2 cheeks of the same arse

Last night we got another dead rubber out of the way, only this one resulted in an actual victory and that rarest of events, a clean sheet, however a better team would have breached the sieve.
Its a bit of a new look sieve actually with a proper fullbacks, plus an actual defender to slot in alongside our best defender this season, who is originally a midfielder but also not a bad right back at all.
The four rounded out by goalkeeper Bain, who looks to have the jersey until seasons end or maybe until the expected blooper, which Murphy’s law states will happen in the possibly title deciding derby game due end of March.
4 goals were scored with summer flop Ajeti bulging the oul onion bag as well as our Captain with no red card were issued.


Theres really no need to say anything else regarding the game, which I didn’t watch having zero interest and judging by not one email for a free VST pass, I wasn’t the only one. I have already found it extremely hard to garner interest in football during these empty stadium times, with artificial noise only going so far, that empty feeling only compounded by our woes on and off the pitch. Banners are no substitute for fans we can firmly say once and for all.


Unfortunately the season from hell is looking likely to be fully played out, at this juncture most would opt for early curtailment and subsequent awarding the title to the worthy champions I believe. Securing second and keeping the gap under twenty one points wont tempt every Tim out there to tune in that’s for sure, which hopefully helps foster the determination to remove those responsible for our current mess.


From hoping to witness history, to wishing it was just all over in the space of six months is quite a swing.
So is Invincibles to Want-always in two years, but dont worry we are a Champions League club according to our highest ever paid employee, a man who Dermot incredibly pleaded with to stay in situ showing ust how severe the disconnect has become.


The football is actually talking a second seat to the off field events now, something that would have been hard to believe a short while ago. After the most embarrassing capitulation in the national sports history, all that remains now is to get the cup and manager out of the way before this years big battle commences.


The battle of the Season Books.
Fan versus board, support versus PLC, Celtic lovers versus Old Firm lovers, it’s the big one that actually needs to happen if truth be told. Once and for all we deserve to find out if this really is a club like no other, more than a club, or simply a vehicle for the upper class to take our passion and spending money under false pretenses.


Speaking of false pretenses, when all of us are getting the number 55 rammed down our throats all summer long, how about the club, or the company, ensure they prominently advertise we are Scotland’s most successful club everywhere at the same time, placing the onus on what Uefa’s Andrea Traverso appropriately referred to as the ‘new club’ to challenge our claim?
Of course having just lost the title we will be called sore losers, but when exactly is the correct time to point out it’s not 55 except when it is claimed?


That’s what good Celtic men would do, speak the truth and darn the hare we care, but then again having sold the soul of the club for ‘ten million a year’ the very last thing those who have went out of their way to foster the dreaded Old Firm relationship will do is broadcast information that may harm the partnership.


In their eyes Old Firm fans are simply wallets and two cheeks of the same arse.
Funny enough that’s exactly what I think of Dermot and Peter.


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‘Luv Ya To Bits’ was one of the things that Packy got slagged for saying a lot in the past. Not just to me, to others too. So he more or less stopped saying it. I think he just said it last night , and the reference to the past ,out of frustration. A harmless enough thing to say when you think about it.


Wow the Gypsy Kings, that used to be our chant after the pub shut while marching over my mates suite in his flat Volari


jtt53 tell him to get back here 👍


Jim…I hadn’t noticed he stopped saying it, that’s sad if he stopped for the wrong reasons! He’ll be fine though, and he’ll be back on with those tall tales sooner than we think – or should I say hope!! 😉🤣🤣🤣


It’s his missus I’m missing!!! 😂🤣😂


ASWGL…hahaha now there’s an image that could take a while to go!! 😁

ASWGL, I’ve suggested if he wants to take a break for a wee while that’s fine, I’ve done that myself in the past. But don’t worry, he will be back. Even if I’ve got to go down to Cheshire and force him LOL 🙂


jimthetim53 luv ya to bits




Just seen the Roofe lunge from tonight, that’s a shocker !!


Yeah ASWGL, I saw it earlier but just watched it again and slowed it down to the point of Roofe going over the ball onto Davidson’s lower leg…that’s a leg-breaker! Davidson very lucky to escape real injury! And the ref saw it btw!! The decisions they’ve had this year defy belief!
Cheatin’ Hun Bassas!!


I guess we’re left wondering about Griff, this year he’s been a bombscare turns up unfit of all seasons, now him n Lenny have a fall out, you know where it’s going he’ll be sold (likely go back to hibs) and start scoring for fun, best finisher in the league by a country mile, but wasting his talent this season it seems.


Auldheid thanks I always consider myself cheery so have never understood why the wife calls me Victor (Meldew). Tell PS I was asking after him next time you speak to him.
Title 55 should insult the intelligence of every tax paying person of the UK and should not even be out there as an option not even an ambiguous option. In my opinion if celtic want the fans back onside they would be surprised how easy it would be if they start the first title narrative from now. Every interview, especially if we are asked about The Rangers, we should be saying how well they have done from being a new club to winning their 1st title in such a short time span.
If this approach along with res11 dislodged the first card PL and the board can say they have done the right thing before they left and it may also unsettle a team going for title number 1 into a slump (would that be classed as cheating and get put out the leagues).I
You always had a bright outlook . I think I had but try telling that to my good lady. Grumpy old man covers it.

On the 55 nonsense it an insult to our intelligence and requires an intelligent response……………

To get Celtic to say anything first PL needs to remove himself from the scene of the crime.


Anyone watched or watching “Good Omens” on Amazon Prime?

It is based on one of the very few Terry Pratchett books I have not read, all about the Anti Christ being delivered to a suburban accountant type instead of the President of the USA.

Martin Sheen and David Tennant play the good angel and demon respectively who have to fix the cock up, but have grown to like each other since the Garden of Eden Days and don’t fancy the idea of Armageddon.

Only two series in but Pratchett’s delicious sense of humour shines through.


ASWGL..it’s difficult to single out any individual or incident this year that has been singularly responsible for where we’re at. There have been many reasons aimed at the Board, the Management, the Team and also individual players, all of that without bringing into the mix the Covid match and player suspensions or the performances of referees in our games and in the Huns’ games. A lot of the stuff being mooted is speculative, some of it crap and some of it very probably true. Trying to put all of it into a pot and make sense of it has been almost impossible.
A lot of the stories/rumours/theories have been unverifiable but when we can actually look at a situation and point blame knowing we’ve called it right then the guilty party needs to own the problem. And that’s where Griffiths is! He hasn’t done what any pro should have been doing, and particularly when Celtic have so publicly and steadfastly supported him! He hasn’t let himself down, his behaviour is just typical of a selfish spoilt brat, but he has let down Celtic, Lennon, his teammates and us, the support.
As I said on Saturday after the game, I’m done with these guys! If he’s prepared to show me he’s changed, or he’s interested and goes out there and does it, then I’m all for second chances or in his case even third chances. But if all we’re gonna get is the same old shit he can do one!!
Rant over!


Auldheid…I’m on Series Ten where the Good Angel is a Corporate-Bashing Angel called Old Head who’s nemesis is an unrelenting badass liar called Lie Well who’s Capitalist sensibilities and Industrial level cheating mean they are on a path to Armageddon! It’s hard to see how the series ends!! 🤣🤣🤣


VG McCaff worth the watch then 😄 👍

Auldheid, listened to Good Omens back in 2015 BBC R4. It was terrific. Great cast. I just checked BBC Sounds however it’s not available at the moment but no doubt it will be repeated on R4 extra soon enough.