It was on a dreary New Years Eve

A lorry load of volunteers later, Celtic have successfully turned back time Delorean style, and landed in pitch black o’clock. Gone with the wind, are our invincibles no longer ‘five up’ on fifty eight minutes, we’re strictly in the the Bobby Tait time doldrums. The big Letdownski of a Club Lazurus still known as Rainjurz languishing anywhere , even in the bottom division festers in the bosom of Celtic supporter till today. They’ve just about soft loaned it to success, it shows in Timdom they did it, by hook and by crook, league whatever, didn’t matter the licence to stop Celtic in operation however many in a row, was secured all those years ago, the rest was nothing personal, just business.


Brendan Rodgers dropped his baton too soon for ten, and what he left behind spirited itself, right out the door before it had time to hit his shiny white pudendum on the way out. With no saviour, and no applications in sight, ‘conservative’ men did what they thought was right even though the new manager had his own doubts never mind his doubters. No club can win its league indefinitely, not even our miraculous club, ten would have been nice eleven, twelve, thirteen or more would have been better, but not for a song. The men who guaranteed no ten anytime soon were, and still are contracted in Kings Park, Celtic went about our business in years eight, nine and ten poorly, we merely rounded up the usual suspects.


In so doing, Celtic left the door wide open to a single rival that could fund some of the very same suspects, punts and leftovers. Hey presto equilibrium was restored, to the extent we head for locked out subway loyal land, as rank outsiders for the first time since the original cheating years. Hoping for a mere performance at Ibrox Lou Macari style, should have been left in the dark days for our Celtic Da’s, but sadly we’re in deep Du Du, all over the pitch. Dissecting how we got here, personnel wise, is postponed today, because its just good versus evil time again and who could have predicted that a young Celtic goalkeeper would have been making his derby debut.




By BourneSoupRecipe

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Excellent Lead BSR,

It is no coincidence that we are where we are, it has been predicted for several seasons now. The reason? It’s hidden in plain sight now that curtain has been pulled back.

But you are right, this is not the time for the blame game, after a quite atrocious first four months of the season, where we looked out on our feet, we seem to have found a few players and a bit of form, it was enough to strike an efficient Dundee United off Celtic Park.

On Saturday we will find out if we are kidding ourselves on with our new found corner turning opTIMism. As things stand, we have set ourselves up for a potential historic bout that might yet rescue our season.

The foe malign will be doing everything to ensure they get a result from this crucial match, even if it means keeping the high blows low. If Broony, our great Talisman is cheering the team on from the sidelines, we have a punchers chance.

Hail Hail


BSR Thanks for stepping up that’s two days in a row our hosts have had some relief from having to write the lead post,a nice little holiday break
Talk about a dreary New Years Eve the rain here in Vancouver this week puts Glasgow’s rain to shame
I hope Celtics mystical history comes alive again this season. We were not expected to win the Empire Exhibition Cup, The Coronation Cup , the Big Cup, the Centenary Season, stopping the Ten and many more mystical memories
It will take away a lot of the pain we have been put through by cheating Refs,SFA and unfortunately being led down the garden path by our own Board


Morning all.
Chairbhoy, the vast majority of Celtic fans are still not fully aware of the extent of the 5WA, Celtic’s collusion in it, the level of chicanery by the SFA/SPFL. They are well aware of MIBS, but that’s always a cross we’ve borne since day one in proddy Scotland.
Since 2012, we’ve dominated, handed out drubbings to the tribute act, and most have lapped it up. If we don’t win the ten, many will shrug their shoulders and be happy enough that we had such a good run. The more discerning may wonder how the hell we’ve morphed from invincibles to the shambles of this season. But will they have the appetite for a struggle with our illustrious board? How many will not renew their SBs if we don’t win the league? PL must reckon on not enough to outweigh the waiting list. More tension and more excitement at games if the league is “an old firm race” and if we share the spoils, fair enough. It’s only the “malcontents” who are making the complaints. Ignore them. I’m sorry to say that their strategy has worked so far.
Maybe they need to see another couple of triumphalist victory celebrations by the hordes and their brogue shod brethren in the directors’ box to see what dealing with the devil gets them.
As regards the game, I think we have a good chance. But it’s back to the MIBS at Ipox at New Year.

Angel Gabriel

Morning BSR .
I knew who the author was , long before I’d finished the first paragraph.
You’ve got a way with words , a way that can’t disguise your affection for Celtic FC . I like your. style.
Stay positive CSC



Superb article,and grateful thanks! Fair to say that you didn’t miss and hit the wall.

In any other business,failure like the one we are witnessing,and it has been a long slow train crash,would have led to a boardroom clearout,a defenestration without parachutes-golden or otherwise. And with a major shake up of senior personnel,to boot. What do we get? A retrenchment by all,a blind and ignorant failure to diagnose and rectify our faults. Or even to recognise that they exist.

Those faults didn’t all crystallise out of nowhere on 17 October,they had been as clear as a bell to anyone prepare to look-or to listen to other concerned supporters. The weeks that followed-up to and including the day we lost our proud cup record against Ross County at home,ffs!-simply emphasised what had been said for too long. That people were employed when they had no right to be,players playing when they wouldn’t have been near the squad only two or three years before.

And that our beloved leaders and custodians couldn’t give a XXXX for any legitimate concerns we raised,whether they be on or off the pitch.

Pay up and shut up,it’s The New Glasgow Celtic Way.


As I was reading this morning’s article I was thinking, this writer has a way with words, a bit of style! Then I read Angel Gabriel’s post and Lo and Behold – great minds think alike 🙂
Also agree with Bobby, BSR gets his point across!

It’s snowing very heavily here at the moment. It was forecast. So I went up to the Co-op yesterday and got in enough grub & booze to see me nicely until Sunday. Even if we gub the huns 5-0.
Feeling very smug with myself now as I look out the window at the Alaskan scenes. 🙂


Here’s hoping our venture into hunland tomorrow has a better outcome than that of óglaigh Seán Sabhat agus Feargal Ó hAnnluain to County Fermanagh in 1957. No glorious failures tomorrow bhoys, even though it may lead to someone writing a crackin’ wee party tune.

Big Audio Dynamite

It’s snowing around Paradise.


Ah feck it – i’ll not be able to get the song out of my head all day now 😁😉💚🤍💛


GER @ 7:50 am,

No doubt you are right, not many know what’s been going on, even less care. How do you educate and mobilse? Well if someone as capable and motivated as Auldheid has had limited success in that area, it will take a change in the Celtic Zeitgeist to make a difference.

But you know!? Serial failure, getting blootered by the Ibroxians and a global pandemic could be a catalyst.

The perenniel MIB issue is more difficult and it’s inexorably linked to ancient divides. Crazy as this seems.

A comment on CQN t’uther day pointed out to the mineshafter mindset, in defence of the criticism of our collapse, that we fail to take into account the level of cheating from the Scottish football officials and what Celtic are really up against…

…do we? Aye – some twisted illogical confirmation bias I’d suggest.

As you are well aware, it was the “mineshafters” that pointed out we had to maintain and improve standards as when the TEN approached, the honest mistakes would reach Mowbray proportions and we would have to be so much better than them.

We have had a good run, yet the domestic opposition was mediocre to say the least and this generation of domination is actually a text book case of expectation management.

If the Celtic support are content with that and turning a deaf ear to the cheating, well – guess what we are going to get more of? The fans have been lapping up this new old firm… “mind the gap”, “can you see the sevco coming?”

Well many of us did.

Now they are ahead of us and attempting to create their own gap some of us are no longer so sure and “triumphalist victory celebrations by the hordes”, is just the thing that can be a catalyst for change.

We will see on Saturday; if we are competitive, the less discerning Celtic fan will be lulled back into their false sense of security and settle back down in their caves to “enjoy” the old firm circus.

Pick your rock or your hard place… there are plenty in the cave!!

Hail Hail

Craig 76

It’s snowing here in south ayrshire aswell but not heavy enough to tempt me to go build a snowman☃️☃️

Craig 76

Stephen Robinson has resigned as manager of Motherwell didn’t see that coming

bada bing1

Robinson resigns from Motherwell

bada bing1

BSR- excellent summary of where we are now.

bada bing1

Motherwell should go for John Kennedy….

Craig 76

Do you think he would take Lawwell with him if he took the Motherwell job 😀



We weren’t allowed onto the Ardrossan Garryowen Celtic Supporters Club bus unless we knew The Rebs! But that was probably the first one I learned,and still my favourite.

My Dad,though? Well,he does a fair rendition of Johnson’s Motor Car. Just ask them in The Gravediggers in Dublin!


Very surprised and quite disappointed that Robinson has left Motherwell. I can only assume that he has an eye on a job elsewhere. There are likely to be a few available shortly in the English leagues. I wish him well.

Doubtless he will be replaced by a Scottish version of Sam Allardyce,but without the techie knowledge. Is Craig Brown still available?


Good article.
Robinson will be replaced by another boot and blooter tactical nonce.
Craigan will be in with a shout.

bada bing1

C76- win,lose or draw,the whole set up at the Club, needs blown up and started again.


Happy Hogmany !
Massive thanks to Mahe & BMCUWP for all their efforts this year in running this wonderful online Celtic community. It can’t have been easy but hopefully it’s been worthwhile 👏👏👏👏👏
Also thanks to Twisty for his Naps competition 🏇 and Chalmers Bhoy for the Score Predictor 👍
And special thanks to all Sentinel Celt posters ,malcontent or otherwise, for helping each other get through 2020 HH 🍀



Or may I call you Fergus in disguise?

It has been our pleasure to provide the site,and we are very grateful indeed for its popularity and for the posters who make it so. You guys deserve the praise,we just provide some of the articles.

On which,I’ve just written my contribution for tomorrow. Without giving too much away about it-Happy New Year when it comes!!!


Speaking of the time of year-and it has not been a good one for most of us-here’s something which might make y’all smile,not to say grateful for simply not being the sad bugger involved!


And here’s another one,with grateful thanks to The New York Times for jogging my memory about New Year’s Eves gone by.


Afternoon All,


Big Audio Dynamite

A hoopy & healthy new year to all the many good Tims on here and elsewhere 💚

A droopy & prolonged bout of piles to anyone who would harm our great club 😋



Excellent article…hope to see many more of them. One thing though…I had always been taught that the Fermanagh border raid occurred on New Year’s Day, not Eve. Pedantic fecker…moi?


Keep up the fantastic work lads, and have good one.

Big Packy

Will once again be going ‘off the radar’ for a few days. Your memories are always a joy to read. Don’t ever change…us lunatics have got to stick together! Have a good one pal.

Jimthetim53 and all the regulars

Happy New Year when it arrives. I guess that all depends on a certain result, against a certain tribute act on the 2nd.

As I do a lot of reading, I would like to mention the latest book I’m on, called ‘Bayern’ by Uli Hesse. The author had previously written an excellent book on Borussia Dortmund, called ‘Building The Yellow Wall’, so I knew I was onto a winner.

My two favourite parts of the book are as follows:

1. A certain game played on 31st May 1967 in Nuremberg. Bayern v Gasgow Rangers. A goal by Franz Roth in extra time done for our city rivals. All of Scotland was in mourning…aye, right. My old man always said it gave him a good reason to party on after Lisbon.

2. 15th May 1974. European Cup Final.
Bayern v Atletico Madrid. With less than 30 secs. left of extra time Bayern tie the game at 1-1. Celts everywhere heave a sigh of relief, and Bayern hump the cheating thugs 4-0 in the replay. Happy Days.

Speaking of books, what would be the best Celtic book any of you Sentinels have ever read? My two favourites were published relatively recently. Both centred around surprise, surprise, Lisbon 67.

First up, ‘We’ll Always Have Lisbon’ by Pat Woods and David Frier. An excellent journey through that campaign, with lots of new material, previously unpublished.

Secondly. ‘A Year and A Day’ by Graham McColl. Again, a must read for all Lisbon 67 fanatics.

Hail Hail.


Morning all.
Chairbhoy, the vast majority of Celtic fans are still not fully aware of the extent of the 5WA, Celtic’s collusion in it, the level of chicanery by the SFA/SPFL.
The folk at the top of the CST are fully aware of Celtic’s collusion, ( sets out what others got up to.)

Which makes the CST position all the more puzzling to understand.

If they pushed the fair governance issue, ST renewal would become dependent on Lawwell leaving. Just make that a condition of renewing.

Given past antipathy to the Board and PL and knowing smoke gets blown in their faces at meetings just makes the CST decision incredible unless no antipathy doesn’t actual exist.

Somebody is playing or paying somebody and my money is on PL, the one with the most to lose.

The CST should take what they have to their members and seek opinion on how to stop futility, not accept it.

We owe it to the coming generation of Celtic supporters not to put up with what past ones have, although the up and coming might just be better informed and go elsewhere, which cannot be in the Company’s interest.

A thing of beauty

Chalmers bhoy,
I understand I have won a free £10 bet for the game against the Huns. Many thanks for your efforts. I have been and continue to be so turned off by this team but it’s time to get my big girl pants on and get behind the bhoys. I predict 3-1 Celtic with Griffiths to score first.


🎶 Sure it’s a grand old team to get the jail for 🎼
🎵 Sure it’s a grand old team to pay the bail for 🎶

Yesss i’m now off work for 4 days, enjoyed the game yesterday, definitely more of the same on Saturday.

Fine leader BSR and very different in style. 👍




I recommend a great book on Algerian war of independence .
Franz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth.
Got as a Christmas present.


As the article suggests there are uncertainties all through the team. Decisions on selection that will determine the outcome. In fact, there are so many of these it is unlikely that the manager will get them all correct. Above that there is the fact that Sevco know that a victory seals the league. They know how to go for the jugular, we do not. Here are the critical areas of concern.

Starting with the keeper, do we go with Hazard who has earned the shirt or the more experienced but stay on the line Barkas? Flip flopping this position has not helped the defence one bit. Then there are the FB positions. Playing Frimpong against Kent will be a disaster, as the former cannot understand defensive positioning far less tackle from the front. Moving Ajer there weakens an already stretched central defence. On the other side, Laxalt should start but Taylor might. If so there will be few crosses into the box and the Sevco wing back will attack more.

Julien’s injury is a serious blow. If he does not make it, central defence will be weakened by the insertion of Bitton or Duffy. If Ajer is played at RB, we face the nightmare possibility of Duffy and Bitton as the CBs!

Turning to midfield, Brown will return but at whose expense? Soro, probably but possibly Christie, or Griffiths. The midfield will depend on whether one/two strikers are played. The answer will probably be one striker, Edouard, as caution will dominate.

So, in all likelihood, there will be changes from the team that performed well against DU. Two aspects have been responsible for the recent upsurge in performances……….the introduction of Soro/Turnbull and playing two strikers. Dropping Duffy has had a lesser but still beneficial effect. If the coach shags up these sections of the team, the result is in the hands of the Gods and I can hear them laughing already.




And of course,my sister’s in-laws.



Enjoy your lost weekend,mucker! My first favourite book about Celtic was this one,and I think it is still in my sister’s loft. She found a photo of The Lisbon Lions,all sixteen of them I think,up there a couple of years back. Signed! I should add that I think they were facsimile signatures,not originals,but I’ve not seen them in 40-odd years,so who knows?

It was the first time I ever appreciated that our Glorious Past had a pretty ignominious middle age. Little was I to know that less than twenty years later,I was due to live through another one!



I will continue to support an increased CST membership,as you know,despite your misgivings. And I fully appreciate where they come from! Hopefully with that increase,the CST executive will be asked to review their decision.


fan I am reminded of when I used to be a barman in Strathclyde University, as you can imagine, it was multi national students, I used to enjoy seeing the change in students after a few drinks, or in some cases a few too many. One night this very pretty young girl came up to the bar to order drinks, and this Scottish male student who’d had a couple too many tried to engage her in conversation.

So when he asked where she was from, she replied “Algeria” and it was evident to me and anyone else listening, that he had then lost the conversation as he obviously knew bugger all about Algeria, i could see him frantically thinking what to say next to keep any conversation going. Finally after a couple of minutes he said to her “They did noa too bad in the world cup eh ?”.

HowNotToChatupAgirl CSC

Craig 76

I missed bits of the game yesterday, what did French Eddy do that’s got the Huns up in arms?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, i came on to tell my perth special story to magua, and he has gone and left me, only joking magua have a good one H.H. well its the 18th january 1969 a couple of weeks short of my 16th birthday ,my uncle packy took me to tannadice to see the mighty celtic think it was a cup game, the furthest north id been before was gartcosh 😎from what i can remember it was raining, and we were playing poorly, remember bobby lennox scoring before the interval ,second half cant remember much until dundee united equalised and it was late in the game, then we scored 2 in the space of about five minutes ,remember the songs the celtic supporters were singing, feed the bear the bear he is every feckin where feed the bear, weve got jimmy jimmy johnstone on the wing on the wing, and sean south of garryowen, we head home happy, right packy said we will call into perth for something to eat ,we came across a nice little chinese restaurant, we went in got the menu ,can you recommend anything packy said to the waiter try the perth special and you get a free dessert with it,.ok will do, after waiting about half an hour the waiter comes back with these 2 plates and i will never ever forget this, dumped in the middle of the plate were 2 large pieces of pure pink meat of some kind and pink gravy on the side, we looked at each other and packy said lets get outta here. the waiter shouts what about your free sweet, packy says you have it with my compliments, we went round the corner and found a chipshop, ah fresh haddock and chips,,another true story👍 P,S, never went there again, took a packed lunch the next time😎



Early 80s at Glasgow Uni,there were a number of cute blondes doing engineering. Blondes back then were fairly unusual-must be something in the water that makes them,erm,not so unusual nowadays!-so I “casually” invited a particularly stunning one for a coffee inbetween lectures. As in took me a fortnight to pluck up the courage…

Totally flummoxed at the acceptance,I managed to ask her where she was from. Nowhere,she replied. Aw cheers,like my confidence needed that at 18yo!

Ah,Norway! Grab a seat,I’ll bring them over!! Ah,happy daze…



Again we go into an important match with selection difficulties. The last one was largely outwith our control due to Covid related problems,but this one is a problem of our own making. But only potentially!

The manager brought back a goalkeeper,previously dropped,in favour of his replacement who had done nothing wrong. It worked,inasmuch as he did nothing wrong,but there is a selection problem which he did not need to have.

He has changed the formation to two up front,and it has worked-so there is a selection problem that does NOT exist,and to change it without success will be something that is unlikely to be forgotten. Big call,but I know which one I would go for-and besides,Griff hates the huns nearly as much as I do,and that is returned from them in spades. And golf balls,batteries,etc.

He only has to make a decision over a choice of Ajer or Frimpers-finally back on a run of form-if Jullien doesn’t make it,and that is a difficult one for him. But the important one is that Soro and Turnbull have eaned their place. Maybe he can shoehorn Brown in,perhaps in a marking role,maybe it could be suggested that we could go to the well too often with young players new to the team. Me,I think they have made themselves undroppable.

Time will tell,but it rarely pays to second-guess NL. Depends on what mood he wakens up in tomorrow.


You throw up a few questions on wether we win,draw or lose by beating ourselves.
They stick to a simple but effective system so we should be prepared.
We certainly do not seem to forward plan.
and that is worrying.
Bringing Bitton on for Julien made no sense yesterday.
Both he and Shane have defensive flaws but Duffy at least can deal with the coming physical thuggery.
In midfield someone will be replaced with Brown but for me it should be Christie or McGregor who are sacrificed.
Soro and Turnbull both know how to shoot and pass in a forward direction while still being positionally sound so should retain their places.
Christie has the odd run and shot but is not a team player under Neil.
McGregor avoids responsibility and is hopeless in the tackle so don’t see what he brings.
The Calum that brilliantly passed the ball into the net from Moussa’s great knockdown against the huns has long since disappeared .
Hope we stick with Ed and Lee partnership and use Ajeti and Mo with time to do something.
Mo looked sharp and hungry when he came on yesterday.


Coaching and recruiting.

Margaret McGill

Unfortunately I am of the opinion that the lead today smells of Lawwell compliance and is excellent
symbolism of what you all know I have been talking about. Yes it is good versus evil time again because we love it.

Cowboys and Indians.
Armstrong and Aldrin
Lennon and McCartney
Laurel and Hardy
Mary and Joseph
Celtic and Rangers




Morning all

Nice piece BSR…though Barkas may be the goalie.
Always great to see us back to winning ways but Saturday is what it always is – a toss up.
I’ll be watching with son & grandson while Mrs Cwill deliver our HT hospitality.
To all hereabouts – have a safe, peaceful & green New Year.

Hiya Packy, I don’t think I’d even heard of Chinese restaurants in 1969! Mind you, I was from a village not a city. I tried my first Indian restaurant around 77/78, when I was working in a nearby town, my pal said try Pakoras for a starter. I was hooked! I would happily have skipped the main course curry for another big plate of pakora. 🙂


How come I’m now anonymous…
Take a few days to deal with family stuff & you can’t even get a seat in the lounge FFS.
As it happens I liked the movie “Anonymous”..
Thanks BMCUWP & Mahe for your great work.
A peaceful, healthy & green New Year to all of you.



Re the five up after an hour,I watched it in what we had established as The Second Coming of The Swindon Shamrock CSC.

In the early 2000s it had around 400 members and was apparently the biggest in the UK outside of Scotland. 2008 saw an end to it as people drifted away from the town,mainly heading home. Shame,some really good lads amongst them.

So,with around sixty or so of us in the top third of The Waiting Room sports bar in Swindon,when the fifth one went in and we had got our breath back,you would not believe the number of us who brought out the betting slips with just that score on it at odds from 22s to 40s,depending on the bookie!

And every single one of us wanted as many more as possible,and sod the bet!!!

Mind you,after about 80 minutes we changed our minds…

Point being-how do you go from being THAT confident to now?

big packy

HI JIM, yes think that was the first chinese restaurant i had been in ,thankfully ive been to lots since and it was nice.

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