Make or Break – Ten Days To Rescue The Season



I’ve had well over 100 hours to come to terms with Saturday,but frankly I won’t get over it till I fall over it. Not a shot on target,and barely looked like managing one either. A team selection and formation that had me crying into my beer before the game even kicked off,and a group of players with as much desire and fight as Denis Healey’s famous dead sheep. Well,we have about 250 hours now to get things back on track.


We start tonight with our first Europa League group stage match,at home to AC Milan. That campaign continues in a week’s time with a visit to France to play Lille. As luck would have it,both teams are currently top of their respective leagues despite the presence of some genuine giants of the game in Juventus and PSG. Crikey,that Pot One placement really worked the oracle for us,didn’t it? We really do seem to pull the short straw every season in the quality of opposition that we get in these competitions,but heyho,them’s the breaks. We know who we are playing and we know why we need to do.


Of course,in this season of all seasons,I think it’s fair to say that Europe comes a distant second to the main prize,and that is our pursuit of the fabled Ten In A Row. But that is not to say that we simply write off the European campaign. Even though I’m not holding out much hope for it,we really need to get our mojo back and soon,and those two games,with little pressure on the players and management,should be just the place to make a start.


Don’t get me wrong,I’m not expecting much from them,but what we need now,what we should all be demanding as the absolute bare minimum,is two decent performances of the kind that puts a smile back on our faces and restores some pride. And more importantly,some confidence.


The importance of these games pales into insignificance beside the importance of the two domestic games we face,both of them Sunday kick offs against Aberdeen. The first one is at Pittodrie and is in the league,and this is already a league campaign where every game has taken on the status of a must win affair. We have already squandered the initiative to our despised rivals,who will be buzzing and on a high after last Saturday. Four points in front,albeit a game more played,and we can’t afford for them to put daylight between us and them. So,indeed,a must win affair. Especially as there is the small matter of us playing at least one and hopefully two Scottish Cup ties in the coming weeks,and even if we win all our games between now and then,there is every chance that we could be ten points behind them come the start of December.


Not a good place to be,and particularly not in a season which could see the campaign curtailed with the title decided on a points per game basis.


The final match of the four in question is of course the delayed semi final from last season’s Scottish Cup,and we want to win that tie plus the final to give us that glorious fourth successive treble. Hell knows,I could do with something to smile about,that’s for sure! Two decent performances in Europe and two domestic wins might just about manage that.


So how do we go about it,and more to the point,how did we get to the stage we are now in where there are even questions like this being raised? Well,you’ll all have seen our displays so far this season,and frankly they’ve been little better than shambolic and uninspiring,with the exception possibly of the Hibs game. Why has this happened?


Well,there are a lot of injury problems-which is nothing new to Celtic,of course. The incidence and regularity of them really does raise question marks against either the training methods or the playing surfaces at Lennoxtown,even if we all know that the casual violence our players face on the pitch in most games is probably a factor too. There are also the Covid-19 absentees,which have affected our squad disproportionately-and as I’ve said before,it is wishful thinking to imagine that the players who are suffering from it will be back and fighting fit right away. Playing James Forrest every match when he had a stress fracture in his foot is rank bad management as well as being completely unnecessary.


Some of the new signings are taking their time to settle in,while some of our longer serving players have been significantly off the pace so far,and our insistence on playing three at the back looks a tad risky if we only have two fit and experienced centre backs available. Up front,our talismanic Frenchman has been unrecognisable this season,Griff needs to get his finger out,while Klimala needs to realise that he isn’t going to score goals if he keeps dropping back to our half of the pitch. Ajeti has simply been unlucky,having picked up a hamstring injury just as he was making the spot his own,while Elyounoussi,what can I say that you’ve not said yourselves?


But that’s not to say that NL is blameless here either. Far too often already this season,he has presented us with a team sheet that has us scratching our heads. And then putting needles through our eyes as the game goes on. Frankly too many of the people we put our faith in every time,be that management or players,have been stealing a wage this season.


It has to stop. I don’t know what is happening in their heads at the moment,but they need to get their focus back. They know damn well how important this season is to the fans,to the club,to their own place in history. It’s high time they showed that they cared,high time that they put in a shift in a professional manner.


The malaise,the rot,call it what you will,has to be consigned to the bin. It has gone on too long already.



Above article by BMCUWP. If you have something to get off your chest,let us know and we will publish it. Mail MAHE

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Puff puff

Great read Bobby , we have to stick together in troubling times .


We can start by getting the manager out Of his seat and onto the sideline where because of the virus his players will be able to hear and see him


I actually don’t think you can attach too much blame on Neil Lennon. He is what he is and that’s not a very good football manager at the level the club needs him to be. Sure he’s won trophies but given the massive gulf that up until this season, existed between Celtic and the rest, that should be a given. Even Ronny Delia won trophies and he’s not much better than Lennon. Could Neil Lennon do his job better? Great if he could but I think it’s gone well beyond that. All the evidence available to us mere mortals all point to him “losing the dressing” which in part explains the lack lustre performances by his players this season. I therefore think that unless the club gets in a new manager pronto (which they should), Neil Lennon’s is a dead man walking and the players just won’t respond to him. It therefeore comes down to the players themselves. They are clearly very good at what they do and on paper they are better than that shower they lost to last Saturday. They themselves need to take responsibility for their own personal performances and begin to act like the professional footballers they purport to be. If they do and get their fair share of the breaks then they should be good enough to win the league the season. If on the other hand they are going to continue to cheat the fans, then you may as well find something else to do on match days/nights.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Here we are about to play the first game of six in our group tonight and not one person has a clue as to what our line-up should be! I include Neil in that and that is the problem.
Sometimes it looks like he pulled the names out a hat and the idea of a system or shape or formation hasn’t even been thought of.
Somewhat disillusioned am I at the moment. Just don’t see how or where we get ourselves over that last performance, using the word loosely. And I mean we the supporters, the team even more so.
Never was the phrase Nil Illegitimi Carborundum, ( even though it’s a made-up one) be more apt. Unfortunately it doesn’t play left-sided midfield or even centre back😁.
Do we use tonight as a rehearsal for the next two games at the risk of demoralising the players chosen or do we field a team to avoid a doing? Having said that, Neil has bested the best before but is that Neil long gone?
Not exactly brimming with confidence and we are the pot 1 team. Noticed the jammy buggers got lucky again with Standard Liege having three first picks out with Covid 19.
What’s that song again….Naw, no’ WATP, the wan aboot some guys having a’ the luck.
Fingers crossed for tonight.
Doubtless big packy would be fielding the Exhibition team, or Coronation one or the Lisbon Lions😁
Hope JimtheTim is on the up though the team isn’t helping.


Morning all, I hope this finds you well, especially Jim the Tim!
M6bhoy… So Lennon was very lucky last year to win the treble! What about Rennes…away draw and home win! And beat Lazio home and away! It’s okay to criticise but it’s got to be at least balanced not just soundbites that don’t really stand up!
We all see the problems but causes are only conjecture without facts.
Injuries, sickness, isolation, player behaviour like Boli and Griff, recruitment of coaching staff, mental health…how many of these or more have played a part so far? How easy is it going to be to get things back on track? One good performance might be the difference, it has been before. Hopefully it starts tonight, if not it’s got to be on Sunday!


Morning all, I hope this finds you well, especially Jim the Tim!
M6bhoy… So Lennon was very lucky last year to win the treble! What about Rennes…away draw and home win! And beat Lazio home and away! It’s okay to criticise but it’s got to be at least balanced not just soundbites that don’t really stand up!
We all see the problems but causes are only conjecture without facts.
Injuries, sickness, isolation, player behaviour like Boli and Griff, recruitment of coaching staff, mental health…how many of these or more have played a part so far? How easy is it going to be to get things back on track? One good performance might be the difference, it has been before. Hopefully it starts tonight, if not it’s got to be on Sunday!
Mccaff – I didn’t mention anything about luck. I said the gulf between Celtic and the rest in Scotland is massive and winning trophies from such a position of strength is a given for any manager whether it be Lennon, Delia or Rodgers. Incidentally, he didn’t win the treble last year as the Scottish Cup is still up for grabs. Also, I think even the most uber of Celtic supporters would admit that his team was lucky to beat Sevco in the league cup final. One good performance by the players might be enough to get things back on track but that is down to the players and the players alone. Lennon is not good enough to manage a team at the level Celtic aspires to be at. His previous spells as manager at Bolton and Hibs are testiment to that as is the fact that he has spent a lot of his time on the managerial scrapheap between jobs. Do you seriously think other top teams are going to be hammering down his door to manage them when he leaves Celtic.

Yes, he has had some great results in Europe but I notice you omit to mention Cluj, Copenhagen and Ferencvaros, all teams, a team of Celtic’s stature should have beat but didn’t, largely down to his bizarre team selections and lack of tactical nous. However, I still don’t blame him for these failures. He stepped up when the Rat left and got the team through a very difficult and tricky period and should have be thanked for doing that job at the end of the that season. Instead, the board took the cheap and lazy option and made his appointment permanent when they refused to consider other more qualified candidates around at that time. The board are the ones I blame for the current predicament and even the club’s absentee landlord now recognises the folly of that decision. In my opinion, last Saturday’s yellow card to Lennon and Lawwell should have been reds. I would love to be proved wrong and see the players kick on from this point but I don’t think it will be too long before we see a second yellow being brandished by the club’s de-facto owner.


I’m thinking of putting a camp bed in behind my settee for watching Celtic games.

The Gombeen Man

Good article BMCUWPS, you are right. The next couple of weeks are an opportunity for our superior fire power to regain some pride as professionals.

We’ve chatted about the malaise at Celtic for years.

Neil Lennon was made odds-on by Paddy Power to leave Celtic before the end of the 2020/21 season, after the Ferencvaros game.

Support of the club is laudable but there’s a tendency to think with our emotions when it comes to Celtic.

We have the green blindfolds on.

There were more red flags than a Communist Party Convention before Neil’s permanent appointment in May of 2019.

The decision to take the squad to Dublin in the week prior to the 2-0 loss at Ibrox on the 12th of May?

We didn’t have a shot on target until 6 minutes before the end of that game.

The way that Timothy Weah was dealt with in the lead up to the game at Ibrox on 12th May 2019…

“I will be joining my national team to participate in the U20 World Cup in Poland.

With this decision, the gaffer told me that it is in the best interest of the team that I collect my things and go home rather than be a part of the game on Sunday, so I’ll be on my way. It was a true honour playing for this club and also having the opportunity to interact with legends who paved the way for us”

11th May 2019.

Posted the day before the Ibrox game.

Supporters might ask why Celtic disposed of the successful recruitment process that was used to select the previous coach?

Why back to the failed back of a fag packet approach to recruitment, given the emergence of concerns about Neil’s decision making?

If Neil’s unwell he would be better off going sick.

Take the green blindfolds off guys. There’s a recurring theme here.

Any questions should be directed to the Director’s Box.

Let’s hope the players turn their own corners tonight and salvage some pride.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

When Neil Lennon looks in the mirror does he see The Celtic Manager or does he see a man for whom the job is too big?
Only he has the definitive answer.If it’s the latter does he have the strength of character to do the right thing for the club but not necessarily for him, purely in a monetary sense, all other results being better for him.
I hope he asks to be relieved of his post as it can only be seen as a result all round.
‘ Weel done Cutty Sark, and in an instant All was light! ‘, with apologies to the Bard.


M6bhoy, thanks for your reply. You didn’t mention luck but how else can you explain any football manager winning all domestic trophies available? My bad, re the treble but he’s won 4 out of 4. Re The Rangers game surely even the most critical Tim can point out a hundred games where we’ve outplayed the opposition only to walk away defeated – I give you Tommy Burns and Andy Goram as just one example. I agree the Board are to blame, but it can’t be completely as you say. Everyone who has a say is complicit in whatever has gone wrong. The Board, the management and the players. I said when BR left the man to take us to 10 was Lennon! I didn’t think then and don’t think now that he was of the stature to bring the professionalism that BR brought but I did think he had enough to write himself into the history books. Time will tell if I’m right or not but I asked the question the other day – will a change of manager now be enough to win us the League or will it be a season written off as a learning experience!


It really is time for Lenny to prove that he can motivate the team and get us out of the mess we find ourselves in. He allegedly has the strongest and most expensive pool of players in the SPFL yet tactically continually struggles to overcome the most basic of defences in domestic competition and has failed against supposed lesser opposition in Europe. Why is this? If Lenny wasn’t a club legend would we have been less sympathetic? If Ronny’s team had played as badly Lenny’s has and produced that performance on Saturday does anyone believe that Ronny would be still be in a job?
Tonight’s game is a free pass for Lenny – no one expects us to get a result, maybe the players will raise themselves against AC and surprise us – who knows! But, imo, should our next 2 domestic games not show a huge improvement in performance and effort Lenny has to go.

Noel Skytrot

I’ll watch the game tonight with no expectations of us winning due to our poor form and try to concentrate on the footballing side rather than all the speculation of what’s gone wrong. C’mon Celtic give us something to shout about. As per, excellent contribution from BMCUWP and the posters too.


Morning troops.
Well said Bobby.

I recall a Liverpool telling me how their season failed to come together one year.
Started like us, disjointed and stuttering, then came a few injuries.
The team still didn’t gel and the support were saying when the injuries come back we will find form.
When the injured players came back, half were quickly out again long term because they were rushed, so more disruption.
By the time the entire squad was fit they were behind and still hadn’t found form. The manager decided to write off the season as they weren’t lifting title, and he starting looking youth and inexperienced players with the aim of being really ready for next year.
All in all, the entire campaign was just stop start stutter disruption and it flittered out.
I have a bit of a worry that will happen to us tbh.

As for tonight, I would like to see basically a new starting eleven, all fringe players given chance to impress. Kris Ajer will be out to impress after they admitted they like him.
Welsh could use the experience, I would play him. Soro game time would be nice and all.

Get better Jim the Tim 53.
Bobby are you sure Broony out on Sunday?

Hail Hail

bada bing1

After free school meals stopped in England, I hope young Rashford tells them to stick their CBE…

Noel Skytrot

Bada, i’m actually suprised he accepted one of Lizzie’s baubles though it might be nothing more than paper and metal too him. It’s possible he doesn’t understand the ruling classes have no time for the people that Rashford is fighting for. Strange one. FTTS

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM, im going with cosy corner bhoy, unleash the lions😎 on a serious note dont hold out much hope, but what the hell, we would knocked out anyway, so just use this game in blooding the youngsters, i remember a long time ago watching a celtic X1 play cumbernauld utd, a young lad called dalgleish scored a few goals, so it is worthwhile to blood the youngsters,.JIM get back on here PDQ, these young ghuys on here have never heard of dalgleish,😎😎


All, if we play the youngsters and we are mauled by ‘The Zlatan’ and AC how do you think it would effect them -would they get another chance if we were pumped? IMHO we field our strongest possible side – ‘probably still get pumped’🤔 . However its time to try and gel as a footballing unit and not the time to experiment using relatively unknown and untested players. Europe isn’t the place to blood youngsters unless you are in desperate need. True it could be there is another Marshall, KT or even a Dalgleish awaiting their chance but i doubt it. All our best home grown prospects have fecked off to Germany.

Fear the worst hope for the best CSC


Afternoon all. Just back in from Saturday. Is it safe yet?

Billy Bhoy

Greetings everybody.
I’ve just returned from 10 days in the Algarve. I watched Saturdays game on an absolutely awful IPTV feed so I haven’t commented on the game since. However, I suspect the feed probably managed to outperform the team!

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so indifferent to a European tie as I do right now. I’m so scunnered by the season to date that probably the main reason I’ll watch tonight is that I now need to self-isolate for the next 10 days!

TBH I couldn’t give a flying F*** about the EL. I’d throw Griff, Rogic and anyone else who needs games to build match fitness up on to the pitch tonight along with Soro and Turnbull etc. Regardless of who plays we can’t afford any further injuries to the squad before our visit to Pittodrie which is now a must win game.

I’ve been reading all the comments on here about Neil Lennon since the weekend. For me, I have to admit to feeling “horribly conflicted”. I’d love him to be the man to win The Ten and the Quintuple Treble but my gut feeling is that he’s lost his mojo – whether that’s temporary or permanent I don’t know but I reckon we’re about to find out over the next 10 games.


I would tell the fringe players it’s a free hit. They are expected to lose so this is a study lesson. Line them up against an opponent and tell them study his moves, how he bests you, because that’s where you want to be.
You will be judged on attitude and application not result I would state.
The fringe players really showed for Shakhtar last night.
They would enjoy it.

Our first team shouldn’t play tonight and Sunday imo.

Hail Hail

Nana Mouskouri

Milan are going to suffer the backlash. 2-0 to the Tic Duffy and Ajeti to score


Billy Bhoy
Greetings everybody.
I’ve just returned from 10 days in the Algarve.
That’s as far as I got on your post…………………..totally scunnered :O(((( missed my Algarve trip this
fekn shitey covid year.


Just back from Algarve?

Anyone who read Billybhoys comment needs to self quarantine for a fortnight.


It might be a sign but a litter of puppies just got born, and no shit they are green and white!





I would be gutted if Ajeti plays as we need him for the league so why risk him, another couple days mollycoddled please.

Ncham has failed us time and time again so shouldn’t grace the first team unless emergency imo.

Welsh we will need so keep blooding him.

Soro needs minutes so he isn’t caught completely cold when brought in.

Why not give Bain the cups? Might focus Barkas?

If Broony is out on Sunday then I understand starting him but I wouldn’t as we would learn more without him.

Rogic could do with game time and looks like he has a role to play, why not tonight?

Would understand Griff starting, but don’t think chasing shadows will help him at this stage so Paddy for me.

Easy this armchair manager lark.

4 zip Milan is my prediction.


Evening All,


big packy

MAHE, jim has predicted we will get one goal at least, mr mcgregor 👍



Intriguing lead there, not sure the premise that we have ten days to rescue the season is right, or rather I’m hoping it’s not right, things have gone too far for a quick fix from my perspective.

Real change is needed now.

Having said that, I’m more optimistic than some about this evening game, yes, it could be a rout but we will have enough hungary quality players to make a game of it.

We’ll see but I’m looking forward to it.

Auldheid @ October 20, 2020 11:32 pm,

Thats for that illuminating response. It may take a small disaster to get the Celtic support naval gazing but that time will come.

Where did it all go wrong they will ask – and you’ll be able to tell them.

Hail Hail


Good evening CT.

Gonna do some chores before game. Back in a few

Billy Bhoy


I’m no’ apologising mate.

I should have been there in May for a 10 day golf trip – cancelled!

I should have been in Lake Garda for my 60th in July – cancelled!

I should be going on a Caribbean Cruise in January for my wife’s birthday – cancelled!

So, we just decided as it was our Wedding Anniversary to go and make it a wee Treble celebration of our own!

It was absolutely brilliant BTW but we’ll need to pay the price now.

Incidentally, on a serious note, the Algarve has had very few cases – none in Carvoeiro where i was – and yet all bars, restaurants and schools are open. I’m bemused as to how that is. We felt perfectly safe over there. Not so much over here looking at our numbers today! 🙁

Mahe, I would have no issue with THAT team!


Billy Bhoy

I’m no’ apologising mate.
I don’t blame you mate,me being envious glad you and the good lady enjoyed it.hh


Standard player gives away stupid corner.

Goldstone fouls, penalty to Huns?

Standard are worse than us!



The Gombeen Man – Thank you for the full and considered response.

Some think we are already enlightened  (the Kingdom of God is within you). We are just not aware.

There are many paths and paradoxically no path. Maybe just, ‘What is?’

Some folk who refer to themselves as atheist are among the most connected people I’ve found.

Interpretation of morals is fraught with difficulty and often clouded by cultural conditioning.

The problem is in our thinking. It’s often, ‘all or nothing’ or ‘black or white.’ Fixed judgements emanating from our conditioning without reference to the evidence or facts.

Many practices were designed to help and address our thinking. This was often lost too, replaced by moral codes, rules, authority etc. They didn’t encourage progression to maturity but engendered fear, guilt and conflict.

Technology removed us from contact with nature. Many of our spiritual practices were connected to our oneness with the environment.

Contemplation is more common than many are aware. It’s complementary to the other paths but can be less inclined towards dogma, hierarchies etc. It often builds upon contact with nature
Today, Mindfulness is a popular way used to connect…

Poetry, art, music, helping others are all equally valid ways of experiencing and expressing oneness.

Yes, for me we are already enlightened beings, everything we need is already within us. Now manifesting that, that’s the tricky bit.

Yes having to walk many a long arduous journey along the path, to discover there is no path is paradoxical, yet if we never take the journey we never find out. Maybe the athiest has a head start.

Yes, when speaking of morals, really all that was meant is the expectation of what how a “good citizen” was meant to behave. There seems to me to have been a lot of judging and a lot of hypocracy. Yet that was because there was a standard to be measured against.

In the ancient Egyptian’s adherence to ma’at and on death, the weighing of the heart asks similar questions that the ten commandments asks of us.

A set of rules to govern us – yet if one was truly endowned with ma’at there is no need for such rules, this was to me Jesus’s most important lesson.

Mindfullness to me is a hugely important development, yet it’s ultimate success like all spiritual pursuits lies in the journey.

Some say these things are inventions of thought. So too our understanding of God, Religion. Those understandings help many and hinder others.

To me it’s just life’s journey explained in different ways. The gentleness, beauty and wisdom of teachings was often neglected and misery and conflict resulted.

Despite that many benefit hugely from the practices and a non-literal interpretation of teachings etc.

Totally agree with this. Religion has led to great misery and conflict, yet it is down to interpretation, the whole point is it can’t be spelled out in simple terms, it can’t be easyily illustrated. The Bhudda himself talked of “expedient means” Jesus’s frustration with St Peter. In many ways we are seeking the unseekable.

Yet the journey can and should be inspiring – the reason I wish to be able to embrace Catholicism again is the huge legacy of music, art, knowledge wisdom and love the religion of my birth has inspired and created.

I remember someone recounting there most important Christian message – they were told the cross stands for “I” crossed out.

Hail Hail


It’s about an hour before the game and I have not even bothered to look up where I can watch it. So put me in with the scunnereds
I don’t want Celtic to lose even in preseason friendlies, that preseason friendly could be some young supporters first live game and I want only good memories for them
We have a squad full of internationals no matter what mixture you put on the field players of that caliber should have only one emotion and that is to win. Any player who puts on the Celtic jersey should only have one desire in any game and that is to win. I am scunnered but a team playing with desire can change that

big packy

its hard to believe that ghuys in our age group, mid sixties early seventies, now have to hide behind the couch when we are playing in europe, we were the kings of europe at one time, now we are getting beat by teams I have never heard of .sad times.


my predicted starting 11

Barkas, Jullien*, Duffy, Ajer, Frimpong, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Laxalt, Ajeti*, Griffiths.
* if deemed fit otherwise Welsh and Ryan – or Paddy to start.

attack minded line up but think this could be another sore one for us to watch.

See the Hun are bashing wee Belgium again 😂😂


doh – Big Julie still not fit( thought he was close to returning?) same with Nir & Mo EL. 😒

Awe Naw

According to our mole

Vasilis Barkas remains in goal while Stephen Welsh, Shane Duffy and Kris Ajer start in defence.

Jeremie Frimpong and Diego Laxalt take their places at right wing-back and left wing-back respectively.

While Scott Brown, Olivier Ntcham and Callum McGregor all start in midfield.

Patryk Klimala and Mohamed Elyounoussi both drop out of the side and have apparently been replaced by Ryan Christie and Albian Ajeti.



I take it that is Squad Numbers Order.



Well i was kinda close with my line up. Nothing wrong with moles

Looks like a back 3 again – oh dearie dearie me 🙄. What is that old adage about making the same mistake over and over again!

To the little gentleman in velvet CSC


Adrian Mole had a chick called Pandora. I’m saying no.more 😉

Craig 76

Evening all my prediction for tonight is 3-2 (Griffiths x2 Ajeti)


Neil said yesterday that Julian will be out for a few weeks yet, inflammation in the lower spine.
Nir and El Hamed have really been suffering from Covid and it may be a while before they are fit enough.
Both were saying today how difficult it has been and Nir said he couldn’t stand up at one stage, he was telling everyone to take it seriously, if that’s how it affects a fit sportsman like him.

A thing of beauty

So Ntcham starts agin. He’s had so many chances this season and produced hee haw. Just how pish do you have to be to get dropped? Oh and in the space of four days Ajeti and Griffiths can both start but none could do so on Saturday. I have no idea what is going on with our club just now, none whatsoever.

A thing of beauty

Maybe of Bitton has respected his manager and not went to play for his country when injured he would not have caught Covid. Struggling to have sympathy quite frankly,

Weet weet weet

A true story ))

A young man wanted to buy a present for his girlfriend’s birthday and as they hadny been winching long he decided after careful consideration, that a pair of gloves would be nice, thoughtful but not too personal.
Accompanied by his girlfriend’s sister he went to Debenhams and bought a dainty pair of white gloves.
The sister purchased a pair of pants for her self at the same time. During the wrapping, the shop assistant mixed up the items, the sister got the gloves and the young man got the panties.
Without checking the contents the man sent the parcel to his girlfriend with the following note….
Dear Hazel,
I chose these because I noticed that you were not in the habit of wearing any when you go out in the evenings.
If it had not been for your sister I would have chosen the long ones with the buttons, but she wears the short ones that are easier to remove.
These are a delicate shade, the shop assistant that I bought them from showed me the pair she had been wearing for the last three weeks and they were hardly soiled at all.
I had her try yours on for me, and although they were a little tight they looked really smart.
She told me that the material helps keep her ring clean and shiny, in fact she hasn’t had to wash it since she began wearing them.
I wish I could put them on for you as, no doubt many other hands will touch them before I have the chance to see you again. Just think how many times my lips will kiss them in the coming year. I hope you will wear them for me on Friday night.
When you take them off, remember to blow into them before putting them away
as they will naturally be a little damp from wearing.
All my love Harry.
P.S The latest style is to wear them folded down with a little fur showing


Oglach, here’s his words.
ATOB, harsh but I do understand where you’re coming from.
Bitton admits he underestimated the disease and called for urgent talks to limit who can be involved in next month’s international fixtures.

He said: “I went through some hard days with this virus. It wasn’t easy at all. Before I got the disease I underestimated it, but it was not pleasant.

“I had headaches, my muscles ached and I could not stand up. I had to sit.

“You do not know what you are heading towards. Everyone knows how the disease starts, but not how it ends.

“If it affected me, a young and athletic guy, I do not know how it affects older people.

“We see deaths and I need to say to people, watch out. Stay at home and look after your relatives. This is not an easy disease.

“I am still without taste and smell, but I hope it will come back soon and that the hardships are behind me.”

Bitton is now allowed out of isolation from his Glasgow home but faces a host of tests before he can make a Celtic return.

The experienced Hoops defender insists his club’s Covid-19 regime is watertight, with players all following orders.

But Bitton reckons it’s no coincidence that there was a flurry of positive tests during the international break.

Israel team-mate Hatem Elhamed and Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard caught the bug.


Every team has scored tonight so far, bar one.



In fairness we need to start playing two real strikers up top immediately, and Neil has finally got them paired.
This, in theory, is the start of a partnership that Albian claimed he was looking forward to when he signed.
You may well have a point with the weekend, however it’s surely better to give them time tonight to help bond than totally fresh pairing on Sunday?
I think the more minutes together the better but then again are they capable of an injury free run as a pairing?

Agree on Ncham. A cup you aren’t going to win, and especially with no fans in stadium to feel they wasted their time, seems like the time to experiment to me but the only thing different is the partnership up top.
We don’t blood the fringe players ever!!!
So we or specifically Neil, shouldn’t slam them if they,,
Look cold and off the pace
Complain or their agents do
Look to move on
Won’t put themselves in harms way when seeking move
Don’t sign the contract extension
Do well elsewhere

Anyway COYBIG!

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