Big week, Big call’s

Well it’s certainly taken quite a while but I do believe our title defence has finally begun in earnest.


There was always a real danger the team just would not click this year, simply stumble and stutter to the finish line weakly, but at last we have made the switches that have seen us shift up a gear.


That’s not to say we are perfect, but we certainly look better, much better, more like a proper Celtic team. The new breed have brought drive and desire with them, and the rest have responded.
We threaten to look like a good team at times, something many thought beyond us a month ago.




It would be foolish to believe all is rosey in the garden. For starters Odsonne Eduoard came back into the team, and once again failed to impress. It’s clear his reputation and price tag got him the nod over a hungry Klimala, who’s work ethic and natural instinct to play on the last defenders shoulder suits us much more than a deep drifting striker.


On the flip side the kid who slots in so well on Thursday night doesn’t even get a bench slot (unless we missed some injury news) which I’m struggling to file under great man management. Let’s hope Ewan is understanding but clearly Lenny isnt picking some players on current form.


The big concern is the news this group might be split up for the final to accommodate those who got the club there. This is not the news the fans want to hear.


For starters, moving to what many consider a weakened team would lessen the odds of lifting the cup, which may be our only real shot at success this year.
Publicly announcing these intentions was not the smartest thing to do either.
The Jambos will have loved that tipoff.


Then for what can be considered the look new side, they have the chance to go on and win the biggest game they have lined out for yet, plus the chance for three wins on the trot in what feels like forever, and then theres the shot at glory these special events offers.


While some may realise they didn’t play their part in the path there, they can fully play their part in sealing the victory, something just as important.


It’s conjecture but would lifting some silverware not give the new bhoys some much needed unity?
A real shot in the arm?
I can’t see how winning your place on merit then losing it on history will impress.


Most are in the game for medals, so winning them should really lift confidence in the camp. With that in mind should our new bhoys play and lose then perhaps this new found momentum could disappear, but then again playing them drastically improves the chances of victory.


Should the replaced be given starting berths only a victory would suffice, for defeat would inevitably see the place screamed down with those yelling why did you change it.


Then should the replaced go onto claim the Cup, presuming they come in only for the final based on getting the team there,we have the scenario of dropping cup winners which doesn’t make much sense. Many managers would stick with a group that just won building on that feel good factor they’ve had all week.


Will Neil set aside everything after the final? The last thing we want is Broony lifting a cup convincing Lenny he’s still got it. Likewise Rogic, Bitton, El Hamed.
Those who can be seen as yesterday’s men could actually rest assured if they see their replacements winning cup finals. They could all then see the transition in progress and rest assured their job had been done, time for others now.
Coming into the team and losing would be a terrible end to their spells, there’s always that risk. The last hoorah for the senior players going terribly wrong would be so very typical 2020.


Will young Hazard drop out as helping the side to silverware this young and so soon after breaking through may just make the lad? And let’s say Barkas does come in this once, would that really change things long term?
I can’t imagine that would kick start his settling down, give him the necessary confidence our keeper should have, or stall what is looking like a summer return to the continent.
I can’t see the benefits of a single game recall in his case if we are moving on with someone else.
The winners medal should help whoever is number one between the sticks settle and gain belief. Right now that’s the young Ulsterman. There’s no need to complicate things by switching him in and out.


Neil has really dug himself into a hole with those comments. He was beginning to take himself out of the spotlight, letting his players do the talking, but is in danger of helping good work unravel. Picking players on sentiment now when we have found rhythm, will only bring more doubts over his job suitability.
This could be the last big call Neil is remembered for so he will want to get it right, but the head should rule the heart on this occasion.
Frazer Foster won us the last cup final, sentiments should not run the risk of losing us this one.

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December 14, 2020 6:27 am

Interesting lead.

Reading around Celtic social media, many are unconvinced by Celtic’s performance yesterday. As SC tends to be looked on as a more discerning blog, the fact that most on here were happy to see a stride forward maybe needs to be put in context.

For me, I just enjoyed the game, first domestic game in a while, so maybe that coloured my view if a, let’s face it, fairly average Celtic performance in the context of the quadruple treble, can get us excited, maybe the expectation management has got to some of us. What did it really tell us?

One who seems to have assessed the game pretty quickly, as you say, was our manager, who seems quite content to go back to his failing first team for the Cup Final next Sunday.

What I can’t figure is how this ties in with what he’s been saying for the last couple of months, and also the language – “hardcore”.

Odd use of that word in the context of the last couple if months.

We have many subsets of players, as described by Lenny himself, of course not at all mutually exclusive.

– The want aways

– The non-triers

– The not fully fit

– The lack of form

– The lacking in confidence

This has lead to individual and team performances that Lenny has referred to himself in the context of; “psychologically” challenged and the poor “attitude”, poor “body language”.

So where’s this hardcore who have seen him through?

Looking at the squad I don’t see it, Broony you feel has got to be one, then there are those who played yesterday, Calmac, Christie (yet is he a want away?), Forrest injured, Eddy who he’s persevered with but is definitely a box ticker in the subsets.

Those who didn’t play – Nir Bitton, was the lack of mobility jibe, aimed at yesterdays two centre halfs an indication the defence will be changed again – NB certainly seems like a NL favourite.

My feeling is that these random, nonsensical phrases (when taken in the round) reflects more the division in the dressing room and coaching set up, than it does, trying to make sense of what is patent nonsense.

There is far more going on at Celtic than a couple good displays by some young turks can fix… see Ewan Henderson.

The cult of personality seems strong at Celtic, this needs to change big time…

Whether you are; PL, NL, JK, SB, you should be in your Celtic job on current merit.

Hail Hail

December 14, 2020 6:50 am

Reading back…

Some interesting insights into the Res12 campaign, by Auldheid, thanks for the updates – more power to your eldow sir!!

Today’s a big day for Celtic, quite a few things need ironed out and expressed at the AGM…

…Anyone predicting a damp squib!?

Great to see The Celtic Supporters Trust mobilise in a professional and positive way yesterday, with the demo and cheering the team – a credit to the Celtic movement at a time of much despair.

The Res12 ghuys keeping on, the CST and the disenfranchised keeping their credit card in their pocket this Christmas seems to be ruffling some feathers.

Maybe not holding the Board’s feet to the fire yet, but you get the feeling those feet firmly ensconced under the Boardroom table are begining to shuffle quite a bit.

Hail Hail

December 14, 2020 8:17 am

Auldheid et al re Res12
All the best for the AGM later. As you say, the power balance has shifted since the 10 in a row seems less likely. More fans are asking questions. See how the board reacts.
Your work has been of great service to Celtic, even if the current board don’t see it. The fans are the most important organ in the Celtic body. We are the heart of the club. Board members beware.

big packy
December 14, 2020 8:31 am

MORNING ALL and JIM, mahe/ bobby great post, i could not believe henderson was not even on the bench yesterday, if lenny changes this team for the cup final he might live to regret it, chairbhoy good post i agree with most of what you said👍 auldheid more power to your elbow sir👍

December 14, 2020 9:26 am

Hmmm,bit of a cock-up as MAHE didn’t receive the match review I sent him last night,and didn’t ask me about it till I was long in my bed! Here it is,just to keep the tradition going.


There’s a lot to be said for this Christmas thang,you know. Once again it is my pleasure to bring you tidings of gladness and joy,and long may it continue! I know that the team we beat yesterday are far removed from the Stevie Clarke Kilmarnock of oh so recently but they are still a tough unit,especially when they take advantage of the access to the dark arts afforded them by the mason in the middle.

But we can hardly complain about that,after all we have condoned it by our silence for years-and particularly so since The Return Of The Cardigan all those years ago. Again,big Dubliner Power was their most blatant offender,only being booked for a red card assault on Soro having had a let-off for another one just earlier. And a barge on Frimpers,as an example,had to be seen to be believed,with no attempt whatsoever on the ball.

But to the game. From Thursday,Taylor came in for Laxalt-who probably breathed a sigh of relief!-and Eddie for Klimala. That surprised some of us,particularly with no place for young Henderson,even on the bench,but heyho. See how it goes.

And go it did,virtually all in the same direction too! We looked more confident at the back than anytime recently in the league,and showed more drive and directness in midfield. Gone were the sideways passes as we probed for space or ran with the ball,exposing their defenders and leaving gaps wide to be exposed. It was only up front that we looked lacking,at least in the first half,as we just couldn’t quite get the space to get away the shot. But at half time,most of us were fairly content with affairs-even if only compared to recent ones we have witnessed-and confident that the breaks would come. Now,even though last Sunday was itself a marked improvement over recent performances,few of us would have been quite so confident at the same stage. This week,it just felt different.

We did create some chances in the first half,with Turnbull having a few efforts at goal as well as firing in some decent corners,Mo having a couple of pops,etc. Taylor was brought down by the keeper but,well,the usual. Eddy huffed and puffed but he just can’t catch a break these days-a header of his being palmed away being a perfect example. Second half we came out with even more purpose,and Duffy was close enough with a header from a DT free before the ball came wide to Mo for a chance to run across the box and fire one in.

A wee game of bagatelle later and it was in the back of the net. Big Shane claimed it and grew in confidence as he did so!

CalMac then played the perfect ball behind the defender for Taylor but it only led to a corner. Most times yesterday,it would have been slid along the six yard line for everyone to ignore,as I say our forwards just couldn’t get a break all day. The chances were there,and plenty of them. Minutes later,another peach from CalMac gave DT the chance to shoot but it only led to another corner. We had eleven of them on the day,and this time it was a peach. DT bang on the napper again,this time for Duffy to leap like a stag with a powerful header into the corner.

There wasn’t a single Celtic fan who wasn’t bloody delighted for the big man. He has had a torrid time since his arrival,but these last couple of games with the change in formation and personnel have seen him look far more comfortable and confident. Twenty minutes left,plenty of time to add more? I wouldn’t say that the game petered out,it continued in the same pattern as before. Just couldn’t catch a break in fron of goal with Klimala just not getting on the end from point blank a perfect example.

Another was from Ajer on one of his Stormin’ Norman runs down the right,the ball finding Christie in space but it just wouldn’t come down for him. But the signs were nevertheless positive and included a rare clean sheet.

I’m hesitant yet to say that we are back,but we may have halted the decline. A bit more luck-or sharpness!-up front could yet see us walking about with smiles on our faces. Either way,it’s just good to have back to back wins and also good performances. Let’s see what the next few games bring. Because a run of six victories could have the other lot a little concerned,as well as lay a solid base for the rest of the season.

And stranger things have happened…


Above article by BMCUWP

December 14, 2020 9:29 am

Interesting stuff this,copied over from last night.
Margaret McGill
£11k ??
from whom? who paid this?
It came from 5 different funders. CQN paid £4.9k which came from fund raising efforts led by Winning Captain. The Persistence Beats The Resistance T shirts sales plus if I remember right contributions from CQN Members. The sum raised was more than that but after paying three bills covering June to Oct 2016 the balance of £7930 went to Mary’s Meals.

The other funds came from 4 individual funders to meet the balance of £11k

1. £1104 from 2 to meet an initial bill of that amount in Jan 2016.

2. £4974 from CQN from June to Oct 2016 plus £882 from original funders at 1 needed to cover the Oct bill because of the transfer of the funds raised to Mary’s meals, of £7930.

3. £672 from a 3rd funder for March 2018 bill

4. £2562 from one of the original funders in July 2018 to whom every Celtic supporter should be grateful (as they should to the other)

5. £1032 from a 5th new funder to dig Res12 out of a funding hole in August 2019 which would not have needed filled had the money raised for Res12 been reserved to meet the bills arising from Number 3 amounting to £4266.

With hindsight that charity donation at the time to a very worthy cause that seemed to be in line with Celtic supporters charitable outlook had it been set aside for future legal bills, would have saved the need to seek further funding for a cause that funders thought would lead to justice for events in 2011, had it not been for the CAS clause in the 5 Way agreement accepted by Celtic that prevented the judicial process running to completion and which Celtic are saying they will take up with the SFA in their response to shareholders in the AGM notice.

The actual payments were made direct to the law firm by the funders.

December 14, 2020 1:50 am

December 14, 2020 9:45 am

Not sure i’d put Bitton in the mobile category.
Neil is a risk averse coach who struggles to see what’s actually going on in a match.
This clearly favors Bitton who guarantees a mistake in every game.
The two centre halves yesterday played well against ref sanctioned thuggery.
They need to play together and form a solid partnership.
Ajer has been excellent at right side of defense and Laxalt should play left in a more settled side.

Someone should ask Peter poundsnatcher at the AGM why they are retaining a coach who is also destroying a valuable youth system and losing kids like Dembele and Henderson could cost the club a fortune
in the long run?

December 14, 2020 10:18 am


Some excellent points,and particularly about his reluctance to bring through younger players. That is just a disgraceful approach in the modern era.

I recall someone pointing out to me how many of our former youths were plying their trade elsewhere,and how it reflected well on the Lennoxtown set-up. I said that it reflected badly on our managers who refused to play them while we had them.

December 14, 2020 10:46 am

Blinkin’ flip,another one!

Gerard Houllier R I P

December 14, 2020 11:04 am


I’m not in agreement with playing players because of sentiment under any circumstances-except maybe a wee last five minutes before a long-serving player finally departs. This is a cup final,the culmination of four hard years of relentless trophy-hunting,and a chance to do two things that have never been done-a fourth Scottish Cup on the bounce,and a fourth clean sweep. It isn’t a bloody testimonial!

The best players should be playing in every game,but of course that doesn’t mean the best players on paper as form and fitness etc come into that equation,as does their fit into the shape of the team on the day. In that regard,there is no reason to give players like Brown,Rogic,Christie or Bitton a start on Sunday. None of them have done enough for far too long this season to justify their inclusion. And the only reason I’m not putting Eddie in that category is because no-one has been an improvement on him so far!

But if Mo and Eddy both play,we have to persuade them towards greater separation on the pitch,instead of attacking from the same areas. Maybe with Mo dropping to the right so Eddy can lay it off to his good foot. Hazard has already looked better than Barkas in only two games,and seems to command his area with more authority. Ajer looks comfortable and settled on his right,and may be a worry for Frimpers who could easily be left out on recent showings,with Ajer getting up and down the flank.

NL has the best part of a week to make his mind up,but he needs to remember that he is looking to win the cup on Sunday,not a popularity contest.

December 14, 2020 11:30 am

Fan-a-tic @ 9:45 am, BMCUWPs…

Spot on, there are several take-aways from that, which are worth considering.

When Lenny started as a coach with Celtic it was in the development section. He often prompted Tony Mowbray to use the development players.

As we know, when he got the hotseat he never did this, in fact James Forrest is the exception that proves the rule.

So why would he be making wholesale changes, relying on “development” players for a game that the result, while in and off itself isn’t important, but a bad performance on top of recent results might get him sacked?

Well as I said in a post earlier this week, the evidence of the Board creaking into action was very apparent. Briefed jounalists, briefed social media, stoic resolve with statement o’clock…

Yet this was not just a PR exercise, the situation had gone beyond that, it was evident to see the “”football” tone had changed, the team seletion and set up had changed for the midweek match and during the match, the interaction of the manager/coaches had changed also, sure there was tension there no doubts, but the level of interaction was so much, much higher.

For me only one thing makes sense, Lenny was told to get the coaches and squad players more involved, he was given assurances that he wouldn’t be taking the can for any adverse reaction as Celtic PLC would make a statement backing him to the New Year… my feeling was there was quid pro quo on this.

So Lenny get’s the Board’s backing, the coaches get their input.

The fact it turned out so well leaves Lenny’s tinkering of the last couple of months looking amateur, pointless and downright damaging.

Now, WGS said some interesting things in his detailed summarising likewise Lenny in his post match interview – when asked about Ajer claiming he’d been good “in the last couple of games”, and that odd lack of mobility comment on his centre halves.

Also what he didn’t say, he has played over 500 games in the position that Soro plays – he was hardly enthused about the bhoys excellent displays.

If I’m correct then Lenny’s off the cuff “hardcore” remark looks very much like the guys not for the changes and hopes using his hardcore for the Cup Final, (as they deserve it!?) Who these ghuys are I don’t know but Broony and Nir are the only ones not involved in the lasy couple of games that I can think of. It could backfire on us all – except of course Lenny, he has nothing to lose.

Hail Hail

December 14, 2020 11:41 am

Morning bhoys, ghirls
Points/league Update 14/12/20

JNP..0 pts.. 72
Well done to Vp,Atob,Oct,Garry and g64 for getting 6pts..
Only 24pts separating top from bottom
Vp and Bada putting jnp(get ur scores in)under pressure while McCaff has run out of puff(must be the night shift!!).g64 catching up with the rest of us.
Who will be top at new year??

December 14, 2020 11:52 am


If NL still doesn’t think that Soro is doing the midfield destroyer role well enough either in training or in that limited time on the pitch,then maybe he can see that he certainly has the potential to do it.

He might think back to when he was about the same age,playing for Crewe after being released by Man City. He had previously played as a roving midfielder,but soon began playing in the holding role. Paul Lambert underwent the same conversion at an even later stage in his career. I wonder if the coaching of Gradi and Hitzfeld may have been important.

I wonder then whether NL might even consider something similar for Soro,perhaps using someone already at the club?

December 14, 2020 11:53 am


Do I need snookers yet? And has anyone used a Joker yet?

December 14, 2020 11:57 am

No jokers have been used,likely they are waiting to play towards end of season imo.
No snookers req yet but cbb is catching you…

December 14, 2020 12:02 pm

Just seen the Last 16 draw for the CL. The Big Four leagues get four entries each,direct into the groups. Of those 16,oly Man Utd and Inter failed to qualify,so only Porto and PSG,possibly the two richest clubs outside of those leagues,are in the draw.

What a carve up,and money sure shouts…

December 14, 2020 12:03 pm


No chance of CCB catching me-too used to me beating him to the bar!

Bada Bing
December 14, 2020 12:03 pm

Reading back, it’s an absolute scandal, Celtic supporters have had to raise money, to fight a case the Club should have been fighting. It tells you all you need to know, about the cover ups,and collusion these bastards have been party to.I don’t ever want to hear the lame excuse of ‘ we are all Celtic fans on the Board ‘,these traitors have sold us down the river.

December 14, 2020 12:09 pm


I think it raises an even more unpalatable point-that the board deliberately sent them on a wild goose chase,because the board knew something that the resolutioners didn’t.

That the board had no intention on fighting the cause in question as they were complicit in it,and that even when that was uncovered,the 5WA meant that it could be taken no further in Scotland anyway.

Bada Bing
December 14, 2020 12:10 pm

CB- is it 3 points a correct score, and 1 point for correct outcome?

Bada Bing
December 14, 2020 12:30 pm

Desmond can’t be arsed to turn up at the AGM yet again

December 14, 2020 12:34 pm

So DD can’t even make an appearance at the AGM via Zoom? Ridiculous. Tells you everything about him.
He’s not just the largest shareholder, he’s a Director for goodness sake!
Showing great leadership.

Angel Gabriel
December 14, 2020 12:55 pm

Res11 bombed out at the AGM

Bada Bing
December 14, 2020 12:55 pm

The AGM a bigger sham than usual this year

December 14, 2020 1:04 pm


Thank you for the additional information. It must have been a stressful time for you and the others involved in Res 12. There is more that I would like to ask but current events are taking over. I am sure that any new initiatives will benefit from your experiences.

Whilst past injustices are important, I feel the emphasis should now be upon what is happening currently with Sevco…its finances and future Euro licensing aspirations.

However, I question if I am one to talk about such issues as my future support for the club is, at best, uncertain.

Even if performances on the field turnaround, I feel a strong sense of betrayal that I doubt will lessen. Perhaps others feel the same. In which case, the club may truly enter the slow lane.


December 14, 2020 1:07 pm

BMCUWPs @ 11:52 am,

Yes, good points on the DMs, Paul Lambert made such a difference to us.

Yet, I’m at the stage where the thought of the current coaching anx management guys at Celtic developing and buying the next crop of players, is unthinkable.

I thought the worst nightmare may be loosing the ten and the quadruple treble. Now it’s the thought of the guys who are there are still there next season.

As I said, if your face fits at Celtic you seem to get the gig, we now have a coaching staff amd management of Big Pedros men, not only can’t they work together, it looks like they can’t stand each other.

Also, not buying the PL is a DD puppet, he won the battle to hunt Brendan Rodgers, he won the battle to keep NL.

The Club is failing and is coming under flak we haven’t seen in 25 years and still Big Pedro is allowed to do as he wishes.

Hail Hail

December 14, 2020 1:12 pm


Correct about Sevco finances. This is a post from last week which I didn’t get the chance to comment on due to a dayooooot in the pub for the first time in six weeks!


Since they were published on 20 November there has been little or no commentary on yet another questionable audit opinion expressed on RIFC’s financial statements. This might seem irrelevant but bear with me. Auditing is often not very well understood but it can have a vital impact on a company’s continuing ability to trade and a football club’s ability to compete.

International Accounting Standards require a company’s management to make an assessment of an entity’s ability to continue as a going concern. If management have significant concerns about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, the uncertainties must be disclosed in the financial statements.

The audited financial statements of RIFC for 2019-20 disclose a funding shortfall of £23.2m for the forecast period (seasons 2020-21 and 2021-22). The shortfall is based on a number of assumptions, which are also disclosed.

As a first step an auditor has to be satisfied the assumptions are reasonable and the cash forecasts realistic and achievable. The auditor’s assessments are based on professional judgement and experience. Clearly, none of us know the future so the forecasts are highly subjective, although it is disclosed that they have been subject to a sensitivity analysis. However, the results of the sensitivity analysis are not disclosed. In other words, we do not know how much margin for error was allowed for in the sensitivity analysis (e.g., failure to achieve the assumed successes in various football competitions and the timing of when spectators will be allowed access to stadia again; growth in projected revenues and expenses, transfer fees paid and received etc.)

The overriding imperative is the auditor must obtain “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” to be satisfied that the company will be able to pay its liabilities “as and when they fall due” for at least 12 months from the date of signing the audit opinion (which for 2019-20 was 17 November 2020). We know from the disclosures in RIFC’s financial statements they are unable to do this of their own accord. They are £23.2m short according to their own highly subjective cash flow forecasts.

In the current economic climate in the midst of a global pandemic it is highly problematic, to say the least, for a company whose balance sheet shows it owes £30m more in current liabilities payable within 12 months than it has in current assets available, to be able to pay its liabilities “as and when they fall due”. Significantly for UEFA Financial Fair Play Requirements, the current liabilities as of 30 June 2020 included £9.7m payable to HMRC for social security and other taxes.

This brings us to the second step the auditor must take in gathering “sufficient appropriate audit evidence”.
If the company has insufficient funds of its own, the auditor must be satisfied that funds will be available from external sources at all times when the company’s liabilities are due to be paid. The RIFC financial statements disclose “the uncertainty over the level of additional funds that will be required and a lack of a binding debt facility…”

The “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” on which the auditor of RIFC appears to have relied is that the club (sic) has reached an agreement with two directors for unspecified amounts to cover cash flow shortfalls “as necessary” and the same two directors have agreed to provide a “formal facility with funds being made immediately available … to draw down as required”. The implication is that the two directors have agreed to underwrite unlimited losses into the future and provide cash to pay bills whenever it is needed. It is stretching credulity how any auditor could obtain “sufficient appropriate audit evidence” to be satisfied that these individuals can guarantee to meet unlimited, unspecified and non-binding commitments, when in the very next paragraph the RIFC board acknowledge explicitly there is a lack of any binding debt facility.

Without legally binding guarantees, supported by documentary audited evidence that the individuals can meet them, it is arguable at the very least that the company should not have been treated as a going concern, meaning the audit opinion should have been qualified and an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion issued. Either of these has serious financial implications.

Even though the current auditor has not expressed an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion, the next worst audit opinion is an emphasis of matter paragraph drawing the attention of readers of the financial statements of the material uncertainty regarding RIFC’s ability to continue as a going concern.

No director of any company accepts lightly an audit report that even mentions a material uncertainty of going concern far less an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion. You can be sure the auditor of RIFC would have been placed under extreme pressure not to include the material uncertainty paragraph in the audit report and even more pressure not to express an adverse opinion or disclaimer of opinion.

We know for a fact that a previous RIFC auditor, Deloitte, one of the biggest global audit firms, resigned due to threats made against partners and staff of its Glasgow office.

As mentioned above, an adverse audit opinion or a disclaimer of opinion has wider implications. UEFA Financial Fair Play Requirements stipulate a licence to play in Europe must be refused if the auditor’s report contains an adverse opinion or a disclaimer of opinion.

Of course, at the SFA they appear to prefer FTP to FFP.

December 8, 2020 12:10 pm

December 14, 2020 1:29 pm

Having read the live reporting of the AGM on the Daily Record site, (I know!), the Board’s answers to the questions raised were lumped together to give vague, non specific replies. No details. Just ‘we hear you’. But no commitments of any significance.

There will be no headlines news tomorrow. A total non event. Just as we expected.

Sack the Board.
Back the Trust.

December 14, 2020 1:49 pm

Shoot the board
Do not trust the CST until absolute proof there is 0% alignment with the PLC is given

trust nae c*nt csc

December 14, 2020 1:57 pm

I think there’s a better chance that the Trust wants to replace the Board rather than align with them.

December 14, 2020 1:58 pm

I haven’t seen or heard anything about the AGM other than the snippets commented on here but in the Annual Report Res11/12 was advised to be voted against, as I’m sure Auldheid will explain in full detail later. The point is that the PLC can now no longer ignore it as they have separately undertaken to examine the points contained within it. So no surprises as far as I can see from comments.

December 14, 2020 1:59 pm

I agree with you Jim, I think the CST want to challenge but no feckin wonder people don’t know who to trust!!

December 14, 2020 2:02 pm

Anyway, if anyone wants to get your name beside your heroes at Parkheid a Granite Stone engraved with your name is available for £150. A certificate to prove its yours is available for an extra £7! Let me know if you want the link posted!!😉

December 14, 2020 2:03 pm

Sod it – this was final post on last thread.

big packy
FRODSHAM BHOY, get out the helter skelter or the bears paw and get on here 👍

Hi big packy
Had a lot on recently. Now sitting in Costa catching up with my reading.
For what it’s worth I can see why Lenny talks about being faithful to the old guard. Unfortunately sentiment doesn’t cut it in sport. Lenny should have learned that over the last few months.
Would love see “the new Celtic” rip into them and build a big lead before introducing the guys who got us to the final.

We now know the Res 11 outcome. Sad but not surprising. Auldheid please don’t let it get you down. Keep up the good work.

December 14, 2020 2:04 pm

McCaff, some might say that the Trust have ambitions. For fan ownership, led by them. Could be a rocky path. But one thing gives me comfort. They are democratic. One member one vote.

December 14, 2020 2:16 pm

I’m with you Jim. I trust Jeanette Findlay as a person of integrity. Her work against the club in securing better pay terms, including for agency workers was to be commended.

December 14, 2020 2:22 pm


I have given up listening to NL’s comments. They have moved beyond rationality and may be indicative of a man under stress. However, the issue of managing long term employees vs rising stars is one that I have some knowledge of. It is a tricky one. Long term commitment and loyalty needs to be both recognised and rewarded else there is no incentive for employees to give their best and stay around. However, there are caveats. Some stick around because no one else will have them!

I think SB is in a class of his own in terms of longevity and commitment. Recognising that in the cup final would be both appropriate and fair. Others like Christie, Bitton, Eddy etc are different…..current form and tactics should determine their involvement. Players like Eddy, Griff, Bitton and, sadly, Christie are not the future of the club. Soro, Turnbull, Klimala, Robertson, Hazard, Henderson, Harper and Dembele are the future. Can you imagine how Henderson feels not making the bench after his performance on Thursday?

So, I would expect Brown to make an appearance in the final…..better to have him on as a sub when legs are tiring, or earlier if we are being over run. The defence picks itself except for the Laxalt/Taylor debate. All three of Soro, Turnbull and Calmac should start, but NL may make an error there. Up front Elyanoussi has earned a spot and he will probably select Eddy rather than Klimala.

If he tinkers with the defence or the midfield, he is no coach. However, I would not bet a farthing on what he might do………defeat from the jaws of victory and all that!


December 14, 2020 2:31 pm


I don’t think any of us on here wants to be in charge of Celtic,but what we would like is to be able to trust those that are-or at least who have a say in it. Jeanette Findlay has always come across as sincere and passionate,and is definitely a sharp cookie. David Low has the experience and the contacts,and both have the interests of Celtic at heart,just like we do.

Some of us here also know a few of the other leading voices in the CST,and I know I would trust them.

I agree with what you say,based on us having been shafted by the powers that be since the year dot-but sometimes when you want something done and can’t do it on your own,you have to back a like-minded force that might just manage it. You might doubt that,but it’s obvious that they will fail for certain UNLESS people like us give them that support.

The board don’t just need their fanclub to support them,they also rely on apathy or even suspicion of the CST. Even if only in the absence of a better alternative,I ask you to look further into the aims of the Trust.

December 14, 2020 2:35 pm

Yes 3pts correct score
1pt correct outcome..

Ayrshire Bhoy
December 14, 2020 2:43 pm

Enjoyed yesterday’s victory given time these guys will blend better and at least make a fist of the league. If anyone thinks Neil doesn’t still need to go yesterday’s post match comments should help you get there.

December 14, 2020 2:44 pm

Lots happening today….too much to comment upon!

Good, balanced match report, Bobby. When will Celtic TV learn that viewers have eyes and that a commentary describing who is on the ball and who is tackling etc is not what is required. Analyse the game, don’t do show and tell.

Good to see Mikey back. Seven minutes or so on the park and several dribbles at their defence and a powerful shot over the bar, is mot too bad for a “f**** off” player. If Soro and Turnbull get game time, English clubs will be knocking on the door in 2/3 transfer windows down the road.

Sunday brought more visuals on the unhappiness in the coaching camp. No way can that be permitted to endure, even in the medium term. By year end, somebody is leaving.

No way do I buy the planted promo message that the Board cannot find a quality replacement. Give them a three year contract and their own coaching team and they will beat down the door, 10iar or not.

It always comes back to off field issues dominating on field ones. More specifically, it comes back to two individuals. Fix that with the correct appointments and you have a future oriented club whose performance will confound you.


December 14, 2020 2:57 pm


Thanks,mate. Dunno how it didn’t get to MAHE as my copy of it did. Them’s the breaks. One point from your comment…
“The Board cannot find a quality replacement.”

I suggest that questions be asked for the reasons that the Board cannot find a quality replacement. The answers might not be to their pleasing though. Such as lack of involvement in recruitment/sales,chiselling fees and salary in negotiations,duplicity etc.

In other words,their reputation precedes them. They know who is suitable but none are stupid enough to take the job under the present conditions. And as BR has alreay proven,guarantees are worthless when PL decides to flex his muscles again.

Celtic FC is still an attractive,top job. Working for Celtic Plc isn’t. The latter should be concerned about that of course,but they won’t GAF

big packy
December 14, 2020 3:37 pm

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM, frodsham bhoy enjoy that costa coffee👍what a pallaver, remember me telling you ghuys i had to travel down to nottingham to pick up a hose for our NEW grooming bath that was leaking well, it started leaking again on friday wee joan went apeshit she phoned the company that actually makes the baths they are based in ireland she wiped the floor with them the result a knock on the door at 9-10 this morning, delivery for you, not only a new bath but the top of the range, all singing all dancing extras, when wee joan gets her dander up nobody stands a chance, big thanks to christies in ballymoney, no relation by the way👍😎

Mike in Toronto
December 14, 2020 3:49 pm


Might need to send Joan to the next AGM!

December 14, 2020 3:53 pm

Mags from yesterday

Didn’t see the Arsenal game, but if KT played a blinder it would not surprise me.

BMCUWP from yesterday. Yes indeed, fellow Tim. We should have won the big cup more than once. I too was too young to remember Lisbon or Milan. Everyone, manager, players and supporters underestimated the Dutch in 1970. For me, the ones that got away were the following:

1967-68: we were the first winners not to get a bye into the 2nd round, and got hit by sucker punches and bad refereeing against Dynamo Kiev.

1969: up against eventual winners Milan, a bad mistake at CP cost us a semi final place.

1972: penalty shootout v Inter. Though it would have been a big ask to beat Ajax in the final.

1974: should have been given a bye to the final, after being booted off the park, by thugs and assassins masquerading as footballers. My first European game.

1980: missed a sitter in the 9th min. of the 2nd leg in Madrid. Unlike their cross-town rivals that Madrid team was class, on and off the field.

As pointed out in the excellent lead article, it seems that Lenny is considering turning to the old guard for the final. As I have previously pointed out, things can be ticking along quite nicely under Lenny until we approach an important game, then it’s all change… usually not for the better.

If Lenny is planning this, then all I can say is: FFS, nay, nay and thrice nay. Gonnae no dae that. Jist gonnae no.

Seriously though, such a scenario is fraught with danger. We have played our best fitba all season in the last two games, for a reason. Those that were dropped looked totally disinterested on the field of play. Swanning about with not a care in the world, while we’re dropping points right, left and centre. Fair enough…the guilty ones can GTF in January, and do us all a favour. If they were trying to send a message to the manager or the board, could they not have found some other flippin’ way?

Meanwhile, the young Turks that have come in, have been a revelation. The defence looks as good as it has for ages, and the midfield is holding the ball, and playing with confidence.

My only gripe would be the forwards…or lack thereof. Drop this one up front nonsense. If we play 4 4 2, we could have a solid defence, with two out and out wingers, a holding midfielder, a playmaker, and two forwards. What’s not to like?

Saturday could be a red-letter day in our history. We should not be playing Russian Roulette with the team formation.

I of course exempt Broony from the above criticism. The man may have lost form as of late, but he can never be accused of a lack of dedication to the jersey. That said, I would play Soro at Hampden.

Hail Hail.

big packy
December 14, 2020 4:04 pm

MIKE, she is going😎

December 14, 2020 4:05 pm


You could add the 1971 QF defeat by Ajax. Although we lost the first leg 3-0,the last two were very late on and each goal was avoidable. We mullered them in the second leg,but could only score once. Them’s the breaks.

As for Feyenoord being underestimated in 1970 as “they were only Dutch”,I could never understand that. After all,Ajax had reached the final in 69.

Bada Bing
December 14, 2020 4:11 pm

CB- thanks, I feel privileged to be up there with Voguepunter, given his many years of an advantage over me…😜

December 14, 2020 4:11 pm


I cannot in conscience agree with the ‘ shoot the board ‘ comment. I am an old-fashioned kinda guy. I would prefer to see the bastards strung up. But that’s just me…all heart.

Hail Hail.

December 14, 2020 4:28 pm

Re my previous post

I have changed my mind on wanting to see the board strung up. That was very, very wrong of me and in atonement, I will be wearing sack-cloth and ashes for the next few months.

Given Mr Lawwell’s penchant for doing everything on the cheap, the guillotine would be a much better option…off with their heads!