Celtic 1 – 4 Sparta Prague



Bonfire night might have been the night we saw Neil Lennon’s hopes of taking us towards The Fabled Ten go up in flames. You all saw that last night,and it was utterly shambolic. That argument though can wait for another day,let’s just deal with last night,the here and now.


We have a team of highly paid professionals,internationalists almost to a man,and they played like strangers to each other,strangers to even the game of football. There is not a player out there who can be proud of his performance last night.


I don’t want to go overboard too much about it,the autopsy can wait till later-but certainly this Celtic team is not showing much sign of life,and there have been way too many embarrassing and frankly piss-poor performances this season for any of us to casually dismiss as a bad day at the office or even just needing a bit of tinkering at the edges.


This isn’t a car which just needs a retune,a bit of work done under the bonnet. From what I saw last night,there isn’t an engine left to work on,the wheels have came off and the brakes are shot.


On top of which,there’s a big problem with the driver who seems not to know how to drive the bloody thing in the first place.


We had a front line who couldn’t hold the ball up,certainly didn’t seem to be playing as a unit and who couldn’t get into dangerous areas. A midfield who couldn’t provide them with the bullets and who also couldn’t protect our men at the back,and a defence which was fucking useless,if I’m honest. Sparta drove through our middle any time they felt like it and there was as much chance of me putting in an effective tackle from 400 miles away as there was of any of our players doing it.


And by the way,Sparta,when they weren’t putting the ball in the net,looked like a bloody ordinary team,so just how bad were we then?


I don’t want these players to publicly apologise to the fans for the performance last night,nor for any of those performances in the last three weeks or so. I want them to cut them out. They are vastly better players than they have shown recently,and it is way past time they showed it and earned their money.


They were a disgrace to the jersey,an expression I doubt I’ve ever used before. I don’t think there’s a single one of them can argue to the contrary.


I know you folks don’t.



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When Fergus set to rebuilding things at Celtic Park,he left a structure in place. That was along the lines of the following…

The Plc board would be responsible for the finances and the footballing board would be responsible for the footballing operation. Which all sounds perfectly simple,even obvious. In practice,it meant that the Plc would provide the finances for the footballing operation via matchday income,merchandising,season ticket sales,TV rights,sponsorship,etc. The footballing operation would invest this in getting the best team possible on to the pitch which would drive up the potential income from the streams mentioned above. And so on.

A great system which he had down to a fine art in no time,and which he left in place on his departure after five years. It was dismantled almost overnight,and has now been turned on its head,with the football subsidising the Plc.

Until we can get the natural order reinstated,we are screwed.



Animal House is still one of my favourites!


MiT… πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Big Audio Dynamite

The Gombeen man,

likewise, mate πŸ‘

Hard to believe a football club could influence your mood so much, eh? All I wanted was to play in a league where everyone played by the rules and the best team won … totally wild idea, huh?

You’re right about some things never being lost ..like taking the wee man to his first game at CP and seeing his face. I was really taken with the idea of introducing him to Celtic, but now it just feels a bit soured. Maybe there is a road to redemption, I just don’t see the leeches letting go.

Btw, I went to see REM in another lifetime, but it was a young Delores who stole the show with her voice, while part of the supporting set. It was in Murrayfield stadium (early 90s? I might have been stoned) and she was a massive hit with the crowd and I’m sure she sang that… Top tune πŸ‘

MIT, I worked for a firm in the 1970s during difficult economic spells. There were closures, redundancies, cut backs etc all over the place. My firm was a Ltd. company but not listed on the London Stock Exchange. The major shareholders were from the founder’s family. They were active Directors. It felt like a ‘Family Firm’.

During the worst times they decided to run it through with no closures or redundancies. There was a wage freeze and a halt to recruitment. The firm just about managed to break even for several years. They took no share dividends. We got through it and went on to success.

That’s the difference between a PLC run by the likes of DD & PL and my employer who had a bit of heart. Bean counters who live for money.



Responsible employers who kept their eye on the big picture long term,not the short termism we have now.

Margaret McGill

Normally when a PLC produces a shit product you dont buy it

The Gombeen Man


Years ago I saw Delores in the Royal Albert Hall just as The Cranberries were breaking through. Must be over 25 years ago.
What a talent. Sadly missed.

Never a dull moment with Celtic. It’s part of the gig I guess.

The kids and the music and stuff are the really big things.

It all passes. Folk are already talking about the Motherwell game and the Cup Final.

Let Pedro and Dermot worry about selling season’s tickets.

I bet they didn’t expect the wheels to come off so quickly.

Maybe cleaning up the game in 2012 wasn’t such a crazy idea after all?


Re your mentioning the rising.

As Connolly said to the Irish Citizens Army 2 days before the rising “But hold your arms. If we succeed, those who are our comrades today we may be compelled to fight tomorrow”
Connolly was alluding to those in the Irish Volunteers who may betray the ideals of ‘a Republic for all’ that Connolly and the ICA envisaged . Sadly he was correct – the Republic was sold to right wing Catholicism, weeping effigies, and vested business interests.

Very much how i feel about those in control of Celtic – betrayed us for money and their own vested interests. We should be fighting them – but how to do it effectively is a conundrum


Went to supermarket there.
It’s bloody freezing, raining, and snow forecast Sunday.
Outside the entry door there’s a bin, and a homeless guy about my age is looking through it for food, in a bloody t-shirt.
Me – here mate have you no jacket?
Him- Nah, very subdued and suspicious
I had ten bucks cash, said here grab something to eat and sit at that table until I come out.
Bought him some snacks, gave him my jacket, God Blessed him.
He might have some mental issues, wasn’t high or drunk. Just not all right and slipped through the cracks somehow.
At least I tried. He won’t survive winter here without shelter.
There’s too many need help out there.

The Gombeen Man


That quote has been very much in my mind over recent months.
James is more likely to have marched the Citizen’s Army into Celtic Park than Ibrox.

The sectarian stuff would of disturbed him.

Sadly the experience of the church in the 26 Counties has been very negative for many.

In my early days I was blown away at the anger many have towards the church here. The anger among many Catholics I’ve met over the yearsis on a par with much of what I experienced from Non- Catholics in Glasgow.

Some of the stories you hear are truly shocking


Β BMCUWPs @ 7:10 pm,

Yes, the income streams that Fergus put in place are still there, though this Board likes to take credit for them.

I agree to a great extent what, The Star Above The Crest @ 4:31 pm, said. One of the few things I would differ on is the lack of trying something when Rangers died.

Who thought of the idea, I’m not sure but Big Pedro wanted to bring in a 4-2-3-1 type system with formation and tactics accross all academy teams, the development team and the first team. This would develop our own players but also “prospects” for our team and the insatiable market for such high quality, experienced, technically proficient players.

To me this was a sound bit of thinking. Ronny Delia was approached to bring in the missing “expertise” on this. Of course it was the last straw for Lenny Mk1 and he walked.

The fact is, imo, there was nothing wrong with the idea but the fact is Big Pedro never put in the time, money and resources to make this work. That’s the thing, he has no idea how to implement these projects and changes, so necessary in a modern organisation.

A Director Of Operations or a Sporting Director with the necessary skill-sets could and should have made this happen.

When Ronny predictably failed we had Brendan Rodgers come in, who had experience of implementing these tactics/formations from Academies to Top teams.

Ideal really but again wasn’t given the free hand or resources he needed, as we know that ended in tears.

We then got Lenny back and threw the baby out with the bath water. All because we have a CEO who can’t do his myriad of roles and won’t let anyone else do so.

Meanwhile Ibrox were looking at what we were “trying” to do and copied our model… they have yet to win a trophy, sell a “high value” player, or to get to the UCL yet who thinks that’s not on the immediate horizon.

As MiT says, the last decade has been about old firm survival, which to me was wrong, but if we used the time to reorganise and stabilise our organisation as a modern football Club, it would at least have been something.

The fact is we just don’t have the wherewithal on Board for this. Despite many major advantages and huge financial muscle we underachieved greatly.

We now have what the Board always wanted, a competitive Rangers, only problem is we have been getting away with being incompetent for so long, we don’t know how to reignite the necessary changes.

Change the manager? It would be a start, correcting a mistake two and a half years later, but the downward trajectory in that time will not be stopped overnight.

Motherwell away will be a good test, if we still have a “team” capable of beating the best of the SPL cannon fodder, a new man may still have time to turn this season round. Yet a total change in, attitude and culture throughout our organisation and that means drastic changes in personnel.

Hail Hail


Evening all,
Mahe – top man, you should be very proud of yourself! It reminds me of coming into town to meet the missus and the girls after the wee man and I had been at Parkhead, probably about this time last year. We’d to meet them in one of the big shops. The wee fella went in to get them and I just waited outside. Rather than go in the wee fella started chatting to a homeless guy outside the shop then came over and asked me for money to get the guy a sarnie and a cup of tea! Of course I gave him the money and he went into the coffee shop and sorted the guy out. Then he insisted we go in to the shop and buy him a warmer jacket and a pair of gloves! Fuck the fitba!!



Good lad,proud of you.

Mike in Toronto


Saw REM in 1984 on the Reckoning tour. Couldnt understand a word Michael Stypes said, but still one of my favourite ever shows. Some of my pals saw them the year before … they played a tiny little shit hole of a club called Larry’s Hideaway. Still kick myself for not going to that one.

anmd seem to remember seeing them later with 10,000 maniacs opening…but I may be mistaken about that…

Mahe @ 7:53

that is why I’m proud to call you a pal.

Well done Mahe


Mahe The milkman of human kindness πŸ‘



Well done mate,yir a good mhan hh


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-x8zBzxCwsM The Boss-We Take Care of Our Own


Since we have strayed into the US election, here is my twopence worth. I do hope Bidden wins but that is because of his opposition, not because of the policies of his party.

If the democrats win, it will be in spite of themselves. They had 4years to re-orientate their party towards their original base…..working class people plus some intellectuals. What did they come up with ? Answer….a yesterday politician. They still have not been able to refute that Trump stands for the rust belt worker……and he clearly does not. His tax breaks were for the rich and, sometimes, famous, like Bobby Orr. Shame on you, Bobby. Did you hit the boards too often?

Hopefully, if they gain power they will renew their party.



Well done Mahe, a great act of kindness…

Saw the Cranberries at the Fleadh Finsbury Park, 1994, they were brilliant, had them down as a Clannad type band then Zombies… wow!!

Rem, didn’t see them until Hyde Park 2005, great band but by that time it was a box ticking exercise and a chance to spend the day with my cousin. Brilliant band though.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I thought that Trump would win the last election, but that the Republicans would use him to do their dirty work for a year, then ‘suddenly discover’ that he was a rapist, and push him out the door, and replace him with a more acceptable Pence. But, Trump, for all his faults, seems to know how to maintain party discipline. Mind you, when you run your business like the mob, threatening to get your way, isn’t so much of a stretch.

Can you imagine…. Trump could be the only president ever to be indicted under the RICO statute…. both for his crimes before office… AND WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE!

However, what happens if the Democrats do win? (I still cant believe that they didn’t have anyone better than Biden… ffs!) …. I give it a month before Kamala ‘accidentally’ trips him near the top of a big stair case, and she gets promoted!

As Mags pointed out, I’m Not sure she can win on her own in 4 years ….

so, who will be the nominees in 4 years?

If Trump loses this time, does he run again in 4 years? He led the Republicans to their highest ever vote total, so there is a case to be made … or does he appoint his daughter as his successor? (the Yanks do seem to like the family dynasty thing…)

The Democrat side is more interesting …..

Had Biden lost, I think the call would have been for Michello Obama (and I think she could win)… but, do you know who I think will end up running for the Democrats …if not in 4 years, then 8 years?

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson …. and if he runs, he wins.

Remember … you heard it hear first.

Margaret McGill

betcha he voted for Trump! πŸ™‚

Fairhill bhoy

Just dropping in to say a big thank you for all your good wishes πŸ’š
Mahe-you brother are a diamond πŸ’šπŸ€


The script writers for ‘Veep’ and ‘In The Thick of It’ couldn’t have come up with a better script than the real 2020 US Election ‘Stop the Count’ ! ‘Count the votes’ ! 😜


How about Jack Nicklaus

bada bing1

Son of Satan the ref on Sunday, how many games do we get with this tool?


Bada Are you questioning the integrity of the officials ? 😜


Chairbhoy & Mahe,

Talking about the Fleadh, Finsbury Park in 1994 and Maoris….



Fairhill Bhoy… condolences on the passing of your Dad! Your happy memories of him will see you through the dark times!

bada bing1

G64- it’s like fkn whack a mole ,wi these cheating bassas.

big packy

SO a recount in georgia, this white supremist bassa will stoop at nothing to get his way, so much for democracy, im affronted that donald is half scottish,, then again john knox and pastor jack glass were scottish,


Bada More like Whackatinbasin 😜


Sparta’s third goal summed up everything that’s wrong with us at the moment. Players playing out of position, atrocious passing, lack of cover and rank amateurish defending 😱


CaltonTongues @ 9:01 pm,

Yes Crowded House headlined and were brilliant, one of my favourite bands, very underrated are the Finns.

Though Christy Moore was immense aa well.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

One ‘good’ thing about this season …. it dispels the notion that Celtic cant compete in Europe because the standard of football in Scotland is so low that we aren’t prepared for the step up to European quality teams ….

the zombies are making it look easy… and on a budget that is about 1/3 less than Celtics…if they can be competitive, why cant Celtic?

no more excuses left.


This time and maybe, only this time, Trump the prick, is within his rights.
Requested recount procedures
Under Georgia law, recounts may be requested under the following conditions:

If the margin between candidates is less than or equal to 0.5%, a candidate may request a recount within two business days following the certification of results.


3 million bucks cost per recount. He paying it? Aye right.
He’s legally entitled but why recount one state if its clear he would have lost anyway. It’s crap.

Ps, re Paul the Tim, aye when he calls for change its bad.

Hail Hail


The Sparta 3rd goal was a classic example of scoring a goal on a team who lack the fundamentals a coach is supposed to implement.
And it was a typical goal for us to lose.
I felt our European flaw under Brendan was a lack of a set defensive formation when we turned the ball over.
Unfortunately under Neil we have got even worse at dealing with such situations.
It’s like an invite for our team to go into headless chicken mode.
The fact that our central midfield duo are not suited to their partnership or position exacerbates the problem.


Mahe Its utterly ridiculous in a modern democracy that they’re still counting votes 3 days after the polls closed in a national election


Fan Duffy’s attempt at defending in the third goal was so lamentable it could used in videos for kids on ‘How not to defend’ 😜

Margaret McGill

Its not a democracy its an oligarchy like Britain.
I agree with some on here that the democrats are pish. Won one senate seat lost 8 house seats. The whole country is gerrymandered like Britain. The real socialist Bernie was scuppered as soon as he said he would defund Israel. But heh hoh here we are Biden 4+ million more votes and we still cant call it. The oligarchs and their friends in the judiciary calling the shots. heh just like Britain!


Mags If the situation was reversed would you not be slightly suspicious of the process ?


Biden has got 4 million more votes than Trump but he still can’t be declared a clear winner WTF ? 😜


After this farce the first thing Biden should do is change the electoral process

Margaret McGill

The situation was reversed in 2000.
The presidency was on a knife edge not dissimilar to today and came down to Florida. The gap was less than half a percent in Florida and the democrats demanded their legal right for a recount just like Trump did for Georgia today. The republicans took it to court to stop a recount even though the gap was only about 100 votes. The Florida court agreed with democrats said ok it’s within your rights and started a recount. Republicans took it to the Supreme Court which adjudicated that a recount in a general election was unconstitutional????
Bush won. A million dead Iraqis 5000 American coffins and 30000 American limbs left in the sand and here we are. Oh BTW Blair supported this filth


Mags Gore should never have conceded in 2000 after Fox News declared Bush won Florida. Bet he’s sitting regretting that now

Margaret McGill

Gore’s problem was that he was a gentleman worried about American democracy and not a fucking pig that has become the Republican norm. On the topic of fucking pigs what we gonna do about this Lawwell character ?


Mags You re assuming we have a say in the choice of our CE. We need to attack the root cause of our problem

Margaret McGill

Oh I forgot Celtic is a corporate dictatorship that dont give a rats arse about anything but their bonuses not a democracy
Never mind