Decisions, decisions over the renewal forms!

You never know is taking a quick peak at the best blog in Celtic cyberspace, so in the off chance ‘the Company’ is looking in thought I would offer some totally free help with drafting the ‘pitch’ address from on high to be included within the upcoming season ticket renewal forms.


With everything up in the air and the previously stuck revolving door finally oiled and finally rotating again, it’s actually hard to decide which tone to take, the ten being a previously easy target.
This next one though, it may just be the most important renewal letter in a generation, so I decided to draft two different options to be taken into consideration.
One is the easy option, whilst the other would be painful to some yet more profitable over all.
Any true Celtic man will know which is which, I hope you choose wisely.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I pen this renewal letter with a heavy heart, not only due to it being my last but also because it comes not at the crest of a wave but at its trough.


Whilst our FAITHFUL servant Neil Lennon manfully soldiers on with his fantastic young talented squad, we must concede achieving ten titles in a row is unlikely, a most bitter pill to swallow.


However we must look elsewhere, four trebles in a row is a feat unrivalled, some would say at least the equal of ten, being twelve some might say better..


Although I will not leave with the Championship in its rightful place, the company did smash the fabled 100 million turnover under my watch, something that took almost 15 years of experience at the helm which allowed Celtic to move to the next level.


And that’s why I must ask you to renew, the club needs a full rebuild, and young Dominic will need all the help he can get.


Only TOGETHER can we overcome deep deep disappointment, there is strength in numbers and if we are UNITED we will rise like the fabled phoenix out of the ashes.


Like myself, Dominic also sat on a supporters bus holding a season ticket, he truly knows this clubs history and more importantly knows you.
I myself am delighted to be handing over the reigns to such a talent, who has the skills and vision needed to keep the club competitive in this modern age.


So I ask you all to dig deep this year especially, and witness the new Glasgow Celtic emerge showing that EVEN IF KNOCKED DOWN WE WILL ALWAYS GET BACK UP!.


That starts with you, our world famous support who HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE THERE!


Only a season ticket guarantees you entry into the draw when fans are allowed back, so snap yours up quick and,,,


The Company.



My fellow supporters,
It is bittersweet that I pen this renewal letter.


As a lifelong fan of Glasgow Celtic who held a season ticket and worked all week looking forward to watching the world famous green and white hoops run out that weekend, I am more than aware of the size and stature of the club.
It is an absolute honour to join and I promise to deliver the very best I can at all times.


However, my arrival comes at a low ebb I admit.
I assure each and every one of you I also hurt at what we have seen this season.
The quest for a historic tenth title was a bridge too far, bringing much disappointment.
As a social media user myself I am aware of the fans feelings, and their wish for change has been answered.


I believe in a different strategy than the previous board members and that is one of togetherness, as such fan engagement is my number one priority.


On that front, upon taking the position I intend to undertake a deep dive into the clubs affairs during and since the death of our historic rival, with the aim of presenting the clubs fans with as much information as possible regarding our own actions or lack of.
Due to the nature of this investigation, I cannot put a timescale on its publication but it is my hope this will help mend the relationship between the PLC and the clubs fans.
It is also our hope that said dossier will kickstart a high level inquiry into the running of the national sport, which today has a very low level of customer satisfaction.
There are numerous areas of concern throughout the wider game for not only our club but other clubs also given the co-dependency factor of the national sport, and without action the game risks alienating its lifeblood.
Change is necessary on many levels.


I personally recognize the importance of transparency with the clubs lifeblood, and would like to state for the record I adopt an open door policy with zero preference given to any media outlet.
Any member of the Celtic family with concerns can contact the Park and request a meeting with a member of staff, your concerns will be taken onboard at the top level and if necessary acted upon I assure you all.


About myself and my role within our beloved club.
On top of my open door policy aiming to address the disconnect between supporter and board, I intend to upgrade the supporters match day experience, one area that has a fantastic base with the Celtic Way and also the cutting edge lighting at our Park.


Under my watch, the supporter comes first always. Expect the range and quality of available amenities to the fan in the stadium to vastly improve, with a world famous food company partnership to be announced in the near future, who will open up new sales areas within the park and offer a zero trans-fat menu to reflect the modern fan, with emphasis on baked rather than fried goods delivered in environmentally friendly packaging.
All items will be sensibly priced with reductions to all unemployed and the elderly.


Of course the matchday experience means very little without you, who have consistently drawn praise throughout the footballing world. From now on we shall endeavour to have a fully packed stadium for all games, with any unsold seats given to local unemployed on a first come first served basis until capacity once the match has officially kicked off.


So for the first time I ask for your help and your trust. Your financial help by renewing once again, and your trust that under my watch things will change for the better.
I fully understand any harbouring and misgivings regarding renewal so in the near future the Club shall announce a series of open Zoom meetings with myself and others answering questions live. No subject shall be off the table.


Finally,an assurance.
Scottish football and its members have just lived through the lowest period in the national sports history.
As the CEO of the nation’s biggest and most successful football club, restoring the games integrity falls larger upon my shoulders and I assure each and every supporter whether near or afar that I truly do indeed have our clubs best interests at heart.
God Bless the Famous Glasgow Celtic, the Pride of Ireland!



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What a shameless job pitch 😉


That took some time and imaginative mind.
Loved it. 😜😂

Mea Culpa

That’s a big HAIL HAIL from me
Fine words, indeed


Out of the ashes of 2020 arose the Provisional CST (or at least ones hopes it does)😏

Of course, if it comes to pass, it means what ever side of the boycott debate you stand will define your handle – are you a Sticky – Official CST or A Pin heid – Provo CST?🤔

Need to get some non adhesive paper lapel badges made CSC.🔥🐦

A thing of beauty

Morning mahe,
You need to get up now, your cornflakes are getting soggy 😂😂


Enjoyed the tone of the leader. Clever and amusing.

Blind Faith, unquestioned, based on historical association and success or optimistic trust in “new regime” future transparency.

This is a crossroads season, a season of transition and perhaps the rallying cry for all out boycott is premature.

Commitment to season books revenue provides the Board with access to operational funding. Without it there will be very limited transfer activity and if we are losing up to 10 or so first team squad players how are they to be replaced?
You can rest assured If season book income is
Much reduced players sales monies will be used to bolster the balance sheet and provide working capital.

Other revenue sources c£30m? Will keep the good ship Celtica afloat for how long?



If it’s blind faith yer after,how about this?

Shoring up the balance sheet-due to reduced ST uptake-by downsizing will lead to more of the same the following season. Celtic wouldn’t be that stupid.

Aye,I know…


Nothing surer
With current incumbent still in place, or the Huns gambit of untried rookie with limited budget.

Either way mediocrity.

Noel Skytrot

A rather humorous post this morning, Mahe.

If thousands don’t renew (I suspect they will) they’ll punt our best players to make up the shortfall in finances. The company comes before the supporters regardless of what imaginative party line gets rolled out.


Noel Skytrot

Our most valuable player assets ( two, in my opinion) would appear to want away anyway- along with a few makeweights.

What sort of percentage of monies generated will be made available for replacements is anyone’s guess.
The certainty is that it won’t be 100%.


The irony is that next season when our best assets have been hawked off we will probably have to play some of our youth even if there is a full take up of season books.
Profit will still be prioritized.
Shame that a few once highly touted youth will never don the hoops.
Over the next few years the folly of employing Lennon will become clear.
Perhaps O’Connor,Afolabi,McInroy,Robertson and Connell will all get a fair chance to establish themselves with a modern coaching set up?
If there is a determination to follow a home grown direction then a DOF is vital.
There has to be a strategy for seamless integration and whoever the first team coach is he has to be onboard with such.
When youth players are first signed they should have a designated plan to prepare them for first team using all modern scientific ,dietary, physical and psychological methods with clear calendar goals.
If not met an adjustment or decision on their future should be made.
It would be folly for the club to continue with the poor and secondary football strategy that culminated in dismal failure this season.

For Neil and PL.



Agree with that prognosis.
Except there won’t be much profit to accumulate.
The money men will be attritional in attempting to balance the books.


Ajer,Ed,Christie and Ntcham should produce a tidy sum and with loan departures the wage bill will be sizably reduced.
A full uptake of season tickets will see them realize a decent profit.
Reduced uptake if only a VST is available will leave them a small profit.
I have no problem with a clear and honest strategy from McKay over the deceitful and poor scattergun method used by the departing liar PL.
Being a natural cynic i will not hold my breath.
But one can hope.



I do not expect D McK to be critical of the mess he will inherit – all down to Covid 19, don’t ya know.
It will quickly become apparent if the succession is along the lines of the SFA continuity model( same old scene) or a New Order.

Noel Skytrot

I fully agree with your response to my post.


We might get Frimpong money for Christie and recoup on Ntcham.
Our two prize assets would hopefully generate £30m+
After that it’s saving on £60k / month on loans.

I’d prioritise a quality coaching set up. If that is the equivalent of a Frimpong or Christie sale, once a redundancy package for the current staff is included, so be it.
Would also be worth the £3m per annum salaries currently paid out in loans.

The Huns are a very limited team whose position way out front is a combination of well versed factors.

Their current position is not unassailable.


Early today, from a very white Cumbernauld, undoubtedly heaviest snowfall here,since 2011.
I had to dig a snow hole to put the fruit out for the birds, even with my footprints, the fruit was sinking, so low, that it was not visible, school ho!idays here, so I’ve had a blast with my 10 year old, thankfully shes away sledging now, with her friends, as I am exhausted.😂😂 but wouldn’t change it for the world.

And we have a bit of movement, in the market.
It’s Steve Clarke who has halved in price from 12/1 to 6/1. John Kennedy still favourite, though, Twists.😂
John Kennedy
Rafael Benitez
Frank Lampard
Steve Clarke
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Alex Neil
Mark Hughes
Andriy Shevchenko
Damien Duff
Jack Ross
Jindřich Trpišovský
Andre Villas-Boas
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Martin O’Neill
Paul Lambert
Marco Silva
Michael O’Neill
Pellegrino Matarazzo
Shaun Maloney
Steven Reid
Arsene Wenger
Jim Goodwin
Malky Mackay
Marcelo Gallardo
Roberto Martinez
Veljko Paunovic
David Moyes
Ralf Rangnick
Sean Dyche


Glasgow, last night before the snow, really arrived.
#snow #tesla


This is from Paul Larkin and it aims up my own thoughts well.
I don’t think any kind of real change is coming @CelticFC I think the “retirement” of Lawwell was a convenient smokescreen. The club is still stuck in the dark ages of allowing individuals self-preservation, archaic forms of communication and a complete pig-headed ignorance
towards the people who pay their wages. There’s no willingness to listen to the supporters. A root and branch clear out is the only thing that will solve the mess we are in and that needs to happen now.


‘Mate, its no’ the Alps’
A guy out in skis in Glasgow.😂
Duke St/Belgrove St.

A thing of beauty




New article sent.

WARNING-hide the razor blades before you read it.


CFC 1133

I was discussing DoF options with ATHINGOFBEAUTY on Sunday,and said similar to her. That paying the money for a proper DoF isn’t a cost-it is an investment. Same goes,as you say,for a proper management team.

Identifying players and getting the best out of them is the job of the above. I reckon that for the last fifteen years or so,we have spent about £6m every year on average on dross,projects,etc. Add in a three or four year contract for each and you are getting to ten million a year wasted. A proper DoF and management team would be far cheaper,and a better way to spend our money.



I read about the content of the ad before it was aired. At the time,I thought Jeep were likely to receive a backlash from the Trump-ets but that Bruce probably did it to provoke just such a reaction.

Which proved his point,of course.



A no brainier in strategic business terms.
Not a popular observation amongst Celtic supporters but Leicester are the best example of that approach!!

First items on DMcK agenda , although action has to be taken before he takes up position in July.

Supporter Engagement



Hmmm,from that comment I can guarantee you too had better hide the razor blades before you read tomorrow’s article!


Afternoon All (Login)




I’ll top your Hmmm with

Hmmmm, ominous.


Afternoon CT.

Bobby ‘Shoring up the balance sheet-due to reduced ST uptake-by downsizing will lead to more of the same the following season. Celtic wouldn’t be that stupid’
Well said and that scenario has occurred to me also, it could lead to a vicious downward spiral.
This is were I hope Dom has been promised a fund to kickstart rejuvenation and or he realises the club could speculate to accumulate, take on some debt which isn’t always a bad thing ask mortagage holders who have paid their house off as opposed to those who rented forever.
The accounts and this line of speculation should be the basis of my next article I believe.

The tone of the renewal letter to come interests as you can tell
Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM,bobby thanks for that video about the pies, will never eat another scotch pie unless its a parkhead one, dont care what anyone says the parkhead pies when i was going there in the late sixties early seventies were scrumptious👍BTW bobby, got a pack of six scotch pies from farmfoods at the weekend, tried one last night feckin horrible, looked at the box, duncan mcgregor scotch pies made in liverpool. and that is a true story👍


i personally want no part of liberal appeasement to the right wing Nazi’s and their Republican brothers.
Biden has a mandate and he should tell them to F-off.
That is what they do every time they gain office.
Obama’s fear of being seen as a black president led to the growth of these militias.
His hands off approach led to them having a greater sense of being which culminated in recent events.
These right wing clowns are bullies and would only meet liberals in the middle if they could bring their guns to a knife fight.
Appeasement never works so time to stop mealy mouthed talk of forgiveness and unity with the assholes who have proven to be traitor’s to the country they profess to love.


Afternoon all, the emperor penguins are back in my garden.


R.I.P Mary Wilson co-founder of The Supremes


Some of the delicacy’s they sell up here trying to pass off as pies are just as bad packy.
Whoever thought macaroni pies were a good idea, needs a rude awakening wae a dunt in the heid wae the blunt end of a ragmans trumpet

big packy

ASWGL, hi pal loved the parkhead pies 👍


When the pope was visiting Bellahouston park in 1982 many in the crowd were hoping for miracles. A much younger big packy made his way to the front and asked the pope if he could help with his hearing. The pope put both his hands on big packys ears, and said “How’s your hearing now son?” big packy says “I don’t know – It’s not until Tuesday”
(Another true story-kinda-ish-mebbe) 😎 😎



Indeed,and that is the point I was trying to make-and,in fact,the one that I think Bruce was making too. There he was,holding out the olive branch to the right,appealing to the Right,and to both sides,to come together,meet in the middle for the benefit of all.

I honestly don’t think that the response surprised him one little bit! After all,it is unlikely that he did that ad for the money or for the love of the product.

Game,set and match to Bruce,I reckon…


Cheers Bobby good read. Personally i always thought Jean Terrell (Stoned love.. et all) was a better singer than Ross, but never got the proper backing from Motown, and subsequent legal battles certainly curtailed their success.

big packy

ASWGL, wee story took wee joan up for a game just before we got married, must have been 79, cant remember who we were playing, but think we won😎half time i say to her im going for a run oot, do you fancy a pie, no she says and niether should you i want you to fit into your wedding suit, ok babe i say, anyway went into the new jungle had a run oot smelled the pies, and scoffed 3 of them before i got back to wee joan, first thing she says is you have been eating a pie i can smell it on your breath,FFS now you know why i hate scousers.😎😎


Ha packy yer shameless, that reminds me of a gaffer we had on a job, he was just a horrible person, no one liked him, when we were apprentices, he loved to shout at me, he would send me in the van with a driver down to the chip shop for the lunches, and he hated vinegar, so i would always tell the girl “Put tons of vinegar on those chips” and when we were driving back to the job, I’d open up his poke of chips and haud them oot the van window so they’d be cold by the time we got back.

Of course an argument would ensue when we got back “I said nae vinegar” .. “I told her nae vinegar… i would lie” and they’re cauld.. …Uh-huh.. i would think to myself..stop being a tool and you might get warm chips one day


Fan / Bmcuwp The Boss’ advert for Jeep although well intentioned was confusing and misjudged HH 😎


There can be a time when a pre-emptive strike is of value so let Dominic know now what would persuade you to renew. Dont wait for the in invite.

Set out your reservations as a supporter. Arm him with something to take to the Board.

Get cracking.and tell you ST friends to let him know.

bada bing1

2 match ban for Ajeti

big packy

ASWGL, a poke of chips, that brings back so many memories, remember the fish supper, you got a fish and half a fish with your fish supper, and they call us scots tight,another true story😎😎



You are kidding me! F…..g joke,this country. Celtic should take this to UEFA/CAS

bada bing1

BREAKING: Motherwell star Devante Cole escapes any further action after kicking out at Celtic star Ismaila Soro

big packy

ASWGL, but it had to be wrapped in newspaper😎

big packy

JIM, where are you, get on here PDQ ive got another true story for you😎

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