J’accuse Part 2!



Yesterday dealt with my thoughts on when the current debacle had its roots,which is obviously traceable to the problems Rangers had from their failed £50m share issue. At that stage,no-one could have been blind to the problems that Rangers faced-even if we didn’t necessarily know the full extent of their tax frauds and various other debts at the time.


However,it was clear from that club’s own accounts back then that there were problems stacking up for them-not the least of which was caused by their reduced match day income,itself caused by Murray’s decisions to hive off those sources for a quick one-time buck. A classic case of selling the family silver,even if it was often to members of his own family. Though even he drew the line at selling the St Etienne bike or the Arsenal shares. What was also clear was that they simply could not match our income,and that there was little that they could do about it.


They still had the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League though,as Scotland had two spots,one direct and the other through qualification,at that time. And they still had the backing of Bank of Scotland,who had allowed Murray to use their lending facilities like his own tap all the way through his career.


Although wage and fee expenditure had been reduced at Celtic since the Martin O’Neill era,it was still significant during Gordon Strachan’s time,with many big name players signing for us-none bigger than Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink! But also such as Tommy Gravesen,Jarosik,Naka,Hinkel,etc. But too many times,we were playing free transfers from Hibs and even worse,loan players. But still good enough to keep the huns at bay.


This policy had its support with certain sections of the support,but it also had its critics,they type who want to see the best players,to speculate to accumulate. Those who believed in it also bought into the philosophy of the man who was given Carte Blanche to implement it. Peter Lawwell arrived on the scene no longer in his previous relatively insignificant financial role but as the new Great Panjandram. Its initial “success” drew grandiose comments and compliments from his supporters even if not from his critics. So what changed,what caused even the occasional big signing to be a thing of the past?


It came to an end with The Financial Crash of 2008,which ushered in a new way of thinking. That it was not simply enough to stay ahead of Rangers. Their problems were so severe that in order for them to even stay in business-albeit one haemorrhaging cash-they needed guaranteed Champions League money. Celtic,still with Lawwell pulling the strings that controlled all the levers at the club played along,but they still couldn’t help but fall to bits.


Now,in a situation like that,you say that you’ve tried,shrug your shoulders and move on. Even doctors have to do that. Not our Peter,though. Ever the smartest man in the room,there was another option available. Even though Rangers were dead and officially set for liquidation-with further outstanding tax liabilities unresolved-and in the face of all the football regulations,laws of the land,you name it prohibiting such a thing,there was a way. That,of course,was The Five Way Agreement.


Delving back into literature and cinema,he thought of Dr Frankenstein. He should have thought of The Godfather which taught us all of the dangers of going near oranges! And he should have read the book properly too. The good doctor didn’t fair too well…


Or was it Lawwell’s idea? I might be doing him a disservice,it might have been someone else’s idea. That excuse never worked at school when you told the teacher that Jimmy had told you to do it,did it? And no excuse since has been offered to the fans for various events relating to the creation by Dr Frankenstein,whoever he was. The Nimmo Smith enquiry,improper registrations,player signings despite embargos. Blatantly spending more than their income against rules enforced by every other football jurisdiction. Etc,etc,etc…


Perhaps his worst was still to come when he was presented with a shareholder resolution at the 2013 AGM,which related to the improper award of a European licence to Rangers in 2011,a resolution aimed squarely at the SFA. This was the organisation primarily responsible for the implementation of the infamous Five Way Agreement,even if no-one has admitted to being the brains behind such illegality. In fact,Lawwell has denied ever seeing the thing,and he is an honourable man so we must believe him. As the four gentlemen who presented him with the details of wrongdoing that they had accrued believed him when he told them-


“Bring me the silver bullet,and I will fire the gun”


They spent a small fortune and considerable time,things that all four would rather have spent elsewhere,doing just that. The problem is,that the more they dug into things,the more they found out,the more they discovered that Celtic hadn’t been hard done by-they were complicit in,or even architects,of the entire chicanery!


Lawwell didn’t have any intention of firing anything. Unless his second name was Rodgers,and he was still working on that.


Which brings us back to how he ran the club itself during the nine in a row years. With no Rangers around,we had the chance to reinforce our name in European football again. Time to invest wisely. He cut to the bone,and then cut again,and by the time we were facing a challenge from Newco he had got so into the habit that he couldn’t kick it. Maybe he didn’t like not being the club’s highest earner,he certainly wasn’t keen on paying anyone on the football side the going rate. And now we see where we are,and we have to ask how much of it happened because Celtic’s feet were held to the fire,how much of was down to incompetence,how much of it was caused by intent to keep Rangers/Newco alive.


I used to give Lawwell the benefit of the doubt over the 5WA,that he had been outsmarted and lied to. But only because I couldn’t countenance the alternative-in the same way that I sometimes put other decisions down to incompetence,even from the smartest guy in the room. Such as the trip to Dubai!


But overall? No. Overall I believe that we have been lied to by someone who said he only had Celtic’s best interests at heart. Time and again,to the extent that if he told us that the sun was shining-which he always did!-I’d buy an umbrella.


And the hard rain we are suffering now is the fault of Peter Lawwell.


Above article by BMCUWP

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big packy

JIM, are you watching snooker or are you up for a true story😎 just going to take the dugs out for their last half hour, they had half an hour this morning, will tell the tale when i get back👍



It is 2021 a chara – St Paddy can be whatever he wishes to be😏


That reminds me of my daughter Patrice.
When Patrice Evra signed for Man Utd, my daughter angrily asked me, “Why did you give me a boy’s name?” 😂😂

big packy

GARRY, when this pandemic is over im going to drive up to dalmuir and bring you down to cheshire, wee joan loves you but dont tell jimthetim or mcaff,another true story👍


Last time I was in Cheshire was 3 years ago, for the Richard Ashcroft/Liam Gallagher concert. I remember asking you at the time if you would like to meet in a restaurant or pub. Unfortunately, you were busy at the time. Hopefully we can meet in Cheshire or nearby, sometime soon. 👍💚


Wee tune for Joan, by her and my Patrice’s favourite pop band.


big packy

GARRY its a date pal, but dont bring mcaff 👍😎😎only joking P



Maybe he’s getting mixed up with King Billy.

Packy, I’m sure I’ve told you this before – Hail GLORIOUS St. Patrick dear Saint of our Isle.

It’s got nothing to do with queens.


Aye possibly. 😂😂


A final frame decider between Wilson and Gilbert now.


I used to think about the existence of God. The provability of it. I think it’s impossible to be honest. We need Faith. Faith is a gift from God. If one doesn’t have it then one should ask God for it.

But it’s not a thing I get hung up about nowadays. I believe in Him. If I’m wrong and He doesn’t exist then I will die at some point, I will lose all consciousness and that will be it. Nothing!! If I’m right then I will go through a purgation process and enter Heaven. Brilliant! So I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Michael Thomas

Excellent article spot on about liewwell !!!

Garry, nae luck for Wilson with the Pink to middle. Last chance. Nerves got the better of him. An excellent final frame for Gilbert.


Official Athletico Twitter.
Calling Moussa a Hunskelper. This is genuine.💚
🔥🇫🇷 Dembélé, el ‘Hunskelper’ con físico portentoso para potenciar al Atlético. #LaLiga #Atleti #Fichajes


big packy

JIM, st andrews day went unanounced in our school ,but st patricks day the little green ribbon.yes remember it well, which was very odd i went to a jewish school😎😎 that was not a true story😎


This is from Football Insider, no idea if any truth in it.

– Celtic planning to appoint Ross Desmond as boardroom reshuffle begins.🍀

– We ‘re told the son of Dermot, billionaire Hoops powerbroker & majority shareholder, is set for ‘hands-on role’.🧐


#CelticFC https://t.co/tUIEAG8CSx


From Sky Sports.
I’m sure N.Sturgeon will be asked all about this, at her next press conference ( not )
@RaithRovers are dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19 amongst the playing and backroom staff. They have applied to the SPFL for postponement of this Saturday’s match against @ICTFC


Celtic v St. Mirren – scheduled for Wednesday, March 3 – has been moved to 3pm on Saturday, January 30.

This is due to the suspension of the Scottish Cup.

bada bing1

For any Sky subscribers (cue harrumping posters),if you’re an existing customer, sign in and go to sale option,just saved 40% on my bill.


Best wishes to the Moussa Dembele at Atletico

“Lyon, who paid 22 million for Dembélé in August 2018 to sign him from Celtic Glasgow. It was precisely at this club that he earned the nickname ‘Hunskelper’, which is a kind of ‘honorary title’ that Catholic fans give to their players for their performance at the club, especially in matches against their eternal rival, Rangers. It is derived from the terms ‘hun’, which designates the fans of the blue box and ‘skelp’, which is hitting”.

Splendid CSC


Stolen from Celtic Wiki. 😂
Dear God, I said Lennon.

BREAKING: Richard Leonard has resigned as leader of Scottish Labour. https://t.co/9NLQbukv80



The Moussa Youtube Video embedded in the article is brilliant.
If he hits form they’ll win La Liga.


big packy

JIM its 2005, ive got 3 drops in london, one in bermondsey and one near the elephant and castle, both over the bridge, next drop is a posh hotel in regents park, bear in mind this is all boxes of air conditioning units, im coming back over the bridge to north london as i get over policewoman stops me, documents drivers license etc, wants to see my delivery notes showed them everything, then about 5 other policemen appear, the policewoman is from the city of london police, this other lot are the metropolitan police,they want to search my truck, so everything is taken out and piled on the pavement near the bridge, she is on her radio, suspect thats me BTW ,has got a scar on the right side of his cheek, height about 5 foot 7 ,yes i told you i was only small😎after about an hour they let me go, turns out they were after an irish ghuy, same name as me, but he had no scar on his cheek, now how i got that scar is another true story for another day😎 but this story in london is 100% true.H,H.



Just your luck,mate! Nearly ten years after the ceasefire and you get stopped on anti-terrorism search!

Aye that was a close shave Packy! LOL 🙂 (Get it?)

Sol Kitts

Big Packy 605
I heard you went to a really good school, so good it was Approved.😂😂😎

big packy

BOBBY, thats a true story was a bit shocked and nervous at the time,but when she said you can go, i was mightily relieved👍


https://thecynic.co/letter-to-celtic-fc/ Letter to Celtic FC – The Cynic

big packy

JIM, cheers, SOL, i was the brain of britain once,my second name is crampsey 😎 😎 😎

Packy, I’m away to watch the snooker. Then at 9pm Death in Paradise. Quite apt as it happens!

big packy

JIM, enjoy catch u later👍

btw, Talking about The Masters, I played in The Wembley Conference Centre with my band at the National Championships.


Fancy Shaun Murphy here.

Garry, sounds like a Tim!


So does Jamie Murphy from Yoker.
Definitely a hun though.


Garry. 7.14.
I worked with a guy, with the same name, huge bluenose, he’s now a minister in Church of Scotland.

big packy

GARRY, worked with a guy in the brickworks in glenboig his name pat gallagher, used to wear a rangers scarf all day long, hated the bassa,dont know why😎😎


Pleased to see Dembele getting a move to a top team,seems the Lyon boss didn’t rate him. Would have been even more pleased if he’d stayed with us though.

Garry, close game, could go either way. There’s been some good play but both players open to mistakes.

bada bing1

“The Three Kings”



(Stein, Shankly, Busby)



Now showing free on Amazon Prime.


Re Furloughing the U-18s:

. They have no regular scheduled competition matches, so the Lower Level cancellation is irrelevant.

. If they are only being Furloughed now what have they been doing since March 2020?

. It is a bit rich (sic) putting them on Furlough now, when the optics are absolutely awful.

The fact that Celtic pays all its due taxes is not going to discourage anyone who wants to find another stick with which to beat us. The timing is just incredibly bad judgement – yet again.




I was discussing the lack of game time even at their own level that some of our players on Monday would have had. But the big problem again is PR. It is non-existent at Celtic.

bada bing1

A few rumours Lennon has gone….had a few texts same ,though I think a fake Stephen McGowan tweet doing the rounds too



Cheers me up-as does Doncaster refusing to rule out null and void! Huns will be having kittens!!!

bada bing1

BMCUW- I would celebrate null and void, more than 10 IAR….😁



It would be the only decent laugh I’ve had since I was last out wi SOLKITTS-the night before the October hun game!!!


Bobby maybe we should all disagree with Doncaster and then null and void will happen, oh that chip on my shoulder grows 😇.



The Unseen Fenian Hand…


Exactly it always works in all walks of life 😄