Friday Frolic’s

Happy Friday folks.
Here is Todays Trifecta of Tantalizing Talking Topics.


1,,,The following was said by the manager recently,,,
‘we reminded them of their responsibilities’
I dont know about you but heart shrank reading that. Anyone who has managed people on a large enough level will immediately understand such a tone is divisive and will sap morale as sure as James Bond gets the girl.
So putting aside the obvious ‘Boss you effed up in your responsibilities ala Dubai any more’ retort, we clearly see a two camp mentality, dugout or maybe just manager alone, and the footballers themselves.
That rules out ‘we are all in this together’ for a start, something every workplace should strive to achieve.
When Martin took over he lied ‘WE just want to close the gap’ not I have explained to the players it’s their responsibility to close that gap, and if they do I will take credit, If they dont its on them is the implication.
Brendan always said we, always. When Shved was signed he didn’t say I have a million wingers, but we have a million wingers.
This attitude also steers away from the normal ‘buck stops with me’ stance taken by the majority of those in professional dugouts. The fact a departing CEO who believed this was all ‘Murphys Law’ was Lenny’s sounding board hasn’t helped things one bit.
The division within our footballing department can be seen in those words.
I think Neil can sometimes choose his words poorly, this I believe is one of those times and as such he should be given a PR wingman, or much more preparation.


2,,,The latest team selection.
It tells me Neil is leaving for sure end of season and allow me to explain.
In bringing back ‘the old guard’ this told me Neil doesnt care or at least wont be overseeing the next campaign, for if he were it’s not to the old guard he would look today. By selecting those he knows well on the field of play, he may feel he gives the team the best chance of a win, for after all he doesn’t know how the newbies will perform long term as we haven’t seen them for a prolonged spell, but he knows exactly what he will get from ‘the lads’.
Tam did a Tam, and the Sky commentator announced he always does it and I just thought nah he disnae, hes often away, often injured, often puffing after 60, and our usual title rivals just get physical or crowd him to nullify the threat.
We should move on from Tam.
He can help pay for the rebuild, as can the savings on Broonys wages.
The best midfield I have seen this season, Henderson Soro Turnbull, have hardly featured together since, and with Calmac as back up there is just no place for Scott at all, he is just blocking games for an emergence at this stage.
But he and Lenny are pals and may go places in the dugout together, it does look like they will team up in my humble opinion, and pals help each other out as we all know.
The manager who knows he is taking those July/August qualifiers isn’t looking after his mates and future assistant but playing and accessing those who will be involved in those qualifiers.
Playing ‘the lads’ tells me ‘he’s hist’.
Cant say I’ll complain.


Finally Mo, Mo, SuperMo.
I know Garry’s a huge fan. I know he can score, will be our top scorer or thereabouts this season, and I know we may buy him.
What I don’t know is,,,
Where would he play?


Doesnt strike me as a winger or a wing-back, nor the new Bobby Petta skinny pacey tricky winger beating men and firing in pinpoint balls begging to be headed in. Hasnt shone in the games against our rivals, though didn’t seem fazed in Europe where his class oozed at times.


We have a player, of that there is no doubt, but he remains an enigma. If the club nab him cheap and bring in a new man who gets the best from him, we could have an absolute steal on our hands here.
Few foreseen Stuart Armstrong controlling EPL midfield’s but it took one good coach to recognize and unleash his potential. The right man may well do that for Mo, and we can count on him to not show up unfit or overweight for the qualifiers, not that type of guy and strikes me as a natural athlete.
I say we grab him if we can and enjoy ‘new guy’ turning him into a star.


Above by Mahe
God Bless Glasgow Celtic, the Pride of Ireland!

Notify of

“bring in a new man who gets the best from him”

You could say that for most of the players in the squad, hopefully we are looking at a DOF who in turn is looking for a Rodgers type manager who will raise the professional standards at the club, which will lead to a upturn in results on and off the park, and we can all get back to what we do best supporting the club.

But Peter Lawwell is still there, so we are not hopefull that this will happen and fear he will stick around in a part time role, until he gets his statue which we will all have to pay for of course.☺


Another thought provoking lead
The Board did not learn from hiring a top manager, I remember thinking Rogers came in and basically won the league in a trot with the same players who were on the payroll. We were all disgusted when Rogers left but the stories are starting to leak about what was going on in the background , our opinions are changing about him , a good manager gets the best out of what he has at his fingertips
A good manager would have Shane Duffy play like the great pro he is, there is no way he has lot his ability in such a short time. Same goes for the guy who just left, he or his agent were smart enough to get him out of here

Taking another tact just watched
“Sorry I missed you”. What a heartbreaker. I don’t know how close it comes to real life couriers, but the family part I can relate to from work experiences
I feel like I lived a sheltered life ,it hammers home what stress families are facing ,makes my problems with Celtic pretty insignificant


Morning Bhoys and Ghirls.
I didn’t like that dig either, Mahe. Neil really is a dinosaur in HR & PR. He has repeatedly and very publicly undermined the players’ professionalism, hardly the best way to instil confidence in a demoralised squad. He just has to go.
If we don’t get a team boss in post before the transfer window, we’re looking at writing off next season too. The lack of foresight here is shocking. WTF???



Kris, Eddie, RC, ON look certainties to go.
SD, DL and even ME are likely to return to parent clubs. JF and H EL already away.
So potentially 9 replacements there.

Broony could well be offered another year on limited game time but , Including a goalkeeper , we need a new team to supplement the dozen or so that will be left.

I’m not holding out much hope for next season, at least in Europe, as things stand.
European competition is likely to come too soon as we scrabble around the bargain basement putting names on shirts.


JJ Kenny would be a good start if he can be encouraged to stay.


Morning all, late start for me, bit of a shambles as you point out Mahe, but we should be good to go when Messi comes on a free transfer. 😎
I agree with CFC Kenny looks the part.


Fix the spine and we will improve.
Our present spine is weak and brittle.
Our goalies, centre backs, midfielders , strikers and particularly coaches have shown no presence.
We were never going to win with a backbone that fragile.
Our strategy of round pegs in square holes also contributes to this
.And our buying players for future profit usually was on the remit to fulfill directors bonuses not address team weaknesses so contributed.
Ajer will be a miss.
Duffy not.
The pre Neil Eddie would be a huge loss the present one not.
Ntcham not.
Christie see Eddie.
Brown may have too much influence and be a distraction for new coach.
Griff should go.His unprofessionalism cannot be tolerated.
Bolingoli should go.
Laxalt should go.
I personally think McGregor should go as he is not up to the task given.
Would like to retain Kenny if not sign young Hibs guy Doig if possible.
Mo as stated above has talent so incoming coach should be given choice of keeping or not.
We need a commanding goalie.
Maybe Barkas can prove us wrong?
An experienced leader at centre back who can control the line and instill steel.
An experienced central mid who can dictate.
A mobile centre forward to partner Ajeti.
Give Klimala playing time to see if he can fit new coaches system.
Robertson,Henderson ,McInroy Connel and O’Connor all should be given time to prove themselves.


Good leader that I can only agree on.
Look at how Basle played Elyounoussi and Ajeti together. Ajeti the penalty box predator, Moi in a floating number 10 role. Both scored many goals with Moi assisting most of AA’s goals.
I thought by having both reunited, this is how we would play them, but no, not once have we.

I totally agree with Fan a Tic. The spine of our team is very weak. The priority should be to strengthen the spine, and work from there.



A fair assessment which mirrors many of my own thoughts.
The Broony conundrum is a balance between continuity and disruption to the new order.
On balance I’d probably go with continuity- not referring to this season obviously.
Be happy if Kenny stays. Need a back up there.
Need two commanding CH’s and a Kenny equivalent at left full back. GT as fall back.
A keeper who owns his penalty area.
A hard tackling non nonsense mid to complement our ball players and offer protection.
Another one or two wide men.
A replacement for Eddie and we are good to go.

Quite a tall order!!


The thoughts of having a relatively young squashbuckling Celtic side next season had me thinking of the late Tommy Docherty’s Man U side who gained promotion and finished 3 in the old English first division in season 75/76 with a relatively young squad.
They were exciting to watch with their attacking style.

Paddy Roche Ireland Ireland 04/01/1951
Alex Stepney England England 18/09/1942
Arthur Albiston Scotland Scotland 14/07/1957
Martin Buchan Scotland Scotland 06/03/1949
Alex Forsyth Scotland Scotland 05/02/1952
Brian Greenhoff England England 28/04/1953
Anthony Grimshaw England England 08/12/1957
Jim Holton Scotland Scotland 11/04/1951
Stewart Houston Scotland Scotland 28/08/1949
Kevin Moran Ireland Ireland 29/04/1956
Jimmy Nicholl Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 28/12/1956
Colin Waldron England England 22/06/1948
Steve Coppell England England 09/07/1955
Gerry Daly Ireland Ireland 30/04/1954
Gordon Hill England England 01/04/1954
Tommy Jackson Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 03/11/1946
James Kelly England England 02/05/1957
Lou Macari Scotland Scotland 04/06/1949
David McCreery Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 16/09/1957
Sammy McIlroy Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 02/08/1954
Peter Coyne England England 13/11/1958
Alan Foggon England England 23/02/1950
Stuart Pearson England England 21/06/1949
Tommy Docherty Scotland Scotland 24/04/1928

bada bing1

JJ Kenny will be on a contract at least the equivalent of our top earners, not sure how long is left on it,but we would need to make sure he was worth the outlay,to be a cast iron first choice RB.We need to be far more sensible with the wage bill, which has been out of control for years,due to bad buys,squad fillers,projects and failed loans.Maybe look at the Ajax model of say 8 players on top money,12 on middle money,and the rest youth/reserve money?


JJ Kenny’s Everton contract expires in June 2022.



My youthful era!
Changed days indeed. All home grown and big representation from Scotland and NI.


I have seen enough of JonJoe Kenny and Diego Laxalt to wish them here on permanent contracts. The same applies to Moi Elyounoussi. Shane Duffy. No thanks.

bada bing1

Garry- for me ,I’m undecided on Laxalt and Elyounoussi, possibly in a better coached formation they would do better, I actually feel sorry for Duffy, he’s in the wrong movie, maybe at a different time, but his confidence is totally shot.Kenny has looked decent, Welsh prefers RB,would there be a great difference between them? There would be salary wise,we need to be much more sensible in how we pay players


I don’t think that Stephen Welsh has the pace or mobility to play right back.
Qualities that JJ Kenny does possess.
I feel that Stephen Welsh is a defensive midfielder. Not a centre half or right back.


bada bing1
Good point on cost to retain Kenny.
Young O’Connor could be used at centre back and allow Welsh to go to right side.
We need to prioritize spending money in the centre half, mid and forward areas.
Mo and Laxalt are both victims of our coaching.
A new coach may have a better plan to utilize their talent’s but will the financial cost be too high?


If the new coach has a plan based on attacking full backs then you are right about playing Welsh at right back.
But if he has defending as a priority Welsh is a good fit.


test c b d



Just added a few words to the banned list to stop all the recent spam coming through. Bloody nuisance.


Fan a Tic
Scott Robertson was a standout at Gillingham, now at Doncaster.
From what I hear from Fife. Kerr McInroy is the best player in the Dunfermline team. The bhoy looks to have developed muscle this season too.
I have very high hopes for both these young midfield players.
Could be our new midfield duo?


bada bing1

FAN-A-TIC- O’Connor played RB for the Republic last year,was MOTM, doesn’t look tall enough for CB,but he must be worth looking at for RB


I really hope both these guys make it.
Robertson has grit and reads game very well.
McInroy has a wonderfull range of passing and shooting on his highlight reel.


Bada Garry
My biggest hope is we replace the boardroom and coaching fearties with people of vision and bravery.


Fan a Tic
The Pars coaches rate McInroy very highly.
Go on a Dunfermline supporters blog, and you will see how highly the Pars fans rate him.
He is much physically stronger now, than in that highlights link you just posted.
This bhoy could be a gem.


Speaking of the MTK Hungaria tie from the 1963/64 season, History Bhoys Abroad podcast covered this last year, although I believe you now have to be a Patreon of Twenty Minute Tims to access it. All the old ones are still available on the HBA iTunes and other feeds (for now).


Oops posted on previous blog 🤔

Not convinced we have seen enough of Euan Henderson, Soro and Turnbull to say that midfield 3 would work, it was only a substitution appearance where we seen all 3 together.
Like Garry, will be interesting to see what chance Scott Robertson and Kerr McInroy get next season
Will Lee O’Connor or Luca Connell be given a chance under a new football structure ???

There will be huge turnover in playing squad – I don’t mind youth given an opportunity if structure in team is correct for them

Angel Gabriel

Mahe . Good and relevant article.
I’m not Elyounoussi’s biggest fan but I’m in agreement that a good coach would help .
Keeping Lenny in situ , to me is beyond belief.
Garry 10.10am
We have played Elyounoussi & Ajeti together. Once .
In France , away to Lille . Both played well, as did the team , because we weren’t bombing forwards leaving the central defence exposed. Both were a handful, and Mo scored a cracker .
There’s 2 decent players there .
We’ve just not utilised them . HH


Angel Gabriel
You are correct. I forgot about Lille away.
Played together, I think they would be an excellent partnership. Just wish AA would cut out the diving. I hate seeing that in a Celtic player. Christie is guilty of it too.
I associate diving and cheating with huns players, not Celtic players.


Good morning troops.
Hope all are well. God bless all those with health issues and those less fortunate than ourselves.

The photo of the folk queuing in the snow at the food bank has me raging. We need to do something, anything. Gonna try and come up with a plan, hope everyone is on board.

Norrie (with birthday hangover),
‘There will be huge turnover in playing squad’
I will probably cover this topic heavily in an article, maybe tomorrow.
One point, I find it exciting the prospect of a new team basically, however if it’s going to be a scrimp and save collective thrown together then that excitement will turn to disgust.
The new man should get his transfer kitty front loaded maybe.
Also a smart outfit would be introducing O’Connor, Connell, Henderson now.
How silly we arent.

Hail Hail


The only hangover Norrie will have is from eating too much birthday cake.
One of the advantages of being teetotal. 😜


Garry, the brother in law was telling me he went out with the mates one Friday night, plenty beers and ended up with a doner kebab.
Next day absolutely dying.
The next Friday the lads are going out again, he goes but stays off the drink, lemonade only but he got a doner kebab again end of the night.
Says he woke up hungover!
He has a theory the Doner’s give you the hangover, not the drink 😉

Hail Hail

Noel Skytrot

Slightly off topic, but will matters regarding the signing of foreign players be altered with Brexit and possibly covid restrictions?



I’ve got a similar theory-that it’s fresh air that gets you drunk. Think about it,yer in the pub wi yer mates,having a good time as usual. No sign of inebriation,not a stagger on the way to the bar or toilet,and not a slurred word.

Hit the front door on the way home-BAM! Blootertness everywhere.


I blame the E numbers.
That tartrazine is a potent E. 😜



“The photo of the folk queuing in the snow at the food bank has me raging. We need to do something, anything. Gonna try and come up with a plan, hope everyone is on board”.
Armed bloody revolution is the only solution a chara, you know it makes sense.

First against the wall, last cigarette CSC

comment image?itemid=18968801


Afternoon all, I hope everyone is well. Some of you may remember I sent a letter to the Board via Paul John Taylor, SLO, a couple of weeks ago. On the re-reading it is a bit of a rant but it’s how I was feeling at the time. Today I received a reply from Ian Bankier, Chairman which I have c+p’d after my letter. While I’m pleasantly surprised to receive a reply the content of it is nothing more than woolly nonsense which doesn’t address any of my points. I’m of the opinion that it is pointless to respond to him but I eagerly await the Interim Accounts as there is a suggestion that my points will all be sorted out then!!

“Dear John Paul,

I reproduce below an Open Letter from me to Celtic PLC Directors submitted to and published on Sentinel Celts blog. I would be grateful if you could forward this email to all members of Celtic Plc Board.

Open Letter to Celtic PLC
It is with anger, frustration and embarrassment that I write today having watched Celtic draw with Hibs at Celtic Park having returned from a disastrous Winter Break trip to Dubai.
The behaviour of the Club this season in respect of the Season Ticket Refunds, delivery of VST Broadcasts, European Champions League and Europa League performances and the embarrassing collapse of our Domestic dominance has left me bewildered as to how we have ended up in this predicament. The decision to go to Dubai has been the final act of sheer folly in a disastrous 5 month spell of mediocrity in every department of our Club.
Me and fellow fans who have financially supported the Club not only in this potentially historic season but for many, many years have been left short-changed, ridiculed and humiliated by the actions of the PLC Board, the Management Team and the players.
The PLC Board have shown a disgusting disregard for the fans and have neglected their duties to us. The inaction of the Board with regard to Resolution12/11 issues has left many fans doubting the integrity, honesty and sincerity of our Chairman, Chief Executive, main shareholders and the processes of appointing Non-Executive Directors.
The lack of proper structure in our main business as a football club to build and sustain successful teams from youth to senior level through structured professional coaching to a successful supplementary recruitment policy for both coaching and playing staff has seen the Club fail at the initial stages of Champions League or Europa League regularly despite the claim of our Chief Executive to be a Club of Champions League Standard. No more than a handful of players have successfully transitioned from the Academy set-up to successfully establish themselves at Elite Senior level either with our own Club or elsewhere. We regularly take Youth players on loan from clubs on short to medium term loans at the expense of our own Youth players who are loaned out to lower division teams in Scotland or England. We also have engaged in taking more senior players on loan from other clubs to the detriment of developing our own young players.
This season specifically we released Hayes and Simunovic despite having insufficient cover in the defensive area of the team. We then had to utilise midfield players as cover due to poor performances, injury and Covid restrictions.
All of this points to mismanagement; despite the alleged £35million spent in this Summer’s transfer window, which to me stretches credibility, we are in a far, far worse position than the same time last year. The management of the PLC/Club is poorer, the performances of our team are poorer, our coaching is poorer, our results are poorer, our hopes of an historic Ten in a Row are gone! The probability of adding to our Quadruple Treble seems non-existent right now!
We are in the midst of a pandemic, people are sick and dying, the economy is in the worst depression in decades and will only get worse. In a few short months the Club will ask me to renew my Virtual Season Ticket. I bought one for me and my son for this season. I also have purchase hugely expensive Adidas merchandise.
Unless there is tangible structural and attitudinal change at the Club, I along with many others will refuse to invest further.

Kind regards,
Season Ticket Holder/Shareholder

And Ian Bankier’s reply received today;

Dear McCaff

Thank you for your email which has been forwarded to me from our Supporter Liaison Officer, John Paul Taylor. My apologies for the delay in responding to you.

I do note all that you write regarding the position of the Football Manager and can assure you that your comments are taken on board and are never ignored. As you will know, the Club has made a number of statements covering the tenure of the Football Manager, the absence of players due to COVID restrictions, the appointment of a new CEO and the movement of players in the January transfer window.

We will very shortly be issuing our half-year trading statement and, at the same time, I intend to release a further statement on the Club web site addressing, as best I can, the concerns of our supporters.

I appreciate the time you have taken to get in touch and again apologise for the delay in responding to you.

Kind regards,
Ian Bankier



Very thought provoking article. Most of what I had to say was covered in the leader and other posts…whit a cop out, eh?

I am of the opinion, that we already have the tools here already to win the league next season. All we need is a manager that can get the best out of each individual…and once again make them work as a team.

If we look at the beginning of the Stein and Rogers eras, the above was definitely the case. All we need is a wee tweak here, a new signing there, and I believe we will have something special. Mr McGrory and RD had the tools…they simply did not bring out the best in what they had. Exhibit A…Bobby Murdoch.

Glad you brought up big Stuart Armstrong. Always will be my favourite player from the RD and BR times. Feck sake, he should be our present captain.

Hail Hail.


Howdy partner.
‘I am of the opinion, that we already have the tools here already to win the league next season. ‘
I’m the opposite tbh, but looks like you will have a chance to state your case tomorrow, when I look ahead.
Some find big changes exciting, some find them worrying.
But we are gonna find them.

Big Stuart looks a bargain at 7million.
Hail Hail


Magua…we may already have the makings of a League-winning squad at the moment…but how many will still be there next season!


If around I would like to try that compatibility plugin to try and solve our log in issues
Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, league winning squad at the moment, the ghuy that posted that has been eating jimthetims venezuelan curry with rice from tortolanos chippy in glenboig,,another true story, im going to be honest here i dont want neil lennon here next year,or the year after that, mcaff is a good friend of mine or was😎😎 and i know he likes neil, but its a no from me and a no from wee joan,FFS she is a liverpool fan. I rest my case,H.H.


Big Jim Packy…that curry sounds feckin magic! I’ll mibbe have that tonight instead of the usual Chinese! 😉🤣🤣🤣


Todays, latest odds on the new manager.
A quiet day with very little movement.
John Kennedy
Steve Clarke
Rafael Benitez
Frank Lampard
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Alex Neil
Mark Hughes
Andriy Shevchenko
Damien Duff
Jack Ross
Andre Villas-Boas
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Jindřich Trpišovský
Martin O’Neill
Paul Lambert
Marco Silva
Shaun Maloney
Jim Goodwin
Malky Mackay
Michael O’Neill
Pellegrino Matarazzo
Roberto Martinez
Steven Reid
Veljko Paunovic


That reply from Bankier is an absolute bad joke.
I cannot stand that pathetic excuse for a Chairman. Wish he left with Lawwell in Summer.
He has done nothing of note for my club, and earns £80 grand per annum from us.
Every person who posts on SentinelCelts would do a better job than this parasitic wage thief. Get him so far to fuck. He is destroying my club from within.
I am sure he is in the Craft. He acts like a Tory Mason.

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