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Morning all.


If you were reading the site on Saturday evening,you will have seen AULDHEID post a link to an article he wrote on the subject of important questions to be asked at a forthcoming Celtic AGM. Eight of them,in fact. All pertinent of course,as we would expect. And more importantly,none of them are designed to give the board an easy time of it,even if many of us suspect that any answers will contain more than an element of obfuscation at best.


It reminded me of some correspondence I had with someone known to many of us,about six months ago or so. This is a man with much more legal and financial knowledge and experience than I am ever likely to attain,and while the correspondence will remain confidential,the subject was a simple one.


Business Interruption Insurance.


You may have read recently that The All-England Club,aka Wimbledon,recently received a payout of a whopping £194m due to the cancellation during the summer of their annual jamboree and tennis tournament. It seems that this wise sporting institution took a look at the headlines generated by the SARS outbreak in SE Asia in 2003 and decided that it might be a plan to take out some form of insurance which protected them from any financial difficulty caused by a similar outbreak in the future.




This despite the fact that the SARS outbreak was largely contained,occurred about 6000 miles away and the number of eventual deaths was less than 800 poor souls.


This occurred,by sheer coincidence,at around the same time that our famously risk-averse current CEO was arriving at the club,albeit in a far less prominent role at the time. Since when his legend has grown along with the responsibilities which he has selflessly shouldered,to the extent that little of import takes place at the club without his express say-so. And his reputation for fiscal prudence is a matter of record,and of legend. So it was with some surprise that I read the annual accounts last month-which reported quite a large loss,with our cash in hand reduced by about 50% to around £18m.


That wasn’t the surprising bit though. We are,after all,in the middle of a pandemic,and the majority of businesses worldwide have taken a huge hit because of it. Many,indeed,have closed their doors permanently,unable to pay their rents,taxes,even wages.


These are difficult times indeed. We all know that. But of course,our risk-averse and fiscally prudent CEO would have made sure that the club could claim on its Business Interruption policy,even if he didn’t have the foresight to specifically insure against a pandemic,as Wimbledon had done at a cost of approx 0.4% of annual profit. Of course,it may have been based on annual turnover-the specifics of the policy are confidential,as you might expect.


But even based on our record turnover of £101m only two years back,that would have meant a worst case bill of £400,000. As a percentage of income,it is a fraction of how much you or I pay for our house insurance,car insurance,even life insurance. But I won’t hold it against PL for not having that even if other sporting organisations did-the ECB,for instance. After all,he would still have ensured that we had our Business Interruption Insurance.


Now,I don’t deny that I am heavily critical of PL at times,mainly for getting involved-usually to the exclusion of everyone else!-in matters which I think are beyond him. But I have always been happy to congratulate him when he does a good job,so I look forward to congratulating him on a job well done when he reveals the size of our Business Interruption Insurance payout. Of course,I don’t expect it to be on the scale of the award to Wimbledon,nor anything like it. That would be silly,after all our financial hit has only been a fraction of that.


I’ll also be interested to know why no mention of it has been made in the recently issued accounts. Certainly the policy must exist-no man as fiscally prudent as PL would decide to cancel such an important policy,would he? Especially when the costs involved are relatively negligible. And surely no Plc board worthy of the name would allow such a decision to be rubber stamped,and he wouldn’t do that without the authority of the board.


So here,AULDHEID,is potentially Question Nine for the AGM,if it ever happens. Do we have Business Interruption Insurance? The follow-up questions depend on the answer of course. If yes,why is there no mention of it in the accounts,and what amounts are expected to be claimed? If no,why not? Who decided this? If it was the board,are minutes of the meeting available? If the matter wasn’t put to the board,why not and oh dear what a mess.


Oh,and here’s another one. If we have the insurance and haven’t claimed against it,why not? Because that,I believe,is likely to be the case. And the Why Not? I don’t think they’ll want you to go there,but it is an AGM after all and they are bound by the relevant regulations to be truthful at these events.


We live in interesting times…


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Morning Bhoys and Ghirls

Morning all & Packy.

Bobby, I know you are averse to ‘rumours’ but in the interests of clarity have you heard anything of the leeks (pun intended) coming out of Parkhead that PL has a weekly meeting on Friday afternoons to discuss the following week’s staff lunch menus? Also the cleaner’s staff rotas?

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, jim peter does not have to worry about the staff lunch menus, they bring their own sandwiches 😎

Packy, betcha Peter doesn’t! 🙂

And even if he does, imagine he dropped his sandwiches on his heated drive way. They would be toast by the time he recovered them!

big packy

JIM no way, pedro dines, al a carte, whatever that means😍😍

big packy

then he takes his toasted sanwiches and eats them by his indoor swimming pool🥪

A thing of beauty

Very pertinent question bmcuwp. Is it possible that the ibrox club do have business interruption insurance and we do not? I can’t say it would surprise me as let’s face it they’ve out flanked us in every other way since they came back. Except for on the park and in my opinion that is also changing. I still can’t believe how close we have allowed this mob to get to us. What a shit show. There will be no answers for any question that is asked off the floor at the AGM. It’s a stage managed crock of shit where we know the outcome of every one. Morons passed that suits the suits and everyone else remember your place.

On top of the heavy burden in running Parkhead the CEO has to spend an inordinate amount of time buying and selling players. Meetings with agents most days lasting hours.
When, it is reasonable to ask, could PL find the time to deal with pesky things like the SFA or business interruption insurance?

A thing of beauty

Morons = motions!!


Good article that begs questions of the board.
No answers will be forthcoming at the annual AGM stonewalling festival.
As you stated the time it takes Lawwell to conduct transfer business successfully or often not leaves very few days for trivialities like SFA cheating and business interruption insurance.
Plus rumour has it he takes a week off before the AGM to work on his latest Rory Bremner jokes.



Morons suits…



I thought he worked on them during the transfer windows.


Hearing Clare Whyte SFA Compliance Officer is offski.

If true not surprised. The 5 Way Agreement has undermined that role and rendered that job untenable



It was an impossible job. Undermined by referees like Beaton and by journalists pushing their personal agendas.

If Clare Whyte was undermined by referees like Beaton that raises an interesting scenario. Both are employed by the SFA. It is the compliance officer’s role surely to be above and beyond the persuasion of the refereeing dept.? If she was not able to dig her heels in one would expect the employer (SFA) to protect her. Otherwise why have a compliance officer at all?

If she was not able to do her job because of the 5 way agreement that’s a different thing altogether. Now it’s the employer (SFA) above her which is at fault. There is no easy way out of this. Except it would be for me.
Expose it! To the media – in England if necessary – inform EUFA. Tell them to stuff their non disclosure agreements. Go on sue me! Let it come out in the courts. Be principled.



After the infamous Morelos hat trick v Celtic,Beaton claimed to have seen each incident,so no further action could be taken.

That is simply mind-boggling. The referee should himself have been charged as a result,and in fact treated as a hostile witness. The incidents with which Morelos was charged should have been treated as stand-alone cases,and judged as such.

Beaton exploited a loophole,one which I personally believe was deliberately created,and shafted any remaining integrity of the game as a result.

Exactly Bobby. If Beaton was able to say ‘no further action could be taken’ then the SFA should have stepped in & over ruled him. Or began the process to change that rule.
Like it or not in it’s infancy at least VAR was an attempt to get correct decisions on the pitch. An admission that referees were not infallible. And are not ‘all-seeing’ god like creatures.



Seems to be true. I think it fair to say whilst Claire Whyte was a late arrival on the scene the toxic trail from 2012 could not have made her job easy.



Exposing Res12 skulldugerry to the media was like asking them to walk through Chernobyl.

The queue is non existent whilst the footsteps of men north and south in a hurry going the other way can be seen in the snow..

Mark Daly, Kevin McKenna, Alex Thomson, David Conn you name them, they know.
The Offshore Game published their own report because MSM wouldnt do it.



I thought I’d posted earlier that the author of the 8 question article was James Forrest on The Celtic Blog.

All his own work for which he deserves credit.

Auldheid, I was close friends with Kevin McKenna back in the early 80s. He must have changed 🙁 We were in the same prayer group in Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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Doherty and MacClean just tested positive in the Republic camp,will this affect Duffy? Barasic played in same team as a guy who tested positive on Thursday, will he have to quarantine?

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horse running today 3-10 Wolverhampton called 10 in a row



My apologies,mate. And to James too.



That horse came in…




It’s as if a D notice had been issued preventing any reporting from those I mentioned.

big packy

HI GHUYS,,just renewed my season ticket ,the last time i had a season ticket, lou macarri was there, no not as manager as a player😎 had to help out pedro he is having trouble paying for his heated driveway and indoor swimming pool 😎 on anther topic please excuse its not celtic related, well it is in a way, a big tim from coatbriidge yes coatbridge that hun hellhole😎 😎 anyway he lurks on here, his grandson plays drums in a rock band he is having difficulty playing the middle eight of a child in time by deep purple so here is the lesson ian paice plays it in bolero fashion as quarter note triplets one and and uh two and a three uh four and uh but here is a diagram hope this helps sean. In 4/4 I would count 8th note triplets this way:

1-tri-plet 2-tri-plet 3-tri-plet 4-tri-plet

I think you mean… enter image description here


Login hopefully on correct day?



Any update yet on the Ajer/Elyounoussi situation? Starting to get a bit concerned,mainly because I think every dirty trick in the book will get thrown at us between now and May.


AGM Dec 14th via Zoom

big packy

MORTEN WEIGHORST, signed by tommy burns from dundee in 1995, tommy knew a player unfortunately morton had his fair share of injuries, but one thing that will go down in the history books, he helped us stop them bassas from winning the 10, later on he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, but thankfully he recovered, remember taking my wife for a tour round parkhead probably 2001/2002 and morten was sitting in one of the stands being interviewed by danish television, i actually waved to him and he waved back, good luck morten wherever you are.H,H,



He’s assistant manager of Denmark now.

big packy

BOBBY, cheers for that, a true hunskelper 👍

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Celtic fans who purchase Saturday’s pay-per-view against Hibs will be able to listen to commentary from their own club TV channel.



The Easter Road side are making Saturday’s 3.00pm fixture available to purchase for all as diehards get set to tune in for the big game.




Supporters can buy the game for a one-off price of £15 and there will be an option for away fans to change the audio settings ahead of kick-off



We are the cash cow for other clubs…..that’s 3 PPV we’ve had,Sevco nil to the best of my knowledge



No doubt our extra home games will be in midweek when they aren’t playing.


Morten had a great Dundee accent.

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big packy

TIM, yes loved that accent👍

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He’s never been away when it comes to playing for his country. It’s playing for us that is the problem.



I’ll take your word for it! Mind,I recall Jan Molby had a perfect scouse accent when he played for Liverpool.

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Bmcuw- he looked a yard quicker ,in those clips,than he’s been for us this season, hope he’s turned the corner



Hypnotise him before the game and tell him he’s playing for France.

A thing of beauty

Good to see Eddy scoring tonight. Time to put an end to the not fit, recovering from Covid talk and start putting in a shift in the hoops. No reason why he should turn in any more of the half arsed nonsense he’s brought to the table so far this season.


Suarez and Uruguayan keeper test positive. Let’s hope Diego Laxalt has been nowhere near them.

Fairhill bhoy

Who knows why eddy has been below par so far this season.
It’s a conundrum so it is



Makes no sense at all,but he’s not the only one whose performances have dipped noticeably.

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Watching the Hearts documentary, Pumping the huns in the cup been airbrushed by the BBC