The New Normal?



Tonight sees the return of football to the screens of the Celtic support with sadomasochistic tendencies. The year ended badly for us on and off the pitch,and the new one has,if anything,been worse! We have effectively surrendered our cherished league title,and carelessly abandoned any hold we had on the moral high ground. Our ill-intentioned trip to summer camp saw to that,allowing a rent-a-quote First Minister to put the boot in just at a time when she was under fire herself for breaching covid restrictions,not to mention” irregularities” in her part in the prosecution of her predecessor.


Never give a sucker an even break,but it seems to be the one thing that Celtic still excel at. And it seems that we are happy to play fast and loose with our favours too. Got a problem? That’s fine. Celtic will shoot themselves in the foot again,take the pressure off you. That’s what happens when you don’t have a proper PR representation,as many of us have been warning of for years.


Much of this would matter little,if only our footballing side of things wasn’t such a shambles. And it is. Look at it-who is our first-choice goalkeeper? Does anyone know for sure? Or have implicit trust in the same way that we had for a blissful fourteen years from the arrival of The Holy Goalie? Four goalkeepers,whose combined fees were half of what we paid for the current one,and if I’m honest I would take Artur back even now!


Our star player is playing upfront and we are watching a flowering talent wilt before our eyes. With players of enormous talent-and value!-benched and out the picture,and the only bright spots being previously ignored lads in midfield,both barely out of their teens.


Yet our famously unreliable backline has the biggest problems. Taylor isn’t as rated by most as I think he deserves to be,and that alone must be affecting his confidence. Laxalt is a terrific player,clearly supremely fit,but cannot provide a final ball. Not helped of course,that their forward connection,Mo,doesn’t think football is a team game. Right back is even worse-as we don’t have one! Elhamed doesn’t want to be here,Ralston has as much chance of making it at Celtic as I have,and Frimpers is being used further forward to cover an area criminally exposed by playing James Forrest while he had a stress fracture.


And then there is our central defence. Or Kris Ajer,as it is better known. Another player who would prefer to be elsewhere,and doesn’t even enjoy playing at centre back. In fairness to him,his performances have been excellent despite that. But who do we have to partner him,whether as a two or a three? Bitton,suspended,and not even a good midfielder. Jullien,out for the season. Welch,inexperienced and not up to scratch-yet,at least. And Duffy,who is just the most unlikely bomb scare ever,but sadly that is what he is. So one more injury away from disaster.


And with less than three weeks of the transfer window left-one made more complicated by Brexit,but known about in advance-our footballing department,our recruitment department,are showing no sign of doing their jobs in these vital areas. We have a lame duck manager,yes-but he is in charge of a lame duck football team. And he is controlled,like the rest of the entire company is controlled,by a lame duck director of everything except accepting responsibility. Or delegating it.


Get used to life in the slow lane? We can only dream of such heady days.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Nana Mouskouri

Gordon64 lol

Nana Mouskouri

Pray for Hoopy

Nana, prayers said. Wee soul!


Maybe not having any of our poor coaches on the bench is a blessing.
McIntyre has had the youth playing a modern version of football unlike Neil’s first team.


Hoopy 😂

JNP – ye know whit bud, for all the shit today ( and yesterday with an equipment failure which ended up taking over my Sunday) it’s the Celtic thing that’s bugging me most.
What an absolute mess . This kinda stuff was typical of what we would expect across the city only a year ago.

We’d be laughing at them.

Beyond belief how far we have plummeted in such a short space of time .

Though some might say we’ve been in free fall for years


Raman Bawbag has a different list of those isolating.
Looks like it’s from Celtic’s own twitter account.

I give up, time for Lunch.



And, so it begins….

BBC Scotland Lunchtime News: Specky Chris (nae backbone) McLaughlin, re football being stopped below Scottish Championship: Lower League Teams are asking why are we getting punished for Celtic going to Dubia? WTF?




Celtic have really backed themselves into a corner with that bloody pathetic statement.


Yip, Here’s that wee fanny Ross, jumping on the bandwagon.

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross tells viewers:
He is reluctant, as an assistant referee, to comment on the Celtic Dubai situation, but he does say that people have to look at the message it sends out.

He points out that for many people at home alone at the moment, football is something they look forward to and “we don’t want to see the whole of Scottish football affected by the actions of one club”.


Well,when you set yourself up as a punchbag,you can hardly complain when people fire in with the free hits.


CT, JNP, Bobby
Are we deliberately trying to sabotage our ever diminishing chances ( or non existent chances in the opinion of many) of winning the 10?

Outrageous suggestion on the face of it, but wtf??



That would be to credit our lot with a competence that they don’t have.

Sol Kitts

Alternative Board Statement (Backbone Director)
We would like to apologise for our stupidity in taking our players out of their protective bubble and flying to Dubai. While this was a perfectly legal action at the time, we accept that it was incredibly stupid and arrogant, at a time when so many people in our country are becoming infected by Covid, and too many are dying. We now see, in hindsight, that we were wrong to trust the assurances of the Scottish Government that the trip was legitimate.
In making this apology, we must also state that we will take no lectures from a First Minister who herself broke the same laws that we are being vilified for, and who refused to take action against one of her own MPs who travelled in a cramped train carriage while fully aware that she was infected with Covid – not one way but also on a return journey.
As we have now stringently dealt with the infection incident, and efficiently placed all those in contact with the infected player into self-isolation, we await a communication from the First Minister approving of and commending our actions.
Finally, we would ask the Scottish Press, who have been quick to jump on the bandwagon afforded them by our stupidity, to investigate the circumstances surrounding attendees at a birthday party held in a Rangers player’s home, where it is alleged only 2 minor squad players were present and the birthday boy was not at a party in his honour, in his own home. In the interests of public safety, they may also investigate and report on the Ibrox club’s lack of positive tests among everyone at Ibrox. Clearly what they are doing to prevent any positive results should be shared with the rest of the Scottish population so that they can all do the same things to stay safe.


Don’t worry bhoys as we have been told by our management team it’s just a wee slip up, your all taking things out of context and exaggerating the situation.

Talking bollocks with a nice tan CSC.



Blinder! As opposed to the real one,which was a blunder.

bada bing1

A few fake lists going around of who is isolating


Cracking new banner at the park.
Comical Lawwell 😁.
No time to link.


bada bing1

That prk Ross has just given up his ‘neutral ‘ status

bada bing1

As Scottish Conservative leader you would think Ross would be in a cosy relationship with our Board! (But not the team obviously).


When you are complicit in wrongdoings and illegality you leave yourself open to having to bend over and take your just desserts. Now maybe the time for our club to do the right thing and reveal all the skeletons before the demise of Scottish football is placed on their laps by desperate snakes in the grass.

big packy

well just been up to parkhead wae my boots, your too old mate i was told, ffs im only 45, stanley mathews was playing when he was 50, another true story😎

Nae luck Packy, at least you tried! btw did you put the banner up?

bada bing1

Gavin Strachan’s laptop is ok for the game tonight, it has an anti virus programme on it👍

big packy

JIM, of course😎

bada bing1

Rogic’s covid will only last 60 minutes, apparently.


Emdy fancy a bet tonight?



When I was in my teens I went to Blackpool with my mate for the week.
Unpacking our bags he pulls out a pair of football boots.
“ wtf have ye brought them for?”

He said “ I’m going down to Blackpool FC to ask for a trial” he tells me.

I told him he wouldn’t get near the pitch. On the Monday or Tuesday he gets up early and heads off to the ground. He was a decent player mind ye but perhaps not as good as he thought he was.

Anyway he returned a few hours later. He did get in, and did get to participate in full training session. He said “ they’ve told me they’ll give it some thought and be in touch”

They never called ! Fair play though, he was a trier.


Very good 😂


What a shitshow.
The season from hell.

Twisty, Spent a few good night’s in Blackpool’s The Tangerine Club. It’s the nearest I’ve ever got to an orange club!


I’ve watched a Blackpool home game Twists believe it or not.

After a day like that, retirement beckons 😉

Hail Hail

big packy


big packy

BTW, it was not my boots i brought along, it was a pair solkitts gladly lent me in 1960, another true story👍


Stick Paul the Tim on bench as a gesture to the fella

puff puff

It better be wet in Glasgow iv only got ma 6 studs in the truck .

big packy

to be honest did not know where blackpools ground was until driving towards the pleasure beach one day, i got lost and came across this football stadium ,reminded me of cliftonhill, albion rovers ground,on a good day😎 another true story,H.H,

Nana Mouskouri

Puff puff file your studs down I don’t like hibs


Yep. Ditto
Bloomfield Road if I recall correctly.

Was in Blackpool . I was probably in my late teens. Met a girl. Jane . Absolutely stunning she was. Tried to arrange to meet her the following night.

“ I’m going to be in the Leyton Miners club” she told me. I’ll never forget the name of that club.

Anyhow it was apparently a club which was more for the older clientele as opposed to young bucks in Blackpool for some fun, but, she was such a stunner I persuaded my mate to chum me down there as I wanted to meet her again.

He agreed. The club was indeed a little out the norm for both of us, but undaunted, i sat and waited. And waited. No sign. Disappointed to say the least but hey ho. The acts were about to start on stage.

As we sit with our pints we are considering heading back to the main throw when the compère announces “ Now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on stage, Jane, and as you’ll see, she’s no plain Jane”

She walked on stage and was as absolutely stunning as I’d remembered through my drunken stupor the previous night.

Anyway spent the week with her and kept in touch with a few visits back and forth . She eventually landed a modelling job somewhere in Europe.

Quality summer that was!!

puff puff

Am working late nana so can only make the 2nd half


Yeah I’ve seen a couple games in Blackpool. Long time ago mind

Nana Mouskouri

Puff puff fecking part timer. Will need to get wee fat boy McCaff to play upfront



An excellent lead article.

Nana and Jimthetim

So sad to hear about poor Hoopy. At the end of the day though, there’s only room for one dog at Parkheid.

Big Packy.

You’re spot on as usual.

Haven’t been on for a couple of days. Been working my way through the CS archives. All the warning signs have been there from the start of this blog… it’s like flamin’ groundhog Day.

Very many quality posts on here today. Good to see that despite the obvious anger around, our sense of humour never eludes us.

Now, to the main event. All Celtic blogs that I havebeen on soo far today, have been in total agreement over the Dubai fiasco. That cannot be good news for our beloved board.

Here’s my own take on things. When the Dubai trip was first announced, I thought ‘fair enough. It’s worked for us in the past’.

However, when it became clear that tougher covid restrictions were on the way from St Stephen’s Day onward, our course of action should have been clear. The jolly should have been cancelled. That would have been the sensible thing to do.

I blame 2 people for this whole disgrace.

First up, Blue Peter. As CEO the buck stops with him. However, this arrogant, selfish moron is so far up his own behind, that he does not recognise any way but his own. Cancelling the trip would have likely sent Pedro over the edge…after all, that would have meant a lost deposit. He would’ve been crying into his port and brandy for weeks. The man is out of control. Centuries back, he would have been dragged along London Road in a cart, and hanged for sedition at Glasgow Green. Now that is one spectical that I would pay good money for. Barring an insolvency event at the Huns, this collaborator has all but handed the rotten mob the title. Shame on him. Generations of Celts, as yet unborn, will learn to spit at the mention of his name.

Next up, Neil Lennon. As manager, Neil Lennon has a duty of care toward his charges. He should have been advocating for the cancellation of this trip, as soon as tougher restrictions became public. I mean, WTF? Did he think that he was going to be praised by a support that has suffered, like everyone else, during this pandemic. At least Lawwell has excuse…his arrogance is so ingrained, that he does not care a flying feck what the support think. Lennon should know better. Can you imagine Stein, O’Neill or BR being a willing lapdog under Lawwell? Nah, me neither.

This scandal-for that is what it is-should be a resignation issue for both men. Neither should receive a penny in compensation.

The good ‘ould PLC, eh? We-and the Huns-can always count on them doing the wrong thing.

Depressed as feck CSC.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
You should have done well with those boots, I gave them to Jimmy Grimble and he did alright. 😎😎

puff puff

Fatboy is in the pub drinking Tennant’s lager

Nana Mouskouri

Twisty was Jane the stripper

Sol Kitts

Barkas should be playing tonight. He’s no caught the virus. In fact, he’s never caught anything. 😎😎

Nana Mouskouri

Puff puff I see you in the Davie Hay role the quiet assain or maybe a Jim Brogan a greatly underrated player


Afternoon all…just back from a 3-hour stint cleaning up the debris of a burst water pipe in the Church hall!
Puff….”Fatboy is in the pub drinking Tennant’s lager” – you beat me to it! 🤣
Nana….”Twisty was Jane the stripper” – you beat me to it! 🤣