Celtic PLC Interim Figures to 31st December 2020.

6 months to 31st Dec 2020 6 months to 31st Dec 2019




Football and stadium operations £12.57M £26.99M
Multimedia and other commercial activities £13.05M £15.11M
Merchandising £15.07M £11.24M

Total £40.69M £53.34M

Number of home games 17 21


Points of note :


1) Revenue decreased by 23.7% to £40.7M (2019: £53.3M)
2) Football and stadium operations decreased by 52.5% to £12.8M (2019: £27M)
3)Loss before tax £5.9M (2019 profit of £24.4M)
4) Cash at bank £19.7M (2019: £32.9M)

Revenue decrease :


Firstly, just to state that I’m not an accountant.


But we all know the reasons for the drop of in revenue which is as a result of Covid and having no fans in the stadium.


It also looks like there has been a reduction in season ticket sales this season based on the revenue figures to date, which is probably to be expected based on the Covid pandemic.


I would guess that our season ticket sales for this season will be around the 40,000 mark (2020 : 52,457) although it’s important to clarify that this is just an estimate.


Our season tickets sales were last around the 40,000 mark back in 2016 at 39,309.


The actual season ticket number for this season will be detailed in the year end accounts as normal.


Going forward :


The level of expectation from the supporters this season hasn’t been matched either in the boardroom or on the park.


With the ongoing Covid situation there remains much uncertainty.


Many supporters will be watching closely to see what actions the PLC take going forward.


Will the PLC board be able to raise their standards to meet the difficult challenges ahead.


There is a lot of hard work ahead for the PLC, only time will tell if they are equal to the challenge.


Whilst the PLC plan a new footballing structure and strategy, supporters can only wait and hope of better days ahead.


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February 16, 2021 3:59 am

Celtic1Member1Vote thank you very much for todays input. Looks like The ̶G̶l̶o̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶Balance Sheet is dead, long live the just plain and simple old regular Balance Sheet!

We were always going to take a hit, it was always a question of how much.
In that respect looks like we held onto our bigger names rather than cashing in (for obvious reasons)which skews this set of accounts. Having kept wantaway high earners then failing in our primary quest we should heed this valuable lesson of never entering a huge campaign with key employees uncommitted.
This could mean the next set of accounts are heavily boosted by player sales, but as they are a step closer to Bosman freedom, that’s more hope than expectation.

The nest egg isnt all gone, which is good news. Whilst I didn’t agree with the silence regarding its purpose, the actual accumulating of such an amount in a footballing backwater was impressive.
Still, 20 million in the bank is 20 million more than a lot of clubs have.
We will need it.

Going forward based on these figures,
obviously the club face big challenges, the biggest of which is supporter funding being substantially smaller than normal due to Covid and dissatisfaction.
The withholding of funds whilst alien to some can be justified by a clear headed assessment of where we find ourselves today.
With no blame attached as the system was set up this way, the fans have effectively no input once their hard earned is handed over, and the thought of losing their seat helped by a convenient waiting list keeps the season book sales continuous.
The onus was on those in the corridors of power to maximize that year on year income stream, to use it to the betterment of the club, at best use it as a platform to grow the club and at worst never risk that stream.
Yet the worst has happened, or is happening.

So after blindly providing the most vital income stream, the onus is now on the support to hear the plan before fully supporting again and as usual.
Howeva, the likelihood of a detailed plan from a chap who just walked in the door is unlikely it must be said.
That’s his bad luck, but with Covid and little to no supporter confidence the onus is on him to come up with a plan that unites the clan.

The easiest thing to do would be a holding pattern, or rather spending around what we have coming in but that has huge flaws. The club currently lacks the support structure to approach the transfer market in confidence, and with every pound more vital than ever another very poorly spent splurge would be not only crazy but maybe another tipping point for the fans.

It also implies the club will act after the fans, reactive rather than proactive, no change there. The fans wish to be lead by the club, tempted into signing up.

We as a club also face the sorry fact the champions elect do not and looks like never will adhere to the spend what you can afford rule. This puts us at a distinct disadvantage despite having the bigger stadium which should see ourselves with the bigger budget.

And then it raises the question, if those in the boardroom are not using their wealth in any capacity and the club is self funded by us, why don’t we have a say?

Downsizing or treading water right now is imo the worst thing to do.
That’s the big challenge facing Dom.
Needing investment in the infrastructure for tomorrow, on the field needs investment today, yet funds are waay down.

Dermot helps with millions
Share issue
Minimal spend supplemented by Bosmans

I think its the wrong time for shares and considering no matter how many come about and or we can afford, we can still get gerrymandered on the big issues no bother. When you add in many have jobs fears the issue itself has potential to flop.

The last option will lead to us battling Hibs for second place, and is the beginning of a downward spiral which leads to ignominy.
And heartbreak.
It’s just a big no, hopefully everyone involved realises that point.

For a support seeking leadership, it sure would be nice to see some from the very very top, yet we all know that’s not his style. Absent landlords is in his 70s now, its unrealistic to expect him getting heavily involved.
His wallet could though.

Infrastructural improvements are not covered by financial fair play rules, this is still one way a sugar daddy can actually really impact the club, indeed Man Citys rich owner forked out for one of the best training centers going with no hurdles.
But given history and the fact these would be long term investments when the here and now has major needs, this is an extremely long shot.

Leaves debt. Speculate to accumulate or otherwise. Its the most important spend I can remember, but as mentioned on the podcast I find a blank sheet exciting rather than terrifying. It’s no exaggeration to say we need a whole new team, and that will take resources and imagination. The Bosman route may not necessarily be the wrong one, theres a ton of them out there, just keep the basic wage low with the win and goal bonus high.

This is also an excellent opportunity to lower those eye watering costs. 79 million in a footballing backwater is truly ridiculous and should be addressed as a matter of urgency given future revenue streams are in a state of flux. A smaller leaner squad, with carefully implemented wage tiers, not to mention more of our own youth coming through, would lower costs but not necessarily quality, plus our own youth helps pique supporter interest.
Alongside this the existing remuneration committee should be replaced if not just disbanded as a matter of fact with every back of house position paid the average wage for that sector but with achievement bonuses available. The gravy train for old business associates must come to a stop.

Many of us feel the changes we look set to go through are much overdue and badly needed, but it’s also an opportunity.
Even if it costs us titles it’s for the best to get the footballing fundamentals in place once and for all.
At least if we get the football side of things right, we can work on the off field stuff from a position of strength. Right now, there are problems almost everywhere.
It’s not quite as easy as fix the team and all will be okay, but that’s probably the best place to start. Be aware though, a winning team can mask a ton of problems, as we are learning the hard way.

Thanks again.
Hail Hail

February 16, 2021 6:54 am

Morning all

One member

Thanks for the article.


You state

“It also looks like there has been a reduction in season ticket sales this season based on the revenue figures to date, which is probably to be expected based on the Covid pandemic”

What ‘revenue figure’ are you basing that comment on?

My understanding is that the season ticket sales were exactly as the previous season, despite the Covid, rather than reduced because of Covid?

How did you arrive at your conclusion?


Bobby Murdochs
February 16, 2021 7:19 am


I reckon much of the shortfall can be explained by no attendance at three qualifiers-one is on the ST anyway-and three group stage games. I’d be surprised if the club were telling us porkies about the number of season tickets,as that is information which could have a material impact on the share price. The stock market wouldn’t look too kindly on such a thing.

February 16, 2021 7:22 am

‘Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero’ comrades, but unlike Horace saying ‘put little trust in tomorrow,’ we should amend it to ‘put no trust in the PLC’. We may never have a better opportunity to force them to agree to supporter input on the way forward and how the Club should be structured.

Not one thin dime CSC

February 16, 2021 7:36 am

Celtic fans are “faithful through and through” The board,for too long,have used that against us,used it as a stick even as they take advantage of it.

Time to remind them who is in the driving seat,I reckon.

February 16, 2021 7:39 am

The letter to Dominic McKay which you posted last night.

I’m not at all convinced that the tone of that letter is conducive to establishing a favourable relationship with the incoming CE.


“Can you give me an assurance on behalf of Celtic in any invite that is sent to me to renew my ST that Celtic have plans for engaging or already have engaged with SFA as stated at the 2020 Celtic AGM?”


“My decision to renew depends on Celtic’s answer to me”

I would bet good money that there is absolutely zero chance of Celtic including such a guarantee in writing when sending season ticket renewal invitations.

How many fans will take the trouble to send that letter? Again, as a betting man, I’d wager less than 1,000. Given the recent apathy as demonstrated by the numbers that bothered to sign up to Celts for change 2021, I’d think there’s even less will bother going to the trouble of sending a letter.

Whether we like it or not, ( and for the record, I do not), the most concerning issue for supporters is not the issue with the SFA, but the performance of the team, and ability of the manager.

If and when the new management team arrive, and assuming that management team meet with the approval of the support, then your average supporter will make his decision to renew.

The concerns you and a number of others, myself included wish to be addressed, won’t I fear be forced on to the table by that letter.

I honestly think if there was some way for a group including your good self, David Lowe, HT, Celts for change 21, and Tom Maher ( assuming Tom is still chairman of the AICSC,) and John Paul Taylor, to get around one table, then following that meeting whereby an agenda can be drawn up, your concerns can be put to Dominic McKay in advance of renewal forms being issued, it would have more chance of achieving something than the letter people are being asked to send.

Regardless of past events, I’d prefer to see Dominic enter the game to a more harmonious atmosphere.

Sadly, I think currently too many groups are running around in an uncoordinated fashion and I genuinely think someone needs to bring all this under one umbrella.

Sorry if this appears negative but I truly believe the current methodology is destined to achieve little to nothing

February 16, 2021 7:56 am

There are 5 season tickets in my immediate family. None of the 5 of us attended any of the paid qualifiers.
2 went to the initial match.

The statement issued by Celtic was that season tickets sold out last season. Like yourself I agree it would be stretching it somewhat to think that they lied about that.

Re this season and will they won’t they renew, I’ve clarified my views on that earlier. Impossible to say. It’ll depend on who comes in to replace NL, although sadly, finances will play a part for many who are impacted by the current Covid situation and simply cannot afford to go.

I’m gonna mail you shortly …….

February 16, 2021 8:08 am

Lots of good posts last night and already today. I don’t think in the long run how Auldheid or others lay out their letters will have a negative effect on the core group of fans who want change on the park ,in the boardroom and especially at the SFA. Each letter in and of themselves adds just that little crumb of information that opens supporters minds , and hopefully galvanizes them when the time come to unite and flex their muscle for change
Mr McKay knows what he is getting into we should not be holding back because he is new ,and if he didn’t think he was capable of change that increases revenue and fan attendance he would have stayed where he is
I say keep posting keep writing letters keep as many supporters in the loop as to what is happening. If things don’t change and you have tried your best walk away knowing the game is rigged and you will have to channel your emotional energy somewhere else

February 16, 2021 8:15 am

I’m sure many will agree with that bud. I just feel there are better ways, though, whether any method will succeed is anybody’s guess.

You say Dominic knows what he’s getting into. I wonder if he does 😁

February 16, 2021 8:31 am


IMO,Dominic McKay arrives with a clean sheet and my support and goodwill. That does not absolve him from future criticism when I think he has made a wrong decision,of course. He will be judged on his achievements but also on his intentions.

At the moment,we know nothing about his intentions-but yesterday’s statement from Bankier has to be the last time that we get fed a patronising pile of pish from that man,or from whoever holds that position in the future. This club is currently a rudderless ship cast adrift on stormy seas largely of our own making. It has taken a pandemic to show our “business model” for the failure that it has always been.

Football considerations should never have played second fiddle to financial engineering more suited to other industries,nor to the ego of one man. For too long,we have been placed in the position of,say,an engineering company which retools via blind auctions on e-Bay-and which rewards the idiot who came up with that idea with the savings made while indemnifying him against the costs incurred every time he cocks it up with a pig in a poke.

As long as DMcK makes such strategy a thing of the past,I’ll be in his corner.

February 16, 2021 8:36 am

Re. the new CEO Dominic McKay.

The ‘To Do’ list for this guy is overwhelming. I doubt any human being could right all the wrongs in a short to medium time frame.

I tend to agree the concern of most supporters are on the pitch. So be it. If he has to prioritise that, it is understandable.

If the worst came to the worst regarding off the pitch matters then I would be satisfied, in the SHORT Term, if from day one, he stopped the infatuation with the ‘OLD FIRM’.
If, from this moment on, he stood up to the SFA, stopped being so compliant with them, put Celtic FIRST, and helped drive forward proper football governance in Scotland. with INTEGRITY. Let people know that Lawwellism is dead and buried.

When he has time to draw breath, then yes, put the effort into righting the wrongs of the past.

One thing he can do in 5 minutes though. At the first mention of 55 titles for the huns, shoot it down as nonsense. Send a signal out that he is no fool and that the SFA, SPFL, the media, are LIARS. Even if it was just a ‘That’s remarkable for a nine year old club!’ type statement, that would do until it can be dealt with officially. But it would get the message out there.

February 16, 2021 8:39 am

Totally agree.
Excellent post. I hope he reads it!

big packy
February 16, 2021 8:47 am

MORNING ALL and JIM some great posts this morning, fwiw here is my take on things, nothing will change because there are too many old firm fans among our support, that only want us to play and beat them bassas from govan 4 times a year, you can tell by how many signatures the celts for change got on their website, no fellow celts until the old firm fans keep their money in their pocket nothing will change, so sad,H.H. aff oot dugwalking,

February 16, 2021 9:06 am

Useless fact of the day.

Did you know long before Björn Ulvaeus founded ABBA in 1972, along with Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the young student lawyer played in an enormously popular Scandinavian group, the Hootenanny Singers!!

Among the songs Björn composed and recorded in 1964 for the Hootenanny Singers was a version of Kevin Barry (Berry they got the spelling wrong) which first appeared on the group’s Frogg album before being re-released on their album International two years later.

So oul Björn joins the illustrious group of Paul Robeson, Leonard Cohen, Lonnie Donegan to have recorded a song about Kevin Barry – who’d have thunk it. i wonder if any of the night shift have a copy hidden away somewhere🤔

February 16, 2021 9:11 am


February 16, 2021 9:13 am

Well feck me! JTT53 – some find a chara.

February 16, 2021 9:17 am


Blinkin’ flip-every day is an ejikayshun on here,right enough!

February 16, 2021 9:26 am

I remember visiting Kilmainham gaol in Dublin. What a moving experience, couldn’t begin to relate everything. You would need to be there/ go there.

Bada Bing
February 16, 2021 9:42 am

I feel sorry for McKay,having to deal with R12/11,amongst a myriad of major issues, Lawwell bottled this issue ,and IMO was a major contributor to not contesting this, and creating the 5WA,think about it? Who at that time in Scottish football, had the ingenuity and deceit to put this together? Doncaster?Reagan? Who ever the carpet bagger was at Ibrox then? No chance, the 5WA was created by Lawwell, aided and abetted by the mason Eric Riley,all my opinion.

February 16, 2021 9:52 am

Mahe ..

We as a Club are now playing catch up .. This summer’s structural and strategy changes should have been made at least 5 years ago ..

The margin for error in the Boardroom and on the park has gone now ..

We need laser like focus on and off park this summer ..

There will be a huge turnover of players this summer ..

The Club then need to properly invest in quality players to ensure vast improvement to qualify for the Champions League group stages next season, which will then massively help the finances ..

The Champions League money will be vital particularly over the next 2-3 years ..

February 16, 2021 10:07 am

beda bing 1
If Lawwell did create the 5 way agreement at whose behest was it?
Replacing Lawwell with McKay will still leave the controller.
Lawwell was self serving and a willing accomplice to our real problem who has a convenient distance.

February 16, 2021 10:08 am

Bada Bing, that’s a good point. I’m being kind when I say Lawwell was ‘compliant’ with the suits at Hampden. In my more cynical moments I’ve often wondered if he was not the driving force of the corruption around all things Rangers & governance from 2012.

February 16, 2021 10:12 am

In a professional environment playing catch up is difficult.
As Martin O’Neil easily proved Scottish football is not a professional environment.
Will we bring in professionally qualified replacement’s for the departing duds is the big question?

February 16, 2021 10:13 am


The qualifying rounds for the CL begin in June with the preliminary round. First round first leg 6/7 July , Second round first leg 20/21 July.

The prospect of Celtic being in a position to put out a half decent team let alone one that can compete has to be a major concern.

Sadly I don’t see us making the CL next season. But then, what’s new.
It would need a miracle turnaround.

Bada Bing
February 16, 2021 10:15 am

FAN-A-TIC- he was doing it for the ‘old firm pound’ ,doing Desmond’s bidding, if you listened to his interview on a Scottish golf course all those years ago, it all fits.Great klub and tradition,blah blah blah….

February 16, 2021 10:20 am

bada bing 1
DD and PL this season.

Bada Bing
February 16, 2021 10:22 am

FAN-A-TIC- think about it mate,who at that time could have weaved together a document like that? Only one man….

February 16, 2021 10:32 am

bada bing 1
As i said the controller will still be here.
Until he’s gone we are at the whim of a golfer.

February 16, 2021 11:25 am

Twisty ..

Football and stadium operations revenue figure is £12.8M to 31/12/20 ..

1) Based on an estimate of 40,000 x £400 average = £16M

I then estimated that approx 80% of season ticket money will have been banked by 31/12/20.

The remaining £3.2M approx will be paid up during the second 6 months of the season ..

I’m estimating that approx 15,000 supporters will have taken the club finance loans and will still have to pay on average £200 each = £3M in total ..

Season tickets originally went on sale in March 2020, with the deadline extended to the end of July 2020 ..

2) If tickets sales were 50,000 x £400 = £20M ..

Then only approx 60% of revenue has been received by the club ..

This would mean another £7.2M is outstanding ..

It would mean that 36,000 fans still have to pay approx £200 on their season tickets in 2021 ..

So that would mean 36,000 would have to have taken out the club finance loan ..

Historically season tickets were paid over a 3 payment period which always ended before the calendar year end ..

Equally a lot of supporters nowadays will pay their season ticket by credit cards ..

I just don’t believe that approx 36,000 fans have taken out club finance loans, even if everybody did qualify through their credit rating etc ..

The revenue numbers just don’t add up to 50,000 x £400 = £20M

3) For the figure to be 50,000 the average season ticket price would need to average £300 ..

The amount of season ticket money Celtic normally take in is greater than £15M, so the average ticket price must be higher than £300 average ..

There is no way Celtic will sell 50,000 season tickets at an average price of £300, even allowing for kids, students and pensioners..

My own normal adult season ticket for the north stand is roughly about £685 ..

I know there will be different prices for different parts of the stadium, but the cost of most adult season tickets at Celtic park are ridiculously high ..

The revenue figures just don’t add up for there to be 50,000 ..

The club have very careful and not quoted an actual figure of season tickets sold ..

February 16, 2021 11:26 am

Morning all, some great points raised today, as expected!
Bobby…I’m with you re the Qualifiers and Group stage income – no fans has left a massive dent in the Revenue In column, possibly as much as £8m when you consider £100 3-match packages with Corporate sales on top. When we take the Chairman’s comments in the context of a Message to the City he’s bang on when he suggests Covid has had an worse effect on us than others but to try to suggest to us, the fans watching the shite week in week out, is both incongruous and disingenuous. Shame on him for that alone!
BadaBingBadaBoom!…if they pay me £750k plus bonuses I’ll challenge the SFA and SPFL! I don’t feel sorry for Dominic McKay, he’ll be earning a nice wedge to make the sort of decisions that may seem difficult to mere mortals! The issue is whether DD wants him to rock the boat – my guess is the status quo will remain. But leaving the 5-Way aside for a moment, if he challenges the SFA from the start of his tenure, dealing with current anomalies (for want of a better word) then he could do worse in my mind. A ‘Fergus’ for the 21st Century would do me fine!!
Oglach and Jim The Tim…that version of Kevin Barry was a treat! Here’s Pete Seeger’s live version…

February 16, 2021 11:38 am


The Club can’t afford financially to miss out on the Champions League next season ..

It will take a minor miracle, but the stakes are raised now ..

Their needs to be a new level of professionalism and attitude that makes it happen !!

Bada Bing
February 16, 2021 11:38 am

Good to see Stoke City publicly backing James McClean over social media threats against him and his family

February 16, 2021 11:54 am


Bobby, I factored in lost revenue from no games ..

It’s only because of no games that it’s possible to arrive at an estimated figure of 40,000 ..

In my reply to Twisty I have detailed various different scenarios ..

The club were panicking last year and had to move the deadline twice ..

The club have never actually quoted a number, but the season ticket figure will have to be documented in the full accounts in November ..

February 16, 2021 11:59 am

Celtic1Member1Vote…with respect, please forgive me but I’m not sure what point you’re making! The processes you employ are nothing more than conjecture and supposition. This achieves nothing really other than muddying a set of figures that are obviously symptomatic of the current (wider) economic position. Like you I am no accountant so I am unable to dissect the finer details of the accounts, there will be others on here able to do so but like you and I they will be unable to do so completely accurately as there is a load of information leading to these results which doesn’t need to be detailed in the results. This was always going to be a difficult trading period and it’s probably worse than expected as a lot of us thought we’d be back at the fitba by now. But the fact remains that the Club is on a reasonably sound footing compared to many and whether we agree or disagree with how the cash got there – or should have even remained there – the £40m reserve we had last year has served us well and a chunk of it remains as a cushion for the second half of the Financial Year.
How we move forward from this point is of course the huge conundrum for the Board and the fans! For the Club to get back to where we believe it belongs will take a financial and physical restructuring. We are hopeful that Dominic McKay can change the direction of our Club but to do so he will rely on the support of the fans!! A proper conundrum indeed!

February 16, 2021 12:07 pm


What you say is true,it is difficult to extrapolate anything from such meagre details. While the club may not have officially given a figure for tickets sold,I believe that they used their preferred method of highlighting filled seats on the stadium planner. If that gave the impression that sales were higher than what was actually recorded,then I think they would be in bother with the Stock Exchange.

Where I think we may have suffered a shortfall in income from season tickets is where the fans have used the credit facility to purchase them. As it became clear that attendance was unlikely this year,as it became clear that success was even less likely,I reckon a large number of those fans will have decided not to pay the second and third tranches. And if that is indeed the case,I think Celtic would be wise to heed it as a warning shot.

February 16, 2021 12:35 pm

McCaff ..

Agree completely.. I was just trying to understand why the Football revenue figure was down by over 50% ..

Your absolutely right it’s all about the future now, and hopefully it’s a challenge Dominic relishes and that he creates a wonderful new future for the club ..

February 16, 2021 12:44 pm

Celtic1Member1Vote…Thanks for replying, I was trying not to sound too negative about your post! The figures are difficult to decipher due to lack of detail but I agree with Bobby from earlier about the euro games/income, in fact I was going to post the same comment at half three this morning before I went to bed!!
I think the biggest loss has to be the Euro revenue followed closely by the kiosk sales, programme/Celtic View/Superstore sales. I think we’d all be surprised at how much this contributes to the successful operation of the Club. Has anyone been in the Celtic Shop on matchday?

Anyway, another wee Rebel cover, an out of tune start recovers well..

February 16, 2021 12:57 pm

Bobby seems to have aged better than his fellow band members. Good wee version there. 👍

February 16, 2021 1:01 pm

Hi Garry…yeah I was thinking that too!! Poor guys eh? Just not got the staying power of us spring chickens!!! 😉😁

February 16, 2021 1:06 pm

Bobby is 8 years older than us. Looking good for 63. The good life he leads. 👍

February 16, 2021 1:12 pm

I bet he dyes his hair tho! 😎

February 16, 2021 1:14 pm

Haha. Bet he does. Not drinking booze helps him look young too I suspect.

February 16, 2021 1:33 pm

Garry…if you’ve not seen this before I think you’ll enjoy it! Even the Silver Thread gets a wee mention at the beginning…

February 16, 2021 1:58 pm

Thanks for that. Never seen that Bobby interview before.
A really good guy. Comes from your area but moved to Partick and West End. A good Celtic man too from Govan. 👍

February 16, 2021 2:04 pm


It is a draft that two CSCs have gone to their members with and shared with other CSCs.

The idea is not to get any written assurance but bring about what you suggest.

I’m no daft. 😉

but it does depend on enough writing in and 1000 might be enough.

As ever at the end of the day silver bullets no matter who has them are useless if not fired.

I just posted it here for those in a dilemma on renewing to put their concerns before the invite comes out.

February 16, 2021 2:04 pm


Thanks very much for your detailed response.

In late July 2020 Celtic announced season ticket sales in excess of 50,000. It’s very unlikely, despite this boards history of being economical with the truth, that they would exaggerate over season book sales.

To be honest it’s not a critical point in relation to your overall point. I was just genuinely curious as to where you’d got those numbers.

February 16, 2021 2:12 pm


Stevie Clarke.

Best players at other Scottish teams recruited.

Weakens them strengthens us. Means title decided by 4 games v RFC Ltd but we are bigger and stronger with a manager who puts out teams that are hard to beat.

Then, not having to moan about being 15 behind we will moan about only being 3 in front or adrift depending on when games played and the turgid football that results when the majority of players are hard working journeyman.

Twas ever thus.

February 16, 2021 2:12 pm

It’s pretty clear, even to lesser educated bhoys such as I, that you’re “no daft”

One day someone will hopefully get their hands on the shares of DD or NT, and if that someone is a proper supporter, proper in the respect that they recognise the efforts you and the other res 12 bhoys undertook, and also understand why you undertook it, and examine the diabolical, shabby, deceitful, shameful treatment you were subjected to, they’ll invite you to join the board in some capacity.

You never know, that person, or those people, might well be out there.

No group of people would be more deserving.

February 16, 2021 2:19 pm

I was watching a hilarious video this morning with Jackie Mac and Alan Thompson discussing Bobo.
Funny as fekk but with a very pertinent message embedded in it.

Get more Bobo’s in our team. !!

In fact for anyone who missed it, this’ll definitely cheer you up


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