You live and you learn

With no major news within the rudderless ship Celtica, I started pondering some of the lessons already available from this disaster of a season, in the believe its never too early to analyze what exactly went so badly wrong.
Of course the season from hell still needs to play out but there are some available right now to be absorbed, nothing that happens from here on in will change that.


Firstly we should have learnt never again to keep players when their heart isn’t in it. I almost types against their will but seeing as Neil confirmed he personally sat down with players and convinced them to give it one more push that would be inaccurate. But its as plain as milk some just didn’t turn up at all.


Odsonne is the obvious choice. If we had forked out 9million for the Eddy we currently witness there would be major recriminations, that’s how bad he has been. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and all that but can anyone honestly tell me Johnny Hayes and big Craig for another year wouldn’t have helped boost morale and/or instill some fight within the troops? Some may include Jozo in the list although with a quarter of pitches plastic and a pandemic there was rationale behind his departure, but still if the players heart isn’t in it he shouldn’t be on the pitch never mind around the first team.
The correct mentality or attitude is a must to pull on that strip, I’m far from the first to realise that but it seems to have been arrogantly overlooked. Playing players who dont wish to be there costs us money and titles, it should end right here right now.


Secondly, the summer reshuffle must deliver a media department. We are a punching bag at times despite at least occasional evidence of all being done board. The Ibrox bunch had employees who were masters of getting ahead of the narrative, something deemed essential these days.


Our preferred drip method to a certain writer or blog must end as we all deserve transparency, to hear the message directly, not selectively. I’m hoping the fresh blood to be installed at boardroom level are more modern, technologically savvy folk who realise the benefits of communication across multiple platforms such as online fan access to our manager during press conferences.
The Gerry Mc Coullough easy interviews must end, are fooling no one and if anything are counterproductive at this stage.
Real faces issuing real info to the entire support please.


Lastly,,this season we learnt the faithful still have enough fire in their bellies to hit the Park if brought to it.
You’ve no idea how important this fact might be, now they know supporters will gather creating scenes the PLC would rather the world didn’t have access to.
Despite Covid-19, despite 9 years of success, despite friendly mouthpieces advocating nothing of the sort, the Tims got up off their asses and made their voices heard because this isn’t good enough, not by a long stretch of the imagination (and its quite an imagination that doesn’t forsee a VST sales collapse coming).


In hitting the Park those fans showed mettle, and threw down the gauntlet.
Sort it, or face a literal siege, that’s the message sent by the crowd.
Well done.


Above by Mahe

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Thank you Auldheid much appreciated


Wee tune to reflect the positivity. Classic track.





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