Deals Galore

Over my dead body will this site be dominated by talk of the team in blue who happen to play out of Ibrox.
However, and I beg your understanding when it does happen, sometimes needs simply must.


Accounts published at tea time on a Friday generally do not deliver good news. Wednesday is day for that, dominate the rest of the week.
A Friday night release screams ‘nothing to see here, ahem’.


You will know by now they lost the guts of 15 million in one trading year, and that’s with shares being issued in lieu of debt.
Fifteen in one year for a team in Scottish football is an eye watering figure,, its the amount of total debt I might expect a club to carry, certainly not the figure of one years trading but here we are.


Almost daily Auldheid shows the patience of a saint in pursuing then updating the interested support of how ‘his baby’ is doing, yet here we are staring a new event in the face. Imagine more than one Res12 being needed ffs!


Imagine no longer, those figures scream ‘We need the league’ or more importantly the automatic Champions league spot and its accompanying riches. Something they are on target for.


That fact is out there now, and they do have enablers, just think back to 2012s honest mistakes for instance, or the different Covid standards shown recently.


And then we have Phils report they have struck a deal with the tax man.


Its happening again, right in front of us.
Our rule abiding, social taxes paying club is being pipped to the post by a debt laden entity. Again.


That’s the guts of a hundred mill the have lost to get here, Lord knows where they get it and I ain’t speculating in public.


So when Res12 originally didn’t capture the supports attention enough to make a big difference, pulling the same play again might just help open some eyes.


From afar it looks as if the support accepted a Sevco in the main because of the banter and the desire for a strong rivalry.
But asking them to accept the same again, now that would be quite an assumption.


Make no mistake that’s where we are headed, the same again. As mentioned there are deals being done to keep the wolf from the door.


‘Deals being done’.
That phrase should never ever have entered footballs vocabulary. A signed promise to adhere to the published rules of whatever given sport should be enough, when ‘deals’ start getting done you are in trouble.


What if every team who learnt of HMRC being keen to deal, stopped paying right now then asked to sit done and work something out?
They would be told where to go, prosecuted, and castigated by the fourth estate for their noncompliance.


Only one team can get away with this. Let’s not forget the then First Minister himself Alex stepped in to try and broker a truce between Hector and Stevies mob, and that tradition has just been repeated by wee Jimmie Krankie turning a blind eye not only to Covid parties ala second yellow card, but now one of her nations most well known companies playing fast and loose with Hector, again.


I don’t believe its true to state only one team could stop this, as Cowiebhoy started why aren’t Aberdeen and Hibs up in arms?
But I do believe its true if we got involved this would be easier to stop.


When I look down south I dont see deals being done. None of the big five leagues go down that route. ‘You want to play here are the rules’ seems to be the mantra elsewhere.


It’s ‘deals being done’ this time, Res12 last time, honest mistakes before that etc that stop me from bringing anyone into the fold. Great business eh.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that gets Scottish football scraps compared to elsewhere. If it can’t be a serious league it can’t demand serious money.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that will make folk decide the next generation are better off without this, and not introduce them.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that once upon a time we expected our own Club to get furious about and attempt to destroy the deal.making body from within. That was a dream.


It’s ‘deals being done’ that drives what few supporters the worst backwater league in Europe has away.


And when none of this is challenged by the leagues biggest club with its majority shareholder a very rich and powerful man, a man who is all about the money, then one simply must ask,,
Has a deal been done? Would it surprise you?


It’s transfers deals we should hear of, not social taxes deals.
This needs to end.


Enjoy the game.

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When the League tried to put the reincarnation into the Premier league it was the fans who arose as one to let the authorities know it was not on
Let’s hope fans groups get as organized again and speak out, because it looks like it is going to happen again

bada bing1

£23.2m required in next 18 months is in the statement ( by end of 2021/22 season)

Can you imagine a scenario in England, if say Liverpool had the begging bowl out,and trying to win the same title as Manchester City? Absolute farce….

Big Audio Dynamite

Anyone who keeps paying for this charade to continue, needs their head checked! Our board only care about their survival, and that means they will need to win at our expense to survive …Dermot and Peter are absolutely fine with this, they already have your money.

What’s that? 10 in a row?? They don’t give a f@£% about our stupid little records, only that you keep handing over your hard earned.

Try and imagine sitting at a high stakes poker table, only to quickly realise one of your opponents is cheating and getting away with it, would you continue to sit and play?

Nearly £25m needed just for light bulbs …f@£& me!

Big Audio Dynamite

Roll up and pay for the privilege of being shafted! If you told a stranger to Scottish football this tale, they f@cking wouldn’t believe you!



The figures are a lot worse than that,depending on how you look at them. Let’s assume that their alleged outstanding tax bill existed eighteen months ago when they applied for a Euro licence. If there is an outstanding bill now btw,there was almost certainly one then. Denying them European income would see their turnover drop to c£30m.

Now,let’s do a comparison between projected losses v income. As you point out,it is around £23m over two seasons. Now that is either 50% of annual income WITH European income or 80% without it.

And the comparison?

That is like Man Utd telling the world that they intend to run at a loss of either £350m or £540m over the next two seasons,just so they can steal trophies and European spots from their rivals.

There would be an outcry domestically and worldwide,with EUFA and the FA/EPL expelling them from competition! And rightly so.

Yet Scottish football sits back and lets them get on with it? When does too much become enough?


Repost from last night…


The post from AULDHEID about organising an AGM question about Business Interruption Insurance via the site certainly raises possibilities. Personally,I’m willing to draft one and hopefully run it through more intelligent channels to get it just right for the occasion if there are enough people on here to mail me their info. I suspect there will be,especially as I have addys of various hootenanniers over the last few years.

Problem is,as I said earlier in the week,the questions chosen are unlikely to be a random sample. Once again pissing in the wind-but then,urinary retention can kill you. It can certainly destroy your self worth in a situation like this.

I’m more than happy to try to get this together,and I’ll certainly be more than willing to accept any and all advice offered on the subject.

Especially as the hun accounts went large on their own claim on Business Interruption Insurance yesterday,and stated so in their own annual statement.

we either have Business Interruption Insurance,or we don’t. Either way,we need to know why,unlike the huns,we haven’t put in a claim on it.

November 21, 2020 1:51 am



I’m effin furious about this. I have no great problem with hunned up idiots throwing their fruits of a lifetime’s hard work down a victorian lavvy,but I’m fucked if I can see why we should all be helping them foot the bill. Then to see them pointedly refer to a Business Interruption Insurance claim in those accounts when Celtic-allegedly the best run club in the country with the sharpest and most astute CEO in the fucking universe-made no such declaration in theirs is really ripping my knitting.

I’ll find a reply I made to AULDHEID on the subject earlier in the week,but if we don’t have recourse to a valid BB claim-for whatever reason-it is a firing offence.

Another one!


I’m sure I put slightly more detail into a reply to AULDHEID,but I can’t quite find it at the mo. No matter,I wrote an article on the subject on Monday.


BB claim? Wozzat?

BII claim,oooops!


Which is a huge reason my appetite for Celtic has diminished to almost non existent.
The board and their blog lackeys try harder than ever to tug on the fans heartstrings but the unpalatable truth is the club of Walfrid,Stein and McGrory no longer exists.
A corrupt Scottish landscape has always existed but to find out that our board are a willing partner is gut wrenching.
That UEFA is also complicit is no shock considering how many sleeikit’s provided by Scottish football have sat on their various board’s and committees over decades.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Calton Tongues: A screamer in wummins’ fitba…. In Big Packy style…. I was once cautioned! by a referee for ‘coaching from the side ‘ whilst watching ATOB play in the SE England league around 1990 as I shouted to her ‘ hit them as high as you can from anywhere THE GOALIE’S TOO WEE ‘. I told him not to be so fn stupid I’m a spectator on the opposite side of park. Don’t know who was most embarrassed him or ATOB. A true story c.BP




bada bing1

New Club website,

Gordon64 Bloody Sunday: 15 minutes that shook an empire


Eleven Scotland U21 players and two staff self isolating after game in Greece.

Aberdeen were heavily represented in this fixture and, next up for Aberdeen?


As I said before , 1919 World Series ; reason most Celtic fans refuse to see what’s happening right under their noses is – accepting the fix is in would make following and getting emotionally caught up in each game – well , redundant . Who would give an eff about what happens at Easter Rd or Ibrox today if the overall plan/fix is for sevco to win the league ? I mean what would be the point ?
I’m afraid it’s a bit like the line from a Jack Nicholson film ‘ you want the truth ? ; you couldn’t handle the truth ‘ .

The Gombeen Man

Good article M. You’ve put a huge amount of work into this week,.It’s been great reading.
Thanks & fair play.

Reading through the blogs there’s a bit of speculation to the effect that Parks of Hamilton provide their services to Celtic free of charge. Doubtful. Weren’t we told at an AGM, in response to a question about changing suppliers, that we were “better than that?” The Plc had looked into buying our own bus but there’d be no saving as we would need to buy two, in case one broke down?


Douglas Ireland Park (Is he stay a Tax Exile with an address in Switzerland?)

Sevco are trailblazers in the art of coach hire…

The Herald.

28th July 2015

Rangers director takes club coach contract after bus firm sacked.
THE firm providing the team bus from Rangers has been sacked, with the contract going instead to the company owned by a leading club director.

Bruce’s Coaches have had their contract terminated a year early The Herald understands, with Parks of Hamilton reinstated as the Rangers official transport provider after a gap of around three years.

The firm is owned by Douglas Park, a director and one of the trio dubbed ‘The Three Bears’ which bought a slice of the club last year and was part of the successful takeover along with chairman Dave King.

Mr Park had also been involved in several attempts to take control of Rangers previously.

His coach firm had a long-standing relationship with Ibrox but this was terminated under the previous regime led by Charles Green.

The Herald last night contacted North Lanarkshire-based Bruce’s Coaches but owner John Bruce was unavailable.

A spokesman for Rangers said simply that that Parks of Hamilton contracted had been “reinstated”.

The Herald understands several within the Ibrox hierarchy believe the move “rights a wrong” in the tumultuous three years since the liquidation in 2012.

No details have yet emerged for the official reasons given for bringing the Bruce’s deal to an early end, although it is understood the original contract had been extended last year.

In July 2013 a fire-raising attack on the Bruce’s coach depot near Shotts destroyed the Rangers’ team bus, along with a second one used by the club.

Rangers had only taken delivery of the Netherlands-built vehicle the previous month, with the old regime charging fans £1 for a look inside it.

Former manager Ally McCoist at the time said the fire “sounded like a premeditated attack on Rangers’ bus”.

Mr Park, who the Sunday Times Rich List said had a personal fortune of £78million a few years back, founded Park’s in 1971 as a small, three-coach operation before expanding into the motor trade six years later.

He was part of an unsuccessful, last-minute bid, along with legendary manager Walter Smith and entrepreneur Jim McColl, to buy ‘oldco’ Rangers a month before its liquidation in the summer of 2012.

Following his acquisition of several million shares, along with fellow ‘Three Bears’ George Letham and George Taylor he provided Rangers with a loan of £1.5million in March of this year.

And some thoughts from Paul McConville,


big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY@ 1032, dont believe a word of that😍😍😍


Why is no one questioning what is owed to Hector. Even worse why is Hector allowing it. It cannot possibly be corporation tax, this a tax on profits.

Sevco must therefore owe VAT and/or PAYE. I assume it will be both.

VAT is money which businesses collect on behalf of HMRC. VAT is added to amounts charged by the business and is not business income.

PAYE, in the main, is tax and employee’s National Insurance Contributions which the employer deducts from staff wages. There are also some employer’s NIC charges which are tax costs payable by the business/employer.

In essence Sevco would appear to be keeping back money collected from customers and employees. This money belongs to the government from the start and is meant to be handed it over to HMRC on a monthly or quarterly basis.

It’s Hunbelievable that they get away with this without any scrutiny. This could only happen in one country and only for one club, oops, sorry two clubs.



Indeed,and there is also a legally-sanctioned VAT holiday,where The Treasury has permitted firms to hold on to VAT instead of remitting it.

So it is highly likely that they will owe VAT on all income since around March,which will again be in the high seven figures.

Craig 76

Sheep player tests positive for covid after returning from u21 duty


Craig 76,

So has David Turnbull who, apparently trained at Lennoxtown yesterday.

F’N Shambles….


Barkas ,Taylor,Duffy,Griffiths,Klimala,Ntcham,Eddy,Elhamed,Henderson

Craig 76

That will explain why he not in the squad 🤬🤬



I’m still trying to figure out how they made a profit on players. I think they brought in another £11m worth and I can’t remember them selling anyone.


Ajer might have got away with one there 🤚


No decent stream anywhere, HESGOAL seems to be about 5 minutes behind and constantly lagging.


McCaff, working well for me. Hesgoal and Cricfree were both unwatchable.


Great effort by RC


Moi should have scored from the corner


Finished first half strongly 0-0 @ HT


Cheers Partizan but nae joy with that either…its at times like this I wished I’d ponied p the 15 quid!!

A thing of beauty

Utter garbage. Another half of football wasted. How can we win a game when 3 out the front four have done nothing. Thoroughly fed up watching the same movie.

Craig 76

Voguepunter with an impressive 8/1 winner 🐎🐎🐎


VP Tremendous stuff mate 👏👏👏👏👏


Poor first half again. Totally dominate, create next to nothing and the opposition look more dangerous on the break.

Got a great HD link here after closing all windows and clearing history:



Still to much hesitate and pass sideways in our play.
Does McGregor ever look forward before passing.
With a central midfield that does not protect or create we can have all the possession yet are easy to defend.
Any opponent who holds shape and position will cause us difficulty.


Ajeti barely had a touch in first half


We’re the better team, but we are definitely lacking in attack, and always look like we could give a goal away at the back.
Ajeti doesn’t offer a focal point as the only striker, so it feels like we will only score with something special from Elyounoussi or Christie (or Rogic if he gets into the game).


The guys at the front get slow or very poor service.
We take so long due to our sideways/backwards turgid build ups that there is zero space in final third.
We constantly give opponents time to set defensively due to our lack of forward motion.
Both Brown and McGregor first thoughts when receiving a pass is to hesitate ,take a few touches then pass sideways and backwards.
We have a stalled engine.


Pen to Hibs


Murphy scores of rebound by Bain


Shocking decision by Madhun who reacted to Hibs players claims for pen


Dreadfully amateurish by us.
Soft penalty but utterly stupid by Brown to give Hibs player chance to fall down when ball was running out of play.
Bain makes a good save but unfortunately our players were to busy watching to defend the rebound.


Who the fuck to blame for that?

Bitton with stupid foul when Ajer is away with ball or Brown?

Fuck it, Brown gave away a stonewaller.


Edouard on for Ajeti

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