 5 March.

Scotgov stats today.

It really is a tragedy that the humility that set Celtic apart has gone from the Boardroom.

Football needs to get it’s act together. Israel went into a second full lockdown before the end of September. The transmission rate of Covid-19 was one of the highest in the world.

…(What was the thinking that allowed Celtic players to be exposed to this unnecessary risk? What representations were made to the relevant authorities by the Plc?)…

The administration of football in Scotland is a mess.

The unfortunate truth is that the suits can’t be trusted. It’s a constant barrage of deflection, blame and self-pity.

Both boards will have the privilege of viewing the Old Firm monster they’ve created tomorrow.


Bojo blames EU for no deal.
Who woulda thunk it.

Weet weet weet

Hampden, League Cup Final

Teams: Celtic: Beattie, Donnelly, Fallon, Fernie, Evans, Peacock, Tully, Collins, McPhail, Wilson, Mochan.
Rangers: Niven, Shearer, Caldow, McColl, Valentine, Davis, Scott, Simpson, Murray, Baird, Hubbard.
Referee: Mr. J.A.Mowatt, Burnside
Oh Hampden in the sun, Celtic 7 Rangers 1,
That was the score when it came time up,
The Timalloys had won the cup.

I see Tully running down the line,
He slips the ball past Valentine,
It’s nodded down by ‘Teazy Weazy’,
And Sammy Wilson makes it look so easy.

I see Mochan beating Shearer,
The League Cup is coming nearer,
He slams in an impossible shot,
The Rangers team has had their lot.

Over comes a very high ball,
Up goes McPhail above them all,
The ball and Billy’s head have met,
A lovely sight the ball is in the net.

Young Sam Wilson has them rocked,
But unluckily his shot was blocked,
Then big Bill with a lovely lob,
Makes it look such an easy job.

Now here is Mochan on the ball,
He runs around poor Ian McColl
Wee George Niven takes a daring dive,
But Smiler Mochan makes it number five.

Down the middle runs Billy McPhail,
With John Valentine on his tail,
With a shot along the ground,
The cup’s at Parkhead safe and sound.

Here comes Fernie, cool and slick,
He ambles up to take the kick,
He hits it hard and low past Niven,
The Tims are in their Seventh Heaven.


Good evening folks.
Celtic minus 1. 4/1 with Bet 365.
A tenner for a fifty return, has been staked, although any win will do.

A thing of beauty

Jim the tim,
Hope you’re feeling a bit better pal. C’mon here and give us your craic. You’re missed.
As for tomorrow, I share none of CCBs optimism and am thoroughly panicked by the thought of our patched up team and known lack of tactics against the current ibrox mob. I hope to be wrong and Neil Lennon serves me up a huge slice of humble pie.

big packy

EVENING all and JIM, jim sends his thanks to all you ghuys and ghalls, he is hoping for a win tomorrow as we all are, but JIM and myself have been put through the wringer many many times in the past, we have had the better team only to be beaten by the ref, dont forget we both remember mr wharton and company, just think if it was a level playing field in scotland, we would have won a lot more trophys than we already have, but hey ho we go with what we have, as jim says KTF.COYBIG.H.H.

bada bing1

Christie is out

Awe Naw

Tierney is in


I just don’t understand the nervousness of some Tims like yourself, about tomorrow’s match. I think we will win convincingly. In what way is it a patched up side? I don’t think that any of our missing players tomorrow would have started. We are much stronger than the tribute act on paper, and will show it on the pitch.
I honestly think we will win 4 or 5 nil. Depending who our front 2 are.


Here’s one for you.
It’s 49 years tomorrow since Peter Lorimer unleashed this rocket!
As for tomorrow, I’ve already posted 4/1 minus 1, I’m on.

Celtic Champs Elect

Just to keep all you music buffs in the loop

The Boss new album especially for Mags:-)

Celtic Champs Elect

Going to go skittle left field tonight

Dunno if anyone likes Morrissey on

Celtic Champs Elect

The excellent Keane

The Sovereign light Cafe


Evening all…after a false start to our boys’ season we start for real tomorrow. With a 1pm kick off ffs!!! So I’ll be taking every precaution ot avoid ANYsnippets of the action from Parkheid and straight up the road afterour game to see the ‘tic take 4 or 5 off the Manky Mob. Love your optimism Garry but I’ll settle for the scrappiest 1-0! Although 4 would be good. I reckon Morelos for a straight red tomorrow, just to put the icing on their day!!
C’mon the Hoops!!

Celtic Champs Elect

Back to the new Album by the Boss especially for Mags


CCE…absolutely loved the Smiths but Morrissey is a complete wanker!

big packy

HI MCAFF, jim sends his best wishes, I tried to talk him out of it but he was adamant 😍😍

Celtic Champs Elect

This is how we will feel tomorrow afternoon after we pump them stinking bigoted huns

big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO, just passing a message on, a certain poster who you know very well, said to me, tell mike to get back on here PDQ.😍

Celtic Champs Elect
Celtic Champs Elect
Celtic Champs Elect

Mr Larry Graham absolute legend and a voice to die for

Celtic Champs Elect
bada bing1

Rumour Jullien out,Welsh starts

1 2 3 4