Calm before the storm

I enjoy breaking the season down into mini blocks of games, though whether that’s still taking place in dressing rooms I admit I’ve no idea.


The next block of games differs slightly from the past block in that we do not break up when the games are over, like we are doing currently to allow Internationals to represent their nation.
Instead this block ends with a week off to prepare for the Cup final.
Very nice indeed, ending with a flourish hopefully.


The games themselves come very methodically, weekend then midweek for a month solid starting this weekend.
Every three or four days we have the pleasure of seeing the Champions take to the field of play fortunately.


We have four domestic games, three European ties, and the afore mentioned final to handle, with a weather forecast that shows a single day without rain for the rest of the month.


Such a run of fixtures may be considered typical for a big club, but when one looks beyond the final we face the packed Christmas season schedule including a potentially defining clash against our title rivals.


With conditions bound to worsen around then, and little to no time on the training ground available in the thick of winter, this next month becomes even more important in terms of Neils stewardship.


It’s starting this weekend the seeds of a successful season must be planted, if they are to be planted at all. With a third of the season gone there’s no time for experiments left, we are entering now or never territory for this team.


With an exit from Europe likely, fans should judge those games more on attitude and team shape than result. It’s a small bonus but Neil will take all the luck he can get.
So the impetus is on the coaching staff to hone the shape this month, fine-tune our formation, something that is made much easier by a settled eleven.


It’s now our starters must emerge and stay there. We simply can’t have a season of chopping and changing, and we need to hit form asap, so a settled eleven and formation must not only emerge, but successfully gel. And we have the perfect sequence of games to allow that.


The four domestic games coming up should be won, the continental games there to be learnt from, the final there to boost morale around the entire club.
These eight games are an opportunity for Neil and his team., one that must be taken.


By the time we rock up to Hampden looking to break Hearts, we should be a unit that knows its collective and individual job. If that unit goes onto collect silverware giving an endorsement of a system that’s working, then we as a team and support can approach the holiday period with a degree of confidence, something that will be needed to best those across the city.


This little block of eight games also offers brief respite for the gaffer, for some didn’t think he would make it this far. With the cup final on the horizon then a top of the table New Year’s clash, change now is unlikely. That little bit of weight is off his shoulders, he should enjoy it while he can.


He can thank his lucky stars for the opportunity to preside over a fourth successive treble. Celtic fans love success, seeing it as a vindication of their prudent business ways, not to mention the natural way of things being the larger of the two giants.
Steering the team to glory, giving the support their Christmas cheer, maintaining the success, will not hurt Neils cause one bit, and he will well know this.


This next little run of games can be considered the calm before the storm.
Preparing now before it hits will make all the difference when we do find ourselves in it.
Failing to prepare before its upon us will be our downfall.
Exactly what kind of Captain we have, we are about to find out.

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Thanks for the article, Mahe.
I think our game is now very much a squad game. We incur too many injuries to have a “settled eleven.”
Indeed how many times over the last few seasons have we been able to field the same starting eleven three times on the trot? Sort out the referees and we’re a long way to getting a level playing field.
Given what’s happened with our board’s apparent knowledge and consent, you’d have thought that they could have at least secured a decent refereeing set up as a quid pro quo for the 5WA. We had them by the haw maws. Why let them off so lightly? Have they got something on our board? I didn’t think the Huns would have contained themselves for 9 years with a regime toppling story. What are they feart of?


Morning all

Mahe. I had a car once. Bought it in 1978. A hillman avenger. Was in good nick when I got it. £600 it cost me. (Or rather , £600 it cost my mum. ) Told her I’d pay her back a tenner a week. I think I only paid her back £20 though I hasten to add I’ve made it up to her since!

Anyhow, that car went well for a while. The previous owners were an old couple, who’d clearly looked after it. Well maintained. It started to develop problems though. Radiator went. Patched it up. Battery was failing. I’d jump it. Exhaust blowing, get a patch on it. I wasn’t investing money that I needed to subsidise my busy 5 nights a week at the dancing.

It got to the stage I never knew how well it was going to perform. Some good days. Started ok, and got me from A to B . The bad days though were more prevalent. Indeed any good days became a welcome surprise. I didn’t dare take it too far. Whilst it had once been to Wembley for the Scotland v England match, it was now very much a domestic machine.

I see Celtic in the same way as that car. I never know what I’m going to get, but I AM certain of a few things. Just like it was for that car, Europe is a bridge too far, and no amount of patching it up or replacing various parts of the engine with cheap or substandard parts will work.

Nor will it matter who is driving it. Oh for sure, you could’ve stuck Lewis Hamilton in it and he would undoubtedly have got a bit more from it than me, temporarily, but starve him of proper investment over a period of time and you’ll end up back in the same position.

It’s not the driver that is the main issue here. The model needs replaced. Momentum is lost, and regaining it when you’re freewheeling downhill v the likes of Hamilton is papering over the cracks.

Very soon we will stall again as we try to reach Europe. When that adventure is over, I’m afraid our car will finally give up the ghost somewhere around Govan.

Defeatist? If ye like. Trust me I wish it were not so, but it’s blatantly obvious we are heading to the breakers yard. Replacing Neil with someone else would be a short term fix but the problem won’t go away. A full remodelling is essential.


I notice you said we will learn from our remaining games in Europe ,I have heard that before and we have learned SFAll.Talking about SFA I see Murray stuck his head out of his Hampden office to tell us how important the money from the Euros will be to his Association. He is no where to be found when there are serious questions to be asked about proper governance in the game
I read it on here everyday it’s all about the money
I will feel like I am sitting on a muddy hill with The serious Possibility of sliding into the canyon every time we play I have not seen anything to give me confidence that we are going to bounce back and win this league. Hope I am wrong

Ayrshire Bhoy

Good article Mahe, problem is drop points against hibs and the furore starts again.

A thing of beauty

Love the car analogy, so true. I think a different driver will give us a chance of the ten. I feel with Neil in charge it’s a lost cause. I have written the ten off in my mind and look forward to a new manager and board being in place for the start of next season. It’s typical Celtic. Get to a position of strength, footer about, do things on the cheap, realise we’ve mucked it up and then hit the reset. If the board were going to get new manager I feel they would have done it this week because as Ayrshire Bhoy alludes, dropped points at hibs starts the furore again. But they have decided to stick with Neil which is their choice.
We need a plan for the next 5 years in the boardroom and on the park. I realise not many managers stay five years but I want a whole new football structure put in place so that when a coach leaves they are seamlessly replaced because the structure is already in place. Should have happened with BR but hey ho, we know why it didn’t happen. We can’t make the same mistake again.

Ayrshire Bhoy


My exact point a 2 week break was our best chance to bed a new manager in. Things go wrong from here anything can happen. It’s one thing losing the 10 that could have happened anyway, losing with a huge points difference will be unforgivable.


Late to the party so all I can do is agree with everyone else! If we were going to replace NL,then the international break was the time to do it. If it is deemed necessary in future,it will be when it is too late. So that means we have to get 100% behind him and the team-which,of course,goes without saying.

As GER57 points out,the unsettled nature of our team this season has been a problem,albeit I think too that some of the formations and personnel used at times haven’t helped. Neither of course has the serious dip in form of too many of our players. Frankly,if we play the rest of the season as we have played so far,we don’t deserve to win it.

The reset button has to be pressed now. The players and management team have to start looking and playing as though they actually want it. We haven’t even been on cruise control thus far,we’ve been stuck in first gear. Saturday has to see us go on a run of winning games the likes of which we haven’t seen since Martin was in charge.

Because not winning the title doesn’t just stop The Ten. IMO,it will derail us for a while to come.



Yer missus says yer a rubbish driver,and Noddy could have got more out of the Avenger!


I’m certainly a better driver now than I was back then! Now that I’m mature, responsible, sensible , considerate and patient ( ok, forget the patient bit) I observe other drivers on the road and see lots of ……the old me !

A girl I once worked with was in the car with me one day. Joined the M6 at Coventry to head north toward Telford. Some head case was driving up my arse determined I move out the fast lane to let him past. I wasn’t for doing so as I was already going fast enough and was passing everything in the middle and inside lanes.
He got so annoyed. Flashing his lights and blasting his horn incessantly.

I decided to let him past….. then followed him all the way to his works car park which was at least 15 miles out my way.

He’s realised of course what’s happening and decided to go straight through his car park and out the other side. This girl says “ he’s on his phone now, probably calling the police”

I thought perhaps she’s right.?So I headed to work.

Anyway she told me the best way to deal with these folks is to laugh and wave at them.

I kinda seen her point but tbh I decided I liked my own system better.

Too old for that shite now though…. so I just laugh and wave. After all, I don’t want to be running into a nutter like I used to be. 😉



Job done,mate,and lesson learned-I reckon he was phoning a laundrette!

Personally I always let nutters pass,but I always try to get in front of drivers who are just rubbish. They’re the really dangerous ones.

Although I’ve often seen nutters roaring up the inside lane because the other two are moving too slowly for him. As I would normally be in the middle lane,I would flick on my LHS indicator. Let him test his brakes!



By coincidence,a very nice lady just called me there to offer assistance with the accident I had been in which wasn’t my fault. I had to ask her which one,explaining that I’m very unlucky. Then the line went dead.

Works every time…


A good analysis of the challenge that lies ahead for Celtic and we are certainly not in as good a place as we hoped we would be.

I would raise an objection only to the following points:-

“He can thank his lucky stars for the opportunity to preside over a fourth successive treble. Celtic fans love success, seeing it as a vindication of their prudent business ways, not to mention the natural way of things being the larger of the two giants.”

I think Neil can thank his previous successes with Celtic for the chance to steer us to the Ten; none of the touted “modern” coaches have proved themselves of any worth at Celtic ( I can recall when Robert Martinez making the short list was described by many as a sign of our lack of ambition) and would be projects and punts, in the literal sense. Neil has proven himself, more than once. Currently, he is falling short of that level.

The Celtic fans who love success, rarely (make that never) attribute it to prudence; that is a false attribution. The ones who want more success and think a little bit more can consistently bridge a huge gap in Europe, believe that more spend brings more success, but I have never heard anyone, not one person, say that this league title or that cup was won due to Peter Lawwell’s prudence or anyone else’s.

In any walk of life, apart from the most important one of managing your own household, favouring prudence is an unpopular position. Most of us want our governments to spend more to right various ills and feel there will be benefits to it. Most Celtic fans want the club to spend more; it is a very small minority who think they have got the spending just right and no-one (well, I am not privy to the views of DD or PL) who thinks we should spend less.

My own position is that governments need to spend more on civil projects and less on the war machine and that Celtic, whilst they can afford to spend more on players and wages, would change little of the equation that has given them domestic dominance but decreasing European relevance. The Celtic Board seem to accept that sporting reality and are spending money on tarting up the stadium and infrastructure rather than the team because they will never have enough spare cash to bridge an ever increasing financial gap, caused by a cartel economy.

To finish off Twisty’s car analogy; it’s not the car or the driver- it’s the roads.

Lamborghini won’t risk his cars here.

Lewis Hamilton ain’t coming, despite the scenery.

Try your best with this Triumph Dolomite!

Weet weet weet





This should put a wee smile on your face!


Good article Mahe. I saw signs for optimism in our last game at Fir Park. We need that same attitude and level of performance at Easter Road on Saturday. Play as we did against Motherwell from the off, and we will pick up the 3 points.


I’ve just been reading the list of 100 best ever football managers from the Magazine Four Four Two from May 2020.

Typically Anglo-centric effort with Ferguson at 1, Shankly at 4 and Busby at 7 in their top 10 (Herrera made 8th)

Jock Stein was grudgingly awarded 30th place, behind Mourinho, Van Gaal, Wenger and Klopp but the Magazine surprisingly makes room for previous team managers who did little coaching.

Bill Struth makes it in at 45 (with willie Maley rated as 54.

I don’t know if it’s a piss-take but Struth was rated quite near no.42 in the list- one Albert Batteux.

The great Cardigan is rated at no. 75, just one place behind a German Womens Coach, Tina Theune (who, I think, sang a song that Wattie heard often at Ibrox).

Awe Naw

Ah the great ’79 West Lothian population burst … call it a spurt is now fully explained. 🙂


I think we had a great transfer window this summer. We recruited well and let nobody go. Clearly while that scenario played out over the longest protracted covid window of all time a few in the squad thought they´d be offski. Neil´s comments (that he got hammered for) , Eduardo´s disparate form for club and country. Ajer´s sulking. Ajeti`s dithering, Laxalt´s very late arrival. Griffiths Barbecue marathon etc. can all be attributed to being part of our extremely lacklustre showing so far this season.

We all know how we go about our business it´s engraved in a diamond somewhere. It didn´t happen this time. It´s not the clubs fault that it had to go about it´s business differently due to covid. I don’t believe that our transfer activity was planned due to it but was a direct result of covid. So very unusually we kept our better players and got players the manager CLEARLY wanted. Fraser Forster being the very, very very noteworthy exception.

Jullien getting long term injured coupled with Duffy´s poor form so far and a new inferior keeper, Covid infections, Covid isolation’s, Covid miscalculations, Late covid arrivals and a beyond blinkered adherence to playing one up front helps to explain why we have been so lacklustre so far this season.

The extra sacrifices that the covid bubble participants have to adhere to cannot be easy. It takes a personal toll. The lack of atmosphere at games does not help either as we all know. It must be five times worse for an international player having to do this and also with the extra effort involved to satisfy everyone; The Club, The National team, Club manager, National Manager, The Covid officer across many countries. Team mates,The support, family member’s who you can no longer directly socialise with and a much changed work environment competition. Neil wants competition for places but players want their places assured. Eduardo dropped WTF ? Griffiths 10 minute cameos, Duffy 5 different CB partnerships with 2 different goalies. Broonie dropped WTF ? Varkas dropped, NOBODY INDULGED

I compliment the club in how professional they have been with regards the covid pandemic. We spent a good whack for us this summer and choose not to sell. Not due to 10IAR but price. Many would welcome job stability in this current climate and I think the players do also , apart from those with $$ signs in the eyes but we are DEMANDING an awful lot without taking into account the influence the pandemic is having on the team and the club. We have not lost that much revenue in fact apart from match day catering and the extra sales that match day brings for the retail outlet and the lost revenue from last season. It´s a very small percentage

Although I take all of the above factors into account and many more and appreciate everybody´s extra efforts during the pandemic I still cant help to think that there is still something collectively amiss. I speculate that it is covid-19 related. Everyone at the club took a 20% deferral of pay for 3 months. I wonder if by having the SPFL title awarded to us instead of winning it, if win bonuses KPI’s have been affected. Certainly less match winning bonuses last season with only one third of games played and no latter stages of the Scottish cup. I think this might help to explain why our squad seems so lacklustre this season so far.



Celtic have announced the date of the AGM by video on 14 December.

The announcement also contains a call to vote on Res11 which refers to Res 12 2013.

There is a lack of clarity in Celtic’s response and I’ll try and cover the issue in a blog I’ll send to BMCUW.

There are a number of issues.
1 trust a BIGGY
2 what is in the Company’s best interests – a doozy.
3. Lack of time table
4. Lack of who Celic will report to
5. Media spin to misinform that I hope a blog will help counter.

You can read what shareholders presented and Celtic’s response from Phil MacGiolla Bain’s blog at from the link that takes you to the AGM announcement and scroll down to pages 8 and 9.

Think of it as homework. 🙂



Having read pages 8 and 9,the new resolution and the very genuine concerns it raises,I am astonished that the board consider it of no merit and recommend a vote against it.

Well,I SHOULD be astonished. Of course,I’m not. The cover up continues.


Morning folks.

Ger57, perhaps its more a settled system rather than first eleven I’m looking for. Ajeti or Klimala as the leading striker as Eddy doesn’t suit that role. Turnbull or Ryan to start learning the Rogic role, so we don’t have to change completely when he is out. Things like that.

Twists, couple years ago we could have paid cash for a brand new car. Totally see what you mean. It will be a part at a time, leave new guy a shell.
Great to see you on.

TheTic, if Lenny isn’t learning on the job that’s a huge problem. We should be learning from Europe. I would like to see minutes for Soro and Turnbull, maybe Klimala also.

Ayrshire Bhoy, thanks and I agree but he will go nowhere until after the derby game at least.

SFTB, you’ve caught me bang to rights. A poor choice of words. I think he is lucky with the timing of the final tbh, not the being.

Garry, cheers pal. It’s not a big month on paper, but this is the month to get ready for the winter battle, get belief into the camp, and if finetune the formation that we intend to go with for the rest of the campaign. It’s a big month in that respect. Start playing well and scoring, then hopefully Silverware, and we should go into the derby game with a bit of heart. Might not be enough but its a start.

Hail Hail



Speaking of the derby game,I saw this in an otherwise hagiographic piece about that lot in the Mail.

“Tavernier effectively admitted that Rangers struggle to handle the heat when opposition teams get in their face and put them under pressure. Ironically, they duly went out and lost 1-0 at home to lowly Hamilton.”

Now,we all know the help that they are getting from their brothers in black,but hardly anyone has come out up and at ’em when playing them this season. And losing such an early goal screwed our game plan. But…

There’s the game plan. Hit them,press them,right from the off.


Seems the entire Central Belt is now in Tier 4,equivalent to the lockdown here,till Dec 11. With one glaring exception-North Ayrshire.

Not only my home patch,but also Sturgeon’s. So the question is-was it one of her relations who scared the life out of her,or one of mine?

Clue-even I don’t argue wi my relations!




bada bing1

Should bite the bullet and send students home now,Level 4 toll 11th December might help, then send students back a short time after that,then another spike.


Just made that very point to Auldheid by email. Nothing has changed since Res 12 of 2013 in the Board’s response. Weasel words as a sop to the plebs. Still recommend voting against – why?
IMO they have calculated that they can ride out the storm at the AGM, and then let it quietly wither on the vine. Shocking, but not at all surprised.



Cars provide great fodder for allegories. Here is another from the early sixties. If you see any hidden meaning in it, let me know.

Myself and three friends clubbed together to raise 25 pounds to buy an old banger that sat in a neighbour’s driveway. I cannot remember the make but it was four doors and weighed a ton. I know this because we had to push it everywhere we went….which was never out of our street. It never started no matter how hard we cranked the starting handle. The nearest it came to starting was when it coughed to life for a few seconds, caused the handle to spin and burst someone’s arm! We stripped this thing down, lubbed everything, recharged the battery every couple of days. Changed the oil and drained and cleaned out the gas tank. Changed tge points….remember them? Reset the spark plugs. Waxed it, Polished it, including the engine. It gleamed! It was the nicest car that never started! We would push it to the top of the hill in our crescent. Two would get in and the other two would push it until it freewheeled down the hill. Just as well it never went because we were all too young to get a driver’s licence and insurance. Finally, one neighbour, who was a mechanic took pity on us and offered to take a look at the car. His verdict was that it would never go without the kind of overhaul that would cost more than the car was worth. He towed it for free to a scrap yard where we got two pounds for it!

We put a lot of effort and hope into that car but no matter what we did, it was never going to realise our dreams. The mistake was investing in it in the first place. Ah, the gift that the young have to dream big! Then there is a certain football team.




The original Res 12 and the current Res 11 have similar problems. There simply aren’t enough Celtic fans who are aware of them-or sufficiently invested to care-and the board want it all to go away. And of course,the board will carry the day due to the big hitters voting their shares accordingly.

Now,you,me,most people aware of them,realise their importance,and also the significance of the board wanting it all to go away. We also strongly suspect the reasons why this might be so. But I doubt we will ever have those suspicions-(certainties?)-confirmed.

Just like the huns in the southside,our own are going to get away with it. As always,it’s the cover-up that gets them-but only if someone breaks ranks. TBH,I cannot see that happening now.

Doesn’t mean we stop trying though…



Allegory? Well,two Hollywood stars have just bought Wrexham FC.


Although the new Res 12 of 2013 (now Res 11 of 2020) will almost certainly be voted down, I am certain that it will not be the end of the matter regardless.



Damn right.

We shall fight them on the beaches-if we ever get back to Pittodrie!


Or Arbroath, bit nearer for me and Jungle Jim…



That one’s a bit bloody cauld,mate. Been there,brrrr…

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, dont where jim is he has not been on lately will e-mail him shortly, not going to comment on neil you all know where i stand, great hunskelper but now time to move on, wish him all the best, this is definitely a true story unfortunately👍 went to the local fish and chip shop at lunchtime, normal thing put your mask on wait to be called in order, i ordered fish and chips if you say a fish supper they get confused, must be a glesca thing😎 anyway they fry the fish fresh, so you have to wait she takes your money while you wait, as i was waiting a large truck full of livestock young pigs as it happens went past, hey she shouts look at them little pigs about to be killed and started laughing, i was sick to my stomach, laughing at young animals about to be killed I left the shop, and nearly said have that on me and i hope you choke, but I THOUGHT maybe in a few years if your gone i might come into this chippy again, then again maybe not,.I swear that is another true story,👍



Bacon butties off the menu then?

big packy

BOBBY, yes unfortunately.

Awe Naw

Auldheid Homework 17th Nov 2020

If the interests of the company conflict with the already established principles of fairness and sporting integrity defined within the articles of the relevant footballing bodies, do the board consider it necessary to excuse past transgressions by the footballing and especially the appellate bodies to protect the interests of the company always ?

How are such transgressions that are deemed no longer worth pursuing measured against damage to the company and by whom ?

What exactly is taken into account when arriving at these decisions and can the board provide past examples of where they effectively continued to protect the interests of the company ?

Can the board also intimate what actions would be undertaken if they were found to be more than disappointed and surprised at the appellate bodies decisions and behaviour as in this instance and felt the need to take further action to protect the company ?

The need to protect the company has already been used many times in the past by the board and sets a very dangerous precedent which has now been established, that all written and established footballing statutes can be surpassed at the commercial whim of the board by it´s major shareholders and by the disinterested, some might rightly say dishonest, footballing authorities. Who are failing to following up on their own statutes. So their honesty has yet to be established and yet the board requests that this resolution be voted down. Does the board therefore accept that they are vulnerable to accusations of collusion in this possible dishonesty due to accepting that commercial and reputation interests towards the company are more important that the principles of already established fairness and sporting integrity and governance statutes as articulated in this instance ?

In this instance which has ran 8 years now, how much do we stand to lose commercially or by way of reputation and can the board elaborate on this further ? If not why not ?

How can the board justify its regard towards seeking further that the football authorities seek fairness and
safeguarding the need for governance and compliance when it is also asking for this resolution to be voted down ? How do they consider this to be “constructive” ?

When “protecting” the company in this manner, what mechanisms are used to ensure that the historical reputation of The Club , it´s following and the integrity of Scottish football and those associated with it does not suffer instead of the company or is this never ever considered ?


Hi Auldheid

Hope your well.

Re AGM Homework .. Any reason why the PLC would state on numerous occasions the the term “Certain Members” as opposed to saying Shareholders or Supporters re the Resolution.

I might be missing something, but it struck me as an unusual term of reference for the PLC to use.

It would be very interesting for the PLC to define a member, and what voting rights if any does a member actually have.

Awe Naw

An AGM is a meeting of the general membership of an organisation.

Single shareholders, Investment companies, Creditors, Directors, Employees etc.

all stakeholders

Packy, not sure if you would even be able to buy a fish supper here in N. Lanarkshire from Friday when the level 4 lockdown kicks in. Maybe deliveries only. Which is a shame, chips don’t travel well. 🙁

bada bing1

Spain v Germany on Sky,played at Seville stadium from 2003….

big packy

just e-mailed you bugger lugs😎 thats a term of endearment if you did not know😎 was worrying about you, no not me joan 😎

Packy, Ms. Sturgeon has also announced the internet is being locked down on Friday in Central Scotland!

big packy

JIM, tell nicola to get stuffed, im going to post to you and e-mail you, dont care what she says👍



The only interests served by voting down this resolution are of those who have something to hide. An utterly disgraceful state of affairs.

Every one of your points is pertinent and relevant to the continuing debate,but the debate is not sanctioned by those who have the sway to stifle it. The more they continue this course of action,the more scunnert I-and hopefully many others-become. Sadly,as I mentioned earlier,there are not enough of us to make the necessary difference,and the lack of publicity doesn’t help either.

AULDHEID mentioned just a few names of high-profile reporters for whom this should be a gift from God. Not a peep,not even from down south. Omerta? The Mafia were just playing at it.


This from Phil makes it all important that Celtics response which I cover next is not empty rhetoric.



The condition of hun finances-like,how are they still keeping the lights on?-has long been a puzzle. If true,I doubt this is their only problem,Ashley notwithstanding.

Awe Naw


I would have preferred Phil to have sat on this story for another month.

Since Peat and Smith left the SFA there hasn´t been a single appointment within the SFA or SPFL that our plc hasn´t approved of.

Now while you are correct in your assertion that voting down this resolution are for those who have something to hide. You have to give them credit that they are not hiding why. The definitive answer to all of my questions is;

To make money.

Thankfully none of it mine. Apart from my shares. That is more than 8 years now and I have hardly missed a game.

The only way to get change at Celtic is to use any disposable income you may have on buying shares and not items.

Awe Naw

Spain 5 Germany 0 72mins



Having read pages 8 and 9,the new resolution and the very genuine concerns it raises,I am astonished that the board consider it of no merit and recommend a vote against it.

Well,I SHOULD be astonished. Of course,I’m not. The cover up continues.

The use of the term that Res11 was unecessary was used in 2013 Res12 as well.

The Company Lawyer explained it as meaning that because Celtic had questioned the SFA in December 2011 and were satisfied with the response there was no need to go to UEFA so Res12 was unecessary.
That was challenged before the 2013 AGM with evidence suggesting there was an overdue payable contrary to SFA response of Dec 2011 which led to adjournment.

This time if you read the the Original Res which is on an earlier page, what the shareholders put to Celtic was not rejected by Celtic.

Quite the opposite they are saying they will pursue with SFA and UEFA. The latter means original Res12 not needed as that is what it asked.

Agreeing to go to UEFA was result of UEFA already having a case of deceit and possible fraud to investigate as result of SFA pulling out. That case was made by shareholders in May and July 2020 and passed to the relevant person in UEFA. There has been no response refuting the case to date.

The issue now is not that an investigation has come to an end which is preying on preconceived notions but will Celtic do as they have said?

Obviously there is huge mistrust that will happen based on past experience not helped by:

1. Lack of timetable.
2. Who exactly will progress if any be reported to? “Certain Member”?
3. What is in the company interests that I saw Awe Naw has commented on but have still to read
4. An end date.

So whilst welcoming Celtic are saying they will pursue the above points need addressed to give any promise to follow up credibility.

This is where an an explanation of Res12 being unecessary comes in. It means as Board are doing what is asked then it is unecessary, not it has been dropped.

As I said the term has been used before the difference is unlike 2013 the evidence that there is a case to answer is sound.

If it wasnt Res11 would have been rejected on those grounds.

We now have questions on the 4 issues above to put, particularly mistrust, the over riding one, using the e mail address Celtic have provided in the notice.

This was going to be my contribution to a blog tomorrow but you can repeat it and let folk comment or repeat comments.

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Tippy tappy pissing all over the German power game