Tis The Season To Be Jolly



Or should I say-Bah,humbug! I freely admit that Christmas has never really had much significance for me personally. Normally quite the happy go lucky type,it just seems to bring out the grouchy cynical bastert in me. My house has always been a tinsel-free paradise,for example,and as for a tree-well,you can guess where I think that should reside,should anyone ever be brave enough to ask me why I haven’t got one. Being banned from partaking in my first Christmas back home this century hasn’t helped either.


And don’t get me started on the twice a year drinkers who take half an hour to order up a round because they didn’t think to ask their friends what they were bliddy drinking before they got to the bar! I suppose I should be grateful that I can still get to a pub where I live-may all your problems be little ones,right enough…


That doesn’t mean,however,that I rain on everyone’s parade. Well,not deliberately. I know that it is important to most people,a welcome break from the rest of the annual slog,and of course,well,it was never for adults anyway. It’s a festival for kids really. Nothing better in life than a huge smile from a kid,someone who got a bigger surprise than they expected,and from an unexpected source too.


So it was last Wednesday,when The Saints went marching past the hun,and if ever something was unexpected,that was it. That they were on a ten game run unbeaten meant nothing to most of us,as nothing was what we thought they would get from the game. Of course,their game plan was thrown into disarray with the late call-off of their star man,Dallas12,during the warm up,and some of us wondered at the time whether Gerrard had the game plan to adapt.


Anyway,so much for The New Invincibles,but what has this got to do with Celtic? You might well ask,I was just enjoying writing that for the hell of it! But it has everything to do with Celtic. This site,in common with most other Celtic sites,has been highly critical of our performances this season,and I don’t think we need to apologise for being right. If anything,or display on Sunday as we clinched an unbelievable FOURTH CONSECUTIVE TREBLE proved that. But let’s leave that aside,let’s not even discuss the reasons why we are right and that things need to change dramatically in late spring/early summer. It’s Christmas,smile.


That St Mirren have reached the semi-final means that they won’t be available to play us on 24 January. Add The Scottish Cup Final on Sunday and the two fixtures previously postponed means that we will be four fixtures behind by then. They are currently seven points plus games in hand-potentially another twelve points,and nineteen in total. Bloody hell,how do we overcome this? Well,there are a lot of free midweeks for us in January and February,so I’d expect those games in hand to be cleared by then,and while we haven’t been performing to scratch this season-hence that seven point chasm-I told you ’tis the season to be jolly,so pay attention. Only an optimist can expect us to win the league this season,and as I’m not much known for being one,I feel it is my duty to explain to you how it will happen.


Last Saturday saw a pretty poor performance from them against Dundee Utd,and far from their first. A draw would not have been a harsh result. It would have been more likely too if McLean had done his job and sent Morelos off in the first ten minutes. Two more performances like that with the result falling on the fair side of the ledger and there’s your gap more than halved. Of course,if we screw up at the Victorian lavvy,it doesn’t really matter how badly they perform elsewhere,so the three points there is an absolute must. Sometimes you can’t expect everyone else to do your dirty work,and it’s high time that Celtic stepped up to the plate. And although the result against St Johnstone was disappointing,I said in my match review that I thought much of our performance that day was a vast improvement,and we have built on that in the two games since.


It is down to the players to continue to build on that,to get back into a winning groove and get their mojo back. I’ve already stated my preferences on starting line-ups and I’ll leave it at that. As I will a few other things in the spirit of this article. And as for their huge goal advantage? Well,two draws and a defeat to us will eat into that,and us winning the games in hand will have us going neck and neck again. And then? Well,it’s game on. 2020 has been a nightmare but 2021 doesn’t have to be.


Get the lads winning again,get the doubt spreading amongst that lot. See what happens-because strange things happen at this time of year and strange things happen at Celtic Park too.


After all,It’s A Wonderful Life…

Above article by BMCUWP

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December 23, 2020 6:24 am

Morning all
Up at 3-20. Restless night is an understatement. Number of work issues rattling around my head, not least of all, will we survive this latest lockdown? Most likely the answer is no, which I’ll actually consider something of a relief from a personal point of view, yet sad in respect of others who work for me.
Frustrating when it’s down to issues which I have no control over, especially frustrating when my views on this entire Covid stuff are at odds with most others. However it is what it is and what will be will be to throw in a couple of phrases that may sound flippant given the impact they carry in this instance, but as I say, it’s out of my control. I’ll soldier on for now and see what next month brings.
One thing it will bring assuming I’m still trading is the farcical paperwork exercise that is the annual external quality audit. Farcical? Certainly this year. A remote audit this year due to lockdown, but nevertheless one which requires a fair bit of work for me.
Amongst other things:
“Is the organisation fit to deliver the KPI’s blah blah blah”. Ha. So much I want to write in response to that question but given I need the certification to continue to meet customer expectations and demands, I’ll play the game for now.

Anyway having spent 2 hours on this mundane, mind numbing shite ( sorry I could t think of a more appropriate term), I thought I’d make another coffee and scour SC from yesterday. I needed a diversion.

As I get to the latter pages, I note the Celtic trust will not be taking the res 12 matter forward. If my understanding is correct, their viewpoint is that they’ve no hope of succeeding so it’s a waste of their time, and money, though as I read Auldheid’s take on it, there was no financial commitment necessary from the CT?
Now , I’ve been particularly interested in this latest drive to encourage people to join the trust. I’ve seen ATOB , Bobby, and Auldheid himself, amongst others, promote it as a potentially worthwhile cause. Three posters who carry credibility and are always worth a read.
My own position was made clear a few days ago. I seen the CT as a toothless tiger, with little power, nay, no power to change anything, unless that is, they would lobby a boycott on season ticket purchases.
Given their non commitment to the res 12 matter, I’m convinced more than ever that my toothless comment holds merit.
Good luck to them, and my views will not be mirrored by many, whom if seeing things differently, should , and will no doubt, follow their own path.

As I finished reading the blog, and my mind and attention went back to my KPI review, I found myself reflecting on Celtic kpi’s. I looked them up. I truly wish I hadn’t. I won’t list them all. Corporate bullshit is the best description I can muster. “ delivering footballing excellence”, “promotion of youth”.

There is one KPI well down the list numerically. Meeting shareholder expectations. That one I suggest should be moved to the top of the list. He’s definitely trying hard to meet that one.

So there are some similarities between Celtic FC and my own company . We are equally adept at filling audit reports with corporate crap. Alas when I reached the financials , the similarities ended. Remuneration. Peter has edged ahead of me in that respect. Whilst I’ve drawn more or less the square root of hee haw in salary for the past 2 years, Peter has a basic of £1m plus. Then comes the kicker. The LTPIP system which was introduced a few years ago. “LTPIP” I hear you ask?
I’ve missed a trick with that one. I’ve been in many a meeting where we:
‘ shook a few trees and saw what fell out’
‘ ran a flag up the pole’
and I could list a dozen others, equally cringeworthy, but the LTPIP passed me by.

Long Term Performance Improvement Plan’

Very lucrative it is too. It has seen the bold Peter increase his pay to almost £7m in total between 2017 and 2019.
Given our youth policy seems to have all but died, our European performances have slumped to lower than a gnats scrotum, it’ll be very interesting to see what the LTPIP reward is this time around.
Will the quadruple treble merit another £2m plus bonus?

£70 from every season ticket bought going straight into Lawwell’s pocket? Seriously?

This all takes me back to my original viewpoint on the trust, res 12 etc.
For me, the only effective course of action would be non renewal. Nothing else will have any effect.

A bit of irony to finish. As I got to the last page of my read on yesterday’s article, I see Mags is nearing the end of his contribution. I say irony, because I used to read him telling us all to stop buying into this charade. My feelings were “ who the fekk does this guy think he is, telling me not to buy my ticket?” I considered it cheeky at best and downright rude at worst.
Well Mags, your direct deliverance got at least one convert. I hope I’m not the last!

( apologies in advance if any typos. I’ll read back and edit later.)

December 23, 2020 6:51 am

A bit more clarification of CST post on CQN about Rez 12 ploughing a lone furrow. Some of it will be familiar some is new.

Hamilton Tim

The narrative that you set out re Res12ers wanting to go alone is not accurate and I set your acting secretary straight on this via DM a couple of months ago.

We did get technical guidance to assist putting a resolution on the table in 2013 and were grateful for it but when a adjournment was agreed with Celtic because we were given access to SFA although not UEFA and the adjournment afforded time to understand the rules both tax process and UEFA, the requisitioner without whom Res12 would never have been tabled, was subject to anger from at least one CST member on leaving that 2013 AGM.
Perhaps there was a sense of betrayal having provided guidance but whatever the reason it was undignified at best.

Thereafter Res12 went its course doing the uncovering and deciding what to do next with each layer of the onion peeled.

There was little point involving the CST in that and besides you guys were doing great work on challenging the OBAF legislation and later on FAC which the requisitioners fully supported in terms of using social media to promulgate.

We also got voting advice in 2019 when that Res12 to take the case away from UEFA went to a vote which really was appreciated.

However in July 2018 after evidence emerged that later legal opion considered was a strong indication that the licence in March 2011 had been granted under false pretence, both the CSA and CST were approached and you arranged the meeting with a CST
official and he was updated on this change of events and consequences in McDonalds along the London Rd.

The CSA to their credit arranged a meeting with Celtic with there vice President present and a recognised Celtic blogger although both Paul Brennan and Harry Brady to use his social media name were unable to attend.
The CST if I remember correctly discussed the report back of the McDonalds meeting that was very enjoyable and decided they would observe, so the narrative it was a Res12 choice to carry on alone is not true and it is disingenuous to repeat it.

I can quite accept that CST might have had good resource reasons not to get involved but their presence at the meeting in Aug 2018 with CSA and Celtic might have seen Celtic act on the new information rather than ignore the suggestion they take it to UEFA quietly to confirm not just that UEFA rules had been breached in terms of overdue payables but criminality was involved.

As to supporting the vote in 2019 which probably came as a result of the info provided in July 2018 that support made no real difference at the end of the day for the very reason the CST wishes to acquire more shares, ie to try and get their resolutions passed I saw it as no more than lip service given the outcome of the meeting in July but had no desire to say so.
The CST indicated support for the original Res in 2020, indeed thought the case just, but after the Res presented took the form of a statement because the way it was framed was unacceptable under Company law but Celtic waited 7 weeks before saying so, giving no time to deliver a revised one, the advice from the CST chair was to work with Celtic to drop it and I’ve already explained that the old Res12 was dropped because circumstances had changed since 2013 and Celtic stated they were going to address the shareholders concerns making it even more unecessary.

All the CST have been asked to do since is check Celtic act timeously to address shareholder and supporters concerns in terms of assurances the rules that govern the game will be applied.

I think it only fair I point out the reasons why CST were not involved since the AGM in 2013 and their response once presented with good reason to be more involved in July 2018.

The point here Chris is you yourself know this Board cannot be trusted and the CST were given the opportunity to do something about it and passed.

It’s not as if I didnt do my best to prevent this happening from the moment your Chairman was elected and I can show where.

I’m afraid I’ll have to withdraw my membership of the CST as its disheartening to see what was embarked upon with Peter Lawwells encouragement as an attempt to bring about SFA reform has led to such divisiveness .
He will be having a right good laugh at his good fortune will the bold Peter unless we ALL take him on and stop pissing about.

December 23, 2020 7:13 am

I only just said to someone in an e mail earlier in the week that I struggled to understand how calm and balanced you remain under the most difficult circumstances. I’m a moaning faced git by nature, which makes it even more difficult for me to understand how you stay in control in light of what you’ve gone through.
I mean that as a compliment. You’re a shining example.
I said to someone before that I reckoned I’d probably met less than half a dozen people in my life that were true gentleman. I get the impression you are one of the true gentlemen I’ve never met!

December 23, 2020 7:18 am

Good morning it must be a very hard time spinning all the plates you have to. I hope you come through it all.

To clarify I was only advocating a larger membership of the CST not because I agreed with their approach . I didnt , I called mine buying power which doesnt necessarily mean not renewing STs but in renewing on terms that favour the supporter and not Celtic.

Ironically in my very first meeting with PL he asked why I was there because at that point I didnt have an ST.
“I’m here to find a way that let’s me support Celtic that suits me and not Celtic” was my reply.

I”ll set that out later as its still forming in my head.

I was also hoping the CST might take on a form that I set out here about their future driven by a larger Membership and with it new thinking.

That seems to have been dismissed and as you might have gathered I’m not happy about how they have defended their position on not taking up suggestions made to them posted on CQNand have challenged and copied here.

For all that my final words on my latest post are what is most important. The more so when you set out the rewards PL is getting for acting in the Company’s interests.

Meaningful and measurable KPIs are difficult to set so many take the simplest of forms Alongside them should be another term from my working days Visible Success Indicators or near as dammit with emphasis on visible need set also.

December 23, 2020 7:20 am

Aw shucks. Quite a compliment. Thank you.

December 23, 2020 7:41 am

Don’t get too carried away

I also remember saying to someone in 1997 “ not sure about this Larsson guy” 🤣

Right, I better go. My biggest decision these days is deciding whether or not to answer my phone when it rings!

December 23, 2020 7:54 am


PL asked you why you were there? Pathetic. Truly. Shameful actually.

December 23, 2020 8:20 am

Great posts this morning I hope Twisty can hang in for his and his employees sake. The Celtic are supposed to be entertainment where guys like Twisty can watch a game for a couple of hours and get away from the worry of running a company. And here is his tension release causing him more tension. There will be people like me who are looking to a group like the CST to stand up for the Celtic supporters, if I don’t find it I will be lost forever. , they lose a small revenue stream when I walk away, but if I don’t pass on my passion to my 3 grandsons that’s 3 more they lose. The Resolutioners need listened to, Lawell is fiddling while Parkhead is burning

Bada Bing
December 23, 2020 8:26 am

Twists- sorry for your troubles, I hope you can hang in there HH

December 23, 2020 9:16 am

Best wishes to you and yours, not only on the company front I know you have other issues to deal with besides. Take care.

December 23, 2020 9:17 am

Don’t go, we need you here.

December 23, 2020 9:20 am

As a follow-up to last night, for those who may be interested:


Good Morning C

Had hit the hay last night so didn’t reply then.

Hope you and yours have as good a Christmas period as possible. We are just about hanging in there, as they say, although missing the footy terribly.

To be honest, I don’t have any idea of the projected cost of legal action, although the £20k pledge would be sufficient for a few legal letters I would imagine, and there is nothing to stop seeking further pledges if deemed appropriate and necessary.

Perhaps a possible way forward is to conduct a public survey of CST members, along the lines of:

. What should the major objective be in the short term?

. What metrics should be used to determine this?

. Timeframe, e.g. by end February and before season ticket renewal.

. Further action to be taken to enable consensus view resulting to be represented to Celtic?

I’m sure there must be more that could be added, just a few thoughts from the top of my head. As a democratic organisation, all of these matters should be open and transparent, and published on the CST website. I will access shortly, but for example, is a record of the CST Committee Zoom meeting referred to now on the website for members to see? If not, why not ( and I haven’t looked as yet)? No doubt you will appreciate that many folks are unenamoured with the closed nature (to put it politely) of dealings between the Celtic Board and supporters, thus anything that changes the status quo via transparency is to be welcomed.

Take care and all the best.


December 23, 2020 10:02 am


Blindsided somewhat by the overnight news about the CST/Res 12 etc,so not enough time to make it subject of Article of the Day. It is certainly the Topic of the Day!

To say that I’m not happy about it is an understatement;The Fab Four have taken the issue as far as they humanly could and realised that the CST was the only organisation with the numbers and the clout to pursue it further. That they have declined to do so is a decision for them to take,and while I wasn’t privy to their meeting,I am a little puzzled by their reasoning.

It seems that the decision came down to two things-cost and chances of success. Aparently,the cost issue is a red herring as pledges were in place to cover up to c£20k,and if fighting the good fight is viewed as only worthwhile if there is the chance of success,I’m not sure that it is the correct vehicle to unify the support after all.

Fighting the good fight is ALWAYS worthwhile,the chances of success should be secondary to doing what is right.

December 23, 2020 10:03 am


Hang on in there,mate. This crap can’t last forever,even if various governments are doing their best to make it so.

Awe Naw
December 23, 2020 10:05 am


An absolute belter of a post 🙂 search for right and proper thing

shame it never got noticed first time around

Could have saved a quarter of a million words been needlessly written

December 23, 2020 10:11 am

As fractures appear amongst the supporters groups Peter will be grinning like the proverbial cat and rubbing his grubby paws at the thought of another huge unearned bonus.
Like the rulers in the Coliseum he will once again lord it up from on high while the peasants await their fate.

December 23, 2020 10:26 am

Don’t forget the CHALMERSBHOY Score Predictor!


December 23, 2020 10:39 am


I’m dumbfounded by the latest turn of events. Seems that any time we think we have found a way to take the board on,all we get is another boot in the baws.

I’m still of a mind that every method possible to do so should be attempted-in the probably vain hope that one will work. However,their unwillingness to enter into any form of dialogue or co-operation is leading us more and more to the only method which willl work. And that is an unpalatable option for so many of us,due to the damage it will cause to the club.

There is no doubt that a widespread boycott would work in the medium term-possibly even in the short term if DD sees that the boycott is sufficiently widespread,and that we mean it. I don’t think ANY Celtic fan who takes this route will do so from choice or with a song in his/her heart. It will have been forced upon us by a board who not only don’t represent the views of the fans but frankly CGAF about them.

Everyone who has had to put up with my stuff on various sites these last dozen years will be aware that I have always been against a ST boycott,and that I’ve given my reasons for that over the years. But the board have proved to be thoroughly intransigent,and dismissive of us all.

When the facts change,so do my opinions. My opinion about the boycott has reluctantly changed as a result.

December 23, 2020 10:55 am

Cheers.for the link,I forgot about the games tonight..

Disappointed and scunnered at the outcome of the trust meeting last night,was hoping that at long last something was about happen positively regarding res.12/11.

The other option as you refer to is a boycott.

December 23, 2020 11:00 am

Thanks for all the good wishes folks but honestly I’ll be fine. I’m at an age where packing in is gonna be a good thing. There are a number of folks still trying to pay mortgages and rent that will be suffering most through losing their jobs. The airline industry is only one of literally thousands that has been decimated. Hopefully everyone will find work.

My communication with the Scottish government came to an end with their closing sentence on their last e mail reading “ this is our final correspondence with you on this matter”

The “matter” in question was me seeking some numbers from them on the numbers of flu deaths in Scotland for 2020.
I obtained the previous 2 years data under FOI, but couldn’t access the current year to date numbers. They told me , and I quote

“ In order to fulfil this request, we would need use a high level of statistical skill and judgement in order to create this analysis for you. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Public Authorities are not obligated to create information in order to respond to requests. We therefore consider this to be information not held.”

I responded by informing them the information was available for the previous 2 years, I simply wanted the same information for a different year, and requesting that if they provide me with the number of flu deaths that I was pretty sure I could do the calculations myself for them,( and wouldn’t charge them for my time🤣), but alas, I got the “ final communication” message.

My head was telling me to pursue this matter, but my Omron Blood pressure machine was telling me otherwise.

What to do but suffer in silence! As I say, it’s others I feel for.

December 23, 2020 11:10 am

Was the CST decision not to pursue Res 12 taken in the best interest of the Celtic support who they are purportedly supposed to represent? And as far as i am aware didn’t ask their membership prior to making the announcement. Kinda PL / PLC type democracy at work there don’t ya think? We all know a boycott is the only thing that will work. Will the CST recommend we withhold funds from the Celtic PLC? I don’t think so.

Sol Kitts
December 23, 2020 11:15 am

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And in the Big Hoose,
Something was stirring,
And it wisnae a moose.

The Klan were getting anxious,
They needed a feast,
Of SPFL glory,
So they looked to the East.

Where 3 wise men gathered,
Whose assistance they asked,
Neil, Peter and Desmond,
In past glories they basked.

“Please can you help us?”
Asked Dougie of Park,
“We’re near out of money, and
The Klan need a spark”

“If we don’t win the title,
Slippy will leave.”
“Relax,” said Peter,
“I’ve a plan up my sleeve.”

“We’ll keep Neil in charge
Till you’re too far ahead,
For our Bhoys to catch you.”
Desmond nodded his head.

In full agreement,
And without any fear,
Said, “Just think of the boost to
Our season books next year.”

“We’ll be able to say to,
Our obedient cash-cow,
Buy your books quickly,
The challenge starts now.”

“If you don’t get behind us,
And give us your wedge,
The Rangers are coming,
And they’ll have the edge.”

Dougie was delighted,
That his mates had come through,
But asked, “For future titles,
What should we do?”

Desmond and Dougie were keen for
A plan for the show,
So agreed to a limit,
Of 3 in a row.

No one team would let,
The other get bested,
For too many years,
Keep the fans interested.

The 3 wise men from the East,
Were glad of no fuss,
And retook their seats,
At the back of the bus.

‘Twas the night before season book renewal date
And all of the board
Were quietly counting,
The anticipated cash hoard.

But they hadn’t expected,
The fans to get wise
To their disgraceful plan,
To gift Sevco the prize.

So this tale has a moral,
Which applies to us all,

Por cierto
December 23, 2020 11:19 am

CST: et tu Brute? por cierto

December 23, 2020 11:27 am



December 23, 2020 11:29 am


Hugely disappointed at their decision. To say the least!

December 23, 2020 11:31 am

Morning all…I hope this finds everyone well, especially Twists.
I left a good job to start working for myself, the way a lot of people do. I bought an established business, paid good money for it – some savings some bank borrowings – it was a big commitment. Ultimately, I ended up another failed business statistic but that’s nowhere near the whole story which, like you Twists, neglects to record the reasons for the failure. This is not the place for me to reveal all the details but suffice to say I persevered to the point where I decided I wasn’t doing it anymore. I could have probably struggled on for a few months or a couple of years, perhaps even longer, but due to external forces I would never have achieved what I had hoped to when I first started. The bottom line, Twists, is only you know when it’s right to go. Nobody can tell a stubborn c*** what to do, I know I can be one! I closed the door on my business one night never to return. I still had some amount of crap, a serious amount of crap to deal with but I’d made my decision and there was an immediate release of pressure and stress…it hadn’t all gone as we owed to the bank along with others, and we had a property to sell. But my mind was clear that even although my decision to close had been almost impulsive it was the right decision.
I hope things work out for you but here’s the important thing…don’t let it affect your health or your relationships. Those things are much more important than anything else. KTF Twists, I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

December 23, 2020 11:34 am

Sol…my kids are 14, 16 and 18. They still insist on me reading T’was The Night Before Christmas before bedtime on Christmas Eve…well, they’re in for a surprise this year!!
Absolutely Brilliant!!! 🤣🤣🤣

December 23, 2020 11:39 am

Or,as one door closes another one slams in yer face!

December 23, 2020 11:42 am

Twists, I’ve been looking at Covid figures since they were first mentioned. I’m with you, were not getting the whole picture. I’m fecked if I can understand the agenda but things shoulda been done differently!
Covid AND Brexit in the New Year…FFS!!!

December 23, 2020 11:44 am

Nice words which I appreciate. I’m really pleased you’ve got a more peaceful life now relative to your previous line of work. You deserve it.
As I say though, personally I’ll be fine. I was still able to throw a few boxes for those less fortunate into the supermarket collection trolleys this morning. ( next year I might be taking stuff oot😁)
Nah all good really. My missus is the problem. She’s forever nagging me to call it a day. She just needs to look at me to tell how things are going at work. She must’ve spoke to the kids this morning since they’ve all been calling me to check I’m ok! My nephew offering his services free too . So I’m getting it from all sides. All well intentioned though. For which I’m truly grateful.

December 23, 2020 11:53 am


Like so many on here,family and friends will never let us down. Fortunate to have them indeed.

December 23, 2020 11:57 am

Aye indeed.
I’m thinking I could really play on their sympathy and get everything done for me! 😁

December 23, 2020 12:01 pm

Got a bedside cabinet delivered as part of my mums Christmas. Just opened it there and took everything out the box with the intention of building it. Never seen so many different parts relative to the size of the cabinet. Straight back in the box. Think she’s ordered a bloody double wardrobe rather than a small cabinet!

December 23, 2020 12:30 pm

Twists..ye let yersel doon wi yer last post…everybody knows ye don’t order flatpack furniture if you’ve got blood pressure issues!!! 🤣🤣🤣
(BTW…I’ll gie ye a guid price for building it fur ye!! 😁😘)

December 23, 2020 12:35 pm


TWISTSNTURNS will be fine-he used to build Airfix planes as a lad!

Btw,all IKEA kits should come with wood glue and nails as standard.

A thing of beauty
December 23, 2020 12:39 pm

There is no doubt that the CST decision not to pursue the res 12 question is disappointing and is another huge let down for auldheid. I truly admire this man and his indefatigability around this huge issue. I believe if we did pursue this to the end there would be no doubt that the directors have not fulfilled their duties and there would be a change in the boardroom. But and it’s a heavy hearted but, the board have kicked this into the long grass for the past 8 years and possibly the trust feel they may do so for another 8 years. Meanwhile other issues will not have the same emphasis but may well result in the same outcome – a change at boardroom level and in the way the club operate. I have been a big advocate of the trust. Not because I think they have all the answers, more it’s a case of they are currently the only supporters organisation who communicate with the board but are not subservient to the board. The open meeting allowed for plenty of criticism of the board make up and the failures of the club as a whole. I am not qualified in anyway shape or form to speak on how the trust think they can take the case of the supports need for a stronger voice forward but they have plenty of people who are. I feel we have to trust them. It has taken Peter Lawwell and his band of acolytes who pose as NEDs around 15 years to build their power base. We won’t tear it down in half a season, no matter how unsuccessful we are this year. It will take time and we need to give the CST guys a chance. If we look at their work around FAC and OBAFA they performed brilliantly. I believe they have the interests of the support at their very core. I’m happy to have joined and will let them decide what battles they think we can win.

A thing of beauty
December 23, 2020 12:43 pm

Twists, sorry to hear of your current troubles. It’s heartening to see that you still ha e time to think of others whom are worse off. Hopefully things can improve and you can see a way forward. If not I hope you listen to McCaff and leave before it becomes overwhelming. Love to your mum and her wee birds.
Superb poem. I never knew you had it in you. Brilliant.

December 23, 2020 12:48 pm

ATOB…the CST are ptiching their recruitment of fans on their capacity to change, not only through their increased share-purchasing ability but also by requesting that small-shareholders proxy their votes to the Trust. In the light of this decision, and incidentally I can’t find a record of it anywhere, how am I to trust the Trust if they aren’t prepared to back the one issue which highlights corruption in the game? It’s very frustrating and has me considering BAD’s comments over the last couple of weeks!

December 23, 2020 12:52 pm


When your position is misrepresented in the way the CST did on CQN and Ive another clarification to make on that then it is difficult to know who to trust.

But hang in there as change can only come from within which might be a reason they kept the likes of myself at a distance.

Sol Kitts
December 23, 2020 12:57 pm

I’ve often been told I have hidden talents. Trouble is, they’re so well hidden it’s taken almost 60 years to start finding some of them 😎😎

December 23, 2020 1:04 pm

My views on the Trust have been dented twice in the past week. The Zoom meeting on Saturday was shambolic and empty of any substance. (I missed Auldheid’s contribution). One thing which I noted strongly was it lacked inspirational leadership. It needs people at the top with some fire in their belly. Being a lovely person is not enough. There is a place for that but more is required. However as others have said it is a democratic organisation so I have not completely withdrawn my support yet. Perhaps with an increasing membership some new people will emerge to set it on a more driven path. Quickly I hope.

The decision last night was disgraceful.

December 23, 2020 1:08 pm

Hi Jim…I’ll posit my question/view as I did on Sunday – what is David Low’s agenda? More power to the Trust or angling towards a seat on the Board, not for the Trust and the support but for David Low. I’ve got to say I think Jeanette Findlay is of admirable character but any supporters who are being targeted at the moment need to try to understand the long play of the Trust!

December 23, 2020 1:19 pm

McCaff, Hiya pal.
The last thing the Trust needs is a seat on the Board. If that is David Low’s aspiration I would hunt him right now!

Awe Naw
December 23, 2020 1:28 pm


You need to remove and in order of importance from your representation towards a non footballing body anything associated with Scottish football;

1) Fenian Bastard
2) Old Firm Bigot
3) Working class turnstyle fodder

Take the fight on as;

A disllusioned ripped off customer
A disgruntled tax payer

Take the fight too

Numerous bodies and agencies that have been setup exactly for this reason

And if you cannae be bothered daen that ME

you can always stop giving them your money.


Awe Naw
December 23, 2020 1:32 pm


your post last night about DD getting upset at the Sevco scottish cup final is not true he left before ET was completed.

We need to stop propogating this Sunday post pish .. that´s Phils job

Awe Naw
December 23, 2020 1:34 pm


A very merry Christmas to you and yours too,

I agree with nearly all you say we really only diverge on how we go about it. Getting rid of NL and not PL isn´t any kind of solution for me ask Brendan Rodgers

December 23, 2020 1:58 pm


We have as you say disagreed with the way to take the fight to them. You,MAGS,MIKEINTORONTO et al moved to the previously unthinkable sooner than others.

It doesn’t mean that you were right at the time as for me and others there was always the forlorn hope.

Not any more,mate. Even as I attacked PL et al from my first day on CQN,I still hoped that he would do the right thing.

Seems a love of money destroys all that mattered to people before.

A boycott is now the only way to take things forward.

December 23, 2020 2:03 pm

I just had a look elsewhere to see what the reaction was to last night and Auldheid’s comments. Very muted to say the least. Thank goodness Mahe & Bobby set this site up!

December 23, 2020 2:08 pm

Had a look at the Trust site there. Still no new articles from the 9th December! No reports of Saturday’s meeting nor last night’s. No new comments.
They really need to get their act together!

The Gombeen Man
December 23, 2020 2:10 pm

Awe Naw,

It was the SC Semi Final.

Maybe he’d seen and heard enough and legged it?

The fact remains that Pedro had a face like a fuming Sevconian at Rodger’s introductory press conference.

On another note…

The Old Firm see the singing of traditional songs at matches as a unique feature of their joint identify and income stream.

The division created by the songs plays straight into the monetising and controlling agenda.

That’s why the Trust were given support by PLC conduits.

Anything that’s perceived to be a threat to the OF Identity/income or underlying strategy will be resisted.

This isn’t a criticism of the songs or their content but the good intentions of the Trust were used by the PLC.