Celtic 2 – 0 Hamilton



A workmanlike and pretty comfortable performance last night saw us take all three points for the first time this year. Usually when we record a decent win without getting out of second gear,it suggests that we were well in control,on easy street,strolling about the pitch. You know,like we used to do. Like we got used to watching,and watching too with a nice wee smile on our faces,because everything in the garden was rosy.


Not so much,last night. Once again we dominated the possession while creating few clear cut chances. Indeed,it could be argued that our much-maligned talisman Griff was the difference,given that he scored the first and fed Eddie for the second. For the first,I very much doubt if any of us were screaming-“Shoot!”-when he got the ball under pressure at 25 yards out. Beat the player,then get the shot away,maybe. Not Griff. Sure,he didn’t have time to look up-but he could see the white arc of “The D” at the edge of the area. That was enough for him,as he drilled it low inside the post.


An early goal against a lower ranked team,and at home,usually leads to an onslaught. In terms of direction of traffic,that certainly proved true. In terms of goals or goal opportunities,it didn’t. Griff somehow let the ball pass through his legs from a CalMac cutback,and that was it for the first half.


Although we were rarely troubled at the back,this is a fragile Celtic team at the moment,and we all knew that we needed at the very least a second goal. That way if we lose one,we don’t need to panic so much! And it was Griff again-but this time as a provider,a few minutes into the second half. Eddie spent most of the game coming deep and not moving forward from there,but on the one occasion,McCAFF,that he played and moved,Griff found him with a pinpoint ball. Beating a couple of defenders to it and rounding the keeper was the instinctive mark of the Eddie-who was once known as I Wanna-that we knew and adored for three years.


He was substituted after his last involvement in the game. The goal was his last involvement,the substitution took place nearly forty minutes later. Montifuck,Eddie.


I’ll take the three points,because it has been a horrendous season,and a horrendous three months in particular. But the performance honestly didn’t scream-“We are back!” If I’m honest,it whimpered about going through the motions. The saving grace is that watching it on VST saves you all a heluva lot of time and money on the night.


I got an interesting mail from a trusted correspondent yesterday. Now,MAHE and I agreed from the start that we won’t deal in rumour on the site,and frequently I’ve sent info-with permission-to other sites to check out and publish. They might be able to prove it,I can’t. The info gets published and everyone is happy. This one though might be different,as it is the equivalent,in my opinion,of nicking the charity bottle off the bar in your local.


Our CEO raised his head above the parapet earlier this month for about the first time since the shower scene,as he attempted to justify the jolly to Dubai. Rumours such as were printed on e-Tims-a site which I have great faith in-on Monday about that trip weren’t new to me,but Lawwell also tried to shift the focus of that interview to the great things that The Celtic Foundation has achieved over the years.


To be fair,there is every reason to be proud of that. We all are. The fans work wonders raising millions through it for the less privileged,indeed the poverty stricken,in our society and worldwide.


We are,after all,a club founded for the benefit of charity.


I always thought that The Celtic Foundation was the charitable arm of Celtic FC,and I’m 100% certain that it was once the case. That Celtic provided all the necessary undertakings of the foundation on a Pro Bono basis,much as lawyers,accountants,hell lots of firms across the world do. Most of them,capitalist to the core,don’t even mention their good works-how many of us take out an advert in the paper when we make a donation to charity,ffs?


So Celtic,it seems,have decided to be different. They’ve set the foundation up as a separate entity,and any Celtic staff previously involved were given the choice to TUPE over to it,and be paid by it from donations. Meanwhile,the club takes the good publicity from it without incurring the costs.


Kinda reminds me of another company that we allowed to use our name until it became a source of embarrassment and shame,but heyho. Shame might have been the wrong word,because it is obvious that our board are utterly shameless. The above must prove that.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning all
The match?

Kinda hard to summarise my thoughts on it.

I’ve seen the wife sitting on her iPad, or with a book in her hand, and I’ll lift the remote and change the channel which gets the reaction


I was like that last night. It was on, and I was watching it but wasn’t if that makes sense. That’s where I am with this season.

My phone was pinging away post match, though it was mainly clips from the match at Easter road with the tag line “ Watch this .******* referee “

My response.

THIS referee”

They’re ALL worth the watching. As you know.


The foundation information.

I’d love to hear the club explanation for that.


How did McCaff get a game last night? Admittedly, as I said in my earlier post, I was only watching with one eye, and never seen McCaff, but there he is in the match report.
Get him sold . 😁


Lawwell, Lennnon , McCaff. Get them all out.


Thanks for the mention Bobby, I’m not worthy! 😘
Certain players frustrate and bring ire regardless of how they perform. We’re all guilty of it from time to time, and one thing is sure, it can jump up and bite us on the face if we’re no careful. I thought Eddie was available and involved regularly around the edge of the area, and played one-twos with variously Calmac, Turnbull, Mo and Griff. Now that’s not saying these plays were effective in creating clear scoring chances but I thought your assertion that he was coming too deep was doing him a bit of a disservice. He did have 4 shots, 3 on target, which was more than any other Celtic player. Where we will agree is that his involvement – until he scored – seemed half-hearted and that’s definitely not acceptable.
As you’ve said many times before Bobby we all see a game differently.
Twisty…harsh! But fair!! 🤣


Re the Foundation…I expect it will be a necessary arrangement that permits the Club to avoid tax implications on any donations. If the Club aren’t paying the salaries/wages and are deducting them from donations that is another area which should be explored by fan groups. I’d be disgusted to discover any percentage of money I’d donated was for salaries! I’m particular about who I donate to for precisely that reason!!

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

did McCaff pish the bed up this early or is he on a all nighter on the bevvy. Pray for the wee dug


Nana…I had a wee accident, on the couch now!! 🤭

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

Reward offered for the return of a pair of battered but much loved curled up winklepickers no questions asked. Please contact Shoeless Bobby Murdoch at SentinelCelts.com

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

Anybody else think SentinelCelts sounds a bit Masonic. I think we should change the name to GuardianAngelsCelts


I didn’t watch the game I am depressed enough couldn’t get myself sitting down in front of the screen for more punishment
Reading back and clicking into the twitter videos of the Hibs game I am stunned at the two incidents. the Morelos stamp was not a surprise he has a history
It will be interesting to see if he is punished. As bad as Morelos incidents, but no surprise, the push in the back was astonishing.
the ref should be demoted or suspended ,I will search for the Hibs managers comments if the other teams are not kicking up a fuss what’s the point of playing 30 plus games to give the trophy to the anointed team

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

Wish we had taken more of our chances last night goal difference could be crucial this year



Wish we had taken more of our chances last night goal difference could be crucial this year“

Wanna buy some magic beans bud? 😁


I looked at yer stats:

Nae accurate passes, nae interceptions, nae contribution at awe.

Are you Ryan Christie?

Nana Mouskouri C.sc

Twisty I will take you up on that offer of those magic beans. I like the idea of a golden goose and the chance of slaying a so called Hun giant. Where and when do you want your cow delivered

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Bobby – your first sentence should surely refer to our first win this year, not this season?? I know we’ve been bad, but not that bad?


Morning all and Packy.
🎼 Always look on the bright side of life 🎼
We have improved our goal difference.


It should indeed,and I’ll try to change it now, Thanks,mate.

Twisty, I had about £5 sitting in my Paddy a/c so had a wee flutter yesterday. 10p EW lucky 15. I got 2 winners! A 13/2 shot and Shy Jack @ 40/1! I won £45 !!!
I picked Shy Jack cause I’ve got a good pal called Jack – who’s anything but shy. It made me chuckle when I saw it. 🙂

Sorted.JOBO. Reads a bit better now!


Spawny git!!!

Bobby LOL 🙂

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, yes enjoyed the game last night for a change, onwards and upwards,.aff oot dugwalking catch u later👍

Bobby, if my other 2 horses came in I would have won £135,000. One was 200/1.


Delighted for you,of course. I always like to see the bookies get a doing!


Can’t bloody change it to my proper moniker. Heyho…


Great lift. Shame just one of the others didn’t pull for ye. Still- as I say – vg lift!

Twisty’s curled up winklepickers





Ah widnae


Talking of 40/1 winners.

Long time ago, I was probably 18 or 19 at the time, I came back from the Celtic game. Into the pub for a couple before heading home to get changed to go back out.

As I walk into the pub, everyone seems remarkably cheery.

Someone shouts, “ ye’ll be laughing the day big yin eh!”

I’m kinda confused. Celtic had won but nothing special. Routine win v lesser opposition.

“ eh? How come?”

“ you not seen the horse results? Obviously yev not!”

“Horse results? “

“Yeah, the horse won. 40/1!!”

“ what fekkin horse? What you talking about?”


I’d not heard about any horse. Bearing in mind my brother lived in the same house, and we’d had breakfast that morning, I’d heard nothing.

Goes home. Says to my brother “ did you give everyone a horse today?”

“ Aye. Pat Muldoon gave me it last night in Smiths pub in Bathgate. It won at 40/1”

Last night??? You never told me????

“ that’s right. I never told ye. I never told you because the last time I gave you a tip, it lost, and you’re exact words were “ don’t tell me any more of yer daft tips”

Me and my big mouth 😁


Twusty…stats must be subjective too, then!! According to this Eddie had 38 passes with over 92% accuracy!
You might have access to more detailed figures but I was making my point based on watching the game. I thought Eddie looked more involved than he has been of late. Notice that I did say I felt he seemed not fully focussed though so I’m not shouting my praise from the rooftops for him!
In the meantime I’ve asked my Agent to see if any of the other blogs are interested in buying me before the window shuts… watch this space…✍️⚽🤣

Twisty LOL 🙂
It’s all part of the fun!


Bain did what was required.
Ajer was quiet.
Bitton was himself and his guaranteed mistake a game happened.
Duffy tried hard and in covering for Bitton and failing left his man wide open who missed a sitter.
Taylor gave plenty last night and was our best player.
Turnbull was good and kept ball moving.
Soro was very good.
McGregor has nice touches but doesn’t impose himself on game enough.
Elynoussi had some moments but no clear role
Griff good goal but missed 2 sitters due to still trying to get up tp speed with two thirds of season gone.Shame on him and our coaches for this situation.
Ed great skill when he can be bothered.Obviously wants out.
Ajeti like Griff without a goal.
Christie tried and at least stopped his silly shots into the stands routine.
Rogic what was the point.
Coaches par for the course.Welsh should have have been playing instead of Duffy or Bitton as neither have a future with us barring a new coach can miraculously make a defender out of either.
How Henderson can’t get a game is inexplicable though perhaps not with our clueless coaching.
Surely even Lawwell can see that Lennon’s fearty approach rules out any chance of forward planning?

Song for the shower from Neil and PL to the fans.

Just watched the interview with Jack Ross after the game. He was quite dignified but clear cut that it was a red card, no doubt. Clancy admitted seeing it but thought it was a ‘tangle of legs’ so to speak! He just saw what he wanted to see IMHO. I hope Morelos gets a retro. ban. But he should not have been on the park to score his goal.
Strangely Jack Ross made no mention of the blatant penalty they were denied, at least not in the clip I saw. I think he should said something about it just to get it out there.

In case you missed this cheating last night…



Apparently BBC didn’t show the penalty on Sportscene,so possibly they cut any reference to it from the interview.


Players appraisals are bang on the money as usual,mate!


Morning bhoys/ghirls..
Predictor league update

Lct.. 2pts..85

Well done Mahe on getting 9points

Saturday’30th jan fixtures.

Celtic 15.00 st mirren

Dundee Utd15:00Hibernian

Kilmarnock15:00St Johnstone


Good luck..

Paddy’s Maw

Not posted for a while but the Celtic Foundation information spurred me to action.
If that is true about Celtic and the foundation I am more than a little disappointed. I have worked with an organisation who paid for countless salaries through a charity account which I’m absolutely sure was written off via their tax. If Celtic have decided they are no longer paying the salaries etc then they need to come out and say so and they need to stop taking credit for OUR charitable efforts! That’s like me taking credit for Sainsburys Charity donations because I shop there!



We seem to be obsessing with the DOB’s in Black continuing cheating. It will continue unabated until such time someone in a position of authority in Scottish football stands up to it. How do we as mere supporters hope to effect change? With great difficulty, it seems. We are hoping for a change of CEO but will that CEO be any different from the incumbent, will he go for the SFA / SPFL with all guns blazing? Not very likely if he is a DD appointment.
On top of that if anyone dares to impune the impartiality of footballing officials the SMSM rallies around them. Remember wee ‘St Mirren’ loving Chick meeting foreign refs at the airport terminal to let them know they were strikebreakers as the Scots refs had gone on strike because their integrity had been called into question. Of course, he didn’t mention that they had been caught lying and creating a cover-up to hide their cheating.
Another challenge faced is that most other Scottish club supporters believe that Celtic and Sevco are 2 cheeks of the same arse when it comes to bias refereeing of games. Convincing them that we just want a level playing field for all will take time and effort.

Paddy’s Maw

Agree. In my opinion we need VAR and nothing will change till it is installed.


Anyone any idea of how much it would cost for VAR to be used in SPFL games. If it isn’t a hugely prohibitive amount couldn’t Celtic offer to cover 50% of the cost? The offer may at least put pressure on the SFA and show that Celtic are at the forefront of changing the game for the betterment of all of Scottish football

OK you can all stop laughing – it was just a thought!

Paddy’s Maw

Not sure of the costs but sky and BT offered the use of their cameras for VAR free and it was refused. Something about it not being fair as not all matches would have the same amount of sky cameras or something like that. I seem to remember that they were concerned that it wouldn’t be a level playing field!!!


Paddy’s Maw

That’s why an offer form Celtic to partially fund the project would pressure the SFA. I have no idea of operating costs but i can’t see why there should be an issue of adequate VAR camera coverage for all SPFL games. Wouldn’t a type of HD surveillance system as opposed to the more expensive type of camera used for TV broadcasting suffice?

No idea what i am talking about CSC

Not sure how VAR works but would it not include other Scottish MIBs watching the screen and advising the match referee?


In the EPL there are some very curious interpretation’s of Var calls.
Having a few hun ex referees as judges one can only imagine how far they would stretch credibility.
SPL games are noted for commentators telling you what they want to see obviously because our eyes are not professionals.
Would be like having an Edinburgh jury.
The MSSM to fulfill the wishes of the best wee country would play down and nullify even the most egregious decisions .
They have done for years to allow clearly dishonest referees to alter games and are only ever outraged if Celtic get a decision.
There would have been journalists spontaneously combusting if Morelos had been a Celtic player and got the leniency refs in Scotland give him.

Auldheid’s got the best solution to refereeing in Scotland that I’ve ever read. I went on to SFM to see if I could find his article, but with no luck! Maybe he could say something about it.


What-shoot them?

Bobby LOL 🙂
Naw, that’s not his style! 🙂

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