A strange day,yesterday. One which saw the club decide to cash in on one of our first team regulars-which suggests that others are highly likely to be leaving in what remains of this transfer window,or very early in the next-while our manager made a thinly-veiled attempt to retain his job by praising to the skies those who have control over his role at the club.


In the summer of 2019,less than two years ago,Jeremie Frimpong was looking forward to another season learning his trade in the youth teams at Manchester City. He had been with that club since the age of 9yo,progressing as he got older. He didn’t figure on any of the various lists we see published of youngsters to follow,and wasn’t lighting up the radar on any Most Wanted lists either. At 18yo,this slightly built youngster signed for Celtic for £350,000 with a sell-on clause of 20%. To say we were underwhelmed would be an understatement,this was clearly another one of Lawwell’s infamous punts. The saving grace here was that he cost us less than the usual rabbit out the hat who gets caught in the headlights types,and we cast him to the back of our minds.


That was the beginning of September. Later that month,I was home for a fortnight which allowed me the chance to take in three matches-plus a hugely enjoyable September Monday meeting at Hamilton!-the first of which was in The League Cup against Partick. My record in such games is not good,and I had to be talked in to attending-and I’m glad I was there!


I said at the time that we had a player on our hands,and I wasn’t the only person there that night who thought the same thing. It was a genuine pleasure to see him play,all energy and exuberance,speed and tricks. No shrinking violet in the tackle either,his timing was excellent. It soon became very clear that his emergence hadn’t gone unnoticed by the thugs in our game who,deprived of their previous target in Kieran Tierney,soon zeroed in on him-with the refereeing fraternity applying their customary questionable version of the rules.


It was last January,about four months into his career for us,that Powers of Kilmarnock moved faster than he had ever done before to nail the wee fella and damn near cripple him. Nothing wrong with that in the greatest wee country in the world,of course. Not even a yellow card. I think that finished his time with us,he knew that if he wanted to progress-or even to continue life without the benefit of a wheelchair-it couldn’t be at Celtic Park.


His trajectory has flattened since then,no doubt. It is difficult to continue improvement as a youngster in an underperforming side,especially one which is so poorly coached and when you don’t have a defined position in the team. There is little doubt that getting £10m for a player who has just turned 20yo,with only around forty games under his belt,can be viewed as good business.


Losing such an exciting young talent because he doesn’t see much likelihood of improvement with Celtic isn’t.


While the story about Frimpers was breaking,our manager was holding his regular press conference. I’m not sure whether Sky had any representation at it! Dave from The 90 Minute Cynic was in attendance though,and asked a fairly straightforward question of him. Along the lines of significant discontent amongst the fans at being out of the title race so early,do you agree with this?


The Cynic on Twitter: “We had @DavFlan at today’s presser. He asked Lennon about the huge discontent within the support being out of the title race at this point in such a monumental season. ➡️The audio will be discussed on The Preview ➡️Full unedited audio also available on Press Gang Podcast https://t.co/lZeQlUTSHf” / Twitter


Neil’s reply was a simple no-and he should have left it at that. He then expanded on it,referring to current events as a “difficult season”-wow,you’re telling us!-and then effectively telling us that this season isn’t important because we won four trebles and Nine In A Row.


What happened to “A Manager Is Only As Good As His Last Game”? What happened,indeed,to a bit of self-awareness? What happened to the Neil Lennon we were always told about,the intelligent man who knew what the fans thought,felt what the fans felt?


Well,the answer to the last bit soon became clear. He DOES indeed still know what the fans think,felt what the fans felt. Because he clearly knows that the fans want him replaced,and we want major changes at board level and in the structure of the club. Not content with bringing up the past while ignoring the all-important present,he then threw his fawning support behind the board in a cringeworthy attempt to curry favour with his paymasters. Honestly,you have to listen to the link before you can understand quite how bad this moment was,and it was surely a new personal nadir in a very bad season for him. But I deleted about a third of Monday’s article prior to publication because I thought it was too heavily critical of NL,so I’ll say no more on the subject-other than that…


Neil,how can you hope for respect from us when you have none left for yourself?


Above article by BMCUWP

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There’s some games on tonight,, score predictor link below


The Cynic on Twitter: “We had @DavFlan at today’s presser. He asked Lennon about the huge discontent within the support being out of the title race at this point in such a monumental season. ➡️The audio will be discussed on The Preview ➡️Full unedited audio also available on Press Gang Podcast https://t.co/lZeQlUTSHf” / Twitter

R I P Dr Jo. You will live a long time for people who knew you,and I’m glad you gave us this.



Sending you something that we are going to be sending out to all the Celtic family.

No I wont,at work and don’t have your email. Will sort later.


I have not heard Neils interview but somebody on the night shift should be playing Elvis Don’t be Cruel if it’s as bad as you say The Board has to make the move
Sorry to see Jeremey F go, like the rest of our ball players they need a Sutton type player out there to straighten anybody who takes liberties and he is a lot better player than Neil is getting out of him, and all the other players
Glad to hear the CST meeting went well ,watching the crowd with the singing and scarfs at the Dr Jo 5-1 game makes it even harder to stomach what’s going on right now


I concur with what others have said re the Celtic Trust meeting. It seems there may after all be an opportunity for the various factions to pull together with a common goal.
I’ll admit I’ve been extremely reluctant to contribute to the CT, primarily because of the decision on res 12.
Reading Auldheid‘s assessment from yesterday evening gives encouragement.

The league has gone. I think only the most optimistic amongst the support will feel otherwise.
The next 3-4 months will tell us a lot with regards to just how much appetite Dermot Desmond harbours to initiate change that will give us all hope that we can move forward with purpose and ambition.

The appointment of a new Chief executive would be the starting point. A modern thinking manager should follow.
Failure to address both those points would be an indication that we are in for more of the same, and under those circumstances, the directives that emanate from the Celtic Trust would be the proof of how influential they choose to be.

A half hearted attempt to get the support on board by simply replacing NL with another unproven manager, should be the signal for the trust to show their teeth by recommending the supporters keep their hands in their pocket. That, and only that, will spark a reaction from above.



Good news on the CST Zoom Call and Res11.

@ January 26, 2021 9:51 am…


“Holistic” reminds me of an article on just that subject I penned around 10 years ago.

The problem was there to see once I attended Open Meeetings.

Still there. Whilst CST are taking some sort of lead I see no signs so far of CSA joining the fray although I hear they are doing some soundings of members.

CeltsforChange 2021 based on a local CSC are indicative of feelings on the ground and I know of one other CSC that are also stirring into action.

I’ll look for the article and if it’s still relevant link to it.

I recall at one meeting when discussing the merits of a Membership Scheme with PL and henchman as a means of improving communication, hearing PL defend his open door communication strategy where he met regularly with the CSA and then the CST and individuals and my pointing out these were silos where the message at one meeting had changed two weeks later with another organisation, leaving PL open to accusations of lies (oh the irony of that with hindsight).

I also pointed out is communication method was one way and dialogue was needed and left him a copy of a document called The Decalogue Dialogue..

I’ll link to that as well. I’ve a treasure trove of articles I was reminded of when looking for the spreadsheet for hunskelper.

The saddest thing is I could probably republish some relatively unchanged because nothing much has changed in spite of the controlled Fans Forum.

When asked in a Q &A on the Celtic Star recently what change I would like to see my answer was in attitude on both sides of the fence.

Until then, until the realisation, that is everyone seeing reality, that Celtic are a holistic enterprise that has become fragmented into hundreds or thousands of pieces, a Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall organisation, then little will change.

Yes, we have moved away from PL being “open to accusations of lies”, to trying to find a semblence of truth.

The fact is some tewnty years ago pre- PL days. We had a Celtic Charter, it was a excellent document posted of the Celticfc website, I printed the document out in full at the time, a booklet A4 size hard copy.

It’s disappeared from the official site now and we have a social charter that is very thin gruel as you would expect of the Lawwell/Bankier era. If they get in “trouble” they simply wheel out the Celtic Foundation these days.

What there has been is a toxin running through Celtic these last 15 or so years, it has become all pervasive and effects every aspect of the PLC/Club now.

As Celtic was a holistic enterprise, the fact is good could be manifested throughout the organisation but instead the toxin has poisoned every part.

Even Lenny, a one time Club legend, has been reduced to an indolent, partial, disappointment

The low life state of Celtic PLC, living in the worlds of Hunger and Animality has manifest itself and you can see in Lenny, the low life state of anger heading towards to lowest, his own personal hell.

These are not coincidental things, the ten worlds philosphy was espoused by the Buddha 3,500 years ago and has been around much longer.

It is no coincidence, that Celtic’s part in “the great football swindle”, led to this and all their sycophants and hangers on find themselves now so conflicted.

Thanks for the response and would be great to read your documents.


Hail Hail


Living with a lie on your conscience undermines your whole being. It festers over time and rots from the inside until your whole persona is hollowed out. So when problems arise, as they always do, you have no inner strength to draw on.
Celtic plc have played along with the big lie since 2011/12. It cannot call out the lie because it was complicit in allowing it.
Our directors should be ashamed of themselves for selling any principles they may have had for “£10m per year.” That’s got to be one of the worst deals of all time.

bada bing1

Lennon uses the OF term, I see it as a GIRUY to the support, he knows how we view it,don’t be kidded here

bada bing1

When you wake up to no WhatsApp messages, you know everyone is sick of this shitshow…..


I don’t think you were the only one waving your hand at the screen during the CT zoom meeting, going by the comedy aspect of some of the voting! All said in a funny context, not to detract from the content once folks got the hang of it 🙄🤭😊


Mahe, Bobby,
Any chance of getting the wee up arrow back for the comments box, puleese., or have the box at the bottom? Fully aware that it is a part-time voluntary effort on your parts, and hugely appreciate the platform you provide. 👍👌👏


The Celtic Trust zoom meeting went well last night including a commitment from the CT to continue to hold the board accountable to Res 11
A suggestion however for future meetings would be test out the voting buttons before the start 🖐


The arrow not being there is a royal pain in the arse when I’m using an iPhone or iPad,which is what I assume you are using too. WordPress seem to have deleted that capability,so the best I can suggest is to click on the top of the page above the URL,which should do the trick.

If you can’t quite figure that out,I’ll show you at the next hoot in Belfast while we are waiting for our next taxi to eff off like all the other ones! (Yes,I’m still pissed off about that.)

“Lost” comment from my favourite technophobe,reposted here!
Cosy Corner Bhoy

jimthrtim53 : Only looked back to two previous articles when I remembered that I had posted about RAF Gutersloh and the Met Office there! Couldn’t believe you had got a photograph up of the 14 Squadron
Since I was a civilian on the base I’m not there!
Do recognise two of the crew… Group Captain Coulthard and the ‘ Station Football Team ‘ Flight Officer because both were always in attendance at games involving Inter Service and Inter RAF matches……
I was in the Station team that won both trophies…. another claim to fame? …. Only civilian to represent a Forces football team.
Oh to be able to hit the golf ball as well as I could the ‘Big Tube’ 😁😁.

January 27, 2021 8:59 am


Let it go M.
Just be happy that the Loyalist taxi drivers recognised that CCB, Friesdorfer, yourself and I, were Scottish Tims, due to our accents and handsome Timmy features.
They are used to transporting ugly Scottish huns about Belfast in July. 😜😂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Being a glutton for punishment I wake up this morning with the delightful realisation that tonight we yet again get to see The Champions play. For weeks now, every day seems to bring more concerning news relating to our club. But for a couple of hours tonight, I for one will still be staring at the screen, yelling regularly (still thinking that can make a difference!) and hoping that we finally put in a great performance and win by a barrowload.
I fully accept that these individual games probably don’t really matter for the long term direction. But there ye go. Although if Welsh and Henderson get some game time that’d give me something to smile about.
Barkas……..Ralston, Ajer, Welsh, Laxalt……Soro, Henderson, Turnbull, McGregor…….Griffiths, Ajeti (although I fully expect Neil to instead start with Bitton, Duffy, Elyounoussi, Christie……..)
Aff oot now for some allowable exercise….


Two positive factors of the lockdowns

1. The environment. Less pollution from planes, cars.
2. The environment. Less pollution from hun hordes in marching season.

Had a run in many years ago with that lot. Seems you’re not allowed to ‘ break the ranks’.

Anyway I lived to tell the tale.


One thing about being a Celtic supporter-for all the fact that ten of us in a pub would provide eleven opinions-once a game kicks off,we are all Celtic supporters!

I’ll be kicking every ball tonight,same as yourself and everyone else. Except,sadly,some of our highly paid “heroes”


I got pulled for that once in Kilmarnock in the late 80s. The organisers and the cops weren’t too pleased when I pointed out the following.


The road wasn’t officially closed,so no law being broken by me.


One of the reasons I enjoy living in Clydebank, is the blanket ban on Orange Walks through the town. They tried it once, and it was carnage.
Like the Fenians of the Rock, the Bankie Bhoys ambushed them, and chased them back home to Yoker and Drumchapel.
The air in West Dunbartonshire is cleaner in July than the Glasgow, I grew up in. ✊🍀💚🇮🇪


Neil clearly has no self awareness, it’s never him.
He’s now saying he feels ” let down ” by Frimpong.
Can be never look inwards? Why are so many players agitating for a move.
With regards Frimpong, played in so many positions, kicked off the park with hardly a murmur from the manager.
Players nowadays want to be coached,they all want to improve to reach the land of milk and honey.
That’s clearly not happening at Celtic, indeed it’s the opposite, players are regressing at a scary rate.
I’ve seen a few comments on Twitter, that is was Neil who coached Frimpong, i just don’t see it like that.
Neil himself said initially he was bought and he intended to put him in the development squad, however he was so good in training,that he was promoted to the first team squad.
Fate then intervened a bit like K.T. back in the day, Frimpong was given his chance because of injuries.
He excelled in his first few games, can anyone truly say, he’s improved since then.
That’s the coaching, as far as I’m concerned, the boy has loads of natural talent great acceleration but needs coached.
He doesn’t appear to be receiving it, at Celtic.
Anyone who sees football as a career would take the opportunity, that Frimpong has been offered, with open arms.
Neil saying he feels let down days more about him, than Frimpong.
This is a modern world.


Remember on a previous trip to Belfast for a Hootenanny, CCB and myself, along with Ayrshirtim and Petec from CQN arrived at George Best Airport. I approached the cab driver and told him our destination. His face was a picture when I told him we were going to Saint Matthew’s GAA Club, Short Strand. After a bit of humming and hawing, he agreed to transport us. When we arrived, our friend Oglach Macanbheatha was waiting at the entrance to the club for our arrival.
Have never seen a taxi make a quicker exit from any street in my life.
Sean McVeigh RIP


Well said.
Absence of responsibility is a Neil Lennon trait.
Serves him well at Celtic where the board do exactly the same.
Seem’s he’s doing his best to be the poster boy in the next chapter of They Embarrassed the Hoops.


JNP…I hope you’re well! The situation with Frimpong is typical of what’s been happening for years. CFCPLC let Lustig go because they thought Frimpong was the finished article, rather than pay the big money for an experienced Swedish internationalist they went for the cheap option and all the pressure was on the wee man. That’s before we even consider the coaching aspects! Throw in Fraser Forster, Craig Gordon, Johnny Hayes, SImunovic, Scott Sinclair and there’s a well-worn pattern – and those guys are from the last two seasons alone!!

Noel Skytrot

Just woke up to read that Dr Josef Venglos has sadly passed away. Dr Jo was instrumental in bringing the brilliant Lubomir Moravcik to Celtic Park and for that, we as a support are eternally grateful. RIP Josef Venglos


Good morning All,

Been away from SC site as I’m busy with work and home schooling my younger two! … eldest is back home from Uni as all students were told to go home before festive break … so it’s manic at home with every room filled with laptops and headphones… and I’m having to work from home as office is limiting numbers to go in…

Onto matters Celtic….

RIP Jo …. great coach and thank you for Lubo!

Read through previous posts and I too would like to know how the accounts show £170m in bank then £40m thereafter … seems like Orc mischief to me! ….

on losing Frimpong.. I don’t blame him … he’s been targeting for assault ever since breaking into the team…. I wish him well on his new adventure…

So Lenny continuing with this siege mentality and now describes irate fans as fake news … what a arsehole… I’ve lost all respect for him despite leading us to trophies as a player and manager … when you’ve lost the dressing room , it’s time to go …. god knows who would want to come to Celtic as a coach with PL still there and no ambition from the board….

With the current pandemic showing no sign of drifting away … it doesn’t look like it for a return to packed stadiums for next season … so no point in fans buying/renewing season tickets … VST are not going to fly off the shelf when the product on the pitch is piss poor … only then will hit the board … but it will be too late …

No direction, no ambition ( I’m taking about Europe / Champions League) , no squad ( we will be decimated by those who want to leave and those who should left long ago) ….


Pro action and a proper plan of investment, scouting, development of academy would keep the fans onside …. there has been nothing but contempt and hell mend the board when they are left with a product that is so poor and obsolete…

Keep safe … HH



The Frimpong I witnessed on his debut-three weeks after he signed-was the product of the coaching regime at Man City. The one we are selling is,as you point out,what he has become.


Frimpong will thrive with coaching in a league where skill is viewed as an asset.
Phillip Lahm was small yet was highly regarded in world football.
He had the benefit of playing in a great team and had coaches who knew how to utilize his skills.
There was never a chance of that for Jeremy playing in the ancient/barbaric and agricultural world of Scottish football with 3 utterly clueless coaches.
I wish him well.


Bobby Murdoch
In fairness our coaches taught him the headless chicken system.


I think that the sale of Jeremie Frimpong will come back to bite us on the arse.
His pace and dribbling skills will be better utilised in Germany.
I can actually see him playing in a more central position on the pitch. A possible number 10 role.
He should look to Alphonso Davies at Bayern.
The ‘Roadrunner’ as BM fans call him.
Good coaching and fair refereeing in Germany will see the Amsterdam kid flourish.
Bayer Leverkusen will realise they have a bargain deal.
Like Arsenal fans realise they got in Kieran Tierney.


A bit of good news on the football front, last night.
Full-Time: Cliftonville 4-3 Linfield
A superb second-half performance from the Reds sees them claim all three points. Two goals from McMenamin and strikes from McCrudden and Curran sealed the win after Stewart and Mulgrew had twice put Linfield ahead. Millar scored a late third.


“His trajectory has flattened since then,no doubt. It is difficult to continue improvement as a youngster in an underperforming side,especially one which is so poorly coached and when you don’t have a defined position in the team. There is little doubt that getting £10m for a player who has just turned 20yo,with only around forty games under his belt,can be viewed as good business.

Losing such an exciting young talent because he doesn’t see much likelihood of improvement with Celtic isn’t.”


Good to see you on pal.
You have been missed.
Neil is a dead man walking, and it is starting to show in his demeanour and nonsensical pressers. Should have been taken out the hotseat by now.
I see it affecting his health.
Feel sad, and very sorry for him now.
Sad to see the demise of a Celtic legend play out like this.


£10 million in the Bundesliga for a 20 year old is a punt. Pace in the modern game is an essential commodity. Look what RB Leipzig paid for the potential in Olly Burke, £15 million from memory. A speed bomb, but with nowhere near the skill level of Jeremy Frimpong.
Will watch his career development with interest.


A wee tune for the wee man.
A bit dark, but everytime I listen to this Pearl Jam classic, I will think of JF.



My young pal is an excellent guitarist,and played for a bit in a Pearl Jam tribute band as a favour for a friend. I went to a couple of their gigs,but they aren’t really for me. Their music should be,but their lyrics not so much.

They called the band Pearl Jim!


Aye. Totally get what you mean.
I was a huge fan of them, Soundgarden and Nirvana. It reawakened the punk in me.
Love the name btw. Pearl Jim 😊👍

Jobo Baldie

On Jeremie Frimpong…I wish he wasn’t going; I could name plenty of other players I’d rather we offloaded first. A better coach (at Celtic) could make him into some player. But I’m very surprised at the size of the offer – even it had been around £5M or so I think that could have been argued as good business. If it’s the £10M+ that’s been quoted then even in Man City get 30% it’s still an amount that our current custodians would never turn down.
A pity that his last appearance was when Neil decided around the 85th minute last Wednesday that putting on a fast running wee guy in blizzard conditions was a tactical masterstroke!


You wanna have heard my sis,ATHINGOFBEAUTY,about that particular substitution!


I’ll be watching Frimpers progression in Germany with interest, if that is where he ends up. Not sure i agree with poor coaching being responsible for his consistently being unable to pass a ball to a team mate – that should be an absolute given that a player at that level can pass a ball. Whereas being played in a position you are not suited to is of course the fault of the management team, no protection from thugs is also a dereliction of duty of care from the entire Celtic hierarchy. But the wailing and gnashing of teeth in some sections of the Timternet caused by his imminent departure causes one to question just how did such a talent slip through Man City’s net?

Anywho best of luck to the guy where ever he hangs his boot’s next and i hope he proves me wrong.

And one last thing just who are the 2 “won’t cost any money” signings Lenny was talking about? The Frimpers’ £8 mill windfall being well spent already i see!🙄😏




Celtic are close to concluding a deal to sign Preston centre-back Ben Davies before Monday’s transfer deadline.
He’s on a pre contract.
I think the other one, may be Stephen O’Donnell who is out of contract on 31 Jan, I believe.


Does pre contract mean he joins in the summer?
Is that an indication that Neil Lennon is going to be manager next year?
If not?
Who is signing the players for next season?
The CEO/Director of Football?
Alex Neil?
So many questions.


I think O’Donnell was another player not rated by NL as manager first time around. Bearing in mind his treatment of two particular players I doubt he will play him.



O’Donnell only signed a renewal until the end of the next transfer window-this one,in a few days. He has form for that,sees out a contract and leaves,which of course is his choice to make.

If he doesn’t leave in the next few days he will sign a new contract till 30 June with Motherwell,which leaves them contractually bound to pay him until 31 July. Not sure that I could play so fast and loose with my future,but I’m equally sure he is doing better than me!


O’Donnell is slow as a week in the jail.
Please not him.
If that is the level of our scouting, we are Donald Ducked.
Thought Ben Davies was a Spurs player.
Never heard of the Preston namesake before this week.

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