2020 Vision – Dont Look Back In Anger



While this has truly been a year to forget for so many reasons,and one that nobody could really have forecast twelve short months ago,there is still some benefit to be had from hindsight and also some truth in some of the suggestions made at the time,even if they were viewed by most other people as simply the utterings of the paranoid.


Leaving the politics out of it,because after 2016 I will never think any political scenario to be impossible-I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that voter ID isn’t what is necessary to prove,but voter IQ-a year ago Celtic were motoring to the top of their European group despite some strong competition,about to face a resurgent and resuscitated southside opposition in a Cup final and performing strongly in the league,even if we couldn’t quite shake that other mob off.


Strong financial figures from the previous two sets of accounts-earned while Brendan Rodgers was manager-had put us in a good place,with around £40m in the bank,and the playing staff gave us grounds for optimism,even if there was a lingering fear regarding the reluctance of some to put their signature on an extended contract.


What arrived next was December,bookended by appalling displays against Sevco. Followed by a January of licking our wounds and about seven weeks of them shooting themselves in the foot as we motored ahead to Nine In A Row.


Drinks all round and heroes all round. Except that we had a problem,the aforementioned contracts. Celtic have a long established business model of ensuring that our more valuable players do not go into the last two years of their contract. They either sign up or move on and we will take the money on one hand and our chances with replacements on the other. But the decision was taken that none of the players in that category would be sold this time as we had that fabled Ten to go for-plus the pandemic meant that acceptable offers for the players in question simply weren’t there.


What WAS there though was the incredible willingness of our entire list of season ticket holders to pay their money to the club despite the virtual-pardon the pun-certainty that they wouldn’t be able to attend for much of the historic season.


And historic it has certainly been,up until now at least. Almost seventy years since we have been on such a historically bad run of results,so bad that current pensioners weren’t alive to witness it. But some things never change,with our board using the time-honoured ploy of blaming everything on malcontents,pouring oil on troubled waters by using despised outlets to spread their agenda against the supporters of the club,those people who paid their money in good faith,even though many could neither afford it nor justify it.


But let’s take the focus away from that for a bit,because the board for all their problems haven’t been directly responsible for the performances this season-even if the above suggests some reasons why they came about. The recent results and the poor performances prior to this run are down to the players and the manager. Even I can’t blame Peter Lawwell for them,even if they are only there because of his decisions.


Celtic are going for history this season,and every player in the squad should be playing to his maximum ability to make that history and to be part of it. But they aren’t. And what’s worse,it seems that many aren’t even playing for themselves. They aren’t putting themselves in the shop window with the scintillating performances of players who are baiting the hook for the big fish to come in with the offers they so much looked forward to this time last year. Nor are they even displaying the basic principle of professional pride,of besting your opponents just because you’re better than them and don’t you forget it. If they want to leave,if they are fed up with the club,the manager,the pubs being shut or whatever,the best way to go about it is usually NOT to play shite all season and throw your toys out of the pram,not if you want your career to continue on an upward trajectory.


Football may be somewhat different from most industries but all industries have certain common problems. One of them is that workers and managers don’t always agree on how best to do things. For years I thought I was cursed with bad managers-until I worked out the common denominator. Afterwards was still the same,by and large,but my reaction to it changed. I kept my toys in the pram and up until the summer I kept my job too. But I think Neil Lennon IS a bad manager,and events have proven this. And some players have spat the dummy as a result.


For Neil Lennon,it seems,he either loves you or he doesn’t. And if he loves you,he will take you to places as a player that you could only dream of. Think of the marvels he worked with the likes of Ledley,Samaras,Hooper,Commons,Mulgrew. Those players alone-and there are others-prove that he is actually a GOOD manager. None of them hit the heights again without him,but there are huge deficiencies too.


Those that he didn’t or doesn’t love.


My sister knows more about football than I do,and she certainly knows more about everything else too. We have spoken for years and in length about these problems,and with Neil Lennon you are in or you are out. And when he was appointed interim manager,we reckoned it was the right move under the circumstances. The shower scene,however,wasn’t. We saw it for the horror movie it turned out to be. Because not only had he not moved with the times,he was a black and white silent movie in a digital age-but some people have long memories.


So,back to the point. Ajer is raging that he didn’t get his move. So is Eddie. Both players were right at the top of their game and have a justifiable grievance. Neither has an excuse though for their performances,nor does anyone else. Christie wants out,despite only having had little over a year of good performances for us,go figure. Ntcham too and his year of good performances have been sporadic into his fifth year! But the big problems are with two other mainstays of the previous five years,and also with some who aren’t.


For Neil Lennon,it seems,he either loves you or he doesn’t,as I said. And something he wasn’t known for in his previous term was bringing through the youth. One thing he WAS known for was an unwillingness to play new signings,new talent. It seems to have little to do with ability on the pitch,whether in training or the real thing. It explains why so many were jettisoned without getting a chance,and that looks like being repeated with the likes of Karamoko Dembele,as an example. Pick your own,there are plenty. And just when you think I’m rambling here,I’ll tell you what I said to my sister after Neil Lennon was appointed.


You can wave goodbye to Tom Rogic and Callum McGregor. He had them and never played them. Sent them out on loan. They won’t forget that,he won’t forget that.


And what you see is what you get. How many potential Tom Rogic and CalMac did we lose out on? How many more? Like so many decisions made by our bean counter,his appointment is penny wise and pound foolish. That attitude has wrecked their own careers,but allowing it to wreck others too is indefensible.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Noel Skytrot

If you don’t want to play for us and win trophies, have the adulation of thousands of fans, possibly win a quadruple treble and ten in a row and be remembered forever in Celtic’s history it should be a simple case of off you fuck when the first opportunity becomes available. I get that things have changed in the market due to covid and may with Brexit but if any of the prima donnas want away, get them out. We need players who want to play for the club, not money grabbers, or those with a sense of self inflation regarding their skill set or ego.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Doh !
Posting on old thread like the muppet I am 🤦‍♂️

This is exactly the kind of game NL can thrive on turning around. If we don’t make a game of this, despite the quality of opposition, which we have the players to match btw, (imo), then it could be a long season. NL turns these thjgs around, but it can take time, and as you know, longer it takes the more difficult it becomes.
But there’s nothing to lose. Unless they go in fearing a drubbing.
Ffs. It’s a difficult one all round. Very hard to pick the team for this. All I know is, I’ll go in, hoping for a good bloody try to get in about them, and make it tough. The team are more than capable of beating this crowd. They’ve already proved it.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Mike in Toronto

Too quiet on here tonight. Who’s up for a raid on CQN? 

December 3, 2020 12:59 am


I’m right up for that. Will need your log in details though, ta 😁

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


Not sure why this was omitted, but in case you didn’t know, Credence Clearwater Revival were responsible for the hit song, Bad Moon Rising. Not sure why that wasn’t considered important there. Especially considering it was written around the same three chords as the Stranglers’ “Lola”.
Status Quo then made a career of bragging about using this musical simplicity to make themselves rich. While also coming up with crackers like “In the Army Now”.
Personally, I don’t trust any of these rock and roll feckers. Too much plagiarism.

Unless you’re Big Country. For some reason, no cunt has the balls to try and copy them or Big Stuart’s guitar work….

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


I hear you, but I find it hard to buy into this idea that players don’t play cos of a huff. They’re well trained in attitude as well as tactical skills, surely??? Maybe I’m wrong, and they are as susceptible to the emotional weaknesses we all are when young. But I can’t see it. At the same time, i don’t blame NL the way eveyone else does either.
I honestly see it as a snowball effect – losing a defence which we had only just started building later year, very successfully…to injury and Covid, then you have nerves filtering through the team, hence the ridiculous looking mistakes. Then the support get more edgy and irate, it all magnifies itself a 100 times.

NL could turn this around. He’s done it before, and is ridiculously under-rated by our own support at the moment.

This doesn’t change the fact that Lawell and the signing policy are 100% the reason why we’ve under achieved for 10 years, because he has repeatedly sent us into CL qualifiers without a defence. We have not had a settled defence for over a decade, even including VVD and JD. Even then, it was still ropey at times. Then as soon as it started to work, they were both gone.

That’s the issue, and is the cause of goalkeepers having their careers ruined and the rest of the team being nervy and lacking confidence. If you dont have a decent,.regular defence, you have no chance.

Ironically, I think this started to finally sink home last year, with the very good signings we made in defence. El Hammed looked like a brilliant singing. Frimpong too. And Julien.. But ironically, circumstances have punished Lawrell for realising it far too late.
He needs to move on.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Anyway, I’m away as my tendency to talk pish is not healthy for any of us 🤣

All my best to BP, JtT, BMCUW, and Rebus and Mahe and the sainted, sooth-saying legend that is Mags, and the rest of you.

Like all of you, I’ll be watching this evening on the edge of my seat, hoping for that bit of Celtic magic, which is what makes us special !!! But, most of all, I’ll love a good result for Lenny. Up there with TB in my mind. History won’t look kindly on how easily, and the way in which, so many seem to have turned on him. The most depressing thing I’ve found myself saying as a Celtic supporter.


What’s the best short medium or long term result tonight?

A win? Means nothing in the context of Europe which is gone ( other than a few extra ££ I guess) . Will it provide the kickstart needed? I doubt it very much though I’m sure Lenny would welcome the temporary relief it would provide.

A draw? Any point in a point. In normal circumstances a draw in this fixture would be seen as a good result. Tonight?

A narrow defeat? As above. In any other season we would be saying it wasn’t such a bad result v Serie A league leaders. This isn’t a normal season though.

A heavy defeat.?

This will be option the board fear most .It will pile more pressure on to the manager and in turn, themselves. Their faith in Lenny as shown in their latest statement will be put to the test.

Ironically, some will see the heavy defeat option as the best outcome, (and I don’t mean only huns) as it’s the only one that will see change. I honestly feel Lenny will walk should we take a pasting tonight though I know a few who think he won’t walk under any circumstances.
I think most fans, though not all, would want a change regardless of the result tonight, but I also believe, only a heavy defeat will see it happen.

So what do YOU think? Can you bring yourself to hope for a defeat that might facilitate change? I’m sure plenty will be saying they would never wish a Celtic defeat, countered by others who would tell you that historically it’s taken a defeat to see action taken.

Personally I can’t see anything less than a 3 goal defeat. No idea where that will leave us.

As an aside, here is something to ponder. I was out in the back yard of the factory a couple days ago talking to the director of a company across the estate who was looking to rent some space from me. I’d never met him before. He’d dropped in that same morning to see me just as I was leaving to go somewhere, so I told him to come back later. Chatting away and I see out the corner of my eye , the estate security guard ( hun) heading into my yard towards us.

I instinctively shouted “ I’m warning you, if you’re heading in here to wind me up about Celtic you can **** off right now”

He says “ oh no I wasn’t, I was just dropping by”. He chats for 5 minutes and leaves.

Anyway I’m now thinking “ bloody hell, if this Director is a Rangers supporter too, there goes the rental deal”

Transpires he wasn’t. He’s a Celtic man through and through. So we naturally get round to discussing all things Celtic and he tells me that he is one of a group of 14 who have been going to CP since the centenary season, and who have all agreed to call it a day. All 14! I told him I’d been there before but kept changing my mind and ultimately renewing. He said they have too but the difference is that this time it’s final. In fact he said they were in the process of deciding what to do with the £15k plus that they reckon they’ll save between them, and at the moment, a racehorse is top of their poll.
When I was discussing this same subject of renewal with my family, and said that they’d perhaps change their minds again, as we’ve done before, it was interesting that this time the mood was different. There is an undoubted determination that it’s over. Not Lenny, not potentially losing the TIAR, but the board , and in particular, PL. The penny has finally dropped that they’re being taken for mugs. Slow on the uptake? Guilty m’lud.

Celtic keep using the “ waiting list” as a means of scaring folks into renewing. If it indeed exists, I can tell you they’re sure gonna need it next season.

Big Audio Dynamite

Twisty, as bad as I feel myself about the possibility of ever being inside CP again, that is sobering! 14 people all arriving at the same conclusion about the running of the club and deciding enough is enough. Surely the board must know that during times of financial hardship especially, people will find other things to do with their money.

Their disdain for us seems to know no bounds. As I said last night ..they don’t fear us anymore …we are too fractured.



How the hell did you know it was my birthday??

Sobering indeed. How widespread that feeling is I don’t know.

Twisty, I can’t remember! But it came up in my calendar reminder on my lap top yesterday.
All the best pal 🙂

Noel Skytrot

it may well be the case that NL can sort this out but in my humble opinion its looking unlikely, but here’s hoping, starting with a resounding victory on Sunday. As for the players, maybe what has occurred last Sunday will fully demonstrate that we’re asking for them to step up and show some dig. I think that Christie, over rated wants out along with NtCham, non trier, Edouard, looks disinterested and Ajer, over rated are the main protagonists in all of this. They along with others need to get their collective shit together and start fighting.

Noel Skytrot

Looks like St Mirren are in a spot of bother with Hector.

Good article in today’s Guardian online regarding the Ibrox Disaster, well worth a read.


Stick or twist?
I told the family this morning when receiving their best wishes that Twisty wasn’t having any more birthdays and was sticking on the age I was yesterday. Out of politeness though I decided to accept their gifts. Didn’t want them to feel bad. I’m all heart

Twisty LOL 🙂

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


Totally agree.

I’ve always found Ntcham to be over-rated, but would never have said this until now, for the hope of punting him for profit.
RC had promise, but it seems he doesnt get the team ethic the way Callum McGregor does.
They can both (ntcham and Christie) go imo.
Disagree about Ajer though, a bit more game time, and return to fitness, he’s a very decent player, and it’s saying a lot when that when we’re talking about a midfielder, who in Classic millenial Celtic style, was told to fill in as a defender since he arrived. Lad has done okay imo, no, better than ok, and like Julien, El Hamed, and Frimpong, can go on to be a great players for us.
I really like these lads. Especially El Hammed. He breezed into the team for last years Euors and was dynamite.
Now, after 6 months of injury, and the Covid , and being put into a nervous as f team, hes being relegated to the also ranks. I hate that. This is why confidence is so important, and why I hate the expert fuckers attacking individual players.

Every single player in that Celtic squad is top quality. But they’re having a confidence crisis playing together, due to all the stupid external circumstances.

In my mind, NL is the only one I’d trust to turn that around , and make them even stronger.

Stuff this pish about BR and his tactics. He saw us routinely humiliated in Europe and didnt bat an eyelid, ffs.

A manger that has passion can work wonders.

NL will turn it around, given time imo.

Tonight’s a big game for me from this point of view. But it’s tougher than ever because the support have made this a grave digging exercise, instead of chasing the charlatan board when they had the bloody chance. 🤦‍♂️😪


My wife is missing.
She went out yesterday and has not come home…

*Police Sergeant*:
What is her height?

Gee, I’m not sure. A little over five-feet tall.

Colour of eyes?

Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed.

Colour of hair?

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Maybe dark brown now.
I can’t remember.

What kind of car did she go in?

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Was there anything of value in the car?

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Noel Skytrot

Gordon 64,
thanks man, I don’t know how to share links to here. HH

Noel Skytrot

Hahaaaa, and good earth strong (happy birthday)to you today.

Noel Skytrot

the big lad is not a bad player but I think his skull has been turned with all the paper chat and something is missing.

Twisty Ha Ha 🙂
Stereotype husband?

Twisty, any fancied horseys today?

btw, We are covered with snow here in N. Lanarkshire today.

MIT & Mahe, lucky sods!

Awe Naw

A win in the EL tonight could mean the difference between automatically qualifying for the CL next season and the 40m quid. For that same reason don’t forget to cheer on Sevco tonight. As if youse don’t secretly anyway 🙂



Good lead – Lenny has always been a head scratcher for me, for all the reasons you have on your lead and more.

Yet it is very difficult to believe that a “modern” football manager operates in such a fashion but there you are, the proof is overwhelming. You can see why Dermot and Big Pedro likes him.


Talking of intransigence – The John Fogerty thing from last thread is interesting.

I’d thought he’d died ‘kin years ago… around the time of many a mega-star but was more of a footnote alla Alan Wilson. But No, he pops up one day playing music, that iconic geetaar and voice.

Anyways in dem days I was a music lover, thought I’d find out what the heck went on cause the offical thing kinda glosses over it… this is what I found…

As you know late 60s, early 70s Creedence CR were a very popular band, but one guy wrote the songs, played guitar and sang.

The rest of the band were a bit miffed and thought they should have more of a role… John pointed out, the fact they didn’t was because he was the talented one and they were a bit shit!!

It meant John’s brother Tom left the band, the others continued but arguments raged… in the end John said ok, you guys do it, make the next album, I’ll play rythmn and take a back seat… he downed tools in other words.

So they made the next album, it actually wasn’t a bit shit, it was a lot shit, it bombed… dumped by the record company the litigation started…

As a wiser man than I once put it… “The sue me, sue you blues”

Now John got especially hurt when his brother Tom sided with the rest of the band and dug his heels in…

None could use the CCR name and all the royalies for the next gazzillion years were going to Lawyers – YES!! you know who you are!!

Anyways, that’s kinda how they disappeared…

Tom tragically died in the early ninties…

During the eulogy to Tom, John said…

When we were young, all we wanted to do was grow up and become rock’n roll stars…

We became rock’n roll stars but we never grew up:(

Hail Hail


Awe Naw@ 10:52 am,

Said it a million times… there are real consequences to being rubbish in Europe…

“Dead Rubber” my behookie!!

Hail Hail

bada bing1

The only plus of the current situation, is Lawwell is totally exposed now.

“Lawwell is totally exposed now”. How true.
For all it’s faults social media has exposed countless misdemeanors in the past 15 years especially, regarding Scottish football. And unfortunately Celtic too.
We would never have learned of half of this stuff on the MSM. They lack people like Auldheid. Revealing things without fear nor favour.
Lawwell’s legacy – he will be more disliked in history than any other CEO of Celtic. And that’s saying something!




Angel Gabriel

Afternoon all.
Excellent article again . Thumbs up.
Before I mention the fitba, Creedence Clearwater Revival.
I didn’t know they existed, they weren’t on my musical horizon , until my best pal returned from LA to run the boozer we frequented.
The boozer had a magnificent juke box , and there was many a sing song.
One Monday I said to my pal .
Some weekend, and btw , yon band that’s always on the juke box , they’re growing on me .
What band he asks .
I replied…… Clarence Clearwater Revival.
He shakes his head and tells me ,
“ Clarence is the one eyed lion from Daktari ya feckin eedjit . It’s Creedence Clearwater Revival “ !!
Some of us went down to London to watch John Fogerty live in Hammersmith. It’s still one of my favourite gigs .
Neil Lennon really, really started to worry me when the team was announced against Fernavracos . The error and stubbornness was compounded 3 days later when naming the same team at Tannadice .
There’s so many basic managerial errors it’s scary, but forefront is not learning from mistakes.
Has there ever been a Celtic side , so wide open to counterattack ?
Team shape and positional discipline is non existent. Both take time and patience on the training ground.
The foreign guys especially are used to being coached. Relentlessly.
Appointing Lenny full time reeked of complacency.
The absence of youth , who when they enter the team add energy and enthusiasm , is another obvious failing.
It’s just regurgitating, the same players with similar systems.
Nothing will improve until someone inside Celtic Park acknowledges there’s change required.
Sorry for the long post & HH

Big Audio Dynamite

Happy birthday Twisty.

Hope tonight the mighty Glasgow Celtic show up and give you a night to remember 🍀



There was a guy that used to post elsewhere that had software in his computer that he maintained filtered out any plamfs always meant to ask him if I could borrow it, turns out he was pulling our lariats.

Brass balls to keep charge of the squad for Milan can only assume the lawyers are still working on the confidentiality clause in Neil’s exit plan? Good on Neil taking on the shower bhoys, they gave him it, so they can pay for it. Brassier balls if we get the predictable Milan mauling, then roll up to Parkers avoiding Sunday to Sunday ‘protesters’

Weekend riot squad OT guaranteed we’re beyond the pale, Ross County was a sackable offence for any lone gunman. But in these times of ‘adversity’ it’s clear there is tacit acceptance that there is a collectively caused problem. They don’t know what to do next about some cynics in the support are even dreading a Neil Lennon delivered quadruple.

The end of an era is a prolonged period, a new manager won’t prevent the turmoil ahead, the revolving door will never have been busier £38M spent and tonight Matthew, on loan Diego Laxalt is going to be M.O.M

Hail Hail


Happy birthday Twists,have a grand ole day.

Big Audio Dynamite

And today’s message from on high? Remember, tonight doesn’t matter AF 🙁

Always control the narrative!

Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Afternoon All


Ayrshire Bhoy


Very harrowing/scary article on ibrox disaster, makes you wonder how more of these disasters didn’t occur. You look back at 60’s 70’s stadia and the crowd sizes its a miracle this didn’t happen anywhere else.

The Real McCoy

Wee bit of Leo for ya




Here’s another one about it.


bada bing1

Hoopy Birthday to the top man that is Twists 🍻



Firstly, the important stuff…..Happy Birthday. Personally, I feel birthdays are too big to be contained in a day! I have a birthday week and I have a niece who has a birthday month! Enjoy this day, not least, through your family.

Secondly, your evidence re your mates is sobering. The feelings, reactions that I have are obviously not unique and that should be a concern for the club. What has made this time such a bad time that it would drive away long time supporters? I do not have an answer that satisfies me but I can throw out glimmers of a rationale. Is it the fall from high expectations? I certainly was looking forward to this season, not because of 10iar but because a) we had retained our top players, and b) we had acquired some good additions, Ajeti, Laxalt and Turnbull. In addition, Klimala was bursting out his shirt to play and the lesser spotted Soro looked tidy when rarely spot on the lawn. In addition, there was pots of money in the bank. So the fall from that to a loss at home to RC was brutal, but, actually, not completely surprising, given what had preceded it versus Sparta.

Then, there are the points of inflection that could have defined the season and should have punctured the manager’s term. These include the lacklustre performances scraping wins at the beginning of the season…..remember scoring five but giving up the same number of chances to RC at home? OK, hard to call time on the manager for these, but, in the light of future and past experience, very prescient indicators of what was to come. Ferencvaros…….playing no striker! Scraping wins versus Sarajevo and Riga. Losing at home to Sevco. Going two down to Hibs and so on and so on ad infinitum. These are all points at which most managers would be removed but not in this case. In fact, after the latest, 0-2 versus RC, he is still in charge. What kind of result would be sufficient to remove him?

Reports of internal squabbling. Reports of unsuccessful efforts to recruit a replacement. Insulting statement from the CEO…..insulting to the intelligence of the fan! In short, a dysfunctional organisation reeling from one blunder to the next. Is that what is souring die hard fans?

Or, is it the combination of all of the above into a perfect storm that many know is too much for the acumen of the current custodians to handle? Is that it?

On looking back, the above is a cleverly crafted plot for a tragedy of epic proportions. It would take a genius to devise it. If I had not seen it, I would never have believed it!

Whatever lies behind all of this, there is no doubt that it has raped the emotions of many. Rebus is one of them.




Why do my posts fall so quickly to the bottom of the page….just like a P J Proby hit!

Ah, fame is so fleeting! Only the Gods are immortal!


Awe Naw


it´s definitely possible ,… as I said I used it for a week but chose to disable it

Google wordpress post filter plugin and you will find it

Everything I publicised on CQN then and now is possible. From my POV it was done more to educate the CQN technical numpties about what is indeed possible on the internet.



The posts at the bottom of the page are the latest ones.



Every day is a school day! Hope you are having a good day. Today the money that we donated to our adopted family of five kids was taken up and purchases are being made for them. As Richard Thompson said, “I feel so good, I’m going to break somebody’s heart tonight!

Off for a bath to reduce my weight,



Awe Naw

Some haven’t mastered logging in which admittedly gets trickier. Plamfs, adverts and your ole favourite the personal pronoun are still to the fore.

Away to look for filters Enjoy the match



BSR @ 1:28 pm,

Yes, got to hand it to Lenny – many would have chucked it by now.

He’s only there because the only way our “exposed” CEO gets to “keep” his legacy, is if Lenny brings in the TEN. Any other scenario is abject failure and he knows it.

My thoughts would be that the negos between DD’s Lawyers and Big Pedro’s Lawyers is the thing that’s holding things up.

So t’was a bit surprise to see DD’s people talking to the Daily Record in support of Lenny.

But P67, says “it just didn’t happen”.

Now that makes sense. Maybe P67 knows what side his breed is buttur’d.

Yes Laxalt for Moi!!

Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Happy Birthday Twisty

Good to see you aboot fella 🙂

These two are a wee birthday mixture for you

Celtic, sex and gambling;

Celtic, Music, Insomnia

your a gem

Noel Skytrot

Ayrshire Bhoy,
indeed, absolutely horrendous. You could never imagine or comprehend what was going through the minds of the poor souls who perished. Reading about the authors experience was not nice.

Mike in Toronto

I see we have a CQN scout on our blog today. Be wary…. he is probably here to see how many people are on today… and if we are undermanned, he will pass on word back to CQN that it would be a good time for a raid … they will burn our houses, steal our cattle and women ….

(Too soon? 🙂 )

Noel @ 6:33

Not sure I see it the same way. If it was one or two players, I’d say the problem is with the players. But, if it is most of them who are not progressing, or regressing, I’d say the problem is the coaching, or lack of it.

Most of the team (or group of players to be accurate) look like they dont know what they are supposed to be doing … there is no system that would tell them, ‘if A bombs forward, B slots in and covers…’ that sort of thing…. I think the players look lost, like they dont know what they are supposed to be doing … which is easy to confuse for ‘not caring’

Neither Celtic nor the SPL are places that players dream of …. hell, even dyed in the wool fans now seem reluctant to come here …for most non-Scots, they are, at best, a stepping stone …. we promise promising young players that we (i) will develop them, and (ii) put them in the spotlight, so they can earn their way to EPL riches. But, frankly, we aint living up to our side of the bargain …. coaching is, to be kind, woeful (if I was being honest, instead of kind, I would say our coaching is non-existent).

On that note … NFL seems cut from the old MO’N … ‘let them go out and play’ school ….but, the MON team that NFL came into had Mjalby, Balde and Valgaeran at the back … Lambert, Petrov, and Thompson in the middle, plus Larsson and Sutton up front … all experienced, seasoned pros, who probably didnt need ‘developing’…. however, Celtic in 2003 is a very different proposition from Celtic in 2020 …

we are buying less seasoned players, in the hopes of developing them, and then moving them on ….as good as Edouard is, unlike Larsson or Sutton, he still needs developing ….

NFL seems to be doing, or trying to do, what MO’N did … Just let them play …. but that was a different team… and this is a different time … not sure the old MO’N ways work today… at least not for the type of squad that Celtic have assembled..

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