Nightmare on Kerrydale Street



The nightmare endures for the Celtic support,with the unlikely sight of St Mirren taking all three points at the weekend. I say unlikely,but how true is that? Their first victory at our ground since 1990,yes,but it means we have now dropped 23 points from 24 games this season,and are the same number of points behind the league leaders,albeit with two games in hand.


Our form for the last four months in particular and for the season in general suggests that we are lucky that opponents started the season by awarding us a degree of respect which we had earned previously but didn’t currently deserve. We had 25/27 points from our first nine matches and since then our fifteen games have yielded 24/45. Add in our European humiliations plus the Ross County defeat in the League Cup and I’d say that it is fair comment that we are not experiencing a blip in form. We have regressed to the level of a mid-table side,and one which no longer holds the fear factor over opponents.


While it is now clear that we might as well write the season off,the starting again part which usually follows might not be so easy. I can’t remember ever having so many players wanting to leave the club at the same time,and our new CEO has a job on his hands to boost morale amongst the players and to replace those that can’t be persuaded to sign a new contract.


And based on recent performances,how many would we consider worthy of a new contract anyway? From that arises a bigger problem-the performances of our players this season has driven their transfer value through the floor,so there will be even less money available for the required rebuild. And that’s before we take into account the effect of the pandemic on our finances-though curiously,Celtic probably won’t suffer as much as teams from elsewhere as our business model relies heavily on fan-derived income,and those fans sold out the stadium this season.


Hoping for more of the same next season is pie in the sky-unless we have something to latch on to. Give the Celtic fans hope and belief and we will turn up. We did it when Fergus gave us a stadium that everyone said we could never fill,we did it when Martin O’Neill arrived on the back of the Barnes/Dalglish shitshow,and we did it again for Brendan Rodgers who filled the stadium again after the disappointment of the Ronny Deila days.


The fans haven’t openly embraced boycotting the club since the days of the old board but talk of one for next season has been gathering pace for some time now.And the new interest being shown by and for The Celtic Supporters Trust has given the fans a place where we can be united and present a cogent argument to the club,one which argues for change. I’m reluctantly in favour of a boycott at the moment but the Trust disagrees-and this may be for legal reasons,as they are currently trying to encourage fans to buy shares,and also trying manfully to get the club to track down existing shareholders-a legal requirement,I may add,for every company.


The only card we have left to play is the financial one. The club need to know that we will not hesitate to withdraw that fan-derived income,or it will be back of the bus for us for a long time to come.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Noel Skytrot

Sitting on the night shift seriously considering whether I should retain my season ticket. I’ve now realised that i’ve bought into a sham, a game that’s rigged, a club that appears to have disconnected from the very lifeblood that sustains its existence. I’ve personal reasons to keep it going but its really difficult at this time due to having a better understanding of how the custodians have sold the jerseys and are ruinous regarding our standing in not only our domestic league but also in Europe. Emotionally Celtic, you better believe it, but i’m having deep internal conflict about what’s the best action to take.


Just read that Liverpool have signed Celtic’s young keeper – Liam Hughes.
It didn’t surprise which says so much about me & Celtic.

Celtic are run like a Parish Sale of Work committee.
Some in it for the kudos.
Some for the perks.
Some in it just to be in control.
Just one in it for the right reason.
Amateur hour meets Groundhog Day.

If you’re confused as a fan, imagine how players feel.
My son’s a coach & his first rule is that his players must respect him. Without that he says he will not succeed.

How many players respect NFL as coach?
How can he impose discipline when he himself likes the sauce & the ladies so much?
How can he command respect when team selections have been based on his pals & his favourites?
How can he command respect when he publicly shames them, but fails to take responsibility for selecting players who repeatedly fail?
How can he command respect when he chooses as team captain – his pal or a really nice guy who’s too polite to stand up to him?
A team full of weak or compromised players only gives you a dysfunctional team – precisely what Celtic are.

NFL’s abrasiveness in media interviews is alarming but is especially so when he’s politely asked reasonable & valid questions.

Aberdeen’s intentions are clear. They think they have great chance of getting 2nd place.
As things stand – it’s a good bet for someone.


Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


I haven’t read any words from that last few days so.maybe I’m speaking the obvious that has been done to death already.

But the sudden selling of talent and replacement by loans does not bode well.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but another £10M banked via wee Frimpong, while the playing squad sinks.

And now Ncham pushed out the door.

It’s too early to judge, but if this summer gives us the usual issues, which it looks like it will (aka under equipped to compete in Europe), then the problem is much more serious than Lawell, and Mags McGill will be vindicated for over a decade of trying to explain this while being dismissed as a moon howler on CQN.

And the people that used that expression owe him an apology.


Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


I hear you, but I’ll never blame NL for any of this.

The guy’s a straight talker. Whether he’s right or wrong.

The issues are with the sleekit board.

Ian Bankier ffs. A Tory who used an AGM as a vehicle to tell us to behave ourselves while we were asking him to confront the corruption.


Uber Tim

The saddest part of this is that NFL has for me become a symptom AND part of the problem.
There is plenty of blame to go round though & the board must shoulder a major part. My earlier comment about a parish committee in particular.

Sometimes, not quitting is the biggest self indulgence. I was in a job years ago, one that I loved but it was killing me & turning me away from those who loved me. I realized that as much as I loved the job – it didn’t love me. I realized that in time to walk away.

Like many others, I’m genuinely concerned for his personal wellbeing. If he sees walking away as NOT an option for him, for whatever reason, then he’s heading for more personal troubles – in my opinion. Tragedy is that he probably can’t see this & instead sees his sense of who he is entirely immersed in his job.
The job doesn’Qt love him at all.

Celtic have a duty of care towards him & they’re failing in that regard. They know of his past illnesses & yet seem prepared to let him carry the weight of all of this mess. What risk assessments on his health have they conducted? Have they let him assure them that he’s fine? It is the embodiment of unprofessionalism.
Their defence is going to be that “he told us he was fine to continue”. They abdicate their responsibilities by being wilfully blind to what is painfully obvious.

I know it’s important to some folk, but this is not a political issue at all. When you let fans become directors etc is the issue – right or left makes no difference. Judgement gets distorted & decisions are made that fly in the face of common sense, business sense & sense of duty. By all means have fans on the board but have an independent voice that commands respect from all sides.



NL a straight talker?
Not on the evidence of his press conferences.

Going back to the season start and Ferencvaros he criticised players for not wanting to be here, and then recanted.

Pick any recent press conference or post match interview and his mantra is “ must try harder” or “ not what I expected “!

Sadly, by his own actions and words has proved beyond all doubt he is not fit for purpose.

If he was a straight talker he would recognise his many failures and tell us he was leaving the scene.


Cornelius at 4.05

Agree with a lot of what you say.
However , fortunately for us Aberdeen are as insipid on the park and have weakened their squad. In January they accumulated the same number of points as us- 6 from 6 games.

Not much sign of a threat to second there.
Sad indictment of the quality of our league.

No wonder a slightly better than average Huns team is running away with it.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Just the one additional player in the January window would normally be a huge concern for me, particularly as we are crying out for additions in a few areas of the team. However, I am consoled by the fact that main reason for this must surely, surely be that we are preparing for a new coach and that we will let him (or her) have the main input to who becomes part of our playing squad. Or am I really stretching the ‘glass half full’ approach here?


Jobo Baldie

I guess that is the positive (!) spin to take.
My take is that the cupboard is bare til we sell, sell, sell and then only a % will be spent on replacements.

In a change of plan by our Board we adopt the hanging on to our rivals coat tails approach, as the just staying ahead of them clearly hasn’t worked.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, normally im a good sleeper go to bed head hits the pillow and im off, last couple of nights no chance ,tossing and turning, thats what celtic does for you after watching them for 57 years😎 ive had plenty of time to think about this, no sleep at all last night, i lay there trying to think of a way out this horrible mess, the only thing i can come up with is if neil lennon is going to be here until the summer and beyond, get shot of kennedy and strachan, and bring back mjallby thomson and parker, neil knows them and trusts them, i know its a long shot but it might just get the players playing again for him, you can shoot me down in flames now😎 aff oot dugwalking catch u all later,H,H,


Jobo Baldie
I admire your positivity.
My view is that rats and presumably other creatures abandon sinking ships. You don’t hear much about people clambering aboard as the ship goes down.
We have certainly sunk and until the setup changes I think we will continue to sink to new depths.
Who would sign for Celtic in our current state unless they had our emotional ties to the club. Add in Lenny throwing the current players under the bus and consider if you would rush to sign on to play for him.


Neil Lennon seems convinced that he can turn this slump around, and that he will still be Celtic manager next season. If that was not to happen, the first job for the new CEO will be to sack NL and replace him with a new manager.
Is a novice in his position, going to do that?
I am not so sure.

Morning Packy,
I know you’re not suggesting that Neil is kept on beyond this season, perish the thought, but if it were to happen the least they they could do would be to allow him his own choice of management team. When he got the job on a permanent basis, why he accepted the set up that was in place is a mystery to me. Very unusual and encourages speculation.

Welcome back Uber Tim, long time no see! Hope you are well.


Morning Bhoys, Great podcast, lots of insight and common worries. All guys spoke well, weekly thing? HH

We are in a very bad place, it almost looks intentional. Just read the meeting notes from Peter on the 18th of Dec, 400k for a beer and then the players can’t even be bothered to say Hi and then Neil’s presser yesterday. I am not renewing as we are being mugged by one of our over and over. At least 7/8m off the price tag for Ollie in 1 season working with Neil, I fear that’s just the tip off the iceberg for devaluation of the squad.

Sore. Csc


Garry, if I were the new CEO the first thing I would do is appoint a DOF, then with his expert advice do what needs to be done with the management team.

But the first priority is finding a good DOF, he will need help with that I would imagine.

John Collins stands out for me, but what do I know? Only surface impressions! Speak quietly to folk who have worked with him.

The new CEO will need to do his homework on whoever he considers. Speak to a lot of people. And don’t listen to a word from anyone in the existing Board. Ignore approaches from agents. PL had his favourites amongst agents. Brown envelopes?


As soon as sky pumped millions into it Noel, the game was rigged, 2012 and the huns continued existence reaffirmed that. No longer a sport, its an expensive distraction for the masses and the millioniares make more money off the back of us.

Bawburst. Csc



Can’t honestly believe I read comments about Neil not being blamed, if he walked in Nov we would be in a better place? Couldn’t be worse tbh, he is hanging on for a payout which he is entitled to but he’s made 42k a month for 3 months now for nothing. Don’t give me he is a straight shooter and not at fault. He is a very wealthy man so he doesn’t need it or the hassle unless it doesn’t bother him after all.

Legend? Or Placeman? The longer it goes on he is starting to look like a parasite I hate to say, we got the Vicky yesterday from him at that presser.



That is exactly what I would do if I was Dominic McKay. I wouldn’t go near John Collins though.
He showed that he didn’t have it, as assistant manager to Ronny.
My first choice for DOF would be Ralf Rangnick, then if that approach fails, ask him to act in a consultancy role. Arsene Wenger is another I would look at for DOF role.


Neil Lennon the Lurgan loan arranger.

So they’ve did it, watched the last star falling, and saw their last window slam shut, all tight together. Four NL windows, money, all spent, and loan deals for both full back positions thrown in place, two years after Lustig’s legs went out the door with Kieran Tierney.

The return of the new improved flexi sieve more holes than a honeycomb it’s what match day normality, and log ins are all about. We even get heaps of irony with sieve supremo Gary Caldwell for his one and only ever, talking Celtic TV appearance, all in the same season.

They put up the barriers and have only been seen briefly waving the white flag of early retirement. NL’s results for five months were previously unseen and did not merit or license ballsy replies to the startled press yesterday, something else did that.

That ‘good review’call high? maybe, a buzz from getting charge of Jonjoes moby number, to clinch the last loan? A much needed welcome Celt, but an inditement of the fankle we got into, picking personnel, then by doing nothing when they should.

There is no quick fix in a Devon Loch season, we’ve loads of players in the front stand, a full bench, all queuing up for their chance to ‘let Neil down’ some of them fresh out from under the bus.

A log jam of struggling mercenaries some of whom don’t even make the squad, but they’re now backing up, NL has no one new left to launch, there are no development games in a pandemic, just dead rubbers since October it seems.

The cavalry are coming new Celtic custodians will pick their way through the rubble, they’re done, they’ve made their mark in history and a stash, one day at our pinnacle but a baby step back to demise.

Thank god, we’re still alive CSC



Agreed that there is no way we should be signing new players under the corrupt and inept present regime…it would be a total waste of money.

My biggest disappointment re the transfer window, is that more impostors were not shown the door. They damn well should have been.

We’ve got more passengers than Emirates Airlines FFS.

Hail Hail.

Agents/ Brown envelopes.

I am friendly with an old guy, spoke to him hundreds of times in the pub who used to be a fulltime Trade Union Organiser for the T&GWU (I think). As a young man he played F/T professional football including Rangers for a wee while before moving to Wales. He was more recently involved with Junior Football – Fauldhouse Utd. – and sat on several committees at Hampden.

Anyhow, back in the 70s/80s in the days before player agents, he went around the football grounds recruiting players to join the Union. He knew Big Jock well, he always had to get permission to go into the changing rooms and speak to the players wherever he went.

But a very important job that he had to do was represent and accompany players in transfer negotiations. He told me that ‘brown envelopes’ were the norm in those days including for the managers. One famous manager in particular was notorious for his demands. I wont mention his name on here but he was later knighted, and it wasn’t Big Jock btw!

Don’t think brown envelopes would be in use nowadays. More likely off shore accounts I would imagine! 🙂

A thing of beauty



You gave enough clues.


From ‘ The Celts are here’ taken from ACSOM’s meeting with Celtic.

Major points

There was no thought given to added value to season tickets because the club thought we would be back in the stadium by October. The club are passing off the Ross County game being listed on the pass when it was also on Premier Sports as added value.

There is a meeting likely being held this week about next years season tickets, but nothing has been discussed at this point about added value. Any season ticket on sale next year might come with a reasonable discount.

You can still get your refund from last season’s missed games and you have up to five years to claim the money. The club were taken by surprise by how many refunds were taken up.

On the 18th December, the affiliation had a meeting with Peter Lawwell and JP Taylor; a suggestion was made that the players check in with certain season ticket holders by zoom, to check if they were alright. We believe this would have been vulnerable supporters who have been isolating for most of the year – the players rejected the idea.

90% of non-football staff are still furloughed at the club.

The Dubai trip cost over £400k.

The club believes they have sufficient precautions in place to allow 25k into the ground when they are permitted to have fans.

So our highly paid want away players couldn’t even motivate themselves enough to make a short zoom call to a few of our more vulnerable supporters who have been most impacted by the pandemic!
90% of non footballing staff furloughed and yet the Club spend £400k of your money on a jolly to Dubai.

And yet there are still some contemplating financially supporting these charlatans next season. 🤬

Garry I couldn’t possibly agree with you on here!

I watched All The President’s Men on iplayer last night. For some reason I kept thinking about Peter Lawwell and Auldheid &co.!

I wish we had a Washington Post type newspaper in Scotland!


the difference between past times and what has happened this time is – Barnes Dalglish season /final years of old board era – it was clearly just incompetence and that can be forgiven and moved on from.

This time round however , there is a suspicion held by quite a few of deliberate ” in house ” sabotage . ( How far up the food chain – how far DOWN the food chain ??)
Given the historical enormity of this season ( and by God , the result of this season is going to be RAMMED down our throats for a long ,long time ) then even a whiff of deliberate ” nobbling ” would make forgiving and moving on to the next season very difficult indeed .

I even suspect that’s part of the reason some fans can’t countenance the ” in house sabotage ” theory , because to do so would make ” moving on ” extremely difficult , – for some impossible .

All in all , it’s just a sad sad story , one I feared the day they visited Lennon in the showers .
That was a statement of intent that they didn’t want to progress , but rather REGRESS .
To suggest that replacing a BR calibre of coach with a NL calibre of coach would do anything other than regress the whole club , was quite frankly laughable .

Like I say , sad times .


Fully understand Jim.
But I know I am correct. 😜😁👍


Very good post.
The sabotage theory if proven, would finish me with Celtic, and Scottish fitba for good.



Fascintaing-and scary!-read. Thanks.


Have you ever been to a boxing bout in Glasgow.?
You will be surrounded by some of the city’s biggest Gangsters/Businessmen.
Unfortunately fitba seems to be similar.
If I was Barry McGuigan, I would be sleeping with one eye open at night. Sad times.



Your verbal eloquence is a most welcome addition to Sentinel Celts.

Your play on words always amused me. A Jinky, a Messi of wordsmithery.


Half full or half empty, the measure remains what it is. I reckon given your obvious total support to Celtic this must be the worst of times. It will be for many of course but I know you and Bournesouprecipe (what a name) on a personal level.

I’m in the desperately hoping camp as in pain is the way to growth and in say 5 years time Celtic will become a reflection of the best values of the support.

That of course requires patience.

bada bing1

Garry- a couple of boys I know went to school with Scott Harrison, I went to a couple of shows at the Kelvin Hall,went to the toilet between fights,there must be 15 cubicles, packed with cokeheads, some amount of drugs shifted at these events.

bada bing1

We tried up until the last minute of the Transfer Window, to get shot of manager Neil Lennon, but he is sticking to his contract,and will go in June,Neil was our Number 1 target to get off the wage bill ,and to start rebuilding Celtic Football Club……


Easier to get a hold of Devil’s dandruff at a boxing event in Glasgow, than a Rock festival on Glasgow Green like TRNSMT.

bada bing1

BMCUW- Panorama last night was about the Kinihans….will be on Iplayer…..but if you’re watching in Scotland, it’s the OchayePlayer


Auldheid I started after mccoist left for sunderland. HB wasn’t averse to a practical joke or quick wit himself was he.
You know KW who worked with you in isd and who worked in Montserrat with BK, KW and I spoke to you in blantyre club when you were on the panel at a Q&A.
To be fair at the 5 s sides you were nippy and a finisher even though you were 20 years older than some of us youngsters back then, you used to talk constantly during the games too mainly encouraging but sometimes moaning 😀 good days.



Watched the programme last night.
I knew bits and pieces of the background prior to seeing the programme.
How brave is Barry McGuigan! I hope he’s able to sleep with one eye open. I’m being serious too. Some courage he showed in speaking out.
I hope others come out in support of him.
The problem is that the entire boxing world is controlled to some level by the promoters who in turn are in the control of some real shady characters . Going way back to the late 80’s and Frank Warren. No surprise to see him popping up.
The “ Jack the Knife” stable stealing boxers from other stables and taking no fees or % of winnings.
Doesn’t take a genius to work out something underhand is at work.
I’d truly fear for my family and myself if were Barry, but he said he’s not phased by fear.


Stand down on judging players social conscience.

JP TAYLOR has confirmed the players did NOT turn down the chance to speak to fans and something has been lost in translation.


Stand down on judging players social conscience.

JP TAYLOR has confirmed the players did NOT turn down the chance to speak to fans and something has been lost in translation.
Well if it is indeed another wee PR mistake then i unreservedly recant my comment regarding the players.
I guess we’ll find out what they actually said, the CFC version at least, in due course😏

Fire fighting again CSC


Offer AVB the Celtic job.


Villas Boas resigns.

Didn’t want Ntcham.


Or “ offers” his resignation to be more accurate

big packy

ah well my suggestion at 8-30 went down like a lead balloon😎 a groucho joke, guy is waiting to be hanged, he suddenly starts jumping up and down on the trap door, you know something he says, i dont think this damn thing is safe😎



“I’m waiting for an answer, it could be no and then we would continue. I don’t want any money, I just want to leave. We ended the transfer window with a new player [Olivier Ntcham]. He is a player that I had said ‘no’ for.”🤨

Lazy midfielders, we’ve thousands of them CSC


See from the article you linked, that he was leavin this May in any case.
Kinda guy we should be looking at to replace Neil Lennon.


Celtic have signed another Irish international – for the women’s team

Izzy Carolan Atkinson

“My childhood dream I can’t believe it.. Over the moon to have signed my first professional contract! Makes it even more special to be at this club”

Fáilte Izzy and could you please go and show big Shane how to play the game.

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