Nothing left to lose

Its certainly looking we will wake up on Christmas morning with our Lurganman leading the way.
Yesterdays ‘we are standing by our man’ statement more or less confirms that Neil will see us to the Cup final and then the final game before the winter mini break, which happens to be a derby game.


You wont need me to remind you that in the corresponding fixture last season we lost, and went on to have an excellent camp hitting on a new system that ultimately brought us the ninth league title. It looks as if the board are hoping for the same again.


Now I am all for this mini break turning into a ‘council of war’ and attempting to arrest our slide with cunning strategy, but my bugbear is the lessons learned in last years Middle East brainstorming sessions have been ignored, leading us to needing another plan.


After the Dubai break last year it was deemed necessary to play two strikers at all times with Odsonne to play as the deeper of the pair. He drops deep, usually to the left hand side of the midfield area, which makes me cringe every time. Not because he felt forced to come very deep to get involved in the play, but because when he does collect the ball in the middle of the park and looks up now, there’s no other striker there now.


He has vision and a great pass, and it was Leigh who was selected as the one to benefit from that pairing last year, and benefit he did. The Thumb was perfectly suited for an off the shoulder role, his through ball provider seemed just as happy to assist this way. And it was successful, bringing both silverware and adulation. That decision kept Neil in a job I thought.
And that’s why I’m double shocked to see that system has been dropped, we are back to what was deemed insufficient then, and surprise surprise it’s proving insufficient now.


We all know Leigh wasnt in great shape mentally or physically at the start of the campaign, so beginning the season with the two up top that ended it wasnt an option, but thats really no reason to scrap the whole experiment, especially after it delivered.
Im not one for personal insults online but I am very very disappointed in Mr Griffiths and will leave it at that. But could Paddy Klimala not have been given a chance early season in that role while Griff was doing a boot camp crash course to get in fighting shape?
Hindsight would suggest it could have helped.


Then we saw a dithering Ajeti decide to become a Hoop, and one of the first things he said was I’m looking forward to forming a partnership with Odsonne Eduoard.
This immediately peaked my interest at the time for a few reasons. It was clear Albian hadnt spoken to the big Frenchman yet here he was obviously sold on a partnership with him. It could only have been Lenny then planted that seed and sold the vision to him, and the Swiss player must have liked the video reel of his future partner.
But yet things haven’t played out like that, they havent partnered up.
Why not?


When Albian made those partnership comments I felt sure our main striker was going to leave. He had two years left on his contract, the usual cashing in time for us and most clubs, and had collected a league title every year since joining on loan initially.
I believe he wanted to leave also, had mentally checked out after helping rescue the last campaign, and here he was finding out from our new striker that he had been sold the dream of partnering him this season.
Neil clearly tried to play mind games with the Frenchman, put some public pressure on him to stay and sign up for another season, probably allied with private pressure to do the same.
Hes still here, so I guess on some level we could say the plan worked.


But why oh why did we return to playing him alone up top? Ajeti who was promised the other berth isn’t getting it. I would understand if it was a ‘not broken dont fix it’ scenario but we arent firing on all cylinders, have a total sieve at the back so goals are the best option, but we persist in giving Eddy a role that does not bring out the best in him at all?
Thats far from joined up thinking and Ajeti himself could easily have a grudge now based on broken promises plus he could well fancy a better goals haul than our talented but not prolific striker.


We just watched the Buddies go to a three up top at Celtic Park pressing the defence, something which helped bring them joy. I read our title rivals employ a similar system. 4-5-1 used to be the European system when you needed an extra man in midfield to nullify the opponent and screen the defence, but somehow the one single striker has again become our bog standard setup.
How must the SPFL defences feel seeing Eddy alone? They could well be thanking their lucky stars? I reckon Goldson is praying for it.


So I feel a bit of Deja-vu as we book the exact same winter break with the exact same conundrum. If we emerge with the exact same answer to our problems ie lets go two up top from now on as Eddy isnt best suited to leading the line, I would fear for the nearest brick wall.


Of all questions that could be asked of the coaching staff, the striker conundrum is by far at the top of my list. I would be delighted to see a pairing against Lille, proper strikers none of this Moi supporting malarkey, but it would be a huge case of much too late as far as the league is concerned. And as much as I admire Lenny for having given us so much, witnessing huge mistakes and basic lessons not being learned only serve to help me feel wanting a change is for the best, with little guilt involved.


Goals not only win games but they change them, and football is an entertainment after all with scoring the icing on the cake. When our clubs traditional style of play is taken into account, getting the attackers on the field of play would only seem natural to me, and would gain fans among a support that would much rather their team go out in a blaze of glory than with a whimper.


Neil will lose credit and what little is left of the fans patience if he sticks with this setup.
Go for broke would be my advice. Get the strikers on the field.
Unleash the Dogs of War while you still have the chance Lenny.

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Mike in Toronto


I was going to cut and paste just the last bit of it, but I thought you would enjoy it more this way.


It breaks my heart that Celtic supporters online are discussing ways to join the CST to either take control of the Celtic Board or just have the Board listen to them. These are the fans who have stood by the Club by buying merchandise, Virtual tickets, not asking for rebates for cancelled games last season. The average fan be they Students, families with mortgages, Pensioners counting pennies, singles on minimum wages, unemployed of any age who don’t know their future employment prospects , fans who cut corners at home to support Celtic. The fans who put in a far bigger percentage of their after tax income than anyone sitting around the table at Celtic Park. As if there is not enough stress in everyday life we have to deal with the Virus and the Board at the same time
I know Jeanette Findlay’s family and the apple does not fall from the tree, I completely trust her and know she wants what is best for Celtic and the Celtic fans ,no one on here knows me but I stake my virtual reputation with Celtic bloggers that Jeanette will not let you down.
If the Board had any respect for the fans they would have put the brakes on and reset ,if only to get us to the end of the season

Noel Skytrot

Patronising statement which is taking the pish out of the supporters. They either don’t give a feck, are gambling, or being foolish. I’ve shed my winning 10 in a row skin and I feel better for it, particularly in regards to my health. I just hope we can win this years SC and not have a barren season.

big packy

MORNING ALL, been reading the posts this week, true celtic supporters hurting because of this tory board, just got to say peter lawwell, get to feck away from parkhead, you are destroying our club.H.H.

Noel Skytrot

Read an interesting article by Sid Lowe in the online Guardian about Barca, seems they’re having similar issues to us. The end of an era.

Ayrshire Bhoy


I’m getting there but may have to take a full break from all things Celtic for a bit. Still truly can’t believe how we got here so fast. I’m really struggling to see what the boards plan is here, makes no sense to me. Possible humiliation awaits us at hampden and utter humiliation at the bigot dome.

Someone mentioned last week I think that black Sunday was their worst feeling as a Celtic fan mine was the raith rovers final and I almost feel that bad now. This is a shit show with no end in sight and it never had to end this way

Noel Skytrot

going from running an absolute savvy trophy wise too this fuckery is unbelievable.

Big Audio Dynamite

Never thought anything would top the feeling of losing in Seville. Don’t know if it was the fact I was in the Porto end and had paid £500 for the ticket, or that I was positive we would win, but sitting on the steps at the end of the game, I thought that was as bad as things would get supporting Celtic. This season will make that seem like a holiday!


Lone striker, striking duo?
What difference does it make when the midfields first thought is to take at least three touches then look up and make a sideways or backwards pass?
Our opponents no longer attempt to press our hopeless midfield choosing to just fall back into defensive position and wait for the inevitable turnover.
We are a poor team with no anticipation, movement or team awareness.
Can’t remember the last time i saw a Celtic player hit the ball into space for a teammate to run on to.
What’s needed is coaching not some idiots playing fantasy football on laptop or notepad.
There’s a very obvious reason why our players look clueless.
Maybe we should get an accountant to coach the team?
After all he is brilliant at everything else i’m told.


It looks like we are going to have to get behind Neil and the Bhoys till January at least. Thought that statement yesterday was very poor, and another sign of the contempt that Celtic PLC have for the Celtic support. The only way to get rid of them, is to do what I have been doing for 18 months now. Starve them of your cash. It is all they understand, and the only way we will get rid of the parasites. No Christmas presents from the Celtic shop for my family this year either.

Doing fine Mike thanks.
Totally scunnered at what is going on at Celtic Park just now. Every game now has me feeling the way I felt after Raith Rovers game at Ibrox. Sad that it is two of my heroes, and Celtic legends Tommy Burns and Neil Lennon that have been in charge, during these slumps. Did something on Sunday, that I have never done before. I left my son’s house at 3.45, to go for a walk round Knightswood Park. Couldn’t watch the second half.
Been extremely busy at work, and will be until January, getting food out to the Supermarkets.
Hope you are well Mike. Please pass on my regards and kind wishes to Liam. Wishing you both a happy, peaceful Christmas. Belated happy birthday. I believe that is us both the same age again. 55 this time 😊

Ayrshire Bhoy


Seville was bad but nothing tops raith game for me, never felt such desolation and lack of hope after a game


Ayrshire Bhoy
My main memory of that cup final was us doing a Ryan Christie by repeatedly hitting our numerous corners to the Raith centre half.


Have to agree with Ayrshire Bhoy. Maybe it is partly because I had paid £22 for my ticket, and had a great week’s holiday in Benidorm around the Seville final. No comparison to how I felt leaving Ibrox after Raith Rovers beat us in that League Cup Final.

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Raith Rovers game was a bummer. The only thing that cheered me up that day was when I was heading out of ibrox in the pishing rain I looked across and saw a guy dressed in the full leperchauns outfit. I thought this is bad but at least i dont have to make my way home dressed like that

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Nothing can compare to Fir park for the worst ever. I still have bad flashbacks about it


Agree Fir Park was my worst ever moment. I was gutted at Seville, but that Motherwell game really, really, really got to me.

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Yes Seville was sad but it was a hell of a run and remember we lost the league that year on the last day as well but Fir Park still trumps it.

Big Audio Dynamite

Nana, 9.55am, I was in a CSC in Ottawa for the first time that day …never seen a party atmosphere disappear so fast! 2 things I remember vividly were 1) the barman trying to open a magnum of champagne just as they equalised, and 2) I won a big bottle of southern comfort in the raffle, and even though I’m not a drinker, I ended up paraletic …playing darts on my own 😂

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Honestly its not fair on him because he was only doing his job but I could never take to McDonald after that day.If he was really a celtic fan like he said he was he could have took it easy.

bada bing1

Plenty of tears when it was full time in Seville, but a few minutes later, i don’t think ive ever been prouder to be a Celtic supporter in my life.

Ayrshire Bhoy

20 minute Tim’s latest podcast out. Favourite line ‘is that the movie Kate winslet got poked in?’ 😂😂

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

sure was some trip I still have all the Spanish papers that i bought over there but i havent been able to bring myself to watch the game again even though i have all the dvds

Noel Skytrot

I’ve not heard a peep from the CSA, has anyone else?

Big Audio Dynamite

Tommy Burns filmed at a football presentation in the Calton. Aye, he’s singing! 😊


My worst was the European Cup Semi-Final defeat to Inter Milan. Was still at school at the time and all the talk with my mates was about how brilliant it would be to go to the cup final. It didn’t enter our thoughts for a second that we wouldn’t be there together. There was 75,000 inside CP that night but only 22,000 when we beat Motherwell 4-2 the following Saturday. I was at both games.

As for, we have now no alternative but to get behind Neil Lennon following yesterday’s board statement. Really? Would you get on a bus when you know the driver has crashed it ten times out of the previous 12 times he had driven it just because the bus company says things will improve? Me neither.

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Imagine if they had social media in those days poor Dixie would have never been the same again.He was some striker that man.


M6 Bhoy
Pretty poor analogy mate. Do you not remember 1993? Back the team, Sack the board! I have not given Celtic a penny for 18 months, since the permanent appointment of Neil. I still back the team though, unlike yourself. I do agree with you that boycott is the only way we will achieve change. It is the only language that the parasites who run us understand.


Is the winter break not cancelled for this season🤔

Contra Mundum

Since they were published on 20 November there has been little or no commentary on yet another questionable audit opinion expressed on RIFC’s financial statements. This might seem irrelevant but bear with me. Auditing is often not very well understood but it can have a vital impact on a company’s continuing ability to trade and a football club’s ability to compete.
International Accounting Standards require a company’s management to make an assessment of an entity’s ability to continue as a going concern. If management have significant concerns about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, the uncertainties must be disclosed in the financial statements.
The audited financial statements of RIFC for 2019-20 disclose a funding shortfall of £23.2m for the forecast period (seasons 2020-21 and 2021-22). The shortfall is based on a number of assumptions, which are also disclosed.
As a first step an auditor has to be satisfied the assumptions are reasonable and the cash forecasts realistic and achievable. The auditor’s assessments are based on professional judgement and experience. Clearly, none of us know the future so the forecasts are highly subjective, although it is disclosed that they have been subject to a sensitivity analysis. However, the results of the sensitivity analysis are not disclosed. In other words, we do not know how much margin for error was allowed for in the sensitivity analysis (e.g., failure to achieve the assumed successes in various football competitions and the timing of when spectators will be allowed access to stadia again; growth in projected revenues and expenses, transfer fees paid and received etc.)
The overriding imperative is the auditor must obtain “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” to be satisfied that the company will be able to pay its liabilities “as and when they fall due” for at least 12 months from the date of signing the audit opinion (which for 2019-20 was 17 November 2020). We know from the disclosures in RIFC’s financial statements they are unable to do this of their own accord. They are £23.2m short according to their own highly subjective cash flow forecasts.
In the current economic climate in the midst of a global pandemic it is highly problematic, to say the least, for a company whose balance sheet shows it owes £30m more in current liabilities payable within 12 months than it has in current assets available, to be able to pay its liabilities “as and when they fall due”. Significantly for UEFA Financial Fair Play Requirements, the current liabilities as of 30 June 2020 included £9.7m payable to HMRC for social security and other taxes.
This brings us to the second step the auditor must take in gathering “sufficient appropriate audit evidence”.
If the company has insufficient funds of its own, the auditor must be satisfied that funds will be available from external sources at all times when the company’s liabilities are due to be paid. The RIFC financial statements disclose “the uncertainty over the level of additional funds that will be required and a lack of a binding debt facility…”
The “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” on which the auditor of RIFC appears to have relied is that the club (sic) has reached an agreement with two directors for unspecified amounts to cover cash flow shortfalls “as necessary” and the same two directors have agreed to provide a “formal facility with funds being made immediately available … to draw down as required”. The implication is that the two directors have agreed to underwrite unlimited losses into the future and provide cash to pay bills whenever it is needed. It is stretching credulity how any auditor could obtain “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” to be satisfied that these individuals can guarantee to meet unlimited, unspecified and non-binding commitments, when in the very next paragraph the RIFC board acknowledge explicitly there is a lack of any binding debt facility.
Without legally binding guarantees, supported by documentary audited evidence that the individuals can meet them, it is arguable at the very least that the company should not have been treated as a going concern, meaning the audit opinion should have been qualified and an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion issued. Either of these has serious financial implications.
Even though the current auditor has not expressed an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion, the next worst audit opinion is an emphasis of matter paragraph drawing the attention of readers of the financial statements of the material uncertainty regarding RIFC’s ability to continue as a going concern.
No director of any company accepts lightly an audit report that even mentions a material uncertainty of going concern far less an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion. You can be sure the auditor of RIFC would have been placed under extreme pressure not to include the material uncertainty paragraph in the audit report and even more pressure not to express an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion.
We know for a fact that a previous RIFC auditor, Deloitte, one of the biggest global audit firms, resigned due to threats made against partners and staff of its Glasgow office.
As mentioned above, an adverse audit opinion or a disclaimer of opinion has wider implications.
UEFA Financial Fair Play Requirements stipulate a licence to play in Europe must be refused if the auditor’s report contains an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion.
Of course, at the SFA they appear to prefer FTP to FFP.

A thing of beauty

Ayrshire boy,
20 minute Tim’s podcast. I think I preferred the vision of the jobby on Peter lawwells mantelpiece and when people point it out him saying “ aye but that jobby beat Barcelona.” I nearly fell off my stationary bike laughing 😂


Garry @ 11.04. I do ofcourse remember the Back the Team, Sack the Board clarion call of the early nineties. I also remember the banners stating this at the ground. However, it was, not backing the team that forced the issue when the majority of supporters decided to boycott a home fixture against Kilmarnock. This then prompted the bank to demand financial guarantees from individual directors which they were unable or unwilling to give. Therein lies the paradox. How do you boycott the PLC and at the same time back the team when you are not in the stadium to give them your backing?

Angel Gabriel

Contra Mundum 12.10 .
Thanks for a very informative post . The lack of scrutiny their account receive is now the norm . You’ve clarified a couple of issues. 👍

Still bewildered by yesterday’s statement.

My worst day…… Raith Rovers comes close . It was my ex wife’s birthday.
I met her in the pub after the game .
I headed home early and scunnered.
Looking back it’s not a surprise that she fecked off a few years later.
The worst was Fir Park . I warned my pals on our mini bus that our standards had dropped on the way up .
I still didn’t think it would get that bad . The bus broke down on the’77 on route back to Ayrshire. Huns going to Ibrox for a celebration, couldn’t believe their luck . How they laughed & mocked .
When I got home ( gave the pub a miss) I drew the curtains. Horrible days.

As for Seville, the result didn’t change what was a wonderful time. Getting there was brilliant , magic days .


Nobody is able to be in the Stadium just now. Back the team on social media, and blogs like this that players read, whilst calling for removal of the custodians. I have been to 2 games in 18 months. Held a season ticket and went to majority of away games prior to Neil’s permanent employment. The two games were using a family member’s season card. Celtic will not get another thin dime from me, under the current custodians.


M6BHOY…there’s no paradox as far as I can see – you either get behind the man in charge or you don’t!
We’ve heard all the reasons for replacing him but the decision has been made to retain him for the rest of the year at least. That gives him 4 or 5 games to try to build a head of steam that will see us lift the Scottish Cup for an unprecedented Quadruple Treble and face the title challengers at their place. The paradox for me is if you’re not supporting the team who are you supporting?


Mahe ( from the last article )

I hope you’re well – pen at the ready

Sorry about my overuse of convenience labelling its a child of the internet…. oops

‘The bored’ have now made unprecedented consecutive weekly statements supporting the apre shower scene Hampden appointed Neil Lennon, so at least there’s consistency if not progress. I’d wager somewhere in the West End sandstones Neil Lennon’s feet up and surprised his tenure at Celtic wasn’t halted at least by Sunday. Whilst the ‘bored’ haven’t figured out how to get round to the finalities,as DD plays virtual golf, locked down we’re doomed Hoopdom Celtic supporters awaiting the new messiah, to try and rescue the ten, the only problem I see with that is as ever, who does all the picking?

So why bother, there were miss-givings about the Celtic squad and have posted them elsewhere and ad nauseum, since before pre season France, and long before we got our first glimpses of watching through the VST Pass to Paradise and a ghostly Celtic Park, where the only thing to be heard is Neil Lennon’s Lurgan lilt……….. “Oorlee——-Oorlee”.

But I’d never set foot in the ‘ told you so brigade ‘whilst Neil Lennon is even second handing out contracts to x, y, and z he has my unconditional virtual support, “ He has a good eye for a player “ © Peter Lawwell. I waited last season until I had seen players like Bolingoli in the flesh, and saw first hand how poorly Celtic appeared to trade. We’ve bought badly again, and will buy badly again in the new managers tenure, whoever he is, nuff said.

We got to Covid19, and appear to have got stuck in a locked down vacuous stadium and season since, can’t judge players in the flesh right now, but reckon between everyone in the Celtic hierarchy we’ve clearly misspent and frittered the Keiran Tierney money in the last three windows. Senior Celts including the redoubtable Auldheid will recall how we did the same thing with the infamous then equivalent Kenny Dalglish money, plus ca change.

Throw in an alleged tactically and everything else inferior to St Brendan manager, plus some of his wantaway disciples and its an unravelling disaster of a season. But not entirely of Neil Lennon’s making, at least ‘the bored’ seem to acknowledge this,and share some responsibility perhaps until Dermot can ask around maybe at the racecourse when it opens, to see who is available.

We have impasse, closed ranks and even physical barriers to hold back from an almost unprecedented two wins in twelve and counting, we have a major shareholder personally backing Neil Lennon so long as he’s in charge, it might be whoever he bumps into, that gets the gig.

Blowing the budgets that were big enough to have withstood the soft loans, new club with brand new manager and it was game over. We now don’t have a better squad at all,the ‘better’ squad theory is shot to pieces and it’s only December, we have a first choice, non bending goalkeeper, fronted by the return of the sieve(s), supporters at Centre back full backs that aren’t, a wholly invisible midfield and gone from millions of wingers, to none.

Throw in the only fit striker who cannae be ar@ed and we’re no good to go.

God Bless Neil Lennon

Ayrshire Bhoy


Bag of jobbys was funny, right at the end you nearly miss it Melly says I wish he’d slipped in the shower, spat my tea out at that lol

Nana Mouskouri C.s.c

Has Auldheid been liquidated I see he posts as Auldheid the now. does he keep his history or is he a new poster



Nobody is able to be in the Stadium just now. Back the team on social media, and blogs like this that players read, whilst calling for removal of the custodians. I have been to 2 games in 18 months. Held a season ticket and went to majority of away games prior to Neil’s permanent employment. The two games were using a family member’s season card. Celtic will not get another thin dime from me, under the current custodians.
Garry, I have my doubts that many players spend much of their time browsing the many and varied Celtic fansites especially right now. Football is their day job and I suspect like most working people, they have other interests that are not work-related. I could be wrong but I don’t think the team’s mood is affected by what supporters are saying on cyberworld. At the end of the day, professional footballers are mercenaries and would be off in a shot if another team was to offer them more money

Mike in Toronto


Glad to see you posting, pal.

And you too, BP.


M6BHOY…there’s no paradox as far as I can see – you either get behind the man in charge or you don’t!
We’ve heard all the reasons for replacing him but the decision has been made to retain him for the rest of the year at least. That gives him 4 or 5 games to try to build a head of steam that will see us lift the Scottish Cup for an unprecedented Quadruple Treble and face the title challengers at their place. The paradox for me is if you’re not supporting the team who are you supporting?
McCaff – The board have made their decision so everyone now has to do an about turn, ignore the evidence of their own eyes and get behind the manager. This sounds very much like the stuff that used to come out of the CSA back in the days of the Kellys and Whites. In the absence of me not supporting the team, I don’t support any other team. Like I have posted before, I still hate the new huns with a passion so want Celtic and every other team they play, to beat them. Having said that, Scottish football would be a lot healthier if it wasn’t all about the Old Firm – like it was when Aberdeen and Dundee Utd. won their titles.


M6BHOY… nobody suggested an U-turn! I suppose the question is what are you gonna do now? The Board have acknowledged the shortcomings of the team and have decided that Lennon deserves a longer shot at solving the problems. Where does that leave the support, continually criticising Lennon and the team is counter-productive, and irrespective of whether the players read blogs or not they are acutely aware of the fact that they are performing way below the expected levels and will be aware of what blogs and suchlike are saying.
I hate the Huns too but that is neither here nor there at the moment, this is about what Celtic do next. In my opinion as much as the team have been shit for a few months the next few games are critical and the team have a better chance of performing at a better level if they were aware the support were behind them.
Of course, I’m happy to accept the title of ‘happyclapper’ but nothing could be further from the truth.

Big Audio Dynamite

From the club’s latest load of tosh, this stood out for me .. “Equally important is to continue to operate according to our club’s values”

Values? Good one! Add that to “We will not be treated any different” and “If we find evidence of wrongdoing we’ll act on it” and my favourite “Make no mistake, we are a stand-alone club”

All utterly hollow, of course.

big packy

MIKE, how are you and seamus, a friend in need is a friend indeed 👍


I know for a fact that Calmac reads the various Celtic blogs, and I suspect a few of the Scottish players in our squad do too. I know I would, if I was a Celtic player. The demonstrations the last two Sundays were clearly against the coaches, manager and players. Do you think they never noticed the protests, or choose to ignore them?
Back the Team, Sack the Board!


A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend with weed is better.
Placebo CSC 😊


For BP and MIT

bada bing1

The Celtic AGM takes place on Monday December 14.


This AGM will be virtual but there will be NO live questions permitted.


Any questions need to be submitted at least 4 days prior to the event but there’s no guarantee that questions will be tabled or answered.


The club will “endeavour to answer questions and may group questions together when doing so”.

Putin stuff….

Mike in Toronto

Just throwing this out there for consideration … I said a few years ago that the plan was never for us to win 9 in a row… but, even after they made it to the SPL, the zombies’ infighting handed us league after league … I also said that, at some point, the plan had to re-evaluated, so, in true WWE style, we would win 9 in a row, and then the zombies would rise phoenix like and stop the 10.

Does make you wonder (i) why the zombies (who were flying until xmas last season) suddenly fell off a cliff (handing us 9), and why the same team that won 9 comfortably has now, in turn, fallen off a cliff.

And before you get all up in arms, remember a few things….

1. I have been right more than wrong when dealing with SPFL scams… and

2. Lots of pro teams/leagues are rife with fixing outcomes …

College football is rife with point shaving scams. The old Chicago Black Sox team which threw the World Series. Tennis players are routinely throwing matches due to connections with betting syndicates…

I suspect that our Board thought that it would be better for business if we weren’t too far ahead of the zombies ….they will tell themselves that it is good for the club in the long term…

This is not dissimilar to lots of North American pro teams who have tanked seasons in order to get a higher draft pick the following seasons. In fact, in the NBA, the practice of tanking got so bad, and teams were competing to have the worst record, to protect the integrity of the game, the league had to change the rules regarding the college draft so that the worst team no longer automatically got the first draft pick. Of course, in Scotland, no one seems concerned with the integrity of the game, so it would be a lot easier to cheat, if people were so inclined…

And it is not as difficult as one might think to fix a game or even a season …if you have the best horse, you dont have to bribe every other jockey… all you need to do is hire a less than stellar jockey to ride your own horse ….over the course of a season, a bad manager can make even a good team look worse … and not replacing key positions (think KT to ?)…. every chain is only as good as its weakest link ….there are lots of ways in influence an outcome ….

Not saying this is the case… but we can no longer dismiss any possibility when it comes to scottish football ….

Afternoon Packy.
Nicola Sturgeon is outraged that the first Pfizer vaccine administered in Britain was in England. She reckons there will be massive calls for Scottish independence after this preferential treatment.


We have to get behind the team,roll on Sunday.
To hell with the board etc. time will take care of them…………i hope
There will be a boycott… s/t and superstore that will hurt them and pity it will hurt our team but something has to give.

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