In the Big Man’s footsteps

No games and no fresh news, curse of the blogger. However perhaps you might like to mull over the thought that been tugging at my brain all week,,words spoken by a great man and very worryingly still relevant today.


I’m no Jock scholar but I believe they were uttered near the end of his Celtic career whilst he was negotiating a position post dugout, once promised a directorship but eventually fobbed off with a token ‘Run the Pools’?


How times have changed when a European Cup winning manager who had turned down Man Utd needed to think of survival income after football!


Anyway I believe the words were spoken to Sean (no need for a last name, just Sean is enough whilst discussing the Tic and that’s a huge sign of respect) after receiving news the well paid job for life simply wasn’t there and he was for all intensive purposes on his own, shamefully.


This might not be exact but it went something like,,
“If they knew the half of it, they would burn down the Park”.


Now this was uttered in a time before season tickets, a time before the internet, hell the stadium was made of wood as we hear it could go up if intended.


The families then weren’t exactly the most open bunch, and we know the big man wasn’t sitting in on boardroom meetings to have the inside track, but still he knew enough to clearly be disgusted with them.


We are clearly talking matters beyond the football field here. The crowd watched him being sold down the river through transfers, good player out with small percentage handed over for replacement.
Hmmm, come to think about it we haven’t changed much there.


Jock knew the crowd would get so disgusted with some revelations they would act. It sounds like he feared it even, knowing that would be a line crossed for many, major feelings of betrayal that manifest through violent actions.
Hmm, come to think about it we haven’t changed much there.


History now shows us that the ruling dynasties did not have the wherewithal nor the funds to haul their club into the modern world. It was up to others to bring vision and impetus, something the Bunnet delivered in spades, for they were merely concerned with lining their own pockets at the fans expense and certainly were not plotting a course with the aim of putting the club on top of the heap again.
Hmm, come to think about it we haven’t changed much there.


We know both Glasgow clubs were accused of organising draws in finals again at each other in order to extract further funds from their respective fanbase, something which has backfired in the past when the crowd felt they were being had and turned on the players, if memory serves me correct.
Celtic and Rangers collude or turn a blind eye to financial malarkey to help keep the show on the road.
After reading the Res12 website I’m forced to say hmmm, come to think about it we haven’t changed much there.


And the big man certainly knew the refs were bigots with whistles hence his just score more goals than them comment which again forces me to say hmm, come to think about it we haven’t changed much there.


At this stage you’re probably expecting me to say ‘Well lets burn the Park!’ then go on a rant about how we need to force them out and once on the right path the club can help push the changes the game needs, but that’s not where I’m heading here.


While pondering upon this it struck me that despite all these ‘disadvantages’ look how far we’ve come.
For all these chains holding us either down or back, we have still not only flown but soared at times.
We sometimes have what feels like the world against us, yet here we are famous globally with an illustrious history, and that special star that makes us immortal.
A star some ‘giant’ clubs can only dream of.


We sit in a European and footballing backwater with terrible weather, yet we smash the hundred million mark, sell 52k season tickets almost like clockwork, fill a 62k stadium twice weekly no problem, which can produce an atmosphere many claim to be the very best in club football they have ever experienced.
All whilst we are being held back!


It struck me that if our beloved club ever did find itself unrestricted, on a mission to thrive backed by boardroom and the faithful alike, then what we now consider success could become mere crumbs off the table.
Unleashed and unfettered, given time alongside the right people and mentality,
who is to say we couldn’t become a major force, again?
Maybe that’s why we are restrained, weighed down, bound to others.
Because with nothing to hold us back, we leave others, then them all in the rearview mirror.

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Bluegrass Celt
January 8, 2021 6:00 am

Good read, if somewhat depressing ( especially when you’ve a head cold and lying wide awake).
Noo, how do we convince 53k season ticket holders that they are being taken for a ride by a load of sharks, only interested in an “Old Firm” duopoly to line their pockets?
Until then, we’ll see the same board, same useless management team sticking a plaster on all our problems while hocking any decent players we do have to keep Big Pedro’s bonus in check.
My sons have VST and are planning getting a corporate package for their business for next season if current restrictions change. Try as I may, they are still uninterested in talking Res12 or wanting to hear about our failures to invest in the team. To be honest, the £49 ticket deal would have been a bargain in their eyes.
Christ, they even got me Celtic jammies and slippers this Christmas just to wind me up!
Our beloved team might be stuck in the backwaters of football but we still should have been in a position to at least qualify for CL group stages every year and kept ourselves “relevant and respected “ in Europe. Now teams are rubbing their hands at the prospect of getting us in the qualifying rounds. How did it get to this? Any other PLC would have sacked PL for the corporate damage he has bestowed on what was once a force in football. Unfortunately he and DD’s foresight only stretches as far as the other side of the river and I’m afraid, probably the majority of the 53k too.
Sorry for the rant, ma heids bursting !

January 8, 2021 6:41 am

Good morning
Interesting read . Reminiscences of yesteryear. Has anything changed ?Really changed? Back in the days of real glory, when Jock Stein was transferring his football knowledge to a squad of players that would conquer Europe, we were turning up in droves, but still funding the suits, just different suits. ( though personally I wasn’t contributing a thin dime due to being chucked over the turnstiles every other week). The tradition continues with 53,000 willing souls forking out annually. Well it was 53,000 at the last count. I suggest the number will be significantly less this time around. Or will it? What are the board planning for summer? My guess is , it’ll be a rerun of 2016. An underperforming manager will be mutually consented, ( synonym = sacked) and a new man appointed.
Nothing will happen prior to that. I say nothing, but that assumes Lenny will hang on to second spot. Further defeats will see a caretaker manager appointed until May. He ( Lenny) could lose the next few matches but that won’t initiate a permanent managerial appointment. Why? For the simple reason that if the new guy fails to impress in the ensuing 4 months or so, the board would face more expense when they were forced to dump him when season ticket renewal time arrives.

So it’ll be Lenny or a caretaker till May, and a new guy with a decent pedigree after that. An Eddie Howe? A Pochettino.? Whomever. It will be a recognisable name though. It has to be. Otherwise the season book take up will be the lowest ever.
Once the appointment is made, and the money is in, to know what happens next, you simply need to go to your Sky plus and rewind to 20th May 2016 then press fast forward to today.

There’s a lot of white noise currently going on the background , the Celtic trust in particular, but to me that’s all it is. White noise.
I listened in last night to the podcast Auldheid kindly linked, to the David Lowe interview. He spoke , ( DL) amongst other things, about the trust membership growing due to a period of unrest. ( I couldn’t help but make comparison to what I’d seen in the USA the previous evening. For a few moments I could picture 50,000 green and white clad rebels storming PL’s office. Of course it would achieve nothing other than give the media in this country enough ammo to last them a lifetime.)

On the growing membership of the CT, I’m truly still at a loss as to what it can achieve. Not questioning the good intentions, nor the credentials of the personnel, I just fail to see anything meaningful arising from it.
You see there was this theory that if the numbers swell, the board will have to sit up and take notice. Can I ask why? The board currently have 53,000 supporters handing over £30m per annum or a figure close to that, and what influence do they ( the supporters) have? Res 12 tells you the answer to that. They couldn’t give a flying fig once they’ve got your money.

PL commented very recently that JPT should be used as the communication channel between the fans and the board, as he was doing a great job blah blah. Now I’ve no doubt John Paul is indeed a great guy, but if anyone thinks for a minute that the board listen to , and act upon anything meaningful that the fans request through JP, then they need help. When I say meaningful I refer to anything that will change the way the board treat the supporters.

I see the ability of the CT to have any meaning influence in exactly the same way. Oh they’ll give you the platform, then screw you over.

Shares? I’ve said it before. There are simply not enough shares available to the CT to give them any influence whatsoever over this board.

The largest shareholders outside of DD are the key to this. Nick Train. Chris Trainer. James Keane. 33% or so of a combined shareholding.
Keane and Trainer , certainly James Keane may well be “Celtic minded” individuals, but the 3rd one of the group, Nick Train, the biggest investor below DD, cares about one thing only, the share price.

As it happens, I bought some shares in Lindsell train some years ago. As such, I get the annual investor report. At almost 50 pages I ain’t copying it here, but in the last report he spoke about the 5 year performance being up 51%, but then bemoans the UK FTSE performance which only contributed 5% or so. “Sobering” , the term he uses prior to a rant about how unsatisfactory it is.

The paying supporters, the CT, currently have absolutely no influence on the way DD PL IB et al, behave. The board have one aim. Make sure the likes of Nick Train is happy and by doing so, they line their own pockets.

What would make a difference?

The only action that I can see that will make the board sit up and notice and which would strengthen the CT position, would be to start speaking the only language the board both loves yet fears. Money.
Make a statement to say they will be advising all season ticket holders to withhold their money at renewal time until they get satisfactory responses to ABC. Despite their previous statement re res 12, that should be revisited.

Believe me when that share price starts to sink, Nick Train will be all over it. When he speaks up, Lawwell will react.
IF Lindsell Train were to sell off their shares, where they end up will be critical to the future . Is there a Celtic minded supporter out there with the necessary funds? I would think there is. I certainly hope so.
If Bobby / Mahe want to have a whip round I’ll start it off with a fiver when, if, I ever get paid😁.

It’s no laughing matter though. The thought of 53,000 renewing again in the summer with nothing else changing except the manager, fills me with dread. Surely it won’t happen ?

January 8, 2021 6:45 am

I wish I’d seen your post before I sat and typed all of my own post! Could’ve saved myself half an hour!!

January 8, 2021 6:53 am

Bluegrass Celt
I should have added, I hope you feel better soon!

January 8, 2021 7:02 am

Just looked out the window. Ffs. Better go get the snow aff the car. Gotta be more to life than this? Now if only I had a heated driveway? Or a butler?

As an aside, I was just thinking about my schedule today. Need to fit a visit to my mums in. On one of my visits last week she said

“ Oh J were you at the game on Saturday?”

Naw mum. No fans remember.?

“ oh aye that’s right. That was terrible though eh? Getting beat with them. I really think they need a new manager. Neil Lennon looks depressed to me?”

He’s not the only one mum. Not the only one.

Bluegrass Celt
January 8, 2021 7:06 am

Cheers mate. If it’s any consolation, I felt I’d just copied and rewritten the original post lol!
I’ll be fine bud. A couple of Co-codamol and I’ll be as right as rain. Hitting sixty is feeking murder!

January 8, 2021 7:23 am

Aye the 60’s. I was 62 in December. At Christmas I bought my youngest grandchild Scaletrix . I set it up for him coming.
It’s as good as it ever was, until, you’ve been on yer knees playing for an hour and go to stand back up! Geez. I need to get back into my fitness regime!

Bluegrass Celt
January 8, 2021 7:39 am

Aye Twisty, I know the feeling only to well. I never understood,or at least could relate to the Billy Connolly sketch about making weird noises when you hit a certain age. Well I sure do now! These lockdowns haven’t helped . Being stuck at hame with fridge full of vino and a draught beer machine on the kitchen bunker just added full to the fire. Cannae even go out for a walk, it’s like an ice rink outside!

January 8, 2021 7:53 am

Great leaders and posts the last couple of days
All I have to say is having travelled extensively in N America I have not really seen a lot of Celtic shirts when I do I usually say something and 9 times out of ten it’s somebody from the old country.
I bet the base of ten years ago has shrunk significantly and unless there is a big migration I can’t see it growing

January 8, 2021 8:27 am

Great lead article today again. So true!
And what a post from Twisty @ 6.41 – could have been article itself.

In a nutshell, Twisty is correct, it’s all about the money. Money speaks louder than words. But we need words to get the message out there. By spreading the message that boycotting is needed. And by fans buying up shares as they become available. Especially if a job lot like Lindsell Train come on the market. How that could be achieved I have no idea but it would probably need fast action with expertise, which the Celtic Trust might have? That’s probably an area David Low gets more excited about rather than tackling Res. 12 etc.

big packy
January 8, 2021 8:28 am

MORNING ALL and JIM, good leader there, but as twisty and bluegrass celt say the 53,000 season ticket holders need to keep their money in their pocket, its the only way to hurt this tory masonic board,ALAS it wont happen, to many of our fellow supporters only want to see us play the rainjurs 4 times a season, thats their be all and end all, rather sad really, aff oot dugwalking catch u all later,H,H,

January 8, 2021 8:29 am

My god Packy, were you reading my mind? !!!

big packy
January 8, 2021 8:30 am

JIM yes😋

January 8, 2021 8:43 am

It goes without saying I hope the Trust would take on board both the purchase of shares AND the corruption in Scottish football.

January 8, 2021 8:59 am

Bluegrass Celt, hope your cold gets better soon. As for the weather, remember the spring we had last year at the start of Lock Down? That time of year is not far away! Mid winter was about 3 weeks ago 🙂

Bluegrass Celt
January 8, 2021 9:22 am

Cheers Jim. I’m back in bed now. A wee lazy day in the hoose I think. Yeah I remember the start of lockdown…..scorchio. 😎.
I was just talking to a mate yesterday about this prolonged cold spell. 10 years ago and I think we ran out of grit. No chance of that this time, Barely seen a gritter out on the road.

January 8, 2021 9:41 am

Good Morning all
Excellent article and posts today 👍

Twisty at 6.41: spot on 100% re the CT, that is exactly what they should be doing – calling the Board out publicly. Will they though…🙄🙄


January 8, 2021 9:54 am

Bluegrass, yip I remember a couple of bad winters about 10 years ago. I was working in Edinburgh – 25 miles away. I couldn’t get in a few times. By and large the gritters took care of the main roads, bus routes etc but it was getting out of the housing schemes that was the problem. Genuinely the car was absolutely buried in snow drifts and the roads were the same. Even a 4 wheel drive would have found it difficult if not impossible. I used up a fair few accrued holidays at that time.

Noel Skytrot
January 8, 2021 10:16 am

Good article today guys. I agree with the general consensus amongst posters on this site that the withdrawal of funds by the supporters would soon have the shareholders and board clucking in their Georgian Chesterfield chairs. I think the ghosts of Kelly and White etc and what could have occurred in that period still haunt some as we were close to being finished and supporters have watched the death of Rangers* and might think if we do not support the club financially particularly with the way the world is these days, we could be in trouble.

January 8, 2021 11:29 am

If the CST dont change their position they are a busted flush as currently constituted.

My view which I think from reading your post is similar ie they need to become confrontational.

Did the closing words in the podcast give you any hope they are ready to do that?

Their emphasis on working with Celtic to meet their aim of increasing either shares or proxy had me thinking, what price did they pay to get cooperation or more likely what price would they pay in terms of their strategy if they became confrontational?

How they dont see what is a perception by joining dots becoming a reality fills me with little confidence in their judgement.

They are right where Celtic want them to be.

Weet weet weet
January 8, 2021 11:42 am


January 8, 2021 11:43 am

Motherwell employ a coach who has been sacked a few times.
Supposedly his sides play a robust defensive style?
Another Robinson?
Is there never any attempt by Scottish teams to usher in the modern game?
Seems kick and clug is preferred.
Someone should teach them a little bit about succession planning.
Red Bull have done well by preparing young coaches and players to learn the systems on their teams merry go round.
I know they have financial clout but on a different scale but partnerships with junior teams could help develop a more successful way than the constant restarts when coaches depart.

January 8, 2021 11:53 am

fan-a-tic, likewise having a youth academy where they are progressively trained in the same style of the senior team. Or reintroducing a reserve league in the Premiership. All 3 of these linkages would make sense even a financial way as well as in a football way.

it will never catch on!

January 8, 2021 11:53 am

It goes without saying I hope the Trust would take on board both the purchase of shares AND the corruption in Scottish football.
You can take it from me they know all about PLs denial of seeing the 5 Way Agreement.
The role Eric Riley played on not challenging the LNS Commission.
Rileys knowledge of the 5 Way Agreement.
What that might mean in respect of preventing footballing justice being pursued by Celtic.
Celtics refusal to act on evidence that the 2011 licence was gained under false pretence.

They knew all that or at least The Chair had it via the secretary who did not read it initially but would be part of the Committee that voted not to take up the opportunity arising from Res12 for reasons challenged here.

One conclusion that could be drawn is they agree with Celtic’s stance these are matters that are not in the interests of the Company to pursue.

Another is they think it is not in the CSTs interest in terms of their share/proxy acquisition strategy to be confrontational by making sure The Board keep their word to shareholders given in writing in the 2020 AGM notice.

In my fox and scorpion analogy I did say the wise fox let’s other foxes find out for themselves it’s a bad idea to give a scorpion a lift across a river. The other fox is the CST and they know they are dealing with a scorpion.

January 8, 2021 11:57 am

Good Morning all
Excellent article and posts today 👍

Twisty at 6.41: spot on 100% re the CT, that is exactly what they should be doing – calling the Board out publicly. Will they though…🙄🙄

You will get your answer from the podcast with David Low and SFM right at the end.

January 8, 2021 12:08 pm

Frankly no I didn’t.
Can I ask you a question which I genuinely don’t know the answer to?

When the CST adopted the position that they would not pursue the res 12 matter any further, for the reasons already outlined, was that decision made by the committee members of the CT, or was a vote taken to the membership of the CT and they voted against further pursuing it?

I keep harping back to the same point. I can’t see that any decisions taken by the current board at CP will be taken with anything other than self interest in mind, and no one including the CT will change that.

If I find a spare £50k lying about and decided to try and use it to influence a board decision, what could I do with it?

1. Give it to the CT ? What would that achieve under the current structure / shareholding?


2. If I decided to give £1000 each to 50,000 season ticket holders who agreed that in return they would withhold their season book money this coming season,

Which would have most effect?

Option 1 would have the same ripple effect as throwing a peanut into the Pacific.

The ripples from option 2 would have a tsunami type effect that simply couldn’t be ignored.

January 8, 2021 12:19 pm

Auldheid, It’s all a question of priorities for the Trust. I am aware of some good things they have done apart from shareholding issues. But tackling the rotten smell around the Celtic Board is at the bottom of the pile in the ‘To Do’ tray.

I have agreed with you, still do, that increasing the membership of the trust is important. Celtic plc, sitting with a Trust representing 20k members should give the Board some food for thought. This would be different than 53k season ticket holders, many of whom have no interest in off field matters. This would be 20K people who have went to the bother of joining an organisation, maybe with a financial commitment too, that have not joined up to talk about our poor defence!

But even so, the Trust as it is, will not have PL & DD trembling under the table at the Boardroom. As Twisty mentioned earlier, the number of members means nothing as things stand. Especially if the Trust do not like ‘confrontation’.

My big hope in seeing a huge increase in membership lies in the talent it will bring forth.

Who knows, maybe the Trust you see in 5 years time might just be the Trust you wish for! But you’ve got to start from somewhere.

January 8, 2021 12:20 pm

Naps table updated.

Table after 02/01

Premier Division

RayMac £23.33. (5.73)
The Real McCoy £7.00. (12.94)
Cosy Corner B £5.50 (0)
Celtic Champs £1.00 (7.91)
Craig 76 -£0.30(6.06)
Vogue Punter -£3.10. ( 8.48)
Big Packy -£5.76 (0.78)
Jim the Tim -£9.33. ( 4.72)
Leftclicktic -£12.38. (14.34)
Bada -£13.67. (6.26)
Mahe -15.10. (9.01)
First Division

Calton Tongues -£10.50. (8.95)#
BMCUW -£11.82 ( 11.38)
Jimmy NP -£17.25. (4.83)
Gordon -£19.10. ( 5.30)
Valleybhoy -£19.67. ( 18.46)
Chalmersbhoy -£20.00. (6.48)
Garry -£21.12. ( 9.88)
Twisty -£27.00. ( 11.6)
Big Railroad B. -£27.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£27.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£27.00. ( 0.63)

January 8, 2021 12:27 pm


The CST is at the moment the only organisation which has the standing to question Celtic. Whether they have the clout to change the direction of the club is another matter-but clearly that is their aim. Therefore,those with similar aims should look at joining it,even if it is with a view to changing the direction of the trust to one more to their liking.

January 8, 2021 12:29 pm


I f you could afford to give £1000 each to 50,000 season ticket holders,you could afford to buy a majority stake in the club.

January 8, 2021 12:45 pm

Bobby, there’s about a dozen posters on here I would love to see on the committee of the Trust. They shall remain nameless except to say I’m not one of them. I’m retired! Thank feck 🙂

Angel Gabriel
January 8, 2021 12:54 pm

Twisty 12.08

Some excellent posts this morning.
On the 2 scenarios, the 2nd would indeed cause a Tsunami.

The problem being, who would offer the £1k to the 50,000+ season ticket holders.
For just a short time , let’s imagine this was possible.
How many would accept the £1000 to change what is generally , a life style change ?

Whether we as a support are being used as a cash cow and being conned isn’t of much importance to a significant number.
The CQN of old , Sentinel Celts , Etims etc , only gets read , or contributed to by a small percentage of the support.
At this moment, my choice is made . I’m stopping my contributions. No season book for the first time in decades.
I paid into at least a decade where the game I watched was bent .
That’s not a bent by referees , that’s a bent that involved the SFA , all the way up to and including the SFA president.
When I say to friends that nothing has changed in the way the game is governed, since we lost league’s by goal difference and a point, they shrug their shoulders.

Many might not renew, but that’s mainly down to the poor performances. Not that Celtic are actually the Scorpions that Auldheid discovered . We know they hang out at Hampden , Ibrox and in our PLC .

They still see it as Green v Blue . Tim v Hun .
They still think our side are the goodies .

Acceptance of anything else, is basically admitting that we’ve been duped .
You know it , I know it , most on here acknowledge it .

The large body of the support, won’t change the habits of a lifetime. The lifetime , includes the Celtic fc roller coaster. What matters more than the suits , is the pals on the supporters bus . The pals in the pub . Singing the Rebs after a win .

They might take notice, if the CST or supporters association challenges the board and advises that they withhold their money. Then again they might not , but without a movement like Celts for Change , occurring in 2021 , it’s not happening.
No matter how loud we on here shout. HH

January 8, 2021 1:05 pm

I doubt there will ever be enough shares available for anyone to get their hands on. Who would sell them? If it’s not Desmond, Train or Keane then I fail to see how it would materialise that you could gather up a “ majority shareholding “ regardless of how much money you had?

Angel Gabriel
Oh I wasn’t suggesting it’s a feasible option, purely stating that it’s the only way that this board will ever take notice.
I agree it’s a way of life for many, and always will be, and I think it’s for exactly that reason the board have been able to operate in the manner they do.

January 8, 2021 1:32 pm


When lifelong Celtic supporters like yourselves are driven to the point that only refusing to renew season tickets will make your dissatisfaction plain to an uncaring board,then there are indeed some deep problems at our club. But they have been apparent for some time,just treated with contempt,brushed aside,as have the people who voiced their discontent. Mainly because anyone who didn’t buy their ticket soon saw it snapped up by someone else!

So previously,the idea of boycotts hasn’t worked in practice. The difference in the coming renewal season is that this season has given every ST holder a look at what happens without one,as no-one has been able to attend anyway. I’m not so sure that would drive very many people not to renew,as so many have missed going to the games. But add in a few other factors,such as cost when so many will be struggling financially,losing the title-and the abject way that it has happened-and the refusal by the board to replace a failing manager and you may have the beginning of a perfect storm,or at least a very strong headwind.

It is a very poor time to be a Celtic supporter when the only positive to be taken from the season to date is the emergence of a defensive midfielder.

January 8, 2021 2:11 pm

Afternoon all…a great leader and most pertinent in the nature of how businesses which are subject to a variety of differing viewpoints require to be run in an autocratic fashion. It has always been thus – the many and varied dissenting voices and opinions are the very simple reasons for a Board of Directors., not just in times of tribulation. Football is in the unique position of having a special hold on each supporters’ life and culture and the fact that it’s exploited is no surprise to the many intelligent guys on here and elsewhere…it has to be exploited for the business to succeed. And I use ‘exploit’ as a positive term to utilise the financial, physical and emotional support which can be a huge positive. And without wanting to be repetitious, which the narrative has become, when the exploitation is used – or perceived to be used – negatively as a means of extortion then we have what we are experiencing now!
I think it was Bobby, apologies if it was someone else, earlier in the week suggested he couldn’t understand the Board’s reasons for allowing Celtic to be overtaken by the Tribute Act. I honestly don’t get that either! I find it hard to swallow. I do appreciate a concerted effort to keep them in fitba, business is business after all, but I cannot conceive of a deliberate effort to undermine our own business as significantly as has happened this season. Any kind of failure this season would always impact on next year, even if had we been challenging for the League there are many of us not enthralled by the European failures or the League Cup defeat. Many supporters happy to have reached the Ten but unhappy with the standard of fitba and the underlying structural faults at Board level would – maybe already have – make a decision not to renew.
Like many others on here I have been a paying supporter for many years and have been taking my son since Season 12/13, it means so much to me to spend this time with him in our wee ‘Celtic Bubble’. The overall financial cost of supporting Celtic is enormous to me and is a huge commitment but is one I undertake freely as a lifestyle choice. I am not ignorant to the ways of the Board, or the emotional/financial exploitation axis they need to operate on. I haven’t made a decision about next year’s tickets but I can say this with complete honesty; when the time comes to renew it will be harder for me not to!!
And for the record I don’t hold to or conform with the view that many Celtic supporters care only about the games against them…in 2012 I would have pressed down and snapped the neck of the old club and never regretted the decision.

January 8, 2021 2:13 pm

Wee reminder of some possibilities with an enlarged CST.

big packy
January 8, 2021 2:21 pm

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mcaff, dont renew, sorted that one for you😋

January 8, 2021 2:26 pm

McCaff, If you do renew your STs this coming season at least you can’t be accused of being a ‘green hun’ ! your last sentence proved that! 🙂 Seriously though, you are an intelligent, well informed supporter, you will have made your decision with the best of intentions. You could of course delay the renewal as late as possible to put the frighteners up Celtic and inform JPT. You could also join the CST – you owe us that at least! (You would be a great contributor at their Zoom meetings).

January 8, 2021 2:32 pm

Hi Jim…I hope you and your fingers are well today!?! 😁
I have started an Open Letter to the plc but tbh it seems to require updating every time I look at it as events in the last 1-2 weeks took a real downward turn…and many comments on here cause me to pause again! Unfortunately I am now undecided about the CST! I was all for it but their Res 12 decision took me by surprise and left me wondering HOW they expect to have a real voice if their intended method of Share Purchase is the chosen route to change!

January 8, 2021 2:33 pm


An awful lot in that 211 post which I agree with,not least that a board at a club like ours cannot function as a simple committee which tries to be all things to all men. In effect,it should operate as a dictatorship-but as a benign one,one with an ear to the ground,not the one-man show that we have seen for the last decade and more.

ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I were discussing Bankier earlier in the week,and how he followed a former head honcho at The Bank of England,a former multi-Secretary of State and the chairman of BT. That his only justification for the position was in handing out free miniatures of a whisky that most of us wouldn’t use as drain cleaner. It is difficult to imagine the first two to permit Lawwell to go rogue and out of control,nor for the third to allow it to continue. Bankier on the other hand is as useless as a chocolate fireguard. There are no constraints on our CEO-who should be reporting to and answerable to the board,not taking the place of it.

The board needs a major clearout and a clearly defined change of direction. We have had nearly a decade of dominance in Scotland,yet we can look back on it as a lost decade. One where our European standing has taken a severe kicking-with the associated loss of revenue-and the quality of players in the squad has slumped. And the only bright spot was a brief flickering under a manager who was driven out by the ego of the CEO,who wanted his toy back.

What we have now is a trashed brand which no player in their right mind would join,no manager of any note is likely to touch,no leading agent will approach. And a board which trumpets their success during this period!

And yet we have no idea how to drive them out. What a shambles.

January 8, 2021 2:36 pm


15 to 20 years ago, when both my sons were your son’s age now, we had 3 season tickets for Celtic Park. There is no way, I could explain to them that I was cancelling our Season Tickets. It also was the one event where the 3 of us could bond and chat on a weekly basis. I understand your predicament. It was easy for me to give up my sole season ticket, 18 months ago.

January 8, 2021 2:38 pm

If only I could know why particular ideas come into my head! I would bottle it and make a fortune selling it. Today, for no discernable reason I started to think about Strategy and Structure within an organization. Perhaps, it was Twisty’s post that sparked it. Anyway, let’s blame him!

One of the fundamental questions in management is : Does Structure follow Strategy, or is it the other way round? It seems obvious that first you devise your strategy and then you structure your company/organization so that it achieves that strategy. However, that is often not the case.

Take Celtic FC, firstly what is its strategy? If you go to you will have a hard job finding it. There is information on just about everything but corporate strategy. We have sections on 1) Investor Relations, 2) Club Partners, 3) Jobs At Celtic and YES 4) a Social Mission Statement and Charter, but overall strategy is curiously missing.

The immediate impact of going to the club website is that they want to sell you something, e.g. merchandise, tickets and hospitality. The selling does not stop at just taking your money. No, there is a propaganda message to be sold as well, “Manager: We’ll reap the benefits of training camp.”

OK, so corporate strategy does not seem to be a priority for the website. Oh, it is probably there somewhere but should it not be the starting point for learning about the club? If so, why is it not immediately visible? Let’s return to the Structure follows Strategy issue
Let’s look at one example of structure–recruitment. The CEO controls who gets signed, perhaps, he even approves the targets. Over the last few years we have signed a bunch of “projects” like Amido Balde, MacKay-Steven…Oh, you get the picture. These types of signing occur too frequently to be just chance. Someone, probably the CEO decided that we are better off gambling on 3 projects at 2 million each, than one player at 6 million. Now think about how that policy impacts on one aspect of our corporate strategy…i.e. competing in Europe. Going into CL qualifiers or the Blessed CL Groups with several of your team in the 2 million category will, most of the time, determine the outcome. More often than not, it results in a loss. We have all experienced how that feels. Remember the Elhamed error vs Ferencvaros? So here we have an example of how structure is determining one aspect of strategy and, frankly, it is not working.

Suppose, reality is the other way round, i.e. that Strategy determines Structure. Suppose our European Strategy is to qualify for the CL groups, or to progress beyond the Group stage in the Europa. These objectives require a certain level of quality in the team, certainly a level well above what you normally get by buying at 2 million. Say it is at least 5 million per player. So, given our objectives in Europe, we should now be targeting players in the 5+ million bracket. Put the structure in place to find such players(it is not DD from Israel). This structure should involve someone whose whole career has been spent in football, i.e. a bona fide DOF. Now you have an appropriate structure that fits with your European ambitions. You have a chance of realizing your objectives.
How close do you think we are to dealing with the above issues? Currently, there is more chance of Santa coming back in January than there is of the club having Structure follow Strategy.


January 8, 2021 2:39 pm

Garry, it’s for that reason and that reason alone that I sympathise with McCaff’s ST predicament.

big packy
January 8, 2021 2:41 pm

bobby and jim will remember annette, one of our customers who sadly died of a brain tumour about 2 years ago now, she was only 53, her dying wish was we take care of her beloved westie jorge, he is one of the family now, he had an ear infection, went down to the vets with him this morning, a small tube of ointment cost us 89 quid, 59 pounds just to walk through the door and 30 pounds for the ointment, then the bombshell he needs his teeth seeing to and whitened, cost 700 pounds, problem being jorge was never insured, wee joan always gets our dogs insured so any hefty vet bills you have piece of mind, when we had the shop it would have been no problem to hand over 700 quid, but sadly we have not got the money now, wee joan just said to the vet, dont worry ill clean his teeth myself,true story👍

January 8, 2021 2:41 pm

I was just about to reply to you Bobby but read the first line or two of Rebus’ post…it may be that he is saying much more eloquently what I hoped to…the floor is yours Rebus….

January 8, 2021 2:45 pm

My last sentence should have read ‘easier’, rather than easy.

January 8, 2021 2:50 pm

Rebus, couldn’t agree more. Celtic should have a strategy. Publish it on their site. Whilst they are at it, could they also publish Peter Lawwell’s Job Description and Key Performance Indicators?

January 8, 2021 2:51 pm

Garry – I hope you’re good, mate. You’ve been on a lot the last few days, has work dried up? And Jim, too…my thoughts are that I don’t want to give up my tickets – I WANT to go to the fitba! Remember the shit we sat through in the 90’s!! I enjoy every success since then because of then!

January 8, 2021 2:52 pm

Excellent post.
Alluding to BMCUW ‘s post.
What does our Chairman Ian Bankier do, apart from slagging off Celtic supporters?

January 8, 2021 2:52 pm

Rebus…I was gonna say that!🤣🤣🤣

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