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Celtic FC is currently experiencing one of our periods of flux and uncertainty with poor form on the pitch,a dysfunctional squad and management team,and a board which will shortly undergo a major personnel change at the top. Whether this sees a change in direction of the modus operandi of the club remains to be seen; what we can say for sure is that more of the same is not a form of medication which the support are likely to stomach.


Calls to boycott club products and season tickets have already been made by such as the AICSC and various bloggers,and to if not by the CST and CSA. The fans cannot believe what we have witnessed this season on the pitch,much less that it has been tolerated by the board of the club. Clearly the current model is broken,and with the imminent changes in personnel in the squad,the dugout and the boardroom,the situation calls for a total rethink on strategy.


The question is,of course,whether such a rethink is considered to be appropriate or necessary by those in the position to implement it. Yesterday gave us the thoughts of CELTSFORCHANGE2021 who firmly believe that a boycott will persuade the board to implement such a change,and while I support their aims I think there is another reason why such a change has to be made to what so many of us think is a broken model. It is not good enough for the board to say that the current strategy has worked in the past and that only a few tweaks are required to get it to work again-to stand still in football is to go backwards as the rest of the world moves on. We have already seen that at the domestic level as a team with all sorts of “unusual” advantages has overtaken us and frankly laughed themselves silly at our pathetic efforts to match them. And surely the board must know that this must never happen again?


Well,what if being also-rans domestically was the least of our worries,what if that was also the case on the European stage? Now,I agree with the obvious-that we already are also-rans in Europe-but that is only if you judge it by the standards of this season. Last season,we topped our group with games to spare,and this season we were a Pot One team for the Europa League. Of course we would have preferred to be in Champions League group stages more often-and I firmly believe that we should treat that as a realistic aim every season and not simply a pipe dream. But very soon such a pipe dream will move to the status of necessity-or a slow death by a thousand cuts. For in season 2024/25,the CL is moving to a new format,a more lucrative one for those taking part,and one which signals a seachange between the haves and have nots in the game. If you thought the current set up was bad enough,you ain’t seen nothing yet!


The group stages of the new format are not yet formalised but have been narrowed down to two choices. The first is for six groups of six teams,each team playing ten games. Top two in each group plus the best four “losers” progress to the Last 16. The other is a rather ludicrous idea of all 32 teams in one league,with each team playing a random five others at home and another random five away-top sixteen to the Last 16. Either way,each team will play ten group matches instead of the current six and the domestic leagues will bear the brunt of the lost game time to accommodate that. A league season will be a maximum of 34 matches or preferably 30 as CL matches will have weekend schedules in the new set up.


Whether you agree with the new plans or not is immaterial,they are gonna happen in some form at the expense of the domestic game. And here’s where that fact becomes of crucial concern to Celtic-and may in fact have a large part to play in how the powerbrokers at Celtic view the prospect of a bhoycott by the fans. (see my comment on yesterday’s article at 101pm) Celtic CANNOT be left behind on this,because to miss the boat means to be stranded. And even worse would be for us to miss the boat while watching Rangers sail off into the sunset,happily ensconced in their First Class cabin.


Recently,qualification for CL group stages has been worth around £30-40m to the club,along with the associated benefit of making us a more attractive prospect for new signings. From 2024,that is likely to rise to £80m+ for a club at our level in the game,doubling or trebling our income from it. But more worrying is the possibility of Rangers getting to that pot of gold instead of us,and it is why this is not the time for downsizing by the club regardless of the effects of the pandemic on our financials for this year.


To qualify for this bonanza,and more importantly to prevent the huns from getting anywhere near it,we firstly need to win the SPL the season prior to it. That season begins in around thirty months. We have seen how far we have fallen in 24 months,and we can’t risk using all of those thirty to rectify that. We have to get the planning right with immediate effect,we have to start the planning for it now,and we have to make sure that we are ready to go-in the boardroom,in the dugout,on the pitch-in eighteen months at most.


If we don’t,we won’t just have missed the boat. We will have been sunk.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Auldheid from previous blog,,
Whilst I was sitting here contemplating a response to Celts for change, I was just thinking about how fragmented (for want off a better word) all the interested parties have become. Not just unaligned with each of the other groups but within the particular groups too.
Whilst I ponder my response further:
It has been like this for at least ten years to my knowledge and this is how I picked it up and why I got involved.

There was an Open Meeting in St Mary’s Calton back in 2010. The main item on agenda from an earlier meeting with a small turnout was the poppy on the jersey.

Meanwhile on CQN we were all going ape-shit about the referees and I arranged a meeting with a few guys in O Neils in Old Fruit Market. Paul Brennan popped in and gave us a heads on the Open Meeting with CST and CSA and Affiliation involved.

The week before the next meeting Scott Brown got his marching orders and Lafferty didn’t and CQN was incandescent and The Poppy was the last thing folk were bothering about. I had been encouraging folk beforehand to attend the Open Meeting but the mood was it had to cover the refereeing.

I contacted Jeanette Findlay to ask if it could be covered and although it was not on the agenda Jeanette said it would be. I passed that on and aound 100 folk attended which was 10 times the previous numbers.

On my way into Glasgow the day before I came up with the idea of something to take from the meeting rather than just a venting session and drafted a guess what? I’ve told this before : a resolution seek transparency and accountability from the SFA and a review of the then video review process and asking Celtic to give it to the SFA (which they were happy to do on the basis “its no us, its our revolting supporters”.) I must have e mailed the draft to Jeanette because at the meeting she held it up and took it to the floor where it was overwhelmingly passed.

This is the eye opener bit. First I’m stopped by Joe Rourke on my way out, who gives me his card and whom I found very helpful on Res12 until the fraud rubber hit the truth road in 2018 and the brakes went on all over those with a Board connection and the stench became discernible.

So after the meeting I’m waiting to hear the draft has been finalised and sent to Celtic but 4 weeks pass then Gordon Smith comes out with some weak defence of the video review panel that I read about heading to my caravan on Ayrshire coast in a park with very poor wi-fi connection.

I get on to Jeanette saying there will never be a better time to get the resolution to Celtic than then and she agrees, but the CSA had some points of concern to address not on the substance of the draft but who would be putting their authority behind it!

Ok, I’ll redraft in the caravan but getting the e mail to go was a matter of laptop lotto to get a signal. Lucky I didn’t get arrested for voyeurism sneaking beneath vans, lap top above my head.

FOUR times I had a go at redrafting and eventually Jeanette phones me and says it cannot go on and she will phone Joe. Next day some form of agreement is reached and the Resolution goes to Celtic who put it on the wire because it was in the Company’s interest.

I remember afterwards Joe and I talking about how to have a red card to the SFA display by supporters to keep focus on SFA and Smith when the wigged one suddenly announced his resignation. “We got all dressed up fur nuthin” I told Joe

As individuals I have huge respect for Joe and Jeanette as decent folk with skills but, and there is ae a “but”, because of the way the recognised organisations are set up with different aims and constitutions, politics with a small “p” get in the way of making things happen and getting things done.

Call it ego if you like, not so much of the individuals personally, but what and who they represent and what is needed and its time may have come is for every Celtic supporter whether individual, famed bloggers, not so famed bloggers, recognised groups with constitutions to sit down, still their beating hearts, engage their minds and work out exactly what their real goal and purpose, find the common one and from there work out the steps to achieve it in unison.

That will require the exchange of ideas in a non judgemental environment*, a leaving outside the door of any personal convictions, a readiness to listen the reasons each person/group holds the perception they do and if the reasoning makes sense be willing to be persuaded to change minds and so perceptions by the strength of the points made.

Now if it wasnt for CoVid I’d suggest hiring a hall, St Mary’s or bigger in order to come to a consensus on what super goal supporters want to achieve and once that is known, use the individual and group skills to get there.

If I were looking for someone to chair that kind of meeting it would be Jeanette Findlay not as a CST advocate but as a passionate Celtic supporter with the right skill set to do what she did in St Mary’s and other times since and that is to find focus in the views of many.

However for that to happen for me a prerequisite is we have to realise that love is not about holding on, its about letting go.

“If you love someone let them go” was on a poster at a retreat event I was involved in for the bereaved, separated and divorced and painful as it is at the time and by fuck letting go of what we love works,,



A very sobering article. Had no idea of the full implications of the Euro brokers /top leagues carve up.
Do you know if the qualifying process will remain as is , or will they want to “promote” more of the top 5 leagues teams into the honey pot? Say 5/6 instead of the current four leaving limited opportunities for the “Diddy” teams.?
As we know to our cost qualifying at present is difficult enough.

That aside , your leader makes the point I and others ( in a more detailed fashion) have been advocating about the very dire need not to embark on internecine open warfare that could send us into oblivion. Opening a structured dialogue with the Board is a must.

Dominic McKay , from what I have read , has taken the SRU from a sleepy Gentleman’s club to a successful, proactive, forward thinking business.

He hopefully will be our best hope at bridging the connection of a stale, “clubby” Board with a magnificent but severely disenchanted support.
It may come too late for next season but this has to be a 1/2 year rebuild. The support , sickening as it will be to see Huns celebrate, have to be on board for a re boot. And it is highly unlikely to have immediate success.

There is a common aim here. I hope the wider fan base agrees.

We will be trying to step up our efforts to contact all the other groups, blogs, supporter clubs and see if there is a way forward for a joint effort, we will have to see if Auldheid slides can be used straight away to save time.

A more professional approach to the footballing side of the club will have quick results, we will just have to wait to see if they are willing to do it.


Yes a very sobering article,with a new CEO in place DD will be paying a lot more attention to how the club is being run, he can’t let the guy sink or swim he has to help him float. Next year has to be better than this year. The Huns will only make about 3 -4 million extra this year.
If they are drowning in debt it’s going to take one hell of a run in the CL next year to see them start to think about swimming. If our Board gets their shit together and bring the fans onside not just ST holders but fans all over the world we can bury them again , after three burials they will be stopped permanently


Not your most positive article, but an excellent read nonetheless. We really need to get our shit together. For me, that needs to start now. We can’t remain in this limbo situation too long.
Hope Dominic McKay hits the ground running and we are back to winning ways immediately.
Not convinced that the hun mob are any great shakes. I would be looking to sink them next season at the latest. Lots of big, important decisions to be made on the management structure in the club. Pray that the new CEO is up to the task.
A Director of Football is hopefully his first appointment.

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A very interesting read Bobby, an angle I hadn’t thought about. The road ahead with Europe gives the club another level of urgency to get things sorted out.

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Predictor league update 5/2/21..

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Well done Bada on 8 pts which stretches his lead to 19pts..
Remember you have 2 jokers you can play which will double your points on the results..




Livingston15:00St Johnstone

Ross County15:00Dundee Utd

St Mirren15:00Kilmarnock



Quite a few of you forgot about midweek games…
Hopefully mahe/Bmcuwp can put up link..
Thanks for your participation..HH


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Repost from last night…
We are in very different times compared to the first Celts for change as we cant gather support in meetings like the one in Govan Town Hall and then the one across from Goldbergs. Even back then it took weeks and months to get the message out there, so we have to just use what we have today and it is all online.

We have only been going for a month and we have PL on the run preparing to exit stage left.☺

We will never get everyone to agree just like the last time, some fans were still supporting the Kelly’s and White’s in the new stadium that Fergus built, and it will be the same again this time.

But we are hear until season ticket renewals are done, so we will keep trying to get our action plan out there, but we will need to improve how we do that, so we have been trying to get some of the young ones involved to get the message out there on some other platforms like Instagram with some short videos about what we are trying to do.

We have a couple of more months to push this before renewal packs start arriving, but we will keep doing it.

If there are any of the Instagram generation out there willing to help then drop us off a email or visit our Instagram page.

February 5, 2021 1:44 am


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Noel Skytrot

Happy Birthday, Big P, all the best.

I know the new fella has not quite landed but the cynic in me (I blame McCaff for that) thinks he won’t be any different from the departing liar Lawwell. Will he propagate change within the club at different structures? Will he take the cabal on and fight our corner? Will he sort out our woeful PR? Will he appoint a DOF? and all the other issues that we currently face?

Wee Fra, if you’re looking in, hope you are well. 🙂

Garry, who you supporting tonight, Swansea v Norwich ?
I love Delia Smith, the majority shareholder at Norwich.

“In February 2005, Smith attracted attention during the half-time break of a home match against Manchester City. At the time Norwich were fighting an ultimately unsuccessful battle against relegation from the Premier League, and to rally the crowd, Smith grabbed the microphone from the club announcer on the pitch and said: “A message for the best football supporters in the world: we need a 12th man here. Where are you? Where are you? Let’s be ‘avin’ you! Come on!” (Wiki)

Can you imagine our principle shareholder – DD – doing that? 🙂 Would he even be at the game?


The appointment of a strong Director of Football, would be the best move Dominic McKay could make. Let him get on with the proper role of a CEO, and concentrate on everything bar running the Football Department.


Good, forward looking article, Bobby. I agree that Celtic cannot afford to miss the European boat in 2024. If there is a genuine clear out at all levels within the club, it will fake time for the new arrivals to bed in. If we want our new head coach to build a modern, progressive side with the same style throughout the club, it will not happen overnight. During such a transition, I’d expect us to perhaps lose a few games. Would we be prepared to accept Sevco winning the league next season too if we could see us near to the finished article in 2022/23?
That said, Sevco are not a great side by any stretch. I’ve got to say their results in Europe have been good, although they’ve been lucky; Galatasaray had 8 players out due to Covid for one of the qualifiers for example. Even our decrepit team this season could and should have roasted them on Dec 28th. I reckon we could still win the league next season despite being in transition.
It really is vital that our new coach is up to the job. Will the new CEO ditch the penny pinching ideology he inherits from Lawwell? How ambitious is DD, or his successor, on the fitba’ side of things?
I’d get the best coach available, recognising that he and HIS chosen coaching team could cost approx £10m per annum. That equates to less than we’ve spent on Duffy, Barkas and Ncham. What offers the better return both on the park and to the bottom line?
To round off, our problems are not insoluble. Some foresight and gumption required.
I live in hope.

Noel Skytrot

here’s hoping that occurs and that he leaves the footballing side to the appropriate people.

A thing of beauty

From last night. I apologise for not replying. I really must stop posting my thoughts and then going to my bed. It’s rude. Note to self to do better.
Anyway to your point that a supporter who attends has more say than one who doesn’t. It’s complex. There are a myriad of reasons why people can’t attend and I know if things had worked out differently and I had moved to oz instead of Scotland I would still be celtic daft. What I am saying is if you don’t go it’s a lot easier to tell people what they must give up because you either have already done that or have had to choose to do it because of emigration or being from another country. If we boycott and no one goes to games what do Celtic have to sell, what do you have To watch?
Celtic have handled the years since sevco went busy in an appalling manner. Sheer panic, I believe saw them adopt a strategy of “save our Huns” and the wedge it has driven between the celtic support as a whole and the celtic support and the board will never be repaired. But the thing is as bmcuwp article reinforced this morning now is the absolute worst time for a boycott. We need to hope Desmond realises the apathy that is circulating now and puts a strategy in place akin to what he would do with any of his other businesses that are failing. I think we’ll get a DOF in the next month or so and that will be a very big pointer to where the club are going.
Happy birthday. Hope you get a couple of rolls n square for breakfast and two scotch pies for lunch. No need for any other presents if you can get that sorted!!


Have been to Carrow Road twice, when I lived in Derby. Once to support Leeds, and for an East Anglia Derby v Ipswich.
Like Norwich colours, so going for the Norfolk side. 👍

A thing of beauty

Busy/ bust
But you knew that anyway!!



If DD really bought into Celtic because of the EPL myth,then he must be looking at the CL changes and thinking “This could be even better!”

Going to the EPL would have made European qualification more difficult-though a top four finish guarantees it,of course. In Scotland,there is only one team to beat in order to access that,so if ever there was a time for him to make his holdings look attractive to others,this is his opportunity.


That’s a really good point. Hadn’t thought of that. He hopefully realises that Peter Lawwell has destroyed his legacy, and doesn’t wish his own legacy to be similar. I have never fancied us being in EPL. Would prefer a strong Celtic in European competition.

Noel Skytrot


The absent landlord only cares about how much dinero he can accumulate and if there’s CL restructuring which will fill the trough it will as you say be an attractive proposition too him. In my opinion he had no affection or affinity for the club and its supporters, just the capital we the supporters generate.


Do you remember the time that Clydebank bhoy Mark Daly approached him at Celtic Park to question him for the BBC.
DD asked him if he was a Rangers fan, and got his lawyers onto the BBC in a flash.
Not as fast acting if it is Celtic’s reputation being tarnished.


The CL changes have to be grasped as a huge opportunity to multiply revenue and create an unassailable position in Scotland. Well , if we don’t there is only one other who will.

An effective three year plan to qualification in summer of 2024 should be the corporate/ football
departments remit. Starting with the right level of recruitment this is not a difficult strategy.

Although I see them as eminently beatable , with a decent coach in place under a DoF, I’d grudgingly give the Huns next season ( a season of transition) , if the groundwork is laid now for winning the title in 2023 and beyond.

It is after all what they have achieved under Gerrard. Over three years. They have shown remarkable ( for them)
Loyalty to SG, and his third year has paid off.

Whether this is due to his quality as a coach ( which I doubt) or more obviously our self destructiveness is a moot point.

They have had a plan and stuck with it. They now have the real prospect of CL riches and are likely to tool up and hang the cost consequences to achieve it.

We have to be ready for the inevitable.


Dominic Mckay’s Day One Agenda :




Supporter Engagement


A thing of beauty

Agreed but I would like to think if we get our strategy right we can beat them next season too. At some point whoever is providing their apparently bottomless pit of money is going to want their cash back.


It is possible that both us and the huns will have new managers next season?
I don’t rate them that highly anyway.
Mind you, I am only going on our last game at Ibrox, and seeing them on Sportscene highlights.



Not an impossible task, when refereed like everyone else they are a slightly better than average team. And ,as I said , readily beatable.

Their cash source appears to be of the charitable kind, “investment” implies an expectation of profitable return.

Distressed businesses usually go under , the nature of their “Distress” suggests every effort is being made to keep them afloat.


The possible ‘masonic distress signal’ card, has been played this season?
If that is what you are thinking, then I totally agree.
In fear for their life, the signal was sent.



New articles set up for each competition’s February entries.


Good article BMCUW from reading it I believe we could have an exciting 18months ahead, let’s hope the new men look at Celtic the way you do.

I don’t really follow the DD is only in it for the money theory, he slapped down 4million claiming it was an emotional investment, when Fergus (god bless his wee cotton socks) asked him, and then DD underwrote another 4 million should they need it, when Fergus was acting as guarantor for Celtics 7m pound debt. This season will definitely separate the emotional attachment Vs the in it for the dividends theories.

As regard to the *ld Firm it should surprise no one that our CEO or Directors want a strong rangers, when the bunnet took control of Celtic, one of the first things he found out was the Kelly Whites had 5000 Rangers shares, which he promptly sold.

It was ever thus.


comment image


Bahh now i’m hungry McCaff


BMCUWP Noel Skytrot
The problem with changes coming in Europe is that we are no longer considered a European quality outfit.
We have become cannon fodder for even average European sides.
If it was down to the quality of fans we would have had no problem being invited but the team has been 3rd rate except for the odd giant killing performance and tv revenue is UEFA’S priority in the post pandemic landscape.
With a relatively small population in Scotland we are irrelevant.
Only football competitiveness would have maintained our standing.
Unfortunately our short sighted financial policies have left us on the outside looking in.
The financials have been so prioritized that the football team were ignored and neglected culminating in this season’s train wreck.
There is a disjointed barely functional football department that needs a total rebuild.
There is zero vision on the board that caused such.
We are no more than reactionary on and off the pitch so basically we have to restart with a proper footballing objective.
Barring a miracle or complete change of board we will continue to react only on finances which should see team weaken further.
I expect a few barren seasons if the fundamental problems of the football department are not prioritized and addressed and so far there’s no indication they will be.
As for the European promise that ship may already have sailed?



That’s the point I was trying to make,that the powerbrokers have to realise how important European progress is. The financial reward will be too big to ignore-not only in how it can benefit us,but in how much it can harm us if we let the huns get their paws on it because we have continued to operate parochially.



Undoubtedly, sadly I do not have any evidence but my view is donors have been drip feeding since King appeared.

Donations not investment.


Happy Birthday Big Packy🎂
Hope Joan’s got the grooming tools out and polished you up nicely for your big day?


That’s the problem with those pesky Masons, they’re so effin secretive. 😜



Mark Daly refused to touch the UEFA licence 2011 issue or LNS sham on basis Tax Justice Network had covered it!
Wonder if he would change his mind if it were shown Celtic wouldnt touch both either?

Doubt it.

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