We’re all Celts for Change now

Each decade of our glorious existence has delivered something special you know,,
The 20s and 30s gave the support a(nother) world class star in Jimmy Mc Grory who refused to budge for more money such was his love of the club.
The 50s seen us putting 7 past a heavily favoured team in blue in a famous game at least one poster was lucky enough to attend.
The 60s delivered an immortal star that shines so bright and will always mark us as special.
The 70s brought the faithful the gifted Quality Street kids plus the chance to witness a(nother) truly world-class player in the Hoops, always something to be savoured whilst available.
The 80s gave us the Centenary Double, which just about made by dads life tbh. For Captain Fantastic to return and steer us to glory that never to be forgotten year is a(nother) fairy tale come true.
The 90s seen us stop their ten.
The 00’s gave us Seville.
The 10s they died and we dominated culminating with ‘The Invincibles’.
The 20’s,,,


Looking at a brief snapshot of our history above certain things should jump out,,this is a club less ordinary, there truly is ‘something special here’ as a world class outsider noticed, helping him opt to give us his prime.


The 80s did have massive off field events, maybe the most significant so far, but they were overshadowed by momentous events on the field of play, perhaps predictable given it was our centenary year with a legend at the helm. However rather than fix our structural problems, events in the 80s have lead to a club out of sync, being pulled in two different directions.


There’s money to be made at Glasgow Celtic for those who invest the big bucks, but turning a blind eye to serious injustice in order to be half of a famous duet has lead to a split between the fans and the rulers.
The support at large will accept a rivalry, long for one infact, but forcing them to repeatedly throw principles out the window as the price for said rivalry is a stretch to far, and now we know it actually costs the season ticket holders financially as well as morally for its the public who cough up when damages are awarded against crown lawyers for malicious prosecution of innocents in order protect the brotherhood/guilty.


Off-field events in the 20s are threatening to overtake on-field events for the club and support, with restructure around the corner which should see at least one foot firmly planted in the modern world, something the current PLC could never be found guilty of.
We have all wished for change, and now the PLC themselves have let slip the dreaded word.
Lenny can say whatever he wants but the most significant item of the last few weeks was McGowan telling us all to get ready for something in my opinion.


If this summer reshuffle plan should actually be a detour to the slow lane whilst a club that should be extinct hoover’s up domestic honours well friends call me entitled but that is simply not good enough.
Alex Neill and the Pre-Contracts w̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶e̶c̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶e̶i̶g̶h̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶n̶d̶ just will not cut it. If thats all we can come up with why pay the CEO obscene wages as anyone could pick up the phone to the best local lad, for a lot less.


The twenties we sit in harbour the potential to define the next 40 years, with Fergus’ wishes unfulfilled and his vision hijacked, bringing us to this standoff.
Who woulda thunk it, Glasgow Celtic with their eternal rivals deceased and 40 million in the bank the laughing stock of football through either complacency or conspiracy, but laughing stock we are.
That should not include you, not at all. You yourself throughout this recent period have done exactly as asked for, been there with your support, your pocket money, and your season book money even when faced with a pandemic meaning you may not attend.
You were there, time after time.
There’s been one constant in Glasgow Celtics illustrious history and that’s you.


At least, that used to be the case. We now hear and read the word Boycott more and more with seemingly everyday another declaring he cannot and will not support this regime with his hard earned, a man’s last resort. The death and subsequent resurrection of the Ibrox mob left the faithful conflicted, between a rock and hard place knowing justice was not served, but being pushed away from your own club by your conscience is a feeling no sports fan anywhere should have to endure.


The 20s look set to be the decision decade, in that now we have reached a crossroads, and the decisions made this decade will have a profound effect on our future.
The support and PLC do not share a common goal at this point, with both sides holding an ace,,one owns the club while the other can cut off its lifeblood, season ticket money.
One is here to stay, the other temporary.
One side truly represents Glasgow Celtic, the other side represents Capitalism.


All signs point to the 20s seeing another big battle for the soul of the club, and it has the potential to far outweigh the 80s Celts for Change movement given we now have the internet to coordinate and share information, not to mention the option of watching the games online whilst not contributing to the clubs coffer’s, something clearly denied the 80’s bhoys.
We also have our own websites with a vibrant online community full of professionals in many walks of life to offer instant expert advice on most given topics, and the ability to easily crowdfund. The support at large are much more educated and affluent since the 80’s when many of us experienced life under the milk snatcher, burn in hell.


As the footbaling department look set to enter a period of stagnation, the opposite can now be said of the faithful, indeed it looks like you will be the main protagonists of this decade, the biggest battles look set to take place not on the field but off it.
The players may be downsized in quality putting a nail in Mr Maleys jersey doesn’t shrink adage, but its the fans qualities that may well turn out being the most important here, its us who may need to dig down deep to grind out victory this time.


Brothers and sisters many of us dream(ed) of representing our beloved club, well dream no more. You wont be pulling on those sacred green and white Hoops Im sorry to tell you, but Glasgow Celtic must sometimes be represented off the field as well as on it, and we cant ask or expect the footballers to be successful at both.


You and I now have the honour of representing Celtic, of helping write the history of our club, of fighting for her good name as best as we can, just as we expect those who take the field of play to do on our behalf. Many would consider your actions more important than mere sport, and I tend to agree. Sport is continuous, never ending even in the midst of a global pandemic, but the opportunity to steer the clubs direction is not something that comes around everyday.
Its not an opportunity to be missed, and those who do fight to keep the club true to its ethos can rightly hold their heads high, and deserve applause.
For they do it not for money, not for fame, not as a stepping stone to the EPL,, but out of sheer love.


By harming the club and antagonising the fanbase the PLC have forced a standoff, forced us to chose, forced us to now stand up and represent our club, but what has not been realised is that all of us will go the extra mile for that club, everytime.
And while the team often loses, you and I are a different kettle of fish.
If we ever have the absolute honour to represent Glasgow Celtic then one thing is for sure,
Defeat is not an option.


Imagine future Tim historians looking back on these 20’s and its zenith being a huge victory for fans against an unpopular board. Our victory!
Why only imagine, lets do it.



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Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Morning all.

Am I the only one reminiscing of the ole 90s when we played great football but couldnt get a Baw hair near a trophy?

It wasn’t so bad ffs 🤷‍♂️ I loved those days. Paul McStay keeping our hopes alive… then along came Lubo, Andy Thom…..Henke…..

Tommy Burns proved that those cunts had no chance without sinister help.

Meh…i wont lose any sleep over this 10iar that was never going to happen.

But now the daft feckers in the support are opening their eyes, while big Lawell tries to ride it out for another year?
Yes. Yes, he fucking will. 🤷‍♂️ another year……

Meanwhile, his plan works 100%….NL gets the blame.

Being a Celtic supporter is great fun……


Fantastic article Mahe. Truly brilliant.
Difficult to reply to such a wonderful piece with anything that will add to the debate. I think it’s safe to say that whilst the standards at CP have slumped, the exact opposite applies to the quality of Sentinel Celts stewardship. Both BMCUWP and yourself deserve every accolade going. In fact when blog awards are given out, it would be a travesty were SC not up there pitching for recognition.

As I say, a difficult act to follow, but without a response, we wouldn’t have a blog. If only the Celtic board comprised of characters of such stature and principle of not only the two of you, but indeed some of the personnel who contribute here, such as Auldheid and, ( actually, I’d better not get into naming them for fear of missing out a deserving name) then what a different club we would follow.

Looking at your decade by decade summary, my own thoughts turn to the 90’s. Enter Sky television, and principles are eschewed in return for money. Businessmen who previously avoided investing in football clubs, wishing to avoid becoming part of the old joke “ how do you become a millionaire owning a football club – start with a billion” type joke, suddenly saw an opportunity to make money, and around 60% of football clubs fell into private hands.
Of course we were in private hands already and when Fergus intervened in 94, he undoubtedly knew he could later sell at a profit, and to be fair to him he was transparent about doing so from day one, I do not think the attraction was Sky and the riches of the EPL. Fast forward however to 1999 and the transfer of ownership to Dermot Desmond.

A few years later I stood in the ground in Seville alongside tens of thousands of others, not forgetting around 100,000 others out in the Seville streets. Having been too young to be in Lisbon in 67, and unable to attend the Feyenoord match, this was my first European final. I remember thinking that despite the loss, we could really kick on from that point.

How wrong can one be. Only four months after that final, Peter Lawwell entered the fray in the role of Chief Executive. Actually that’s not quite true. The job title was changed for Lawwell to Executive Director, Head of Operations. A subtle change? Perhaps that tag on was more significant than I initially envisaged.

“Head of Operations”

Why the need to add that? I think we can see why over the ensuing 16 years. Everything that has followed has been well documented. The gradual decline in our European standing has accelerated at a rate of knots that even the most pessimistic amongst us cannot fail to be stunned by.

Off the field?

The unraveling of the 5WA, the collusion with the SFA, the deceit afforded to the res 12 team, and culminating in this season’s total collapse, are all evidence of the disdain in which Lawwell holds the Celtic support.

The share price is King.

Nick Train is more important than you or I.
Whilst the shareholding is so imbalanced, every decision currently taken is done with a view to ensuring he gets a return on his investment. A financial return.

The return you look for? The CL last 32? last 16 ? quality football on view? is of secondary importance to the share price.

When the thirty pieces of silver in your pocket takes precedence over the silverware in the trophy cabinet, then you can be certain as to how you are regarded.

We have one weapon and one weapon only. The £550 or so each of us hand over in the summertime.

We have The Celtic Trust, the newly formed Celts for change 2021, and a few other groups such as The Green Brigade and The Association of Ireland Celtic supporters all voicing their various concerns in recent days.

If all of these groups get together and sing from the same hymn sheet, and make it clear that the £550 will remain in our pockets until some common ground is agreed, we can perhaps start to dream of future glories again.

Doing nothing is not an option.

I’ll end by reiterating:

Great article Mahe.


I concur the articles on here are first class. There are more leaders in Celtic cyber world than in the Boardroom.

A thing of beauty

Lawwell to retire in the summer.



A thing of beauty

Fact twists,
Dominic McKay to succeed him.
I’d link the statement but I’m a technophobe


Where can I find it L and I’ll link it ?


Got it ty


Glad to see Celtic took heed of my post 😁

A thing of beauty

Right off for a run. I’ll be going like zola budd this morning. Dominic McKay comes over from Scottish rugby. I trust by the time I return I’ll have chapter and verse on our new man.
When you speak, the big wigs listen. What took you so long!!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Good news that Peter is leaving in the summer. I wonder if that will be the death knell for that other site? Or maybe (hopefully?) a chance for it to return to it’s former standards….


I think most of us longed for this day. Neil has to follow him out the door.
What matters now if the remit of the new guy. Hopefully not more of the same.
I’ve never met Dominic McKay, but I’m friends with someone who is close to him. I’ll be picking his brains as soon as the dust settles!
My hope is that there’ll be some serious thinking has gone into the role of the new CE.
Restoring our reputation in Europe would see the rest take care of itself.
You mention the other blog. I concur.


Dominic McKay is Scottish Rugby’s Chief Operating Officer.

Dominic joined Scottish Rugby in January 2008 as Director of Communications and Public Affairs from his previous post at drinks giant Pernod Ricard at the age of 29.

Dominic took up a widened set of Group responsibilities in 2011. As Chief Operating Officer for Scottish Rugby he leads the following teams and departments.

During his time as COO of Scottish Rugby, the organisation has been transformed off the field. This includes revenues hitting record levels growing from around £32M to almost £60M in recent years thanks in part to regularly selling out matches at BT Murrayfield, the expansion of our blue chip partner family including partners such as BT, Macron and Royal Bank of Scotland and securing landmark Broadcasting deals.

He is responsible for all Group Commercial, Sponsorship, Media, Marketing & Brand, Events, Ticketing, Retail, Business Services, Corporate Affairs and the management of BT Murrayfield Stadium activity for Scottish Rugby.

He also oversees the activity of Scotland’s two Professional teams Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby and has played a leading role in their development and success in recent years.

As an Executive Director of the Board he represents Scottish Rugby as a Non Executive Director on the Guinness Pro14 Board and also an Executive Board Director of European Rugby governing body, Rugby Europe. He was recently appointed a Non Executive Director of the ‘Old Glory DC’ the recently founded Major league Rugby team based in Washington D.C.

He is a keen offshore sailor and is a recent former Chairman and Trustee of the Sailing Charity ‘Ocean Youth Trust Scotland.

Absolutely delighted to hear of Lawwell’s imminent departure. No crocodile tears from me,that’s for sure.

This is from his statement…

“Celtic’s reputation is built on three pillars – success on the field of play, sound business management, and a real and sincere charitable ethos, building on the club’s founding traditions”

and I’d like to challenge his stance on all three of them.

Success on the field of play-difficult to judge that in a domestic setting which has largely been without competition,yet folded at the first sign of one. Judged on Europe? Clear fail across the board.

Sound business management? Structured around an unholy alliance which has caused him to lie to shareholders. Got rid of a top manager,under whom our income shot up. And where is our Business Interruption Insurance?

Sincere charitable ethos? My revelation about The Celtic Foundation yesterday has led to even more information on it arriving in my inbox. None of it good. And all of it pointing to the club very quietly removing itself from any financial responsibility during Lawwell’s time but continuing to wallow in the credit.


Today’s article is all the work of MAHE. I’ve edited your earlier post to reflect that.


I’d just realised that . Apologies. My edit button has vanished! Was there earlier.


Ah it’s back . Ty


Morning all and Mahe…great article today and superbly timed! Deliberate or lucky it matters not but let’s hope Dominic McKay has his ear to the ground and is aware of what the Club means to us – all the things you mention and then some!!
Rugby is a grassroots sport in Scotland. Football should be but isn’t. If Dominic McKay starts with the rebuild of a successful academy I’ll be happy. But I’ll only be really happy if he does it in tandem with putting this great Club back to where we, The Great Unwashed Entitled, demand it should be – and feckin quickly!!
Mind the door disnae hit your arse on the way oot Peter!!!


Oh and Twisty, brilliant first post, too!! HH


Thanks for posting his CV, Gordon. Got to say this has me concerned…
“He also oversees the activity of Scotland’s two Professional teams Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby and has played a leading role in their development and success in recent years.”

bada bing1

Will he get a Testimonial?


“Joining Celtic FC as Chief Executive is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a new challenge I am very excited about taking on later this year. I have been incredibly impressed with the vision and people within the club and I look forward to working with them.”

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, 1 down 2 to go, bankier and neil , THE UBER TIM, nice to see you posting i know you love neil but he is not the man to take us forward, neither is alex neil or jack ross, BTW, aff oot dugwalking catch u all later.


BadaBingBadaBoom! He’s probably too self-centred and self-righteous to realise he’s already written it – and it doesn’t read well!!

bada bing1

McCaff- no,a financially beneficial Testimonial…😆


Mahe An uncanny response to your superb leader HH 🍀

Cosy Corner Bhoy

‘It’s good news week, Someone’s dropped a a bomb somewhere’ as the song goes, Hedgehoppers Anoymous?
Excellent article from Mahe and follow up from Twisty, pre-news, equally brilliant.
As a supporter from the early Forties onwards there have indeed been ups and downs and The Present is indeed a down.
They say billionaires don’t become billionaires by being stupid, so we can only assume Mr Desmond has only just woken up and smelled the coffee.
As for the new man in waiting….. Relief exceeds Expectation at the moment. However, I assume Scottish Rugby is not a one man band, so look forward to a new broom sweeping clean. The Augean Stables are indeed large.
No good wishes from me to PL. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Billy Bhoy

Farewell to The Man Who Stopped The Ten.

Appointing Lennon at Hamden was the most horrific shower scene since Hitchcock’s Psycho 😡

Presumably he’s staying on till the end of the season to help Sevco clinch the double? 🙄


Outstanding article,mate. We do indeed have an illustrious past,and even in times of famine we have come up with the goods against the odds to keep the faithful in an optimistic frame of mind. All too often though,those successes have bookmarked our failures as we decline to build on them. Celtic has a skeleton in the cupboard which is sadly known to us all,and that is a repeated failure to build from success in order to consolidate it.

It’s almost as though we feel ashamed to be winning,embarrassed by leaving everyone trailing in our wake,and want to put on the brakes to let others catch up. Either that,or we actually just get lucky when we win and don’t know what to do when it happens!

So,do we win by design because we planned for that,and lose the same way-or are we just a bunch of blundering amateurs who stumble into success and failure,blind to the reasons for either?

From what I can see over the last forty years or so,professionalism at Celtic only extends to the mercenary side of it,to people’s bank accounts. It certainly doesn’t extend very often to a description of what people are doing for their dough.


Maybe he wants to leave on the back of an invincible season. The refs are definitely signed up for that!

Morning all & Packy.

A(nother) great article Mahe and follow up from Twisty. Both well timed!

CCB, “As for the new man in waiting, relief exceeds expectation at the moment” Couldn’t have put it better myself. Here’s hoping.


Brilliant lead article.
Take a bow fellas.

On the appointment of rugger guy it is a clever move by DD to convince fans that the CEO will no longer fulfill the emperor role.
He won’t seriously be expected by the fans to have a flawed and scattergun approach to signing players as head of recruitment/chief scout when football is not really his sport?
He seems to have a handle on commercial deals so one can hope he will busy himself in bringing commercial success to satisfy our greedy institutional shareholders with some money apportioned to the football team itself?

Like others i do not wish Lawwell a fond farewell and my main thought is at least 10 years to late for the parasite who demeaned our fans and sold out the ethos of our club and partnered with our crooked rivals.

Noel Skytrot

I’ve just came off a ball bursting 12 hour night shift to the brilliant news about Lawwell, hopefully this is the start of the cull. Get them out of our club.

The glorious balance sheet

I’m hearing that Celtic are to grant Lawwell a testimonial as soon as the Covid pandemic passes.

A match featuring a Celtic X1 v Man City’s Development Squad in honour of Lawwell’s genius in the transfer market.

The likes of Lukasz Zaluska, Olivier kapo, Mubarak Wakaso, Du Wei, koki Mizuno, tonev, rami gershon, rabiu ibrahim, Stefan scepovic, jo inge berget, vakoun bayo, amido balde etc have all signed up to play. 5p in every £35 match ticket sold will go the Celtic Foundation with the remainder being split equally between the Heated Driveway foundation and bailing out Sevco so that Old Firm FC can live to fight out another season.


Why shouldn’t Neil get the blame?
He is in charge of tactics, fitness and playing system and on this seasons performances it’s clear he has failed on all of them.
His veiled digs at the support and fawning over the board show his true character.
We had by many fans and sports journalist’s opinion the best squad in the SPL yet under his stewardship we are in a battle for second and many of our first team want out while our youth program has been destroyed by him due to lack of chances /hope.

Peter Lawwell, Good riddance. Your love of the Old Firm and your part in the resurrection of the huns will follow you to the grave. I hope you remember in your retirement that you are one of the most disliked people in the history of Celtic. Regardless of all the beautiful things that are written about you in the media in the coming days, you know the truth. Get lost!

bada bing1

Will be interesting to see his salary, the ridiculous bonus scheme needs looked at as well.


Always great articles on here but today’s is brilliant and already great replies especially twisty and BM.I
Off to work but just wanted to say my initial thought is mahe’s article is even more pertinent in relation to PL leaving as I don’t think he should be allowed to sneak out the back door without answering questions the fans have a right to ask and also let the new guy know how important and passionate the fans are.
We’re all celts for change now


Dominic McKay made his name in PR at (aptly named) Pernod-Ricard. The PR background is an immediate plus,and I hope that he makes that one of his first objectives. PR under Lawwell has been a disaster,just another one of those things that he thinks he can do better than the professionals.

Pernod-Ricard UK HQ was in Kilwinning when I lived there,though I doubt it still is. Must be about forty years since I drank any of its products though!

The glorious balance sheet

PMSL at that-then went OUCH!!!

Way too much truth to be funny,and everyone writing the expected comments/articles elsewhere lauding him to the skies would be well advised to read your damning indictment of him.


I wonder if the new CE will have the LTPIP element written into his contract?

I’d recommend a change to a STPIP, short term, then on achieving that move on to a MTPIP, ( medium) to allow them some hope of achieving the LTPIP.

Whatever is written into each should be transparent, and should allow some consultation with the supporters groups to ensure a common goal.

I suspect the supporters share the same targets. Top drawer European football being played at CP on a consistent basis. Had that been the focus over the past few seasons, the TIAR would’ve followed by default.
Watching us fall to extremely poor European opponents, all of whom operate in a fraction of the budget we do, should’ve had alarm bells ringing a few seasons ago.

If all KPI’s, PIP’s or whatever name you want to attach to them were set around improving the playing standards, by employing top class coaches, the rewards the supporters crave would follow, and would see the share price increase by default.

I really do hope the next few months bring a total restructure. Share the vision with the support and let’s move forward together.


Thanks for the kind comments.

Need to head out. KPI’s to meet 😁


The handover date for McKay replacing Lawell is June – after normal Season Ticket deadlines. So how do the Club approach the issue of selling tickets? Almost everyone is in agreement that a clean sweep of the structure of the fitba operations is required but do these plans require to be in place before McKay takes over the role…and if so who delivers the message and in whose name? I’m thinking a restructure of the Academy is essential, and a good start to any new guy’s tenure, but not at the expense of the First Team and a willingness to immediately put ourselves at the top of Scottish fitba. McKay has built his career on good PR jobs, we and he will find out how good he is when he takes on the Celtic support!


Superb Mahe, and of course truly prescient.
Chapeau Sir.


…and another thought…the KPI’s don’t necessarily change just because there’s a new CEO! With DD and NT still orchestrating tactics behind the scenes there is a chance McKay starts the job with one hand tied behind his back! Bottom Line is still king as far as DD/NT are concerned, the margins still have to be maintained to allow dividends.


Good news or just a different name to hate?

We shall see.



I think that is entirely in his own hands. For me,he comes in with a clean sheet,and just like when we sign a new player,I want him to be a success. He is lucky in one respect though-his success isn’t likely to hinge on whether NL likes his face at training.


I’m happy to see Peter Lawwell go for two reasons.

1. The pressure of living the lie will be taken off him. It has visibly taken its toll.

2. Whilst one of his mistakes was accepting the 5WA the big one was not explaining why it was necessary to do so.

Make no mistake about it, Rangers foolish financial policy put Celtic in particular but every other club in SPL at the end of a gun.

Conditions should have been set like domestic FFP before Sevco were given a foothold in our game.

That failure and others to address other governance issues has hamstrung Celtic.

When Bankier said at AGM that Lawwell had acted in the Company’s interest that no longer stands the test of time.

As long as what was in the Company’s interest was inseparable from Lawwells interest Res12 was always up against a barrier.

That will have gone and perhaps, fingers crossed, Celtic will engage with the SFA on non application of rules and campaign for domestic FFP and a change to the way referees are managed.

If the new guy embarks on some review of operations I hope one lesson to be learned is dont mess with the support in a much more transparent world.

Involve them, they are as smart as The Board are and CST are the right show in town to start the process.


I’m hopeful that the new man will have a full independent review of operations in place ASAP,preferably completed prior to his arrival.

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