Celtic 3-3 Hearts Celtic win 4-3 on penalties.



Yesterday was a chance for Celtic fans to celebrate our own Glorious Twelfth as we won our twelfth successive domestic treble and an unprecedented quadruple-see what I did there!-treble. But I don’t think I’ll be buying the DVD of this one-no matter how historic the occasion was,there is no way on God’s green planet that I will be persuaded to watch that again.


It all started so brightly for us,with Ryan Christie putting us deservedly in front after twenty minutes. He picked up a loose clearing header in just about his favourite spot,twenty yards out on the right of the box. A wee touch to steady himself and tee the ball up and a curler into the opposite top corner and we were on our way. A terrific goal which under normal circumstances I could watch all day every day.


Ten minutes later and it was two. Duffy went up for a corner,Berra handled the miscued header and even Beaton couldn’t deny us the penalty. Eddy stepped up against his old team mate,and I’m sure they are familiar with each other from practising during training. That’s always a concern,so Eddy dealt with it with the most delicious Panenka since,erm,Panenka. Gordon was raging and got booked for his petulance over it! So half time and cruising-though there were worrying moments-like every time the ball got near our defence! But totally in control,and it was a mightily relaxed Timternet at half time.


The second half was just an utter shambles. Sure,we had the odd chance but we looked no more likely to score than Hearts had in the first fortyfive. And when they pulled one back early on,oh it was time for us all to jump behind the settee again. Ajer was skinned on the right,the ball eventually came into the box. Our two central defenders and keeper,with over 6m in height between them,let Boyce pick his spot with a header. And the equaliser was even worse! Players everywhere except where they should be at a corner,and we feared the worst at 2-2.


Into extra time and we were still behind the settee-until we got a break with the ball falling to Griff from a rebound. No need to ask twice,he blasted it! Right on the interval too. And breathe-except we all knew we couldn’t,that this defence still had mistakes in it. And they gave us a nervy last ten minutes or so with a third failure to deal with a high ball. If you were watching as a neutral you would have been pishing yourself at their incomepetence,but it was no laughing matter for us as we eked it out to penalties.


Even then,we made it difficult for ourselves with Christie missing his penalty,the third,to leave us trailing. This really put the pressure on Hazard in goal and on Michael Johnston as the next up. Both kids did their job-Hazard with a save low to his right and Johnston bang in the corner.


3-3 after four penalties each,so effectively sudden death. Again,Hazard stepped up with a terrific save low to his left,and Kris Ajer blasted it home for the victory.


There is a lot of criticism due this performance yesterday,collectively and individually. But this is not the time. This is the time to just enjoy something that has never been done,and may never be done again.The players deserve a pat on the back for those four campaigns,and I won’t be churlish enough to detract from it. They take their place in our pantheon of legends.


Above article by BMCUWP,but…


I also got this from ATHINGOFBEAUTY about the zoom call with Celtic Supporters Trust. I really think we should be looking into joining this group if we want change at the club.


The main points to come out the meeting with the board were:


Peter Lawwell and the board think their communication with the fans is good. They meet with supporter organisations though this does not happen regularly. When asked about fans who are not part of affiliated association they said they have staged roadshows but these have stopped. They also pointed to JohnPaul Taylor speaking to fans and Peter Lawwell specifically said he also answers emails from fans. Jeanette Findlay openly encouraged supporters to email him with any issues they have.


Lawwell also said that communication can be difficult as there are things they can say and things they can’t say. Again the trust were clear to point out that as a support we are not thick and can decipher what is being said. PL said he’d made two statements. It was pointed out this was after the Ross county game and therefore possibly only because they had to. Lawwell also denied any knowledge of issues with the VST stream and thinks this is working well with no plans stated to improve this. As stated earlier, email him!! Incidentally JPT pointed out there had been issues and complaints varied from game to game.


PL described the club’s ambition as “limitless.” They feel they have achieved this in a domestic sense and have plans to do better in Europe but would not expand on this. A trust member at the meeting pointed out later that their ambition has only been to be slightly better than sevco. This supporter also questioned the £35m spend but there was no real breakdown to that though it may also include wages. What David Lowe did say was that Lawwell needs to talk less about what’s been spent and more about what’s been achieved and wrote a letter to him about that. The board see it differently. They think they are outspending everyone which gets back to DL questioning what they are achieving rather than what they are spending. Another supporter spoke about the strategy of buying cheap and trying to sell high. This is not a strategy that is working and it is actually holding back our own young players, pointing to the numerous youths that have left to make very good careers elsewhere but weren’t good enough for us. I have to say that when we examine some of the dross brought in from 2014 onwards you have to say he had a point.


They also said that DD had vehemently denied saying that Celtic fans are entitled. What was not denied was that he had said he would not be dictated to by mob rule. It was also said that the manager has KPI’s but didn’t say if he was meeting them. When asked about a contingency plan should improvement not be seen in the team PL talked about the difficulties – a soulless empty stadium (better get used to that Peter), players living in a pandemic and the effects on the younger players especially but they are still hopeful we will win the league this season. David Lowe said that Peter Lawwell thinks the club are doing a good job, Lennon is the right man and the players are the right players. He then made comparison with Mikel Arteta and ole Gunnar Solskjaer. A trust member pointed out that these clubs and ours are failing because of poor corporate governance. In my opinion, that Peter Lawwell made that comparison in the first place shows how deluded he is.


David Lowe also said that Peter Lawwell is very interested in the numbers the trust have. This is exactly why we have to increase these numbers. He is concerned enough to be asking. Let’s give him something to really think about. The membership is increasing rapidly and more members brings a larger skills base, including in modern communications and they are working on a plan to get the word out better going forward.


David Lowe also said that the board have been taken aback by the “collapse” and the momentum the trust have gathered asking what all this sack the board was about and if we wanted rid of the CEO. Jeanette Findlay said there was things she could say and things she couldn’t say and that gave me a good laugh!!


It was recognised that whilst everyone wants the ten it is not an end to the issues we have. Change is needed at boardroom level. David Lowe pointed out that there is no succession planning in the boardroom. 4 out of the 9 NEDs have been there for over 9 years. Votes against their reelection doubled this year. They are simply too old and not diverse enough. There needs to be a shake up. That there was no meeting of the nominations committee this year and they are the ones who are supposed to look at the make up of the board is a pointer to just how comfy theses guys are. Again another solid reason to join up with the trust!! It was felt questionable that the board are even asking questions of the CEO. They do have KPIs also but goodness knows what they are if they can’t even fulfil this basic task,


Jeanette Findlay felt that if the board were serious about valuing the fans they could make a start by gifting some of their shares to the trust as a thank you to the fans. I’ll not hold my breath their JF if you don’t mind.


It was said again about the trust not seeking a seat on the board. Again the reason was that we would then not be able to hold them to account as we may wish as our main obligation of you are on the board is to the PLC and that defeats the purpose. The trust feel the way forward is to grow the membership to get a voice and also to build the shares. DL pointed out that 5% gives you the right to call for a general meeting.


A well known supporter spoke of resolution 12 and gave it as an expanse of how we can never trust this board. After all he’s been through there will be no disagreement from anyone on that but JF could not give any further update as res 12 and 11 were not discussed.


John Anderson from the CSA spoke but my broadband was a bit poor here but I think he said he had relayed the association concerns that Lennon is not the right man. Lawwell said there was no guarantee bringing anyone else would lead to a winning run. He asked about the coaching set up and Lawwell explained that. John is good at coaching, Lennon not as much but he is good at other things. This was not elaborated on. There was no discussion regarding the ins and outs of Gavin Strachan appointment.


I’m sure there were other things that I have missed and others may be able to elaborate but as I have stated throughout, we really need a united voice to instigate change in our club, I feel the trust is the vehicle for this and encourage you all to sign up if you can.
And finally from AULDHEID…


A thing of beauty


It was a really good meeting and I’m enthused that joining the trust is the way forward if we want to invoke change at the club. This is not about this season, not about Neil Lennon, it’s about the kind of club we want as a support for the next generation.


I hope you heard my contribution in respect of


  1. an untrustworthy board,
  2. an instance of poor, even misleading communication at the AGM by Bankier,
  3. the sum shareholders have pledged to seek legal advice on shareholders rights and Directors responsibilities with reference to Board behaviour on Res12 that I said could only be taken forward under the auspices of the CST and
    4 How Celtic had a moral responsibility to act as stated in their AGM response in engaging with relevant authorities before asking supporters to renew STs without having gained assurances rules will not be set set aside on a matter of footballing justice.
    Jeanette Finlay’s response that it was a matter the CST Board would have to consider (which I was well aware of as a long time CST member ) is one that I feel they must honour if their core aim is to make the Celtic Board more accountable as there will never be a better opportunity to do so.
    For me a failure to pursue under CST auspices undermines their raison d’etre, unless of course they have good reason not to that CST members should be told.


You know what to do,folks!!!

Notify of

Thanks for posting the summary of the meeting, and ATOB, thanks for taking the time to provide the detailed breakdown of said meeting.

Without wishing to pee on anyone’s chips, I’m underwhelmed in the respect that I fail to see that the CST will ever make any inroads into the way the club is controlled?

DD and Nick Train alone hold more than 50% of the shares. How can anyone outside of those two make any difference?

Regardless of the issue. They vote together and it’s job done?

Where do Chris Trainer and James Keane sit in all of this? Do we know how the land lies in respect of these two? As the next two largest shareholders with around 16.3% ownership, add their % to DD and NT and you have the best part of 70% of the voting rights. Unless they’re malcontents, it renders any efforts by the CST totally meaningless imho. What % do the CST reasonably think they can accumulate? What difference will it make? That’s not rhetorical by the way. I genuinely would like to know. Given ATOB and others seem convinced it’s the best option to obtain change, how will it play out in practice?

The way I see it, and it admittedly took me too long to get to this conclusion, is that the only option is to starve them out. Or at least threaten to starve them of any funding. When the share price sinks, they’ll sit up and notice.

I’m particularly interested in the comment that Lawwell seemed concerned over how many members the CST had? Given the current share distribution, again, what possible difference would it make regardless of the numbers?

I’ll tell you one thing that might be concerning him, and why he might be asking, and that is, concern that the CST become heavy on season ticket members, and that the CST then advise their members NOT to renew! Under those circumstances I’d be interested in joining.

Even the threat of withholding season book money for a couple months will scare the shit out of him.

My comments are in no way made to undermine the actions or the intentions of the CST . I genuinely fail though, to see where it can make an iota of difference under the current structure, and more importantly, how the CST can change the current structure which would mean their voice , AND VOTE, made any meaningful difference.

If someone can tell me what I’m missing, and given the fact that there are a number of very intelligent people getting involved in the CST, I’m clearly missing something, I’m very open to changing my mind . In fact, I really do hope I AM missing something.


Big Audio Dynamite

Hermanthorp – Count me in! 😊


Any joy I got out of winning the cup was drained out of me when it went to 2-2
I thought it was childish of Scott Brown to chase Naismith around Hazard at a corner. If Naismith had gone down it would have given the ref a great excuse for a red card and a penalty. Didn’t Scott learn anything a couple of weeks ago when he gave away a penalty on our byline when the ball was on its way out of bounds. It worries me that people are calling for him to be in the coaching team
ATOB report on the CST meeting solved another mystery for me as to why we are letting in so many goals and have not been able to solve the problem. Big Peter says John Kennedy is a good coach. A good coach would have solved that problem last year


Great article, Bobby, and thanks ATOB for the insight into the AGM.
Phew! What a way to make history. Wtf happened in the 2nd half? I thought Hearts 1st goal was a result of good football, starting with a pin point kick from Craig Gordon. Jullien lost Boyce, ball watching, and his header was well placed. Panic stations!! Why? The pas de deaux by Duffy and Jullien will be a YouTube favourite for years. What an embarrassment.
The achievement of four successive trebles is fantastic, but the team was built on methods and tactics not favoured by the current head coach. Whither now?
I think it’s still clear that we need a change. Neil stays, we lose the league. Nothing surer. I’d love to be proved wrong though.
Hail hail, 12 in a row.

Awe Naw


I couldn’t disagree more

A wiley old establishment facing pro in Naismith good mates with Beaton. Did you miss Naismith deliberate straight red card stamp on Brown in the first 10mins?

So if Beaton was letting him away with that then he wasn’t going to offer any protection to our young inexperienced goalie playing his 3rd game for Celtic in his career and Celtics 3rd most important game in their history?

Thank God Broonie did what he done and got the already established black sheep a yellow. Soro wouldn’t have noticed. Soro wouldn’t have gone for the header for the third goal.



Nail on the head for me.

Like you it is about numbers and crucially ST numbers.

The difficulty is making a threat not to renew a realistic one AND giving the ST holders a reason to at least consider it.

I gave the CST one at the meeting , ATOB herself thought it was the best point made and it was this.

Res11/12 was deemed unecessary because the Board stated in AGM Notice (so there is a written record I insisted on) that they will engage with relevant authorities to address the issue raised in the shareholders statement in same AGM notice.

Basically it was that a game where rules are not applied or abandoned is not a sport with integrity.

It was the Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal that was abandoned so an indication that rules are being applied is its resumption (adding charges of fraud in March 2011.).

Naturally given Res12 experience everyone took this fuzzy undertaking without any timeframe as a kick the can exercise and they will be right if they the supporters allow it.

However in stating they will engage The Board are implicitly admitting there is a problem with the games integrity and morally they should not be asking ST holders to renew until the issue of applied rules is addressed.

The way to put pressure on to do that is for CST to insist Celtic and Chairman Bankier , who refused at AGM to put a timescale on their engagement when requested by shareholders in over 50 e mails seeking one, were delivered to AGM staff, give a progress report by say end March and put the point they have a moral responsibility to complete their engagement before issuing ST renewal requests.

In a way that takes the pressure off supporters to renew and puts it squarely where it belongs. It could be a game changer for the support if they really want a game where Celtic are not tied to being defined by Rangers and the truth bent to suit that thought.

On mistrust of the Board does anyone viewing or reading ATOB”s excellent notes think that bar the removal of fences anything concrete or positive was achieved, that The Board were brought to meaningful account?

Having walked out of a Res12 meeting in anger because for all their apparent support of Res12 Celtic had done nothing to act on the information Res12 brought to the table for 3 years , I know that unless this Board are forced to act, they never will.

Finally if CST are serious about accountability they will consider taking forward under their auspices the £20k of pledges given by the Res12 group to seek legal advice on shareholder rights and Director responsibilities using Celtic’s behaviour in the Res12 years as the basis for establishing if both were met and exactly who are The Company in whose interests they are acting?
All the shareholders ot just around 4?

The sum pledged would just be the kindling but that of itself might remove the need to light a fire.

That in my opinion is the battleground on which to take on The Board and I’ve already posted here my thoughts on how the CST can tool up to go to war which I sent to DL on 4th December with no reply so far.

I reminded him of such in another e Mail after the Zoom meeting along with all the above points suggesting another Zoom meeting with CST members to look at the issues I raised to examine the merits of each approach, ie deadline to engage/moral responsibility and legal route, (and the future if it can be accommodated as all three are inextricably entwined and I look forward to a reply with interest.

Increasing CST numbers with ST holders is the right thing to do but the strategy for bringing about change has flaws but with new members the time is right to think about the merits of a more aggressive approach which will need more than the existing number recruitrd, but more might join if they thought a new strategy worth signing up to.

Oh btw I e mailed the CSA on the moral responsibility of Celtic to get assurances before requesting renewals as the CSA assist putting supporters on buses.

Big Audio Dynamite

Awe Naw, Broony’s header reminded me of Gordan McQueen v England in 77(?) Maybe not up the same height, but definitely every bit as much determination to make it his!

Love that guy.


Hazard looked to be like a rabbit in headlights at Heats’ 2nd and 3rd goals. Mind, you who wouldn’t behind Duffy and Jullien? And, it was only his 3rd game; I’m cutting him some slack, especially after the 2 penalty saves. Quite a baptism. Great experience for him.


Aw Naw

I just watched a video of Hearts equaliser.

Nastysmith clearly took Hazard out of position by charging into him to cause the lad to paw at the ball.

A foul on the keeper anywhere else and if Celtic had any baws they should be raising it with their brothers in the SFA, even if only for appearances sake.

Weet weet weet



Gers 7

Watch out for the video. He was fouled for 2nd goal.

The lad accepted he ballsed the third on CTV interview but all he lacks is strength and that will come with age.

Could become a real keeper in every sense of the word.

Big Audio Dynamite

Why is it only the Trust who are being put forward as THE vehicle for change? Where are all the other CS groups?

If we want to challenge the board, we have to blindly put our faith in a guy who is as happy working with “Rangers” fans, as he is with Celtic fans?! Anyone involved in the finances of that basket case, rules himself out of speaking on my behalf.

Oh I’m sure I’ll be told, working on behalf of them is no big deal …”Its just business, BAD” Bollox!

Hmmm, I’ll be the judge of that.


I recall Brown getting a slap in the face from Nastysmith and if it was at same corner where Nasty got free to foul Hazard then Brown was right to try and block Nasty and if you want to be harsh blame Brown for not stopping the wee runt.

I thought Brown running up the park to roar at Nasty after he had created our third goal was the most human of reactions.

Hearts had 7 yellow cards. I dont recall any for us because of nasty behaviour..


Awe Naw Naismith should have had a Red for his deliberate stamp on Broonie
Who knows what would have happened if Soro had started. Celtic have been playing shit all season the team was changed with Hazard Soro andTurnbal brought in ,and some momentum was building. I will also say Laxalt was taken out after many man of the match games but that could be down to an injury. The way I see it the team had momentum and things were looking up , then the manager changed the chemistry and we ended back where we were for most of the season loosing weak goals and panicking under pressure
We lost to Ross County let that sink in
Nearly lost to a second tier team won on penalties
We have the biggest budget and probably the best players but there is something missing. I know what I think is missing but management don’t agree
Management have the right to manage or mismanage as they see fit. I think they are doing a good job of it. Mismanage that is.
I am off to sleep nearly 01:00 hrs and I have been up since 06:00hrs


Awe Naw
Hearts had 6 players booked. Two could easily have seen red. They basically tried to kick us off the park. Twas ever thus.
Conor was baulked at their second. He should have stayed on his line at the 3rd. So, one error and 2 penalty saves in his 3rd game. He’s in the history books.
Hope he builds a good career in the Hoops.


Thanks for the response.
Many interesting points you raise. Not least of all the 20k to initiate the investigation into the Res 12 affair re accountability.
The fact you got no response on such a serious matter is discourteous at best on the part of DL and downright rude at worst.

That makes me question the integrity of DL. I only just posted on here a few days ago that his credibility as a Celtic fan was not in doubt, however, given that information that he has yet to respond, will see me file him under the same category as PL. Definitely a Celtic supporter, but one who might be worth the watching.


2nd goal was a clear and deliberate foul on Hazard.
Naismith clearly and deliberately engages contact with Hazard as cross is made.
On the 1st goal though Ajer was primary culprit McGregor showed why he should be nowhere near the defensive zone as he made little effort to close space and block cross that led to goal.
No surprise our defensive duo who had looked capable in last two victories struggled with the Brown / McGregor partnership restored.
The fact they kept backing up to own six yard box says lots about their belief.


The really worrying thing for me is that ANY team we play will not let their heads down, even if we go two up early on. Agh, we just need a couple of free kicks, (right Bro Beaton?) and let Duffy do the rest. It’s happened umpteen already. Wtf???

Awe Naw

I agree with most of that. Naismith would have got Soro sent off would have been my flutter. Lenny gave the guys that got us to the cusp of a quadruple treble their places. Good management in my book. How despondent would they have been if dropped for a medal… sorry THEE MEDAL that they had previously worked for on Celtic 3rd most important day in their 140 odd year history ? Turnbull was taken off due to being hacked down and not even a foul given. Lenny mixed it well.

I think a lot of you missed out on the clear and obvious fact that we were kicked off the park yesterday. The yellow that Neilson got for his half time chat with Beaton was well worth it for Hearts but WOOOSH over most heads on here



DL is basically a businessman.

Used to thinking what is in a Company’s interests and having an influence on that is by having enough shares to influence voting.
As you might have gathered by now I’m not sure that is the correct strategy.
The CSA are I understand unable to criticise the club constitutionally but they and The Affiliation meet up with CST on matters of policy..

In 2010 they all organised an Open Meeting where the poppy on the jersey was the main subject of discussion.

The second one , at my request, was the refereeing in the season of honest mistakes.

From that a resolution of no confidence in the SFA and the Video Review Panel seeking transparency and accountability emerged.

Ten years later that has still to be a achieved because basically each group has its main aims and getting agreement, even after a resolution is passed, runs into difficulties of separation., again I speak from experience.
Forget the badge, build the capacity to mount a real challenge and call it what you like.


On what basis do you say that David Low is “worth a watching?”
I don’t know much about him, but he did a power of valuable work tracking down the shareholders of pre Fergus Celtic, and getting them to either sell their dhares to Fergus or vote for change.
What have you done?



A late uncle of mine who used to take me to the games starting around the middle d 60’s, had what’s best described as a bit of a temper. He was also a very fair man if somewhat forthright in his opinions.

We were leaving a match at Tynecastle once and a young Hearts fan was getting threatening abuse from a couple of green and white clad guys. The lad was probably 13 or so and clearly terrified. The ones abusing him were very much older. Anyway my uncle intervened. Grabs one of them and fires him up against a wall threatening to give him a pasting. He escorts the youngster to safety.

The point is:
If my uncle saw half a dozen fans giving Naismith a good scheme booting, and you’d asked him” are you going to help?”, I’m fairly sure his response would’ve been “ No. 6 should be enough”

As I say, he was a fair man.



We are in danger of becoming the anti McGegor Brigade but on replay he was guilty of not moving to Halliday to prevent the cross or at least put him under pressure.
He is a bit of a defensive liability.


Didn’t I explain in my post why I thought he might be worth the watching?

What have I done? I’m doing the only thing I can do which is withholding money from the bunch of self serving board members that are slowly but surely taking us into the lowest levels of European football whilst lining their own pockets.

Is there something else you think I could be doing?


Off to get last few things in. Later.

Big Audio Dynamite

Auldheid, like I already said …just say “Its business” Anyone happy to get into bed with that mob, certainly won’t be speaking for me.

The minute it became public knowledge he was involved in the financial chicanery in Govan, should have seen him dismissed as a credible Celtic spokesman!

Credibility zero.



I have my reservations about DL in that I heard a while ago he thought Res12 a waste of time which is fair enough many do,did but his logic as I understood it was that the Board would always vote against it.

That asks questions about the effectiveness of the main CST approach as it suggests no point putting any resolution to any AGM until CST have amassed enough shares.
He did a great job in 94 in building up enough shares for Fergus to take over, I read the book, but 26 years later against a PLC where the share imbalance is so great , I think CST are going to need a few more strings to their bow a couple which I mentioned in response to Twisty.
Be that as it may the CST is a democratic organisation in which folk with business experience are as necessary as all the other attributes the Celtic support bring to the table, the greatest of which is passion, but needs harnessed to have us all pulling in the same direction.

Big Audio Dynamite

What were we promised would happen with change in 94? And after they stood on the steps and said “The rebels have won” genius btw! What exactly did we get? A bunch of rich parasites. They Now have a big enough slice of the pie, that they can easily block any avenue of attack.

The same people who facilitated the switcheroo in 94, haven’t gone away you know. Funny that!



The initial aim of the CST is to build up a 5% shareholding. This bestows various rights by law. People have used their 5% holding in the past to force boards to do things against their wishes-including splitting the company up or selling it. There is a proper term for it-agitated shareholder or something-but the main use that the CST would wish to exercise is to call an EGM whenever necessary.




They wont be speaking for you. They will be speaking for all and if you get involved then your voice will be heard and you might just find that many others speak with the same voice as yourself.

Speaking for yourself is a fine stance on individual freedom.
Speaking to yourself only is not the best way to demonstrate your individuality.

However I am the last guy to lecture anyone on stubbornness, so I’ll stop.



I had forgotten about the lower bar enabling an EGM to be called.
DL made reference to it at one of the Zoom meetings in answer to a question.
However what is the threshold for a vote on say censoring a CEO being carried at an EGM?

Bankier gave an interesting anserr at AGM that was in response to a point of no confidence in PL because of his knowledge of the 5 Way Agrrement, made by over 50 shareholders. (I’d forgotten this or I would have mentioned it before).

Bankier said that he had looked at PLs record and was satisfied that he had acted in The Company’s interests.

This begs the question did that mean lying to shareholders was in The Company’s interest which in turn suggests approval of PL,’s acceptance of the 5 Way or that Bankier had not seen all the evidence that Celtic were given in the lead up to the AGM statements.

If ignoring evidence of fraud and not acting on evidence that could have had LNS Decison overturned in 2014 is all in the Company’s interest then shouldn’t an explanation be given to all shareholders?

This where knowing the rights of shareholders and Director’s responsibilities comes in.



Correct-and the 5% threshold may be the only way to hold the board to account for their decisions. I’ve little doubt that the board would carry the day each time-the bloc shareholdings will see to that-but there are two clear advantages regardless.

The first is in getting the discontent more widely known amongst the fans,to get them asking questions amongst themselves in the stands and pubs. The second is to sow some seeds of doubt amongst those bloc shareholders. Rich men are not stupid-eventually there will be an EGM resollution with which they have to agree,having realised that this board is not infallible. This alone would provide greater oversight as the board would be less likely to carry on regardless.


It was not aimed at McGregor but was highlighting how coaching change impacted our defense.
I think he should never be near the defensive zone.



To clarify I got no response to 4th Dec e mail which was my thoughts on the CST future. A lot in it to ponder by CST but an acknowledgment would have been courteous.

My second e mail was only on Saturday night so it’s too soon to say discourtesty on that and Jeanette Findlay who seemed surprised at my mentioning the figure said putting that the legal approach the pledged sum would enable under the auspices of the CST was something the CST would have to consider and that will take more than a week.

It is their response that will be interesting.

I sometimes when dealing with CST on Res12 am reminded of the Bllly Connolly one liner.

“As welcome as a fart in a spacesuit”

Angel Gabriel


Thanks for the comprehensive update. HH



Widening the understanding amongst the support of the connection of Boardroom policy and what supporters pay to watch on the park was one of my thoughts on the future of the CST.

What would be needed to get a resolution passed at an EGM is a narrative that showed The Board had not been up front with the support since 2012 and whilst what was seen as in The Company’s short term interest then , no longer was and voted for a change of strategy with a new Board with the right skills to implement it.
As I think you know, the narrative already exists.

Big Audio Dynamite

So, the guy who is being trusted to take our collective voices to the top table, is the same guy who can be found working alongside our enemies? Ask the whole membership a question: Does the Chair of the Trust working on behalf of The Rangers supporters Trust change how you feel about his ability to hold the position?

Can’t be just me that finds all this strange as f@ck?

Just pure coincidence he keeps turning up just as the winds of change begin to blow again.



You and your coaching, nearly as bad as me as on Res12.
No I’ll take that back. No one is as bad as me on that matter.

On your coaching point your thinking is bad coaching cost Celtic to lose that goal.
Mine is any professional player knows the value of cutting out a cross and indeed it will be part of his coaching, so not to go to Halliday as he started was McGregor’s fault not NLs.

How about Julien and Duffy nearly selling the jerseys?

Who was at fault there?

As NL said in post match interview. ” Players are human beings, they make mistakes”



Maybe the David Low/Rangers Trust thing is a deliberate piece of misinformation designed to discredit him at an important time. I wonder how that information came so suddenly to the attention of so many-SMSM,etc-who do not have our best interests at heart?

David Low was approached by potential overseas investors in Rangers in 2010. They were interested in buying out Murray,and needed someone with the nous and also local knowledge-BUT HE DECLINED,and that fact has been conveniently airbrushed from recent reports on the subject. However,the internet is not so forgetful…




If the guy is not taking the collective wishes of CST members to the Celtic Bosrd he wont be the guy given the job.

There is a question of what degree of influence he has on the message to be delivered but with enough sceptics as members he might struggle to influence.


21/12/20 score predictor points/league

Jnp no entry..72
Atob.no entry..59
McCaff.. 1pt..58

Well done Bada highest points(5) this week which takes you top of the leaderboard.

Another low scoring card here’s hoping for a higher scores on Wed.



(On your coaching point your thinking is bad coaching cost Celtic to lose that goal.)

Let me clarify.
Removing a definitive defensive midfielder increased our opponents chances of putting in crosses unchallenged.
It altered the shape and mindset of the team.
I thought our centre backs retreated to deep and wondered if they felt our lack of defensive responsibility in midfield made them think more crosses would be coming in.
The team set up was a coaching decision and therefor was directly involved in our weakness.

(As NL said in post match interview. ” Players are human beings, they make mistakes”)
I believe in reducing the defensive capability of the midfield he increased the chance of the defense being jittery therefor more prone to make mistakes.


As you are all too aware, a board of directors’ primary duty is to the shareholders.
You may be interested in a blog, Tax Research UK, by Richard Murphy. He has stated clearly that directors responsibilities should include duties of care to employees, customers, the environment; and their performance on these issues included in their KPIs, alongside share price.
You’ll agree with his take on most issues. He is a Celtic fan too.

Big Audio Dynamite

“Rangers have failed to make a profit since they imploded in 2012” f@cking people for their money = Financial implosion? Interesting, David!!

The chair of the CST reminding you, that as far as he is concerned, we are still competing with “Rangers”

Are any of these c@nts capable of telling the truth?

That’s the difference with being CEO of Celtic. He/she should be KPI’d with regards to customers, staff etc. But how focussed is PL on these matters?
For instance. If the customers at ASDA are unhappy with what is on offer – they shop elsewhere.
Not so easy for Celtic ‘customers’. Peter Lawwell is well aware of this.

I remember the Board were shamed into implementing the min./living wage. And PL decides when the cleaners can go to the toilet etc. Seriously but you know what I mean. a control freak.

A leader he is not.

Lenny’s grovelling to him & DD is shameful. All he needs to say is – NOTHING!



Who are we competing against then? I’mall for the purity of the beautiful game,and if it was up to me there would be no club playing out of Ibrox-in fact,it would be a block of flats by now.

But unless and until they disappear,we have to play by the rules as they are. If we finish behind a team playing out of Ibrox but ahead of everyone else,will you still claim Ten In A Row? If you do,there’s a phone box near my place you can hold the party in.

Read the article I linked above,and stop doing the board/SMSM work for them,please.

Big Audio Dynamite

I think we were celebrating winning at HT yesterday, and once you have that mindset, it is very difficult to get going again. I thought Hearts would cause us problems, and changing a winning team aided them in that.

Have said it a million times. Keep playing players who have said, publicly, they don’t want to be here, then you can’t build a championship winning mentality. I know one of the wantaways scored a belter, but you will do that if you are playing for yourself and shooting on sight constantly …eventually one of two will go in!

A lot of the enjoyment from yesterday, disappeared the moment I saw Christie on the team sheet! And every time he jogged over to take another corner, my blood pressure went through the roof. Is the manager being told to play him?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, “Stop doing the MSM job for them” what the hell you talking about?

Try the question yourself. Are we competing with Glasgow Rangers fc 1872? Aren’t they in the process of being liquidated?

What has Celtic beating our old record of 9iar, got to do with a club in liquidation who we all know cheated to gain theirs? We can break-set records without it having anything to do with anyone else. “Stand alone” remember?

So, as far as you-this blog are concerned, the Liquidation of “Rangers” never happened? Is that what you’re asking us to accept?

“Its Rangere, get over it”??



As you are all too aware, a board of directors’ primary duty is to the shareholders.
You may be interested in a blog, Tax Research UK, by Richard Murphy. He has stated clearly that directors responsibilities should include duties of care to employees, customers, the environment; and their performance on these issues included in their KPIs, alongside share price.
You’ll agree with his take on most issues. He is a Celtic fan too.

I’m a shareholder. Is it my interests to be lied to?

What about all the other shareholders outside the main four?
DL mentioned a figure of around 20 thousand who bought shares more as an emotional investment than financial.

Is it in their interests to accept an outcome where 10 years of being cheated is not in their interests to go uncorrected? Or to let fraud against the Company go unchallenged? The same folk that fill the pockets of the 4 with the largest haul of shares?

I get the security of employees bit. Is that always to be a bind on taking appropriate action, if the fear of retaliation for seeking football justice is that great then we have no game with rules.

Any retaliation would be a police matter but expulsion from the league if it took place would be a deterrent.

Just who decides what is in the Company’s interest and how is that separated from their own?

As a shareholder I would much prefer be treated honestly and to hear what is in the Company’s interests than be sold an endless load of bullshit.

The truth I could handle as would most probably a large number of supporters , it would only be confirmation of what they suspect, but bullshit is never palatable or acceptable, not without surrender of self respect.

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