Blessed Are Those Who Hunger

Dermot Desmond is known for his aversion to publicity. By any standard his accumulated wealth, which is estimated at in excess of $2.2 billion is staggering. His interests span the gambit of media companies, investment firms, hotels, a bank, software companies, diamond mines and a football club.


Daon is a biometrics security company founded by Dermot in 1990. “Daon is an innovator in developing biometric authentication and identify solutions worldwide.” Areas of expertise include, “Banking, Healthcare, Telecos, Gaming and Aviation.” The Daon website continues, “…meeting the needs of governments and commercial organisations…has secured hundreds of millions of identities in the US, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, EU and Mexico.”


Daon’s Headquarters nestle in downtown Reston, Virginia. A convenient 17 minute drive to Langley, 28 minutes to the Pentagon and 32 minutes to Washington DC. The leadership in Reston are a highly qualified group of software inventors, engineers, finance people and human resources professionals.


Two people caught my eye. One guy is an ex- Marine Corp Tank Commander and Senior Software Engineer, another previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer for the Transportation Authority and Chief Operations Officer, of US Customs and Border Protection, responsible for 60,000 staff.


Daon reports the Pandemic has seen an acceleration of the biometric business. Particularly in demand are companies that authenticate or onboard customers remotely using biometric technology. Banks, insurance companies, mobile phone companies, hotels, universities and airports.


Experian are a good example.They are a multinational consumer credit company with assets of $8.8bn. Daon provide Experian access to their market leading IdentityX authentication platform. Experian customers can then use voice, fingerprint or face recognition to access the credit system. Experian have commercial relationships with Banks across the globe and in the UK.


Daon have a wide and growing market share including Visa, MasterCard and the American Airport Authority.


In June of 2020 the President of Anderson University announced that Daon’s IdentityX Covid Tracker would be used by the University of Anderson. The University’s President has an interesting profile. He held leadership roles in the FBI and Transport Security Administration. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, he was placed in charge of the FBI’s counterterrorism programme, eventually becoming the FBI’s Executive Assistant Director for national security.


Having set the scene, let’s go back to an article in The Sunday Times on 7th January 2007


“The contract for the Biometric Matching System, (BMS) a key part of Europe’s new centralised Visa system was awarded before Christmas to a consortium which includes, Management Consultants; Accenture, Sagem Défense Sécurité, part of the huge Safran, French Defence Group, (Safron are 30.5% owned by the French Government) and Daon…


It is thought Daon will provide the software to manage the BMS for the fingerprints of 70 million Visa applicants.”


The budget for the project was estimated at €157m.


Accenture had previous experience in the security field having designed and implemented the US Department of Homeland Security, Smart Border Project in 2004.


Fast forward now to India in 2009.


After the Kargil War between India and Pakistan a decision was taken by the Indian Government to introduce a national biometric identity programme.The Kargil War Review identified the lack of ID Cards in the border area, between India and Pakistan, as a particular concern. A huge proportion of the population were undocumented, undermining the management of security, immigration and benefit fraud.


Known as the Aadhaar Programme, the Indian Government’s scheme is the world’s largest ever biometric database involving 1.2 billion citizens. Initially voluntary, it became mandatory for obtaining state services (food and fuel rations, benefits, pensions for paying taxes, opening a bank account even buying a mobile phone.)


Government figures indicate that 800 million people in India rely on ration cards for food.The majority of whom live in poverty.The Aadhaar Programme meant the poorest in India were required to supply fingerprint and eye scans to remain eligible for food.


Aadhaar has been mired in legal challenges in the Indian Supreme Court for years and has been exposed in the UK’s media. The poorest and most isolated sections of Indian society have suffered immeasurable harm.


Amnesty International are a vocal critic. In 2018 Amnesty highlighted the growing application of the Aadhaar Card as “obstructing access to fundamental rights.”


Denied/delayed payments of benefits and pensions and in some cases starvation due to the failure of the system. Phishing of details, privacy intrusions are common.


Difficulty in registering, fingerprints not recognised by the system. Internet failure, lack of electricity, defective equipment and a myriad of other reasons have created a nightmare for the most vulnerable in India.


Pensioners and the sick often trek for miles to the Aadhaar Benefit Office to return home penniless after the system failed to recognise a fingerprint.


Indian software entrepreneur and billionaire Nandan Nilekanis led the $1.6bn project. In July 2010, he announced the identities of eight companies who would collaborate and implement the controversial biometric system.


A) Accenture with Dermot Desmond’s Daon and an Indian company called Mindtree.


B) US Company, L-1 Solutions with HP.


A board member of L-1 Solutions was a guy called George Tenent.Tenent had been the Director of the CIA and allegedly told President GW Bush the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq was a ‘Slam Dunk.” Mr Tenent resigned from office in the wake of allegations of torture of detainees and waterboarding.


An L-1 Solutions promotional document for the project stated,


“L-1 provides highly specialised government consulting services…More than 1,000 employees, most holding top security clearences.” Investigative journalist Tim Shorrock added, “Tenent sits on the board of L-1 Solutions. It is a major supplier of biometric software to monitor insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. L-1s software can store billions of fingerprints and facial characteristics.”


(To further muddy the waters, MongoDB a private company that creates databases used for high volume data storage were employed on the Aadhaar Project.


In 2012 MangoDB received funding from a company called, In-Q-Tel.


In-Q-Tel are the CIA’s Venture Capital wing. Ex CIA Director George Tenent was on the Board of In-Q-Tel.)


C) Morpho with Indian company Mahindra Satyam, an Indian IT Company. Mahindra have been surrounded in financial scandal. It’s ex Chairman was jailed for seven years in 2015 for embezzlement.


Morpho, a subsidiary of the French Defence Group, Safron. (Safron are 30.5% owned by the French government.) Another Safron company Sagem Défense had been hired with Daon and Accenture in the EU BMS Project in 2006.


India’s desire to modernise and progress exposed it’s population to a technically advanced but morally comprised mindset.


I’m not blaming anyone or suggesting Mr Desmond or anybody at Daon did anything wrong.


Just reporting the facts.


Surely it’s not unfair to ask Celtic’s majority shareholder to clarify his and Daon’s role in this matter?


I’ve asked Mahe & BMCUWPS to link some of the sources that were used to complete this article. Some of the stories are appalling.


Please take time to read one or two.


They convey this unfolding, real-time tragedy better than I can.


“A football club will be formed for the maintenance of the dinner tables of our needy children.”


St Mary’s Hall, Calton, November 1887.

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The above by The Gombeen Man and here are the sources

Schedule of Sources

1) “Is India’s Biometric Scheme Hurting The Poor?”

BBC News 27/3/2018

2) “How a Glich in India’s Biometric Scheme Can Be Lethal.”

The Guardian 16/10/2018

3) “Aadhaar Unmasked.”

The Statesman 12/7/2013

4) Making an Aadhaar card a prerequisite to access essential services and benefits can obstruct access to several constitutional rights, including the rights of people to food, health care, education and social security,” said Aakar Patel, executive director at Amnesty International India.

Amnesty International 13/1/2018

5) “…and that is what the crew found – two non-functional schools. Deprived of a midday meal, the local children were, we are told, eating rats and rabbits.”

The Wire, 28/3/2017

6) “…urging the government of the state of Assam to unlock the biometrics of more than 3.8 million people who have been unable to register for Aadhaar numbers, the Economic Times reports.”

The Economic Times, 2/11/2020

7) “The government is not releasing pensions for people who have failed to submit their Aadhaar number to the bank. This is not only a violation of Supreme Court orders but also an infringement of the fundamental right to life.”

The Wire, 27/4/2017

8) Daon software selected for the world’s biggest identity programme.”

The Business Wire, 30/7/2010

9)”No Ration Card No Food.”

The Mint 7/4/ /2020

10) “Ten years on, India’s biometric ID excludes homeless, transgender people.”

Reuters, 26/11/2019

11) “Daon and Morpho contracted by Irish Government.”

The Irish Times, 9/10/2017

12) Investigation of Data Storage, In-Q-Tel

13) “George Tenent Cashes in on Iraq.”

Tim Shorrock, The Salon, 7/5/2097

14) Little Sis, In-Q-Tel. 26/12/13

15) George Tenent, wiki.

Developing Stories

16) HP’s 98% score in UIDAI project bid ‘shocks’ Wipro”

Deccan Herald, 1/10/2020

17) Plans to sell Aadhaar/ Security Concerns & More

Mike in Toronto

Some interesting reading. Lots to think about. Thanks for posting that.

Dharma Bam

It is shocking.

I had heard about Daon from this article in the Irish Times that someone posted a while ago.

But that was nothing compared to all this. The effects of how board members cast their votes in the House of Lords is almost insignificant compared to this.

Remember the gigantic, detailed photo of the crowd at Celtic Park that Celtic published and everyone had the facility to identify themselves?
Maybe the people who refused, saying it would be used negatively, were onto something.

Thanks, Gombeen Man for all the work you’ve done.

Dharma Bam

More than that, what has happened to people in need is disgusting.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe, MIT, Dharma Bam,

I’ll leave people to read through this material and discuss it themselves. I don’t want to unduly influence anyone and would prefer to let folk arrive at their own conclusions.

I found it quite difficult and demanding.

Thanks for the comments and taking the time to read the post and articles.

The Celtic Trust having another Zoom meeting open to members at 1pm tomorrow. Members have been provided with a link by email.


Morning all…Gombeen, a good article which unfortunately highlights our major investor/shareholder’s lack of moral fibre but surely we’re not that surprised! There’s money to be made off poor people, there always has been and always will be. But the crux of the article really is that India is an R&D testing and proving ground for the eventual AI roll out across the developed world. Which, incidentally, wouldn’t put up with the widespread teething problems experienced by the poor souls on the sub-continent.
Who would’ve thought 25 years ago that technology would have advanced so rapidly, even if you appreciated it was inevitable the rate of change is astonishing. I’ve been saying for a couple of years now how long before our phone calls are holographic. I reckon within 10 years!


Morning Jim, no email yet for me! I’ll keep an eye oot!

Morning McCaff. CST have asked us to be careful with the link. I don’t want to post it on here in case nosey parkers from other clubs are lurking. If you haven’t recd. an email from CST by this afternoon I would contact them if I were you. You also need an ID & pass code for the meeting.


Hi Jim, I’m sure it will come, maybe they’re looking after the auld yins first! 🤣

McCaff LOL 🙂


TGM..I’ve not got time to read all the links at the moment but the first one also highlights how corruption is not unique to the wealthy. The poor having to bribe for food is no surprise and is another layer of unscrupulousness that magnifies the further up the ladder you go. As its a fitba blog the examples of FIFA corruption are typical of how power corrupts. The sums involved in holding International tournaments are enormous, as are the returns from TV, Merchandise and Ticket Sales so the temptation to bribe to ensure your involvement is high. There are many cases, particularly those exposed by Andrew Jennings, which shows FIFA and UEFA are mired in bribery and corruption.
Shameful exploitation though of the poorest people in India!
Need to go to work, hopefully my last day before Santa comes! HoHoHo!!

The Gombeen Man


Funny you mention FIFA,

Mindtree are mentioned in the article. They’re an Indian multinational IT & Outsourcing Company.

Mindtree are part of the Larsen and Taubro (L& T) Group, a huge Indian concern, (technology, construction, engineering, financial services) founded by two Danish engineers…

L&T has a joint venture with Qatari company Al Balagh group through which they jointly are the main contractors for the Al Rayyan stadium, the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium which will host matches up to the quarter-final.

Till later.


Heartbreaking stuff, penalising the poorest of the poor who have precious little of basic needs to start with. My first impression, before I delve into the detail, is that much of these issues are caused by equally greedy politicians getting into bed with like-minded entrepreneurs/oligarchs who see it as a further means of consolidating and of course expanding both their power bases and wealth at the expense (sic) of the most desperate folks in society. Shameful whichever way you look at it. Thank you for airing this awful situation.

Noel Skytrot

Disgusting how this biometric system is used to control people and if Desmond is involved he’s a disgrace.

For those on the SC site that live in Glasgow, checkout the Israeli surveillance system called NICE that is used to monitor those who travel around the city centre, dodgy doings.


Nice touch from Hearts in memory of their former defender Marius Zaliukas,who recently died from Motor Neurone Disease,

“This Sunday at Hampden, every player will wear no. 26 on the front of their shorts in memory of Marius.”

Bobby, just read up a wee bit on Marius there. He was only 36. His wife gave birth to their son earlier this year. heartbreaking. R.I.P.


The Gombeen Man,

Thanks for the info.

Only one thing surprises me and that’s the Aadhaar Programme “delivery”. The Indians have a good reputation for rolling out and supporting technology projects.

From what I’ve read there about the programme there seems a huge disconnect between the aims and objectives, the solution and the implementation.

Don’t get me wrong, of course the morality of the aims and objectives are hugely questionable, but that solution, the infrastructure and the implementation were never going to deliver.*

So… Why is it happening? What’s going on? Is it incomptence or something more sinister.

A beta test using 15% of the poorest, most disenfranchised population on earth as human guinea pigs!?

Never forget Martin Niemöller folks.

Hail Hail

*P.S. Should have said, it was never going to deliver anything like a practicable sucsess rate.



It’s frightening the range of businesses in which DD has a major stake,and equally frightening how many of them are in areas like those you mention. I touched on it in an earlier article,but with nowhere near the eye-opening/watering depth and clarity that you have.

Obviously the ROI has little need for a Secret Service when they just need to phone him! You’ve got me worried now,so I’m just glad that in another recent article-where I said that it was time up for those running Celtic-that I did not include DD in that (!)

Of course,a few decades ago all of the actions you mention would have been carried out by official arms of the relevant countries,but the advent of outsourcing has clearly been a huge boon to people like him. Clearly his venture into nursing homes was only the tip of the iceberg,and the outcome of that was bad enough. But to see the extent of infiltration/surveillance,and the routine botch of welfare amongst the poorest in society etc,well,I’m just glad that I never got the chance to become so deeply in love with money that my ethics went out of the window.

Terrific article,and grateful thanks.


I am going to have to read the article again then read the links, I must be living in a Rose Garden, I can’t fathom all that you have presented here.i am shocked The East Indian Community here in Vancouver have been protesting and putting up Banners against the Indian Governments treatment of Farmers in India this past week. I think they have to expand their reasons for protests.Maybe we are in for an Indian Spring?

Big Audio Dynamite

Cup final weekend and the MSM are doing their best to play down our history making ..don’t let them! The b@stards know they are witnessing a never to be repeated feat, and it eats away at them.

Shills, lackeys and lurking Huns, GIRFUY!

3-0 THE TIC!



Let them do their worst,CGAF what they think,say or print. We will celebrate our twelfth like we celebrated our first,and every one inbetween.

Oh wait-are we allowed to celebrate the twelfth?


Good article.
A billionaire profiting from conflict and the poor – who’d have thunk it? But seriously why are some now questioning DD’s business ethics, or lack off, i for one thought they were quite well known. As with most of the ‘off the radar wealthy’ there is no one to hold them to account.
Worth repeating, and keep repeating it to the ditherers, that the only way to rid ourselves of DD and others of his ilk is to use the only weapon at our disposal – Boycott, – not one thin dime. Nothing else will work. Will it harm the club? Very likely but to sit back and do nothing is, imo, not an option. Buying shares in the hope of accumulating enough for the PLC to pay heed may be well intended but will take years if not decades to come to fruition, if ever.

Not one thin dime CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

Oglach, first time in years I’ve bought the wee guy’s Christmas, less any Celtic stuff. The way the PLC operate, has made it impossible for me to carry on financing them!

B.A.D., I’ve bought stuff from Tees For Tims in the past, they are based in Ireland and money doesn’t go to our PLC. probably too late for this Christmas though!


Naps table updated on relevant page,but this is it anyway.

Table after 12/12

Premier Division

RayMac £21.33. (4.90)
Cosy Corner B £8.50 (0)
Celtic Champs £3.00 (4.71)
Craig 76 £2.70(6.06)
Vogue Punter -£0.10. ( 7.65)
The Real McCoy- £2.00. (12.94)
Big Packy -2.76 (0.53)
Leftclicktic -£9.38. (14.34)
Bada -£10.67. (6.26)
Jim the Tim -£11.58. ( 2.60)
Mahe -12.10. (9.01)
First Division

Calton Tongues -£7.50. (8.95)
Jimmy NP -£14.25. (4.83)
BMCUW -£15.12 ( 9.88)
Gordon -£16.10. ( 5.30)
Chalmersbhoy -£19.00. (6.48)
Garry -£20.37. ( 6.88)
Twisty -£24.00. ( 11.6)
Valleybhoy -£23.00. ( 18.46)
Big Railroad B. -£24.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£24.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£24.00. ( 0.63)



As I said in yesterday’s article,I reluctantly have to agree with you about a boycott.

Mike in Toronto


I’m past calling for a boycott. I’d favour old JJ’s, ‘Eat the Rich’. That would sort them out. Although, being in Scotland, we’d probably have to batter and deep fry them first, and my doctor said I have to watch my cholesterol ….



And serve wi chips!

The Gombeen Man

Funny that I just logged on and saw the NAPs Table.

L-1 Identity Solutions (from the article) was founded by a guy called Robert LaPenta in 2006. It was sold to the French Group Saffron for $1.6bn in 2011.

The following were the ‘strong executive management team’ of L-1.

“LaPenta has also drawn a slew of Washington heavy hitters including: George Tenet, former CIA director; Louis Freeh, former FBI director; Robert Gelbard, a former Assistant Secretary of State during the first Clinton Administration and an ambassador under George H.W. Bush and Clinton; and Admiral James Loy, a former deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Commandant of the Coast Guard.”


Nothing better than the Kentucky Derby. Mr LaPenta is prolific in the equestrian world.

Top class racing’s a small world.


Thanks BMCUWPS, Friesdorfer, Chairbhhoy, BAD, TheTic, Oglach, Jim & Noelfor the compliments.

Enjoy the weekend.

Dublin v Mayo in the All Ireland Football Final tomorrow at 4pm. Can Mayo beat the curse if 1951 and stop the Dubs?

Final in Christmas week and still the wet pubs shut after 9 months.

Could be a memorable weekend with the Final on Sunday.



One of the best sports books that I’ve ever read was about the Dublin v Kerry rivalry. Don’t think I’ve got it anymore,which is a pity,but I’m sure I gave it to an appreciative home. I hope tomorrow can match up to that.

As for pub closures,the pubs in Swindon are open but only with substantial meals. My local serves a decent pizza for a fiver,which can be shared between two. Sounds ok on paper,but none of us can face pizza anymore! You should ask the local fishermen for an invitation to their shebeen,from memory you’d be welcome.

And if the pubs aren’t open again in Scotland soon,my Dad will be joining you!


The Celtic Trust follow-up open meeting tomorrow @ 1.00pm 🍀


Ah the Season of Goodwill .. And I’m sure Dermot has a good sense of humour ..

The bold Dermot gets up earlier than the rest of us ..

He’s a shrewd cookie all right ..

Which is why I’m sure we all don’t need to worry about winning 10 In A Row ..

He must have just missed the fact that we also need a new Main Stand as well ..

It’s obviously just an oversight on Dermot’s part .. I’m sure he has both things well under control..

And I must also apologise for having the sheer audacity to ask for a democratic membership owned World Class Celtic as well ..

And remember Dermot there are only Results or Reasons ..

So remember in the summer if we don’t win 10 In A Row, I don’t want any of your silly pish Reasons ..

Of course Dermot, I’m just having a laugh as it’s the Christmas Season, although I actually had thought it was the 10 In A Row Season .. Silly me of course !!

And of course, I wouldn’t want you to get all upset and sell all your shares to the wonderful Glazers family, who bought your Man Utd shares ..

In fairness to the Glazers, they only front loaded about 700 Million of debt to MUFC.

They sound like absolute great potential owners ..

Oh and btw, rather than having artificial intelligence at Celtic, can we have some real intelligence please instead.

And remember no pish reasons or excuses in the Summer ..

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Dermot, me auld son.

The Gombeen Man


I think the Six Counties are closing down again after St Stephens’ Day.
We’re kind of a back to normal but the word is it’s going to close again soon.

The longest Good Friday ever.

Hopefully your Dad won’t have to wait too long.


Hi Jim, I’m sure it will come, maybe they’re looking after the auld yins first! 🤣
Hoi you. Aye you. Watch it or ye’ll get a zimmer slap. 🙂

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL AND JIM the gombeen man fantastic post, more power to your elbow👍

big packy

friday night is music night, this is a small montage of songs of the famous glasgow celtic,👍 enjoy👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Talking Heads – Take me to the river

Big Audio Dynamite

Talking Heads – Slippery people


Superb, one of my favourites – thank you.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

As soon as I started reading today’s article I knew it would be The Gombeen Man! Facts and figures always up his street and amply demonstrated right there.
I’ve spoken WITH DD a few times and always at the Pro-Am prior to a major golf tournament. He might never be at an AGM, but, he never misses a Pro-Am. He will talk about golf related topics without a problem but mention of Celtic brings forth the ‘ I’m only here for the golf’.
Double billionaires don’t get there by not concentrating on the thing at hand. Personally, I think our best chance lies with the Young Pretender but I’ve never even seen him.
BTW, I was at the 1958 GAA football final and I think that was the first in years that Dublin won! I took the credit and the ensuing pints of Guinness equally 😁🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺


As usual an excellent piece and we are in your debt.

On the subject, in my humble opinion India should take some lessons from China in terms of how to lift mass segments of the population out of poverty. There are lessons there to be learned. The figure who need food rations (800 million) is staggering and there’s the workforce to build the infrastructure needed to achieve poverty.

Anyway thanks again.

Happy Black Friday

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I was never a HUGE fan of TH (but loved the odd track….. This Must Be the Place is brilliant… as is Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love)…Funnily enough, even though I was not a huge fan, I recently read Chris Frantz’ book … a really good read if you are a fan. Always suspected that there was something a bit off about DB, and had some idea that he and Tina Weymouth didn’t get along, but had no idea of the problems in the band …

as I say, if you are a fan, (which I’m guessing you are), I think you might enjoy the read.

Margaret McGill

The Gombeen Man
Good for you to post this. I have loads of such information.
Mahe/Bobby Is it ok to post corporate corruption here?
I’d be careful of corporations shouting “Libel”.

I know another Indian company that Boeing out-sourced there flight software when new engines were developed for the 737 Max. The original Boeing engineers raised red flags and were summarily fired you know “sour grapes” “too expensive” “impediment to delivery”.
346 corporate murders later and a year of re-sourcing and they’re back in business.


Evening All,


Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, yeah it’s been a life-long love affair …I liked THs before they were cool:)

Thanks mate I’ll have a look 👍

The Gombeen Man



Yes the Dubs still talk about the invaluable assistance of a Scottish Celtic cousin in 58 but I’d never made the connection before.

Louth won their last Championship in 57. Narrowly beating Cork by 2 points.The Louth Captain that day was Dermot O’Brien. He later became famous in the showbands and had a number one with The Merry Ploughboy.

He arrived at the final late due to a medical appointment and the stewards on the gate didn’t recognise him and weren’t going to let him in.

They were probably Corkmen.

(Hopefully Dermot comes up trumps in the end and Daon delivered what they were asked to for India).

Anyhow, The Merry Ploughboy (not very hitech, I’m afraid).

Margaret McGill

How about some of your art work to cheer us up this Friday?


MAGS 432

Yes,increasing the weight of the engines and then moving them forward on a delicately balanced piece of machinery,beats me how that didn’t work out…

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