Not The Time To Meekly Lick Our Wounds,But To Prevent Them Happening Again



This really is not a good time to be writing articles for a Celtic site. I worked for a newspaper for seventeen years,and knew and socialised with some of the journalists at the time. They were all of the opinion that writing about bad news was the way ahead,how to forge a career and make a name for yourself. No-one was interested in good news,either writing it or reading it.


The only person who disagreed was the football reporter! And I have to say,he had a point.


Even though this is hardly a place with a reputation for slavishly pro-board articles,nothing would please us more if we had nothing to complain about. Sadly,we know this not to be the case. There can be no Panglossian view,no emperor’s new clothes,no distraction via politics. The simple facts are there for all to see-and they are summed up by pointing out that our reputation is in the gutter,on and off the field.


Meantime,our rivals are gearing up for the biggest pageant of supremacy since the annual Spithead Naval Reviews. And we are a laughing stock,with the most useless board since Ratner,the worst management team since Sid Bassett,and a team with as much balance as me coming back from a wedding reception. The huns will have the bragging rights about stopping our quest for The Holy Grail,and will rightly say that we couldn’t beat their total from the nineties,despite having no competition for much of it.


Is that though a fair comparison,when they were signing players from tax havens-given what we know now about their tax shenanigans? Given that Bank of Scotland could tip them off about the trigger prices which would force rivals such as the Edinburgh and Dundee clubs to sell their star players? Given the cosy relationships with such as journalists,politicians and even referees and senior officials which have since come to light?


I don’t think so. And if I ever get back home and any of my pals is stupid enough to want to talk about football for the first time in a decade,I’ll deal with that decade first thank you very much. No competition,lads? Whose fault is that,why did it come about,oh dear could some of that explain some of the success then that you keep crowing about.


GIRUY,shut up and learn.


Sadly of course,our masters have never learned anything. They might never have seen this day coming because when you are the smartest guy in the room,you don’t. The only certainty about being the smartest guy in the room is that,actually,you aren’t. They thought that the only thing that mattered to the support was being in front of Rangers,and maybe for some it was. Not for most of us,I believe. Most of us wanted them Third Lanarked,and the only red white and blue at Ibrox to be the carrier bags at the Tesco built on the site. The green of Asda might have been too much for them-it certainly was for me trying to match it to a Pantone reference 25 years ago!


But it is perhaps unfair to blame our board for allowing their resuscitation,it could not be done on their call alone. It took a confluence of influence to do that,the SFA,SPL,the clubs and the TV companies. Sell your soul for the blue pound or accept no pound. Difficult choice for the smaller clubs,not so much for us. We could have opposed it,knowing it would still have been voted through,paid lip service to that. Instead,we were probably the drivers of it-and against the better instincts of more principled outfits.


One in particular headed by a man who had seen his dying father denied of a trophy by the kind of cheating which that club and its acolytes have embedded into their history-pre and post 2012.


All is not lost though as our own Gang of Four took the rule breaking to both Celtic and the SFA. Also to UEFA and various media outlets. Strangely,although the ultimate arbiter EUFA took their side,Celtic chose to ignore the silver bullet-no smoking gun in the PL household!-and so did every single authority or media outlet-including some who are known for their investigative journalism.


So now,the only two options available to Celtic fans who are either nonplussed or pissed off at how things have transpired is to boycott the merchandise and refuse to buy new season tickets-neither of which are the kind of thing that comes naturally for the faithful through and through.


We could of course join the Celtic Supporters Trust,and I genuinely hope some of you will. Better to be inside the tent,etc-or in this case,to make sure that those outside the tent are pointing at the same target! Such as…


Lying to Celtic fans AND SHAREHOLDERS AT AN AGM should have seen Lawwell removed-and charged-but if he can survive that,we have to go nuclear. That’s the boycott,the CST-or anyone else who can mobilise the troops.


On which,AULDHEID has an arsenal of his own. I asked his permission to reproduce it here,but it will probably be better for him to do so in the comments. However,I also asked another guid pal if I could repost a comment of his from CQN,and he kindly agreed. I won’t reference him or the person he replied to,but I will be happy to do so if they ask.


Given that we knew they were cheating do you think our board strategy was correct in not pursing


1) Res 12 case?


2) The small tax case?


3) The improperly registered players decision and non-stripping of titles to the original Rangers?


4) The decision by the SPFL/SFA allowing the transfer of trophies from the original Rangers to the tribute act?


5) The refereeing cabal to continue?


If you agree with the board strategy, can you explain the logic in doing so, in your view of course? Do you feel that the strategy our board had was that they needed to have a Rangers in existence in any form in the league irrespective of their cheating ways (Old Firm-sic)?


The second 9IAR and quadruple trebles has been an amazing time and all good things always come to an end, but do you not think we have just somehow missed an opportunity from such a position of strength to perhaps maybe achieve a 10IAR and even put the new team Rangers to the sword for their cheating and provide a level playing field for all to play?


Final questions: Given that we had such a financial advantage over this new club, what do you put this seasons (2020/21) failure so far, down too? Did we fall asleep at the wheel or not take their challenge seriously?


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Whoopy-do,my first podium for ages!


Great piece M.
The answer to your final question is, a bit of both.



MAHE can’t include the breaks that I put in the mails that I send,and there should be one towards the end. Those questions aren’t from me but from a lad you know well who posts on CQN.

That you’ve noticed their pertinence shows that I was right to ask him to let me put them on here.


There is the third question. Was our fall pre ordained inside Celtic Park? The conspiracy theorist angle.



That is something that I can’t countenance. I’m happy (!) to consider it as rank incompetence, I really think that the board thought they could play a game of brinksmanship,stay just that step ahead.

The alternative is too unpalatable for me-but there have been previous examples that were unpalatable,life is riddled with them,and simply denying them doesn’t make them any less true,any less of a boot in the baws,when they become undeniable.


Just finished my supper and there is a new post.
I could not in my wildest dreams suspect Celtic of laying down to Sevco this year or any year. Just like I could never visualize watching a video put out by the United States President praising looters, homegrown terrorists, after they smashed into the USA house of government, trying to disrupt the Democracy

Noel Skytrot

I think that the custodians thought they only had to keep one step ahead of them instead of lapping them and its backfired.

I don’t really want to talk politics but the fascistic behaviour of Trump and his supporters has shades of the Kristallnacht which preluded the Nazi regime. Shameful, shameful mad thing going on in America at this time.

I realise that political discussions are not welcome on the site unless it is related to Celtic. Quite right too!
So with that in mind I hope this is OK.
I am aware of a couple of directors who were Labour Party men. And a Tory Lord!
It got me to thinking of some current directors, who might they support?

Ian Bankier – The clue is in the Surname 🙂
Peter Lawwell & Dermot Desmond? I immediately thought Tories, but I will go further.
Thatcherites! (e.g. Remember the minimum/living wage fuss at Parkhead?) With a soft spot for Donald Trump over in the USA.

It all makes sense.


And we wake to a world in a different place.
Who would have believed a sitting president would incite people to riot and attack the institution of government?
Trump’s behavior seems to go beyond him just losing the presidency.
Cant help but wonder if his criminality as president has him fearful of repercussions so staying in power is vital to shield himself from charges.
Has me thinking that maybe DD and PL will cling to power as long as they deem necessary to try and erase their shameful history.
The pandemic, environment, corrupt government ‘s and corporations all are far more worthy of my attention than the present Celtic plc.

Sorry Fan-a-tic but on non match days it is your duty to get ripped into the Celtic board.
On match days your expertise is required on pitch matters.
No need to thank me for reminding you. Happy to help! 🙂


Mind boggling scenes in the US last night, was this Trumps ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ ? America probably more divided than ever. Biden has a lot of hard work to do.
Meanwhile back at Celtic it’s not so much a Beer Hall Putsch we need, more like an October revolution required.

Tovarishch CSC


Good call 👍


Not only have things in The Good Ship Celtica (used to be a good poster on CQN with that moniker – wonder if he still lurks there and here) gone mad, but the whole darn world seems to be in a state of anarchy.

You well know my views on all of the points in your leader M, but answers are a tad more difficult.


The schism is out of the bottle, needs addressing.
America is so divided, maybe as never before.
Worst thing is, I’m not actually sure ‘the bad guys’ have rational aims or are able to unify in order to talk.
Interesting times

bada bing1

The doctor on with Nicola is reading from an autocue…

A doctor with an Autocue?
Sounds like my doctor. Once he finds out your a smoker, that becomes the cause of every ailment you attend with. You get the speech as if from an Autocue.
Sure I went to him once with a cough and two brown fingers on my right hand. Guess what got the blame? Yes, smoking!

bada bing1

Birmingham will run out of vaccine tomorrow……and it begins….


Afternoon all and Jim…might be a silly question but what was it on your fingers? 😲🤣🤣



My niece’s earache was blamed on her parents smoking. Not kidding either.

McCaff, nicotene! What else could it have been!


Aaaaaah…nicotene! You had me worried for a minute there! 😉


Remember Superman fighting Nick O’Teen in the ads?

Nah, I wasn’t sniffing shoe polish!


LOL…funny, shoe polish wasn’t a consideration!! 🤣🤣🤣



I don’t remember it Mahe…before my time mibbe! 😉


Jim..shoulda listened to Superman!!

Wish I had! I’d be a millionaire 🙂


Jim…how much for a pack these days?

I bought a packet on Christmas day for a treat! £12 Regal KS. I nearly dropped. I usually smoke duty free roll ups. My sister has a house in Spain so there’s usually plenty opportunities to get duty free. It works out for me around £10 per week. However for about 30 years I smoked cigs at the going rate.


I think a pack was about £3 when I had my own shops, between 94/00. The profit on it was about 3% iirc. For me it was a huge outlay for small reward but you had to stock them otherwise people would go elsewhere. When I first took on my first shop I stocked loads of brands and brought in specific brands for certain regular customers. Towards the end of my time in the shop I stocked fewer brands due to cash flow being restricted and most people would just take an alternative! At one time I had a wee deal going with a guy who was able to get non-import at good prices wink, wink!! I hope the Gates of Heaven have got a side entrance!! 😁


12 QUID!!! Jeezo that is unbelievable! Nae wonder yer fingers are brown ye must smoke them doon to the mooth end of the filter!!!🤣


I remember going to the cash’n’carry and spending maybe £200 on confectionary, juice, groceries then hitting the fag counter and spending £400/500! The profit on the £200 could be as much as £100 if you bought well, the profit on the cigs would be £20!!

Yes and your talking about gross profit. When you deduct all your overheads, they were almost a loss leader. But you had to sell them, so many folk smoked back in the day.


The amount of money that goes to the Government on tobacco tax is obscene. Us smokers are keeping the economy going. 😜


This is an informative podcast with David Low from SFM.


Yeah, correct Jim, there was nae cash in it at all!
Garry…apart from keeping us all fed and watered that’s another good reason for us all to appreciate you! I’ll be opening the front door tonight to bang the pots and pans for the Garrys of the UK. 🤣🤣🤣

Garry, I remember anti smoking lobbyist groups who said people with smoking related illness should be at the bottom of the Q for treatment. In the days when about 60-70% adult males in Scotland smoked!

The money raised from Duty and VAT in Britain was enormous. Seriously – enough to fund the entire NHS. For every £1 in the cost of a packet more than 70p went to the government.

It’s almost funny when you think on it. The Duty on petrol, alcohol and tobacco is enormous. Then VAT is applied on top of that. We pay tax on a tax!


Aye, heard that charade was starting tonight. Too cauld for me to stand ootside battering a pot. Feck that.


Plenty smokers here but few cigarettes.
The presence of nicotine raises your health insurance significantly.
The green stuff, being more expensive and clearly better for body and mind than coffin nails, has the potential to raise much more tax than ciggies.


My 3 biggest expenses in a week, apart from food, are tobacco, diesel and alcohol. The government must love me. 😊



Interesting concept,how taxes revolve, Honda announced two years ago that they would close their Swindon plant. 3500 job losses,but estimated to be up to 20,000 including the direct supply line like parts,transporter drivers,and also the people who sell them their fags,or insurance,supermarket goods,clothes,etc.

Think about the typical rate of tax after allowances of 20% +13% NI,that means that the Honda worker has maybe 2000 a month. Everyone else who he spends that money with has 67% of it to spend further down the line,as do those people who are further down the line! And all those 33%s go to the government! Teachers,nurses,you name it,but all reliant on a manufacturing sector which only provides 10% of our economy!


Smoking? The only time I have done that is after sex! So, that would be three times.

Good now that topic is cleared up, what do you think will happen in the transfer market this winter?

More outs than ins? Interesting dilemma for our CEO. Revenues are down, outgoings were limited in order to secure the 10, so what now? The ten is surely gone so why expend further cash now? That might be the thinking. Then, of course, there is the complicating factor of the coach…..stick or twist? If he is to be gone at season end, why spend on his selections now? Any new coach will surely be given some funds when he arrives, so why spend now?

Just like parts of your body, decisions taken now affect those that are needed down the road. Delay in appointing a coach will have implications for next season and not just the qualifiers for the CL.

Whilst you can always see better players out there that you would like to see in green and white(I do not mean Ferencvaros!), at the minimum we need a CB now. Get a decent CB, move Ajer to RB and the yeam will have a decent shape. The sad appraisal about this season is that there is not much wrong with the pool of players that we have. But, like the 1000 piece jigsaw that we got for Christmas, somebody has to get it into order.



Peter/Paul67’s blog has already tipped us off that Ed’s going to be sold.
Their justification will be his form and value has dropped.
But don’t mention the fact of appointing a coach with poor qualifications in the shower and a pandemic bringing down our entire playing squads value..
I expect at least two to go and only one if any in will probably be another project


Morning all,

Bobby – I hate closed questions – even semi closed.

We have grown increasingly complacent over the last few years.
It started when Rodgers became unhappy with the board, then got worse as we completed another 2 trebles with NFL.
Warning signs were there if the club had been objectively assessing everything.
Part of that complacency though is that we over-estimated our own ability & underestimated those of our challenger.
I cant separate the two choices you offer – they’re one and the same for me.

I do recall back in 2013/14 Lawwell being extensively quoted in an article that we didn’t need Rangers to thrive.
In retrospect, it now seems like it was a PR response to fans who were unhappy about the club’s silence over Sevco stuff.

Finally, I had to google ‘panglossian’ – are you going to be setting a quiz later?
Is it pang-lossian or pan-glossian?

My head hurts CSC


Jimthetim53 @11-16am


It is difficult not to draw one parallel between Washington and Celtic Park.

When people are lied to – they demonstrate.



I know you know this but just for clarity…
In DC, the rioters (not protesters) believed what they were told & still believed it afterwards.
Their lie was their truth.
Whereas, Celtic fans protest because they realise they’ve been lied to.
Their truth became their lie.


Rebus and Cornelius…sounds like I’ve just answered a University Challenge question on the Arts and Classics!! 😁
Anyhoo, I don’t believe for a minute any purchases made have been or will be Lennon’s – I think he takes what he is given and therein lies a major part of our current problems.

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