Those who know better

The figures shown by Celtic1member1vote make for very interesting viewing.
I’m not a numbers guy but it tells a real story to see them laid out like that.
A big story actually.


This season I decided to focus on the football rather than the board, a break from the last 15 years or so. This is because they were always going to collide this year, and this single campaign would be the culmination of all this board decisions.
So it has proved.


As you show us one club has approximately three times the turnover of their closest competitor, well that was the case until approx two years ago. Under these circumstances if our club decided to have a better campaign than any other team in the league it would take minimum effort,,out spend the rest if needed but in general offering a higher wage tier should attract a higher calibre of player helping to hit the target and maintain dominance.
You wont need me to tell you the one season we really,really want a title success we are not going great.
This forces us to ask the simple question: why is that?


If you really,really want something and can afford it, or rather could implement a plan to achieve that goal (by hiring and buying proven quality) then not hitting the big target automatically brings big questions such as why exactly and who stopped us from achieving the target?


Any club that was serious about taking that title would have a settled team of sufficient quality, would have attempted to mitigate as much risk as possible, and certainly would not be in a state of transition the one period you need stability more than ever.


We instead are witnessing a manager attempt to forge a winning team and system from a collection of players, some of whom are not fully committed to the clubs quest by seeking moves before the crucial season, a team in a state of flux rather than a settled and determined, also to compound this the famous twelfth man is absent, taking away a huge carrot for those players brought in from abroad.
We are not at our optimum for this special campaign.




So the Old Firm continues is the obvious conclusion. One half cant keep being beaten as their fans (who notoriously have a supremacist mindset) will simply walk away despite singing to the opposite, or at least it is feared they will. When allied with our majority shareholders claims of ‘great club’ despite being the perpetrators of the biggest British sporting scandal, then its clear we are (in our PLCs eyes) merely the green half of the Old Firm, and for that Old Firm to continue some sharing of the spoils has been deemed a necessity by our ‘custodians’.
Res12 has shown turning a blind eye to keep the show on the road was deemed acceptable.


In purely business terms the PLC may well have a case for continuing the rivalry by splitting titles, but thats business. In applying business tactics to a football club they risk turning that football club into something it naturally would not become. They also risk alienating the lifeblood of the club, its support, for all supporters wish to see their club become the very best it can be and taking steps to inhibit that progress goes against everything a football fan dreams.


That’s where we are right now, on the one hand we are a business, on the other hand we are a football club.
The footballing department wishes success and modernization, the business wishes a rejuvenated rival.
We as a support are caught in the middle.


None of us fell in love with the beautiful game to read about balance sheets, and no one wishes to be the green half of the dreaded Old Firm, but that’s where we are right now.
And this is our boards biggest mistake, that we would simply be happy with our lot, whatever it is we get handed.


Those days are gone, this is a big bold new world where many of the support have been successful in their own right, and in the main can be considered very educated.
Pulling wool over eyes with old tired cliches just isnt happening.
We can and do see through bullshit in nanoseconds.


This changing interconnected globe offers more pastimes than ever, most of which have zero to do with religion or sectarianism, two things which are becoming dated with each and every passing day. Most sports offer a large degree of transparency and accountability through stringently enforced rulebooks and/or commissioners to ensure the basic principles of that sport are upheld, the exact opposite of Scottish football with its bent backroom deals such as Scott getting pulled for offenses that others see ignored.


In this environment, its clear to me that the path our PLC have decided we shall all travel upon is not a long term strategy for business growth, but will ensure a captive audience become more disillusioned with what they are paying for, while maximizing their financial support via emotional bonds.
Its folly.


I believe the support are ageing and not being replaced by sufficient numbers due to the nature of what is on offer.
Things such as kettling, lack of parking for match goers, the rugby having much better amenities on offer all help to push future Tims away.
From a trophy point of view we have done well under him but Glasgow Celtic was always about more than trophies.


I’ve never been more sure that we have the wrong set up, that a PLC is wrong for a club and fanbase that wants to see how high we can leap, as opposed to how much can we earn.
His stated objective of achieving EPL entry does not have much support and would cause one almighty schism, perhaps pushing away large swaths of fans who see Scotland where we belong and outpricing many.
That outpricing would hinder the next generation from following the club, again not a long term growth strategy.


The fact that our supremo is willing to accept one Hoops team being non profit (Shamrock Rovers) while ripping the arse out of it (Epl salaries) when in control of the other Hoops only serves to befuddle.
At the same time turning a blind eye to the numerous ills and organisations that plague the national sport only serves to enhance the notion all is not as it seems, it’s a murky cesspit that I believe is the worst league in Europe.


For all Dermots perceived power or powerful friends, it has not helped the running of the game up north one bit, the opposite could be claimed seeing as we are all unsure how our rivals could meet their FFP obligations since respawning.
A respawn perceived and thought possible by corrupt people who do not wish to further the national sport but solely their own vested interests.
A respawn that placed folk between a rock and a hard place, with no winner, the lesser of evils to be chosen from.
A respawn that seen the curtain pulled back to expose Scottish football for the bent farce it is.


Only when the moustached one moves elsewhere ending all influence over the club could we possibly judge his overall impact and legacy, but when one considers he is planning long term blabbing his determination to move while ignoring the reality on the ground for most Tims, it’s hard not to see a split in the offing.
A learned friend often tells me he is not one to get into a pissing competition with, so the chances of winning this battle for the fans are slim, at least on paper and certainly not without a unified support, yet we haven’t united for a cause in almost half a century.


Meanwhile those of us introduced to the club by our fathers are now fathers themselves, but the easy choice our dads had to make in rearing us as Celtic fans having witnessed the miracle of Lisbon then the Centenary double is no longer an easy choice given how far the game, league, and now sadly club has fallen when viewed through the prism of Res12.


The revelations that Barcelona have jumped aboard the Superleague train will only serve to bolster our glorious leaders quest to join a bigger league or setup in it’s wake, but at what price and does he even consider or care?


To me Dermots legacy is simple, but he is far from alone in it. Many owners of clubs will leave the same legacy.


They all helped turn the beautiful game, into a crying shame.
‘ Forgive them father, for they know not what they do!’

Notify of

Would it be too much to ask that Dermot Desmond comes on to Celtic TV and explain to fans his rationale and aspirations for the club/PLC etc.? After all you don’t get to his position by being a reclusive, camera shy big softie! Why hide? Why be secretive? Love him or loathe him The Bunnet never hid away from the limelight.

The Gombeen Man

An honest article this morning which highlights the dilemma many of us seem to be in.

It would be a tragic irony if our support for the club within a corrupt industry proved to be one of the main causes of the ongoing exploitation of the diaspora in Scotland.

That tragedy would be exacerbated if the main source of the exploitation proved to be our own boardroom.

It’s a catch-22 really.

If we walk there’s a feeling of betrayal and if we stay there’s very little faith that the Plc share our vision or have the the stomach to fight the prejudice of the administrators, authorities or media.

If they are serious about the 10. The thinking appears to be;

1) Hold our better players.
2) Add quality.
3) Recruit a known coach on a short term deal

Unfortunately, this strategy is flawed.

1) We’ve seen how difficult it is to work with unsettled players, Moussa and Boyata.

2) Despite the addition of Nicky Hammond, our player recruitment, of players and coaches has been mixed, at best for years.

3) The performance and health of our coach is a concern. Players very quickly see through anything less than the highest quality.
They are at a club to improve.

4) The consistent improvement at Sevco. Their success at Development Level was a precursor to what was coming.

5) Our failure to demand transparency.

6) Sevco’s determination to stop the 10 and willingness to use every possible means to do so.

7) Our support are divided and the Plc’s failure to engage and perceived prioritisation of profit is gnawing away at goodwill.

8) The complicity of the match day officials. Administration, media etc.

9) The impact of Covid and the seeming inability of our CEO to grasp the reality of the pandemic.

I’ll stop there.

The disconnect at the moment is greater than any time since the Celts for Change era.

The glorious balance sheet is in tatters. We have no discernable football strategy and we appear to have blown the greatest opportunity for transparency we’ll probably get.

Maybe the administration in Scotland is such a basket case that the only sensible path is outside of the SPFL?

Or is that just another payday and an opportunity to airlift the Old Firm franchise into a more lucrative environment?

The problem is the lack of trust. The obsession with the failed OF model. The lazy thinking of the executives. The treatment of our supporters.

The new Resolution hopefully offers some hope and clarity.

It’s almost as though we’re not supporting a club with the history of Celtic but Paddy Power the bookie.

In the meantime all the best to the squad and management in France.

Even attending & speaking at an AGM would at least be an acknowledgement of his role in Celtic.

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Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, he doesn’t give a shit about us, only money.

Good to see you on the mend, mate.

HH 🍀

bada bing1

One year DD played golf at the Dunhill Cup in Perthshire, same day as the AGM……



Awesome article,mate.

Big Audio Dynamite

How many of us will walk away forever, WHEN Sevco win their first title? Don’t think I could be more disgusted with those running our club. Have never been an Old Firmist and never will.

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The Star Above The Crest

Morning all, I am a firm believer that the only way Celtic can hope to start making an impact in Europe is for us to be wholly fan owned club with with a 1 member 1 vote model. Each member pays a yearly fee and there’s no limit to the amount of members. Does anyone know if this is possible as we’re a PLC and how would it be achieved? Would we have to buy out the existing shareholders? Could existing shareholders give their shares up? Could 1 wealthy individual buy all current shares and then change the model of ownership? Any info would be much appreciated HH

Weet weet weet

We’ve been told for years that it was DD son that pushed him to invest in Celtic,
Does he play any part on the board or is he just a daddies boy doing what he’s told, all I know about any of DDs children is that one of them is married to one of the Corrs lassies



Could you imagine the Q&A for Dermott. A hand picked group of of supporters, none being of the bolshie sack the board variety, and a compare / interviewer from Celtic TV. No uncomfortable questions for him such as why do you claim Sevco are the same entity as the liquidated Rangers FC 1872? All we would get from a Celtic FC organised Q&A would be the same B/S he spouts during his rare utterances on Celtic.


Big Audio Dynamite

How many of us will walk away forever, WHEN Sevco win their first title? Don’t think I could be more disgusted with those running our club. Have never been an Old Firmist and never will.
This season Celtic did a number on 55,000 ST holders persuading them to buy into the TIAR dream knowing they would be very unikely to see the team in the flesh for a very long time if all this season. I suspect fewer than half of the current ST cohort will renew next season if the OF blues win the league. I sense a feeling of betrayal amongst many supporters who the club treat as a cashcow to be milked dry each season. They regard themselves as supporters but in reality are customers. Many of them will therefore act like customers where they are disatisfied with the service/product they are paying for and stop buying into it.

This will leave a massive gulf between the club’s income and expenditure which will will only being bridged by a massive fire sale of the club’s most valuable assets to be replaced by cheap projects. Lennon will obviously get sacked but what quality manager would want to come to Celtic in these circumstances? I hate to say this but failure this season will lead to a pro-longed period of domination by the blues at the expense of the greens. Might not be a bad time to find something else to occupy your time on match day/nights.

Weet Weet Weet, that’s a saving grace, I like The Corrs! 🙂


I had to Wiki to do my nosey, to see which one he was married to. 😂
The 45-year-old, Andrea Corr is an Irish musician, songwriter, and actress who is the lead singer of the pop and rock group called The Corrs. The recipient of honorary M.B.E. Miss Corr is married to Brett Desmond, an Irish stock broker. The couple married on August 21, 2009 and they share two children.

JNP, Cheers. My favourite. I love it! 🙂


JNP @11.53,

‘and they share two children.’

How does that work 😁



C.T. 12.06.
I’ve no idea.



Alternate weekends. One with the parents,the other caddying for gramps.



Your route is probably the one most of us want,but since we are screwed by the multimillion shareholdings,I don’t know how we can achieve it. Short of one of us finding that fabled crock of gold at the end of a rainbow,it ain’t coming soon.



That could work 🏌️‍♀️




We can hope,I suppose,that Desmond Jr will be more hands on,and significantly more interested. But what if he’s useless at running a club and hands over the day to day running to someone with defined KPIs? That is obviously the way forward,but not when that person assumes overall control.



I’m not so sure that the board did a number on the fans,most people I know who bought their tickets did so knowing the pitfalls. If they hadn’t done so,we would have that cracked crest on our coffin by now.

For me,they are to be applauded for that.

The Star Above The Crest


Thanks for the reply.

I think that a big obstacle to change is that, on the face of, things aren’t that bad. We’re winning trophies and are as financially secure as we can be. I think for a lot of supporters that’s enough. They think we’re never going to compete in Europe without a move to a bigger league so what’s the point.

For me competing in Europe is something we should be striving for, our Big Cup win is what sets us apart and if we aim to be a force in Europe then we should be at a level where domestic success isn’t a problem.

As someone who went through Secondary School in the 90s (non denominational) with 1 trophy to celebrate you’d think I’d be delighted with what we’ve acheived in the last few years but I can’t help feeling that we’ve been underachieving and that as a club we’re capable of so much more, especially if we can harness the support.

Billy Bhoy

Great article Mahe!

One major issue Celtic, and all clubs, are going to have is the diminishing disposable income the upcoming generation are going to have.

My mate is a Financial Advisor and said to me last week that we (60 year olds) are the last generation that will give up and down – IE help both our parents and our children. I think he’s probably right. Between zero hour contracts, companies that don’t allow Trade Unions, the rising unemployment and long term effects of Covid the future for the younger generation is bleak.

I’ve seen this already in my Golf Club. There is now no junior section or junior competitions. Back in 2000 we had over 20-30 kids who played regularly. Many of them are now full members but the kids of the next generation are just not coming through. I think football, particularly with the prices, may go the same way.

It may be that the days of 50,000 season tickets being paid up front are going to be a thing of the past. In some ways that’s no bad thing. it might be nice to go back to the days about being a little more selective about which games you attend rather than having to commit up front to pay for every game. Many people for example object to being fleeced £50 to see an 8 year old team that are still trophyless.



If we look back to the early nineties,then where we are now is a miracle in itself. However,if you look to the two decades that followed,as that lot did their utmost to keep up,then where they are now is a miracle in itself.

Now,do you think that Rangers at any stage did anything at all to keep us alive? Do you think that Celtic at any stage did anything to keep them alive?

For me,that is a no and a yes. And I don’t think that there’s any doubt about it. Especially between 2008-11 when they were doomed by any stretch of the imagination.

We can speculate about the why,we can argue about the how. But in the absence of denial,it was down to incompetence or complicity. Either way,the people in control then are still the people in control now. When either possibility should have had them run out of town.

bada bing1

I’ve heard Neil saying ‘ we were passive’ too many times this season, is that because he has become too passive? Sitting in the dugout arms folded etc,he showed more passion at the press conference yesterday, than he has for a while. I much prefer Neil Lennon Mark 1,even more so with no atmosphere at the games,get out on that touchline and get them playing again, is what I say

The Star Above The Crest


I don’t think for a second they would’ve helped us. They’d have buried us if they could. I think the powers that be at Celtic were and are happy to have them back in 1 form or another as it sells season tickets. If there was no hun then the board would have to be pro active in creating a spectacle that the fans would queue up to spend their cash on. And that would take effort and talent from them rather than doing the bare minimum and collecting their bonuses.

To go from where we were in the early 90s to a European final within around 10 years is astonishing and I dont think it was a coincedence that we had genuine talent leading us in McCann and then Brian Quinn.

The current leadership have had their time and IMO been found wanting. The PLC model has now outlived its purpose/use and needs to change. I just dont think theres an appetite for change in the wider support.


Never walk away from Celtic. The board is NOT Celtic.

bada bing1

Julien to stay in Germany for another couple of weeks to get treatment on his back.
Forrest to see another specialist about his ankle problem.
Eddy and Biton back for Thursday’s game.
El Hamed back for the weekend.


Events beyond the Boards control will require a new pandemic future proof strategy to be formed.

The unthinkable will become thinkable, then doable.

How things are is’ in a constant state of motion.

Infinite patience produces immediate results.

Great article Mahe. Live for today but plant the seeds of tomorrow.



I’ve just sent tomorrow’s article to MAHE,we are having a blip on access. You’d be surprised how much of your post is in that article.

Actually,I’m wondering if you stole my diary!

You’re a few years younger than me,but my best pal was also from a non-dom school. Long story. I converted the poor bugger in 1982 and his son was born in 1988. His son was ten years old before he saw us winning a title,by that time my mate was watching his third.

In sixteen years!

I saw us winning our first title in my time when I was 4yo and our third when I was six. It’s easy to be a Celtic fan when you’re winning,and yes we get used to that. But I took my kid sis along for her first game,we didn’t win the league. I took my best pal,didn’t win the league. He brought his lad up in Essex as a Celtic fan,didn’t win the league.

I’ve no idea why they persevered. Oh,maybe they just get it? That we are Celtic,no matter who is in charge? That we turn up anyway,because it is the eleven on the pitch that we support.

And that’s it,mate. And it’s why we are screwed too. Because the powers know it. But I don’t care,most fans don’t care,and will turn up every week.

And quite right too. I wish I could.



Well said,sir.

I’ve always said that. I’ve had wee cutouts from magazines,players on my wall. Never once a board member.

The Star Above The Crest


That’s good to hear that others are of the same mind.

Whenever I’ve engaged on this topic a lot of people on Twitter etc have the response that PL is a “great businessman and we’re lucky to have him” or “look at what happened to Rangers, do you want that for us”.

I don’t believe that not bankrupting a business makes a good businessperson. Its the least I would expect. I also think PL comes up short in a number of areas. Lennoxtown doesn’t have a full size indoor pitch because “we” ran out of money. He actually laughs when he’s interviewed about this (It’s on either the History DVD or the Tommy Burns one). We were selling prized assets for way below their market value (11m for Virgil when a blind man could see he was going to be world class) until BR came along. I’d argue that the 25m we got for KT wasnt a fair price either. His scattergun approach project signings costing a couple of million each would be better spent on either a seasoned 1st team starter or 1 highly rated star of the future in the Eddy mould. His refusal to get players in before CL qualifiers is frustrating as it is baffling (surely a business guru has heard of speculate to accumulate)? And the much talked about hotel and museum hasn’t materialised either.

PL’s genius seems to be that he’s somehow managed to get himself into a position where Celtic is his own fiefdom and he can pull the strings to ensure a bonus is always paid. To make matters worse he’s also convinced some fans that Champions League qualification is beyond us and that we should be happy with getting cuffed in the last 32 of the Europa.

If there’s any similarities with the 90s its that Celtic are being run for the benefit of the few and that the excuses being given for us not attempting to change are similar in tone to the ones Kelly & White used to trot out back in the day ie No one would buy a membership = You’ll never sell 60k season tickets.

I look forward to tomorrows article and I can neither confirm nor deny the whereabouts of any diary…


Last week I would say the voting here was against joining the EPL. Yesterday we had the story of Scott Brown being brought before the compliance officer for his action against Aberdeen. Was there any mention of More or less being called up for his actions against Celtic. Did they not appoint a known Rangers supporter to ref that game. Celtic will never get a fair shake in Scottish football ,and don’t think there wasnt any funny handshakes to keep Ryan Christie out of that game
As my mom used to say
Hell Mend You


From Scottish F.A.
UEFA have today announced Scotland will have five places in next season’s UEFA Club Competitions, increasing from the four spots they have held in previous years.

There will be sides representing the country in the Qualifying Rounds of the UEFA Champions League, the Qualifying Rounds of the UEFA Europa League as well as the newly introduced third UEFA club competition the UEFA Europa Conference League, which will begin in season 2021/22.

Scotland will now have two sides in the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Rounds. The winners of the Scottish Premiership will enter from the Third Qualifying Round and the second placed team in this season’s Scottish Premiership will enter from the Second Qualifying Round.

In the Europa League, there will be one place granted to the winners of the 2020/21 Scottish Cup and the club will enter into the Third Qualifying Round of the competition.

The clubs who finish in third and fourth place of the Scottish Premiership will enter into the newly created UEFA Europa Conference League from the Second Qualifying Round.


The Gombeen Man

“5) Our failure to demand transparency.”

It is worse than that, way worse I’m afraid.

5) Our deliberate avoidance of transparency would be more accurate.



Neil Lennon has confirmed that Odsonne Edouard and Nir Bitton have travelled to France for tomorrow night’s Europa League game with Lille OSC, after both recovered from Covid-19. Vasilis Barkas is also in the squad after a back problem kept him out at the weekend.


Scotland will now have two sides in the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Rounds. The winners of the Scottish Premiership will enter from the Third Qualifying Round and the second placed team in this season’s Scottish Premiership will enter from the Second Qualifying Round.
This at least means that it is not a matter of their total survival if Rangers fail to stop 10iar.

They would still have to qualify playing an extra round, but coming first apart from stopping 10iar would be about that and not desperation to avoid another insolvency or falling behind us financially if we qualify and they do not get a sniff at it.

Slim pickings but not a return to 2010/2011 when they had to get into the CL because only the title winners qualified resulting in the curious case of how they got a licence. 🙂

Billy Bhoy


I’m not sure how I feel about this news.

Rounds 1 and 2 are gimmies and allow new signings to bed in. They have presented no danger to us. So, now, if Champions, we go straight into round 3 where we have just failed twice in a row.Hmmm.

its not been made clear what happens if the Scottish Cup winners finish in the top 4. Presumably, the team finishing fifth (currently Killie) go in. I doubt that’s going to have long term benefits for our coefficient!

A thing of beauty

Great article mahe. Some really well thought out comments in the follow up. Welcome to the blog the star above the crest. I love to hear of Celtic fans who support he club because they chose that path. For a lot of us it was just a given, for there, like yourself and sol, it’s often a more difficult path. Celtic is open to all, always has been and that’s part of what makes it more than a club.
One member one vote,
Your article yesterday was also first class. I would love to be part of a fan movement that can have more say in how we want our club to be run. As for the figures, Peter Lawwell should be in a dark room somewhere contemplating how he could have made such a backside of our dominance. It is truly astonishing.


Billy Bhoy. 6.42.
Yes, you are correct about co efficient, it becomes divided by 5 rather than 4, so unless something unusual happens it will reduce again.

The Gombeen Man


Dermot Desmond famously stated that his reason for leaving Ireland (as a tax exile) for his resort in Switzerland were to…

“Get away from politicians, journalists and small minded people.”

Maybe Dermot views the Old Firm supporter as similarly “small minded?”

Possibly the perception is that “small minded people” don’t deserve transparency when it comes to the activities of senior executives?

Small minded people are normally easy fodder for billionaires.

The problem for Dermot and Co is that he’s wrong. The Celtic support attachment to the club can’t be bought with a few trophies.

Any proof of a deliberate lack of transparency when it comes to years of cheating by Rangers/Sevco won’t be forgiven when the penny drops.

Margaret McGill

def worth a watch…….

Margaret McGill

Everything you need to know about Tories, Brexit, global corporations and scum like DD.


A fairly technical analysis of the season so far (missing the last 3 games) but it is less scathing then the Gut feeling/evidence of my own eyes proponents.



Blinkin flip.


I’ve just been reading about the resignation of the Barcelona president. This was apparently aided by a rather large petition,signed by thousands.

Now admittedly Barcelona are member-owned and not subject to the whims of absentee shareholders,but does anyone think that a similar petition of no confidence might work against our lot? There’s always the possibility of it being hijacked by huns,but in this case I doubt it. Why would they sign a vote of no confidence in the man who more than any has kept them afloat?



I’ve long been an admirer of the man’s work-in fact,I’ve long thought that Celtic should employ him! But there are two problems with his “latest” and the first part is the outlier that is the Hibs game,the second part is that if you take the Hibs game out of it,it is a constant downward spiral leading to the last ten days.