Celtic 0 – 2 Ross County



Wow,even the slow motion train wreck that has been our form for too long never really suggested that a result and a performance like this was possible. Most of you watched it as it happened-I was blessed in part as my feed froze in the latter stages so I missed their second goal. By that time I had seen way more than enough,there is only so much pain that even the most dedicated masochist can suffer.


We will deal with the football first. Ross County got the softest of penalties yesterday with not a single one of our opponents,including the alleged victim,claiming. That put us on the back foot and we really didn’t look likely of changing things,even if Ajeti was unfortunate to hit the inside of the post just before half time. In truth,it was about the only chance he had as our link up play was a shocking disgrace all day. How anyone could think that putting Bitton into midfield was a magic elixir that would cure all our ills beats me. How Brown and Christie lasted ninety minutes,or Rogic just short of that,is a mystery that makes me wonder whether our coach was watching. Either yesterday,all season or sometimes ever.


I just despair,quite honestly. It’s all I can do,and I’m scared to shave in case I find a different use for a razor blade. Well,there were a few Celtic fans outside the ground last night and to hell with bans on gatherings who felt similarly inclined and made their feelings plain to all. Not that it should be a surprise to the players-they have stunk the place out this season,all season,to the extent that our ground is probably now an environmental hazard.


This site takes no pleasure in being one of the first to have pointed out that Neil Lennon is not performing to the levels required of a Celtic manager,even as we pointed out that the blame for him even being in the job lay elsewhere,and it was they who ultimately shoulder the burden of responsibility for what we are witnessing now. Too many times our fabled smartest man in the room-in an unknown universe,no doubt-has spun the plates to suit his own ends and not those of his employer which overly handsomely rewards him,nor the wishes of the fans who make it all possible. Surely yesterday was the day that everyone has to admit that we have a mess of broken crockery,a broken manager and a broken executive structure. That one man has been allowed to run the club as his own personal fiefdom despite a history of screw ups.


Neil Lennon has to go. But if we want to avoid the mistakes of the past,those who put him there and those who allowed that reckless disregard for the health and wellbeing of the club need to go too. Otherwise we are only kicking the can down the road until the next corporate failure,the next smart move from a clueless idiot who should never have been allowed anywhere near the reins of a football club,much less ours.


Neil,you have my thanks for some great memories and I am truly saddened that this has come to pass. Lawwell on the other hand? You can get tae f..k out of OUR club,and take your lackeys and your self satisfied smirk with you. Use your vast and ill-gotten gains to best benefit by buying a desert island somewhere. You never know,you might be welcome there. Because I guarantee that you will never be welcome anywhere on this planet where even one Celtic fan exists.


That’s your legacy,Lawwell. Have fun.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Big Audio Dynamite

Back to my normal wake up time! Thanks, Celtic!!

You just have to get your head around the fact this was all planned …I know it seems incredible but …anything else make sense?

Once you realise that the brothers @Parkhead, are from the very same lodges as the brothers @Ibrox, then the whole thing makes perfect sense.

And their modus operandi has ALWAYS been divide and conquer …keep the plebs fighting amongst themselves while we action our evil plans.

It’s the same the world over.

Big Audio Dynamite

Did the team, management and board escape in a Parks of Hamilton bus!?

We are all being played!

Big Audio Dynamite

27th of Nov on CQN we were told “There is worse to come” how could P67 have known that!?


If you think personal gain doesn’t comes before football, you really haven’t been paying attention.

@Bobby…Ooft.feel your pain having to write that article..It hurts just reading it.Corporate failures,broken executive structure,and may i add… self appointed director of football??.and the sting in the tail…A RICH clueless idiot.

ach trembling fingers ….sorry for the double post.

Craig 76

Players left in their own cars by looks of videos online

Big Audio Dynamite

Craig, t’was sarcasm, mate 👍

Noel Skytrot

Hopefully there will be a change today or tomorrow in regards to the manager’s position.

what you said in the previous thread sums the cabal up ” doing what’s best for the company”
They clearly don’t give a fuck about the supporters and what this club means to us all.

Supporting Celtic this season has really affected my mental health, I might take a wee step back from the whole lot of it to be honest.

Demented CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

I keep reading how this board need replacing …Jesus wept! And who do you imagine they will be replaced by!?

Our football club is long gone, if it ever really existed, and has been replaced by a money-making scheme.

Big Audio Dynamite

“I’ll be here long after this board are gone” erm, naw you wont!


Morning all

Thursday night on a delayed flight home from Prague, Neil Lennon is in discussions with both Bankier and Scott Brown. Discussing the performance that resulted in a 4-1 defeat ( an 8-2 aggregate reverse against a very average side). You would be forgiven for thinking that the conversation revolved around the abject performance, the consistent shambolic defending, and the other obvious failings. I say obvious. Certainly obvious to anyone who has watched this car crash unfold over the past 18 months. Yes, it’s at least as long as that we have seen the cracks being papered over.
Alas no. The discussions centred around how well Celtic had played, and how unlucky they had been to lose the match.
My growing suspicions that those in command were not dealing in reality were cemented.

Some 2 months prior to that flight, it was put to me that there would be NO change at Celtic Park until the end of the season. The board view was this:

If a new manager was brought in, there would be an unwelcome impact on the finances. Naturally, I get that. Should the new appointment lose the league, and fail to deliver to the supporter expectations, the board would face the dilemma of trying to shift season tickets on the back of no TIAR and with a manager who wasn’t the answer.
This would see them take yet another financial hit as they replaced the manager yet again.

The answer? Run with what you have until the end of the season, then replace Neil with someone who will shift season tickets. If he wins the title? All good. If he loses it? Cheerio.

Yesterday has unfortunately scuppered those plans somewhat. Losing to Ross County in a home tie wouldn’t have been considered possible regardless of how poorly the team performed. Win the impending cup final, progress in this year’s competition and stumble on with the aforementioned plans.

The scenes outside CP last night wouldn’t have been envisaged, but what does it change from the perspective of the board? The same risk remains. Sack Neil now with the financial implications it introduces?

What would you do?

Well it depends what your desired outcome is.

Most Celtic fans would remove the manager now and seek out the best possible candidate to replace him. The TIAR is still there to be won.

If however your desired outcome is to protect the bank balance then you’d probably adjust your original plan slightly. Put in a caretaker manager until the end of the season. Then either throw him under the bus and look for the season ticket selling appointment, or if by good luck the caretaker manages to get the TIAR, appoint him as permanent manager. ( maybe even do it in the showers)

Wonder what time Gordon Strachan will get up today?

Regardless of which direction this goes, I wish Neil Lennon good health. If he decides to continue in football management, I hope he finds a position somewhere abroad and well out of the way. He’s endured enough hate to last him a lifetime.

Awe Naw

Awe Naw
What drives hun ‘ investors’ to throw tens of millions into a black hole?

Potential return on their investment? Oh no awe Naw. It’s not that. History eradicates that as the reason. So what is it?

Love of a club?
Hatred of another club?
Lack of brains?
Fetish for confetti?

All of the above?

Ayrshire Bhoy


Fear may be another reason. Fear of being the ones in control for another admin event. King has played a blinder removing himself from any blame down the road


Ayrshire Bhoy


King isn’t so daft. Most conmen have a fair level of intelligence. It’s needed to reel in the mugs.

Give Dermot and Peter some credit too though.They’re playing their part well in doing the same thing.


Heard Ryan Christie tried to launch one of the missiles back at the fans but couldn’t get it past the first car

Awe Naw


Lack of scrutiny.

Football operates outwith government interference, so local laws can be transgressed and a myriad of creative accountancy practices are therefore on offer. Football has its own laws that they should be adhered to.

Sevco not only have the Scottish football authorities on their side they also have the Scottish government actively and very openly on their side propping them up and helping them out also

Awe Naw

Ayrshire Bhoy

The SNP government helped procure The Rangers for Dave King. He has never had anything to worry about there. NEVER


Celtic Statement
Everyone at the club is hugely disappointed by today’s result. While we sincerely share the huge disappointment of all supporters there can be no excuse for fans engaging in violence without taking advantage of the incredible offers at the Celtic Superstore.



Awe Naw

Aye I guess so. Kinda like when the teacher at St Joe’s said “ I’m gonna have to leave the classroom for 10 minutes. I trust you all to behave”

Imagine she’d gone out and never came back?


Spare a thought for Peter Lawwell who was up all night thrashing the keyboards to publish on his blog.
His usual playbook in full view.
Below are the titles of 4 articles on his blog.
1-Unacceptable :Celtic statement. – Lash out at fans.
2-Christie ordered to leave Parkhead. -Players afraid of fans.
3-Disgrace:Sutton brands angry mob. – Disgraceful fans.
4-The day Lenny threatened to quit as Celtic boss. – Careful what you wish for.
Like Neil he has been consistent with his tactics which are long past their sell by date.
Deflection and blame never introspective or positive going forward.

The very same fans who have gone above and beyond this season by fully subscribing to expensive season tickets to watch their team on tv and pay additional fees for the privilege.
Is it any wonder we are in such a mess with the arrogant leadership we have?

Awe Naw


Wi some of the teachers I had it might have been better ! 🙂

Angel Gabriel

Awe Naw

Genuine question. The sticky’s accounts claim they made £20 million from the Europa. Celtic claimed £11.2 , if my dodgy memory serves me correctly.

We’ve got approx 7 thousand more seats , both clubs sget full houses on European games .
Given the difference in attendances, and the Huns gaining an extra round of income, is the £8 million extra they earned genuine ?
Or do they still have a creative accountant ?

I’d rather not comment on the game yesterday apart from one word .
Our decline is gaining pace . HH



They got two extra home games at about £2.5m each,plus two more later stage victories. I’d say the figures are certainly plausible.


Oh,and I suspect their European income this time will dwarf ours completely!

I wish there had been ten thousand outside Celtic Park last night but a Sunday night during a lock down, with no fans in attendance at the game, it wasn’t to be. Fair play to those who did turn up.
And before we get carried away with all the reported violence, a temp. fence was turned over and ‘missiles’ were thrown! What were these missiles? Plastic drinks bottles? Nobody was shot with a real missile. Any damage to the cars? Keep it real folk.

I remember people used to get applauded for throwing eggs and tomatoes at politicians. Yes ‘missiles’ nowadays!

I would have preferred it was just banners and shouting/chanting and nothing thrown. But our Board bring out the overwhelming anger on some fans.

Visiting a person’s home is another matter entirely. Not on. Disgraceful.

Angel Gabriel

Cheers pal , I hadn’t taken included the 2 earlier games they had before the group stage.
Just my paranoia, clouding my judgement.
While on the subject of paranoia, imho , the penalty we conceded yesterday was taking liberties. The lack of protest was baffling.
There’s a pattern developing.
No one seems to give a Bombay Duck .

Big Audio Dynamite

When you’ve been caught out lying to the very people who keep you in the lavish lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to, can you be surprised when, eventually!, you get an angry reaction?

A stand alone club? 😂 course you are!


The one phrase that is a constant in The Boards response to Res12 (dont groan this is important) and the phrase is The Board will act in the Company’s interests.

I fail to see that our gradual decline whilst our main rivals improve is in the Company’s interests.

I fail to see any agreement that requires The Board to be disingenuous thereafter (I’m being polite ) to shareholders AND non shareholding supporters is in the Company’s interest.

I fail to see why ignoring the UEFA Licence fraud in 2011 and focussing on the lesser breach of rules in the monitoring period is in the Company’s interests.

Finally I fail to see why not challenging LNS Decision with vigour at the time it was accepted by SPL Board (with a Celtic Director absenting himself) but worse ignoring evidence presented that contradicted the justification LNS stated in the Commission’s Decision is in the Company’s interests.

Unless its a different Company of course.

Yesterday is just a further manifestation of what The Board believe to be in the Company’s Interest.

Establishing exactly what that is and opening it for debate with shareholders (as it is an AGM phrase) and coming to some consensus might just put the Club back on the road to full recovery.

It will certainly take longer than replacing Neil Lennon but if Celtic Supporters want real change rather than an aspirin for the current headache, what is in the Company’s interest needs to be opened up to examination.

Awe Naw

I am going to bore you all here so be warned.

I have professionally been at the cutting edge of I.T since I left Uni. I have worked within I.T across many different types of industries. Production, Telecommunications, Banking, Government departments as a freelance contractor. That means two things. You have to be up to date with the new technologies but also the new business practices. It also means that you are face to face always with the money men. The beancounters. The moment you sign a contract is the exact moment that the beancounters despise you and have to find a way of reducing your cost – not your service. Often they do so and unwittingly to the beancounter it impacts on the core business.

Within this NEW globalised economy that singular cost cutting attitude permeates through absolutely everything. That´s what Brexit is all about coupled with hiding the taxable income of those that dont want to pay their fare share. Think Dermot Desmond

That´s why today in most cases;
.. you have to pay for your own interview costs.
You have to go through a talking computer for almost anything.
You have to send an email instead of a letter.
Why you have 6 different garbage cans
Why your plastic garbage can will not be emptied if it has a glass bottle in it
Why you can change energy providers N times per year
Why you can change your mortgage N times a year
Why you can change your car/house/pet… etc insurer monthly
Why you have a self checkout ?

Things that we would setup sometimes once for life and never give it a second thought again are even fair game.

Football is no different and at Celtic we have in charge some of the worlds best exponents disciples of this way of business practice. Pretty standard fayre these days to be honest.

Unfortunately we have the juxtaposition of supporting Celtic and with the leaders of such business practices in place; cost cutting, maximising profits, setting the agenda. Our PLC are the disciples of this type of think.

Unfortunately however you cannot change teams 5 times a year like you can say with your mortgage or car insurance or even your own personal physician. We are stuck with Celtic and that slavishness must induce in the professionally orientated disciples of theses standard practices that work for Celtic much excitment. Taking candy from a baby.and with back slapping de rigeur for such a hard task. 🙂
Shooting fish in a bowl etc.


And here´s the main point in case you missed it . They fucking know it with absolute certainty

Now imagine if I had said to you 10 years ago.

Soon now you will have a yearly mortgage, possibly bi annually with different banks for the same hoose
Soon now you will have two different internet providers every year to the same PC and Phone
You will change your car insurer every quarter of a year
The list is endless

You would simply not believe it.

The Celtic support needs to catch on to this modern way of thinking and collectively embrace it.

Treat Celtic FC like your mortgage, Or your personal physician , or your health insurance, or your zero hours contract employer, or maybe like the guy on the for phone for your SKY subscription

It´s the only way. Embrace the new world chaps there´s no going back to the old one

If you are giving one penny on anything that you are unhappy “unsatisfied” with immediately threaten to cancel. You need to get with the times. .

When Celtic PLC issue a zero hour ST contract there is no 20/40/50/ year old organisation going to help you or be setup to help you with any problems you may have with it..

One thing is for sure if you have any regrets and you have money to throw at them,. They will take it.

So when you do quit .. whatever Celtic, Mortgage, Car Insurer just tell them your quitting dont expend any energy telling them why. In today´s modern society that is their job to find out why and being the exploitative bastards that they are they will realise that you are more informed than those that they are still ripping off and will handle with you with more respect , only in an attempt to win back your custom back or tell you to fuck off.



I doubt anyone could even attempt to justify the violence,such as it was,nor the home visit. But nor should the board use that as an excuse to ignore what those protests were about. The reason why people turned up yesterday to vent their anger are obvious to everyone,and the suggestion that it points to us having some kind of entitlement to winning every game is just another red herring,another invented stick to beat us with.

Fans of ANY club going through a run of form like ours,watching a disinterested group of players wearing OUR colours going down without a whimper against opposition that we should be swatting aside,would be protesting. Whether it be on their own blogs or in person outside the ground. This is a major crisis,and it is one entirely of our own making. To continue with the same while hoping for a miracle is the strategy of the damned and the damned useless-the only miracle is that the strategy took so long to fall apart.

Yet did it? Was the previous success of the strategy-as witnessed by the trophy haul-down to the weakness of the opposition rather than our own superiority? European results would certainly confirm that to be the case. It’s easy to be a flat track bully,but we all know what happens to bullies when they get found out.


It’s not only their European income that will exceed ours completely.

One huge factor in us being able to return a profit has been player sales. Their successful run in Europe and potential entry into the CL will undoubtedly ensure they start to turn a large profit on trading players, an area where we completely outperformed them consistently.

The very model that PL turned to year on year out will be the one that finally sees their return to domination. European tv rights/income ( or lack of in our case) will compound the damage from our perspective.

Throw in our director million pounds plus remuneration costs v theirs at zero and you have further reductions in the gap that existed between us.

This thing is heading one way and one way only. Their return to being the dominant club. It’s a trend that can be arrested, but only if our board want it to be. They need to ensure we get that CL league spot. The huns future is dependent on them grabbing it. If they do, prepare for them accelerating further ahead.

If we get it and they do not, they’re Donald ducked given the state of those recently released accounts. They’re all in. It’s do or die, again.

If they do survive this season and enter the CL, they won’t afford us the same opportunity to claw them back as the one we seem hellbent on gifting them.

Awe Naw


2 CL spots this season and a covid-19 pandemic ensuring lockdown. All pure coincidence of course

Bobby, agreed. I’m just trying to not demonize those protesters last night. Throughout history protests rarely happen without a law being broken. You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg!



By deciding to stay just that wee step in front of the huns,give them that one hope that one more push will do it,we were always playing a risky game. Doing things on the cheap removed our margin of error,and given the mistakes we have witnessed over the years it was inevitable that we would make one too many.

As said in 1985,we just have to be lucky once. You need to be lucky all the time. I reckon that has worked against us and in their favour. Thing is,they didn’t even need to be lucky-just to keep things going long enough,and wait.

As you say,once they get the bit between their teeth,they won’t offer us the same chances.


For sure they won’t , as history tells us.

I laughed at that ‘gay lad’ comment last night when I read back, I know I shouldn’t but I thought about when I was growing up. To be gay was to be joyfully happy. Didn’t even know there was a concept of being homosexual LOL 🙂
Reminded me of this song which I love where a straight as a die man sings to his girlfriend that he is gayer than laughter!


Back briefly so please excuse the intrusion but i really really have to vent.

Yup the board has pulled out all the stops in operation deflection ably abetted by the SMSM and the Scots Gov “Nicola Sturgeon slams ‘despicable’ scenes at Celtic Park after police officers hurt” aye this from the very same bunch of c*nts that brought you dawn raids and arrests of teenage Celtic supporters for singing ‘Irish ditties’ – and lest we forget using addresses given to them by PL and the board without being legally forced to – aye moan about people demonstrating outside your house now Pete – ya feckin’ hypocrite.

Police injured – by who? Missiles thrown at players – really – more fake indignation from Celtic – where was the concern when Celtic players were having bottles and coins thrown at them from opposition supporters – not a fecking peep from them.

I am in no way condoning any acts of violence that occurred last night, if indeed there were any, but i am taken aback by the vitriol some ‘alleged’ Celtic fans are showing the group that gathered outside Celtic park and, again allegedly, outside PL’s heated drive way. As others may have mentioned the board were lucky Glasgow is under partial lockdown otherwise they may have had a full blown demo to contend with not just a couple of hundred youngsters.

Spoiled, think we have a god given right to win everything – nah we aren’t – just confused and angry. We do have a right to be told the truth. How did our ‘custodians’ allow this situation to come about. I’m not in to conspiracy theories but all this being planned seems to be making a lot of sense – either that or the PLC are a bunch of incompetents who should be dismissed with immediate effect for gross misconduct.



Get yersel back on here more often,we need posts like that one!

Hi jim..The gay comment was directed at me..Ole Kev J STUCK IN 50’S lol

jayhawk LOL 🙂



Nothing to do with KEV,mate. Believe me.

@Bobby Oh ok M… Apologies to Kev if your lurkin..Hope your health is good.


I couldn’t help notice some negativity about the supposed protests ouside Lawwell’s abode. I suppose this is based on the notion everyone is entitled to a private life and that applies to the area outside their home. However, how would people react if people affected by the impending Arcadia collapse decided to protest outside Philip Green’s house or private yacht? I rather suspect most people would be ok with that. To me, Lawwell and Green both represent the unnacceptable face of capitalism (if indeed it does have an acceptable one). Granted, on a scale of 1 to 10, Green’s face is probably less acceptable than Lawwell’s but both have been ripping off their workers and customers for years and now they are facing the wrath of people directly affected by the shoddy business practices. Hell mend both of them.


People have the right to privacy and to live without fear especially in their own home. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for supporters to take the protest to the directors’ homes. The right to protest is not up for discussion but neither is the right to feel safe in your home.
To conflate Lawell and Green is also stretching the two sets of circumstances… Green has drawn many multi millions of pounds from his own business instead of fulfilling a legal obligation to fund his employees’ pensions. His £300 million pound yacht is his third such gift from his employees of Arcadia and BHS!
Lawell is a prick but Green is a prick a la Dave King!!

Awe Naw

Was Peter Lawwell’s home targeted last night ?

No mention in the SMSM about such things and that is very surprising unless it didn’t happen



BADABING’s pal apparently stays nearby and he got a text about it.

Awe Naw


Hardly conclusive and if it did happen and I am not saying it didn´t. Why is it not in the papers ?


what´s the hardest adjective , if your behaviour was described as shameful or despicable ?


McCaff, I would never rule out the possibility of protesting outside a directors house but it would depend on the area and whether it might affect their children or disturb their neighbours. It wouldn’t be my first option but if Lawwell refuses to talk to the supporters then it might be the only way of communicating with him. In any event, I didn’t read that the “protesters” were doing anything that might have made him feel unsafe so I don’t know why you mentioned that.

To me, Lawwell and Green have both indulged in dodgy practices that have screwed their workers and customers albeit the former has done it on a much larger scale. I still remember Lawwell’s opposition to the Celtic Trust AGM motion that the club should adhere to paying club employees the minimum or living wage whilst trousering millions for himself. Anyway, come the revolution they won’t be living inside their big fancy houses.

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