The big goal

Thinking of our board right now one old saying keeps springing to mind. You can fool some of the people some of the time etc.
Bada Bing summed it up perfectly the other day when he said there’s one good thing has come from all this, that Peter has been totally exposed.
Friday seen the news Celtic Park has been barricaded off in scenes reminiscent of the Whitehouse,, a dying dictatorship railing against removal using the tools of power at their disposal.
Won’t be enough though.
Here the people have the Constitution, there the people have the clubs lifeblood by way of it’s season book money.
Both hold the necessary power to force change.


It’s widely acknowledged now that Neil and the footballing department are a symptom of the problems, not the cause.
We are woefully underprepared for what should be a momentous campaign.
We have a squad that will see much turnover thus need rebuilding.
We have a joke at the back undeserving to be called a defence that needs ripped up and started again.
There’s no scouting system to speak of, no full size indoor training pitch, parking problems on the horizon, stadium needs rejuvenated, and there’s many more issues.


That we are a well run club has been exposed as a sham, kept alive based on past glories (there have been some pat on the back moments for the board Im pleased to admit), by a circle of enabling friends who don’t admit mistakes, also by friendly media manipulation.
This has culminated in dodging some small shareholders demands to investigate an issue of governance that is much too close for comfort where some are concerned.


There’s been a lot of plates in the air for this PLC to keep catching and juggling again.
They had played the game so well, I had more or less given up hope of consequential events out with their control happening.
Not only did one plate drop, the whole bloody lot have came down with a crash.


It’s beyond my wildest expectations. I honestly expected a much staged managed affair this season, with an under pressure Lenny being relieved of duties around Feb or March. Then Peter to take ‘the fall’ for the boardroom and walk into the sunset.
We would be bombarded with nine out of ten is a world class result, how he turned down Arsenal for his boyhood club etc and as far Im concerned the game would be up.
With the lifting of the title the other mob would see the great British football and tax swindle come to a successful conclusion by avoiding paying what is owed plus continuing existence as the same club with prior honours.
Things didn’t go to plan up Parkhead way though.


What we are seeing was clearly not in the script. Seems to me the players downed tools with many in the support blaming Lenny, but Im thinking the boardroom might have been their target now. Either way it doesn’t matter, seems no one at all expected either this level of performance, or a collective downing of tools.
And it’s brought all the clubs underlying issues, which no doubt Peter wished to walk away from soon, to a head much sooner than expected but also with much more venom than they expected, or so I believe.


Where this goes next, and where it ends up only time will tell. That’s for another day. But right now there are huge lessons for the support as a collective to learn, and to be honest we must learn them or history will repeat itself which will get us all nowhere.


As a fanbase we have been easily split into factions, the classic example being mineshafter and happyclapper.
The percentage of disillusioned will have exploded recently but there can be no doubt now that some fans held deep misgivings regarding those at the top and their methods.


It is not the time to point fingers and apportion blame amongst the support, that is the very last thing that should happen here and now. We could spend forever arguing why we are where we are and who is actually responsible, but there’s no point as we are here and it must be dealt with.
It’s not the time for the blame game but like I say we simply must learn some lessons here.


With the newfound drive against those at the helm, there should be a change of mindset.
We should never again arrive at a given point and realise it’s not where we want to be,, we need a direction, investment and restructured when many thought us well run.
We should never again fall for the enablers of disingenuous regimes such as main stream media and beware our own outlets being turned into propaganda.


Perhaps most importantly, should a supporter speak up with a genuine concern, from now on it must become our duty to take that concern onboard individually and collectively. And if no answer had been found well at least the problem is out in the open to be faced up to, which is half the battle won sometimes, just look at what’s happening for a great example.


A Tim with a concern, no matter how well the team is doing, no matter how popular the individual(s) involved are to the support, no matter the persons supporting credentials, must not only be heard but listened to, and certainly never again classified into a grouping ie moaners, mineshafters etc. What we are seeing now should convince all to take others concerns very seriously.


When small issues are faced up to and eventually ended or changed it stops them becoming huge issues, too many of which will see folk at the barricades, moved to do so for a variety of reasons but with one central cause at heart.


We were far far to easy to divide, but aren’t conquered. A fragmented fanbase is now showing unity of purpose, but in the future we must fight against fragmenting and must find unity ourselves. With a common goal, time, and familiarity, trust will be fostered which makes finding unity much easier.


There’s room for us all in the support and there’s a cause worth fighting for.
A better club is the big goal.

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Mike in Toronto

As Malcolm X once said, “a man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.”

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All you moaning miserable cunts deserve this

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Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Houndmouth are a great band first time I have heard of them

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Margaret McGill

Puff Puff your not a horrible human really

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

What is the vision. Fan ownership how do you achieve that it will cost 54 million just to buy out DD and Lindsay Train at todays prices never mind the rest. Then as you say there is the infrastructure and we are looking at a total rebuild of the team in the summer win or lose the ten. We will have heavy losses next year as well

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But you are Margaret

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

getting lectured on morals by a lawyer now

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But but

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Big Audio Dynamite

Fan ownership? How many times has that happened in our history?

How many?

They parasites will never give up control of the club

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Chris Frisina – Fences

Big Audio Dynamite

This is like the last days of Saigon. Lose to St Johnstone, and they all might need Huey helicopters to pluck them from the roof of Parkhead!

Craig 76

9 Dundee Utd players to miss today’s,match as deemed close contacts of positive staff member. They will also miss the game against the Huns on the 13th

Noel Skytrot

it’ll be reminiscent of the Storming of the Bastille if they don’t get their act together.

Guillotine CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

I have a vision of our scouting department being Tosh McKinley sitting in a room watching youtube.

Might not be a million miles from the truth.


As a teenager I remember the early anti -Vietnam protesters being ostracized in the press ,I even had sympathy for the Government stance and the pounding they were handing out, that was until I started to get educated by reading Time magazine etc reading real journalists who did research and gave a different point of view to the daily newspapers. Well how did that work out for Nixon and his cronies .The people who you think have the power sometimes are not as powerful as they think they are.

Big Audio Dynamite

Noel, the Fences are a propaganda ploy, a way to say to the world “Look what we need to do cause of these ungrateful b@stards”

the board are now in Berlin 1945 mode.

Big Audio Dynamite

Thetic, the problem is, and always has been, who replaced Nixon and his cronies? That’s correct, another bunch of 33° Shriners, or whatever TF name they have for their secret organisations today! That’s how they kid us we have got the change we wanted …it’s only ever the faces that change, but they never give up the power & control.

The exact same thing will happen at CP.

Noel Skytrot

Took a call from my relative who doesn’t follow football asking me would I fancy going up to the stadium to see the bricks and paving stones that he bought in remembrance of his father and brother as he hasn’t saw what they look like due to living away from Scotland. I had to explain to him that it wasn’t possible due to the fencing going up and he’s absolutely disgusted as he might not have the opportunity to do so for a long time. Felt heart sorry for him last night.


BAD the fans got rid of the Whites and Kelly’s, Mc Cann came in remodeled the stadium ,bloodied a few noses at the SFA caused some anguish with his man management, of management, and players He left with a few bucks but left the place better than what he found it I hope the current owner does the same

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Noel Skytrot 0725: Regarding the recently erected fence, I assume some sort of entrance for those such as your friend wishing to view THEIR possession must be in place, albeit a controlled or manned one.
As has been pointed out on here, access to the Superstore is available.
If I had come from Kilwinning, 30 miles away, and someone was not ‘ manning the barricade to let me view MY brick ( of which I don’t have ), I would be bloody annoyed and be demanding access! Just don’t turn up after the St. Johnstone game if we lose😁

I’ve heard from a good source that Pope Francis is supporting St. Johnstone on the Sabbath because of the Saint John connection in their name. !

A thing of beauty

Not sure the superstore is open to be fair. Much as Peter Lawwell might like to think, spending money on celtic merchandising is not essential shopping so it shouldn’t be open.

Big Audio Dynamite

People still seem to think Fergus McCann done what he done, out of the goodness of his heart ffs. He, like all those before and since, saw an opportunity to get even richer …how many 10s of millions did he walk away with?

132 years and how many fan rep’s have we had on the board? The faces on the board will change, but the culture of being controlled by rich parasites never will.

Big Audio Dynamite

And I’m sure the Taylor report must’ve played a part in what we did with the stadium. Ever known Celtic to anything that wasn’t the cheapest option?


I’m bringing this over from previous blog as it ties in nicely with what was sent to CST last night and might, if the longer term gets brought up, get a mention in the Open Meeting today. So from previous.

Celtic shareholder numbers.

About 75% of Celtic shares are publicly detailed and widely known in terms of ownership.

After that it’s difficult to know exactly what number small individual shareholders account for.

Now, I have to clearly qualify and say that both the following number and percentage are both only an estimate.

But let’s say for the sake of round numbers, that Celtic have approx 20,000 small shareholders, with a shareholding of approx 20%.

It’s likely the numbers officially registered, will be significantly less than above, but I’ll use these round numbers as a starting point.

It would be interesting to know then, if approx 10,000, or 15,000 or 20,000 are actually officially registered to vote, and of course what their combined total shareholding would be.

As if someone isn’t registered to vote, and probably after more than 25 years there must be a fair number who are not, then their shareholding has no influence.

Only the Club will know how many small shareholders are actually on the shareholder register, and what their combined shareholding total actually is.

If anyone can seriously answer any of the following questions it would be very interesting indeed.

1) How many small Celtic shareholders are actually registered to vote, and what their combined shareholding would equate to.

2) How many members does the Celtic Trust actually have.
Is it potentially as low as just 200 – 300, or is it significantly many more than that.

3) Celtic season ticket holders : I am estimating approx 53,000 as this figure has been quoted on numerous occasions.

4) How many members does the CSA have.

5) How many members does the Affiliation have.

Clearly, the Celtic Trust members, as well as the CSA and Affiliation members will all be Season Ticket Holders as well.

It would be very interesting indeed, if anyone new the actual answers to the above.

For what it’s worth, Bayern Munich in 2008 had approx 151,000 members and by 2018 they had 291,000 members.
In 10 years they have doubled their membership.

Just one last very interesting thought :

If 50,000 Celtic Supporters over the last 25 years have spent directly with the club say an average of £1000 each per Season.
Between Season Tickets, home European games, home Cup games, merchandise, food & drink etc.
Then the total spend would be in the region of £1,250,000,000. Yes that really is £1.25 Trillion Pounds.
Which truly is an astonishing amount.

And for spending in the region of £1.25 Trillion Pounds, 50,000 Season Ticket Holders, don’t even get a vote.

And yet our club only has a total shareholding value of approx £95 Million Pounds, it really does make you think.

Hopefully, with good grace and wisdom, our current custodians will see the light soon, and begin to plan for change.

Wherever, you are in the world stay safe and well, and have a good weekend.

Hail Hail.


And the follow up from what was sent to CST to consider.

The Future of the CST. Thoughts.

The following are some thoughts for CST to consider to help make Celtic more accountable to their support based on experience of pursuing Resolution 12.

1. Suggest CST change name from CST to the Registered Name: Celtic Supporters’ Society Limited Company Number: IP29147R so that it is clear CST is open to supporters and shareholders alike.
2. Give supporters without shares a reason to join more than buying shares to enable CST to speak for them . Make use of technology and harness social media to identify representational issues, seeks views and act on them after gaining consensus.
3. Revisit the CST Constitution to see if it needs changing to reflect what in effect would be a re branding and whatever aims , objectives and roles the rebranded organisation take on.
4. Expand the new organisation to cover many thousands of Celtic supporters, ST Holders, Celtic TV subscribers, etc to give them added authority when raising issues with The Board.
5. Give each member a membership card with a membership number.
6. Be prepared to use the financial investment supporters make in Celtic to challenge what is in the Company’s interest where resistance is being met by The Board with no good reason.
7. Make the Celtic Board more accountable and transparent as a result.
8. Use subscriptions to fund share purchases, set up legal cost fund (you need lawyers to argue your case with Celtic/SPFL/SFA Lawyers) and pay someone to administer /manage the expanded membership.
9. Reshape web site to capture emerging issues, keep track of them and keep membership up to date on issues
10. Invite contributions from Celtic supporters that align with organisations aims for publishing on the web site.
11. Allow for a much expanded AGM and look at how it might be set up, perhaps using same technology as the Open Meeting on Zoom.
12. Encourage volunteers with specific expertise to join sub committees to cover separate issues where particular knowledge is needed.
13. Set agendas and invite Celtic to attend rather than be invited to meetings in small groups and encourage two way dialogue with Celtic as a prerequisite for restoring trust.
14. Disabuse The Celtic Board of any notion the Celtic support are not capable of rational engagement.

Res 12 Lessons.
1. Much bigger support baseline needed.
2. Celtic use the lack of such to ignore pursuing issues
3. Legal fund absolute necessary to establish shareholder rights and Director responsibilities and challenge legal reasons used to obstruct progress.
4. Media are under Celtic’s thumb, many journalists briefed on Res12 evidence, none followed up because it is not in their interests, so a respected presence on Social Media required to get any message out.
5. Make a connection between business issues being pursued and results on the park so that there is a greater understanding of the importance of having a Board that is accountable as symptoms of poor business practice manifest themselves on the field of play.
6. A lot of hard work involved but easier if spread over a larger organisation with a wider resource base to call on..


Nana Mouskouri C.s.c
What is the vision. Fan ownership how do you achieve that it will cost 54 million just to buy out DD and Lindsay Train at todays prices never mind the rest. Then as you say there is the infrastructure and we are looking at a total rebuild of the team in the summer win or lose the ten. We will have heavy losses next year as well
You don’t need fan ownership you need to widen the understanding of how the business policies affect on field performance, see my thoughts on future of CST.

B.A.D., By and large I agree with what you say. But one saving grace for Fergus was standing up to the SFA. Likewise a previous board who stood up against them to fly the Tri Colour at CP.
Compare that to Peter Lawwell who stays silent and even conspires with them.



Spot on blog. Point 5 in lessons from Res12 was a last minute addition but probably a key one. Its about having the means of reaching the support and providing an insight then having the authority to speak up for the support.

Thinking about it after I sent off the document its a membership scheme but Celtic don’t run it, we do.


On the erected fence I don’t know if it is a replacement for or an addition to the fencing around the main stand that was in place in September for Covid reasons but I suspect the police would have had an input as in put in fencing that will not injure our officers.

No doubt it looks bad but the meaning given to it depends on the meaning, in the absence of really knowing, each of us wishes to apply.

Metaphorically though it could be an indicator of a Board mind set that has been set in train by karma.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, morning mate!

I seem to remember he also wanted to ban some of our songbook because, according to him, they were “Sectarian”.

Btw, the incident with the Tri colour …can you name the club who supported our right to fly it?

B.A.D. LOL, Would you believe it was Rangers! The Old Firm in action 🙂


B.A.D., By and large I agree with what you say. But one saving grace for Fergus was standing up to the SFA. Likewise a previous board who stood up against them to fly the Tri Colour at CP.
Compare that to Peter Lawwell who stays silent and even conspires with them.
The only conclusion to be reached from the Res12 experience is that Lawwell was compromised by the 5 Way Agreement.

An ex Celtic employee from Fergus time told me Fergus would not have allowed Rangers to be removed from the top flight.

What I think he might have done though is to have insisted ebt titles and trophies be removed, all debts to football paid and points sanctions for one or more seasons. Green would have bit his hand off.

The 5 Way Agreement did allow for title removal using what became the LNS Commission, so Celtic were looking for justice on the football side but where they are culpable is not using information supplied in 2014 and 2018 that would have required LNS to be overturned and saying nothing about the continuity myth.

They had a copy of the Head of Club licensing Traverso letter of June 2016, were surprised as was everyone at the reference to Sevco being a new club/company, which is an entirely correct description of the legal entity operating from Ibrox applying for a UEFA licence since 2015/16, but not so much as the SFA who had a copy and went out their way to have a version from the UEFA media department published by STV that omitted the new club/company reference.

Scottish football is run on fumes of a myth and its running out of lies.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, 😁 this has been going on forever. Remember the old sports page cartoons, depicting both sitting with big bags of money and laughing together? Right up to today and the whole Parks of Hamilton deal. Unbelievable!


Big Audio Dynamite
People still seem to think Fergus McCann done what he done, out of the goodness of his heart ffs. He, like all those before and since, saw an opportunity to get even richer …how many 10s of millions did he walk away with?

132 years and how many fan rep’s have we had on the board? The faces on the board will change, but the culture of being controlled by rich parasites never will.
For me that is self defeating thinking that need not be true if the support get off their arses and do something about it.

As Thomas the Tank Engine said “I think I can, I know I can” as he climbed a hill.

Big Audio Dynamite

Auldheid, not sure but didn’t be make comment about Rangers “Demotion” or something along those lines? So many have backed up that myth, it is hard to remember who said what

Big Audio Dynamite

Auldheid, when you were just a laddy, how many supporter organisations can you remember us having? And if you know, how many do we have now?


I can only remember local supporters clubs although I think they were affiliated in some way.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, I though there was only the association when I was a kid.

Big Audio Dynamite

The CSA has been around since 1944! 😯

B.A.D. No social media in those days! We eventually relied on media like ‘Not the View’ to question things.

The Gombeen Man


Could you post your email address?

Thanks in advance.



If THEGOMBEENMAN contacts the site,MAHE will forward the addy. Maybe best not to put it on here.

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