Motherwell 1 – 4 Celtic



And a very happy Mo-nday Mo-rning it is too,as Mo Elyounoussi popped up three times to settle the nerves amongst everyone at Celtic Park,be they fans,players,management or board. A two week break now,and we shall see what transpires.


A couple of brave team selections from NL might have made the difference,based on recent displays at least. Shane Duffy and Eddie dropped to the bench to be replaced by Kris Ajer and Albion Ajeti,but that apart we went with what has been our preferred line up of late. Everyone needed a result,and we could do with a performance too,and it didn’t take us long to take a grip on the game.


Some probing work around the area saw the ball drop to The Yeti inside the box to the right,he shot across goal only to see his effort bounce back off the inside of the post. Fortunately Mo was rushing in for any scraps and put it into the net with his knee.


You take them as they fall,and we were good value for our goal at this stage-even if Well should no signs of letting us have it all our own way. Indeed,they were leaving the boot in every chance they got and Dallas was refereeing to his usual standards.


The second came from a superb piece of footwork in a tight area as Tom Rogic-who on another day would have been Man of the Match-pulled the ball to the byline before cutting it back for pretty much a tap in for MO’s second. And Tam was again instrumental for what should have been our third,which would have put the lid on things just before half time.


From a Well corner he shot up the pitch from his own penalty area,hurdling the hammer throwers who were making no attempt to play the ball. With Christie clear to his left,he gave him the gilt-edged chance to wrap it up. I’ll say no more on the “finish” other than it was still only 2-0 at half time.


Still,plenty to be positive about at this stage even if we were still far from our best. But a lot better than we had been for most of the last three weeks.


The green-tinted specs barely lasted longer than the half time break as Well exposed all our frailties for the first half hour of the second half. As well as some of their own attributes like putting the boot into anything in green and white. Once again,Frimpers was the main recipient and it is time we started taking some retribution on the thuggery here.


Anyway,we survived even if I don’t know how. The midfield were still digesting the half time pies,I think-they were second to everything except when they were third and provided no cover whatsoever for our defence. And just when I thought we might get away with it,an excellent cross and header saw our lead suddenly look very precarious.


We had just made two subs,one at the back and one up front,when I’d suggest that our midfield should have been the prime candidates for a change. However,what do I know-I reckoned a few minutes later that Mo had done nothing since his goals and needed hooked!


Humble pie for my Sunday lunch then. The newly-arrived Elhamed swung in a terrific cross from the right and Mo leapt like bloody Superman to power home a header from about twelve yards. What a way to get a hat-trick,and I’ll need to check if it counts for that “perfect” hat-trick as I’m not sure if a knee counts for it!


Even at that,Well didn’t give up. No,they kept kicking us and really I’m fed up banging on about the dereliction of duty-duty of care to the employee,in legal terms-shown by our supine board over this. A decade of protesting about it on blogs,decades before that of saying it in the ground or the pubs after the match,and still nothing gets done.


And the needle goes back to the start of the song…


So we rubbed their faces in it at the end with a fourth. A great ball across goal from the left-by the always excellent Laxalt,what a player!-which Eddie just failed to latch onto was followed by some close interplay in a tight area and Eddie simply laying it back for Ollie to ram home for 4-1.


All in all,a much better performance than we have had far too often this season,and particularly recently. It would be churlish to deny that. But it would be a mistake too to ignore our failings too and to pretend that all in the garden is rosy. We aren’t yet firing on all cylinders up front. We aren’t yet looking confident in ourselves at the back. We don’t yet have consistency from the midfield-either as protectors or providers.


But we lifted our chins off the floor,and we didn’t let the loss of a goal at a bad time derail us either. I’ll take the positives.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Thanks for your usual concise and accurate summary of the game. NIr Bitton caught my eye with a couple of brilliant defence splitting passes. He made a couple of poor efforts too, but he is trying to be creative.
Scottish football will never progress if the hammer throwing isn’t dealt with. They should have had two players off. Wee Emilio was handy in those situations. He knew how to let them know he was there.
We’re on a break for two weeks. Will there be a change of manager? It would be one of the biggest risks of all time for our board to replace Lenny at this juncture. They are 100% risk averse, so I can’t see it happening, unless there are another couple of calamitous results.
If Carsberg did 10 in a row seasons…………. NOT.

Noel Skytrot

Three points gained against a team who always attempt to play football in a robust manner. Dallas, I don’t always buy into the whole mason thing but there’s clearly something going on with him, yesterday’s refereeing performance was a disgrace and the video doing the rounds when he was talking to Ajeti and Declan shows the contempt he has for our players. The club need to start challenging these occurrences but as Bobby said, no chance. I’m not fully convinced we have turned the corner but still three points. Well done Moi on a prile, as for Dallas, he shouldn’t be passed to referee any games never mind our matches.

Dharma Bam

Good morning everyone
BMCUWP, how do I get your email address? I was going to do it via here and had a quick look at the links on the page but I couldn’t find any contact details.


We won with some great pieces of skill that showed how talented our players are.
But the same glaring flaws will hurt us when we play teams who are well coached.
Our midfield still has no idea of position, spacing or individuals role.
Our coaches failed to spot the same tactic used to create their goal after they had numerous similar efforts.
For 20 minutes they played diagonal balls to Bain’s left side back post and nothing was done to either close down the crosses or give defenders additional help.
When subs where made it was like for like Ed/Ajeti Elhamed /Frimpong due to injury but no tactical adjustment considered when we where clearly being overrun in midfield.
And coaches need to remove their blindspot for McGregor who has become an empty jersey with his unwillingness to take responsibility.He slows and disrupts our play far more than our opponents.
Well done Mo,Rogic,Ajeti and Elhamed for those moments that had us freescoring but the reality is we are far from a good team.



Extremely grateful,mate. Looking forward to that unique mix of late 60s psychedelia,flower power and country that I’m sure would sound even better if I could somehow find myself in the same altered mind-set as Gene when he recorded them!

Mind you,I’ve got a fair bit of stuff-I’m sure we all do-that makes you wonder what the band were on at the time…


Morning all…I hope this finds everyone well.
Here’s a link to Friday’s ETims article which I just read this morning, it is definitely of interest….


Bobby – mind you don’t take an online tacho test if your on any mind-altering stuff!! 😵🥴🤪🤣


FAN-A-TIC et al

On paper,that was the kind of result yesterday that we have been taking for granted for a number of years now. But the ease with which Well pushed themselves back into the game,the way in which our midfield surrendered,these are the types of worrying symptoms that have caused our problems this season.

I don’t want to detract from what was a very important result for us yesterday,but I’m loathe to see it yet as a corner turned,that all in the garden is rosy. It isn’t. There were too many examples of the things that have plagued us all season.

You named one-that we were being hit by the same ball time and again-yet nothing was done about it. Others mention the timing of the subs,and that they seem to be predetermined,with no thought to how the game is going,injuries aside of course. I could add another,that players are being asked to play on while injured.

Forrest has a stress fracture,and apparently this was known for a while before he finally had to give up. Why? I’ve never known a stress fracture to heal itself while being subjected to further punishment. Frimpers may have ligament damage? Yet he played on for fifteen minutes with it. Etc,etc,etc.

I’ll believe we have turned a corner when we have our players playing as a unit,with the same belief and joy in their performances as in the early part of 2020. And when we have a manager/coaches who know what their subs bench is for. Or even their best eleven/formation.

And yes,of course I want it to happen. Believe it or not,none of us gets any pleasure from criticising our heroes. The happiest of clappers and the biggest mineshafters in Timland all want the same thing,but the latter doesn’t merely hope for the best in the face of evidence to the contrary. It needs sorted,and I don’t think NL is any longer capable of doing so. If the powers that be disagree,then let’s hope that they are right!

Bobby, one of the problems when folk mention that it might be time for Lenny to move on is they are quickly reminded of the past successful history of Neil. His win rate for example is second to none. The amount of trophies won.

One thing that is not always realised is that people change. Managers, from all spheres, have good times and bad. Sometimes they can do no wrong, other times not so much. They blow hot and cold just like everybody else. Sometimes a change of location can do the trick, with a different team around you. Sometimes another department.

It can also be more personal issue/s that causes a dip in performance. But I wouldn’t want to speculate on that.

Who knows? But thinking we need a change of coaching staff at the moment is no slight on Lenny’s past contributions. However having a successful history is no guarantee that he will be top notch, constantly, until the day he retires!



Correct,mate. Everyone is of their time. Neil took over a failing side in 2010 and turned them into a team who could challenge,and then one which could win. He did that,IMO,through sheer force of personality,aided and abetted by his trusted sidekicks Mjallby and Thommo. Plus some judicious signings,of course.

Ten years ago then,it was his motivational abilities which enabled success. I think that the more important members of the dressing room like Sami,Ledley et al,bought into that and backed him strongly. I don’t think the same applies now.

He doesn’t have his sidekicks,he doesn’t have a Ledley or a Sami in the dressing room. He certainly doesn’t have the grasp of the sports science or technological coaching apparatus that is everywhere else in the game. I’m not even convinced that he himself has the same desire these days to push himself,never mind the players.

I wish it wasn’t so,I want to keep sevco on their knees-since I can no longer have my first preference! The last thing I want is for them to have bragging rights,but a close second is for them to have bragging rights at the expense of NL. We either allow him the help he so badly needs or we take him out of the firing line. The current situation shows no sign of improving without major change somewhere.


Good Afternoon All,

Hopefully the Vaccine news is genuine 🙏



Another thing about the goal that we lost,I mentioned at the time on a similar cross that Gallacher was climbing all over Bitton. Nothing given. It was the same at the goal.

Twice in the first half,the near-side linesman gave Well a corner when it was clearly ours. Twice in the second half,he did the opposite.

Dallas was content to give a free against us for “technical” fouls,but” allowed the game to flow” when Well did the same. The second challenge on Frimpers wasn’t even deemed a foul,as a further example,and that was happening all day.

I’m still trying to find out whether Dallas is eligible to officiate at this level-he clearly isn’t competent to do so,especially if either Celtic or Sevco are involved. But two seasons ago he “voluntarily” withdrew his FIFA/UEFA accreditation-almost certainly due to a tip off from his old man that he was getting downgraded anyway.

Not good enough for Europe but good enough for us? I’ll let you know,because getting answers from SFA-even via their websites-is proving impossible. Honestly,they’re worse than the masons.




Great news at last! Seems Pfizer are so confident that the final expanded tests will also point in the same direction that they,ve already put the vaccine into production.



Interesting re Zoom, we were discussing it in a meeting today and, along with Microsoft Teams, our work will increase the use of them in future as attendances at meetings are fuller due to no travelling required!


bada bing1

Very promising news on the vaccine front

bada bing1

El Hamed is a natural centre back, when fit,why has he not been given a run there considering all the issues we’ve had?


Good very early morning all from a freezing central California. Below freezing with a dusting of snow on ground, first time this season, Christmas is coming my friends, don’t get me anything big and remember the post office here is crap and run by a bent republican.

The game, like the rest it didnt look or feel like a turn the corner performance, I doubt one single performance would at this stage, and although couple bright spots, we still have big problems.

I was delighted both Shane and Eddy didnt start. Once again, Eddy up top alone, or rather Eddy without another pure striker beside him doesnt cut it for me , and that was the system we ditched last Christmas because it was sussed out.
Ajeti with Mo is a different kettle of fish, because he stays up top remaining the focal point imo, a very different player to Eddy which is both good and bad imo.

Good in that we have two different style strikers so are less easy to work out, have more than one style.
Bad in that we cant play a set way and expect them to slot in and out seamlessly, because they are soo different as players.
This is our season in a nutshell, here we are after a break six weeks from Christmas and Lenny it seems doesnt know our best eleven.
Thats the complete opposite of across the city, and hitting eight is a mark of title winners, shows a confident group, and confirms that the system is working perfectly.
They are a well oiled machine, its gotta be said.
Lenny is still putting our machine together.

I felt we won the game because we had the better players on the pitch overall. Some are sheer quality, and they really stood out and made a difference, like Mo.
But thats not to say the Mo-Ajeti partnership was perfect.
Ajeti was pissed at him at half time for not passing to him, and then he was pissed upon getting subbed. There was tension between them clearly.

Mo had to find a role in this team by hook or by crook, and hes been given the midfielder cum supporting striker role, which he has grabbed with both hands and is hitting the net with great regularity now. He has great technical skill, pace, a great leap and header as we seen, and game intelligence to know where and when to make runs.
Im delighted for him, his goals have saved Lennys job thus far.

Howeva,,,its a very big call not going with two strikers up top and although Mo is hitting the net now, our actual strikers arent. In not forming a partnership Lenny is not only gambling but I feel losing goals from the team. Ajeti did mention upon signing he wished to be part of a pairing, yet he usually isnt.
Mo supporting a lone striker might look good when it works like yesterday, but I doubt its the system to take us forward long term. We just cant get two on the park up top together?
Why not? Our rivals manage it, and notice they score a lot more despite the midfield being a man lighter than ours. Im happy for Mo and Lenny they got the win, but worry about our setup, which their manager will love tbh.

The keeper. We still dont have a keeper we can trust. None of us know what kind of performance we are going to get from (always a blooper waiting but can produce a great save sometimes) Scott Bain or (sticks to his line and looks terribly small in them goals for a big tall lad) Vasiluis Barkas.
At almost Christmas, no settled keeper isnt good at all.
That will almost certainly affect the defence.

A defence that just reminded me of Ronny Deila yesterday. That was two Ronnie midfielders at the heart of our defence something like 5 or 6 years after we brought them in,,how about that for succession planning. There’s our transfer system while the unofficial DOF is in charge. Benkovic and Boyata couple years ago, not a shabby pairing at all. No one can tell me yesterdays pairing was better, but yet going into crucial season should we not have had a quality central pairing? We have we a much less partnership than couple years ago in that area. In defence we have went backwards bigtime. It should be the first area addressed through transfers.

I thought our Captain was poor yesterday, although I read some thoughts he was good. He kept coming into central defence, undercut a few passes in very bad areas which a stronger team would have punished us for, and tires around the hour mark.

I reckon if you asked Calmac what’s wrong with you he would say I’m babysitting here ffs. He must screen beside Broony whereas under Brendan it was only Broony screening. This is because we had a good central defence pairing and keeper we trusted in Craig.
Calmac was released to play actual football a lot more then, and we got much better results. He isn’t a defensive midfielder, should be part of the three behind the striker and not the two holding. Soro would probably be a better bet. I would have Calmac in Ryans place and Soro in.

The gaffer does look as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, where as we could do with calmness and professionalism. Admitting he doesn’t watch the games with players has shocked me.

The break suits us. We better make the most of it. A settled system and starting eleven to emerge from it?
They did it in Dubai, a repeat is needed now. I would have Griff on a get fit quick crash course btw.

Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, bobby get your point about bitton and the player climbing all over him at the mothers goal, but frank haffey would have saved that, and he is in his eighties now😍 😍



I think we will need Elhamed at right back for a while,mate.



It was just inside the far post. Great header,even if he should have been penalised for it.



Plus VAR would have disallowed it for offside.

The Assistant missed earlier offsides and we all know why.


Sol Kitts

The Scottish version of VAR would not have ruled it out, as the refs watching on monitor are the same cheats who run about the pitch. More likely they would award the goal, tell the ref to send off a Celtic player, and award a penalty to Sevco.


The game versus Motherwell illustrates both the good and the bad aspects of the current managerial regime at the club. Firstly, all over the park you could see the difference in quality between the players of both teams. So, even tho the defence is shaky on high diagonal balls and in effectively clearing the lines, superior players are able to use their skills to get a result. Much of the current manager’s success has been derived from having superior players. This advantage has allowed us to prosper in spite of switching formation( 352, 4231, 433) and poor game management and players being unsure of their roles. Virtually all of the SPL teams cannot cope with this quality gap most of the time. In this environment, “go out and play your game” will work. However, it comes unstuck when we face teams that have two characteristics that most Scottish teams lack. The first of these is organisation and discipline. The formation of these teams does not change. Players rotate in and out of the team but the system never changes. This is why teams like Sparta can lose first team players without it having a great effect on performance. The second characteristic is having at least one player of experience or quality in defence and attack. What I have just described is your standard Eastern European or Scandinavian team. Ferencvaros, Cluj, Sparta and Copenhagen all had these two characteristics and that is enough to overcome the current Celtic team, even although we have better quality overall.

Incidentally, the current Sevco team have these two characteristics and that is why we struggle against them. They have at least one CB who can clear the ball well out of the danger area, at least one striker who can score, plus they are very well organised. Every time we come up against a team like this, it will be a lottery, and, as we have seen, a lottery we are likely to lose. Until we have a settled formation that the players understand, we shall throw away the advantage that superior players bring.

What is most maddening is that all the pieces are there. They simply are not being used properly and probably it is now too late for the current management team to fix it, even if tgey knew what to do.


big packy

REBUS, hat doffed and i mean that, wish i had your way with words,keep on keeping on.👍



So true. Proper referee supervisor urgently required!



The last line of your post,in particular,is the reason so many of us are concerned. NL has shown no ability whatsoever to coach us,organise us,out of the situation we are in.


Sol Kitts @4.03,

As Sir Furious would say “Twue Vewwy Twue” 😁


Billy Bhoy

We only won yesterday because we have better players in every position
Whenever this ISN’T the case we’re going to struggle. Sevco are 20 not out so far whereas we have lost 4 games already.

I’ve been thinking about Edouard over the weekend and trying to work out why his form has disappeared like snaw aff a dyke.
Eddy was a promising young player at PSG. He was lured to Glasgow with the promise of being coached by a manager with a proven track record of improving players – and no doubt a glowing recommendation from Dembele. Play in front of 60,000 adoring fans, win trophies and be coached to continuously improve. What’s not to like?

And so he comes over, initially in Dembele’s shadow but then breaks through and replaces him when he moves on.

Fast forward to now. All the reasons for coming are gone. He’s playing in empty stadiums, getting kicked all over the park, offered no protection from the MIBs and is now getting “coached” by a guy who isn’t all that interested in “shape” or “tactics”. Its not exactly motivating!

As time goes by, and one by one our Invincibles depart the scene, all the professionalism injected into the squad is being gradually eroded. The “unique selling point” of coming to Celtic is gone. I don’t expect to see the likes of our current French contingent arriving at Paradise in the future.

We’ve still got a stronger squad than Sevco but the coaching over there has clearly closed the gap to a very worrying extent. So much so that The Ten is now in jeopardy.

bada bing1

Hibs v Celtic 21 November, not on TV,another PPV ,I think that’s 3 we’ve had, have Sevco had any?

A thing of beauty

Good posts today guys. It’s not nice to read but there is absolutely no doubt that we are less than the sum of our parts. That is not the case down govan way and the difference is in the dugout. There can be no other reason. If there is, I’m all ears.
It’s a bloody disgrace how much we are having to fork out to watch our team this season
Virtual season ticket £666 (extra value season ticket btw, whatever the heck that is)
Sky sports £300
BT £120 (we can ditch that in December)
Premier Sports £80
PPV £45 (so far)
I have also paid £40 to the Celtic club and can’t get in because of restrictions!!
All that money and the team are playing like coos. Brilliant eh?


I understand your point and agree, but there is no guarantee, yet, that Hibs will show it to us on PPV.
Hibs fans were annoyed that Celtic don’t offer PPV to away fans and they didn’t get to see the Celtic v Hibs game.
Hibs have already refused a request from Killie for a PPV option, this season.
I’m guessing money will talk and they will give us an option,but it’s certainly not a given, at this time, as Hibs will risk upsetting a good few in their support who want to give us the same treatment we gave them.
We can’t complain if they dont, as they are only doing what Celtic PLC are doing.

Hibs’ fans frustrated as Celtic decide not to open pay-per-view option for match.
By John Hislop -September 26, 2020 10:24 am
Coverage of the game is restricted to Celtic season ticket holders via their ‘Pass to Paradise – ‘The Virtual Season Ticket’

The news comes as a disappointment to Hibs’ fans who were keen to see their team up against the champions after last week’s draw with the other half of the Old Firm.

Supporters will be able to listen to the game via Hibernian TV.

Bluegrass Celt

Rebus, that was word perfect.
Lenny could play a 442 a 352 which inevitably always turns into a 217 when we are battering Scottish teams. Until he realises that he can’t play that way against well organised foreign teams ….or Sevco, then we’re doomed.
IMO, he either doesn’t see it or does but doesn’t know how to combat it.
I think he has to call time on himself but he probably knows he won’t get another gig like this one and is likely to cling on, hoping for Sevco to crumble


Billy Bhoy. 5.37.
I agree with your post.
A bestselling point for us, is a potential gateway to England, players realise to achieve that, they require to improve and that requires good coaching.
The players that come here, see themselves as being on an upwards journey, particularly the Moussa’s and Eddy’s, if they feel their career is stalling, they want out of dodge ASAP.
It makes perfect sense to me.
As I’ve said my understanding is, when B.R. was manager, players would be shown individually their performances and positives and negatives highlighted, now Neil himself says, for the first time in a long time, they went over a game.That’s not good enough, for me.
As an aside, more in general here, why do managers think it’s acceptable to highlight that they gave the team a bollocking?, that should be consigned to history too.
Would any of you find that acceptable, in your workplace?, not a chance with me.

bada bing1

JNP- thanks for that info,I think money will win the day…..HH


Target almost met.
Green Brigade’s 2020 Food Drive is exclusively online throughout November due to Covid and due to Covid donations are needed more than ever.

Packy, a true story for you.

In the early 1970s Hugh Dallas lived across the road from me, I only knew him because his father used to come to our house every week to collect the Vernon’s football coupon. Young Hugh was one of a gang of lads including my younger brother who kicked a ball around at the lock ups beside us.

When he was a pupil at the local High School he got his name in the paper – the Daily Record. The reason?

The school had recently created a common room for the senior pupils. 4th year+, so they would be about 15 – 16 years old.
However they were not allowed to smoke in the common room! The teachers were allowed to smoke in their common room!
So the bold lad Dallas took the pupils out on strike! As I say it hit the papers. Can’t remember how it all panned out but that was his first encounter with the media.

He has been controversial ever since 🙂

big packy

JIM, dont believe a word of that😍 mr dallas is a good home grown scot, im astounded of forehead, he is a man of dignity, ask the papal heirarchy.😍😍

What I can vouch for is Dallas’ family were never connected to the Orange lodge in any shape or form. His father was a big supporter of Shotts Bon Accord, the local junior team. In fact I think he may have been on the committee. I honestly can’t remember Hugh Dallas ever wearing a Ranger’s scarf or anything like that. However I walked him up the road one night from the Miner’s Welfare Social Club He would be in his late teens, I was in my early 20s, obviously neither of us pulled a girl that night! I mentioned that I hated John Greig, he said he loved him! Nuff said!

bada bing1

Maybe Pfizer held back today’s announcement be a few days,that clown Trump would have claimed it,and a lot of stupid Yanks would have bought it.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
I watched Dallas on Sunday, but I gave up when Bobby came out of the shower and said it was all a dream. 😎😎 True story 💤💤💤

I’m away to watch University Challenge. On a good night I can answer about 5 questions correctly! 🙂

big packy

JIM,that john greig quote says it all, enjoy the challenge😍

big packy

SOL, did you shoot JR spill the beans😍 hope you enjoyed your anniversary.👍

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Not me, it was Bing Crosby’s daughter wot done it 🤠

Strathclyde Uni beat Manchester Uni 🙂
I got 2 answers!


Anyone in the 70’s that loved John Greig was a durty hun. I remember my mammy used to say that the devil was the double of John Greig in her mind. Billy was God’s captain. 😊💚


It says it all for me, our greatest player ever.
Jinky, theirs, Greig.
That sums up the difference in the clubs and their fans.
I use that analogy, often.


Perfect analogy. Similar to Cesar’s Cavaliers v Roundheads analogy 👍🍀💚


Great song for JNP and all the good good people on SentinelCelts.
Peace & Love


Garry 9.07.
How lovely.
That’s really appreciated, my friend.
Thank you.