Rangers 1 – 0 Celtic

My first article of the new decade,and it is the review of our first match of the new decade. If the last one ended badly and we all wanted to see the back of it,this one sure didn’t start very well either. And in fact there was a definite whiff of familiarity to it for those who remember the 90s and the late noughties too,as we dominated and lost to a mix of a sucker punch and refereeing masterclass in game management.
If this is rock ‘n’ roll,can I have my old job back,eh?
I’ve seen it said that it’s difficult to blame NL for yesterday,as he picked pretty much the team that most of us would have from the players available. That we totally dominated until the sending off which changed the game. Etc,etc,etc. That he can’t be blamed for X,Y or Z as it happened. Well,in over two years of writing these reviews I have tried to avoid the blame game-I save that for my later articles if I haven’t calmed down!-and I’ll try to stick to that. But…
We began with,on paper,a flat four-none of whom is a natural defender but who have found themselves shoehorned into it. In fact,the nearest to that is Laxalt,who manages to combine being a tough tackling defender and midfielder AND left winger while being a master of none. As was proven when it was his defensive channel being empty that led to the sending off. Ajer who usually plays on the left of a two-despite only using his left leg as a partner for his useful one when overtaking their Kent lorry park-had to play on the right to cover the absence of Frimpers at full back.
Frimpers himself was the subject of much criticism,mainly for his final ball-but he was hampered somewhat that every time he looked up for his rightsided partner,Christie was daydreaming about some imaginary bumper contract offered to superstars just like him.
I’ve got news for you,Ryan. 27 months ago you showed that you were listening to the coaching of BR. For maybe a year at most,that shone through in your performances. Now,the Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players-but nor does it stretch to accommodate bloated egos. You are back to the nobody you were thirty months ago,and only you can fix that. But kindly not at the expense of your colleagues,who have enough on their plate.
With Soro shoring up the middle,CalMac and DT were free to roam,Griff looked the biz and Eddy was,oh I dunno these days. And we mullered them in the first half! Only some tremendous keeping from McGregor kept us out-and one of his saves from Griff was simply breathtaking. We had them under the cosh,and with wave after wave of pressure and corner after corner should have taken advantage.
Indeed,we might have too-except all of our corners were low to the near post with no-one around the spot or the back post for the second phase. And our coach saw no reason to change that,despite facing a keeper notorious for charging into players with fists,knees and feet.
The huns really had no answer to us in the first half-but Madden did. Niggly fouls to break up play,his usual carte blanche for Morelos when he was “a little bit silly” by raking Frimpers down the Achilles,and booking Soro-which to be fair,was deserved even if he had too often penalised him for nothing. And so to the second half…
This centred on the two people who had most effect on the result.
Firstly,Madden sent off Bitton,away on a wander and caught wrong side as usual. This is not unexpected when you play a guy who thinks he’s a midfielder,of course. But although clearly worthy of a card,was it the game-changing red? Was Morelos deprived of a CLEAR goalscoring opportunity? Morelos was well to the right of goal and about 35 yards out,and to get the ball under control would have taken him even wider. Ajer was sprinting across from central to cover,and any shot would have been across goal. I think it fails the sniff test,where a referee MUST be 100% convinced of that punishment.
He didn’t even bother to consult his linesman,pulled out the card quicker than with a tenner in the bookies-allegedly. Red,and our manager had some decisions to make. Who to take off to get Shane Duffy on?
Aw,fuxake. Double substitution. Okay,let’s think about a double substitution under those circumstances. A big if,but IF you really want to disrupt the side to the extent that THREE players are replaced,for me the obvious choice was Duffy and Elhamed,go three at the back. Take off Christie and Frimpers as Elhamed and Ajer can bomb up that side anyway. He took off Turnbull and Griffiths,our two likeliest looking players when we were already a goal down-and brought on Elyounoussi who only bloody gets in Eddie’s way most of the time!
Och,I give up. I’ll leave it at that,let the rest of you have your turn. I could have put my foot through the telly at that stage-instead,I opened a bottle and toasted better days,and maybe better to come. Celtic fans have persevered through worse than this,we rarely get a result there at this time of year,etc. But for all that,I can’t see ANY possibility of improvement,not while NL remains in charge.
And Saturday surely proved that.
Above article by BMCUWP

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puff puff

Well said … the Turnbull sub was strange at that point …. night night timland

puff puff

Panic on the dance floor available now in the
10 inch single from hip hop Bitton …
No need no need tea and toast will never gallop away especially if you partake after 8pm.


Good Morning Celts…

Not got much time this morrning…

Just wondered if anybody had noticed the similarity between business visionary Peter Lawwell’s football paradise and that famous affineur Henry Wenslydale’s fromage emporium?

And anyone sick to death of those annoying bazouki players and their quite inappropriate mood music…

Have a good un’ Aff oot

Hail Hail

Contra Mundum

I did not watch Saturday’s game because it has become even more predictably rigged and the plc are unquestionably complicit in it. An under-qualified, tactically deficient manager appointed by an arrogant, complacent CEO, playing players out of position, officiated by a former season ticket holder of our opponents who applies the rules of the game selectively to advantage his favourite team. How many times have we read this script and seen this movie, yet the last chairman to call out any of this was John Reid and the last legal advisor, Paul McBride – and look what happened to him! Knowing all this the only rational decision is to stop supporting this sham financially. If you know you are being scammed and you no longer derive any enjoyment, what is the point? I am very fortunate that I have not lived in Scotland for many years, so I can avoid it if I want to. There are no huns here ramming it down my throat and zero media coverage of what people here regard as a diddy league, if they even know it exists!

Sol Kitts

My views on the red card…
What we had on Saturday was a judgement call. No doubt about it being a foul, the only question was whether it was a yellow or red card. The only justification for a red card would be if the ref believed the foul prevented a CLEAR goal scoring opportunity. Certain criteria apply.
Where did the foul occur? Was the attacker heading towards the goal? Would a defender have been able to prevent the goal scoring opportunity?
Let’s look at these individually.
The foul occurred near the sideline, around 40 yards from the goal at an angle, so already in the dubious area. Any shot on goal would have required the ball to have been carried into the area and a shot angled across the goal, so yes, a possible goal scoring opportunity, but probably not a clear one.
Morelos was not angling toward the goal when Britton fouled him. He was running parallel to the sideline. He could have changed direction if he hadn’t been fouled, but that’s beside the point.
The assistant referee was right up with the play and could clearly see Ajer busting a gut to get across to provide cover. The question is, would he have got there in time to make a tackle? If he clearly couldn’t, then red card. If he might have done, yellow card. In any case, the assistant had the best view to make the judgement, but Madden doesn’t appear to have consulted him before the red card was produced. Ok, they’re miked up, and maybe the assistant was another red card, red card job. I’m sure we’d be aware of that by now if that had been the case.
Giving a red card is a game changer and the guidance during training is to be sure you’ve got it right before you get the card out. Madden had already made up his mind, and doesn’t appear to have made use of his assistant, who was best placed to make the judgement.
Poor decision, in my opinion, and not in an area of the pitch where I would expect a red to be produced.


Referee didn’t cost us the game and we didn’t muller them in the first half – we didn’t create a single good chance. We looked very vulnerable at set pieces and to simple long balls. That’s not playing well. Playing well is defending properly and making chances to score. We were poor, they were marginally better (they can defend) but still ordinary. Referees aren’t to blame for where we are right now. We’ve been mismanaged by this board for 20 years. We show no ambition. The rare time we got it right, the appointment of Rodgers, we didn’t back him. We need to focus on change at the top and stop making their excuses for them. Boycott season ticket renewals, the club shop, sponsors, replica strips and streaming services until we get the leadership we need.


I can’t imagine the flak if we lose to Hibs in the next game. They have really exposed themselves leaving the country .And they inconvenienced Hibs by delaying the game, Hibs were not happy,
Murphy’s law comes to mind

Cosy Corner Bhoy

CalledByCthulhu: Depends on your definition of mullered😁. Personally,I thought that McGregor, the clad in Orange from neck to toe one, was the reason we never scored during the game. If you’re old enough to have seen the Flying Pig you’ll have seen it all before. Goalkeepers are Man of the Match against Celtic many times.
That said there’s no excuse for not scoring.He did his job, we didn’t do ours.
Off to the golf shortly but thanks to Covid19 wind- ups will be minimal. Don’t think that’s a plus though!
Afterthought: McGregor is probably beelin’ the sun didn’t shine to let him show off his new .

Even apart from Lenny, why is Kennedy in the position he is in? before he was promoted he was reckoned to be our defence coach. How has that worked out? Mind you, it’s not helped with our DOF’s (Lawwell) signings in that area.

Noel Skytrot

I never saw the game due to being at work but from reading various articles we were certainly the better team but still lost. Bitton being sent off has probably played a big part in a narrow loss. As for being sent off, why was that Colombian oaf allowed to stay on the pitch?

It’s unlikely, but imagine if the huns fucked this up?

Sad, sad news about Gerry Marsden.

RIP Gerry and you’ll never walk alone.


The consensus in the media is Celtic will keep Lennon to end of season at least.
Board obviously hoping team improves and huns stutter to give the league a semblance of competition.
Cue then mass distraction as they keep their cheap failure in job.
Who should they blame?
1-BR who left team in disarray and gave Neil an impossible task.
3-Fans who fully subscribed to season ticket scheme so they could watch on the very poor Celtic tv.
4-Duffy,Mo,Ajeti,Barkas,Brown as they obviously picked or signed themselves
5-Christie ,Ntcham ,Ed who wanted away for more money and an actual coach
6-Kennedy and Strachan who undermined Lennon’s tactical brilliance.
8-Our boards partners the SFA
9-The other half of the Old Firm partnership
10- Hoopy the Huddle Hound who will be replaced by Secret Squirrel in deference to Res12 and 5 way agreement

Noel Skytrot

How the “custodians” can look at the league table and not act is a disgrace. I know Lennon’s position will be reviewed but I suspect that in order to placate the supporters we’ll be promised a top manager and exciting new signings just before season ticket renewal and again be fed shite. You wonder what Celtic Park will look like once things go back to normal.

Angel Gabriel

Morning All .
A happy & healthy new year to all.

Saturday. I was more than pleased with our performance up until the sending off .
Fat Fredo was in a similar position to Dembelle when put through by Broony in the 3-2 game .
Dembelle scored . It’s doubtful whether Fat Fredo would.
The way Bitton brought him down probably convinced Madden, who doesn’t need much convincing. Till then we were comfortable, Bitton was having a good game , like all his teammates, Ryan Christie being the exception. At least he still put in a shift.
The massive problem after the sending off was the manager reaction with his substitutions.

The Griff one ok , I get it . Replacing him with Duffy, rather than El Hammed , maybe not.
At that point, let Duffy and the other players settle and find their feet. Do the basics.
Taking off Turnbull was mental. Replacing him with Elyanousse, didn’t make sense.
Steven Davis was the happiest guy in Ibrox at that moment.

Our lack of professionalism and Lenny’s lack of nous , was then obvious to every spectator.

The game showed that if you go on the front foot with a capable midfield, then the Orcs will struggle. The game also advertised why we’ve struggled.
The Motherwell manager resigned after a long run of poor results. You see where I’m going with this.

Meanwhile, the squad has flown to Dubai during a worldwide pandemic.
Sitting in solitary confinement, having forked out substantial sums of cash, and not having applied for refunds is one thing.
Seeing photos of our manager and captain sitting by the pool in Dubai having a beer is another slap in the face .
Perception ?
Did we ever get pool side photos, with a pint as an added extra under BR ?
We got plenty from the training ground.

What really rips ma tits , is how we managed to get there. Hibs objected to the fixture being moved .
It seems we managed to get SFA & government approval for the jaunt . Think about it .
Celtic get a holiday in Dubai approved.
Meanwhile, the SFA aren’t challenged over numerous hugely important issues. Our board have also been silent with the government on numerous issues.

The hypocrisy is frightening.

Angel Gabriel

The Tic 8.13

Can you imagine if anyone has a positive Covid test on return from Dubai ?
Setting ourselves up for another fall.


So fans are surprised at the purported picture with Lennon and Brown having some relaxation in the sun with a beer?
I would have been more surprised if it had been Neil and the team in classroom with a video screen going over tactics.


Time For Change ..

We have a poor PLC Board, a Poor Manager and a Poor Playing Squad ..

The PLC Board are not capable of taking the Club forward anymore ..

It’s now up to each and every Celtic supporter to decide what ownership model of the Club they want ..

Celtic currently have 27,000 Small shareholders who have 25% voting share ..

But how many of the 27,000 actually still have their shareholding, and how many are actually still registered to vote, is currently not known ..

The maximum number of small shareholders who have ever voted at an agm is only 1200 ..

The maximum proxy voting share the Celtic Trust has ever had is 4% ..

So the balance of power for change in the short term is definitely with Season Ticket Holders, rather than small shareholders.

So the question is what are Celtic’s 50,000 plus Season Ticket Holders going to do ..

Are we going to unite under one body the Celtic Trust, and work for change ..

Or are we happy for things to continue as they are ..

Football corruption..

FIFA are Corrupt, UEFA are Corrupt, the SFA are Corrupt ..

The current Celtic PLC board are not going to fight corruption, they have made that clear over the last 8 years in particular ..

The ownership model of Celtic much change first, and then and only then will corruption be able to be properly challenged ..

It’s time for the Celtic support to come together and put any differences to one side, and put the future of our Club first ..

We as a support have to come together, leave aside any particular issues, and work together as supporters for the greater good of the Club, and work together towards a new democratic fan ownership model ..

I would urge every Celtic Supporter, whether a shareholder, season ticket holder, or a fan in general to join the Celtic Trust as an equal member, and help give Celtic Supporters a much more powerful voice, which will then help create a mandate for change ..

The more who join the Celtic Trust the quicker change will happen ..

If 50,000 Supporters joined the Celtic Trust, then it would be a seismic catalyst for change ..

Celtic’s future can only start now ..

Big Packy wanted to get Joan something nice for Christmas. So he decides to buy her a mobile phone. She is all excited, she loves her phone. He shows her and explains to her all the features on the phone.
The next day Joan goes shopping. Her phone rings and it’s Packy, “Hi doll,” he says “how do you like your new phone?”
She replies “I just love, it’s so small and your voice is clear as a bell but there’s one thing I don’t understand though.”
“What’s that, baby?” asks Packy. “How did you know I was at Tesco?”

true story!


A lot depends on where an individual’s resting position is on the Neil Lennon Peter Lawwell rageometers. If you’re permanently near the red, Ibrokes might see less than philosophical Celts, self combust. Wonder what fans were thinking when Celtic’s reformatted galacticos bizarrely played Sevco off the park from kick off? Cokey McGregor dragged them to half time by his finger tips, and Celtic’s chances went with Boabby Madden’s half time whistle. It was glorious failure in the bad old Celtic way, cavaliers verse roundheads, losing three times in succession to Grudge FC isn’t a fluke, its now a condition.

When we signed an Athenian fenian we weren’t to know he‘d turn overnight into Venus De Milo, any pub goalkeeper could have headed Calum’s sklaff off his goal line for fun, he’s the only keeper I’ve see that looks nervous in mid air? Bought badly, is the recurring theme Neil Lennon’s squad, which will now break up. Easy to critique the wilting Barkas, but some of the ones who ‘did fine’ are deeply entrenched in the end of this era.

When the team was announced and the news that Chris Julien was out, the quandary for Lennon, was Bitton or Duffy? He went for safety ( oh wait? ) and gave the jersey to Nir of Du Du land, a masterful choice in the lesser of two weevils. Celtic were set up to fail, at some point in the proceedings, every manager knows there’s giveaway goal in the sieve, regardless of who plays from state of the art, Lennoxtown. Two strikers and the new diamond didn’t bring the whirlwind goal(s) that we got against Lille or Milan and the plan flopped along with our season, change will come too late for ten, its bad when you can count on one hand the players you’d keep for the new manager.

Hail Hail


There is a well known mantra which is that every good team stems from a solid defence. However, I can’t help but feel that I have been in the same movie over and over again when during and after any given match, the thought screams out that instead of 1-0, or 2-0, it should have been 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-0. So, it seems to me that there is an over emphasis on the defence at the expense of under-performing strikers. Oh, and some decent defenders would help too.

Friesdorfer, Aye, that other well known mantra – Score more goals than them!
It takes care of our shit defence & bent referees.

bada bing1

The Lucky Dip substitutions on Saturday, ruined the team shape, blind panic, amateur stuff.


I see the Celtic PLC propaganda and misinformation section has just released pictures of the team training in sunny Dubai, not a pint, sun lounger or pool to be seen – didn’t take them long to counter the pics released yesterday – recent or not . What they have yet to explain is just why they had to travel such a distance to train in the midst of a global pandemic when the support, who btw paid for the jolly, have to stay at home? Can’t they train in Scotland in the cold and wet on plastic pitches – you know just like the real thing?
Spoiled brats, i wonder if any of our hard pressed NHS medical teams will be jetting off for an all expenses paid jolly in some desert location – obviously to attend a medical seminar!


We will continue being erratic simply because we are not a team.
Recently there have been signs of a team in certain areas but overall we are incomplete.
On Saturday until Nir got sent off the defense and midfield were looking like a team.
Christie,Ed and Lee unfortunately never really joined to make it a complete team so we looked poor in the area that matters.
For all our possession we only had two clear chances.
We may have dominated as many fans claim but only in two thirds of the field.
Until we improve our positioning/spacing with and without the ball we will remain vulnerable to well organized smash and grab teams taking points off us.


Morning troops.

Sol, very interesting. I had it as a red due the fact he would then be through on goal with just the keeper so therefore a clear chance to score.
However we later saw Big Kris Ajers pace when he skinned Kent with that huge stride, so now I’m not so sure he wouldn’t have got there to help, and with it being a poor angle,,,
I guess giving a bent ref a decision to make is just offering him the opportunity.

From last night,,
You’ve misunderstood me. I wasn’t slamming the players or the beer, and one or two is ok I believe, but pointing out I could see how this may be portrayed in a poor light at this time which it has been.

Hail Hail

Weet weet weet



How could it have been a clear goalscoring opportunity when it was Morelos on the ball?
He has failed to score in 14 games against us and In that time he has missed numerous chances including some from about 2 ft off the line and a dubious penalty.
His only threat is to the health and safety of opponents.


One of the worst things about blowing this league is he will have a winners medal.
That he lead the line for a title winning team is incredible. One of the poorest strikers I have seen.

Hail Hail

Craig 76

Wee Nicola just grounded Scotland again


” No one can travel into or out of Scotland unless for an essential purpose ”
This makes our trip look even worse


Looks like my nephew and I won’t be seeing the folks anytime soon.



Good leader. Cannot disagree with anything there.

Here’s my take on our present position.

The PLC board.

Too many grasping parasites, taking a wage-i e. stealing from us-and achieving the square root of feck all. Paris 1789 springs to mind. Aff with their heids.


A traitor, liar, coward and collaborator, who should have had his lazy, incompetent, fat ass fired by DD many moons ago. What’s the craic here? Does he have a huge wedge on at long odds for the Huns to win the league?. As we all know, money apart from his precious Huns, is the only thing that matters to this clown. Why oh why, did he once again miss out on an imperial bauble in the latest honour’s list? After all, he has achieved more for the Queen’s X1(tribute act) than any man alive. The Huns will be throwing parades in his honour. Monuments will be going up all over the joint in Loyalist areas. Aye, ‘Blue Peter’, ye did well son.

The Manager.

We now come to the crux of the matter. This is a man that cost us the league in 2011, as well as various cup defeats. Then in March 2012, we traveled to the bogot-dome, needing a win against a poor Huns’ team, to clinch the league. What did we get? Players dropped that had been playing well up till then. Players playing that should have been nowhere near the team. Players played out of position. Sound familiar?
Which was why I was so enraged on 25th May 2019, when Lennon was appointed to a permanent position. The only way from there on was down. The Cluj game was the last straw for me. He should have been paid off at that point, and thanked for his services. Except Pedro did not want us getting too far ahead of his favourites. Can’t be having that now, can we?

The Coaching? Staff.

Fire the whole damn lot.

The Players.

I don’t go along with the notion that the present squad is useless. What the poor dears need is a manager that is:

A good tactition.

A disciplinarian.

A fitness fanatic.

And most importantly, a manager that has his own hand-picked assistants. I believe that this squad would transformed, for the better, under the above conditions.

The problem at the minute, is that the players do not respect the manager, and are ripping the piss. Unprofessional conduct, at best. Except they have also disrespected the fans, with their downing tools from July till December. Shame on them.

As things stand, we will be lucky to finish second…and may well be humped out of the cup. NOW is the time for change. Build now towards next season.

Oh, aye, nearly forgot. Forget referees. They have always been a shower of Orange bastards, and will continue to be so. Unless challenged by our supine board.

Big Packy and Jimthetim53

Hope you are well Bhoys.


I thought that was a class-and cutting-reply to KevJ the other day. Remind me never to get in your bad books.


You mentioned the excellent book ‘Glasgow Celtic 1945-1970’. Tom Campbell authored this book without leaving Canada…what a book.

Hail Hail.


Tough one Bobby. At least you can still see the nephew. All over 80s in NI to be vaccinated by end January. The grandparents can get out and about or have visitors with no fears. Great news, just bring that to Alba.


Probably in a minority but i think the red card was warranted, very soft undoubtedly, but we would have been screaming for it had it been Griff being hauled down. Ajer may be fast but he ain’t no Usain Bolt and i tend to think Fatty may have been in position to get away a shot before big Kris got near him – only my opinion mind. True Madhun couldn’t wait to get the red out of his pocket but the real fault, which seems to be overlooked, lays with terrible positioning and a truly ‘WTF were you thinking’ moment from Bitton as well as the people in the Celtic management team who believe and persevere with the notion that bang average middys can become decent defenders when recent history proves they feck up time and time again when played in defence.

big packy

JIM,@ 11-42, that is definitely a true story😋😋

big packy

MAGUA, spot on, your nearly as good as me at writing good posts,😋hope your well pal H.H.


Can Nicola actually ban travel in and out of part of the UK to another part of the UK, she can ban travel within Scottish regions but stop people traveling from Englandshire? I’d be interested to hear what BoJo has to say about that



Nephew off limits too,as both unable to travel between zones/regions.



That is a common argument-would WE be demanding the red card if it had happened at the other end? You are damn right that we would have been,nothing surer.

Problem with that argument is-we are fans,not officials.


Eff me that sucks pal.


ATOB has a tongue could clip a hedge 😉
A cutting reply, aye, that’s her.

Hail Hail

Craig 76

Boris to make tv address at 8


There was no outcry when Brendan Rodgers and the Invincible squad were photographed poolside in Dubai having a beer, 3 years ago. Kinda double standards, I feel.



You should have sent that post to us as an article,mate. Superb summation.

Mid-November,my wee hun mate in Swindon texted me that his team were now 1/7 to win the league. Wished he had took it earlier,value gone,etc. I told him it was 14%,likely to be paid out three months later and worked out at about 70% ROI pa. Calls himself an accountant?

Re Tom Cambbell,I didn’t know he lived in Canada at the time. That’s either a superhuman memory or a lot of visits to libraries to do the research,even if he lived in Glasgow and had access to our own records or The Mitchell Library. His namesake was my Papa’s last surviving pal,and for some reason,I found myself in 1989 in The Cosy Corner in Kilwinning. As I was leaving,I asked if auld Toamy Campbell still came in,and gave the owner a fiver for a couple of haufs. Said to tell him it was from James Porter’s grandson,and to thank him and his wife for all the penguin biscuits when I was a wean! Doesn’t take much to confuse people from Kilwinning!



It took me a bit to get that one,I must be slipping. I’ll put it down to not being often enough in the company of people who keep me on my toes. Turn yer back on my mates for a second and a snide comment slips between yer ribs!

Of course,only getting their retaliation…

With this new Lock Down, I think the league should be stopped – Null & Void!!!


Jim the Spoilsport 😉

Craig 76

That would start ww3 😂


agree with your post ; ” Blue Peter ” is what he should forever be known ( and referred to ) among Celtic support .
So that’s PL covered ; your thoughts on ” Arnold Rothstein ” ?

big packy

I agree with my best mate jim, if he says it, its right.😋👍

big packy

come on ghuys, im trying to compose some songs here, and im getting distracted😋😋

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