Now Martin’s startin’

Yesterday Lenny received the dreaded vote of confidence from his actual boss, and today see’s his old boss rolled out by the Harold to give more of the same.
Taking bets below on who tomorrows mouthpiece will be but when it gets to the stage you have ‘leave him alone’ articles or public comments daily, then your current results aren’t good enough or they would speak on your behalf.


Celtic cyberspace was not a happy place yesterday in broad terms. The split was clear, and in my opinion it’s part of why Neil was originally hired.
He was always going to divide. Was brought in for that very purpose I believe, which I elaborated on yesterday.
It’s in ‘the companies’ best interests to keep this divisive chap around as long as possible, as it saves having to hire a replacement and staves off the inevitable criticism of those who offered job in the showers.
That’s why yesterdays vote of confidence was not surprise.


It shouldn’t be a surprise Martin stood up tall for his old midfield general either. Despite being tipped by some to get involved when the position opens up, he was never going to kick Lenny when he’s down, something no good Tim should ever contemplate, nor would I personally allow.


But while Martin himself was a fine Celtic manager who put together the best team this whippersnapper has ever saw, that doesn’t make him infallible. His views on the game might have much more experience and weight behind them, but he can still get it wrong.
And to me, he has.


In his defending article he makes a number of assertions I take issue with, see as irrelevant, and or glosses over the bigger picture, all in defence of his friend yes but also showing his own mentality regarding the club currently is one not shared by most of the fanbase. Therefore I must hope he does not step into the breach when it becomes available, for we are already on different pages.


He begins by claiming the league is not over by a longshot. Ironically our title rivals and clear league favourites actually remind me of a Martin team in that it was how many did we win by, not if we won, was asked after every game.
He should know title winning form when he see’s it, but when it comes to his mates job, conveniently ignores it.
Every Tim can see it will take a miracle aka massive implosion over there to detail that train.
‘It’s far from over’ just does not cut the mustard when you’re witnessing disjointed performances from disinterested ‘stars’ who are trailing double digits to an organised outfit that clearly really want this league title.


Next up Covid sees an outing as a ranking excuse. This one takes the biscuit as we’ve been able to field a proper team in the main, but it gets the blame for the two games in hand. Martin also correctly points out that should we win the two games in hand then the gap is down to a mere five points.
This is the prevalent argument I’m reading against taking action now.
However it fails to take into account that about one quarter of our SPL games so far (4 of 13) have not taken full points, and our rivals grow in strength and believe.
It conveniently forgets they have our number, our perhaps the old genius just doesn’t think like that.


Of all the excuses that can be laid at Covids doors, no fans is the biggy, not lack of players or forcing games in hand, which we wouldn’t mind if we were a good team, but we aren’t based on this seasons showings.


The quadruple treble then gets aired.
This is another favourite stick to beat those who wish for change.
In about a months time Neil will finally get the chance to finish what Brendan started, and keeping the last treble on track was a big part of actually earning the job, but it’s not complete yet.


I’m sure the final will be a hard match and I’m not counting chickens, but we should all be honest with regards to stating Lenny claimed the fourth treble should we go on and win. Piloting the last leg of the journey does not allow you to take credit for the entire journey.


Yet Martin would launch a staunch defense based on it, claiming Neils job pressure is shocking and unwarranted. Alongside ‘forget about Rangers’ and ‘where is this pressure coming from’ our ex manager shows how out of touch he is by cursing the loneliness of management and the ails of social media.


Both are great deflector shields when needed by the facts of the matter are where else can people complain but social media when in a lockdown plus the millions warmed should silence the job complaints.


Now if Martin had correctly claimed that bedding in half a team in a must win season, while your rival is in their third year of working on their shape which has proven the best in the country, then I would have agreed.


Now if Martin had stated look what he is up against because the can’t afford that according to FFP then I would have agreed.


And if Martin had claimed when half the dressing room wants to go and it’s sad they can’t buy into the ten, then I would have agreed.


Perhaps if Martin pointed out he wasnt allowed his own coaches, then I would have agreed.


But don’t hand us your Lenny has been through it all speech. We as a fanbase must judge what we see in front if us, and two wins in eight is not something I would have expected from a quality Celtic side like the one you assembled Sir.


You yourself would have deemed that unacceptable, yes you would have. Or rather the quality professionals in your dressing room would never have allowed it to come to that.
Why not question the players mentality?
No, defend the friend.


Even offering Lenny a route out by correctly claiming that the entire season is just a shitshow that can’t all be laid at his door, would have been more preferable to me than a ‘dont write him off yet’ special.
There’s a recent interview out there somewhere with one of his explayers claiming he doesn’t do tactics, so why Martins interview over the players dear Harold?
I’ll say it again but someone should intervene before Lenny gets sacrificed at Mordor. It’s clearly not going to be his old mentor.
A mentor I now consider past it and would prefer he stayed away and kept his mouth shut for fear of ruining his legendary status.


Finally the source and timing.
Let’s be honest, do the Harold have more to gain (ie will they sell more) by keeping Lenny in situ and spectacularly covering his downfall alongside having puff pieces on the new champs?
Or would they prefer to see a fresh faced challenger thinking I can turn this around and win the ten with this squad who just lack unity and believe, then become an instant legend, and hit the glitz and glamour of footballs Vegas aka the EPL?
It’s clearly the former.


And that’s why we see the ‘keep the chin up’ pieces. Prolong the fight, to carry him to defeat. Can’t have a new challenger now.
The Harold certainly aren’t rolling out the players opinions to the public are they? All while Partygate is very much off limits under penalty of banishment and my own favourite Lamborghini-gate astonishingly never got fully investigated.
But there’s time to keep Lenny here.
We all know the fourth estate is bent as a six pound note.
That’s why they walk towards the cliff, sites like this willing to lend a helping shove.


You will have heard or read recent rumours regarding Martins return possibly. Being publicly diplomatic, not slinging any arrows at all, is very much his Modus Operandus. After Seville we got the ‘life in the slow lane’ line as many wanted us to kick on.
I was confused initially, then we heard we couldn’t afford that level.
Regular readers will know that has since been proven false. Debated it not long ago on here.


So Martin must be taken with a pinch of salt as they say. You don’t get the real story, he is playing his corner, and it’s brought him this far, not saying it’s wrong or anything.
But he just doesn’t rock boats. He makes the best of what he has.
At least he did.


That’s why this interview suits down to the ground. Shows his qualities while giving the public arm around the shoulder.
Win win.
For Martin that is.


For Lenny, needing a public show of support is failure. Ideally they should be singing his praises for the job being done, nothing else. I notice the journo Brian Mc Nally has went from ‘surely one of the brightest young managers in Britain’ to ‘sorry it’s not working we need the original Lenny back’.
That shows it’s not just those considered bambots which is an insult anyway given the collective hundreds of year’s witnessing the game etc. Every fan isn’t wrong, its that simple.


So please forgive me Martin if I give you and your quotes a rye smile and a shake of the head.
What good will they be to me at the end the season where it already sounds like you would say nine outta ten is spoiling, what’s the matter?


You would just never make that leap and ask why can we not win the tenth title despite the love of detective malarkey?
Or prefer not to ask?

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Score predictor link below. Good Luck.


Another great article. My worst moment ever as a Celtic supporter was the Motherwell 2 Celtic 1 game, I know we all gave Mon a wide berth because of his wife’s health but I will never forget the pain that day. If we don’t win the tenth I will feel that pain again. The tenth is the magic elixir to erase the bent refs, the Celtic players deprived of Caps, the Flag, the registration , the Dunfermline title game, Ally’s screwed up face in front of Leny after the shame game, irregularly registered players EBTs, keeping Titles,The same team, penalty penalty, no handball, players chopped down on a regular basis Kearney nearly hurt so bad he had to get away add what you want but 10 in a row was our little FYou moment throw all you want at us but we are going to take all you can shove at us and stick it up your —- we we might be battered , bullied and cheated but we will not be cowered
That’s what Ten means to me


The Tic
Excellent, and spot on!


Thanks Friesdorfer I forgot another buggy but this is internal Res 12


Morning all! I’d like to think we’re all in a good place this morning but I fear were just gonna get more of the same as we’ve had…fear and misery!!
The Board’s placeman, Martin, has done what was expected and should be no surprise to anyone who’s followed Celtic, or any major club for that matter, for a long time. This is how it works, put your own man out there with a positive message and try to take the pressure off The Board, The Manager and The Players! It is what is required right now if they intend to stick with Lennon for the foreseeable. The pressure on Lennon at the moment is incredible but that goes with the territory, as does the criticism.
Martin’s message was a call to arms for Celtic – EVERY part of Celtic! It’s time to get behind Lennon and the Team, before it’s too late.
C’mon the’Tic!!


O’Neil has shown since leaving Celtic that he has no relevance to the modern game.
While he is entitled to his opinion the timing is not accidental.
We are run by a PLC lacking in any sort of morality and all manner of sleekitness has been used in the furtherance of their old firm money making model.
I always use the word sleekit in reference to huns!
So far the support, players,bad luck, covid and a myriad of other excuses have been used as those who really are to blame cower and hide while their lackeys willingly serve up bullshit propaganda.
Has the bloodsucker Lawwell removed all mirrors from Celtic park?


I have long argued that the current NIAR does not stand up to comparison as a sporting achievement with the orginal one. I will even extend that to TIAR if that happens which we all know isn’t going to happen as long as Lennon stays as manager.

I was still at school for the duration of the orginal NIAR. I started off going to games with my dad then he allowed me to go with my mates. We celebrated every title win as though it was the first and it was only when it got to 8 and 9 did we begin the realise that we were watching a piece of history that was unlikely to be repeated. I still remember the deep sense of dejection and disappointment when the huns stopped TIAR when they won at Easter Rd while we were gubbing Hearts 4-1. However, I quickly got over it and was up for the fight the following season.

The orginal NIAR was won at a time when the huns were a much stronger team than the tribute act have been until this season obviously. Every match against them was a titanic struggle but the outcome of these matches didn’t always determine where the title would end up. That’s because the competition from the other teams in the league was pretty fierce too unlike the pathetic standard we have had to endure over the past ten years. At that time, teams like Kilmarnock and Dunfermline were doing well in Europe and Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, and the two Dundee were always capable of giving either half of the Old Firm a tough game. Even teams like Morton could decide where the title would end up when we had to beat them with a last minute Bobbly Lennox winner to clinch the title just days after the had drawn with the huns.

At no point back then, was the league won before a ball was kicked. Can you say that about this NIAR? The team knew at the beginning of each season what they could expect in terms of the competition and were up for the battle from the off. If you look back to old photos of the title celebrations you can see how delighted the players were because they know they had won something meaningful unlike quite a few of the title wins this NIAR.

Not winning TIAR wlll still be a major disappointment to the current supporter fanbase mainly becuse they have invested their emotions into achieving this historic record book objective from the day the huns died. However, those of an older vintage know in the hearts and heads that the orginal NIAR was and always will be the best.

Ayrshire Bhoy


Can’t argue with any of that. A lot of parallels with this season and losing the 10 back then. Celtic Underground ran a great series on the original 9inarow and then an extra episode on losing the 10. Punting our best players and replacing with dross, losing our invincibility in cup finals and a general malaise had set in by that final season. Our form after Xmas that year was unreal I think we lost 6-7 games in 2nd half of season and Billy probably played a season too much.


As i have previously stated since cancelling my long held Celtic tv subscription 2 seasons ago i chose not to contribute to Celtic PLC.
When expensive season ticket’s have been fully subscribed by Celtic supporters despite knowing they may not see a single game.
I really don’t see any reason the Celtic fans support could be questioned?


M6Bhoy…Bang on! I couldn’t disagree with any of your sentinment but I do want Celtic to win every game thay play no matter where or who our opponents are. The fact that most of our current 9 have been gimmes is irrelevant to the supporters who didn’t live throught he original 9. Nor does it matter who we had to beat to win them. The fact is we should be on the cusp of 10 and every game to now has made it harder to believe it’s gonna happen. But regardless of the negativity surrounding the Club just now I don’t believe in November the League is over and until we can’t win it I’ll hold out for Lenny and the Bhoys to make it happen!


Fan…I paid as usual for my ST and my son’s. I will also probably buy him some kit this Christmas, too. I’ve supported them thru a lot of our shite and will probably do so in the future. The message was put out because the support are disenfranchised and divided. It’s how you read the message from Martin, as a positive to try to reunite the support in the short-term or as Mahe has done – break it down line by line to expose it as a piece of marketing cynicism. I know it’s the latter but the former gives people pause for thought and that can be invaluable.

Ayrshire Bhoy


Love your optimism even if I can’t share it. Maybe it’s Davie Hay we should be talking to, letting us know how he turned it around in 86 😁

Next 2 games will show us if we can have any belief. Will he tighten up defence and stop the distance between defence and midfield being half the length of the pitch? Will he tell Ryan to pass instead shooting every time he sees the goal? Does Scott play every game, does he bring Barkas back?

A lot he can try so let’s wait and see I suppose


There has been some excellent posts on here recently (as per… really) Sentinnel Celts is certainly the place to get meaningful Celtuc debate.

Excellent lead again and I haven’t read Martin’s interview yet, I’m a big Martin fan and if read, the interview may colour my reply.

Now it may sound like a tangent here but I don’t think it is. In fact it’s a follow-up to my last comment on SC that unfortunately I couldn’t follow up at the time… apologies BMCUWPs.

My point was that Celtic PLC utilise the SMSM as much as anyone outside Ibrox.

The ironic thing is, I may well agree with them – to an extent – on this occasion.

You see I’ve often argued that the Celtic Board should be looking at the bigger picture, be more ambitious, be more aware of the supports aspirations, in fact be more Celtic.

After the Martin O’Neil era I was saying we shouldn’t be tied to the “old firm” as it stifles our ambition and damages “our brand”. BTW: Don’t think MO’N was tied to the old firm, he wanted to beat everybody.

Then after Rangers demise arguing we needed to become a teir 3 Champions League Club, our size and revenue said we could achieve that, it would make us better and richer and improve our Global brand. I believe the subsequent Brendan Rodger’s era proved I was right; better football, better results, invincible season, record trebles, record revenues, record profits, record transfer fees (in & out)… etc, etc, etc.

So, what is your point caller!!

Well it’s this. The bigger picture!? Well the logic tells us, we should stick. Try to salvage what we can this season and prepare for total change and a massive re-build next season.

If we change now, it’s not so much changing horses in mid-stream, it’s changing horses in a torrent river.

Many of us seen this coming, unlike other sites and we are where we are and we know why.

My Heart screams change

My head advices…. WAIT!!

Hail Hail


I’m assuming this is genuine, this morning.
The GB not holding back, that’s gotta hurt.


Chairbhoy… you’ve just proved the final comment on my last post…’pause for thought’! Cheers!!😁😉


It is genuine. Here’s the statement.
Green Brigade banner and statement

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe for the article and the link to MoN’s piece.. Thanks to Awe Naw too for posting Bill Leckie’s piece.

My take is that Martin and Neil have a relationship almost like father/son. They come from similar places and O’Neill had Brendan at Leicester as a young man and put him on his feet.
Prior to that Neil had been at Manchester City and Crewe.

I’ll stop there.

Martin O’Neill is worried about Neil’s health. It doesn’t read to me (haven’t seen any tv interviews) that he’s supporting the PLC (which is really Pedro/Dermot with Lindsell Train in the background).

He’s asking Celtic supporters to support the club and Neil Lennon.

That’s something many of us will do. The intentions are admirable but it ignores the difficult questions.

He knows the score and is trying to protect NFL.

Bill Leckie’s article has Pedro’s fingerprints all over it. It might be coincidental but Pedro gave his exclusive to that tabloid in 2016 after Sevco beat Ronny Delia’s team. This time there’s no exclusive just a patronising attack on the Celtic support. Taking no account of cheating, 5WA, unpaid taxes etc, etc, etc.

It’s propaganda. The purpose of propaganda is to blot out truth and create cognitive dissonance and incoherence.

If you want to know what the PLC think of you ask Bill Leckie.

Thanks again Mahe,

Till later.


Yes McCaff, our form has fallen like a stone, while Rangers’ has soared, reversing the “gap” at a speed even us most cynical couldn’t predict.

We are now in a situation that we need to win the remaing “old firm” matches. That requires a huge and very quick improvement.

That means throwing money at the problem, attract a top quality manager, give him a substantial transfer kitty – it’s the kind of money that will see Celtic skint, then what if it doesn’t work? After all from where we are it needs to be a rush job.

Change needs to wait… yet I suspect that rather than backing Lenny this is an excercise in taking the heat, if it all goes wrong at the start of January Lenny becomes the scape goat.

Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Thanks to the link from the green brigade. Unfortunately that will make Lawwell even more entrenched in his view that Neil stays. Not a chance he will get rid of the manager on the say so of them.
Chair bhoy,
The article from Leckie is not something that any true Celtic fan would pay any attention to.


I read your comment about Ryan and Neil encouraging him to shoot on sight.
That’s staggering, unbelievable dark age style of management.
As you know, my boy played professional and believe me, players hate that, they are ( or should be ) doing all sorts, to create space for a pass and the teammate just shoots from distance, under the managers instructions.
That’s soul destroying. No wider players are pissed off, you can add that to the list.
Thanks for responding, to G.B. Banner, that’s big news for me and the G.B.’s way of saying to Lawwell, we see you, we see the puff pieces, from Leckie and Andrew Smith but you won’t silence us, indeed they have upped the ante.

bada bing1

The GB can shove their banner,classless.


A thing of beauty @ 11:20 am,

Yes, I was refering to the MO’N article, I’ve now read both and they’re something and nothing pieces.

MO’N supporting his protege and Bill Leckie having a dig at the Celtic support for wanting ten in a row…

…it’s about time “Rangers” had a turn don’t you know.

Hail Hail


Bada 11.52.
I don’t agree, it’s not just a banner, they’ve issued a well considered statement, too.
Lawwell has came out all guns swinging, puting puff pieces in the press, that things will just stay the same, as they can’t go to games, how else can G.B. express how they feel??


What the board want the GB and all other supporters to do is to shut the f–k up and keep shovelling your hard earned money in our direction. I am more inclined to listen to the GB than the huns in the Celtic Park boardroom.


Yes, I agree.
Hence, the puff pieces from Leckie and Andrew Smith, having digs at the support, but not at PLC,this has been a slow car crash in the making and all roads leads to the PLC.

A thing of beauty

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the stats. 10% shooting success and being told to keep doing it by the manager. What’s the definition of insanity again….. It really annoys me when I listen to others lauding Ryan Christie. His assist rate will not be much better I would suggest yet his dad and him think he can play in the EPL or abroad. Must be seeing something I don’t. He has no idea how to weight a through ball or a cross. As for his dead ball skills. I think we saw the difference when Griffiths delivered the dead ball in the dying minutes against hibs. Right into the danger area with pace. I know hibs won the challenge and made a pigs ear of the clearance but if that’s Christie delivering they can all go for a shower. He would put it straight out the park and it’s first bounce would be in leith walk.
Chair bhoy,
We can see the pieces in the MSM for what they are.


Paul Larkin on Twitter.
It’s totally divided opinion on my timeline. What I will say is the board made a colossal error yesterday only communicating through lackeys and pet journalists. We needed change or a strong statement of intent backing the manager. As usual, we got neither.

bada bing1

JNP- I agree with most of the statement, the banner is embarrassing, and a gift to the SMSM, another stick to beat us with, talk about an own goal…..

Angel Gabriel

Afternoon all , and thanks for the welcome yesterday.

The Leckie interview takes the biscuit.
When did slippery G learn humility ?

As for MO’N , he gave us some wonderful adventures, increased my credit card debt and more importantly, gave Celtic belief again.
The down side with Martin is yon horrible day at Fir Park . We couldn’t even blame Dallas. Beyond Fir Park , the blessed Martin disappointed me more when stating that Celtic lost the 2003 & 2005 titles on the pitch .
Was the elephant on the room away for a piss ?

So it looks like Lenny is staying.
I sincerely hope that I look very stupid in the coming months.
Keeping the faith ain’t always easy.


This is from The Sportsman.
It’s now been 50 years since a pitch-invading dog broke goalkeeper Chic Brodie’s kneecap.

Although it’s perhaps seen as a comical injury, it did effectively end his Football League career.

Angel Gabriel

The banner is unnecessary and ill advised. The statement was suffice .

The Star Above The Crest

The GB’s banner should’ve said Lawell needs to go too. Their banner protest isn’t ideal but the CEO says he doesn’t take any notice of social media and they’re not allowing questions at the AGM. How else are the fans going to have their voice heard?



Been an interesting morning catching up on my usual newspaper sites,mails,Celtic news-not necessarily in that order! So just wrote tomorrow’s article and sent it to MAHE,that’s two hours of my life that I’ll never get back,along with a lot of words that six months,even three months ago,I could never have envisaged writing.

The club is in a bad place and that’s for sure,but there are few things so bad that some ill-advised tinkering cannot make worse. And it seems that our overpaid prima donna in the boardroom has excelled at it again! He really is clueless at this PR stuff,but then he has proven himself over the years to be clueless at so many things that he excels in,according to his fan club.

Listen,Peter-Celtic is a melange of a Plc,manager,players and fans. And if there’s one party in those four which is NOT to blame for the current shitshow,it is the fans. For you to round up a posse to attack us,to defend the status quo on the playing/management side is another disgrace to add to your long list. You have no regard for us at all,not even as the paying customers who have provided you with everything that you have,whether it be your power base or your inflated salary.

You think there will always be a queue of fans wanting to take up the discarded season tickets,so you don’t need to bother too much about the ones in situ at the moment. Well,don’t let the boot in the baws catch you by surprise.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, LAWWELL OUT, LAWWELL OUT, LAWWELL OUT ,well i feel better now, anyone want to differ, im up for an argument go on 😎😎

Ayrshire Bhoy

Maybe Pistol Pete will remove the pass to paradise log ins from the Green Brigade? They are allowed to give their opinion like anyone else. People should remember the time and effort they put in going to lennoxtown before the huns game.

Celtic Champs Elect

Watched Lenny on sky he looked tired and haggard no wonder the pressure he must be under

He is staying for now so he has my backing

Packy, LOL 🙂

big packy

HEY JIM,, i just e-mailed you 10 minutes ago, im in shotts british legion club if you fancy a tipple, mcaff is here he is paying,,another true story😎


🎙 #CelticFC manager Neil Lennon spoke to the media today via video call ahead of #SPACEL.

“You have to put a sense of perspective. We’ve made a better start to the league than we did two years ago and went on to win the treble. We’ve lost one domestic game this calendar year.”

It’s comments like the above from Neil, that irritate me.
We are not fools, we can see with our own eyes how the team is falling apart.
It’s a press conference for a European tie, but we will just ignore how awful we have been in Europe, this season.

It’s hellish to see that banner in front of the stadium. If only it had read ‘Lawwell’ instead of ‘Neil’/ I reckon most would have agreed with it and got the implications of it! A new CEO required who would take a fresh look at the management (amongst other things!).

One good thing is the media are now reporting the GB’s twitter statement which I doubt they would have were it not for the banner.

big packy

JIM, 100% correct, should have said LAWWELL👍


I don’t think any of the PLC will take up a new job in Ukraine.
No messing about with banners, for them.

Desna Chernihiv Ultras in Ukraine have been to the club’s offices and removed the stadiums new director Oleksandr Ovcharenko, put him in the bin and beat him up because he wants to kick Desna out of the clubs home ground to build an Olympic Stadium.

bada bing1

The banner could see the GB emptied from CP.



Damn right.

The Green Brigade. Like a lot of ultras I suspect, sometimes you love them other times you wish they would disappear.
For the sake of balance, they raise huge amounts for charity. Some of their Tifos have you bursting with pride.
But yes, they can be a problem child. (For the Board too!)



If The Green Brigade are sanctioned because of this,it will be a disgrace. It isn’t a case of whether you agree with them or not,it is about the right to legitimate protest,and will simply be the latest in a long line of the Pravdaesque actions by the club.

Dissent is not tolerated at Celtic,it is as simple as that. Line up,pay your money,clap like seals-or you aren’t a real Celtic supporter? How about someone up there showing the same level of passion as the GB or the support in general,taking a cold hard look at the current state of things and doing something about it? It surely hasn’t caught them by surprise,most of us finally cottoned on a while ago,with the rest catching up in October.

It’s not so much the three wise monkeys seeing,hearing and saying nothing,as two CGAF powerbrokers doubling down and passing the buck.


Bada. 2.58.
Who said that?
That would be disgraceful, it’s even disgraceful that someone is hinting at it.
What have we become?
A club where dissent isn’t allowed, isn’t a club open to all.
The Green Brigade are entitled to their opinion, as are anyone who disagrees with their actions/statement.



Like I said,the latest in a long line. Think of the AGMs where the mic was removed during any questions the board didn’t like,or the refusal to fight the corner for the GB and the rest of the support against UEFA charges,the Boxing Day game at Dundee,the one at Motherwell,etc.


This is desperate stuff from Neil.
“if the draws were wins” – Well they weren’t.

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