Someone hide the typewriter

In a land that is accustomed to regularly biased sometimes outrageous statements, given the timing and feeling amongst the support, this one will take some time to be beaten.
It was the wrong words, at the wrong time, from the wrong person.
And it was totally unnecessary in my view.


After Sundays defeat we had the Celtic tv interview with Lenny, then we had the Celtic Park gathering, which brought forth a tweet from the boardroom which considered deflection.
Then we had the Records correct claim that DD wouldn’t take the plunge because of what they see as flourish mob behaviour, and yesterday seen the Captain plus big Christopher Julienne rolled with positive vibe interviews.
So with no real news to impart, and plenty enough interaction going on so as not be seen as hiding, I see no reason whatsoever to issue this statement in the first place.


Peter certainly did. With no imperative,tensions running high, every word scrutinized, the chance of super spreader events, IF one feels the need to open one’s mouth, then be extra careful with what is said.
But no.


Strength in Adversity is not a phrase Im accustomed to, not one I would use, and frankly smacks of a different mindset.
‘Strength in numbers’ and ‘Unity is strength’ jump to mind but never this particular saying.
‘All in this together’ or ‘United we can succeed’ would have connected much more with the rank and file fan, exactly who needs reassured right now with positive actions and not unwise words.


And what Adversity exactly?
There’s no gathered enemies we need to resolutely face, no attack from those who would revel in our demise, no bogey man.
There’s no adversity, there’s a trail of incompetency and complacency throughout our entire institute that has lead us to the point of squandering our hard built advantage. After year’s and years of being told all is fine. It’s a travesty that would be comical if it wasn’t so serious.


And then the very first line irked me.
‘Like all those with Celtics best interests at heart’ are fine fine words.
You recently advised all that voting against Res11 and before that Res12 was not in the companies best interests.
So who’s best interests exactly do you represent, as both aint cutting it and what happens when those interests clash, who prevails? Let me guess, not Celtic.
It’s debatable whether our interests do align to be honest, being as far removed from the rank and file as one could get.


The statement itself can easily be seen as a mistimed ‘Cmon now’ which only serves to antagonize when that happens to sum up the very feeling we have regarding boards actions, or lack of them.
It also somewhat ironic that the man shouting Cmon looks sure to be leaving soon.


Throwing up past glories is cheap when one of the tenets of football is you’re only as good as you’re last game.
Hiding behind the upcoming Cup final, something which may well see the ship run aground if a new Captain is not found, also shows a lack of understanding.
‘Early part of the season’ and ‘long way to go’ ring very hollow when it’s now December, and the form of our last ten games suggests we will win nothing.


Claiming the supports real concerns are being heard by the club raises eyebrows, as I must ask how exactly are they listening. Reading the comments under their tweets or the blogs every morning?
I would love to know how they consider themselves to have their ear to the ground, finger on the supports pulse.
Never ever gave me that impression before. Fans would have loved the bent refs tackled, anyone listening to concerns would know that.


The club is ripe for a restructuring, recent events will not only have highlighted that but hastened it. It’s clear we need a Public Relations department when that happens. Many would have wished for it, many more just did.


‘Moving forward together’ is wishful thinking at this stage, perhaps an oxymoron.
Do your jobs and we shall see.
Put Celtic first could easily be thrown right back at the boardroom.
The fans fully delivered for this season, wish the rest could say the same.

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Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, my post was genuine, in as much as I’m already past the end of my rope with Celtic. Saying I’m disgusted would be a massive understatement. I hope others realise I just need a place to vent, as I’m not surrounded by Celtic supporting mates and never have been …being from Bridgeton I’m surrounded again by gloating Huns!

Maybe more than anything, that explains a portion of my anger & why I need somewhere to express it while surrounded by like-minded people. I’m genuinely sorry if the repetition in my posts is off-putting for some, but I am where I am through no fault of mine.

I feel like I just married the love of my life, only to find her with her pants at her ankles at the reception!

Margaret McGill

2 coalescing analogies.

In the modern world every business uses IT.
Technology companies invest in IT.
Service companies (like airlines) understand IT and invest in IT but not as much as IT companies.
Manufacturing companies treat IT like the electric bill. Its an overhead to be cut. Manufacturing hate investing in IT. Their mentality is more 19th Century than 20th.

The laws of physics dictate the IT service triangle. You can have

1. Good service
2. Fast service
3. Cheap service


If you always want cheap then you have to forgo speed or quality.
Most manufacturing companies pick cheap fast rubbish.
I think Celtic PLC operate like a manufacturing company but then what are they manufacturing?
Then it dawned on me. OF Bigotry! plain and simple and you are paying!
Dont buy the product.


I hope it’s not a foursome you’re suggesting Mike!! 🤔😘


BAD…I think that’s how Mike’s feeling about Clare Grogan at the minute 🤣🤣🤣


…and VP too🤣🤣🤣



I had her in the back of my mind,mate. More than once…


Ayrshire Bhoy and anyone else.
Here’s James Forrest ‘s response to me.
He’s put it much more eloquently than me and I hope no one minds me copying his response.
I thinks it’s a huge deal and one that let’s us see the mindset of the PLC.

What happened to the 90 Minute Cynic guys is plainly outrageous mate.

All day, every day, the MSM snipes at our club, lies about it, rakes through the bins for whatever tittle-tattle they can find. Last month one tabloid regurgitated a story from a month before about Frimpong’s personal life which had the sum total of zero to do with another living soul.

The press gets the red carpet. But fan media? Total disdain.

The club’s entire press and PR policy is an ever evolving nightmare of epic proportions with this week producing – via the club’s own leaks – some of the worst headlines in years, followed by a call for unity. When they’ve been kicking the fans since Sunday.

You couldn’t even argue that the price for admission at a press conference is conformity; some of these titles would kill us just to watch us die. it’s another example of the fans being treated with contempt. The last thing they want are people in there asking real questions, who can’t be fobbed off with “access” and tea and biscuits round the boardroom table.

These guys did one thing wrong; they did what they were supposed to do.

If you’re in the social media real and you’re not holding your own club to account, how can you honestly write about anything else? Those guys did their job and that’s the club’s response to it.



I said this to her as I dropped her at the airport ” we all love you Clare” she gave me that look
WTF ! Stalker alert :O)



I’ll bet she was smiling really.

Mike in Toronto


I didn’t mean to diminish what you are feeling, as I do get what you are feeling. Just wondered (more to help me understand my own situation, perhaps) why you still hang on, in some fashion. But, apologies if I have caused any offence. Was not my intention.

Awe Naw

I have always intimated that our PLC have an innate instinctive cake and eat it attitude. They always intend to kill as many birds with one stone as they can. This is how they go about their business. It demonstrates and publicises ruthlessness efficiency. It boosts ego’s and bank accounts. The PLC are unified in their main aims and what priorities they are given. Unlike Sevco our main aim is to strive to increase income not footballing excellence. No risks will be taken with the main vehicle which is Celtc, Old Firm, Scottish football

Nobody has criticised Celtic PLC more than me but I admit to being “surprised” at the Boards behaviour over the summer. I was deeply concerned that they were not behaving in their innate instinctive manner. How come ? Why was nobody sold ? Why did we outlay 20m in one window ? without taking anything in ? Is that the first time ever ? Yes we lost both goalies over money. it was a very unusual window I thought. Especially when we walked the SPL last season and we are in a Covid-19 pandemic . talk about risky WHY SO RISKY?. Was it just because Sevco were buying and not selling ?

You guys now know me well and I am an easily fooled hopeless Celtic romantic. I thought that maybe because Neil had not only finished Brendan’s work and retained the treble and won his EL group with games to spare he had almost retained his own treble, probably would have if it hadn’t been for Covid-19 and had therefore proven himself to the board and the support that they had a safe pair of hands with Neil. That wee bit more investment could get us ready for going one or two rounds further in the EL and increase our chance of CL qualification.

Talking about CL qualification. If Celtic and Sevco this season garner together more UEFA coefficient points than Shakthar Donetsk this season then the first of the 2 CL places that the SPFL will have for season 21/22 will automatically qualify for the CL. So next season winning the SPFL will in all probability bring in around 40m quid guaranteed.

So when DD was wheeled always a worry out to wax lyrical and comparing this squad to the Sevilla squad it all kind of added up for me, along with the deserved praise for those that bought a VST in an act of faith. It was a little bit of payback for them also.

That´s all well and good but then the covid-19 pandemic had struck and that affected everything. Well one thing it affected, revenue. Transfer fees and wages for footballers dropped along with match day income. A double whammy. This is why we behaved so unusually and kept onto all off the players. We will get a better price next year was the thinking. We will buy not sell we will have a better season than last and therefore the market will be a better place for sales or the possibility of capturing permanently some of our loanees. Low risk high reward strategy. These business decisions have a higher priority than any football management concerns.You have to be concerned that they will take precedent over getting points on the board and your professional reputation as a player and manager could be impacted.

The squad becomes more bloated. Players who have had promises made to them and then broken are less motivated. Players see their playing positions under threat. Neil Lennon has never handled such a large squad and would be telling us the squad didn’t need strengthened if that was the result of the recruitment anyway. so it becomes a pantomime from being told you are the future to being third choice. Along with Covid-19 pandemic the whole atmosphere becomes sterile. I´d also suggest they’ve all had Covid-19 related pay cuts. In fact honestly last Thursday I was asking myself if they had been paid at all this season yet ? 🙂 I wonder if the SPFL accountants who are still holding up last seasons prize money has affected bonuses or because it was not won on the park it´s bonus dispute time. It´s all one big hell of a problem but if your main aim and priority is maxmising income over everything else … then you do an Arsenal

Then you have the cake and eat it problem with Sevco and Scottish football as a product. No Oid Firm. No product. If you are experienced enough to know that the strategy of breaking promises while new better paid, proven nothing prima donnas are getting preferential treatment then it may take a season or two to get that all sorted out as efficiently and more importantly as cheaply as possible.a transparent clear out. If you had previous experience you might just buy Willo Flood only. You might ignore /overlook you`re fiduciary duty. etc but the OF product would still be viable and you certainty don’t want to revisit that problem Ever again..

If you were to do that then you would bank a wad of cash before doing it. Wouldn’t you ? You would choose a time when there was two CL places up for grabs and you would be in with a hell of a good chance of recapturing the SPFL title back and then automatically qualify for the CL 40 million guaranteed. All squares circled well as many as possible. I mean how many birds can you kill with one stone ?

What do I know I am just a hopeless Celtic romantic who is standing up for Neil Lennon who like him, is grasping at straws.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, absolutely no offence taken, mate.

Why I hang on? Other than anger, I think it is because it is something I have loved, deeply, for over 40 years. I may be able to decide paying into this now is out the question, but my anger has a long way to go before it is exhausted. Or it could be just as simple as misery liking company.

Maybe I’m a little angry at my own naivety in thinking Celtic was pure, good and untarnished …I was badly wrong!


BAD…if we consider the Board and the PLC as ‘Celtic’ then, yes! we’re fecked!! If your idea of Celtic runs to its’ supporters and THEIR ethos, rather than the Corporate ethos we are run according to, then there has to be hope that there can be an uneasy alliance somewhere down the line. A truce that allows our Club to be successful on and off the pitch allied to a proper moral code that reflects the intentions of the Founders!!

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, hey mate.

Knowing what you know now, would you buy a SB next year? I can see no way that I will, and that makes me genuinely sad. I’m not gonna lay out my supporting credentials, but I couldn’t be this angry about something I didn’t feel way down in my soul. I’m heartbroken at the part my club has played in the corruption andI just don’t know how to switch off from that and enjoy Celtic again.

I think we are in totally different places, mate. I think any change in the boardroom will only involve the faces changing.


Many great postings these last few days. I took Rebus67 advice and watched Uncle Frank on very good movie comparable to Bernadette.
I feel like a championship boxer who got beat up and lost his title,I feel empty with what’s happening to our club , I associate club to a place to go enjoy yourself with friends. I am losing that feeling it’s getting knocked out of me.
The Times they are a changin

Evening all and Packy.

Gordon Duncan, the host on Superscoreboard mentioning tonight that refunds from last season’s tickets is all over social media. I hope thousands do it. Give the Board a warning what is ahead at renewal time. They even mentioned the possibility of empty top tiers next season. I hope DD is hearing all this. Stop thinking he knows best.

bada bing1

Ian McCall defending NL,against that hun rat McIntyre on Shortbread

Mark Guidi on SSB trying to calm a Celtic caller down by saying tomorrow’s result means nothing, effectively a dead rubber. All that matters is Sunday’s result against St. Johnstone.

Is that how low we have become?. Celtic playing against AC Milan means nothing to us! We should meekly expect a thrashing but hope more for a result against St. J. in the league. Desperate times.

bada bing1

JTT- most guys are saying the same, that’s how far we’ve fallen

bada bing1

Good documentary on BBC with Anton Ferdinand, will be on catch up,John Terry is a fkn reptile…

Bada Bing, I know, that’s why it’s so sickening – it’s true!

Sol Kitts, In an international friendly today the Brazilian women beat the Ecuadorian women 8-0.
Did you manage to get a stream to check out the refereeing?

Sol Kitts

Was at work all day, but I’ll see if it’s on YouTube.

It’s all right Sol Kitts I was just trying to wind you up! 🙂

Sol Kitts

From the BBC Sport website.

Police Scotland are investigating a report of “possible financial irregularities” at St Mirren.
Enquiries are at an early stage after the fan-owned Scottish Premiership club were made aware of “several historic issues” following their annual audit.
St Mirren say recommendations were made and approved by the board, before the “relevant authorities” were contacted.
They added the club “will co-operate fully in all aspects of the process and with all relevant authorities”.
The Paisley outfit confirmed it has appointed accountants to carry out “a thorough forensic review of its operations” to ensure “the club’s reputation is utterly beyond reproach”.
Chief executive Tony Fitzpatrick added: “Fans can be confident that all actions taken are in the best interest of St Mirren to ensure it continues to be a club of which our supporters can be proud.”
Police Scotland told BBC Scotland they are “investigating a report of possible financial irregularities involving a football club in the Paisley area” and that “enquiries are at an early stage”.

Maybe plod just got lost on the way to Govan……😎

Sol Kitts

I thought you had seen something worth a look. Oh well……⚽️

Mike in Toronto

For a change of pace, how about a new album from Del Amitri ….

or does Justin know something?

Close your eyes and think of England

St. Mirren were supposed to make £200k from Celtic in 2015?



You are a fucking arsehole of the first order. An attention seeker and a fraud.

Apart from that you are ok ya prick.

big packy

PHILBHOY, dont take your arguments with me on sentinel celts, if you want to have a pop at me for telling the truth ,go on to CQN..

Sol Kitts

Talking about refs, check out this guy….


Big Packy

You were looking for hauners on here the last time you were putting the mix in on CQN.

big packy

VOGUEPUNTER, lets go over to CQN and stop the nice posters on here getting embroiled in this.



You come onto CQN kick up a fuss and fuck off back here.

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Sol Kitts

Wow, Fred just head-butted a PSG player and the ref gave a yellow card. Incredible.


big packy

No, you go on about big bad bhoys picking on you and wee Joan’s is in tears ,playing the innocent
don’t fuck about .


Yoguepunter is correct, last week, when Bada was trying to give you friendly advice, you told him to go forth and multiply.
You then come on here and play the victim, many of us, read both blogs.
We see you. .

big packy

PHILBHOY, this has nothing to do with sentinel celts, as ive told your mate voguepunter, if you want to have a debate go on to CQN where all this started from .H.H.

big packy

JNP, was expecting that,but i say again,this has nothing to do with sentinel celts,



You come onto CQN and fuck about SENTINEL CELTS won’t hide you.

Bobby, Mahe, I expect you to intervene here. For 3 posters to suddenly appear and transfer this row from CQN on to SC is not on!


What you talking about, you were expecting that?
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big packy

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PHILBHOY, you called my mate jimthetim a scumbag remember that bet you do and i told bobby about it and its in the archives,

And your point is?

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big packy

PHILBHOY, no james forrest started it and gave you a kicking, and you came on here a separate blog and started kicking off, end of


“3 posters, to suddenly appear” I’m guessing, I’m one of them, I’ve been on here most of the day.
Same message to you, Jum, I’m stone cold sober, I don’t drink, don’t mess me around.
I’ve not suddenly appeared..
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Christ, imagine being in school with you, please sir.
B.P. knows exactly what he’s been up to?
Ask him to tell the truth, he’s not a victim.



James Forrest did no such thing. He’s a loud mouth bully abusing CQN. He was challenged and rightly so.

Now you’re a liar as well

big packy

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Awe Naw


How did you know Big Packy was on here? I never saw any posts in this thread today from him before you called him out. Or did I miss something?