Hibs 2 – 2 Celtic



I don’t know how many of you ponied up your £15 to watch the match on Saturday,but I think I’d be sending Celtic the bill for it and asking them to cover the outlay-and telling them to think themselves lucky that you aren’t charging them for your time too-or for the anti-depressants that you hammered down your neck afterwards.


Yes,it really was that bad. Not just the performance,but also what the result probably means in the greater scheme of things. There is no doubt in my mind that Saturday was the day that we handed the trophy,our trophy,to Sevco. Gift wrapped,pretty ribbons and just in time for Christmas. Maybe they’ll refuse it,of course. Hand it back after a familiar post-New Year hangover. And maybe Santa does exist after all.


This site-not just me and MAHE,but its members too-has long been critical of many aspects of the running of our club,and much of it can be traced to the input of one man. For this season,we both-independently-decided that the big picture,our quest for The Ten,was more important than repeating our points that the club needed overhauled from top to bottom-with a start being made with the installation of a Director of Football,upgrading of our scouting network,the separation of footballing and Plc interests,etc-and focused entirely on events on the pitch.


Picked a bliddy good year for that,didn’t we?


Saturday saw us up against,and let’s be honest here,a poor Hibs team who knew that we were there for the taking. And why wouldn’t they? We have a defence which can’t defend,a midfield which can neither tackle nor provide the ammo,and a forward line with as much oomph as a mosquito preserved in amber. If you were playing against a side like that in a pub league,you could take your pie and a pint onto the pitch with you.


Neil Lennon,post match,blamed it on a lack of hunger from the players. On not doing their job. Erm,pot and kettle,Neil. After all,I don’t think it is only the players who aren’t doing their job this season,mate. Don’t you have mirrors in your house? We had players who lost the ball in midfield-who shrugged their shoulders and stood there waiting to get it back so they could do the same again. Others who did chase back but who allowed the opposition to waltz past them to get a shot in at goal. Another,our captain ffs,whose idea of preventing a Hibs player putting the ball into a dangerous area is to give away a needless penalty. A right back who can’t or won’t tackle and two central defenders who simply aren’t.


And a lone striker who is wholly unsuited to that role.


Oh,and a manager who has taken no responsibility whatsoever for the dip in our performances this season.


Yesterday he also waxed lyrical about how Christie sees himself elsewhere next season. Is that a fact? Well,bad news son. You’re going nowhere based on your performances this season. Your obvious need to prove you can do it all has shown up one simple glaring problem-you can’t! And as a result,you’ve even forgotten how to do the stuff you previously could. My advice? Phone up Brendan Rodgers and ask him how he took you from Not Even Nearly Man to Star Man,because I don’t think there’s much point in asking anyone closer to home.


And before you hang up,hand the phone over to CalMac and Eddie anaw. Then give it to Griff to phone Ronny Deila for a fitness programme that works.


As for Elyounoussi,apart from the occasional stunning game such as Lille,I have absolutely no idea why he gets picked for every game when his presence upsets what little balance there is in the side. As soon as he gets the ball,the rest of the side might as well retrench into their-generally useless-defensive formation,ready to win the ball back when he is either dispossessed or blasts it over the bar. Either way,give him the ball and I guarantee that it will be an opposition player who is next in possession. If playing every week is part of the deal that got him here on loan,send him back and see if Southampton fancy playing him every week. Or at all. It was them who coughed up £16m for him,not us. If that fee is to be justified by giving him game time and the chance to shine,let them do it.


It could be argued that getting a draw from two goals down at least salvaged some pride on Saturday. I can fully understand that view,but I also think that we surrendered the title too. So here’s a thought. Or ten. We said going into the recent break that it was the perfect opportunity to press the reset with a change of manager,as it clearly wasn’t working anymore with NL in charge. And when it became clear that wasn’t going to happen,we suggested that the board were all-in on the current set-up and change would only occur when it was too late,if at all. Now? I reckon that we are only playing for pride for the rest of the season while hoping for an implosion down southside. So with nothing to lose,it’s time to rethink the structure of the team.


There are too many players in that side who are virtually guaranteed their place every week. Based on performances this season,I’d say the only one who deserves that status is Diego Laxalt. With only around 200 games on the clock even as he approaches his 28th birthday,I’d be begging him to sign permanently and asking Milan to make it happen. He isn’t going to make it there,not now. And I’d make him captain because at least he leads by example.


Our current captain? Well,I think we started our run of titles just a year too late for him. He really cannot justify his position in the team based on his performances this season. We need a ball winner in there,and since we bought Ismaila Soro to do that,let’s give him the chance to provide the bite that we need. Maybe with Ajer alongside him,because he isn’t improving as a central defender.


The two up front need to be a re-energised Eddie and/or Griff. And there’s gonna be a lot of midfielders doing not a lot on a Saturday. Not much different from what they’ve been doing all season,except that most of them won’t be embarrassing the hoops while they’re at it.


And upstairs in the boardroom? They need to be planning that restructure,even if it means turkeys voting for Christmas. Because contrary to popular belief,failure ISN’T an orphan. Our failure this season has been long in gestation,and it doesn’t require a DNA test for its paternity. It lies in the comfort zone of self-congratulatory aggrandisement and reward for corporate dereliction of duty. They have failed at a Plc level,failed on so many issues of governance,failed now at the final hurdle too in the most important aspect of their role,that of providing the best for the playing side to succeed. The upcoming AGM should be their last. They are lucky indeed that it will be held behind closed doors.


However,it is two weeks till our next league match. Two dead games in The Europa League and a League Cup tie against Ross County take place before then. The league equivalent of the previous international break,and perhaps a chance to do what we should have done then. Get in a caretaker manager who knows how to coach his players,and get the eyes down looking for a full time appointment in the summer-or earlier,if he is so inclined. Tell him to use the time to get some scouting done and a back up team to help him. And this time,don’t try to do it on the cheap. Don’t throw the toys out of the pram when the manager wants control. Get someone in who knows what he is doing,can transfer that to the players-and back him 100%,and !00% of the time.


And don’t EVER make the same mistakes again.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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November 23, 2020 6:48 am

If the people that have the say at Parkhead are not monitoring the blogs then they are also in a dereliction of duty, just this last two years alone the bloggers have been calling for a left sided CH. They called time on Bolli after a few games, they knew Taylor was not up to Celtic standards,they been calling for changes to recruiting , knew Lenny was a good temporary replacement until the end of the season, know one man upfront against lesser position is a no go, etc etc.
The big call the blogs are making right now is season book sales will plunge next year if it’s business as usual till the end of the season. In BMCUWPs article he said we had the international break plus the Euro and League cup time to bed in a new management team, half that time is gone hope we don’t blow the other half.
There are a lot of intelligent people in the Celtic support, they want the best for Celtic ,start paying attention to them . The Seattle Football Team call their support the 12th man because of the noise and support they give the Seahawks , the Celtic support are more than their equal , the Celtic supporters have always there financially, vocally, and morally , but they are better informed about what is going on because of social media ,start listening to them.

Cosy Corner Bhoy
November 23, 2020 8:14 am

Can’t understand how players that want away play like pub level ( no,a bit better, amateur) triers when the worst scouts in the world wouldn’t think they could worth signing! I mean it’s the antithesis of what you want to achieve.
As oft mentioned here the Duracell Bunny appeared to have no concept of the speed of foot required to deliver a ball a specific distance, or for that matter how tall our players are, when taking ALL dead ball awards. Some might say that he gets little practice as Hun referees seldom award these but he should be practicing at Lennoxtown! Frimpong is our smallest player…show him how to kick a dead ball and make him practice till he’s sick of it, Though why a professional player needs to be taught that is a Sublime Mystery. Under 14s in the park across from me do it no problem!
Unfortunately for us, the one who should be punted has no desire to leave.At least not without a pay-off.
Come on Shitebag big Peter…. get that job done now and then write your own eulogy as you are as dead as our ten hopes.

Cosy Corner Bhoy
November 23, 2020 8:17 am

Forgot to mention…..it’s Monday – golf day, or as it’s better known in Largs GC take the piss out of old CCB!
That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into, Peter.

Big Audio Dynamite
November 23, 2020 9:21 am

Let’s be honest, losing the ten is what DD & PL will be remembered for! Anyone really think they will GAF? And as MIT said yeasterday …hanging around here just to keep saying the same thing over and over ….isn’t very appealing.

For the first time in over 40 years, I’ll be finding something else to do with my time & money.

November 23, 2020 9:34 am

Money will be the PLC’s deciding factor.
I believe they are arrogant enough to think they can ride out this season’s debacle and use their blogs to apportion blame anywhere but themselves.
A BR wow moment at end of season most likely.
Neil’s appointment combined with the pandemic has been disastrous financially as not only has the sell on value of our squad dwindled but our promising youth system has been destroyed.
Players can shoulder some blame but a tactically inept group of coaches will quickly lose respect.
Our lack of system and no discernible shape won’t give players desire or belief and coupled with certain favorites being undroppable then our malaise is no surprise.
Poor fitness and bad habits can set in quickly with little accountability.
For a CEO/Emperor and Head of recruitment to employ Neil when all of the above signs were there beggars belief?

The Gombeen Man
November 23, 2020 10:00 am

Thanks M for the article, it looks like the planned slow train crash has careered off the OF rails.


Fair play for finding something else to do.
Karma has already started to do her thing. Unfortunately it’s came in the shape of the financial meltdown caused by the pandemic.


Good to see you on. I remember your comments in the Cup Final and our lackluster display. The all too hasty appointment after the game was galling.
Would Neil have got the job if we’d used the outside recruitment process that led to the previous appointment? I doubt it.


A really good post yesterday. The point about conspiracy theories is very well made. The problem is that the normal rules about conspiracy theories don’t apply so much with the OF and anything that involves the six counties.
Thankfully Auldheid and Co have collated evidence that won’t go away.


Enjoy the golf. The league isn’t over yet.
Maybe there’s a bigger prize at stake?

Noel Skytrot
November 23, 2020 11:08 am

I wonder if Desmond and Lawwell have a contigency plan for an empty Celtic Park next season? (providing covid is sorted)

What a shitey Saturday I had, spent all week sorting my faither in laws funeral, attended the service on Saturday, then went home and was subjected to that rubbish. A lot of emotional pain in one day.

November 23, 2020 11:10 am

Very good article M. I think the answer to your final paragraph, is Gordon Strachan for the rest of this season. Either beside, or as replacement for Neil Lennon. Total clearout from Peter Lawwell down, then needed at the end of this season. A new young dynamic CEO, and experienced Auldheid Director of Football, and a tactically excellent young coach. Would accept Jack Ross as head coach. Will that happen though?

November 23, 2020 11:15 am


Really saddened to hear of the loss of your father-in-law,and my condolences to all.


November 23, 2020 11:16 am

So sorry to read of the passing of your father in law. May his soul rest in peace.
Take care pal.

November 23, 2020 11:23 am


WGS would appear to be the popular choice as interim manager,and very much to the fore of my thinking too. I was never his greatest fan first time around but when it comes to organising a team,sending them out with every player clear in his mind of exactly what is required of him,he is probably the best available for our current situation.

It is shocking that we are so keen to see the back of a genuine legend,but for the sake of that legendary status,he has to leave. Results and performances,team selections and tactics,even his use of substitutes,have all been found seriously wanting. It is clear too from his post-match interviews that he has no idea how to turn this round. The solution isn’t just glaringly obvious,it is unavoidable. He has to go.

November 23, 2020 11:27 am

Yip. It is time for change. For the sake of Celtic and Neil Lennon. I am genuinely worried about Neil’s health, both mentally and physically.

Noel Skytrot
November 23, 2020 11:38 am

Garry and BMCUWP,

Ayrshire Bhoy
November 23, 2020 11:39 am

Four Tims and a Podcast good listen today cant really argue with anything they are saying.

The Gombeen Man
November 23, 2020 11:42 am


Good to see you on too.
We’re living our own version of Sleepless in Seattle atm.
You make some very good points.
Sometimes the overseas supporter misses a lot of the things about the club that the guys back home get.
We don’t have the trips in the car to games or a couple of drinks or a meal with family and friends.
Technology is great for connecting but sometimes I feel we’re overly exposed to all the negatives.
That said something has been very wrong for a long time and hopefully it improves quickly.
This is a painful time for us all.


Very sorry to read that. Celtic supporters might have their differences but we’ve all felt loss. It’s in difficult times that the beauty of Celtic united us all.
Things will pick up on the park and the support will look after Neil.

The thing with football is that there’s always another game round the corner.(Not if your Rangers though.)

November 23, 2020 11:51 am

If WGS is the solution even on a temporary basis then things are even worse than we imagine. Failed at Coventry, Southampton. Had decent spell with us till the Willo Flood season then went on to fail at Middlesboro and Scotland.

Noel Skytrot
November 23, 2020 12:05 pm

The Gombeen Man,

Bada Bing
November 23, 2020 12:28 pm

Strachan till the end of the season might work,we need a change, gives us 6 months to sort the place out,and identity a new long term manager,with Strachan becoming a Director of Football type.If we appointed a new manager now and lost the league, he would be tarnished with this,ideally a new manager could use January Window to get some of his own players in. With Lennon, we feel like we’ve not hit the bottom yet,but we know it’s coming .This league can still be won,but the squad needs a kick up the arse,and a new voice.

Awe Naw
November 23, 2020 12:47 pm

We have 10,000 on the Virtual ST waiting list. I would imagine more that that want a ST but are not
prepared to pay the 10 quid registration fee. I would imagine that the board are comfortable with any disaffected customers and will replace them with new ones.

WGS left because he lost the SPL to Rangers at the time I said he fell on the sword at the altar of Old Firm preservation and was ridiculed and then AS ALWAYS proven right.. We didn´t win it again until Neil Lennon stepped up to the plate after we spent 3m compensation for Tony Mowbary . Has Gavin Strachan fell out with his old man ? that´s bad. I hope they can kiss and make up.

Is WGS a sado masochist ?

A poor Hibs side who had two weeks to prepare for a game that we had one day on ?
Sat 28 Sep Hibernian 1 – 1 Celtic League
Sun 21 Apr Hibernian 0 – 0 Celtic League
Wed 06 Feb Celtic 0 – 0 Hibernian League
Wed 06 Feb Celtic 2 – 0 Hibernian League
Sun 16 Dec Hibernian 2 – 0 Celtic League
Sat 15 Dec Hibernian 0 – 0 Celtic League
Sat 20 Oct Celtic 0 – 0 Hibernian League
Sat 20 Oct Celtic 4 – 2 Hibernian League
Sat 21 Apr Hibernian 2 – 1 Celtic League
Sat 27 Jan Celtic 1 – 0 Hibernian League
Sun 10 Dec Hibernian 2 – 2 Celtic League
Sat 30 Sep Celtic 2 – 2 Hibernian League
Sun 26 Jan Hibernian 0 – 4 Celtic League
Sat 14 Dec Celtic 1 – 0 Hibernian League
Sat 19 Oct Hibernian 1 – 1 Celtic League

Where ?

Jack Ross as new manager compared to Neil Lennon .. really ??

Lenny who retained BR´s last treble (two trophies) in his first year
then retained a double in his second year and if we beat Hearts he´s retained the treble.

Not for me.

I know we are in a bad place just now and you can see how much ten in a row matters .. far more than a quadruple treble ?

I think Lenny will be given until at least the end of the year to improve upon matters and secure his treble,
I think he will. As Celtic manager he always has stepped up to the plate except when 3m quid Tony Mowbary left the building and he had to step in.

A thing of beauty
November 23, 2020 1:04 pm

Awe naw,
Your faith in Lennon is admirable but you cannot deny the fact that he and the team are not performing. It has been said a thousand times why he is not a manager of modern day footballers and we need to recognise that. If we stave off the inevitable for any longer this league is lost.
Celtic have two choices here in my opinion. We can spend the money we spent on Brendan Rodgers on the best coaching team we can get. If they can’t come just now then I agree with bada and others, we get strachan in till the end of the season. The football will be turgid but it will get results. At the moment the football is turgid and we’ve got two wins in eight. If we cannot get a top coach then I would go to BR and ask him who he thinks we should get. Ask him from his contacts who is the guy most comparable to him when he was at Swansea and Watford and then we go and get him. We need a full restructure of our football department and we need to allow the football men to drive it. That means lawwell has to leave but it also means whoever replaces him knows his remit and it has nothing to do with anything that happens at lennoxtown.
Sorry awe naw but defending neil is just being stubborn. If it is not then explain to me how you think his management skills and style will turn this round. Also a quadruple treble means nothing to me and it should also mean nothing to the club. If we don’t win ten in a row we are handing a clusterfck of a business £30m which should be ours. Not sure a quadruple treble soothes that financial hit.

November 23, 2020 1:45 pm

Awe Naw, The 10,000 ST waiting list is as much a myth as is the Sevco Continuity myth. If you don’t believe me, contact the club and ask to purchase a ST now. You will get one. It may not be in a part of the stadium that you want but you will still be offered a ticket. Also, much of the list contains existing ST holders who have long standing requests to move their seats to be next to or nearer their mates or family. The myth is designed to “encourage” existing STs to renew otherwise they might lose their seat. Aye right. As a former ST holder, I let deadline after deadline pass and was still receiving reminder emails telling me this was defintely, absolutely my final last chance to renew even after the season had started. If Celtic don’t win TIAR, the plc will be lucky to shift 25,000 non-concession adult STs next season. I don’t include the over 65s and kids STs as I don’t think the club makes much if any money from these STs but they are conveniently added to the overall total to make the figure look better or not so bad. There will also be a big drop in the number of hospitality packages and boes sold to businesses and sponsors. This massive drop in income will lead to a fire sale of the club’s most saleable assets to compensate. My surprise is the board did not see this coming and continued to persist with Neil Lennon as manager when it was patently obvious after the Ferencvaros defeat that he posed the biggest risk to success this season.

Awe Naw
November 23, 2020 2:10 pm


Let me rest assure you my faith in Lenny is waning. He needs to start winning quick AND DARE I SAY for long term PLC backing convincingly. 8 games 2 Wins. 2 losses in Europe and 2 just after the decimation of our squad after an international week. 3 draws (one away in Europe, two away at Easter road and Pittodrie (the best of the rest). Excuses YES ABSOLUTELY but not so horrendous when broken down. I could say covid until I am blue in the face but it is hardly recognised and has influenced the transfer market for us momentarily that´s the problem I reckon , but Lenny needs to start winning now a lack of crowd could spare him to January. We have had this discussion before and we agreed. I think Lenny with a better coaching team would be the answer. Not WGS imho for the reasons I mentioned above. Unfortunately Lenny does not have his coaching team in place. Lenny knows this particularly toxic environment inside out and he knows exactly why he is working in that environment. A top class coach it is wishful thinking, especially after BR recent departure and how we demonised him. Talk about a hostile environment to come into even if it were to exist.

A proven top class coach with his selected professional team and given full control of the playing side and budget is not desired at Celtic Park. The blame of this cannot be laid at Lenny´s door. So far he has delivered but the muted solutions on here to our present disarray that I read including your own is preserve the ten fuck the quadruple treble is because Rangers aren´t involved . Lenny brought 9m in the door immediately. BANKED. The saved wages on that professional team probably brought in about another 5m. That´s 14m in the bank before Lenny has even taken charge. He hasn´t lost a domestic cup since. We haven´t made the CL in years so I would imagine we don’t budget for it. Did we ever ? Next season gives two CL Places .. whooppee .. . The POSSIBLE 30m bonanza will have to be completed via CL qualifiers that will not have players who are playing in the nations league cup final and will Sevco´s finances possibly be flagged for CL qualification by then .. who knows ? not us … you can bet Lawwell and co have a pretty good idea. Good luck to them without those players. I think this hun plan has failed more than twice in the past and far from guaranteed as you seem to be concerned about. It´s far from certain but its the only show in town for the huns

So I think we need to get real and understand that business trumps football fan think and stop sacrificing good proven managers with a good proven domestic record at the altar of business project Old Firm survival.

Anyway I am going to lie low for a while noo … so do not expect an immediate reply.

November 23, 2020 2:13 pm


I think that the decision makers at our club looked at the situation post-BR and thought-Well,we still have the players that BR won everything with,the same training ground,coaching staff and Director of Football. Etc. All the important stuff is still the same,we simply need another manager to replace the one we lost.

Weird that the most valuable part of the equation wasn’t the most valued,innit?

Ayrshire Bhoy
November 23, 2020 2:43 pm

Awe Naw

The Neil Lennon who ended last season in march is not the Neil Lennon we have seen this season. We have been turgid since day 1 of the 10 season every excuse under the sun has been used to cover up what has been a shit season up to now. I honestly don’t think he has a clue what he’s doing now. 2 week international break to watch tapes with his coaching staff, identify problems, pick solutions and yet first game back just the same old shite as the previous games.

Obviously the players shoulder blame as well but he keeps picking them at the end of the day. Not a chance in hell is he turning this around now and i would say cup final is 50-50 (imagine that against a championship team) as we have no idea which version of lennyball will turn up on the day.

It was a romantic vision that Neil would start and end the ten but the reality is he will be remembered as the guy in charge when rangers won their last title and the man in charge when sevco win their first. No one is bigger than the club and that included Billy McNeil who is a far bigger legend than Neil ever will be. Time is up Neil has to go or we will watch this horror show get worse and worse

November 23, 2020 3:17 pm

Noel Skytrot
Condolences for your loss.

November 23, 2020 3:28 pm

torpid, not turgid…

November 23, 2020 3:29 pm

I suspect that I shall join MIT in becoming a lurker for a while so this is possibly my last post for a while. I seem to make little in the way of fresh comment so it is time to back off.

At the moment there is much that I do not understand.

Firstly, Scotland will have two reps in the CL next season so why is it necessary for either Sevco or Celtic to win the league to potentially reap the riches of the CL? The only way I see logic in that view is if Scotland will have just one rep. But why let logic spoil a good conspiracy theory.

Secondly, after the performances against Ferencvaros, Sparta and Sevco why does the Board not pull the trigger on the manager? If I was on that Board I would look at the lost revenue from exits to teams like Cluj, Ferencvaros and Copenhagen and conclude that the current manager was costing the club millions. Getting rid of him would not be expensive in relative terms, so why not do it and move into a situation that offers greater potential to reap revenue from the CL? I get it that you do not sack the manager every time you get a bad result…….but in this case, there is a procession of poor results and performances. The only explanation that I can see is that the Board decided to give NL until season end and then bring in a new management team then. Overtures may have been made to someone who will only be available then. From a purely financial perspective, nothing else makes sense. However, that plan must now be under threat, because the malaise has spread to domestic performances. Frankly, if we repeat the Hibs performance versus Sevco at Ibrox we shall be hammered then there will be a Mowbray-like reaction from both the fans and the Board. I would not wish that on NL. Coupled with the poor performances on the park is the unacceptable reaction of the manager post game…….consistently denigrating the players and refusing to understand the negative effect that this has on individuals. Look at Brown’s body language and reactions during the Hibs game. He looked like he wanted to be elsewhere. When you have lost the support of someone like SB, there is no road back. PL and the Board must realise this and the negative effect that it has on the financial assets, i.e., the players. It is a real dilemma for the Board. The only logical explanation that I can see is that we cannot get a recognised improvement on the current manager. Another recruitment error would be a disaster so we get no action and the continuing downward spiral of performances, disaffected players that wish to leave, and declining assets.

There are many other aspects that I cannot understand……..mainly related to player selection and formation but I shall leave it there. If you can shed light on any of the above, please do so, but do not expect a response because we have 10 inches of snow here. Where is my shovel?


November 23, 2020 3:38 pm

Sincere condolences.

November 23, 2020 3:40 pm

I suspect Paul Lambert will be PL’s replacement for Lenny if PL does pull the trigger.

Currently available, and he owes us a couple of seasons salary for when he was doing his coaching badges. Accountants never forget these details.

Would he be my ideal choice? Probably not, but I think he would at least steady the ship.

He got wheeled out for media duty when Scotland won a couple of weeks ago for no reason, which is always suspicious.

November 23, 2020 3:44 pm

I wouldn’t want to be the new manager coming in at this time, i don’t think he could set up the team to defend with the players we have.We leave our two CB exposed all the time anyway that’s for another day.When the new coach does come in we will soon know if he is his own man or one hand tied behind his back.(PL)

November 23, 2020 3:46 pm


Your observations are always a pleasure,and always welcomed.

Haste ye back…

November 23, 2020 3:50 pm

If PhilMac is correct and DD is reaching out , he may be finding out just how much PL’s reputation precedes him .

Noel Skytrot
November 23, 2020 3:54 pm

Friesdorf and TimHorton,

November 23, 2020 3:56 pm


Is Lambert not the manager of Ipswich? Btw,I’d rather have John Kennedy than him. Or anyone,tbh.

November 23, 2020 4:01 pm


PL absolutely must be told to keep his nose out of footballing affairs. To agree with the manager over a budget and to land the players that manager asks for. And that he should be very grateful that he isn’t joining NL out the exit.

November 23, 2020 4:08 pm


A worrying thought…

big packy
November 23, 2020 4:39 pm

EVENING ALL and JIM, lenny needs to go, but you know who needs to go first, mr heated driveway lawwell, does not matter who we get in as manager, that bassa will be calling the shots, until we get rid of him, the famous glesca rainjurs will be there, where he and mr desmond wants them to be,.another true story

Bada Bing
November 23, 2020 5:39 pm

Tim H- didn’t watch CNN last night mate,had an early night

November 23, 2020 5:40 pm

The Team is playing so bad we have some of our top bloggers handing in their season tickets to the blog. We have hit rock bottom. Bobby and Mahe you are sitting in the PL seat how are you going to turn things around?

November 23, 2020 6:19 pm

The Rangers could Go for bankrupt protection, take a 10 point hit and still win this league the way we are playing
And if that’s not in the SFA rules they will change them

Billy Bhoy
November 23, 2020 7:05 pm


Wow, you covered every aspect of failure there Bobby! Sadly, every line of that was true.

The Gombeen Man – for Sleepless in Seattle read Pathetic in Paradise or Lackadaisical in Lennoxtown.

Either way I’m done!

Ive paid for a VST and have BT and Sky but I refuse to pony up for PPV or Premier Sports. I watched Saturdays pitiful performance on an extremely poor Hesgoal stream. It was almost as stop/start as Celtic. I went for a walk when Hibs second goal went in. I turned to my wife and said we’ll probably still get a draw now. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I came back in.

But as I said that’s me done! I’ve had a ST since 1988 but these past 8 games have made me come to the decision that I will not be renewing next year. The Board have been sleepwalking since Copenhagen last year. We’ve lost almost every big game. Cluj and Copenhagen proved that Lennon doesn’t have what it takes in the modern game.

To lose The Ten to a hun tribute act is utterly unacceptable. An absolutely disgraceful dereliction of duty by our Board in such a historic season.

We collectively need to find a way to once again, like 1994, rescue our club from decay from custodians who have become complacent and too comfortable in their cushy roles.

TBH its only the current empty stadiums, and an imminent virtual AGM, that are allowing them to dodge the ire of the support.

Awe Naw
November 23, 2020 7:57 pm

The domestic fixture run up this year in full

December 5
Ross County vs Rangers 12pm
Celtic vs St Johnstone 3pm

December 13
Dundee Utd vs Rangers 12pm
Celtic vs Kilmarnock 3pm

December 19
Rangers vs Motherwell 12pm
Celtic have Scottish Cup Final same weekend.

December 23
St Johnstone vs Rangers 7.45pm
Celtic vs Ross County 7.45pm

26th Dec
Rangers vs Hibs 12.30pm
Hamilton vs Celtic 3pm

30th Dec
St Mirren vs Rangers 7.45pm
Celtic vs Dundee Utd 7.45pm

So we never play before them until after the second of January

Here´s the sevco accounts that Phil’s source told him wouldn’t be available until next summer. It´s interesting that Rugger guy makes the same regular typos as Phil


How far have MON and Roy Keane fallen that they are prepared to work under PL ?

big georges fan club
November 23, 2020 8:38 pm

Bobby – I’ve seen a few comments similar to this one “…Saturday saw us up against…a poor Hibs team…”

While I don’t disagree with that sentiment, the damning fact is that they are a much better team than the Hibs that were managed by our current manager. They have upgraded – we haven’t.


A thing of beauty
November 23, 2020 8:45 pm

Excellent comments today guys. Rebus and Ayrshire bhoy are closest to my thinking but as ever Awe naw,cyou set out your defence well. I just cannot understand why you are ignoring the evidence of your own eyes. Also if you are of the mind that drawing at hibs and Aberdeen whilst losing at home to sevco is acceptable for Celtic after the domination we have had for nine years then nothing I can add will convince you other wise.
Billy bhoy,
I understand your disappointment but let’s not be hasty when talking of giving up the season book. I had to drive to Dalmarnock for work today and came down Alexandra parade off the motor way. I could see Celtic park in the distance and also passed the crown Creighton where we drink before the game. By the time I was at the lights outstide Celtic park I was nearly greeting. Yes this season has been shite, yes the players and manager have let us down, yes the board need chased but know what? When we are allowed back through parkheads gates I will be delighted because that’s what we do. Others will criticise and call me an old firm supporter, a bigot and a mug. I could not care less. I cannot wait to be back with my family where we belong.

November 23, 2020 8:54 pm


November 23, 2020 9:22 pm

I read the Rugger Man’s assessment on Rangers accounts not to deflect from the football debate but point out what is being debated is the symptom of the two opposing business models that produced the latest accounts.

Their directors are pumping money into their club knowing they wont get it back, we aren’t and in relative terms are going backwards.

It’s the effect you get when sitting in a train in a station and another train moves away, you think you are moving backwards. Well Celtic are in the stationary train in that they are about same level with many of same players as last season that won the lot, but the other train is moving on because the Celtic train occupants thought sitting still was all they had to do and besides, moving on created D E B T!!!.

Rangers run on it, we run away from it and in that sense the pre Covid large cash in hand is there because we are debt averse.

If I were DD I’d be thinking that I have three choicesI:

1.Stay with existing model.

2. Go into debt to sign some more quality players (we do have some) and a quality manager.

3. Get a bridle put on the amount of money not earned from football and not intended for capital projects a club can accumulate in order to pay running expenses.

I’d use all means necessary, like pointing out to the Scottish government the obscene amount of money that Rangers have cost the UK taxpayer since 2000 eg. Ebts.£60m? VAT /PAYE 2012 £17m? Vat this accounts year of £7.5m if not paid by 31 March 2021 and of course the cost of the malicious prosecutions.

I’d be getting Aberdeen, whose new owner must be wondering what he has got into to start shouting foul along with every other top tier club.

That is why my concentration is on financial unfair play because that is the cause of the symptoms you all get angry about, yet still pay up to watch.

Just dont renew or threaten not to until Celtic set out what they said they are going to do in the AGM notice in respect of SFA and governance with greater clarity, transparency and accountability than is avoided in their response.

To continue to support the current twin toxic models is to drink poison and expect the other person to get ill or die.

Waken up, who knows it might be easier on our hearts if we didnt have to care if we win, lost or drew.

Bada Bing
November 23, 2020 9:23 pm

Watching the Hearts documentary, the way they treated Stendel was absolutely disgraceful, he gave up his wages as soon as they went into lockdown,Levein, who was still there,didn’t….

Bada Bing
November 23, 2020 9:40 pm
November 23, 2020 9:41 pm


We have not won at Easter Rd for yonks even under BR and came back from 2 0 down..

We came back twice again away from home at Aberdeen to lead 3 2 when Duffy had a rush of mud to his feet and brain. We gubbed Aberdeen in the SC final. Rangers played against a Covid depleted Dons side twice home and away to win narrowly away but easily at home.

No one in pointing stuff like this is denying results are poor and we want the pain to stop, but let’s not lose sight of the glimpses of form that needs more consistency.

On NL I think his selections are wrong where we have under performed and wonder at his reasons especially when the weaknesses are so obvious.

I hate to bring this up but we are playing like the WGS team in 2009 that lost the league to a debt propelled Rangers going for broke, in that they were successful as a result of their business model. It’s just when it fails it’s not just them that have to live with the fallout.

November 23, 2020 9:51 pm

Auldheid et al,

Re the huns running up huge debts to catch/compete with us. As has been proven before, if they qualify for CL, no matter how much money the receive, they will not put it towards paying off their debt.

Their debt will actually increase as they will be planning their own 9 in a row for 2029 😁