World Class Training Facilities

There’s only one team in Scotland would have the desire and capacity to take the entire group abroad to take advantage of the above. Only one club that could actually make that claim and carry through with it. Many would say that very same club should have invested in their own by now.


By all accounts the Dubai facilities are excellent, top of the line. I’ve seen a quarter million mentioned to hire them for that length of time with the trimmings, including award winning chefs at some of the eleven restaurants.


Climate watchers and those concerned with carbon footprints would be abhorred by chartered flights adding to the planets woes, while human rights watch groups would undoubtedly advocate against spending large amounts within a nation that repeatedly flaunts the rights of migrant workers for one.


As we have now discovered, it’s best for the group to do their form of relaxing away from prying eyes given everyone has a camera in their pocket these days.


This before the virus is taken into account.


I think it’s fair to say the annual Dubai jaunt should be cancelled, or will be called off limits anyway by government.
I also think that’s an incentive to finally sort out our own at home.


We were told at the ZoomGM we are a Champions League Club, yet here we are seeking to hire top level facilities, the travel to and forth possibly harmful to athletes anyway, along with contact risks.
How many Champions league Clubs don’t have top facilities would be the easier count I believe.
Us for a start.
The reason why is simple, because you can’t have one without the other.
To be a CL team consistently one needs proper training facilities that wont be left behind if the game moves on.


The Champions League is the elite, and elite teams don’t hire or be forced to travel seeking top notch in the industry, they design and build the best themselves.
It then becomes part of their calling card, an ace in the hole, a huge part of the lure of joining because the player is looking at improvement plain and simple.
A step up, a different gear, the big leagues, that’s what a Champions League teams training facilities should shout upon inspection.
Do ours?
Seeing how we hire others it seems not.


Within the last few years the support have been tantalized with tidbits regarding a hotel, a museum, and a Barrowfield rebuild incorporating a full size indoor training pitch with some supporter seating and facilities. This hybrid grass was to be fed by a new roof installed lighting system.


We had accumulated some forty million in the bank plus were owed transfer fees, add in the Adidas money and we looked well positioned to break ground on some of the above infrastructure projects
It was extremely frustrating having zero hint of where the savings would be spent, but if pushed most would have guessed funding the above somehow.
And then Covid hit.


I’m far from a numbers man but the next set of accounts holds a lot of interest given that I can’t see where we lose the absolute fortune some have predicted.
Full VST take up, mega take up on the admittedly eye catching Adidas line which may or may not meet bonus clauses, much less staff at the Park also supplies on hand, much less bills at the park given we can now turn the hot water off to the toilets plus no half time pies. On the transfers, given that KT brought in 25 and Brendan 9, all our poor buys were covered by incoming payments, the club actually released several stalwarts such as Jozo and Craig, Neil hired for much less wages than an England bound Brendan.
The TV money stayed the same of course, if anything viewing figures have ballooned during the pandemic.
Given the above, I would love to know why some feel we will lose a fortune this season.


I believe it’s very safe to say the clubs infrastructure will be seeing zero of the assembled piggy pig now given that many have already declared their intentions not to renew as usual. The numbers will vary sometimes by the hour, but I’m expecting a sizeable amount opt out this time with the aim of making a statement.


That will force the PLC to use the bank balance to finance the operation, the reserves dipped into and then sucked dry.
And so the next level training ground gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, back where we started, renting others nice gaff but boasting Champions League Club as if hiring a Ferrari qualifies you to bluster ‘Billionaire’ baby!


Some readers would question our entire reason for investing in next level training facilities, given the nature of the game up north, our current lack of interest in the modern science of the game, not to mention the MIBs could halt any attempt to play real proper flowing football.
I can sense a bit a chicken and egg argument here,,why build it if we dont use it,,build it and they will come,,repeat.


Truth is I believe youth should be the way, the nation produces cracking players, some considered good enough by Bayern, and that’s a huge compliment by the way. There’s a ton of Scottish talent scattered throughout England, a certain Villa player said to be bossing the league whilst our old left back is showing what desire really means plus how good value can be found in Alba.


In order to not only capture, but sufficiently nurture those talented bhoys we need the proper facilities around them. Done correctly it’s a money spinner, one that does take large initial startup capital but the skies the limit regards long term returns.
Either way, it’s a step into that modern world we all demand our club join.


Whether the Covid training trip forces us to reassess our travel plans remains to be seen, but hopefully it hammers home the fact we are best with our own camp full stop. Handing Dubai the guts of a million yearly doesn’t make good business sense in the current climate,,might be off the cards anyway.


For a club seeking a direction, maximizing potential through coaching at all levels not only makes sense but would keep the support excited,,it’s a path we would all get behind.
At some stage someone surely will make that leap and (again) set in place plans on that front.
World class training facilities must move from something we rent occasionally, to something we are proud to show off, the spine of our operation.
The regime that actually delivers it should get plaudits as after all, actions speak louder than words.


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Terrific banners! Looks like they have no intention of leaving it there,so I doubt we will have seen the last of it.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, craig76 best wishes for a speedy recovery👍 as regards a new manager, nothing will change untill the whole tory board get booted out a new manager will only follow the heated driveway owners instructions.H.H.



Bloody hell,brilliant timing! I’ve just mailed you about something else.

Re thoughts about age,tchah. You and J sound in better shape than people,oh,75% your age!!! Stick around and make your pension provider rue the day they signed you up. I know my Dad’s lot do.


Cheers Garry 👍


Celtic1 member,

I have seen your call for action and I agree that more than talk on a blog is needed to effect change.

I gave that a lot of thought over the last year or two.

About one year ago, I posted an article on Foresight which is a process for deciding what needs to happen today in order to arrive at a desired future. I put a proposal together and sent it to both the SPFL and the SFA. I even indicated that I would assist with the process for free. I received a dear john indicating that they had contacts with Scottish universities and that was all they needed. I think that type of response speaks volumes, don’t you?

Lately, I thought of a way to coordinate fans reactions to this fumbled season. is a website that allows you to create a petition gratis. It records the support that a petition receives. So, if a petition calling for change at coaching and senior management was created and the link to that petition was circulated on Celtic blogs and through Celtic institutions, it would gauge the level of support for change. Say, it reached the 10,000 level, or even more….it would be presented to the Board for their comment and reaction. It would be interesting to see how they reacted to it!

I thought I would do it but then I felt so scunnered that I thought why bother? If the Board cannot see there are major problems then they might skate around the protests of 10,000+ supporters. Look what they did with the Res12 evidence. The difference might be that they may see tge response to such a petition as a precursor to non renewals.



Rebus67. Your idea is brilliant. I am 73, feel exactly like you do, and have had Celtic as part of my DNA for over 60 years. It is hard for me to accept that this season is beginning to wean me off, but it is. Lawwell is killing the Club from the inside and his blatant lying to the shareholders and the Res12 lads was the death blow. Your idea might just drag many of us back from the precipice. I say go for it!


Green Brigade statement.

The 2020/21 season began with a record number of season ticket holders committing tends of millions to the club against a backdrop of total uncertainty. Our return has been a calamitous season of historic proportions.

Promised ‘added value’ for our investment, our latest instalment came by the way of a Peter Lawwell parody-like apology for the inexplicable Dubai trip. The insulting claim of being the ‘most affected club’ by the pandemic sails to disguise his own neglect and demonstrates a shocking lack of self awareness. The Dubai episode has been representative of our season as a whole – short sighted decisions, predictable outcomes, contempt for fans.

In recent years fans have raised alarm, warning that the biggest threat to our ambitions would be the incompetence of our custodians. In recent months this concern culminated in desperate protests calling for corrective action at a time where our season was still salvageable. Instead a January review was offered.

Now 21 points adrift and 13 players light, the anticipated January review must stretch beyond the manager and not overlook the approaching season ticket renewals. Changes are required from the boardroom to the dugout however the buck stops at the top. Peter Lawwell should tender his resignation as Celtic’s Chief Executive Officer.

As a new era dawns at Celtic, fans have an opportunity to enact change in how our club is governed. The relationship between the support and the current custodians Is beyond repair, A structural change is required to put the lifeblood of Celtic first; the fans.

We believe that the Celtic Trust is the vehicle for that change and while the journey towards fans ownership may be long, meaningful fan engagement will only improve as we progress that campaign. We urge all fans to join the Celtic Trust.
I was in full agreement with them until they urge the support to join the Celtic trust! Do they know something we don’t? If not a hoped for boycott will not happen if even the most, alleged, bolshie of the support urge we join a group that have stated they do not seek conflict with the PLC. Strange days indeed.


bada bing at 1.21pm

The Green Brigade statement today urging all Celtic Supporters to join the Celtic Trust is massive.

This will probably be the first of many rallying calls now for the entire Celtic Support to all come together in huge numbers, and to work together to help change our Club for the better ..

If we can all show good grace towards each other, manage to put any thoughts, differences or matters of opinion aside, and come together for the greater good of Celtic, then we as a Support will make change happen ..

When we as the Celtic Support come together in huge numbers, we create a voice that won’t be silenced, a spirit that won’t be broken, and an energy that won’t be stopped !!

Let’s all come together in huge numbers, work together and make change happen ..

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

Celtic1member1vote- it does look like a positive step forward, with social media these days,hopefully this can be done asap HH



I am not sure how massive a clarion call from the GB to join the CST is in reality. Most of the support are divided, surprise surprise, on their opinion of the GB. Most of the more ‘conservative minded’ Celtic support view them as an embarrassment, from Poppygate through to the UEFA GTF banner ,numerous UEFA fines and beyond. Maybe their approval of the trust may encourage the ‘young team’ to become members – only time will tell of course. Me i am just surprised they urged us to join the trust – probably a lot to do with their respect for Jeanette Findlay and her work challenging the OBAF act


You answered your question, in your last sentence.



I remember your FORESIGHT article well,and still have it in my inbox. Even your parting shot is apt to our current circumstances at the club!

“Shortsightedness is part of human nature,
which the wise princes have overcome through the use of foresight — “

big packy

REBUS @ 1-27 think you have been on the blog since it started, there is not a hope in hell that anything will change as regards the custodians anytime in the near future, never mind monday, hope you reconsider your post we need all celtic men on board ,that means mike in toronto, chalmersbhoy, the gombeen man, big audio dynamite, mags mcgill, the list is endless, KTF buddy,H,H,


Totally off topic.

Some rare time to myself today so I caught up ( BBC iPlayer) with the programme “ The planets- sisters”

Mars and Earth.

Brian Cox narrates/presents.

Very educational as well as fascinating.

Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for something to watch during lockdown.



Aye,there’s a few who should be on here throwing their tuppenceworth in. But I think our current posters are doing a mighty fine job too!



Sounds a lot better than some of the stuff I’m watching on my lappy these days! Thanks for the tip-off,and for the one about the horses a few days ago. That one has saved me a few bob already.

big packy

BOBBY, yes they are 100%, but lets get the other ghuys posting as well, we need everyone on board the good ship CELTIC👍


Official, Sevco are now shittin’ it

This just in
Scotland’s national clinical director professor Jason Leitch admits the ongoing situation is in the balance and the Scottish Premiership might not be able to be finished.

Every cloud CSC

big packy

SOLKITTS, i went to govan once and it was open, never went in,.only because mcaff was there,,another true story👍😎😎


Oglach at 2.47pm

The Celtic Trust is One Member One Vote ..

Each member has the same democratic voting right ..

Each member also is an equal owner of the Trust shares ..

As thousands, in fact hopefully tens of thousands of Celtic Supporters join the Celtic Trust, every single member has an equal democratic vote ..

If trust members want something to change, then it can be changed democratically ..

The Celtic Trust is made up of Shareholders, lots of Season Ticket Holders including some who are in CSA, some in the Green Brigade, and some in lots of different supporter groups as well ..

It will be the thousands of trust members with an equal democratic vote, that will decide what happens in the Trust going forward ..

The Celtic Trust isn’t full of shrinking violets ..

Each and every member of the Celtic Trust is a savvy Celtic fan, who is well able to think for himself or herself ..

We are all Celtic Supporters on the same side ..


I think the Green Brigade need to use a Proof Reader or two before issuing Statements.




Was that the same democratic process used when the CST decided not to pursue Res 12 or was that a decision taken by the CST committee without referring to their members?



I copied the GB statement from another site so unsure if it has been faithfully reproduced🙄


Calton Tongues

Full of surprises: didn’t realise you are into cricket…



Surely someone wouldn’t alter a statement adding spelling mistakes?

Then again tis t’internet.


I am not one of the 300 (world-wide) that are into cricket 😁




I can’t be 100% on it,but I believe that vote was by committee alone. Not every decision has to be by referendum/full membership consultation,though I think that one should have been.



If that is indeed the case then that doesn’t augur well for any future major decision to be taken imho. A fully democratic group should allow membership a full say in any major call otherwise it is basically a representative committee decision whereas a one member one vote system would truly reflect the wishes of it’s entire membership.


All the best.
I feel sorry for all the st holders i don’t know what i would do if i lived back home.I will still watch them and go to the club when it opens if there are changes.
My must goes are NL PL NH and all coaching staff a complete clear out but i’m afraid it might just be one of them.
Regarding age l’m 75 so have seen the good and bad.
Best passer of a ball l have seen live…………Paddy Crerand.

big packy

TIM HORTON, hi tim im 67, best passer of a ball ive seen well 2 actually, john clark and bobby murdoch,,another true story.H.H.


The general membership was definitely not consulted. I am a member.

Packy, programme on tonight you might like. The Art of Drumming. 9pm. Channel 11 on my tv. Sky Arts ( you don’t need to be have Sky for this channel)

Great articles again this week so a BIG THANKS to the guys who run this site ,and give their time to do so . A breath of fresh air compared to some others ( CQN – sometimes it’s like ” FFS – really ?? ” 🙂 ) with thoughtful ,articulate posts even when having opposing views .

Re – the GB statement regarding CT I was initially all for it ( and joining ) but was less sure after their position on res 12 among other things .
Some of Oglach’s viewpoints have also given ” food for thought ” .
The attraction of bulk of support under one banner is clear yet they ( CT) could do with being clear on all their goals and strategies.

DL’s interest in having anything to do with Ibrox or it’s fans in the past , also gives concern ( see PhilMac’s latest re- Bankier on that subject ).

Also , I think many fans would be more comforted were Auldheid to be ” in and among ” the hierarchy of CT alongside DL and JF.


Did you watch Yan beat Maguire there to reach the semi final.
This Chinese kid is gonnae be a Superstar.
Some player, and amazing temperament.

big packy

JIM, cheers pal, will watch 👍

Garry, I watched it up to 4pm. Yip I like Yan he is going places. As you say a cool kid, he’s only about 20.


JTT53 To beat Robertson and Maguire is some feat at that age Jim.
Looking forward to Higgins v O’Sullivan at 7pm.



Certainly a cause for concern,but committees are elected to take decisions. Of course,an influx of numbers might change their views-or more.


And I predict one soon at Celtic Park if the board don’t bloody waken up to reality.

Nana Mouskouri

I never heard of that Chinese player Maguire


That Trump, Kaiser Chiefs piece has got to be a spoof. 😂
Saw them live in Spain 3 years ago. Excellent live band. Still got it.👍♬


Me neither.

Nana Mouskouri

I read Tommy Docherty obituary it was saying he used to joke about his poor upbringing and how his mother would visit second hand shops to get him something to wear to school. He said you had to be as tough as feck to go to his school dressed in a second hand Japanese admirals outfit

Nana Mouskouri

Garry sorry I read your post wrong

Nana, LOL 🙂

bada bing1

Pat Crerand is still with us…


Shoulda gone to Specsavers. 😂😂

Nana Mouskouri

Feck sorry Bada I meant to say Tommy Docherty sorry Pat as well


Nana huvin a nightmare. 😊

Nana Mouskouri

Bobby Evans must have been some player Docherty said he was heartbroken to leave Celtic but he knew his chances of replacing Evans were slim

McCaff sounds like you’ll be needing a wee kip before you set out for the nightshift tonight!! 🤣🤣🤣