Mission – Impossible ?



It’s been quite the eventful week already,and it’s only Wednesday! Of course,all the action of note has taken place off the pitch,with Celtic releasing their interim financials to the end of December 2020 and the huns declining to comment on reports of their players breaking lockdown over the weekend-an event which incredibly saw Celtic being dragged into things as the usual political whipping Bhoys.


Not a whimper,natch,from our board about the latter. That is where we are nowadays,everyone’s easy target,everyone’s favourite punchbag. Go on,have a freebie-we don’t mind,happy to have been of service. Worse was the response from our chairman contained within our interim results where he simply told us that if we weren’t such a wonderfully well run club,we would be in the grubber-and that we should be grateful that our marvellous world-beating board have us in second place in a one-horse race. If we were expecting some humble pie from the board,Bankier was quite happy to remind us of how the term originated,and that we serfs should be grateful for the scraps we are thrown. (Including a reference to the last decade,when results should be about the reporting period,and the future to come.)


Ten years we have had to put up with this tosser,and I can’t think of one thing of note he has done during that time-except of course to insult the fans every chance he gets.


Which brings me to the main point of this article. The massive task facing Dominic McKay when he takes over as CEO on July 1st. On the face of it,he is replacing the previous CEO,but it is not as simple as that,not when you consider that Lawwell ran the club as his own personal fiefdom,with dominion and total control over every department of the club. The people responsible for that are guilty of a dereliction of duty,and might indeed have breached guidance and regulation regarding board oversight. That is a different matter,one which I would like to see investigated-as nobody should have that level of control in a Plc-but it proves that the current board,most of whom have been in place for far too long anyway,have to follow Lawwell out of the door,and by the next AGM at the latest.


DMcK has to be allowed to do his job-but he needs to know that he has a board who will allow him to do that,but more importantly will let him know when his decisions are wrong! And what a job it is,even apart from the cull in the boardroom. Because he needs to apply that same approach right throughout the club,he needs to restructure every area of impact on performance.


I spoke recently about the need for things on the pitch to be 100% up to winning the title in 2022/23,due in the main to the changes in the Champions League format the following year. We face a double churn of playing personnel this summer,with players who had planned to leave this year joining those who wanted to leave last year. Additionally,we need to restructure the football management side with the appointment of a Director of Football to replace the outgoing Lawwell,and bring in a new manager along with his own coaching and technical team.


None of these can be done on the cheap,and nor can replacing the departing players be done on the cheap. And to be honest,it would be unfair to expect a miraculous return to immediate domestic supremacy or European respect. But he has to do this on top of a groundswell of discontent and anger towards the club from the fans on a number of fronts. There are so many issues that the club should have dealt with long ago-but didn’t. And to gain the trust of the fans,to get us all back on board for the difficult days ahead,he really has to make a big start on them.


There’s the issue of the huns and their 55,as mentioned the other day by Phil Mac Giolle Bhain and AULDHEID; the referees and their predisposition to all things hunnery; the 5WA and other issues of governance at the SFA,not to mention our portrayal in the media-just for starters! There’s the continuing financial implications from the pandemic,which are likely to see season ticket sales slump,even before we consider the potential for a fans boycott of them in protest at so many aspects of the operation of the club. I could go on,but I don’t want him looking through his contract for a get-out clause!


Quite simply,Lawwell’s way of running the club had one glaring deficiency-even had it been successful! And that is the lack of succession planning. The new man was always going to come into a company which needed rebuilt. That the football operation also needs rebuilt is a further disaster for which he bears responsibility,and the same goes for the disconnect between the club and the fans. Dominic McKay has a mountain to climb,and he doesn’t have a lot of time to get the important things right. He probably has less time to show some real progress on them,in fact. Because although it would be downright foolish for anyone to expect a miraculous overnight transformation,it is not unfair to say that we will expect to see green shoots in the early days.


He has a helluva job in front of him,and we wish him every success. The fans will support him all the way,but only if he earns our trust and respect in a way that his predecessor never did. Get stuck into the problems you have inherited,Dom-but don’t take us for granted while you are doing it. And if you want some advice on how to do things right,to make right things that currently aren’t?


Do the bloody opposite of the man who left them that way in the first place!


Above article by BMCUWP

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If you had only posted the last few lines of your Leader it would have put everything in a nutshell, you are right we are all emotionally involved and only want what’s best for Celtic. and as you say don’t take us for mugs
Every week is emotional for Celtic supporters, even in the close season when you wonder when is someone going to pull the trigger and complete a transfer. I liked MITs parable in yesterdays blog, and Aulheeds response, and lots of other posts ,too many to remember who posted
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the previous post was from thetic my mistake logging in


Further evidence, as if it’s required, that PL has / had the final say on every aspect of the football operations at Celtic.

Former Celtic striker Tommy Johnson has revealed Neil Lennon wanted him in last summer to head up Celtic’s recruitment but it was rejected by Peter Lawwell who appointed Nicky Hammond on a full-time basis.

Not sure i’d want Tommy after he did the dirty on Henke’s chance of managing an English championship team. How very dare he.


Morning all
Cannot disagree with any of that Bobby.
Despite the fact Dominic McKay does not take over until summer time, he must be aware of some of the unrest, if not all of it.

In your article alone you refer to:
– Financials
– League position
– Lockdown inconsistency / Gov
– Board Silence
– Bankier statement
– Lawwell legacy
– Total restructuring requirement
– CL format / implications
– Player movements – financials
– Fan discontent
– 5WA
– The mythical 55
– Pandemic
– Season tickets
– Boycott
– Time constraints
I don’t believe I’ve missed anything out !

Now if you put a list of concerns in front of PL and said “ prioritise this list”, I’d be fairly confident he’d say we will start at the top. Financials. It’s always been the bottom line for him.
There’s a quote along the lines of:

“Wise is the man who learns that the bottom line doesn’t always have to be their top priority”

Would Peter take heed of those words? Unlikely.

What approach will DM adopt? If he read your lead article today, and assuming he agreed that all of the points raised were important to varying degrees, where would he prioritise?

I read breaking news last night courtesy of Jimmy Not Paul on the latest action group formation headed up by the Green Brigade. Add that one to the others and that’s quite a few now in existence. I don’t think the addition of another is necessarily an issue, but just as DM is going to have to decide on the most important issues he needs to address, I think all of the various groups need to get together and do the same.

From that list I’ve compiled above, you can bet your life that amongst the supporters, some which we see as the most critical, will matter little to others.

SFA lack of governance v Team success

For me that has to be the former. I can tell you that for others it’s definitely the latter. Of course, no reason both cannot be addressed, but that takes us back to priority.

It’s as you suggest Bobby. A massive task. How on earth did things get to this stage? Primarily one man. Our departing CE. A statue? It would be the most abused statue in Glasgow. Actually it wouldn’t last long enough to get abused. Images of the Saddam Hussein one being toppled in Baghdad spring to mind.

( no I’m not comparing PL to SH before the PC police haul me up – only the falling of a statue)

What’s your plan Dom? If you want my advice, well even if you don’t I’m giving it anyway, pay heed to the words I reproduced earlier and don’t make the bottom line your top priority. Pay more attention to these wise words

“The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” 
Stephen Covey


I wonder if there would be a way of reaching out to season ticket holders, somehow getting a simple questionnaire out to them listing all the various group concerns, and asking them to tick 3 ( or perhaps even just one or two) boxes from a list of concerns which they feel are the most important to them when considering their decision to renew?

It would certainly provide DM with the breakdown of what season ticket holders consider to be the most important.

I appreciate the logistics of that are probably more difficult to put into practice than the theory but there might be a way. Is that something that could be put to John Paul Taylor? Get the forms out prior to renewal?

Morning all & Packy.
Happy Ash Wednesday! 🙁

bada bing1


Not my favourite ex Celt but doing great work


That’s tremendous. What an uplifting thing to read. Absolutely superb.

Good article as usual Bobby.

“Bankier was quite happy to remind us …….. (Including a reference to the last decade, when results should be about the reporting period, and the future to come.)”

I think that is a mind set that is shared with Neil Lennon.
It has become clear that Neil blames the players 100% for everything that has gone wrong this season. His self belief is unquestioned. I’m not even sure he has made any effort to look inwards. After all as one of Celtic’s most successful managers ever, why should he? Look at the silverware! He couldn’t possibly be to blame.

The same as Bankier, he is looking backwards not at the reporting period.

It’s not uncommon for the most successful people to have run their course. To hit a brick wall. Business folk, politicians, performers , sportsmen/women etc.

Neil’s time has come.

Bankier & Lawwell? they never even got off the starting block!


It’s happened too often with Neil. I think it was Oglach who posted the video of Neil being interviewed following a dreadful run at Bolton.

I found another one when he was at Hibs which was like the sequel to the first one.

Now we are seeing it again.

I honestly think he will never land a position with a club of any stature once he leaves us.

Totally agree Twisty, I see his future in punditry.


Twisty 6.22

“Schedule your priorities”:

Tackling the Football Department deficiencies is first and foremost- get that right with new appointments, player exits, acquisition budget and next season will be what it will be.
Stabilising the exodus from the Football Development department follows.

If, as looks likely CL or even EL is beyond the club, the only on field priority is to win back the League.



And I only scratched the surface on Lawwell’s part in it all. That is for another article,not so much his annual appraisal as a full compare and contrast over his seventeen years in situ.

But the thing that is often overlooked when I/we take aim at Lawwell is that he could not have run the club on his terms if the board had done their job.


Agreed. The role of the NED’s gets called into question given they’re supposed to strategise and administer policy etc. Unless of course they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, and listening to Bankier makes you believe that they are indeed in perfect harmony.

You then have to question our own compliance. Probably pointless heading down that route again. Mike covered it yesterday.



Ask Lawwell his priorities,the answer will be…

Get the financials right and everything else will fall into place.

Wrong.It is only true if the money is spent wisely.

On the other hand,had he concentrated on getting the product on the pitch right,everything else would have followed-including healthy financials. Yet it seems that was the last thing he was interested in,secure in the belief that the fans would turn up anyway. When that was shown not to be the case-under RD-the decision was made to get the product on the pitch right again-and back flocked the fans,in droves!

But Lawwell clearly reckoned that the absence and return of the fans was due to the absence and “return” of the huns,had nothing to do with quality and professionalism-and besides,his nose was out of joint because he wasn’t The Big Cheese any more. And we know how he dealt with that,coming to a head two years ago.

Mr Celtic was only ever Mr Me-me-me. He took £20m out of the club,cost us many times more that by his repeated failures,and leaves with the heart and soul of the club in his back pocket.

“Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name
Robs me of that which not enriches him,
And makes me poor indeed.”

He can keep the money,but his reputation is gone for good. Meanwhile,we can’t get the heart and soul back from him,but we can find it again for ourselves,and build it back better. And a good start would be board accountability.


Football , at the business level, appears to attract a mix of opportunist shysters ( any recent Hun Director), useful idiots ( Bankier and that fool from Cove Rangers as SFA President), and corporate psychopaths ( Lawwell ).

If it were properly regulated( ha!) the quality of business manager might improve.


Lenny “I haven’t said I wouldn’t be (in charge next season). I’ve not yet spoken to Dominic McKay, but I speak to Peter every day. I speak to Dermot, I speak to Nick Hammond. Yes, of course, I’m involved in the planning for the next transfer window.”

Dearie me bhoys, wtf is going on at parkhead?


There one letter missing from yer last post. It’s only an ‘m’ after £20 but it’s an important wee m . 😁


If NL is directing summer transfer activities the game’s a bogey.


I’ve asked Jimmy Np to stop depressing me with daily updates on John K being favourite to take the managerial role.

Now you’ve joined in with that statement from Neil.

JNP won’t listen so I’m hoping you will.

Gonny no dae that? Just gonny no. 😂


It’s atrocious. More evidence of the lack of any semblance of forward planning.



Lack of forward planning, dereliction of corporate duty and ,if true, commercial suicide.

Has there been a collective lobotomisation at Celtic Park?


Need to disappear for an hour.

Before I do:


Where are ye? Things getting too comfortable in here. Needs some Awe Naw words of wisdom to ruffle some feathers.

You’ll cheer me and a few others up if you appear for a wee while.

Hope all good with the family. Drop by and let us know.



Error corrected-thanks!


The leader and comments have been a great read. Well done y’all.
The clear out we’re demanding is a huge ask. The CEO, approx half of the directors, including the Chairman, a new team manager plus staff, and a DoF. Our major shareholder is well over 70, and there’s talk of his son Ross becoming a director. All this whilst quite a few players will want to negotiate terms to extend their contracts or leave.
This has the makings of a nightmare. The abuse court cases will put the club front and centre of the news and an appropriate, compassionate response is required. Dominic has one hell of a job in front of him.
If there is no root and branch change, then we better get prepared for some Hun domination.


Pure joy instead.


Great lead article and follow up posts.
You made another error in the article.
Calling Bankier a tosser, is far too mild language to describe this nonentity of a wage thief.
He must follow Lawwell out the door.



Quite right. I doubt I’m on his Christmas card list,so I could have called him what I liked! But we have standards on this site-though we don’t necessarily apply a high bar-and we shouldn’t lower them to the level of our opinion of him.

Seriously though-ten years? For what,exactly?



A Herculean task in front of him,mate. As I said,it is unrealistic to expect a miraculous overnight transformation,so large is the task. For once,we need patience-but we need to see early and continued signs of improvement.

Por Cierto

I think if the “big change” is coming then it’s important for us the fans to start to use the correct terminology for our New European outlook. Yes, we are hoping that they are going to appoint a DoF, but thereafter HE will hire a Head Coach, not a manger, and the Head Coach, along with the DoF, will then put a team of coaches under him to run all the football squads at the club, with, of course, the 1st team squad the main priority, but closely followed by the team directly below them so that the continuity of players coming into the 1st team pool is seamless. Also, perhaps someone can help me out here, who is responsible for the Football Science Dept. I’m hoping that the DoF will appoint a head of that section and he will have his own team and not be directed by the Head Coach, is this right? If the DoF does have that remit, it may stop the mass exit of the Football Dept., as what happened when BR left with almost the whole Football Department under his coat. They all have to work very closely together, but, have enough scope to bring in their own ideas for their own individual departments for the benefit of all the Footballing side of things as a whole. Another question, will the Head Coach be responsible for who runs the Ladies team? or will that again have another Head Coach?. The DoF will also have the unenviable task of sorting out the Transfer and Scouting Departments. I watched a Borrusia Dortmund programme, on Netflix, and they have an Executive in charge of all aspects of that, liaising with a committee comprising of the DoF, the HC and other relevant parties, at regular meetings, with the committee having the final say on contract details and costs and the ins and outs of the squad, in the event of a tie, in the vote, the DoF has the decider. Interesting times ahead, and if all the above is the case, then it’s little wonder that they, and I don’t know who “they” are, are taking their time to sort all this out, hopefully, once and for all, por cierto.


Por Cierto

Quality read. Like you I’m uncertain of the current structure but I truly hope Dom is going to ensure the correct level of due diligence is carried out for every position and every candidate in those positions.

Por Cierto

Cheers Twisty, por cierto.

Por Cierto

Lou Macari is an absolute gem of a guy! por cierto


Dominic McKay’s job is going to be more difficult if Bankier remains in place. This parasite needs to be removed from the position of Chairman.
The new CEO needs all the help and support he can find. I for one, am willing to give him my full backing. He must employ a Director of Football though. If it is a high quality DOF, then Dominic McKay stands a fighting chance.


Too many overinflated ego’s involved at Celtic plc to expect them to do the right thing.
Excited about Lennon’s aftermatch press conference tonight so he can describe the game in a totally different way from the one we just watched.
It’s like having the first team play twice in one day.
Fiction CSC


Morning all!
Por Cierto…most pertinent! The DoF role can differ from club to club depending on the needs of each club. My expectations seem to align with yours in that I’d be looking for a long-term appointment who could guide the Youth teams, both Boys and Girls, towards success in the respective First Teams (I maintain that in my lifetime we will see mixed gender teams with females permitted into mens’ teams). A structured approach to player development with a style of effective football that can be utilised at all age groups to Snior level, with players able to use both feet, able to adapt to different positions, to make an easy transition to the next level in their development. But here’s the crux of the matter – this is no overnight fix! This will take at least 10 years, and a load of patience before it yields consistent tangible results. This requires a massive financial and operational commitment from the Club, including I’d imagine further investment in facilities.
We are about 40 years behind the curve on this, remember Tommy Burns visiting teams across Europe, notably Ajax, with the intention of structuring our Academy with these aims in mind. We have seriously failed Tommy, and Fergus too, in failing to develop our own talent.
Also, and this is crucial for any Academy success, we need to be at the forefront of structural change to Youth fitba in this country. At present the opportunities to play competitive fitba at U16-U21 level are severely restricted. This is something the SFA have unsuccessfully tried to address but finance and apathy from Clubs, as well as a narrow-minded approach to recruitment, have hampered their attempts. Given the current financial situation at the SFA I can’t see any change in the near future!
Incidentally, talking of Ajax, I remember a game against them, in recent times but I can’t remember when it was, and they consistently played the ball out from the back with the fullbacks taking the ball from the keeper as far back as the byline! I couldn’t believe the bravery of a team taking the ball so deep but they had the confidence, and no little ability, to work the ball forward. The same methods can be seen across Europe now, years later!

fyi here’s a Wiki description of a DoF role..


Fan…the GA Kids video brightened my morning, cheers!! That was a real tonic!!


Only a few privileged people will know Dominic McKay’s remit in his job as Celtic CEO.
Will he have the same KPI’S as PL?
Will his remit have Celtic PLC prioritized over Celtic football club as PL had?
Does it reward him for good financials despite football failure?
Or will he be a visionary Celtic fan who takes us forward unlike his predecessor?
So many questions and a poor football team to watch till seasons end.
For Dominic.
Watcha see is watcha get!!!!!!!
Dramatics CSC


Por Cierto

McCaff, thanks for the link
“fyi here’s a Wiki description of a DoF role..

It really is a mixed bag position. I wonder how a club comes to a final decision on what his remit should be. I generally hope the present Board of Directors does not partake in any decisions re that, por cierto.


Hello there, pop pickers.
Big news, Bryan Adams and Drake’s record is safe, we finally have a new number 1.
Twisty’s threat to have me sorted, by the Colo Colo Brigade, unless there was a new number 1, has worked wonders.
Steve Clarke
John Kennedy
Rafael Benitez
Eddie Howe
Frank Lampard
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Alex Neil
Damien Duff
Jack Ross
Mark Hughes
Roberto Martinez
Andriy Shevchenko
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Martin O’Neill
Paul Lambert
Shaun Maloney
Andre Villas-Boas
Jindřich Trpišovský
Marco Silva
Jim Goodwin
Malky Mackay
Veljko Paunovic


I am sure that Tommy Cunningham, the only Tim in Wet Wet Wet will be happy too. 😊👍



When did Jindřich Trpišovský enter the betting? Good record-68% win-at Slavia Prague.


Afternoon All,

So, 5 x Hun Nobodies it is then!

Patterson, Bassey, Zungu, Mebude & Kinnear.




As C.T, said.
Rangers manager Steven Gerrard says he has been “let down” by five players who have breached Covid regulations.

The Ibrox club have confirmed Bongani Zungu, Nathan Patterson, Calvin Bassey, Dapo Mebude and Brian Kinnear have been removed from the club and squad on a short-term basis.


He’s been in there for a few days.
Shaun nibbled from 33s to25s, that must be ATOB ‘s £2 quid. 😁



Almost makes one wonder if the huns have their track and trace apps switched on,eh? How lucky for them that it is always only fringe players,and that their top lads are so well disciplined.

Speaking of luck,seems Antwerp will be missing seven players on Thursday.


The Tim delivery driver must know his hun reserve players. I could walk by all 5 in the street and recognise none of them.



Hmmm,there’s a point.


Probably the name on the Delivery slip, Bassey, and the location, top of the range luxury flats that Charles Green used to live in, would give it away. Maybe he thought it was Shirley he was delivering the Kebabs to. 😁

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