World Class Training Facilities

There’s only one team in Scotland would have the desire and capacity to take the entire group abroad to take advantage of the above. Only one club that could actually make that claim and carry through with it. Many would say that very same club should have invested in their own by now.


By all accounts the Dubai facilities are excellent, top of the line. I’ve seen a quarter million mentioned to hire them for that length of time with the trimmings, including award winning chefs at some of the eleven restaurants.


Climate watchers and those concerned with carbon footprints would be abhorred by chartered flights adding to the planets woes, while human rights watch groups would undoubtedly advocate against spending large amounts within a nation that repeatedly flaunts the rights of migrant workers for one.


As we have now discovered, it’s best for the group to do their form of relaxing away from prying eyes given everyone has a camera in their pocket these days.


This before the virus is taken into account.


I think it’s fair to say the annual Dubai jaunt should be cancelled, or will be called off limits anyway by government.
I also think that’s an incentive to finally sort out our own at home.


We were told at the ZoomGM we are a Champions League Club, yet here we are seeking to hire top level facilities, the travel to and forth possibly harmful to athletes anyway, along with contact risks.
How many Champions league Clubs don’t have top facilities would be the easier count I believe.
Us for a start.
The reason why is simple, because you can’t have one without the other.
To be a CL team consistently one needs proper training facilities that wont be left behind if the game moves on.


The Champions League is the elite, and elite teams don’t hire or be forced to travel seeking top notch in the industry, they design and build the best themselves.
It then becomes part of their calling card, an ace in the hole, a huge part of the lure of joining because the player is looking at improvement plain and simple.
A step up, a different gear, the big leagues, that’s what a Champions League teams training facilities should shout upon inspection.
Do ours?
Seeing how we hire others it seems not.


Within the last few years the support have been tantalized with tidbits regarding a hotel, a museum, and a Barrowfield rebuild incorporating a full size indoor training pitch with some supporter seating and facilities. This hybrid grass was to be fed by a new roof installed lighting system.


We had accumulated some forty million in the bank plus were owed transfer fees, add in the Adidas money and we looked well positioned to break ground on some of the above infrastructure projects
It was extremely frustrating having zero hint of where the savings would be spent, but if pushed most would have guessed funding the above somehow.
And then Covid hit.


I’m far from a numbers man but the next set of accounts holds a lot of interest given that I can’t see where we lose the absolute fortune some have predicted.
Full VST take up, mega take up on the admittedly eye catching Adidas line which may or may not meet bonus clauses, much less staff at the Park also supplies on hand, much less bills at the park given we can now turn the hot water off to the toilets plus no half time pies. On the transfers, given that KT brought in 25 and Brendan 9, all our poor buys were covered by incoming payments, the club actually released several stalwarts such as Jozo and Craig, Neil hired for much less wages than an England bound Brendan.
The TV money stayed the same of course, if anything viewing figures have ballooned during the pandemic.
Given the above, I would love to know why some feel we will lose a fortune this season.


I believe it’s very safe to say the clubs infrastructure will be seeing zero of the assembled piggy pig now given that many have already declared their intentions not to renew as usual. The numbers will vary sometimes by the hour, but I’m expecting a sizeable amount opt out this time with the aim of making a statement.


That will force the PLC to use the bank balance to finance the operation, the reserves dipped into and then sucked dry.
And so the next level training ground gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, back where we started, renting others nice gaff but boasting Champions League Club as if hiring a Ferrari qualifies you to bluster ‘Billionaire’ baby!


Some readers would question our entire reason for investing in next level training facilities, given the nature of the game up north, our current lack of interest in the modern science of the game, not to mention the MIBs could halt any attempt to play real proper flowing football.
I can sense a bit a chicken and egg argument here,,why build it if we dont use it,,build it and they will come,,repeat.


Truth is I believe youth should be the way, the nation produces cracking players, some considered good enough by Bayern, and that’s a huge compliment by the way. There’s a ton of Scottish talent scattered throughout England, a certain Villa player said to be bossing the league whilst our old left back is showing what desire really means plus how good value can be found in Alba.


In order to not only capture, but sufficiently nurture those talented bhoys we need the proper facilities around them. Done correctly it’s a money spinner, one that does take large initial startup capital but the skies the limit regards long term returns.
Either way, it’s a step into that modern world we all demand our club join.


Whether the Covid training trip forces us to reassess our travel plans remains to be seen, but hopefully it hammers home the fact we are best with our own camp full stop. Handing Dubai the guts of a million yearly doesn’t make good business sense in the current climate,,might be off the cards anyway.


For a club seeking a direction, maximizing potential through coaching at all levels not only makes sense but would keep the support excited,,it’s a path we would all get behind.
At some stage someone surely will make that leap and (again) set in place plans on that front.
World class training facilities must move from something we rent occasionally, to something we are proud to show off, the spine of our operation.
The regime that actually delivers it should get plaudits as after all, actions speak louder than words.


Above by Mahe. We would love to print your views as an article. Just email your thoughts to

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Great read mahe ..

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The Star Above The Crest

Great read. I’ve been saying for some time now that PL has been a disaster for Celtic. I believe the trophies we’ve won have been won in spite of his efforts and because there’s been no credible challenger these last 10 years or so. That’s not to disrespect the other teams in our league however given the disparity in resources I think that’s the case.


If the staged managed video is anything to go by , the standard of training at Lennoxtown must be amateurish

big packy

MAHE, great post, but champions league team ,we are not even a europa league team, it pains me to say it but at the moment we are a mid table spfl team ,LAWWELL get out and take your cronies with you H,H,

bada bing1

Enjoyed the 2 Ronnies sketch there….☝️

bada bing1

Just in last 5 seasons: standby

Commper Muzonda Toljan Arzani Weah Mulumbu Shved Bayo Klimlla Boli Elhamed Bauer Benyu Perez Gutman Gamboa Fasan Bailly Scepovic Janko Ambrose Cifri Cole Kazim Blackett Balde Tonev Berger Wakaso,Hendry


Excellent article,MAHE. And very positive-all things considered.

Except that your positivity turns on one major factor-a complete turnaround in our current/recent “strategy”


PS-Leicester’s new training ground cost £100m. Just saying. I’ll bet Brendan has practically moved in there!



Out of those mentioned,only Saido Janko looked like a good player. And he was-until he got blootered once too often! He ended up on his back,screaming at the ref to do something about it.

He did eff all,Janko never bothered his arse after that. Couldn’t wait to get away.


6 duds per season, and that is a conservative list. A few of this season’s signings could be added to that rogue’s gallery.
It really is a sad indictment of our recruitment policy. Many millions of pounds wasted. Almost every player you listed is a ‘project’.
Rip it up, and start again.
Orange Juice CSC


Whats the point of world class training facilities with 3rd rate coaches?


I guess the PLC would think “why spend millions (£15 – £20 mill🤔) building a CL quality training facility when we have little aspiration of actually competing in the competition that is apart from the occasional group stage qualification where more oft than not we get pumped but bank +£30 mill to keep the share dividend and bonus payments going.
If the current board had any real aspirations of competing in Europe that would be reflected in the quality of the players brought to the club well in advance of waiting to see if the team actually make it through the qualifiers before deciding if money will be spent on a proper defender for instance.
As for Scotland producing European or even world class players – who was the last Scots player who you could honestly say would fall into that category? Celtic have the best training facilities in the country yet only a trickle of SPFL quality players ever make it through the ranks at the club. Claims are made that we don’t give youth a chance but is the talent there, those who could make the step up? Probably not as we even sign promising youngster’s from out with Scotland, much like Bayern source promising talent from outside Germany and who could blame any youngster for deciding to join one of the worlds biggest clubs.
Even decent EPL quality players are a rarely produced commodity in Scotland as evidenced by the make up of the Scots national team. I believe it’s a societal issue – how many kids do you see playing football these days? Football is no longer the working class game with every street in working class areas a make shift football pitch and kids spending every spare minute kicking a ball. Indeed at a youth level working class families can’t afford to pay for boots, kit and travel costs. Football is fast becoming the preserve of middle class ‘soccer mums’ with working-class kids at a real disadvantage to their more privileged peers if they have any aspirations of playing football at a senior level.



From Tuesday’s article…
“the fans to their astonishment saw the quality of player on offer decline markedly in favour of an entirely new concept in football. The Project Player. Paying peanuts gets you monkeys,said The Doc-and our new Director of Football was intent on proving him correct. Most of them were so bad that they couldn’t even get into a team which was itself truly awful. And that only made it harder for the manager to bring through younger players-because there weren’t enough seasoned pros who could help them along the way!”



You should hear ATHINGOFBEAUTY on the subject of “middle-class mums” when it comes to kids progressing at football! She’s been banging that drum virtually from when she moved back to Scotland in 2000. But the demands placed on the kids by the clubs themselves are much to blame for it-as hopefully she will explain later.

Plus of course,there simply aren’t the same number nor type of facilities available for bounce games with your pals as there were when we were kids. Public parks have No Ball Games signs everywhere,pitches are few and far between,closely guarded and expensive. School playing fields have been sold off and if you try to play in the streets,yer f….d every which way,be it playing chicken with the traffic or with irate householders!


Many of those projects were signed as replacements for players we sold like, Forster, Van Dijk, Wanyama, Armstrong and Tierney.
What a waste of the near £70 million fees we received for those 5 players alone.


Wonder if PL put projected future values on all those duds when he signed them?
Those files would make grim reading especially as a testament to his flawed accountancy.


Fan a Tic
I really did fear the worst, when Brendan Rodgers, Chris Davies and their coaching team left for Leicester for £9 million, to be replaced by Neil Lennon and the present coaching team.
Never thought it would implode so quickly.
We replaced top quality with vastly inferior quality, both in the players and coaches.
Only one person to blame for that.



What really pisses me off with the transfer policy is the way that fees received are wasted-and not just in the headline of wasted fees spent.

Take Van Dijk,for example. £10m profit in two years,and probably on £10k pw as I doubt he would have commanded more when he signed. There are a number of players on BADABING’s list whose background would have put them on a bigger wage, Commper for one. Let’s say £1m fee plus three year deal at 20k pw. There’s £4m right away,and on a player who barely figured.

But,like ALL of our failed projects,we either have to pay up their contract to get rid of them,let them stink the place up for the full duration,or punt them at a loss while compensating them for the loss in wages at the new club.

Even an annual average of three failed projects at £10k pw for three years and combined fees of £5m costs us £10m. The club can’t afford to lose that sum of money every year,and would in normal circumstances take drastic action to avoid it.

Like keeping the huns alive-as that is the annual amount that them being gone might cost us,according to Lawwell!

Just think-if he’d binged on jelly and ice cream like the rest of us and dropped the project policy,he might be a hero at the moment. There’s real hindsight for ya,Peter. Your current buzzword. EXCEPT that it isn’t hindsight-some of us were pleading for you to do that even before they shuffled off this mortal coil.


Celtic blogs just now are awash with rancour and anger.
As this divisiveness only suits our PLC so we should make a conscious effort to ignore the sowers of such discord.
Let’s post lots about genuine Celtic heroes and nostalgic fan trips.
Bobby Murdoch was the best passer of the ball i had the pleasure of watching in person.



Even he would have been hard pressed to better the Paul McStay pass to Morris against the huns in The Centenary Season!


Think Lustig beat them both here.And McGregor’s is pretty good as well.


Re players sitting around after being signed and not featuring, I was looking at some Celtic player payslips from the 2006 season. The appearance bonus was significant.
Now I don’t know if a similar scheme applies today, but it if it does, there are bound to be a number of signed players sitting very frustrated when not featuring.
If you know someone who gets offered a contract at CP, tell them to get the bulk of their pay as part of their basic!


Mahe great article mate ..

The only part of Celtic that is World Class are the Supporters ..

Only Celtic Supporters coming together can create a World Class Celtic Football Club ..

The PLC have tried and failed abysmally ..


Ruling just been announced on insurance companies refusing to pay out on Business Interruption Insurance-payments MUST be made.

I’ve mentioned this a few times before,that I was puzzled that there was no mention in the accounts of our own claim,and that if we didn’t have any then that is another costly failure to lay at our much-vaunted CEO’s door. Wisest guy in the room just decides he can do without insurance? Words cannot describe the stupidity of that.

bada bing1

Good to know the Club have partnered with Cadburys, to punt Lisbon Lions chocolate………who’s in charge of PR there?


You would have thought they would have partnered with Nestlè, and adapted the Lion Bar.

Craig 76

Morning all
Wee update…..
Guy I work with tested positive (he blames me)
Been told to isolate until 20th
More than certain I’ve got it now running a temperature of 38.4 🥵 and bit of cough but all manageable at moment



Best of luck,mate. This is not to be treated lightly,that’s for sure. I know a number of people who have either contracted it or are isolating as someone close to them has done so.

Best wishes to everyone in either position.



Hope it doesn’t affect you too badly, and you make full recovery. Good luck mate.


Re Business Interruption Insurance,I focussed on it in this article in June.

Since then,no mention of it from the club. Either in the accounts or at the AGM. Yet it was clearly specified in the huns accounts from around the same time.

It would be dreadful to suggest that we decided not to bother with it,especially if the huns did! I wonder how his fan club would deal with that particular dereliction of duty?


Re teaming up with Cadbury,I’m surprised they don’t try to bring back Orange Twirl…

Craig 76, Get well soon.


Mahe great article mate ..

The only part of Celtic that is World Class are the Supporters ..

Only Celtic Supporters coming together can create a World Class Celtic Football Club ..

The PLC have tried and failed abysmally ..

January 15, 2021 11:03 am
Sorry but I disagree. Almost all supporters of football clubs think they are the best when in reality they all are much the same. I used to think Celtic supporters were a breed apart but now I have stepped away from it, I can now see I was wrong. I do however, agree that Celtic supporters need to come together for the good of their club. The big question is what they do when and if they do come together. Boycott or No Boycott? The answer to that question will determine just how good the Celtic support is.


Craig 76

Best of luck mate.hh

Angel Gabriel

Get well soon, and please take it easy. Covid needs treated with respect.
The fatigue was brutal. Follow the guidance and give yourself time to build your energy again after what is hopefully a quick recovery. HH


Craig 76
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. My strapping 6ft plus 28yo healthy Bhoy has it now too.

Stay safe everyone.



Craig 76, I had my COVID encounter last November which wiped me out for two weeks. It was weird as one day I felt I was over it only to feel a bit shit the next day. It was only when I had three good days consecutively that I knew I was better. Thankfully, I have no lasting effects and hope the same for you.


Afternoon All, Login


Craig 76

Cheers for the good wishes folks
Much appreciated 👍


What will we tell our grandchildren ..

In years to come when our grandchildren ask ..

What did we all do to evolve change in Celtic when the PLC lost touch with reality ..

We will probably tell them that we gave up our Season Tickets ..

When they then ask what else did we do before or after that ..

History and the state of our Club will tell them what we all did or didn’t do ..

It’s an individual question for each and everyone of us as Celtic Supporters ..

We are all capable, some are organisers, some are influencers, some are letter writers, some can give financial support, some are planners, some are visionaries ..

Whatever you talents are and we all have talents, if your not happy with things at Celtic, use your own talents to help evolve change ..

Let’s all do whatever we can in our own way, whether that’s publicly or privately, to help evolve change, whether that’s as individuals or as an equal member of the Celtic Trust, or any other group or organisation of Celtic Supporters ..

A World Class Celtic Football Club, for a World Class Celtic Support ..

If that vision sounds good and feels right, let’s all do whatever we can to make it happen ..

Wherever you are in the world, stay safe and well everyone ..

Hail Hail.


Sorry to read your son has caught the virus.
Having met your big fit healthy bhoy, I would hope that it won’t affect him too badly.
All the best A.

bada bing1
bada bing1

Craig- all the best


I have said before that I feel I am drifting away from Celtic and Scottish football in general.
I looked forward to the new year as an opportunity for renewal of, at least, the club if not the game in general.

Unfortunately for my peace of mind, events have got worse. The Dubai scandal, the abject apology, the draw against Hibs. Worst of all there is no sign of real change at the coach or senior management level and we are half way through January. I suppose it could be said, how can you fire a coach who is in quarantine? It can also be said that it takes time to replace a CEO. To make matters worse we are in the middle of a transfer window during which the club needs to refresh personnel to gear up for the CL qualifiers. Again nothing has happened.

Personally, I realise that I am getting little that is positive out of following Celtic. Virtually all of my current experiences are negative and depressing. At 75 you finally question how much time do you have left? What time remains should be spent as positively as possible. At the moment, following Celtic is just a downward spiral of doom and gloom.

So with regret, I have decided to give the club until Monday of next week to begin instituting meaningful change. The latter means change at the coaching and CEO levels. If nothing happens by then, I shall give up on Celtic and Scottish football. I shall get my kicks elsewhere. I fully expect that I shall be exiting the Scottish game. Either I am all in or all out, so I expect that I shall leave the blog as well.

If change happens later, I may come back to CelticTV and the blog but, frankly, I do not know how I shall feel then.

Life is too short to be involved in this particular soap opera.



M6bhoy at 12.06pm ..

I deliberately didn’t say that we are better than any other teams supporters ..

As Celtic Supporters we are a collective of individuals as is any support ..

Within the Celtic support we have the good, the bad and the less handsome ..

Only Sevco fans are the ugly ones .. Tongue-in-cheek of course !!

We the Celtic Support won the Fifa award back in 2003 for being considered the best fans in the world ..

We have the passion and energy as a support to do World Class things, as of course do other fans of other clubs ..

But as a support, we have a history of creating and using that passion and energy regularly, and on a scale that is recognised and spoken about all over the world ..

We as a support used this passion and energy in an incredible way back in 2003, and were rightly awarded for it ..

When we as a support harness this passion and energy we create something greater than ourselves, something that is magical, and certainly for me World Class ..

bada bing1

Rebus- myself and a lot of pals,are at the same crossroads, I have had a season ticket for the last 35 seasons, through good times and bad,but this season of all seasons I am totally disillusioned by everything Celtic. As it stands, I will need to see major changes for me to renew again, a new manager is a given BTW HH


It deeply saddens me that you are at the end of your tether with the Club you have supported for longer than I have been alive. You are not the only Celtic supporter I know like that either. Was speaking to my neighbour yesterday. He is an old Donegal man about your age. He wants Peter Lawwell dismissed immediately, along with Neil Lennon. This lovely gentleman, up until now, I would have described as a Celtic happy clapper, who I have never heard criticise Celtic Football Club before. Performances yes, but never the club. The mood is definitely changing amongst our support.

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