Break Hearts, then board resistance

Good morning and Happy Cup Final weekend.
First and foremost, and I mean this sincerely, no matter what happens please appreciate the fact we are about to witness the last leg of something truly historic.
Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage a scenario where we clean sweep four years in a row. I’m relatively young, older readers must be astonished given how equally shared silverware used to be.


No matter what happens on Sunday, this run has been unprecedented, and we should all acknowledge that.
This Sunday you will join hundreds of thousands others in hoping we walk away victorious with four trebles, something usually associated with darts.


Senior readers won’t be used to such success as it was only in the 80s and 90s that TV money started to create the gulfs in class that now allow trebles.
The fact they were so scarce even to the games giant pre Sky and Bosman is a testament to the competitiveness of the set up back then.
We all like to blame SDM for ruining Scottish football but the modernisation of the national sport left the biggest with a clear advantage.
But still, trebles are not expected.


That did change somewhat whilst the team from Ibrox spent time elsewhere, but as long as there were strong team’s out there we didn’t expect a clean sweep. Sure, Jock had done it, but then that team he had wasn’t bad at all, and the Big Man was a legend, shout to Sean also for helping with the trophy haul that special year.


However being of my age, when someone says treble there’s only one I think of.
The facts that Martin pulled his off against the current champions, plus a manager considered elite says it all. He ran Advocate out of the game, caught on the hop with an ageing group of primadonnas.
That was one hell of a treble, a real boot in the nuts to Scottish football, and not even double our spend would have guaranteed besting us such was not only the quality assembled but the characters purchased also. ‘I will win’ men front middle and back.
Martin gave us a dream treble, enough to start dreaming of conquering the biggest prize, Europe.


Brendan’s Invicible treble on the other hand was the stuff of fantasies. Supreme coaching, tactics, man management combined to give the troops the belief and the know how to win games, plus the rub of the green went with us .
It was our finest hour in a generation, and he was slapped in the face with no transfer targets delivered.


And onto Lenny.
Yes there is some intertwine involved, but Neils big task is not to worry how history will judge him or to ponder who began this mission, but to complete the mission full stop.
History can judge, but right now as special forces say,,the mission comes first.
That’s a victory on Sunday by hook or by crook.


Preferably a smooth victory of course but any would do to be honest. I’m not subscribing to the mere Championship team mindset, they are a Premiership team in all but name and in no way will lie down come crunch time.
It doesn’t take a genius to work out Craig will wish a good game against us to show what we lost.
It doesn’t take a genius to work out the mason in the middle more often than not prefers the Tims to be on the receiving end of harsh officialdom, rather than given the blind eye.
And it doesn’t take a genius to imagine Hearts hope we ring the changes as threatened.


I wasn’t of the opinion the final would be the catalyst for action, no matter what happens. I always imagined this game would go down and there would be the usual reaction online whatever the result, but I didn’t believe this game would move folk to gather.
With recent events, and with what could well be described as digging in heels on the boards behalf, should the final go wrong there could well end up another crowd at Celtic Park.


If Lenny plays the old guard as threatened and it goes wrong, the fans will probably gather. They will see it as another sign of the boards incompetence.




Lenny and whoever are selected good luck, history awaits.
Play the Celtic way on that big wide pitch would be my advice.


We can talk more about the final after it’s happened but now onto the bigger clash.
And it very much is the bigger clash.


I am far more aware of Fergus’ impact in ’94 than I am the results of that year, I believe most fans would be the same.
Its very much seen as the year we cheated death, and then entered the modern world with our own 62k Paradise.
And then it went astray, which is where you, me, everyone with Glasgow Celtic at heart enters the equation.


As it stands we have a hostile ownership who have announced intentions to stand their ground, stay the course they plotted.
Just like ’94 and the surrounding years, what happens now on the field of play will or perhaps already has been superceded by events off it.


We have entered the barricades stage, where every loss may trigger a demonstration at the Park. Some may call this spoilt child syndrome, their mates in the media may well portray it that way,, but in the real world the fans dont like the direction of the club one bit.
And protests aren’t outlawed (yet).


As fans it’s only natural that we wish to pass on the love of the club to others, especially our offspring, the new generation of supporter. But the central tenet to that dream is that it’s something you can champion.
Pride in the club AND team.


But, that’s just not us right now is it?
I mean we have a bent board, bent governing bodies, very bent rival, bent refs, bent cops, bent ministers,on top of that plastic pitches and they want full price when you can’t even get into the park !


So let’s cut to the chase here.
In ’94 those bhoys stepped up and done what was needed at the time.
The next leg of the journey awaits.
Progression is needed, just like change was needed then, there’s no one I’m reading can convince me that change in our glorious clubs direction isn’t needed now.
As in, now!


So right now we enter the fledgling years of Celts for Change 2.
The update from the Trust is eagerly awaited, and I hope they take up the mantle, but there is a wind of change blowing.
With the stadium closed, it’s the wrong time to antagonize the clientele, who increasingly wish a standalone giant making headway on the continent and exhibiting the nations finest.
A visible plan.


Being the best club in the world and all that was never meant to be easy.
It was clearly not a case of Fergus dashes to the rescue, and the damsel in distress will live happily ever after.


My friends it looks to me like we must continually fight to forge the club of our dreams. Others have stood in the past and fought their battles.
We salute them, their deeds are recorded for eternity.
But now they look to us.


Every generation faces a battle, history shows us that.
This is ours. We have a board unfit for purpose.
They aren’t Celtic men, actions speak louder than words.
The task of removing them has fallen to us. The Clubs course must be corrected, they won’t do it so we must.
Supporters ARE the true custodians after all.


The matter at hand is no small issue my friend. Right here and now we have a chance to forge the future of this special club we all hold somewhere in our hearts.
And just as the ’94 bhoys made history, so it’s our turn.


Now let me ask you this, can you remember that feeling?
That feeling when we were all united and on the march together?
The feeling that came with being a good team that wasn’t looking to keep the score down, but a team that might win no matter who the opponents?
The feeling of being a team to be proud of?
The feeling of Celtic being ‘special’ ?


Now Celtic are special, very special indeed, but we as a support seem to have a battle on our hands every generation or so to ensure that.


They would take the special out of us, customers only, shut up and show up.
Now, in the time of a pandemic Celtic are transparent profiteers?
Brother Walfrid would turn in his grave I’m telling you right now!
As would our buried kin.
My friends in Celtic this must stop.


We as a fanbase must unite on this issue, that a different direction is for the best.
Future Tims will all look back on our actions now.
Whether it’s withholding your merchandise, your VST, joining the Trust, gathering at the Park, we must use every means possible to keep the club on a path befitting.
And all those who help now just as in ’94 will not be forgotten.


We could be heroes.


Those that help set this club of ours on a noble path will have eternal gratitude.
I hope the team are up for writing their names in the history books, and I hope you are too.


Proud to be among you,

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My condolences to PUFF PUFF on the recent loss of his Mum.

Mary Day R I P


Me too…Puff Puff, condolences on the loss of your dear mum.


Put in your score for the final…
My condolences to you and your family for the passing of your dear mum.
May perpetual light shine upon her may she rest in peace..
Prayers offered at 10am mass today for the repose of her soul.

Puff Puff, So sorry to hear of your sad loss. Condolences pal. R.I.P. your dear mother.



Will do-I thought it was league games only.


Usually is but seeing it was the final and going for the quadruple treble..



Good thinking!

Very good & inspiring article Mahe. I will be very interested to hear the discussions on the Zoom meeting of the Trust later on today.

The overwhelming expectations and hopes of the result on Sunday will be to the fore this weekend. But for that hour today I hope they concentrate on the wide ranging issues at Celtic just now. Those issues will still be there on Monday regardless of the result.



Aye,a right up-and-at-em call to arms-on and off the pitch!

big packy

MAHE great post, puff puff sorry to hear your sad news, may your mum rest in peace,

Morning Packy. Mind and behave tonight so you are in good nick for tomorrow!

Noel Skytrot

Puff Puff, sincerest condolences regarding the passing of your mother.

big packy

MORNING JIM, I always behave you know that👍😎

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Condolences to Puff Puff on the passing of his Mum. RIP.
Prayers will be offered this weekend.

The Gombeen Man

Prayers and thoughts to Puff Puff on the passing of his mum.

You’re among friends here and a valued member of this community.

The Gombeen Man

Excellent article Mahe and all the best to everyone involved with the Trust later today.

The contributors to the Blog who have committed to the Trust are possibly among the best informed supporters out there.

The Trust and the wider support can only benefit from your contribution.

This is where all the hours of reading posts and getting involved in dialogue will pay off for the benefit of the generations to come.

Possibly the PLC have inadvertently brought the Soul of Celtic back to life?

Fair play to everyone taking the time to move Celtic forward.



Outstanding Mahe, you have encapsulated the mood exactly right, with a call to arms.


Puff Puff
So sorry to hear about your mum’s passing. May she Rest in Peace.

A couple of questions for two of our posters.

Sol Kitts.
Is it still the case that referees in England have to declare their support for a particular club, at present or in the past? Any thoughts on the topic would be most welcome.

Mike in Toronto.
I believe it was the case in the recent past that the judiciary in England had to declare their membership of Masonic lodges. Is this still the case? I realise you are in Canada so may not be au fait with this. What about in Canada? Any thoughts?

I’m asking for obvious reasons. Conflict of interests.

Cheers folks.


Sincere condolences on the loss of your mother.
She sounded just like my wee mammy fae Maryhill, who I lost last year.
Mary Day RIP


Thoughts & Prayers to you and your family on the passing of your mam. Y.N.W.A


Good article Mahe.
Any victory against the diet huns warms my heart and being a cup final the radiance will keep me happy for weeks.

(We all like to blame SDM for ruining Scottish football but the modernisation of the national sport left the biggest with a clear advantage.)
Modernisation is not a word i would use in conjunction with Scottish football but evolving circumstances definitely left it difficult for the others to financially compete.
I truly think Murray ruined Scottish football but because of the attempted emulation of the cheats by other clubs.
Apart from the financial doping he and Souness changed the style of Scottish football to our long term detriment.
While the huns had some very good players in that era their style of play was of the old fashioned English style.
They built big strong /physical sides that hunted in packs and hit long balls to target men.
I used to call it the midfield hunt where 2 or 3 players attacked their opponent to win ball in midfield.
Once they possessed the ball they would immediately pass to their fullbacks who would launch it forward to big target man and they would all speed forward for knockdowns.
It was very effective particularly with a Scottish refs jaundiced eye.
Teams like Aberdeen and Dundee Utd whose pass and move style had brought European success abandoned their game and started to emulate the huns by buying big and cheap foreign players to try and physically match.
The Scottish skill based passing game was abandoned for English championship style football.
It is still thus and as TET used to say on these pages if the Huns decided to play skill based football tomorrow the refs would fall in line and referee to modern standards.


Puff Puff
Condolences on the loss of your Mum.


PP Condolences on your loss HH

The Real McCoy

Aw Puff,
So sorry to hear about your Mum 🥲
May She Rest In Peace 🙏🏻

I Watch The Sunrise

Beautiful link The Real McCoy.

bada bing1

Puff- condolences on your loss HH


Puff Puff,

Sincerest condolences regarding the passing of your mum.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

bada bing1

Scott Brown is the first name on the team sheet tomorrow, discuss….


I would be happy with that, as long as Turnbull and Soro are 2nd and 3rd names on our teamsheet.

Mike in Toronto




For Puff D….


Jnp,Atob get your scores in..


Puff Puff,

Sad news, god bless.


Liverpool win 7-0 away, scoring with almost every attempt at goal….

Now, Celtic, stop trying to win the World Record for hitting the goalie, please?




Well done with your Nap, Rapid Late Headway.



Happy Rebel Quadtreble weekend 🏆🍀



Excellent lead article.

Puff Puff

Condolences on the loss of your mum. Will say a wee prayer for her at mass tomorrow.

Early Morning Merry Pranksters

Some of those posts were shocking…in a truly feckin’ funny sorta way. Re ‘Piling On The Agony’. There are two versions of the song. The original-and best- was about the 1957 8-goal-thriller. The other version covered the 4-0 spanking in 1969. Derek Warfield-late of the Wolfe Tones-does a cracking version of the original.

Hail Hail


Bada I’m not sure I would start Broonie tomorrow. As we saw in our last two games we look better playing at a high tempo and getting players forward quickly. When Broonie plays he tends to dictate a slower more predictable tempo to the game. Hh


Arguably one of the best centre backs at Celtic in the last few years is an unused substitute today for Cardiff in their game against Norwich City.

Filip Benkovic we miss you.


Good stuff on ACSOM Quadruple Treble Charity Weekender 🍀


Like all of us I want us to win tomorrow – regardless of the backdrop of dissension & unrest.
Considered opinion is that NFL will start with Scott Brown which will have some of us one leg over the back of the couch.
Elyounoussi only shows up when it suits him so maybe a cu final will be one of those occasions – I hope so because NFL almost seems contracted to start him too.
Turnbull has to start & I can’t see how NFL can leave him out – his dead ball delivery is worth it alone.
Eddie will be up front & the rest should take care of itself.

Good luck Celtic – if you turn up & play for each other then you wont need luck.
Time enough after tomorrow to discuss our board & associated issues.


Big Audio Dynamite

Puff Puff – Thinking about you, mate.

Hope the team give you reason to smile.

bada bing1

Firestick on Amazon prime for £17.99,handy for the fitba…


Puff Puff

Just read back and saw your sad news.
Condolences on the loss of your Mum.

Nana Mouskouri

How long is that ref going to play in the Huns game. Time up for fecks sake


My Mum died suddenly aged 50 & never a day goes by that I wish I could tell her all the stuff that she’d love to hear.
She’d have loved my sons & her great grandchildren…
Here’s Derek Dick’s homage to his Dad who died of Alzheimers…
aka Fish from Marillion

Tell those in your life how much they mean to you while you can.

Margaret McGill

Puff Puff.
Sincere condolences

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