Get ready for it,,,

Now that we have passed the halfway mark with a sizeable gap separating us from the leaders, everytime someone or indeed anyone within the domestic game registers a positive Covid-19 test, get ready for someone to bring it up,,




With Scottish football, or more implicitly everyone but Her Majesty’s favourite team, on a yellow card, after the next high profile breach look out for it to be screamed by all but especially the forth estate, in what would be a tacit form of support.


And now we have managers within the biggest league in the world saying this is wrong, football should be halted for safety reasons, which serves to strengthen the hand of the above who will gladly hide behind faux public safety when suits, yet we don’t hear much for the safety of those on the receiving end of many an agricultural tackle up north which goes unreported and to often uncarded.


In fairness, I doubt any of us would complain should we see our title handed over as let’s face it they’re going to win the league. I’m thinking a straw poll of supporters, realising the above, would probably prefer to just end this season from hell happily foregoing the remaining ‘torture’.


I would posit any signings made would peak some interest, but if the Park was open would expect to hear of 30k crowds ala Ronnie and the Closed Top Tiers (their second album was the best – badoom tish) towards the tail of this campaign assuming all stays as is.


So prepare for phone in shows and drive time radio stations to give airtime to those in favour of curtailing but especially Celtic fans. Expect the topic to become a hot potato on blogs with the ‘until it’s mathematically impossible’ brigade yelling no way while the rest say ‘take it’.
“It went your way last year!” the shock jocks (pardon the pun) will rightly point out, but there was no vaccine in sight then and calling it was genuinely done with safety in mind.
That won’t be the case for everyone yelling it this time. And somehow I don’t see our board rocking the boat on this decision.
‘Bitterly disappointed but ultimately supporter safety must come first’ will more than likely be the message and I would reply if you’re going to talk of safety upon fans return there better be hand sanitizer freely available and or soap and hot water available in all toilets at all times.
Can’t have it both ways.


As for our title rivals, having covered up one major breach, should they discover another would close things down, would you put it past them to leak one, preferably someone else of course. The hacks are on sniffer dog mode I reckon.


If it goes down it goes down, won’t change my outlook, and I believe many here would feel the same. But mark my words watch the campaign emerge, go from snowball to avalanche rapidly backed up by every Tom, Dick, and Harry,,then be phrased as for the best all around.


Curtail will soon be the cry.

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CORNELIOUS, dont worry ive got enough here for both of us😎


From Prov Devi Sridhar on Twitter.
She also serves as a member of the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 advisory group set up to provide advice on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland.

How can we get numbers down if people keep returning from trips abroad to COVID hotspots like Dubai? This is a reserved power to U.K. govt. They are undermining all local efforts to suppress bc they’re not putting in place any real travel restrictions.

So that will be another kick at Celtic, then.


On the issue of Wednesday’s insurrection I attach 2 links.

One gives another perspective on what the cops did…

The other is from the former Governor of California

Stay safe folks.


Yep – wasting no time to put the boot in

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Packy LOL 🙂

Awe Naw

When it comes to Covid hot spots UK is 26th hottest on the planet. UAE 68th and that´s being very kind to the UK. Between 26th and 68th are all major UEFA countries.


If anyone has a link to this Juco James podcast pls stick it up

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JIM, thought you would like that one😎


Best throw-in ever 🤣



That gets funnier the more you watch it!



Some strong stuff there,mate.


Mahe Is this the one you mean?
The Huddle Breakdown with James, Alan & Enda.

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CHALMERSBHOY, get back on here dont let the bassas get you down, i know how you are feeling same as BIGAUDIODYNAMITE, thats what the tory masonic board want, lets stick together,H,H,


Thanks Cornelius

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Duffy came home early from Dubai…..


Bobby @5:22 pm

I really couldn’t give a flying f**k what Sturgeon is saying. The fact is that in travelling to Dubai Celtic FC presented her with a number of open goal opportunities to score points against us and she has happily taken them. Again i don’t care who said what to who and when it was agreed – A trip to Dubai in the current climate was indefensible especially given the history of members of our squad testing positive for covid during and after trips away on international duty. And for good measure they go and feck it up further when John Kennedy simply comes away with shite like “it was just wee slips in protocol” and “it’s being blown out of proportion” just adds fuel to the flames. It’s a world pandemic people are dying people are losing their livelihoods but our team of highly paid spoilt underachievers just had to head off for a jolly – and please don’t try to tell me that 4 days or so training in a hot dry climate is going to greatly improve the squads fitness – its halfway through a season – if they ain’t conditioned and fit yet they never will be.
Again imo it’s yet another Feck you to the support



Couldn’t agree more,which I’ve said before and will again in tomorrow’s article.

bada bing1

Rumour the team will be decimated by the Covid case….


Bada Bing1

It’s part of a DD/PL plan to explain away finishing 3rd in the league.
It was Covid what done it…



Fun boy three

Our lips are sealed


NEW: Passengers arriving in Scotland from Dubai will have to quarantine from 4am on Monday.

Scottish Gov making change due to “increased numbers” of positive cases arriving in Glasgow since the new year.


Bada Bing & JnP

Not even Scotgov could retrospectively reverse the approval for Celtic’s trip – could they?


The referee in the Dundee v Bonnyrigg game was Gavin Duncan.
He clearly wants to uphold the reputation of Scottish referees as the most incompetent in the known world.
He awards Bonnyrigg a penalty when their man missed the ball completely but kicked the Dundee defender above the knee.
He awards them a second penalty when their forward did a Morelos – throwing himself to the ground.
The forward, like his hero in blue, felt a hand pull on his left upper arm and contrived to fall forward instead of backwards as would have been the case had the “tug” been real.
Defying physics is the latest virus in Scotland.

This is the same match where Celtic loanee Jonathon Afolabi was racially abused by Bonnyrigg folk.



Bloody awful refereeing.

Nana Mouskouri

You can take the girl out of Dreghorn but you can’t take Dreghorn out of the girl.


In the season of honest mistakes I used the analogy of watching the bowling ball in a run to the jack.

You could see the swerve in action that meant the bowl did not run straight towards the jack.

However we all knew why, there was an inbuilt bias in the shape of the bowl.

It is back in play in Scottish football this season and as far as I’m concerned CELTIC have done SFA to get a football on the park sticking to the analogy.

Two games where Rangers normally would be expected to drop points 11v 11.

Not to mention the number of penalties or failures to book or red card their players.

The only time I saw a referee not display bias was the game they lost to St Mirren.

How the feck doing nothing about this charade is not in the Company’s interest I do not know.

Reminds me of the time in March 2010 (Yup over 10 years ago) I got the CST to put refereeing and the video review process on the Agenda at an Open Meeting where the poppy on the jersey was the only item.

The difference then was it was in Celtic’s interest to act on the resolution coming from the floor of that meeting but that was pre The 5 Way Agreement.

As is my way I wrote an article for Not The View and on reading over the part in respect of refereeing I am posting it here. I’m not sure if the Heading now should be Plus ca change or Deja Vu.

20 March 2010 Open Meeting Observations.
The Honest Mistakes.
No Celtic supporter needs telling the background for this addition to the Meeting’s agenda. Feelings were running high about what looks like blatant favouring of Rangers by match officials or those responsible for appointing them at the SFA as well as how the SFA administer the disciplinary rules. The problem was what to do about a system that the Celtic support have lost confidence in.

The proposal put forward below was discussed. The feeling from some was that the language could be stronger, more direct and down to earth. The counter argument was that to do that might open opportunities for those, only too keen to do so, to deflect from the central message that all Celtic wanted was a level playing field on which to play the game, which was the SFA’s responsibility to deliver. The fact that other Scottish teams might feel the same way was seen as another reason to support the proposal although the mood of the meeting was it had to be clear that the message of loss of confidence came directly from a Celtic support that put a lot of money into Scottish Football.

The proposal was intended to set a goal, something against which future progress could be measured, but the feeling in the room was also to back it up with some teeth. The pros and cons of boycotting some away games was discussed and a show of hands indicated a large number there were in favour, (although that was still not an indicator of wider support), but the logistical difficulties of organising something effective quickly combined with the sacrifice having to be borne by a few, meant nothing immediate could be considered in boycott terms. However if there were no signs of Celtic and SFA action on the proposal then organised boycotts of certain away games next season were not ruled out of the question.

Other easier ways of demonstrating the supporters’ dissatisfaction, like turning their backs on play for a time or brandishing red cards at referees and the SFA, to make our feelings known to the world were also discussed and these ideas are still under consideration to underpin the following proposal agreed at the Meeting that Celtic be asked to convey to the SFA. It may be embellished before being passed on but the core message speaks for itself:

The Proposal
1. As a result of evidence accumulated during this football season 2009/10, the Celtic support in all forms, who are major contributors to the financial well being* of the game in Scotland, have lost all confidence in the ability of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to administer professional football in Scotland in manner that reflects their duty of care to all aspects of the game and everyone who takes part in it.

2. The lost confidence will only be restored by the implementation of policies and procedures covering four major areas of concern viz:
(i) Transparency in Appointments Procedures
(ii) Transparency in Disciplinary Procedures
(iii) Accountability of all Office Holders
(iv) An Annual and Independent Audit of SFA Policies,
Appointments and Disciplinary Procedures.
3. The Celtic support asks Celtic to convey our concerns and their provenance to the appropriate authorities as they see fit viz:
• Football Authority in Scotland (The SFA)
• and Europe (UEFA)
• Civil authority (on the issue of proper governance.)

4. We note the Review of Scottish Football being conducted by Henry McLeish and ask if his terms of reference agreed with the SFA cover the issues described above and if not, why not and will they be added?
* Note: As a club, we are 1 member of the SFA (i.e. 2.5% share of voice), however as supporters with average gates of 55,000+ then we represent approx 33% of the 170,000 CUSTOMERS who pay to watch Scottish Football.
Having 2.5% customer dissatisfaction is a problem,33% is a disaster waiting to happen.

The Commitments.
Remember them? If this great Open Meeting adventure is not to fail as The Commitments did, and some of the difficulties stemming from lack of authority and mandate were evident in the conduct of the meeting, some form of informal structure is required. Now if that is not Irish neither were my ancestors, but just because it is Irish it can be done. Like the Commitments, the Open Meeting has to find a way to transform itself into an entity that sings Celtic soul songs that others will want to listen to. Songs created from the Celtic heart, with passion for sure, but songs with reason and purpose:

• The overall purpose always being the ongoing prosperity, spiritually and materially of Glasgow Celtic.

However, despite the quality of their songs the Commitments ultimately failed because the needs of the individuals took precedence over the group. If the Open Meeting is to become the lobby, a forum where the Celtic support can voice their concerns knowing that they will be transformed into songs that will be listened to, then Group and individual egos are going to have to be suspended at times for that greater good.

The shape and form of a relevant informal structure are being looked at by those involved in the Open Meeting process and will be published in accessible places for consultation and feedback from those interested in taking part as they are developed.


Afternoon All,

1 9 10 11