Dermot’s Legacy?

Dermot Desmond .. Celtic majority shareholder and major decision maker .. What will be his Celtic legacy ?


Season 2015/16 Champions again giving 5 In A Row and turnover of £52M and no Sevco in the league.


Season 2016/17 : Invincibles Season giving 6 In A Row and turnover up 74.2% to £90.6M vs Sevco £29.2M.


Season 2017/18 : Champions again giving 7 In A Row and turnover up 12.1% to £101.6M vs Sevco £32.7M.


Season 2018/19 : Champions again giving 8 In a Row and turnover down 17.9% to £83.4M vs Sevco £53.2M.


Season 2019/20 : Champions again giving 9 In a Row and turnover down 15.8% to £70.2M vs Sevco ????


Season 2020/21 : Challenging season ahead.


With no Champions League revenues this season, and with Covid-19 meaning no fans as yet attending Celtic Park, the financial situation for this current Season 2020/21 will be even more challenging.


From Season 2021/22 there will be two Scottish clubs in the qualifying rounds for UEFA Champions League.


The Celtic PLC Board have to be incredibly careful that the Doomsday Scenario doesn’t arrive whereby we are overtaken both on and off the park.


Dermot Desmond will not want to go down in history as the PLC Board Leader of men who lost the ten.


Football history will provide judgement on Dermot Desmond and the PLC Board based on what happens this season.


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I have told this story before but it’s an opertune time to tell it again My daughter was doing a one day job in London after work some of them were going to a pub to meet up with some friends she was invited along. When they got settled in the pub there was about eight of them , half from North America , they went around the table identifying themselves where they were from and what they did for a living my daughter was about 23 at the time. The intro went around the table and the last guy was the oldest. He made his introduction said he was a businessman and owned some companies but his favourite company that he owned was Glasgow Celtic. When my daughter heard this she explained her families obsession with Celtic. My daughter was heading up to Scotland to visit relatives before heading back to Canada and Dermitt offered her his two seats for the game that weekend
And that’s a true story



WOW!!! Unbelievable story-but only because I can’t believe Dermot gave something away(!)



Some difficult reading in there-and not just for DD,for PL too.Just as our revenues were going through the roof,PL starts to undermine the man who was the reason behind that fact.

He gets his way,gets rid of his £3m pa manager to be replaced by a cheaper option and revenues plummet,as do on-field performances and results.

Way to go,Peter.

The Gombeen Man


Dermot and Pedro’s legacy?

They’d like to think they’ve saved the Old Firm.

Next Season will have two record holders go toe to toe.

Rangers with 55 and Celtic with 2 x 9 in a Row.

Forget any waffle about our values and heritage on Pedro’s favourite blog. That’s all cynically directed at our entangled values of family, religion, heritage, culture and calling.

It’s the manipulation of a marketing ploy.

Pavlov’s dogs springs to mind.

Celtic’s slump is no coincidence. Celtic’s failure to address years of cheating is no coincidence.

Celtic’s appointment of Neil Lennon is no coincidence. Neil is the fall guy. He’s watching his 12 month rolling contract tick down, as the fragmented menagerie of Pedro’s punts fight for the lifeboats.

It’s fitting that these figures were released in the run up to Halloween.Ignore the coordinated howling of Pedro’s banshees on other channels.

The squad will be radically downsized at the end of the Season. Covid the politicians and Neil Lennon will be blamed.

The Call will go out and the Gombeens will sell their coffin nails (Season Tickets) by the thousands.

Just like Dr Pavlov’s dugs.

Noel Skytrot

I’m not the most astute with numbers and figures or whether football clubs have to declare all financial transactions, tax etc but if we’ve dropped significantly in the past three months, I wonder what Williams accounts are like? Are they declaring the same stuff as ourselves?



We are most definitely not in a good place at the moment,with a serious disconnect not only between fans and the club,but also between the fans themselves. I genuinely cannot recall a time when the fans have been of such polarly-opposed views on almost everything at our club.

What so many of us seem to forget as we bicker amongst ourselves is that we ALL want the best for Celtic. We ALL want our team parading every possible trophy. That’s why it is so frustrating to people who are not at all pleased with things over the last few years to see comments like-“Oh,you’ll be happy with us losing/drawing,eh?”

I don’t know ANY Celtic supporters who were happy with those three results over the last ten days. But I KNOW PLENTY WHO SEE NO REASON TO PUSH FOR CHANGE AT THE TOP,which confuses the life out of me. I ask them if they are happy with the drop in intensity and performances over the last eighteen months,or were singing and dancing when RD was in charge,and the reply is invariably Panglossian. Presumably not realising the origin of Dr Pangloss,of course.

The occasional comment about the standards in BR’s last season springs up,and is rapidly wheeshed when I point out that we gave him£6m to spend in his last summer,while giving NL £20m last season. I wonder why that would be,especially as income in BR’s two full seasons was over £180m,and we can see how far it dropped when he got the bum’s rush.

I’m not gonna make this personal about the reasons for the above,I’ve made my views clear on that in the past. But managers have been fired for being more successful than the people who are running our club at the moment. Yet their position is inviolable,and handsomely rewarded.

Go figure.



Everything over there is an exercise in smoke and mirrors. Their accounts-if they ever see the light of day-will be no different.

No auditor who is keen on retaining his licence would sign them off anyway.


BTW,nice to see JAYHAWK back on again last night.

Billy Bhoy

I’d love to hear the thoughts of Ronny Deila right now.
This is a guy who got sacked for drawing 2-2 with Sevco at Hampden then losing on penalties as the ground opened up underneath Rogic’s feet as he struck the ball.

I wonder if he would have survived this last week.

I said on here before the Sevco game that he had to nullify the threat of Tavernier and Barasic as they provide so many of their chances. Its a pity Lennon doesn’t lurk on here eh? My prophesy took 8 minutes to come true!

On Thursday of course Taverneir scored the penalty (won from his corner) and I’ve just seen his assist for Defoes goal yesterday. It got me thinking WHO in our team provides assists so consistently? I think we all know the answer to that one!

We’ve got little so far this season (and nothing recently) from Frimpong and Taylor so I guess we’re hoping for something more from Laxalt.



A bit unfair to say we’ve had nothing from Taylor as he has a number of assists already. But Frimpong has been a disappointment especially since Jamesy has been injured



I don’t think Ronny Delia was sacked. He chose to leave and stated that he had already made this decision before the cup semi-final defeat to The Rangers. By doing this, he dug Lawwell out of a hole as he would have been forced to sack him as ST renewals were falling off a cliff even though the huns would be in the league the next season. This would not have looked good for Lawwell who’s record in managerial appointments (Mowbray, Lennon (twice) and Delia) is shockingly bad. Celtic have only appointed proper managers when Desmond took charge and appointed O’Neil and Rodgers. If and when Lennon does get the bullet, Desmond has to step in again and take the matter out of Lawwell’s hands otherwise the club will end up with another sub-standard puppet.

The Gombeen Man


If we knew the truth we’d be shocked.

It’s very hard to walk away but it’s pretty pointless blindly following something if there’s no appetite to create a transparent game.

Maybe just treat the OF like a Simon Cowell production like Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor?

Prepackaged entertainment not to be taken seriously.

All I foresee is an endless cycle of dodgy dealings and the hope of some kind of a transformation of the league’s administration or our leadership.

Maybe the younger generation will be a bit more united and forthright with the Plc?

The relationship between DD and PL is intriguing. Okay DD is a big picture guy but surely he must see the lost revenue from the CL and disappointing managerial/coaching/player recruitment?

I sincerely hope Pedro’s dealings with the SFA/SPFL are more successful than his ventures into the Football Department?

That performance against Sevco was probably the lowest point that I can remember. Certainly on a par with the dark days of the DM days.



Celtic as you correctly state are not in a good place just now.

It is incredibly important for Supporters to have open and frank discussion about our Club.

We all care passionately about our Club, and we all want the best for the Club.

I’m sure we would like to invite Dermot or Peter or Neil to our respective homes, and yes we would happily give them a key.

Any discussion about anyone at Celtic isn’t a judge of their personal character.

It’s simply about concern for the Club and the direction the Club is going in.

We can all have opinion as to what we think is wrong and why.

Naturally, I imagine Dermot and the Celtic Board will be equally as concerned as every Celtic Supporter.

But ultimately Dermot decided what happens at Celtic, as he is the majority shareholder and major decision maker.

Dermot and the rest of the Board have some really big decisions to make.

The hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of Celtic Supporters rest on the decisions they make.

Only time will tell if they get these decisions right, and if Celtic as a Club are successful this season.



Excellent, succinct and to the point lead.

Senntinel Celts putting these figures in real context.

Knocking it out the park.

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Man

Dermot and the rest of the Celtic Board are acutely aware of what’s riding on this season.
There will be no legacy without 10 In A Row success this season.
Worse still will be the absolute dejection of the entire Celtic support.
As a Club we have no divine right to win the league every year.
But I still hope and want to belief that Dermot can find a way for the Club to be successful this season.
Only time will tell if Dermot and the rest of the board can make this happen.

Billy Bhoy


Yes, I remember GTs two assists in the first couple of games (and his goal!) That was why I typed “We’ve got little so far this season (and nothing recently)” from them both. My main point was that Sevco are getting a far greater return from their full backs than we are.

I don’t think its a coincidence that they consistently play 4-3-3 regardless of who plays whereas we’re playing a system where its actually quite hard to fathom what the formation is. I have no clue what we were doing on Sunday – and the players seemed to be equally confused!

Let’s hope Thursday sees a bit of improvement.


Hi Chairbhoy

There is no hiding place this year.

Dermot and the board have to find a way for the Club to be successful this season.

Anything other than 10 In A Row, would be both a massive football and financial disaster.

Hope springs eternal, but I’m equally under no illusion as the situation is already acute this season.

Dermot has some very serious thinking to do right now.

Hopefully whatever decisions he makes, will be the right ones, and Celtic will again be League Champions.

The Gombeen Man

Celtic 1 Member 1 Vote,

Sevco will drop points. I’d rather have my crisis now rather than in the business end of the season.
Things have been sliding for a while and it’s anyone’s guess what’s going on at Lennoxtown?

Given the evidence on the pitch something needs to change. Hopefully Neil can do it. My main concern is his health. Hopefully as he gets players back and they regain some of their confidence/form.

DD has experience of the Membership Model via Shamrock Rovers.
50% owned by the supporters. Dermot has 25% and another Irish businesses man, Ray Wilson has 25%.

I’m not sure if DD plans to increase his stake there, maybe one day he’ll consider that type of a model at Celtic…

Especially given the direction of the finances…

‘Become a Hoop.’ The Shamrock Rovers membership scheme… Apologies if you are already aware.

“Shamrock Rovers will be run on a not-for-profit basis, so that the club will never again find itself in a perilous financial situation. Any surplus funds will, as a matter of course, be reinvested in the club.”

Noel Skytrot

Lennon has come out swinging with his comments stating the calls for him to be punted are ‘media driven’.


Noel Skytrot

Sevco are running up huge losses every year.

However Celtic’s footballing budget has been probably on average at least 2-3 times higher each year than Sevco’s.

We have had this advantage for each of the 9 years since they were formed.

That’s the real ball breaker because we have thrown away such a massive footballing and financial advantage.

bada bing1

Neil opened fire on the rags,2 had polls asking if he should be sacked,shameful. Easy answer Neil and Peter,ban them,simples.

The Gombeen Man

Football Daily (@footballdaily) Tweeted:
🗣”I’m telling you now it’s media-driven, there is a narrative that everybody wants to see a change, that is the way of the world, the poison is from social media, it’s out there for people to clickbait”

Neil Lennon was not happy with reports that he is under pressure at Celtic


The Gombeen Man

Yes, I’m aware of Shamrock Rovers membership scheme thanks ..


Bada bing 1

The Celtic support have contempt for most of the media and a lot of the media hate Celtic.

The media are appealing to 80% of their customer base which is anti Celtic.

It’s a feeding frenzy which isn’t right or fair, but it always been the same.

The only answer is for the Club to continue to be successful.

The press have never played fair and never will.

Celtic are media savvy and use the media as well.

The only answer is for the Club to win 10 IN A Row.

Big Audio Dynamite

Ask the creditors who lost their money when RFC died, what they think of Dermot. His absolutely shameful rewriting of history should be his legacy! I can’t stand him.



Not sure we are media savvy,they hammer us relentlessly

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, big audio dynamite is right, all mr desmond cares about is mr desmond, and his puppet peter just does as he is told, like wise lenny, untill the support stand up to this juker nothing will change, he wants the famous glesca rainjurs in the league otherwise the house of cards fall down, and to the the troll from last night who keeps insulting me put your real moniker on your posts and lets debate, but know you wont because your a coward, thats what cowards do, there is an old saying give someone so much rope and they will hang themselves,.think about it.

Agreed Packy.

big packy

JIM, great minds think alike😎 he insulted you last time, only because he knows your my best buddy, he is a coward hiding behind a keyboard, i will say once again to the troll, come on put your real moniker on and lets debate. JIM im not building my hopes up😎


Whilst in holiday in Barbados early 2000s I spoke to a Irish fella who told me of writing a cheque for £3000 to help pay for treatment of a fellow countryman who was ill. I’ve heard of similar about Peter Lawwell.

Love the sinner not the sin stuff.

How that DD generosity might influence the legacy he wants to leave I’ll think about.



Agree entirely that the media hammer us relentlessly.

By savvy I meant that Celtic clearly know how the media works and that they are a bunch of bar stewards.

The Club are getting better now with social media and only use a few trusted journalists if they want to get a story out.



What planet are you on? Do you really honestly take a particular pleasure in talking a pile of pish,and making the site look bad?

Cut that out.



I remember the board getting an anti-BR agenda out,they used Chris McLaughlin. That beggars belief if you think about it,he was never a friend or onside,yet they gave him the scoop.

The only thing the board cared about was the message. £101m to half of that in two years,absolutely brilliant. and the biggest cheque PL signed in BR’s last window was the £3m bonus for himself.

Best run club in the world,my arse.

big packy

BMCUW, cut what out,you seen the guys post from last night, you or mahe deleted it,,do you think myself and jim make this up if jim backs you up im off have a good day



Yes,we deleted it. Your point is?

You can’t come on to this site or anywhere else coming out with the stuff you do. Coward hiding behind a keyboard,etc. Calm down,chill and relax. Everyone else on here takes things as they find them,but you take everything personally. We deleted that comment for a reason,and frankly it was less insulting than calling someone a coward behind a keyboard.

So,I’ll ask you again to cut it out.

big packy

OK BOBBY,your the boss, take care buddy,



Not many rules on here,but you are the only one who picks fights. Think about it,and come back in your own time.






Howdy,mucker. Could not believe that Marseilles are 7/1 v Man City tonight. Even though I don’t fancy them particularly to win,they certainly aren’t that price.

BTW,I cannot back against Celtic. It’s the law. But Lille are evens.



I’m fine but fed up with Teams meetings (non soccer)😁

Fortunately I’m not a gambler so Lille could be 100/1….



“Lawwell is good for the bottom line” is what I was told by a credible source is DD’s view even though DD will know all about Res12 from PL (or what PL has told him).

That was up to last AGM with no indication anything since has given DD cause to change that view although the new Res will at the very least raise one of DD’s eyebrows.

The problem is how do we change DD’s mind about the policies that have been good for the bottom line that in turn keep the current Board in place?

Whilst the CST policy of buying up shares to increase their voting power, we know that at the end of the day 10 shareholders have 75% of shares and so votes held by the other 1990 small shareholders (using a figure of 2000 in total mentioned in previous blogs) the voting power will never change.

However nowadays those with a voting majority can be forced to change by popular opinion – Marcus Rashford in the summer) so whilst the voice of each Celtic supporter is low individually, the voice of many would be too loud to ignore.

One of the points made about Res12 was not enough supporters knew about it, although it wasn’t for the lack of trying and significantly Peter Lawwell cited the low volume of interest as a reason why Celtic would not pursue it as not enough interested.

We need to turn up the volume and we need a loudspeaker.

A question. Can a non shareholder join the CST? I must admit that up to a few days ago I thought it was open only to existing shareholders.

The answer is anyone can join which leads to the next question why should they?

My answer is to raise the volume to increase the number of CST members into the many thousands.

What might non shareholders get for their subscription? Apart from giving the CST more authority speaking on their members’behalf on matters of concern, they would not only meet their prime objective of buying up more shares by increasing income, the CST Board could pay for the administration of the service they offer supporters/shareholders as opposed to relying on dedicated volunteers (Freeing the Board to form and take forward policy issues).

One huge benefit learning from Res12 is a much larger CST funded by subscription could hire and pay for lawyers to support any proposals for change made with legal input, rather than depend on crowd funding but even then, if they had to, they would have the mechanisms in place to gather and account for such funds.

That is what I would be looking for from CST as a semi interested supporter.

The point of this in terms of DDs legacy is that unless the support get organised around a single body whose purpose is to bring the Celtic Board to account (which is CST ultimate aim by buying up shares) then DD will have been given reason to take them into account when thinking of his legacy and a representative body to discuss the kind of legacy supporters would like to see him leave.

An organised but large group of informed small shareholders, ST holders, anyone who pays into Celtic, would get attention paid to them because, as CelticOneManOneVote has said before, they are the ones who produce the value of Celtic on the stock exchange.



Membership of CST has never been defined by share ownership,and in fact they had a recruitment drive for a peppercorn membership a few years ago.

But the fact that you still have to get them onside-I assume-and that the CSA by their articles of association are prohibited from doing so-makes life very difficult.

How many masters do you have to serve? That for me is maybe the biggest problem you have faced from Day One,that the 100 shareholders were,well,100 out of a massive support. And without the support from traditional sources,well,you know.

That’s not to say that your pursuit is or was a waste of time,and I’ve supported you lads every step. But by the time the guilty are fingered for ALL to know,they’ll be well out of the picture. it’s shameful,but that’s just how it is.

Celtic Champs Elect

I love Neil Francis Lennon he is Celtic thru and thru

To all you who doubt he is the man. You are all wrong and he will prove you all wrong at the end of the season

Big Packy leave this dogs alone 🙂

Margaret McGill

DD’s legacy will be on an alphabetical ordered list under “D” of examples of corporate oligarchies that were societies worst and most destructive parasites.


I know where you are coming from AC Milan were 19/20, last Thursday.
I thought they should have been about 4/9 but, as you say, I couldn’t bet against them.



Membership of CST has never been defined by share ownership,and in fact they had a recruitment drive for a peppercorn membership a few years ago.

But the fact that you still have to get them onside-I assume-and that the CSA by their articles of association are prohibited from doing so-makes life very difficult.

How many masters do you have to serve? That for me is maybe the biggest problem you have faced from Day One,that the 100 shareholders were,well,100 out of a massive support. And without the support from traditional sources,well,you know.

That’s not to say that your pursuit is or was a waste of time,and I’ve supported you lads every step. But by the time the guilty are fingered for ALL to know, they’ll be well out of the picture. it’s shameful,but that’s just how it is.
The CSA might have a problem with their articles, but having gone through the new CST web site they are not so constrained. They have process to follow all of which are sensible. Here is an extract of their Constutution. It boils down supporters should have more of a say in the running of their clubs and getting there.

My point MORE supporters will have more of a say if the CST grow and as I’ve suggested then the problems encountered can be addressed otherwise we will continue to shovel green steam, or as you put it “thats just how it is. ”

I don’t accept that unless you mean no one really cares, which I might have to accept but look where that has us.

Im not concerned about the guilty being out of the picture I’m more concerned about who takes over the legacy the guilty leave behind them.



I’d have thought they started with A,A,G,F,M and a few others. Can’t think of a D.



FFS, No wonder Marseille were 7/1 😁




I am in no way attempting to demean your efforts,we have known each other too long to suggest that. I haven’t always agreed with you,but in six years,who always agrees? My quibbles have been just that,because I deferred to the “Pros from Dover”.

I’m proud of your achievements,proud of what you have brought to the surface. And I’m sure that you know that,I certainly hope that you are. The big problem is that for all the fact that this is an interconnected world,all part of the WWW,etc,there are not enough Celtic fans paying attention to make a difference.

That is a fact.P. I do not know why it is,but we cannot deny it.