St. Johnstone 1 – 2 Celtic



Another fantastic display yesterday as we battered our opponents into submission on a day that was more suitable for sledging than for football. Well,the last part of that sentence may be true,but the first part is merely the opinion of our manager. He may not be sledging us,but he is definitely trolling us when he comes out repeatedly with this nonsense.


It was yet another dreadful performance from us against little better than journeymen,and we only just got over the line at the end. There were some encouraging individual displays-Shane Duffy for example seems to have gone back to safety first,even if he was absent for the opener,and the likes of Taylor,Turnbull and Eddie showed a willingness that wasn’t always apparent in the others. Ryan Christie too realised that the best way to keep warm was to put some effort in. But we were too often disjointed and unimaginative,and a better team would have taken at least a point from us.


The first half was one way traffic with little end product,the best chance falling to Tom Rogic who could only steer a half-hearted attempt against a player on the line after a great square ball across goal from Taylor. At that stage we were controlling the play,dominating possession but lacking the killer ball,the final act of making things count. And truthfully it was no surprise when Saints took the lead five minutes after the break,Rooney outjumping our static players in the box with the central defenders nowhere to be seen.


Gonna be another long day,we thought-and it certainly was,even if Eddie managed to get his reward shortly afterwards for putting himself about for most of the day. His first on the hour mark came from an assist on the right from RC,leaving Eddie to fire it home. The second,from GT on the opposite side,a spin and shot and it was a goal up for The Hoops-but with around thirty minutes left to play we knew we would likely need another.


A third never looked likely,and it was Saints who were on the prowl for another goal themselves. The defence though kept them pretty much at bay,with Bain having little to do all day bar pick the ball out of the net.


The best you can say about yesterday is that it’s another three points as we totter towards the end of the season. It certainly isn’t going to be the type of season that sees the DVD Review of the Year selling out,but even so it may be worth flicking through the following BBC article to the NL post-match interview,where he assesses the day’s performance.


St Johnstone 1-2 Celtic: Odsonne Edouard double completes comeback – BBC Sport


I’ll comment no further on it,as I’d end up having to bar myself from the site for language violations. Next up is Aberdeen,who haven’t scored in five games. But then,St Johnstone hadn’t scored against us in Perth for four years-and that was a Deadly own goal. Records and scoring trends are always in play against our current team,so I won’t be backing the clean sheet. Let’s see if the manager and players can prove me wrong.


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Clash for Senga


In summary.
Apart fae 2 good moments of magic,
We were shite and boring to watch.
No good enough fae this team.


Oops still posting on the last article silly bugger. Thanks Garry, Puff Puff and AWSGL a cracking wee night x


Garry they were really a great live band The Clash but only if you were out of the way of the flying bottles and detritus at their gigs 😂

puff puff

Just filling in for Mcaff tonight on the nightshift
He contacted me today saying he was in love and couldn’t be here tonight …so you’re stuck with me Senga …for u

puff puff

Bobby I’m not invested anymore apart from emotionally now and I’m wrung out. I’m loathed to slag Neil Lennon off so I won’t but the Jacob Rees Mogg clones on the board are another thing altogether and they’re going nowhere while they grab the fans dosh, trumpian really

puff puff

Just never stops snowing .
Night timland. This is the end


Morning all
Nae snaw! Temperatures above zero. Good start to the day.
Anything else new?

Well, Killie player Brandon Haunstrup says his “ mind was blown” by referee Don Robertson in the match v Rangers.
Here’s exactly what he said :

“ The referee even acknowledged it and said it was a foul but it was outside the box. But ultimately he didn’t give a free-kick so it blows my mind”

Prepare for more mind blowing experiences Brandon.

In other news.
Rangers issue a statement concerning a breach of Covid regulations.

It reads:
“Rangers are aware of an alleged incident which is subject to an internal investigation. We will make no further comment”

I’m sure Nicola Sturgeon will be all over this at her daily briefing. Right? Sorry, critical word missing. I should’ve said “ aye right”

On to more stuff closer to home. The hoops.

My luck is right out at the moment. I watched 30 minutes of the game. Banal. Mundane. Prosaic. Take yer pick. Turned off. Kept the score updates on.
Happy to pick up the three points.
Not so happy though at finding out I missed out on “ Another fantastic display yesterday as we battered our opponents into submission” as described by Bobby referring to Neil’s comments. Just my luck that is.

Roll on the end of this season.

My granddaughter was in yesterday. She’s something of a gymnast. I said to her dad as we discussed the bhoys, “we’re in limbo”.
I went to the kitchen to make them tea. She followed me in. “ Grandad, do you really do limbo?”

“Oh not darling, not that kind of limbo. It means something else”

“ Oh right” she says. “ I thought you meant limbo where you keep moving the bar closer to the floor”

“ No darling, I meant, ……actually…. haud oan” 🤔🤔🤔


Morning puff puff-

Ya good?

Noel Skytrot

Edouard with two pieces of brilliance…report ends.


Quality finishing . £15m sale price according to this mornings fish n chip wrappers.

Noel Skytrot

the chip wrappers should be rattling out headlines about the huns breaching covid regulations. Was it their administration party they were celebrating? Lol

Noel Skytrot

thought a bit more about the 15 million quid price tag being hawked about by the morons in the meeja. We paid 9 million roubles for him and I’d surmise that there will be a sell on clause fee inserted by PSG, so why the hell would fifteen be a price that anyone would deem suitable? We would be punting him for wallies. He’ll go for big bucks and as per, the chip wrappers will again be in the car crash lane of talking shite.


Working link to interview. It’s in the embedded highlights.



Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…


£5.9m loss for last six months of the year declared.


Good morning SC we have had our fair share of snow and rain this weekend in Vancouver. The game Was on at 04:00hrs I wasn’t getting up to watch an illegals dodgy stream at that time in the morn
There is still a very small part of my heart that says it’s not over until it’s over but I am just torturing myself
Look forward to getting up in 8 hours to see if there is any peeps from the Govmt on COVID rule breaking across the City
Will listen to the podcast tomorrow



I don’t think I’d get up at yon time to watch it either!


Celtic interim financial report

Operational Highlights
Currently second in the SPFL Premiership.

😦They actually published it as a highlight followed by

Winners of the Scottish FA Cup (season 19/20) for the fourth season in a row, securing an unprecedented fourth consecutive domestic treble.
17 home fixtures (2019: 21).
Conclusion of the most successful decade in the history of the club with 20 trophies won.

Let this sink in “Conclusion of the most successful decade in the history of the club with 20 trophies won”.
One European cup, 2 European cup finals, nine in a row won by the lions obviously doesn’t count anymore. I know that strictly speaking it was over 2 decades but come on to f*ck 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬



Financial Highlights

Revenue decreased by 23.7% to £40.7m (2019: £53.3m)
Loss from trading was £0.3m (2019: profit of £7.1m)
Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £1.0m (2019: £23.0m)
Loss before taxation of £5.9m (2019: profit of £24.4m)
Acquisition of player registrations of £12.7m (2019: £15.0m)
Period end net cash at bank of £19.7m (2019: £32.9m)😨😨😨


Morning all, make of this what you will. For what it’s worth I think it’s a reasonable enough letter which will placate a lot of supporters. But it absolutely and completely FAILS to recognise or address ANY failings in the structure of the Club which have put us in the position we currently find ourselves. The whole tone of the narrative is that Covid has to blame completely whilst ignoring the fact that the Huns have not lost a game, working under the same restrictions (allegedly!)
Not good enough, Bankier, mind yer arse on the way oot!!



Absolutely no point in Bankier even trying to spin those results,or to put a gloss on them via the fourth treble. Even without the £11m or whatever for Frimpong,they are a disaster-and at a very bad time too.

We face a major rebuild in the summer,and also a restructuring of the non-playing hierarchy. This will not be cheap,and certainly can’t be attempted on the cheap. And neither will it be easy,with no guarantees of success. Meanwhile,the huns are flying-though with huge question marks over their income-and there are imminent changes to European competition which is a must for us to succeed even domestically.

What a shambles for a well run club with a superduper CEO…


Or,alternatively,what McCAFF said!

When “happyclappers” like him and COSYCORNERBHOY et al are pissed off,I’d suggest it is time for the club to realise that they might just not be doing things right.

bada bing1

Club statement- do you know what, let’s have a go at doing something in Europe,,and we might make some money at it……pathetic.



IMO the financials mean that without DD or someone else giving us a soft loan we are fecked for the foreseeable future. I doubt if all money made from players leaving will be reinvested in the team, any manager worth having is going to demand reassurances regarding transfer budgets. Where is the required money coming from – the support? Doubt it as too many have had enough, especially the younger support, will DD raid his piggy bank – again I doubt it given his previous quotes on our having to be self-sustaining. We may well be approaching the event horizon of a black hole of our very own creation


Darn the hair do we care?

Three points gratefully accepted, and two yaas’s thanks to Eddy.

For the modern Celtic fan, football is about an all powerful Celtic, a club that give or take a few A.F. (after Fergus) run ins with a soon to be defunct rival, we expect to win, and win ad nauseam. Certain Celtic things we love, like hooped shirts, things we don’t like so much such as song lyrics, I’ve never actually met a Celtic fan that didn’t care if we won, lost or drew in my lifetime, have you?

With football BCD and completely COVID 19’ed, there was little chance of anyone, let alone the largely short sighted big c and small conservative’s of Celtic seeing the nihility, they’ve helped unfurl, from the richest Celtic in our one history. Not even the gloomiest of supporters could have foreseen, how dramatically sequential and very expected title wins could have come to an end in such an unceremonious way. Supporters will be writing about it on here and elsewhere ad infinitum, and it’ll be blamed and referenced forever more there is no escape from that, or being the supporters, who saw ten lost.

Some have pointed out flawlessly that so much of it was self inflicted and had we been a peckish never mind hungry club in January, it would have seen us hanging in, instead of hanging out, 20 points behind in self isolation. The title race could have run a much more natural course, wholly unecessary cheating may even have had a bearing on the outcome, and Celtic fans would not be logging in with almost morbid curiosity, at a seemingly powerless management structure, going through the motions of shuffling fallen heroes.

Football has been mothballed, we are being run on a super slow lane basis, EPL clubs will receive Covid 19 loans that would see us solvent for life, and next year we’ve no idea what ‘product’ we’ll be being asked to buy, let alone for how much. Someone is presently looking at personnel, supporters might like to know, who? given that recruitment of playing personnel which became crucial for Celtic decades ago. Whilst in a dormant state, off the pitch we’ve spirited away three players and borrowed another how does this work?

McGeady, Tierney, McGregor, and Forrest is a short list of stardom from Lennoxtown, and because we are a buying club, subject to the vagaries of a ‘hyper inflated’ transfer market, the list of home grown talent has to get longer sooner. Prices work in, and prices out, and for every Wanyama, Van Dijk ,Dembele, or Frimpong we already get the message there’s always more than one real Bangura.

The Celtic support wince, when Coatbridge’s son Stephen Welsh gets injured, whilst millions were squandered in every position where a Celtic hopeful can’t yet get a game in a season that supporters want a glimpse of their future, not tedious reminders of their pandemica nightmares. Where have all the wingers gone? the how does fatigue set in after two starts? nobody wants to know that Scott Bain is somehow the selectable keeper, the unfancied loanee’s or worse still, Brendan wantaways, should be excluded in a race, recklessly reduced to second place only.

This is not Celtic we’re seeing, if it is, it’s definitely not the same Celtic someone says they’re seeing. We’re tired and we wanna go to bed, isn’t how you’re supposed to feel watching Celtic, and heaps of after match hyperbole won’t convince many supporters either. Everybody witnessed Perth, where the only sound effect was reminiscent of the hollow echoing in the old public swimming baths, the club is full of staff now out of their depth.

Darn the hair we do care CSC

M.O.M. Odsonne Edouard

bada bing1

Social distancing doesn’t apply to thems either….


Good tunes last night on the Nightshift…I think I owned every one on vinyl from about 10 o’clock onwards – except Level 42, not a fan!!!

bada bing1

The MSM won’t have the balls to ask Nikki Sweetie about the huns



What we are seeing now is the culmination of certain people thinking that they had hit on the magic formula for success,and that they and only they were capable of delivering it,while everyone else could only look on in awe and wonder.

Too busy milking the plaudits to notice any improvement,too set in their ways to even consider change. To do so would be to admit that their way might not be the right way forever. Far easier to stand still and shut their eyes than to waken up,listen to the myriad of doubters,and adapt their working model to deal with attempted challenges to that superiority.

So the man who gave us “My way or the highway” departs,leaving the club with a smaller income and a significantly worse team than when he arrived. And yet for years we were told how lucky we were to have him!



Had we set our standards by success in Europe,domestic success would have been a given. Almost begs the question why we didn’t,eh?


The time comes upon every public man when it is best for him to keep his lips closed.

Abraham Lincoln


Morning bhoys and ghirls
League update 15/2/21

Well done to c76 on getting the highest points(8)..

Bada retains his 15 point lead..
Still all to play.for…

Midweek fixtures…….EARLY KICK OFFS!!!!

St Mirren18:00Hamilton


February 15, 2021 11:


The report

Operational Highlights

“ Currently 2nd in the SPFL premiership”


Bankier really is a pretentious wee nonentity, who could do our club a massive favour by offering his resignation.

bada bing1

It was 3 hun players at the Covid party,it was only when Tavernier turned up,they started handing out penalties.


Bankier or Chairman meow as he’s known.
(Across the plethora of media channels, comments and criticisms are instant. Evaluating our options in order to make the right decisions at this time in the Club’s history cannot be instant)
Shame no-one set off the sprinkler system during their review and they may have acted quicker to rid us of the failing coach they quickly appointed in similar conditions.

bada bing1

Nikki Sweetie avoids the issue again on the huns,it’s the SFA’s job to sort it out,move along Timmy, nothing to see here…



Trolling us now,and not trying to hide it either.


If only we’d gotten in first and investigated Boli Bolingoli………oh wait

bada bing1

Raman Bawbag the hun, has been extremely quiet about the latest huns party in Hayburn Lane Partick. Was all over our Dubai carry on.


STV…………………… sevco t v


That will be very close to being accurate.
Typical text book Tory discussion.

big packy

just listened to the podcast, couldnae unerstaun a wurd that chap fae swindon wiz saying, ah hate that west country swindon drawl gie me a guid scoose burd any dae ,another true story😎😎


Who was the other Californian dude wi the fake Belfast accent? 😜😂🤣

big packy

GARRY couldnae unerstaun him eether.😎😎


Will Walker be preparing a rant about the latest Covid breach 🤔


Walker was probably one of the party guests. So doubt he will mention it.
Similar to Raman Bawbag.

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