A Long Cold Winter,,,



So many things that I can talk about this morning,and none of it good. A year ago we were up in arms after a defeat from the huns,as it gave them an opportunity to usurp our lead in the table and perhaps even to steal our title.


I’m getting quite misty eyed,thinking back to such happy times!


A year ago,what we have in front of us and the wreckage that strews around our club would have been unthinkable. In fact,there are a lot of things that would have been unthinkable a year ago-yet here we are. I wonder how many people’s last words were-


“Oh,I never thought that would happen!”


Not many,I reckon-because doubtless there will be someone else there to remind them that they had been warned. So the last words were probably-


“Aye,I wish I’d listened.”


When you’ve been traduced for years because of your misgivings about something close to the hearts of so many of us,it actually gives no pleasure to be right. We all wish we were wrong as we warned of a car crash ahead,but sometimes it needs the car crash before something can be done. And the best we can hope for is that the car isn’t written off,that the next driver will do better. But it seems that the same driver will be at the wheel for the rest of the journey,and with the same back seat driver in control. Same bloody car too,weighed down by excess baggage yet missing a few vital components.


Some of us will choose a different mode of transport,I reckon,and that is an issue for another day,another article. Meantime,we have more pressing things to deal with,such as the Jolly Bhoy’s Outing to Dubai. Two weeks ago it was announced that pubs in Swindon would close,so some of my friends planned a “Jolly Bhoy’s Outing” to Wootton Bassett. A few minutes on the bus,but even that dubious pleasure was denied to us. Meantime,lockdown restrictions were being tightened everywhere-and Celtic finalised the details for Dubai!


Bit of an own goal,it seems. And the Scottish Government,not overly known for showing Celtic a kindly disposition,has leapt with some alacrity down our throats over it. As it happens,although I disagree with the trip,I am quite sure that the club had all the relevant clearances required when it was planned.


But were those clearances still relevant and valid on the date of departure? This pandemic has seen many normals discarded already,it will not surprise me if one of them is that the clearance had to be validated nearer the time.


One normal that hasn’t been discarded is that bigotry is alive and well in Scotland,as witnessed by so many of us on Saturday. Indeed,I received a phone call from a friend yesterday to let me know that his son had footage of it on his phone,as he was actually there! That led to the discussion of how and why it was permitted,despite a heavy police presence. That police were there is undeniable,and so too is that they stood by and did absolutely nothing! On the spot arrests,even of one or two,would have nipped it in the bud,but we know how that works in Scotland. Ongoing enquiries,etc,which means that nothing will happen and it will all be forgotten.


Yes,just like so many things over the years,things that are simply incredible in the third decade of the 21st Century in a country that people tell us we should be proud of,The Best Wee Country In The World. The country which also permits the proliferation of graffiti proclaiming Kill All Taigs! And KAT when the fuckwits aren’t too sure of their spelling-or would rather sniff the spray paint anyway.


Where government ministers can,on international TV,congratulate a crowd for a two-hour bigotfest!




That this and so much worse,is tolerated,seems incredible. But when something is tolerated,it is encouraged. The perpetrators have no fear of sanction,and with repetition their actions become more extreme. You only need to look at social media,where I think only one person has ever been imprisoned for an incidence of anti-Irish or anti-Catholic hatred. Or Canon White,whose vestments were drenched in the DNA of the saliva of 26 different peepil,only one of whom was ever charged-and that only after a public outcry,because,as on Saturday,the police had watched the events unfold but stood back and did nothing.


Yes,there are many problems at our club. And yes,people are sticking their heads in the sand and getting their arse kicked as a result. But the very same people who are up in arms,playing to the gallery about an officially sanctioned trip,are the very people who say and do sod all about the above. Replace the word Taig with a pejorative term for any other minority and see how far you get. The inside of a prison cell,and in jig time too. Rightly so.


Kill All Taigs. It’s the new national sport.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning all
Bobby, tremendous article.
I’d already lost all respect for Sturgeon and her cohorts having tried for several months to get some answers on the logic to various decisions made, which to me are wholly unnecessary and damaging to business, and also requesting clarification on statistics which were accessible for the last 20 years but are now deemed to be “ of no interest” to the public.
Anyway that apart, the non action of the police at the weekend re clear breaches of the law, allied to other incidents you touch upon, had only served to intensify my growing despair .

You wouldn’t think it could get much worse, but alas it did, and continues to do so with this latest attack on our club. All based around a snap of an apparent breach of social distancing rules. The absolute lunacy of these rules need challenging.

Let me see if I understand this corrrectly?

Some examples.

The Celtic huddle is still ok? Must be. I witnessed it on Saturday.

Close contact throughout 90 minutes plus is ok as football is a contact sport to all intents and purposes.

10 players hugging after a goal is fine. Again, it must be as I witnessed it ( unfortunately)

The ref ‘ hugging’ Rangers players to pull them away from a clash amongst players is also ok throughout a match.

Since that match and outside of football I’ve since been in a crowded Tesco’s with absolutely no social distancing whatsoever, stood at petrol pumps alongside others, and there are countless other examples which determine that this 2 metre rule is absolute bollox.

Yet Celtic players being snapped lying together a few days later is a major breach? Absolute shite. Were Celtic not the first club to introduce the testing system ?

Forget the birthday party celebrations of a certain other club’s personnel. Nothing to see here.

Sturgeon, not for the first time, chooses Celtic as her target.

Every single Celtic supporter should get busy lobbying their MP to tell them they will never cast another vote the way of the SNP.
Sturgeon is very much mistaken if she has seen this as a way to ingratiate herself to the hun hordes. A read through Follow Follow at the time of the independence election will tell her exactly how the majority of the huns view her party.

(Incidentally, I see this morning Kilmarnock are now going to cite the Celtic trip to Dubai in their appeal against their points deduction.)

They are queuing up to put the boot in. With impunity.

I hope somehow some of the SNP MP’s see your article.


The emails or texts the Bitton family received after our last game was a disgrace. I don’t know who or why someone would do such a thing. I would like to think all the Celtic supporters groups would come out with a statement of support for the player and his family and call out the idiots who sent the emails or posts I hope it is not a Celtic fan
The Club has sat on the sidelines For far too long while our supporters, and players have been put through the wringer by Police, Refs, Media, Politicians etc. It should not have been the CST that went to bat for fans in Amsterdam, the keteling of supporters, and fighting the Act No that would take a leader at the club with a spine to stand up and speak as one voice for all
Our CEO would be sleeping peacefully tonight if he had done the right things when our crosstown rivals disintegrated
They broke the Banking rules, the Tax Rules, The Player Registration Rules, The Entry into Europe rules and more I have forgotten. We didn’t break the rules why are we hiding behind the door , The CEO should have come out with a statement saying the rules had to be followed these are the consequences Rangers have to face as rule breakers. What do we get hardly a peep, just an a statement from our CEO that we hadn’t seen one of the agreements
Look at the fallout in England when one team was caught spying on another team training, ,that was kids stuff compared what we went or are going through. The press in Scotland has blinkers on as far as Sevco are concerned and as much as you think it’s changeing it hasn’t

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well, well, well! I think I’ve seen/read it all now! Wee Burnie/Hitler-in-knickers/The First Minister/Nicola Sturgeon berates us for breaking social distancing rules because ‘It was a Rest and Recreation break, not a Training Camp’ and the Kilmarnock spokesperson gets into us because ‘If it had been R and R and not a Training Camp’. Couldn’t make it up as Littlejohn frequently writes in his newspaper.
The only reference I’ve seen to Rest and Recreation was by Neil Lennon and I put that down to he doesn’t want to even say the word ‘training’😁😁.

Big Audio Dynamite

There is a storm on the horizon.

Come May(?) when Sevco claim they have just won their 55th Scottish title, will Celtic tell the world the truth? (Remember that?) If they don’t, it will bring to an end, for me, any involvement in football in this country. The Celtic I thought I knew will be dead to me …if it ever really existed! The illusion of us being the good guys fighting the evils that surround us was just that, an illusion!

All they had to do was tell the truth! Why haven’t they?!


Noel Skytrot

To quote the Quadrofenian’s lyrics, ‘well I guess it just goes to show you, you can sing no pope of Rome and tell the fenians they should all go home.’ As much as we are a diverse nation, we just can’t shake that anti Irish, anti Catholic mindset which is firmly entrenched throughout our civic society, the intellectual set may say they have empirical data to dispel any such notion but they’re living on a different planet from the one I inhabit. Its still there and always will be. The SNP have previous for attacking our supporters.



Noel Skytrot et al

Why are we surprised at the SNP actions, they have previous for attacking the Irish diaspora as a whole rather than a section of it that support Celtic. From founders such as Andrew Dewar Gibb through to current MP Mhairi Black.

Noel Skytrot


Oul Gibb was a major domo for the bastard Churchill and a bit of a right winger if my memory serves me right.

Noel Skytrot

Oglach, not forgetting that Scotland regardless of which political party is in power is one of the only countries in the world that doesn’t allow a St Patrick’s day celebration. We know.



What do we get hardly a peep, just an a statement from our CEO that we hadn’t seen one of the agreements
https://drive.google.com/file/d/18I8Q85F8cllakyRx6MVGoM5A3KfZmNX5/view?usp=sharing Lawwell and Riley are addressees in the Doncaster e mail with 5 Way attached.

Maybe they never opened it some say. Doesn’t mean they were not aware of its contents says this


Now what could possibly be in that Agreement that makes it in the Company’s interests to deny knowledge of it?

Celtic will never be able to operate fully until they explain why they accepted the 5 Way Agreement. If they want supporters to renew , they owe us all an explanation. Now THAT would be in the Company’s interests.



A damming indictment of PL and the board. Either they knowingly lied to shareholders and the support or they are total incompetents. In both instances a good case for instant dismissal from any ‘normal’ PLC board.


Big Audio Dynamite
There is a storm on the horizon.

Come May(?) when Sevco claim they have just won their 55th Scottish title, will Celtic tell the world the truth? (Remember that?) If they don’t, it will bring to an end, for me, any involvement in football in this country. The Celtic I thought I knew will be dead to me …if it ever really existed! The illusion of us being the good guys fighting the evils that surround us was just that, an illusion!

All they had to do was tell the truth! Why haven’t they?!

Especially when Celtic have a copy of the letter of 8th June 2016 from the Head of UEFA Club Licensing.


In his letter Andre Traverso correctly describes the applicants from 2016 until now as a NEW Club/Company i.e RIFC (The Company who are new) with a written agreement to operate Rangers FC Ltd (The Club who are new) using the income/expenditure of RFC Ltd under RIFC heading.
The SFA who went to lengths to have the tell tale words removed also have a copy.

Pre 2012 there was no such distinction because the sole applicant was Rangers Football Club.


The concept of a holding company is a myth given life by Doncaster I suspect in the 5 Way Agreement.

The way to tackle this is to get either the CST or CSA to write to Neil Doncaster and point out that UEFA do not recognise Rangers FC Ltd and cannot without breaching Article 12 of UEFA FFP that clearly sets out the definition of a club as either a standalone applicant as Rangers Football Club were pre 2012 or a Club with a written contract with a Company to run their football operations which they are since 2012.

Point out SPFL and SFA are subservient to UEFA rules and UEFA clearly do not see the applicant for a UEFA Licence as anything but a new club run by a new company and that Art12 is designed to protect the sporting integrity of UEFA Competitions and to ignore it calls into question the integrity of the SPFL.



A damming indictment of the board. Either they knowingly lied to shareholders and the support or they are total incompetents. In both instances a good case for instant dismissal from any ‘normal’ PLC board.
Don’t tell me, tell the CST. I don’t mean you personally but there were pledges of £20K offered to establish shareholder rights in an instance such as this and the CST turned it down. However there is a general ZOOM meeting at end of Jan

General Meeting: Notice & Agenda
Happy New Year to you all. This mailing contains an invitation to the first ordinary general meeting of 2021. We must, by our rules, have one meeting per year which is our Annual General Meeting but the Trustee Board can, and usually does, call other special general meetings as required. We propose to hold three special general meetings annually i.e. over and above the AGM.
The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 26 January 2021 at 7pm and this will, by necessity be held on zoom. It is likely that this will also apply to the next few meetings but we will update you on this as the situation with Covid 19 unfolds.
The link for the meeting is as follows:

(how to join on zoom that cannot be shown to non members)

So those reading who are CST members can have their say under AOCB and if you aren’t a member but wish to express your views (and the more the better chance minds will be changed ) then join up.

After registering on CST site at https://members.celtictrust.net/login you get the payment options so you do not have to pay to register but wait for confirmation you are registered and the invite to the meeting . If it turns out only folk paying into CST are invited (but I don’t think that is the case ) you can always make a small donation.

The options for payment on registering are (and they can always be changed later once registered) are:

Subscribe, Donate or Manage your details here
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Interesting wee article,this.


As a link to Celtic,Bobby Lennox signed from Ardeer Recreation Thistle. Ardeer was the leisure complex for workers at the nearby ICI. Quite an amazing place,but like so many things,not really appreciated until it was gone.

Big Audio Dynamite

Auldheid, I expect this Celtic board to congratulate them on winning 55. They would (Should) get a shock if around SB renewal time they got a letter that simply said

The Celtic football club board.

So, “Rangers” just won their 55th Scottish title did they? We await your reply before deciding on renewals.

Signed ..

The Celtic support.

Awe Naw


Excellent article…and some excellent posts addressing football concerns that we all have.

Now, I love this site for all things Celtic, and I love the craic on here. For the most part, I tend to enshew politics and related matters, but would like to address some pertinent matters raised today.

Firstly, I am glad to see that most Celts are heavily criticising the jolly boys outing to Dubai. In doing so, we leave the bitter Huns in the SNP with nowhere to go, with their own criticisms. We cannot criticise others, if we do not recognise our own faults first of all…that also applies to other areas of our personal lives, I guess.

Now, what are the SNP hoping to gain, by cosying up to the Huns? My answer to that, is the same as the name of that famous Italian centre forward-fuctifano.

Very few Huns are gonna see the light, and start agitating for an independent Alba, on the back of this. They are Loyalists ffs. How thick must Sturgeon be to think they are gonna change?

Anyone living in Scotland between 2012-14 will remember how shoite-scared the Huns were, that their precious British state was going to be broken up. In Glagow, it was Orange marches every week for 2 years, facilitated by a compliant Labour council…also attempting to court the Orange vote. From that black day in September 2014, they are safe and secure in the knowledge that they are once again ‘ra peepul’. Brexit has only copper-fastened this new reality. Hence their behaviour in the last few years…and the authorities unwillingness to address it.

Are we really going to see a return to the 90s when Celtic supporters were routinely being murdered/seriously assaulted, after every Huns game? Then as now, those in charge of Celtic said sweet FA in defence of our fellow fans…and that includes the sainted Fergus. Again, then, as now, money was king.

The graffiti on the Kingston Bridge: Now, for those of you who have not seen the photos, here’s the thing. This was not your average 2 minute FTP spray can job. Not at all. This was a full blown sectarian mural, which must have taken hours to complete. Given that flats with good views of the bridge are on both sides of the Clyde, are we really expected to believe that no-one phoned the cops to complain. Highly unlikely, I would think. Unless of course, the polis were too busy indulging in some masonic high-jinks, featuring the star of the show …a tethered goat. The goat has to be tethered for obvious reasons. If the poor bugger knew what was intended for it, he/she would be offski…and quite rightly too. Hail Hail




Fuxake! How did that get scheduled?

Big Audio Dynamite

Awe Naw. Just when you thought you’d seen it all.


Filip Benkovic set to return to Leicester City from Cardiff after loan deal ended🤔
So that’s Paddy R and Filip available. Shirley they would be no risk short term loan acquisitions of the quality the squad requires. Could even add a buy clause in the loan deal, just in case a new manager (!!!) might like to retain them.



We’ll be lucky to sign player from the juniors now. The brand has been trashed.


Two players who have a record of injuries and poor form since leaving Celtic. Not for me thanks, we have enough like that on our books.




Football has taken off in the USA.
They have fallen head over heels for EPL above all other leagues.
Even knowing American fans see us as no more than as a small team who occasionally appear in European competition to be thrashed.
Once the tv companies started showing the Champions league and Europa it was a marketing opportunity that we failed spectacularly at.
Our dismal European showing’s under the last 3 coaches have reduced our standing and we are seen as losers.
I honestly think if it was not for the easy money due to fans loyalty that advertisers would never contemplate signing any deals with us.
Even when we had an American partner in New Balance i never saw any signs of them promoting it here.
Under Lawwell any chance of gaining European credibility has always been torpedoed due to his to little to late transfer dealings.
We have always been unprepared in his tenure and our reputation/brand has steadily declined because of.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, as regards sectarianism, ive told this story a million times, my dad done well at school ,holy cross in croy, got a good result in engineering at st ninians in kirkintilloch, but could he get a job, no chance as soon as he put croy on the application form that was it ,dead and buried, for those of you who dont know croy just google it ,another true story,,feck the snp feck the sfa,, thanks for letting me get that off my chest,,H,H,



Both would be relatively cheap – 6 month loan deals that I’m sure their parent clubs wouldn’t be to hard to deal with in terms of wages. Whereas i agree both have not done well since leaving Celtic, for varied reasons, the fact is we need proven quality in the squad which both are on their day. As i mentioned a loan deal with an option to buy is a no brainer for me. I’d rather we gave the likes of Paddy a chance to prove his worth rather than signing another of Pete’s projects.

Noel Skytrot

it’s the Rangers* ultra’s group the Union Bears who are spraying the sectarian nonsense at various locations in Glasgow. I was arguing with these wee pricks a few months ago on the Tradeston bridge in Glasgow when they were stickering it with disgusting stickers denigrating Jock Stein. I told them in blunt terms to get to fuck or I would ram the stickers up their arses. I’m a 17 stone skinhead and they quickly concluded that it might not be a good idea to have a dash with with me. They picked their wee rucksacks up and walked away. Stupid wee boys.


The Patrick Roberts in his first spell at Celtic, or the Filip Benkovic in his loan spell with us, I would take in a heartbeat. Seems their careers have stalled due to injury and loss of form, since leaving us though. Too much of a risk for me.


Hi Folks,

A quick request for info. I see references to a Killie fc appeal that will cite Celtic. A cursory googling shows that StM and Killie were awarded 3-0 losses vs Hamilton and M’Well because their games were not played. What was the background? why did K and StM not play those teams? It was clearly CV19 related but que passa?


PS remember to assess the risk of going out or inviting someone into your palace. Act safely, the virus hates it.


Noel Skytrot

Cheers pal. Your story only proves what I have known all along…cowards. Every feckin’ one of them.

Hail Hail.


Morning folks, Hope you’re all well.

Bobby I’ve been under a rock it seems, so do you have you a link to the incident on Saturday?

As far as the “trip” stuff is concerned – and I’m certain others will have said something similar – I haven’t read back.
Politicians refusing to accept responsibility is almost a job requirement.
Politicians deflecting questions is a standard operating procedure.
Politicians just not answering the question that’s been asked is like breathing for them.

You spoke of the clearances that Celtic asked for & were given from The SFA & ScotGov.
You’re right that was then & things had moved on by January 3.
But “elite sports” have an exemption to the restrictions which was never rescinded by ScotGov by January 3.
So if I’ve got this right…

Celtic asked Scotgov if they’d be allowed to take the Dubai trip.
Scotgov said Yes & gave advice to the SFA accordingly
Scotgov imposed tighter restrictions on the public but neither rescinded nor altered the advice to Celtic or the SFA.
Celtic departed on their approved training trip to Dubai.
On the evening of their arrival a snap of NFL & club captain having a chat by the poolside was circulated.
Gutter press went into meltdown at snap & posed questions to Scotgov.
Scotgov, realising that they’d dropped a bollock, clutched their pearls in feigned deniability.
FM & Svengali Swinney criticised Celtic & deflected to Olympic standards.

As BSR (I think) said yesterday not a word about Covid deaths, carehome Covid scandal, Childrens Hospital, Edinburgh’s hospital, education standards falling through the floor ( pre pandemic), shipyard money pit, Westminster stimulus cash for Scots businesses being held back for other purposes, or the FM dishonesty over Salmond issue – just naughty Celtic told to stand in the corner.

Public opinion in Scotland has been managed & manipulated by the media & ScotGov to deplore what Celtic have done purely as an act of political expediency & finger pointing.

I’m happy enough for Celtic to find their mojo in Dubai as they did last year & yes the optics weren’t fantastic but Celtic did nothing wrong & almost everything right. A short video message in an email to all fans just to explain why the squad were going to Dubai would have gone some way to offset the negative press that should have been anticipated by the club.

That said, ScotGov, Sturgeon & Swinney and the gutter press should never get a penny from Celtic fans again.
Now that would be a bhoycott I could sign up for.




Fancy being the bouncer at the next hootenanny? BTW,I agree that their ultras are where it came from,but the hingers-oan elsewhere are the peepil who are spraying it all over the place.

BTW,when I meet you I’ll tell you about a rather pleasant evening at Partick Cross. Quiet night,midweek,and a few people who post here in attendance. No violence,no nothing really,just an introduction between two people followed by a real WTF moment.



I’ve just sent tomorrow’s article through. So many things to say,but then who really has read War And Peace? Disclaimer-I have,at 10yo,but I was laid up with an infection which blew my leg up like a balloon. Thanks,Mrs Flynn fae the top of the street.

Point being,there are so many problems at the club,and a lot of the people on here have been the most vocal on other sites about it. And everything points to a pennywise and pound foolish chap being allowed to run the club from top to bottom,to the extent that as a CEO,he doesn’t answer to nor explain to the board. They find out later,probably in the papers. Why a large shareholder but far from a majority one can call a newspaper from his own wee tax paradise in The Caribbean to inform them that management change will not happen,because he has decreed it.

Like it should be his decision to make!

Or the fact that our board is actually composed of business nonentities.
Much of what I write may be opinion,but the last line isn’t.


Afternoon all. There’s been many, many points raised in the last few days since the defeat at Ibrox, the football issues seem to have been replaced by political point scoring and an anti-SNP narrative, despite the explicit requests earlier in the season by Bobby and Mahe to keep the blog clear of politics…just saying like!
The graffiti and the abuse received by the squad at Ibrox are a disgrace to the name of every proper right-minded individual in this country. The police handled the situation at Ibrox the way they have handled almost all football-related public disorders for a few years. They stand back, observe and then follow up with targeting individuals and make 6am arrests. I can only assume they had officers filming events as they happened as that it their chosen method of policing. In the current pandemic it also probably makes much more sense to police in this fashion as moving in to arrest individuals at the time could possibly create mass disorder with fans trying to help fans escape from arrest. The police have to keep themselves safe, too! In saying all of that my hope, probably forlorn, is arrests will be made – unfortunately arrests made remotely weeks and months after the event carry no impact and offer no disincentive against future behaviour.
Regarding the trip to Dubai, I understand the attitudes against the trip but it must be recognised that the players and employees hold a privileged position within the country at the moment. I still believe, although we’re all in lockdown, their twice (at least) weekly testing and I presume constantly being reminded of their responsibilities to football AND society generally takes its toll, harder on some than others, too! In addition the pressure of this season has been, and has shown itself to be, greater than any of us could imagine. There are a few players in our squad who have moved to a new country with no support network in place other than their tea-mates. In ordinary times they’d be able to make short trips home to catch up with loved ones but not during a pandemic so although Lennon’s been criticised for his use of the term R and R it will do these guys a lot of good to escape the new normal we currently have to endure. I get the arguments that we can’t but their situation IS markedly different! I posted my nephew’s situation the other night and I know the impact it is having on him and his family. He’s not playing so he doesn’t have that pressure but he feels a huge responsibility to make sure he’s not the one that introduces Covid to the squad.


addendum…the comments to Biton and his wife are an absolute disgrace too, and if possible should incur the wrath of Police Scotland as well as every decent Celtic fan!



Even just chatting online so many years ago,I knew we were kindred spirits. Meeting you and your family,one time in difficult circumstances and the other in more relaxed,justified that. But even I would struggle to have hit the spot quite as adeptly as you did there-and trust me,I try!

Terrific comment,mate.

Much of the subject is actually in tomorrow’s article already,but our club has been undermined from within-not deliberately,but through being fucking crap-our fans are fractured between pro and anti and we have not got a clue about how to deal with PR.

Twelve years since I first ventured into blogland with CQN. I hammered PL then and since,but I always said that our biggest failing was not having a proper PR guy. We had tried and failed with the likes of Brown and Cassidy,but I wish Fergus had known that Adam Crozier was Celtic daft.


Excellent post. Agree 100%.
Have noticed more political posts appearing on SentinelCelts. Especially those slagging Sturgeon, Swinney and the SNP. Hope we are not sleep walking into a Unionist blog, like CQN has become.


McCAFF 457

That’s a good point. We do want the site to avoid politics,and many of us have seen the damage done elsewhere by allowing it. Personally I have no problem with an animated discussion about any subject you like,nobody has to agree with me to be my mate,and it beats the hell out of a yesman.

SOLKITTS is my best mate,has been for forty years. Absolutely guaranteed that we have differences of opinions on things. Hunners! My pals in Kilwinning,that goes without saying. The troops on a hoot,well it’s why we are there-who wants to be bored?!


Thing is,we aren’t discussing politics wrt this. We are discussing a politically-motivated attack on our club.



It’s difficult,but I think the political responses are because it is Scot Gov who are firing it into us. I’ve not seen anything really which is party political-I’m sure there are a few amongst our thousands of comments here-as most are defending the club against the accusers. Celtic fans don’t like outsiders taking a freebie.

The accusers are Scots Gov. Our responses here have been against Scots Gov. Not against the party which controls it. You might think I’m wrong,but read back. Almost all of the comments have criticised the government,not the party.


I can only speak for myself and i am no unionist, royalist or imperialist, I am also an advocate of Scottish independence BUT I am not nor ever will be a supporter of the SNP.


Would the personal slurs posted on here against the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, have happened if Scottish Labour were the party in power?
I doubt they would.


Rebus. 3.53.
This is the background, as requested.
As the club’s have appealed, the 3.0 defeats have been suspended for now.
One of my best friend’s is the Killie fanzine writer/publisher, he is friendly with the board members.
I understand Millie admitted sitting too closely, eating at meals and someone to do with travel, like too close or too many on the bus, I can’t remember exactly.

Kilmarnock and St Mirren have both been severely punished for breaching Covid-19 regulations with a trio of games being ruled as 3-0 defeats.

Both have also been hit with £40,000 fines suspended until next summer after an independent panel made their verdict despite both teams strenuously protesting their innocence.

The league’s governing body launched a disciplinary probe into the Premiership pair with both teams stating their cases during an SPFL disciplinary hearing last month.

The clubs were hauled up after the Rugby Park side’s game with Motherwell was called off and the Buddies had a pair of fixtures scrapped due to a Covid outbreak at the Paisley club.

SPFL accused of hanging St Mirren out to dry as Stewart Gilmour blasts ‘crazy’ covid hearing outcome wait
Kilmarnock ‘s game against Motherwell has now been ruled a 3-0 win to the Steelemen and St Mirren’s games against Stephen Robinson’s side and Hamilton have also been awarded as three points the opposition.

An SPFL statement read: “The Covid-19 Regulations put in place by the SPFL and the detailed protocols issued by the SPFL/Scottish FA Joint Response Group are intended to enable Season 2020/21 to continue with the minimum of disruption and the minimum risk for those players and coaching staff involved. Strict adherence to these Regulations and protocols is therefore crucially important in order for Season 20/21 to be completed as scheduled.

“We note the admission by each of Kilmarnock and St Mirren that they breached SPFL Regulations, and commend both clubs for the measures that their boards have recently put in place to avoid a repeat of the circumstances that led to the postponement of these matches in October.”


That is exactly my political stance too.


Would the personal slurs posted on here against the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, have happened if Scottish Labour were the party in power?
I doubt they would.
Absolutely if they had orchestrated the OBAF act and acted in such a bias manner against Celtic and the Celtic support as the current incumbents have


Great to see you posting T.
Hope your health is good at this difficult time for many with underlying health conditions.


Morning troops.
Great to JNP on.

Regarding politics, I don’t think I would get involved in a 2nd Indyref but would certainly get involved in an Irish one.

As politics sometimes gropes sport, like what just happened, its hard to avoid I understand.
I imagine the posters are wiser than to fall into traps, but still its an area best avoided if possible.
Sometimes its not, just life.

“I’m a 17 stone skinhead”
Can I can you my Luca Brassi? 😉

Hail Hail


Is a 13 stone skinhead no good enough? 😜😂


Thanks, my friend.
When the weather turned between Christmas and New Year, I was quite sick, it’s a curse of the illness that cold weather brings on attacks.
My daughter was on MCAS Facebook and most other sufferers were the same, I don’t like to see anyone else Ill but it helps my sanity knowing that.
The mind plays tricks, how can the cold being on Anaphylaxis, you start to doubt yourself, but it does.
Anyway, I’ve been fine since Hogmanay so hopefully body now adjusting.
As you know, I’m the same as you and Oglach.
I hate all parties, apart from indy, I write none of the above.



I didn’t even vote for Tony Blair,so you can imagine what I might have said at the time if I was online!

Again,I reiterate that there have been no political hits on here,only reponses when we are attacked.

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