The Banter Year

We did something unique this season okay.
We coined a new cliche.
From this year forth CEO’s will summon managers before a historic season begins and demand they ‘Dont do a Celtic!’.
Going for record breaking ten yet all we managed is to move ‘They Hib’s it’ to second spot in local football parlance.


Make no mistake, its us who are now the laughing stock of the domestic game, maybe further.
We used to believe Ibrox was a never ending source of ridicule aka ‘the gift that keeps giving’ but oh how the tables have turned.
It does have a ‘Murphys Law’ feeling about it but the gauling thing about that is our CEO stated as much roughly a month maybe six weeks ago to a delegation of concerned fans you may recall. As such, with the fact acknowledged that things are going wrong, the impetus is on yourself and your staff to minimize any chance of failures, tighten up the slack and be more focussed than ever considering the gravity of the situation.
Despite knowing it was all going very wrong, admitting it, we still went and shot ourselves very publically in the foot with the scale of the damage still unknown, but the blow of a(nother) self imposed blunder at this point is huge.
Sackings quite rightly should and usually do follow such ineptitude.


Bolingoli is probably pissing himself laughing!


The biggest club in the land should not have the biggest outbreak of Covid given that they have the biggest budget to tackle the virus, also a club many considered well run until Shower Day, a relatively new entrant in the Tim vocabulary.
Some read the signs well before and were labelled mineshafters,,it’s funny but who has been digging themselves a hole?


And of course every Tom, Dick and Harry is just queueing up to kick us while we are down, somewhat of a national sport in it’s own right.


The support aren’t divided though, no Sir. Every single comment I have read anywhere doesn’t seek to hide or deflect but fully accepts this is a catastrophe of our making and no one else.
After having fully stepped up themselves the feeling of being let down is multiplied, and will evolve into resolve I hope and expect.
Resolve to hunt those that have embarrassed each and every one of us but worse our great clubs name out of the corridors of power.


There is no defence, in our case literally and metaphorically. Some would posit to not resign in these circumstances reflects poorly upon the architects and on this occasion I would be inclined to agree.


First a clear out then begin the rebuilding of the footballing department.
What else is there to do?
It should go without saying that any new guy coming in would not be judged upon this campaign, he should access those we either know or assume will be committed and available next year.
My quick scan suggests around 15/16 of our 29 man squad could probably be filed under staying, but many are outliers we know little about.
An entire back four possibly five is needed and that’s before we talk about who the next chap fancies or which player(s) doesn’t suit his style.


Usually I would be uncomfortable discussing the managers position whilst one is still in situ especially one who is clearly one of our own, but after what we have witnessed all season plus now this latest fiasco I have zero qualms. After all Lenny easily could have quashed the entire trip based on common sense.
Now we have the club itself calling the training camp ‘performance based’ which fails to provide a reason why an injured player attended introducing the potential of infection?


There will be a new guy, who must instill professionalism within his department.
Same goes for the boardroom.


This collapse of epic proportions must kickstart the desperately needed change our club needs to grow.
If it doesn’t, we must.
The next few months need big decisions made, huge decisions which will determine the next several years, but there’s zero faith in either those making the decision or the call itself nowadays.


As for the suits, the image above shows a banner attached to the stadium with their ‘3 C’s’ broadcasted, a Cause, a Culture, a Calling as well you probably know.
After the straw that has broken the camels back the only three C’s that spring to mind are a Cock-up, a Calamity, and a Cull!
We as a support pine about more influence, well the situation is uniting fans much more than any other campaign I have seen bar Celts For Change, and without the burden of attendance influencing Tims decisions the time is ripe to send a huge message.


We as a site nor myself personally would never ask or demand you dont buy a VST, but please think about what you are funding and what’s best overall for the club.
Anyone that believes this bunch are, leave a message below.
We need to get out of the downward spiral, throw away the shovel and climb out of the self-dug hole, and decide a one size fits all direction for our precious club.


What cannot happen is the usual,, conscious makes you dilly-dally then the threat of a waiting list tips the scale, as do the memories of friendly faces before and after, the many hello’s and how are you’s.
Once the crowd dwindles sufficiently many either join or sense the special feeling of togetherness has been lost, leaving all to slowly longer or drift away.
There’s no other support out there, it’s yourself and yours only.


After what we have just witnessed and not only that given all events that have transpired since 2012ish under the boards auspices, I feel fully justified in any words or actions that will help remove those I now consider a harm to our club and I hope all reading either feel the same way or get where I’m coming from.


Right now this isn’t a club to be proud of, it’s a bloody embarrassment. It’s certainly like no other in that the biggest club in the land just slipped in our own crap spoiling our suit on our wedding day, or words to that effect.
Imagine James Bond not getting the girl.
Thomas Graveson with hair.
The Lions without ‘The’ Cup.
Some things are just wrong, and expecting continued employment after embarrassing the good name of our club is one of them, expecting us to act like sheep and buy every Virtual Season Ticket going is another one.


They’ve crossed the line folks, name dragged through the dirt after paying all a fortune to pat each others backs.
The modern world beckons for this cannot continue, surely thats crystal clear now?


Big changes, or big struggle.
Over to them.
Above by Mahe, get well Julienne

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Open Letter to Celtic PLC
It is with anger, frustration and embarrassment that I write today having watched Celtic draw with Hibs at Celtic Park having returned from a disastrous Winter Break trip to Dubai.
The behaviour of the Club this season in respect of the Season Ticket Refunds, delivery of VST Broadcasts, European Champions League and Europa League performances and the embarrassing collapse of our Domestic dominance has left me bewildered as to how we have ended up in this predicament. The decision to go to Dubai has been the final act of sheer folly in a disastrous 5 month spell of mediocrity in every department of our Club.
Me and fellow fans who have financially supported the Club not only in this potentially historic season but for many, many years have been left short-changed, ridiculed and humiliated by the actions of the PLC Board, the Management Team and the players.
The PLC Board have shown a disgusting disregard for the fans and have neglected their duties to us. The inaction of the Board with regard to Resolution12/11 issues has left many fans doubting the integrity, honesty and sincerity of our Chairman, Chief Executive, main shareholders and the processes of appointing Non-Executive Directors.
The lack of proper structure in our main business as a football club to build and sustain successful teams from youth to senior level through structured professional coaching to a successful supplementary recruitment policy for both coaching and playing staff has seen the Club fail at the initial stages of Champions League or Europa League regularly despite the claim of our Chief Executive to be a Club of Champions League Standard. No more than a handful of players have successfully transitioned from the Academy set-up to successfully establish themselves at Elite Senior level either with our own Club or elsewhere. We regularly take Youth players on loan from clubs on short to medium term loans at the expense of our own Youth players who are loaned out to lower division teams in Scotland or England. We also have engaged in taking more senior players on loan from other clubs to the detriment of developing our own young players.
This season specifically we released Hayes and Simunovic despite having insufficient cover in the defensive area of the team. We then had to utilise midfield players as cover due to poor performances, injury and Covid restrictions.
All of this points to mismanagement; despite the alleged £35million spent in this Summer’s transfer window, which to me stretches credibility, we are in a far, far worse position than the same time last year. The management of the PLC/Club is poorer, the performances of our team are poorer, our coaching is poorer, our results are poorer, our hopes of an historic Ten in a Row are gone! The probability of adding to our Quadruple Treble seems non-existant right now!
We are in the midst of a pandemic, people are sick and dying, the economy is in the worst depression in decades and will only get worse. In a few short months the Club will ask me to renew my Virtual Season Ticket. I bought one for me and my son for this season. I also have purchase hugely expensive Adidas merchandise.
Unless there is tangible structural and attitudinal change at the Club, I along with many others will refuse to invest further.


Thanks for your article, Mahe.
You’re quite correct to encourage fans to try to force change. I can’t see this board listening to the fans. Behave yourselves!! What chance do we have when a Tory board member addresses fans in such a manner? I said yesterday that they might well keep Lenny on. I was overstating their stubbornness. Lenny will leave ASAP.
Our new man must be in post prior to the summer transfer window. Who do we want?
It would be great if we could adopt adopt a modern pass and move style throughout the club. All progressive clubs do this. It works. The old ways don’t. Simples.
Perhaps the biggest task facing the new regime, if we get a new regime, is to restore our club’s reputation. We are a laughing stock on the field and we look so out of touch off it. The laptop loyal have been given an open goal for the rest of the season. They won’t miss.
I’m trying to finish on a positive note. There must be a progressive coach, with a track record of cultivating young talent, who could work with a DoF, somewhere in Europe. We can afford this even if the back room team costs £10/15m pa in salaries. IMO, we can’t afford not to. C’mon DD, you can do this. If not, please move on and let in someone who can.


Mahe, McCaff and Ger

Very apt leader and opening posts. I’d no idea what to add today. Got a feeling the posts today will all be saying pretty much the same thing.

I was sitting waiting on that equaliser going in last night. You know it’s coming. You just know it’s coming. It’s gonna be a cheap free kick, or a corner we cannot defend. You just know. Just because you’re expecting it does not make it any easier to stomach though.
That same comment applies to the league title this year. We know what’s coming. Still gives you that gnawing feeling in your stomach though.
I was bewildered with the team selection last night, even allowing for the depleted squad. Greg Taylor can’t be trusted in a reserve side? Wonder kid Karamoko ? Ewan Henderson?

Shane Duffy was trusted though. I’ve yet to see a worst defender at Celtic park. I’m not just saying that to exaggerate my point. Truly. Can’t run, can’t tackle, no positional sense . Useless. Absolutely useless.

Forget the selections though. Wouldn’t have mattered who played. Deck chairs and Titanic spring to mind.

What to do? Well we can keep regurgitating the same stuff , or, we can hope that the masses answer Mahe’s call to arms and starve the owner into action.

I remember taking my kids to Edinburgh zoo back in the late 80’s or early nineties. It was my first and last visit to a zoo.
I recall traipsing up a hill with all 4 kids, and going to see the various animals, reptiles, birds etc.
I left that zoo though with a memory that has stuck in my mind ever since. I went to see the Lions. Lions? I saw only one. It was pretty old looking, and was stuck behind a glass screen. From the top of that hill you could see right across the West of Edinburgh. That lion was aimlessly parading back and forward , stopping, staring across the city, then back to the previously mentioned parading aimlessly along the glass fronted screen.
You could tell it just wanted out. If anyone asked me to describe the word frustration, believe me that image is the one I’d use to do so. The image and memory has lived with me ever since. Haunts me still.

The relevance of the story is somewhat tenuous, but this morning I find myself in the same mode as that lion. Aimlessly wandering through the house. Into the kitchen, back to the sitting room. All the time, the incompetence of what is happening to our club is rattling around my head. Given what we put into the club it’s deplorable that we are left feeling like this. It’s not about losing a league title. It happens. We have no entitlement to expect to win the title every year by just turning up. That’s the point though is it not? We haven’t turned up and that is unforgivable.
The reason we’ve not turned up as a team isn’t down to purely to whatever team we field, it’s down to the sheer incompetence of the people who put them there in the first place.
You know the more I’m writing the more I’m conscious that I’m just fkn rattling on here, and any meaning that this post was meant to portray ( if indeed it ever had any meaning) is being lost so I’d be better just shutting up now. I’ll say this though before I do shut up. That lion I referred to. Had I wanted something done about releasing it from its misery, the best way to do it would have been to stand at the entrance to the zoo and ask people not to pay to go in. Campaign to starve the owners of any money until they release the lion back into the surroundings it was born into.
That’s probably the message I’m trying to get across in my own clumsy way.
Starve them into action. I can’t see any other way.


So… Technically in this pandemic, all these celtic players who have tested positive should be on their way to meet their creator as they have not been injected with a vaccine. We should all pray for these poor souls. Hail Hail


Mahe I don’t think Neil has common sense ,and I hope they don’t bring Scott Brown into the coaching team because he has less than Neil I don’t say this from a distance But enough said
It is hard for someone like Neil to throw in the towel he is a fighter and will need someone up the ladder to relieve him of his duty
The only person who can make the moves that the fans want to see is Dermot Desmond I hope one of the larger shareholders like James Keane who has Celtic at heart can get through to our largest shareholder
We are all in pain and being forced into decisions we never thought we would ever have to make. Honestly it’s like watching the Lions being under coached before The only single manager ever in Scotland to win 9 in a row arrived
I am not saying our players are like the Lions but they are a lot better than what we are seeing right now


The Tic
I really wish Neil would realise it’s better he goes now. I guess he’s thinking that financially he will be better waiting until he’s formally relieved of his duties. I can’t see that happening until renewal time.
The players are definitely better than they’re showing. Well most of them – Duffy won’t improve under any manager imo.


Twisty thanks for the heads up went back to edit in James
I don’t think the money means as much to Neil as it is to his pride to resign


The Tic
Yes you may well be correct though Neil will realise that any opportunity he had to turn this around has now gone. 5 points shipped v Huns and Hibs. It was over anyway imo before those matches but I don’t believe there will be a person out there still thinks it’s possible.
Perhaps Neil will be considering his next move as we speak.

With regards to the Dubai trip there are two aspects to it. Firstly there is the privileged lifestyle. They can earn more in a week than most of us can in a year. Look at their cars & houses etc. The days of jetting off to Seamill are gone. Wee Jinky on a boat…..
Celtic’s trips to Dubai didn’t cause us much fuss in the past few years. Indeed a couple of years ago we laughed at the comparisons made with the huns winter training arrangements. Budget air travel, Travelodge type accommodation. 2nd class training facilities. I remember seeing photos of their coaches sitting on makeshift seats. There was disquiet in the Ibrox changing room. Oh how we laughed! I confess I felt smug. But for most of us Dubai was not a big issue.

My disappointment with Dubai this season is not out of jealousy – your average fan cannot afford that type of thing etc.

It’s the other aspect. It was NOT the right thing to do in the current circumstances. And this time I WILL use the ‘average Joe’ comparison. But it’s nothing to do with the money. However it has plenty to do with lifestyle on this occasion. Most folk are going out less, visiting less, not going on holiday, unable to work as normal. At the extreme end people are becoming ill and dying. Losing their jobs, feeling the pinch etc.

Given all that, it was wrong for Celtic to go sunning it 5 star to Dubai. Where was the Empathy with the fans and the general population? Where was the sympathy?
They might not have meant it but they were rubbing our noses in it. Was there really no one in that party who was aware of this? Even a small group who could have taken their concerns to the senior management. Neil, John, Scott?


You have to wonder at what conversations took place prior to that trip? Who made the decision it was a good idea to go when weighing up the pro’s and cons? If it was PL, which is most probably the case, what on earth was he thinking?
I have it on vg authority, that PL has been very proactively ensuring staff within CP are protected throughout this crisis. Well certainly that was the case last summer. Has he let his guard drop now? Or, on the balance of things, he simply looked at the trip and felt it wasn’t a problem? If he gave due consideration to the health aspects, he certainly didn’t give due consideration to what the SFA and media take on it would be!

DD. I suspect he has / had no say in that decision. Something that would be left to PL. I can tell you with absolute certainty that DD has been very proactive in key decisions with regard to Covid control within the care home business. My daughter works for him, and as I say, he has not been inactive in dealing with the government on key decisions.

So when you consider the above, I’m surprised that the trip went ahead.

Twisty, given the huge cost of Dubai, I think we can safely say this was PL’s decision.

I deliberately left out the the risk factor from Covid in my reasons against the trip. It’s a difficult one to argue if the risks were increased when the protocols were followed. I actually agree it could have happened at home.


For sure there’s something does not add up re the testing/ numbers.
We were first I believe to put the testing in place, demonstrating a willingness to do the right thing. Yet we are seemingly suffering the most.

I find it incredulous certain other clubs are seeing little to no positive reports.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, great posts this morning bhoys, cant add anything except it wont matter who the next manager is, the team will still be managed by lawwell, until he gets his are booted down london road nothing will change.

Twisty, yes it’s a strange one. I’d love to know the whole truth about that Birthday Party! You know the one where the Birthday Boy was missing?


The problem with the Dubai trip when it was raised in the media was a picture of the Manager the Captain and a tourist couple all suntanning on their lounges no masks or proper social distancing The othere problem was the glass of Beer. And I don’t have to tell you how that looked. Remember last trip to Dubai it was a picture of our out of shape center forward on a boat with a tall cold one
If you are going to drink do it discreetly especially these days when everyone has a camera phone. And when you are having a season like we are having everything is magnified
Common sense you know what they say about that

Thetic, Yip, having a beer in public isn’t a mortal sin but it was asking for trouble!

Packy, until Dermot Desmond wakes up to the shithole that Celtic are in Peter Lawwell is safe in his job. One thing’s for sure the non exec. directors at Celtic are in PL’s pocket. If they were doing their job properly PL would be gone!




Also to ACGR,Jr,who reaches a certain milestone today…

Happy birthday CCB! 🙂


Cosy Corner Bhoy

Many happy returns. Have a great day.



Once again,not missing and hitting the wall! Although I don’t want to ruin my next article by mentioning most of the points in it in a comment,we are in a bigger hole than even is apparent now. And that is because the hole is deeper,the situation far far worse than on the surface.

Our players are vastly undercoached,and the few we have of quality are eying the exit doors. There is no shape on the pitch,no cohesion,no coaching. Our manager and his assistants are strangers to modern methods and so will be of no use to a new team,any new team worth its salt. Our Plc management would be non-existent were PL to be run over by a bus tomorrow,entirely because he controls every lever of it. Yet we all agree that all of the above need a clear out.

In effect,at the start of the new season,we will be in the same boat as the huns in 2012,with new faces almost everywhere and a new regime at every level of the club trying to undo the mismanagement of previous years. In short,I doubt if there is a quick fix here,such is the depth of the decline from which we have to recover.


Young ACGR

Happy birthday to you too .

Hope you have a great day


Cosy Corner Bhoy have a Happy birthday P….just block out the last 6 months.hh

Cosy Corner Bhoy

‘ Things can only get better ‘ says the song! That line fails to give the reason why they can only get better….because they are the worst they’ve ever been. We compound the errors on field by scoring an own goal off it. I agree that we were within the rules when we left for Dubai, but I am absolutely amazed that Julien was there. What performance enhancing training was he going to achieve.
As for last night…..Last night at the Proms it wasn’t. Shoot yourself in the foot. Einstein definition of insanity etc…. Prime examples thereof.
Off to the pub to drown my sorrows. Shit! Can’t even do that.🙁

Noel Skytrot

Cosy Corner Bhoy, all the best on your birthday, amigo.


Enjoyed this pie e from Ralph Malph this morning.

Wee Willie Wonka’s Paradise

Timposter leads us into a world of fantastical imagination, but finds out its more steeped in reality than at first appears
Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…….
If you want to view Paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it want to change the world, there’s nothing to it.
If only that were the case.
Join me in this world of the Bhoy who had the Golden Ticket. The keys to Paradise.
The story goes that the custodian of Paradise was looking to handover the keys to Paradise.
Having built the New Paradise and put in place a firm financial base, he sought to issue many Golden Tickets to as wide a base as possible to ensure that no one person could run roughshod over the many ticket holders.
So what happened?
Well one Dastardly Bhoy managed to get hold of a majority of these Golden Tickets and decided to hand the keys over to little Pedro.
Pedro was a good Bhoy, but he had an evil adversary in the land who’s sole objective was to close down Paradise.
However, being evil, he used evil methods to try and attain this objective.
To cut a long story of sectarian racist bigotry and law breaking the Evil Empire was slain and put to death by a little know hero, Hector.
In most stories that would be an end to this tale, where the Good survives and prospers and the Evil is dead and all is well in the Land.
Unbeknown to all, little Pedro and his henchmen, were far from happy about the ending of this tale.
They decided that the Land needed an Evil presence, and under cloak and dagger went about bringing this about, where the Evil Empire would be resurrected in a fashion as if they had never died at all.
Oompa loompa doompety doo I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa loompa doompety dee If you are wise you’ll listen to me
Pedro and his friends, the Oompa Loompa’s, created many devious mechanisms in order to achieve this.
Pedro’s secret plan involved many duplicitus methods.
He deliberately misled the ticketholders, asking them to provide the smoking gun for him to use.
Not only did they provide the smoking gun, they also provided the bullets, fingerprints and DNA. He then knowingly presented this evidence in the full knowledge it would be inadmissible because of the 5WA, which he claimed to have not seen which was subsequently exposed as not true.
All these FACTS are freely available for all to read on
We even got to the position, after the Craig Green&WhyteTrial (Where even more evidence of the corruption was produced in public), where the SFA were forced to instigate an Inquiry and brought charges against the perpetrators.
These were all dropped by virtue of the 5WA, that those who brought the charges were the authors of.
Talk about incestual Machiavellian machinations.
Even their lies are lies.
We now find ourselves in a situation where Peter and his friends at the 2020 AGM, have rejected the ticketholders Resolutions on the basis of. “trust us we will look into this further down the line”.
At which point we had those committee driven Bhoys & Ghirls of the Tryst who voted against Pedro and his friends and calling for public and CASH support to fight the cause.
But wait a minute.
Despite public proclamations of supporting Res11, they in “Committee” decided Volte-face describing Res11 as “futile and pointless”.
We are now left in a situation where Pedro and his friends(PLC) are saying trust us we will continue the fight.
The Tryst refusing to take up this gauntlet and hold them to account because they say it is futile and pointless.
Yes that’s right folks.
Evidential corruption in Scottish Football is not a priority of either Pedro and his friends nor the Tryst.
This is why we currently have unbridled corruption because the perpetrators know there will be no repercussions because of the above.
How can this happen, you might ask?
Well the current new entity that are at the top of the league are operating under a warning by their own Auditors of “significant doubt as a going concern”.
Not only this they are behind again with their taxes.
They have NEVER made a profit since they came into being.
They are £24m short on surviving the current year.
Sound familiar?
So when I say: Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, I am actually saying. No imagination needed, these are FACTS.


Great lead.


On last night something that was obvious was our youngsters were unprepared.
Harper was meant to be our lead forward yet was clearly drifting right or left leaving no focal point.
Johnston was in no mans land and seemed unsure of his role.
Henderson who i rate seemed to run around without a set position.
Oko Flex looked strong but again seemed unsure of his role.
Dembele never really got a touch.
Welsh stood up well to their physicality but was positionally suspect at times.
The above clearly shows how little effective coaching we have.
I feel sorry for these youngsters who have had little guidance from our poor coaching set up
Some we are told are just not good enough?
Based on one game in a makeshift team coached by the useless Strachan?
You could see some struggled with the speed and physicality last night but they also had to deal with a new and poorly set up system because there is no coordination in the football set up.
The lack of on field leadership by Rogic and McGregor also made it harder.
We should give the youngsters a run of games before truly judging and while Lennon and Kennedy are isolating McIntyre who knows them should be given head coach role and Strachan can go back to sitting on bench with his pad.
If this is successful we should put Lennon and Kennedy on garden leave for rest of season.


Going to sit back and enjoy the music of the Thievery Corporation to help me forget this season.

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday CCB. Hopefully wee nippy will let us come to Scotland sometime, and we’ll drop in and see you and the boss then. 😎😎



It could hardly come as a surprise that the youngsters in our team last night struggled to adapt. We all know about how important match fitness is when a player is deemed otherwise fit enough to resume playing,and the kids last night had that plus unfamiliarity to contend with.

Despite that,most of them looked like a fish out of water,and most of the time too. That,I reckon,is proof that they should have been given more game time earlier in their career-even if only for the last fifteen minutes every so often. And it is further proof too that our manager hasn’t a clue how to manage a squad or plan for the future.

Additionally,I reckon that most of them didn’t even know they were playing last night when they finished training for the day! All the pejorative terms that we have used to describe our season so far could also describe last night’s team selection and performance. But I don’t blame the youngsters for it.


BTW,in one of the minor English cup competitions,mainly for the lower league teams,the top teams are allowed to enter their U-21 side. That’s against the likes of Mansfield or Swindon,etc. They don’t win very often against older experienced pros. Even from the diddy leagues.

Weet weet weet


Weet weet weet

Happy birthday CCB

A fine man



Cosy Corner Bhoy Many hoopy returns 🎂
You’ll soon be eligible for your free bus ticket like Vogue Punter 😜 🍀


Future Change ..

The PLC are coming to the end of an era as they have lost the confidence and trust of the Celtic Support ..

No longer can the PLC say to the Celtic Support trust us, we know what we’re doing ..

This summer is going to be very interesting..

The first question for me is what does Dermot want to do next ..

The second question for me is will we as Celtic Supporters be sufficiently structured, financed and organised that we could as a support buy Dermot’s shareholding if he chose to sell, whether that’s this summer, or over the next 3-5 years ..

The share price today is approx 95p .. Depending on how bad the accounts are both this year and next, the share price will likely fall ..

Dermot’s current shareholding will be worth approx £30 – £35 Million based on 95p today ..

However if the share price falls significantly, that valve drops significantly as well ..

Will it drop as low as 50p a share in this volatile period, it could do ..

If the share price fell to 50p per share, Dermot’s shareholding is then worth £15 – £20 Million ..

This is a unique and in incredibly important time for the Celtic Support to get smart ahead of time and be in a position of strength, both in terms of numbers, finance and expertise, in order to be able to influence change when the opportunity arises ..



You utter bastard :O?



Oh,I dunno. I reckon it gives you something to look forward to. You can spit in his first pint after lockdown.


Is anyone else baffled by the lack of contrition shown from Celtic and it’s staff for their Jolly. I am not advocating that they all participate in self-flagellation but given the reaction of our own fans at the very least someone (nudge nudge PL this means you) should stand up and say that despite having been given permission by the local authorities to travel to Dubai in hindsight given the escalating nature of the pandemic that the trip should have been cancelled and that they fully understand the anger being directed towards them by the support.
Reading Scott Brown defending his poolside pint with Lenny or Strachan’s somewhat implausible excuse why big Julie was included in the Jolly squad isn’t what is required, it just highlights the total disconnect between Club and fans. If further proof was required that you are viewed as nothing more than a cash cow than this is it – but if you haven’t comprehended your place in the pecking order by now you probably never will



I would never do that ……a kick in the baws will have to suffice :O)


VP Calm doon auld yin you need to watch your BP at your age 😜


Celtic1 member 1 vote

I could be mistaken but I very much doubt DD will sell his holding when the arse has fallen out. You know what they say “ it’s not timing the stock market, but time in the stock market” that brings the rewards.

Now in saying that, we are in the midst of unique times, whereby the timing is equally important. There are many folks currently hoovering up shares that have collapsed, knowing full well that when this health crisis subsides, they’ll make a lot of money.

There are a number of possible scenarios which I feel could play out.

1. DD does sell up, but only at an inflated price. Despite our current predicament, shares in Celtic are sought after. Certainly in the volumes we are talking about with DD

2. He holds on to his shares knowing that he can personally affect the price positively by investing more into the playing and managerial roles.

3. He passes his shares to his son.

4. He offers them to the likes of Nick Train.

5. He sits on them and does none of the above.

If he chooses 1, it’s a worry. Who would be able to buy? They could fall into the hands of an overseas businessman who has even less of an attachment to Celtic than DD does. Think Hearts!

If he opts for 2, it would surely see NL and possibly even PL removed from their roles. In comes a big name, another BR, some initial investment, the 53,000 season books fly out the doors of CP, shares go up.

3. No. Just no. It’d leave us in a worse position than now.

4. Again. Please God no.

5. Unlikely. He may well hold on to them but won’t sit back and do nothing. That’ll see our lowest ever take up of books, and an even bigger hit on the price, which will only serve to cheese of his next biggest investor, ie Train

Regardless, whichever option he goes for, those shares are unlikely to land in the laps of the Celtic support. Not unless there’s a multi millionaire out there wearing a Celtic scarf, who shares the same desires for Celtic as the support do.

I suspect if there was such a person out there, we’d have seen them making a play by now.

All imho of course. Others may see it differently.

I suspect it’ll be NL or a caretaker until May, a big name comes in, the season books sell, and off we go again, until what? 2022/23 when the new guy realises what he’s facing as he watches his best players sold off and decides he’s had enough.

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CCB- Hoopy Birthday

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FAN-A-TIC- agree, re the youngsters last night, I thought Welsh was MOTM btw,it’s difficult to play in the first team just now,but they looked well off it,a Development issue there…..



Share price has been slowly falling for a while now from around £1.60 a year ago. An organised boycott of ST and merchandise would see the share value drop much lower than this. Problem being would DD sell even if the value fell to a historic low? I doubt he would as he seems to be rather pig headed and a few million loss in share value probably means little to him in the great scheme of things. Other major Investors may look to sell but again who would they sell their shares to? Chances are DD and other investors would be offered them first meaning the number of share available for supporters to purchase on the market would be insufficient to make a difference. Whereas a boycott would, hopefully, force the major investors and by default the board into restructuring – as one thing they really hate is having to spend their own real cash – ala Sevco’s board members having to spend their own money to keep the lights on. End game – removal of PL and others as well as a FC before PLC strategy implemented. Sadly i think that the support being able to gather a sufficient number of shares to make any real difference in the foreseeable future is a forlorn hope. That is why we have to utilise the only weapon at our disposal and the only thing the PLC fear – the withholding of our money

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VP- you had yer vaccine jag yet? You must be in Tier 1…….no?


Awe naw there’s two of thum :O(


Anyone interested in Celtic share values as well as recent sales / purchases

At present seems as if a lot of small shareholders are selling up – relatively small fees – fans cutting their losses perhaps?

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happy hoopy birthday to cosy corner bhoy 🥧👍

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VP- 😜,hope you guys are as well as can be…

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