Where for the disgruntled?

For a backwater nation more dependent than others on the turnstile customer, Scottish football sure does act very strange at times.


One would tend to think the games lifeblood would be catered to, listened to, indulged for the most part.
With poor weather and diet to match giving rise to the worst heart disease rate in Europe, the national sport could well be described as much needed to people oozing competitiveness.


The current exploits of the Ibrox team in Europe allied with the national team’s qualification for a major tournament will only serve to paper over the many cracks those with knowledge of the domestic setup would find.
Depending on your viewpoint, the lack of sporting integrity may well be the games biggest issue.


There’s a quartet have found that out the hard way. Call me naive and maybe times have changed but at one point I actually believed those who through their own diligence uncovered a scandal involving something as important as the national sport and brought it to light, would be praised!


In times past they would be deemed ‘sleuths’ with front page photographs by baying press packs outside their homes vying for the first exclusive interviews.
The public would soon have found them a nickname and could sleep a tad easier at night knowing the good citizens were keeping an eye on the wheels that grind looking for flaws.
All while the heroes themselves finally sit back content in the knowledge their efforts were not in vain.


That’s clearly the past though.
In modern day Scotland, to bring high profile jiggery-pokery to light invites trouble, not praise.


When such malarkey encompasses some of the nations largest institutions, it’s judiciary services with accompanying powerful bodies, and taxpayer costs that run into nine figures, a powerful friend to carry the fight was only the sensible option.
Twice they asked, twice they were denied.


There’s no major body left to call upon, and thus a dead end stares at Resolution 12 after all these years of hard honest endeavour to find only the truth, nothing more.


But above all it exposed the one sad and simple fact that we as a support don’t have a unified voice or umbrella to gather under.
Whilst we can’t change what has happened in the past, the power to organize is something well within our capacity.


Now we know the void exists, it’s incumbent upon the support to fill it. Never again should we be caught on the hop, would the Res12 events have happened with a strong supporter body on the scene? No chance, so nip the next one in the bud now by unifying into a strong voice.


Doing nothing or trusting those already in the corridors of power to look after the game and it’s lifebloods interests will get you nowhere, just as the Res bhoys.
Fans were almost having to park miles away from the stadium also I’ll remind you, showing the regard you’re held in.


Each of us must ask what we are looking for in a body to represent us when it comes to something as precious as our club, ask questions of those who would seek to represent you, and certainly attempt to choose wisely with your endorsement. Its one of the little bits of power we’ve all still got.


As for the Resolutioners, they have my thanks and respect. They were failed by many, but forcing fans to finally unite would be far from a failing.
With a slight tweak, this song was almost made for them.


“He calls out to the Celt on the street,
Sir can you help me?,
I’ve documents show that they cheat,
Is there somewhere you can tell me?


He walks on,
Doesn’t look back,
Pretends he can’t hear him,
Starts to whistle as he crosses the street,
Seems embarrassed to be there.


Oh, think twice,
For it’s a different game for you and me in Paradise,
Oh, think twice,
Its a different game for you, you and me in Paradise “

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Dharma Bam

Howeve, sadly, I’ve being weaned off Celtic and football. And, as I’ve said before, I won’t be encouraging my children to love Celtic the way I did.
What example can I give them to prove it’s worth fighting for and that we the supporters are not just always being taken for a ride? I’m not going to encourage them to support Celtic while I know they’re being exploited.


Very good lead well written. Breaks my heart where we have ended up
I don’t think they are disgruntled I think they were shafted

Noel Skytrot

Very corrupt, wealthy people protecting their own interests for financial gain fuck over those in a lesser position, suprise!!!!

Odd Son Edward

Great piece as always Mahe. I sometimes feel I need to pinch myself to confirm this is the reality of football in Scotland. Corruption on a grand scale. An open sore which any reasonable person can observe. The astonishing thing is that the blatant fraud highlighted by Res 12, and that created via the 5WA, are in plain sight. We’re expected to “mass pretend”, that they don’t exist. And if you have the audacity to speak out, you are poo pooed and undermined as a conspiracy theorist. The football authorities don’t even have to shut you down. A willing lap dog media does it for them. All for the benefit of a single club. I would laugh at this if I didn’t know it to be real. I get the poster’s comment about no longer following Celtic with the same enthusiasm. As those in charge of our club have either idily stood by, or participated at some level in these frauds. By their culpable action or inaction they have allowed these frauds to be completed. Being party to this, Lawwell and the board has reduced the status of our club. They’ve effectively set CFC to be complicit in any illegal construct the governing body push then, now and in the future. I know it sounds like a broken record but I don’t think for a second Fergus McCann would have allowed any of this to reach fruition. I am a Celt ’til I die, but I no longer trust the club I love, as I know those currently in charge will never do the RIGHT thing. They are without integrity and only concerned in profiteering. Moral obligation means nothing to them. What they fail to realise as you’ve rightly highlighted Mahe, is the collective power of fans – if we gather under a single banner. I hope that day comes.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The major defect in ‘The Board’s Complicity’ theory ,to me at least, is…. What’s in it for them? The idea that allowing or even assisting the Govan Works X1 to have a Phoenix style rising and eventually win the SPFL is the one thing I can’t get my head round. So much so that I discount that part of it. The winning of the league part, I mean.
To me that is laid at the door of incompetency.
There is no doubt that when ‘ starting over ‘ they were well supported by The Bears. Over the years their support remained numerically strong. They didn’t decrease after successive 5 goal ‘humpings’. So, why the need to allow/assist them to get in front of us? They didn’t disappear like snaw aft a dyke before so why would we now.
For me, complacency and incompetence became bed-fellows. The shower appointment is the personification of that and we are the ones doing the suffering.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The proper lexicon editor changed aff to aft .Does my nut!


Awe Naw


To maintain the 11.1 SPFL voting structure that ensures that the Old Firm… Not us or thems but We the Old Firm endure. Ideally Sevco as the inferior partner and more importantly a regime change. To change to a regime that was less corrupt and more willing to ‘act above board’. That was the plan the course of action that was agreed upon at the national summit by all parties after the shame game. Problem was that all the other parties to this deal at the summit reneged. They reneged due to Sevco having to drop to the bottom division. None of the parties considered the Rath Rovers chairman. The old regime were not prepared to take on the costs necessary for the Phoenix to come up through the leagues. We sacrificed the domestic cups during the journey years and were awarded the Commonwealth games and East End refurbishment and development. As soon as the old regime the four bears returned openly enabled by the SNP government, Police Scotland and Scottish Crown Prosecution service. We changed tack. Delia was ditched for Brendan. Quadruple treble ensued but far more importantly the old regime have had to dip into their own pockets to the tune of 10m a year. 80m so far. 60mill also bare faced contributed from the public purse by the SNP to help enable the four bears to take over. The principle from Celtic PLC is that the four bears can’t keep dipping into their own pockets ss it’s such an anathema to Celtic PLC. Questions need asked of the SNP government why they were behind such an obvious orchestrated expensive campaign to return the four bears to a position of prominence.

The Gombeen Man

Enjoyable article and thoughtful comments this morning.


Yes it’s a bitter pill to swallow but do you believe that Dermot is incompetent to this extent?

A self made billionaire with wealth estimated to be in excess of 2,000 million isn’t incompetent. I’ve tried to show with articles like the one on Daon how capable Dermot is.

With Dermot it’s all about the bigger picture, contracts and contacts with Banks, Governments, influential people and making money.
On a parochial level the Old Fraud of the OF needs a successful outfit playing out of Ibrox to protect Desmond’s investment.

It’s that simple. Protection of Dermot’s interests and not jepordising wider business interests.

Supporters are ‘small minded people’ addicted to the club and are treated accordingly.

The best place to review the evidence of complicity v incompetence is the Res 12 website.

Maybe spend a little time reviewing how Dermot’s wealth was put together?

If this was about competence Pedro would have been shown the door years ago.

Anyhow keep safe. We seem to have hit rock bottom and the squad seem to have pulled together in recent weeks. (Maybe the protests in the car park brought home the level of anger that’s out there?)

Sevco appear to be in a bit of a rut so let’s hope a good performance against United sets us up for Ibrox.

All the best for the family in 2021.



Good article that will bring out differing views but probably little answers until someone in power actually finds some morals or develops a conscience and whistleblows.
Why would we or anyone want to be associated with anyone or organisation who would rather spend mega millions meant for essential services on football including using it for wages.
I remember police scotland saying games would be postponed if clubs could not pay for their services, how much is owed to them on the creditors list?
How much is owed to scottish ambulance service?
How much to hmrc which should have been used for hospitals, schools, defence (and still we have forces day) – morals?
How much to other football clubs? Were they all paid back (well celtic were you)?
How much to individuals and businesses who were probably in the whole rangers supporters? – morals?
The sad thing is history is being allowed to repeat itself with the debt being amassed to stop 10 so if celtic and other organisations are compliant they should be ashamed but it’s not to late to be a shining light in darkness.



Marvellous article,and absolutely nailed the difference between sleuthing around in Scotland to discover skulduggery and doing it elsewhere. One ends up with the sleuths showered in praise and prizes,the other showered in ordure,legal bills and contempt from those who would have benefited,and should have been grateful.

The findings of the Res 12 Fab Four will forever be a stain on Scottish football,the actions of our club and others to thwart them will forever be a stain on those institutions-in which EVERY citizen was raised to believe in-which denied and reviled them.

All of the above might not be a surprise to the more cynical-and thus aware-Celtic supporter,but to discover the complicity/duplicity of our own club has been the unkindest cut of all. That relationship,for so many of us,will never recover. And while that may have been the hardest part to take,it is also the greatest achievement of The Four,and I salute them especially for that.

Resolution 12 will never go away,statutes of limitations or not. The guilt of our club will not be cleansed simply by giving it a few years. Seems that not only were we not paranoid enough,we were also looking in the wrong places.



Great post-and great moniker! Welcome aboard.

“the collective power of fans – if we gather under a single banner” Hmmm,I feel somewhat let down by the CST decision not to pursue the case any further,but as I don’t know enough about the reasons for it,I am still in favour of as many Celtic fans as possible joining up. The support can probably only make a difference if we have the numbers behind an organisation to do so,and at the moment,the CST is the only show in town.

Who knows-those extra numbers may be able to effect a change of heart from them.

bada bing1

Jack and Arfield out for game on Saturday, don’t be surprised if Sevco get a Covid outbreak and get the game cancelled



Maybe as the result of a West End party a few weeks ago?

CCB – You don’t become a billionaire by being ” complacent or incompetent ” .
DD’s impromptu ( yeah right ) golf coarse press conference where he gave the glowing ” same club fabulous history ” speech was the green light ( literally ) for the continuity myth to unfold with HIS blessing .
These people are “old firm ” fans before “Celtic ” and will do what it takes to protect , preserve (res 12 ) and promote the former .

If that means having to “knobble” their own team , so be it .

My opinion ? ; ” knobbling ” began Summer 2018 after SCF v Motherwell .
Constructive dismissal campaign ; Rodgers deemed TOO successful , threatening to kill of ” rangers ” rise from the dead before it had gained proper traction . BAD for any fan of “old firm ” brand .
To compound matters he (Rodgers ) only bliddy wanted to sign Mc Ginn , a 7m FB and a 5m CH . Jeez we’d never have gotten our “old firm ” back at that rate eh 😉

Odd Son Edward


Thanks👌I do follow the site, which is excellent btw. Just never usually have much to contribute, as you guys comprehensively cover most topics and opinions. Even my post there is probably a reiteration of what many fans have expressed or feel. Like you, disappointed the Trust won’t be proceeding further with Res 12, however encouraged that there are those out there who want to push the overall interests of the Club by including the fans. I haven’t joined yet. May be something worth considering. I suppose I can’t criticise if I don’t participate in effecting change.

The Gombeen Man


The suggestion is that it goes back even further.

Meek silence during the Murray EBT years ( we knew EBT’s were dodgy and made a settlement with HMRC).

Res 12 and the shenanigans at the SFA re rescue package via UEFA qualification.
Ongoing silence..

Public statements in support of Rangers Institutions.
Blind eye turned to Sevco, their funding and silence at Glibby taking the Scottish game into unparalleled disrepute.

Continued downsizing, sacrifice of not only domestic trophies but income from European competitions.

We are now at arguably our worst European standing in years, despite our income.

Lack of scrutiny over appointment of Neil, an appointment made hastily in the notorious shower room.

No backroom staff appointments etc, etc.

Failure to progress reasonable request around Res 12.

Deteriorating onfield performances, disquiet among the support.

The support are labelled “entitled.” Despite being fed the line, ” A Generation of Domination.”

The only folk that seem to feel the wrath of Celtic are ex-employees, who served with distinction and supportes of the club.

Meanwhile a body rumoured to be in hock to HMRC are favourites to win the league and potentially secure a CL lifeline…

Till later.

bada bing1

Watching Class of 92,cracking programme,the money at that level is unbelievable, 6 centre backs costing £17k a week😮



Don’t be shy,everyone has something to contribute. From a trip down Memory Lane to a view of how we should progress in the future. Plus,my articles usually leave out something that I meant to say but forgot-like my compliments towards Greg Taylor. Just too disorganised to work from a checklist.

And THANK YOU for the compliments-MAHE and I are well happy with the contributions from everyone on here.


Big Audio Dynamite

We are, in some ways, letting this board off the book if we buy the line that, somehow they just dropped the ball this season. So, we wanted them there to compete with, but we would would always remain uncatchable? Not buying that!

“We had every intention of winning the 10, this all just kinda sneaked up on us” I think Dermot and Peter will be creaming their pants at the thought people are buying that. With this board’s track record on honesty, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths!

One thing about the last 10 years that was certain, we were getting the OF back! Nothing, and I mean nothing, was gonna be allowed to stand in the way off that. Having this back with all the hatred it involves, (Now worse than its ever been) will almost certainly cost people their lives, over a game of football! I wonder how much those involved in saving this vile entity, REALLY CARE about things like that.

One thing our board have now proved beyond doubt is, they don’t fear us anymore. We gave them a genuine fright in the 90s, but all they did was play a game of rich man’s musical chairs. “The war is over, the rebels have been duped”



So far,we have achieved a statement of “surprise” at certain findings. Aye,right. Pull the other one.

As for knowing about EBTs at the time,I suppose it could be argued that they had not at the time been challenged by HMRC. Just another loophole for the rich,eh?


Bobby they have their excuses ready because it has all been planned like all crimes but like most crimes greed gets you caught so maybe we should concentrate on following the money this time round?


Hope all are well today.
A massive welcome to DRM and Odd Son Edward. Great to have you guys on board.

Hail Hail


At the risk of repeating myself i will not be joining or giving consent to my shares being used by the CST until something a bit more substantial than ‘buying / accumulating’ shares in the hope of amassing a 5% holding is proposed to pressure the board. I am not looking for an immediate solution but i expect it to have more urgency than what will be a long frustrating journey . The CST have also yet to explain what is to prevent the board / PLC or those aligned with the PLC to continually ‘change the goal posts’ in order to prevent this 5% shareholding ever being achieved? It seems a somewhat forlorn hope that the current custodians would idly sit back and watch this happen don’t ya think?

Again at the risk of repeating myself i would rather Celtic FC followed the lead of Belfast Celtic in Ireland and retired with dignity from the rigged bigoted set up that is Scottish football rather than continue with the charade we currently have. I am sure I am in a very very small minority here.

Perhaps we need a Provisional CST 🤔

Sean Mac Stíofáin CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

Oglach, the minority may not be as small as you think.



“Perhaps we need a Provisional CST”

Stranger things have happened! Also,a recruitment drive from the CST might force the current leadership to change their approach. They are,after all,democratic-and it’s the number of new member votes that can change their direction.

At the moment,they are the only show in town. There may be a need for people inside the tent and dictating strategy,rather than outside changing nothing.


Does anyone remember the Hamlet cigar ads from the seventies? Some of those ads gave rise to a type of advertising called puzzle advertising. These ads succeeded because they caused instant involvement because it was difficult to see what was going on. For example, an ad might start with a close to the ground shot of a section of grass with some kind of indistinct turbulence going on in the background. Initially all you see are blades of grass but as the camera pans backwards more is revealed. The turbulence begins to come into focus and we see that it is caused by a golf club as someone, in a bunker, is whacking away, unsuccessfully, at a ball. Given the broader context we can now understand what is going on, or the real truth has been revealed.

Why did I subject you to that slice of Marketing history? The answer is that CONTEXT is all important in trying to figure out what is going on.

Take the current activities of a certain club to pile up debt and to convert “loans” from directors into equity before applying creative accounting. We have been here before so why does the SPFL, SFA not do something about it? For that matter, why does it not arouse the interest of UEFA?

Let’s pan the camera back a bit to understand the context. Look at the debt levels of clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Have their FA’s intervened? Have the banks said no to further borrowing?

Roll back the years a bit, to a club like Chelsea, tottering over the edge of bankruptcy, post Charlie Cook, until the millions of Abramovich are pumped into it. Could Chelsea have sustained its expenditure on salaries, solely on its earnings? No, but they had a billionaire prepared to pony up the shortfall. Then there is the Arab revolution in European football with equity holdings in clubs in England, France etc.

Have any of the local FA’s or UEFA intervened effectively in order to maintain a level playing field?

This is the context in which we must view the activities of a club in a football backwater, like Scotland. Why would the SPFL, SFA and UEFA open a huge can of worms that could affect the existence of these governing bodies? It would take a visionary with an innovative solution to bring about change. Do you see any such individual in European football, far less Scotland?

Frank Sinatra got a lot of success out of his ant and the rubber tree plant but it is not reality. Nice to shrug off the weight of context and dream though!



There’s a lesson here.
We have a style of play that favours the squad we have and suits everyone,” explains winger Mikel Oyarzabal.

“What’s more important is that whoever plays in the team, while still important, it is less important when the idea is clear and we know what we have to do.”



big packy

SORRY bobby im late posting, just finished 2 hours of watching cream live at the albert hall, never really rated ginger baker as a drummer, but watching that performance WOW sorry for getting technical but triplets on the bass drum and tom toms magical, and jack bruce one of our own, what a bass player, that leaves one of the best guitarists the world has ever seen, mr eric clapton..SORRY for the musical post.H.H.



There is an earlier version of the “Golf” ad where the camera is at ground level initially.

Who hasn’t had Ralph’s experience in the photo booth? I remember having a young lady sitting on my knee and shot looked like she had pulled her knees up inside her dress!

Ah, St Andrews, gateway to passion!


big packy

AULDHEID, from the early hours, thanks for the compliment, i was fourteen not seven when i pinched your dads bovril at the vojvodina game,,if he is still around now, which i hope he is ,tell him im sorry,H,H.

Margaret McGill

If a pig loses it’s voice is it disgruntled?


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

So said Edmund Burke centuries ago…and sadly,this quote/aphorism is still as relevant today, as back then.

A great lead article by Mahe, and some posts ‘par excellence’. A great big welcome to Odd Son Edward… unlike BMCUW, it took me a while to get it.

While I will never lose my love or enthusiasm for Celtic FC, I’m at my wits end as how best to get rid of Lawwell et al. Oglach would probably term them: ‘The quislings who sold out the patriot game’…and yes, they should suffer the same fate. BTW I’m still laughing at your post. Humour indeed can be a very potent weapon in times of trouble.

Big Packy

Keep The Faith as always, big fella. Will speak to you later. As for now, feck it, I’m gonna get full of it…cynics would say that I’m always full of something else, starting with a B and ending in T.

TTFN fellow Tims.

Hail Hail.



I thought Wee Joan had withdrawn your broadband privileges!

Btw,Cream were superb,four great albums in two years. Eric Clapton said that they needed to get to work as hard as possible before Jack and Ginger killed each other…



That “getting” monikers,I was racking my brains wondering why someone would post as Setting Free The Bears on a Celtic site. Then I remembered-and I had the book on my shelves too!

BTW,SFTB is a smashing fella. Many a good hoot spent in his company. Can’t wait till the next one. Probably 2022 if we’re lucky,at this rate…



I’m sure there’s a “hoarse” joke in there.

Margaret McGill

I remember this poem from English at school. It must have had a profound effect on me as I still
remember it. When I revisited it about 20 years ago I recall the feeling of disappointment when I
realized that not only was Church “Not Going” but religion had even more of a sociopathic influence on society than it did when I first read it.
Same feeling now with the Old Firm. Terrible disappointment that its now worse than ever and that £1b of tax money was spent to maintain it.(both in the attempt to obliterate the memory of Jock Stein and its subsequent revival).Anyway you can keep your Old Firm, you know you love it. My New Year resolution is no more football. Ever.


Bobby, Wee Joan still cooped up in ma garage, so he’s obviously got the TV buttons to himself!! She’s says she’s gonna let him stew a bit mair before she decides to go back…and ma stovies are better than his anyway!! 😉😁


Mags…your decision has failed to consider id, ego and superego! Best of luck sticking to it!

Margaret McGill

Ego and Superego walk into a bar.
Barman says “can I see some id?”



Stew? Tell her to get the scouse on!


Nice one, Mags!

Margaret McGill

Be careful these days.
Do I need to spell it out for you?
You may be catching a colt.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well, I see many of the points raised by TGM and Awe Naw, especially the DD is not daft and that he focuses on the income etc in all his ventures. They still don’t explain to me why ‘gifting’ The Govan Works X1 a title as opposed to a near or even reasonable miss increases his 2000 million stash. The supporters of the Blue half have shown they turn up anyway! As KevJungle goes on and on and on about they also pay £49 to watch the ‘farce’.They don’t actually as season ticket holders pay the same to see Ross County as they do for home matches against the Zombies, as I keep telling him.
I still think incompetence on the part of PL and too much concentration on the golf handicap by DD.
Mark you, if I had 2000 million EUs or Pounds I would be golfing more than watching the Rise of the Orange Orb!
No. Not a grand plan for me.

Craig 76

Jim Goodwin wants referees to be “brave enough ” to give penalties against Rangers that’s going to go down well

big packy

BOBBY, MCAFF, SOL KITTS, some sad news, this car i bought last year has umpteen buttons on it ,have not got a clue what there for, ,was. taking wee joan to asda this morning, pressed one of the buttons, have not seen her since,,another true story,😎😎

Margaret McGill

So if the plan is not to bleed the buck out of bigots what is it?



I agree with you on the incompetence part,even negligence or hubris,but I’ll never get my head round the complicity.

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