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Following on from the CELTSFORCHANGE 2021 petition posted as yesterday’s article-not to mention quite a few posted by ourselves!-and the Neil Lennon presser on Monday,it is maybe time to examine one or two of the reasons why our club has lost its way so badly off the field that petitions are being raised while heavily-edited excerpts of said presser are widely circulated.


It has long been a bugbear of mine that our club PR is so amateurish and shambolic as to be effectively non-existent. There are a number of reasons for that,chief amongst which is the simple fact that we don’t actually employ a PR spokesman,someone to head up even a fledgling PR department. That means that when our footballers-who are employed for what they bring to the club in their capacity as footballers-are placed in front of professional journalists,as they frequently are,they are at a huge disadvantage. These journalists wouldn’t fancy being a one-man band playing a roomful of professional footballers at football,but our club expects the opposite to be true,expects footballers-many of whom are trying to communicate in a foreign language-to acquit themselves with all the aplomb of a politician.


Even a politician who had just been seen kicking a baby when he was supposed to be kissing it wouldn’t face such a hostile press pack as our players do,but there they are,hung out to dry and subject to editing which is selective at best. When people appear in court-this may have changed with the times,of course-they promise to tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In that statement,of the three the most important deals with the whole truth. Quoting out of context,selective editing,lying by omission. These are all of a piece with the actions and intent of a media which is hostile to Celtic,and always has been. Perhaps our Head of Public Relations is otherwise engaged.


We are now also two thirds of the way through the transfer window,and there has not been mention yet of personnel changes in the playing squad. In fairness,this could go down as the quietest window ever for almost every club worldwide due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of even being permitted to finish the season. Yes,a mass vaccination programme is underway,and we should all be grateful to the clinicians and scientists who have made this possible in such a short period of time,but the possibility of a mutation which renders those vaccines ineffective lingers menacingly in the background. Even so,there are a vast number of players who are out of contract in the summer,and if we have been doing our homework and identifying these players,then we should be moving to snap them up before other clubs beat us to the punch. Perhaps our Director of Football is otherwise engaged.


On the playing side of course,this season has been the worst by a long way since the days of the previous regime-despite having a squad which was,only six months ago,filled with players in the £20m plus bracket. At present,any bids for our players based on current/recent performances are unlikely and will be pitched so low that the club will not entertain them. Which leaves us with some big problems as some of our bigger names will be enterering into the last year of their contract in the summer. We could be faced with about half a team of players seeing out their time till moving on a free transfer,and very few players in such a position go that extra yard for their team. It is difficult to argue with those who want to leave,as the implosion this season gives them little motivation to hang around. The lack of professionalism,coaching,progression shown by the coaching staff all adds to the reasons for a change of scenery,and the lack of ambition from the board expressed in stark terms by the management/coaching appointments stands out in stark contrast to our repeated mantra of being a well-run club. Yet there seems to be little impetus from upstairs to deal with any of these problems. Perhaps our Chief Executive Officer is otherwise engaged.


Of course,no well-run company should ever entertain having set in stone for eternity directors,whether that be executive or non-executive,but most of ours are approaching a long-service award. There is a lot to be said for continuity-but it rarely applies under those circumstances. There are a number of reasons for this,but cosy familiarity and sliding into a comfort zone are the chief dangers wrought by such a policy. Nothing we have seen over the years from the suits suggests that they have enquiring minds,indeed the opposite-that they are all in thrall to our Chief Executive Officer.


Such is his hold on every aspect of the club,his control of every department,that even non-operational decisions cannot go forward without his consent. Even down to his agreement on new colour schemes in an office,as an example. For a man who came into the club nearly eighteen years ago in a relatively junior financial role-and with training and experience only in his own field of accountancy-he wields an extraordinary amount of power,fulfilling many roles that should be carried out by specialists in each particular discipline.His high salary and bonus package seem to reflect the duties that he carries out,as he seems to be paid for each of them! And yet,the expression Jack Of All Trades,Master Of None could have been coined especially for him-were it not for the fact that he is rather good at bringing in the sponsorship deals. Indeed,I would go so far as to suggest that his remit should extend only as far as negotiating sponsorship deals and player transfers,were it not for the fact that he repeatedly fails to get top dollar for our players,tries to shill other parties over incoming players,and actually signs players based purely on his own opinion,rather than that of his staff employed specifically for that purpose.


Except of course that there are none,and there have been none since he was strangely given carte blanche to run the club as his own personal fiefdom. To the extent in fact that were he to be run down by a bus tomorrow,the club would be in limbo,with no decisions able to be made because there are no departmental heads able or experienced enough to make decisions for those departments. They have all been made by our Chief Executive Officer. As have various other decisions,over equally important areas like Res 12,SFA governance,FFP,the continuity myth and the failure by the refereeing fraternity to do their job properly. Etc,etc,etc. He rules our club with a rod of iron,Mr Indispensable indeed-but The Invisible Man when we need someone to stand up for the club.


It is no secret that I have long called for his removal,or at the very least that he stick to what he is good at. Nor is it a secret that I don’t think Neil Lennon should be our manager. The club is facing enormous problems. It will be a major difficulty to remove and replace the manager at the same time as the CEO. It will be a major difficulty to fill the managerial position as well as a new CEO,Director of Football,employ an experienced Head of Public Relations,back room staff and technical advisors-and all at the same time. It will be an enormous difficulty to rebuild the first-team squad,given the likely number of departures,and also to get our youth department functioning properly again. In all of those areas there has been no succession planning,because the man in charge of succession planning has been doing nearly all of the jobs anyway-and he had no intention of shuffling off to the sidelines.


Well,sadly it is too late for that. Shuffling off to the sidelines is no longer on the agenda. An ignominious end to a toxic regime beckons,and his legacy will be far from what he and his supporters imagined. He will,as I’ve pointed out,be difficult to replace-but only because the club allowed him to make that so,not because of any outstanding qualities. Fly away,Peter. Celtic Park will be a better place without you.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Repost from earlier

Thank you Mahe

We felt we had to do something, working on a website which should be further along in a matter of days.
Thanks also to Rebus67 for the idea of a petition, please sign if you agree with us.

@ForCelts on Twitter please follow us if you want change.

I was the C of SACK back in the day


Dig deep please if you can,folks. Posted by a good Tim in memory of his 25yo son.


Morning all.

Fairly deep snow lying here today. I’d guess the match is in doubt.

Bobby – donation made.

Celts for change. Signed. Surprised at the low number of signatures. Apathy?

On to the article.

“ We are now also two thirds of the way through the transfer window,and there has not been mention yet of personnel changes in the playing squad.”

It may well be down to the ‘January review’ Bobby?

Nah, probably not. More likely a financial review underway as opposed to one relating to playing staff. The two are inextricably linked of course.

If a new CEO were appointed, if he’s one who is worthy of the title and position, you’d expect him to be the first one in position. Not a new manager.

Get the CEO position filled.

He then needs to be involved in the new manager recruitment process.

The budget / sales of existing players/ purchasing new players/ back room staff, all need to be done in conjunction with the new manager.


A cohesive plan which takes us back to being a force to be reckoned with in Europe from a position where we are no longer a force to be reckoned with in Livingston.

That’s the legacy PL will leave in my memory. A monumental and unforgivable drop in standards.

To begin this process, DD will need to dig deep in both his decision making as well as his pockets.

I await the January review with interest. How far reaching that review extends will tell us all we need to know about our owner’s ambitions for our short and medium term future.



Approx 1% of our daily readership have signed it. I find that incredible-but MAHE occasionally updates me on the figures,so there you are.

Early days of course,and as I mentioned last night,the original CELTSFORCHANGE wasn’t an overnight success. But it WAS a success!


I wondered if many like me were initially wondering who was driving the Celts for change, which was why I posed the question on this forum last night ? Probably not, and I guess it doesn’t really matter that much, but that is a very low take up rate.
As you say though, the last one was very successful. Might just need the word to spread further to see it gather momentum.



I doubt there is a deliberate policy of anonymity-although these days I wouldn’t blame them for that! There are some nasty types out there,as you know,and they have more access to others than was the case thirty years ago with the original CELTSFOR CHANGE.

My BMCUWP addy frequently gets not terribly nice mails,which is water off a duck’s back really. I’m sure plenty of others get similar too. Maybe in that case it is a deliberate choice,or maybe they don’t want to show their cards till they check the lie of the land. I dunno,but I reckon time will tell.


Tbh it doesn’t matter to me. I can understand that it might be advisable in this day and age, to keep under the radar, or perhaps they just feel it isn’t necessary or important to reveal their identity.

If truth be told I was just curious ( or nosey, whichever you like!)


NAPS table updated.

Table after 16/01

Premier Division

RayMac £23.83. (7.11)
The Real McCoy £6.00. (14.07)
Cosy Corner B £3.50 (0)
Celtic Champs £3.50 (7.91)
Craig 76 -£2.30(6.06)
Vogue Punter -£1.60. ( 8.48)
Big Packy -£6.85 (0.78)
Jim the Tim -£9.33. ( 5.97)
Leftclicktic -£14.38. (15.34)
Bada -£15.67. (6.26)
Mahe -17.10. (16.51)
First Division

Calton Tongues -£12.50. (8.95)
BMCUW -£13.82 ( 11.38)
Jimmy NP -£19.25. (4.83)
Gordon -£17.60. ( 5.30)
Valleybhoy -£19.67. ( 18.46)
Chalmersbhoy -£19.50. (6.48)
Garry -£23.12. ( 9.88)
Twisty -£29.00. ( 11.6)
Big Railroad B. -£29.00. ( 7.65)
AS67 -£29.00. ( 4.66)
Mea Culpa -£29.00. ( 0.63)

big packy

BOBBY, great post but i would not like to see us buy any players till the whole shooting match gets thrown out on their ear,,lawwell GTF.H.H.


Livvy is pretty deep in snow.

Amazed if the game goes ahead

big packy

TWISTY, was just getting ready to drive up as well, never mind😎.hope you are well


If the M8 is as bad as the roads here you better leave yesterday!

Pretty grim. I’m good thanks. Hope all good with you and yours .


Talking of roads

This Range Rover I got last March. Goes on any road surface. Ice, snow, floods.

I’ll never buy anything but a 4×4 from now on. My first but definitely not my last

big packy

HI TWISTY, its monsoon weather down here at the moment, flooding everywhere, just about to take the dugs oot, to get soaked again 😎



Best £20 I spent was on a set of snow shoes for my van. They’re made of nylon and fit round the tyres. I swear I could climb Everest in them!

Sure came in handy three years ago when we had the worst snowfall since I arrived in 2001.


A bit ahead of yourself there M, a sort of back-to-the-future scenario…🙄🤣

Excellent article BTW, very good summary of where we are at, and how we got here. The solution will be even more painful I fear.

Can’t for the life of me understand the poor take up of the petition so far. As stated, isn’t that what most folks are crying out for?




A puzzle,for sure-but only THREE short of the original target now.


I meant the snow shoes…2021. 😉😊

Friesdorfer, maybe Bobby is hungover! LOL 🙂



Hungover,naw. Lack of sleep,aye. Howling gales overnight and rain battering my windows. Beats working in it,mind.

“Sure came in handy three years ago when we had the worst snowfall since I arrived in 2021.”

2021? 🙂



Oooooops,correction made.

You’re forgiven 🙂 Bobby after writing such a good article. Very well structured! We are spoiled with you and Mahe.


Snow shoes? Never heard of them!

Snow chains yes but shoes? New one on me Bobby

Just back. Main roads ok but streets and car parks not so.

Livingston pretty snowed over .


Bobby, male menopause I’m sure of it


Not heard of them either! Pretty cheap though considering how good you found them! Honestly never knew such a thing existed

Twisty, you can imagine what it’s like in my neck of the woods, nearly 1,000 feet above sea level! However I’m going to man up and head for the Co-op for urgent supplies of white wine. (and bread).


Yeah I remember from my school days that as soon as the snow fell, the Fauldhouse crew were unable to get to school. Fauldhouse, Forth and into Lanarkshire always seemed to get it worst.
( oh aye, don’t forget the bread!)


Range Rover albeit many years ago was the worst car i ever owned in the snow.
I had a Subaru which was excellent and drove all over North east of USA and Canada in many a blizzard when my son played junior hockey and never had a problem.
I also had a manual front wheel drive Mini Cooper S which was great until snow was about 4 inches deep then it became a snowplough.
The tv ads here for 4 wheel drives should be banned as many assholes buy them and drive like it’s a dry summers day.
In snowstorms they would often bomb past and then you would see the brake lights followed by a skid and crash into a tree.
One snowy morning on a 4 mile stretch i saw 7 crashes.6 of them were 4 by 4’s.



A reminder to always respect the weather and road conditions. I’ve pulled off motorways because it has been raining harder than the road camber could disperse it,and once on the M62 waited in a blizzard for a snowplough to appear,after which I would have happily followed it back to its depot!


Because most have only driven automatics here they don’t understand that hitting the brakes disengages the clutch making number of drive wheels moot.
When i showed an American friend how to brake in snow by downshifting he was truly amazed.
I have worked on a commercial where stunt drivers did amazing things in 4 by 4’s in deep powdered snow but unfortunately people buying these cars often think it’s the car that does such and tries to replicate.
Crashes also happen making these commercials although rarely due to the drivers skill’s but of course that footage never makes it into the commercial.



I’ve only driven automatics twice,both on the same day. My boss asked me to take his Citroen XM down to Hastings and bring back his Bentley R Turbo Continental. He nearly had kittens when I got into the first one and I asked him how it worked!


Just seen the Livvy pitch.

Either they’re expecting 25degrees C or they’d better get fekkin busy!! No way that pitch is getting used!

Gonna need a lot of clearing!


Livvy saying pitch underneath IS playable. Oh well what do I know.

Look at the pic on the Daiky Record site.


Excellent blog BMCUWP 10 out of 10

For Packy, Magua and Joe Biden 🙂



Why,thank you! To be honest,I’ve been practicing articles like that for years…

bada bing1

I think snow is left on a pitch, as an insulator against a hard frost…..



Few better insulators than snow in those circumstances. But if there had been a previous hard frost,with insufficient temperatures for a thaw,that insulation will work the other way.


Of course,I’m only pointing that out because I want the game to go ahead. If it doesn’t,I’ve got another article to write instead of a match review!


Don’t know about Livingston, as it seems to have it’s own micro climate, going by the pictures of heavy snowfall there, but it has been very mild on the Bank o’ Clyde this last week, with no frost or ice, lowest temperature has been 4 degrees overnight. Hopefully been the same in West Lothian and the pellets urnae frozen.
In saying that, there has been no snowfall here this year yet.
Maybe it is Clydebank that has it’s own micro climate?
I blame the River Clyde. 😊

Bluegrass Celt

I live about a 1.5 mile from the stadium. It’s been raining here all morning and the snow in my back garden is starting to disperse quite quickly.
I don’t however, have any idea how good the plastic surgeons , I mean, grounds men are at Livi so that’s my disclaimer. But at the moment, I’d say 75% the game will be played so another night behind the couch 🛋


Going by the numbers who have signed the Celts For Change 2021 petition, it seems that the Celtic support are apathetic, if they could be bothered. Myself and my two sons have signed the petition. Three from my family. I expected it to be nearer a thousand signatories by now.
Apathy rather than anarchy, with the present day Celtic supporter.


Trump has left the building.



Playing well above par today. Great stuff. I sincerely hope that we do not spend in this window. I would not give Lennon one more thin dime. We should play the long game as far as rebuilding goes. Make sure we have all our ducks in a row, before we start spalshing the cash. That means new CEO, manager, coaching staff, backroom staff, medical staff, recruitment staff and PR dept…think that about covers it. Oh aye, almost forgot:
Trim that bloated boardroom down to around six or so professionals, instead of a bunch of old duffers with three or four other jobs.

Most importantly, a whole change of attitude is required among the big wigs. No more O** F*** crap. Leave those feckers in their proper place…miles behind the Tic. It’s a disgrace we should even have to be talking like this, about an eight-year-old club. Thanks a bunch, Lawwell and DD. Worst of all, it was a deliberate policy to allow those bastards to overtake us. Shameful.

Lastly, ban the DR, Sun, Daily Mail, Evening Times and all other anti-Celtic rags from Paradise. Sine die. No more cosy relationships with peepul that hate us.


Cheers for that wee number. Even though I happen to be relatively young, have always enjoyed the music of GM since seeing the wonderful Jimmy Stewart film. What’s not to like. Hope you and the rascal that is BP are doing well.

Hail Hail


I really wish your post had read.
“Lawwell has left the building.”


I agree with your sentiments in your post, apart from not wanting to sign anyone this window.
We have one fit, proper, recognised Centre Half in our squad. A loanee from Brighton. Surely we need another Centre Half in to see out the season. Whilst it looks like the league is a forlorn hope, there is a 5 in a row Scottish Cup to be won. A new record, if that is achieved. Maybe we go with Welsh and Hjelde.
The latter would please ATOB. A tall left footed Centre Half from Norway. 😊

The Star Above The Crest

Great article. I’d take exception to 1 part. The bit where you say PL is great at negotiating sponsorship deals. The reason we get deals with market leaders like Adidas is because of us, the fans. We’re the ones who buy the stuff the sponsors are selling. All PL has to do is not screw it up. All his bargaining power in these deals is based on our buying power. But other than that great article.

Heres a question. When has PL ever done anything for Celtic where he’s gone the extra mile or achieved something extraordinary? Something that pretty much only he could have done. I’m struggling to think of a single thing. Any time I’ve asked on Twitter the only answer is ‘well look at Rangers, at least we’ve not went bust’. Not bankrupting us would be the bare minimum I would expect from a CEO.

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