Celtic 1 – 0 Aberdeen



I’m not really too sure what to say about last night’s game. Every win is a good one obviously,but we were up against a team who hadn’t scored in their last five games and whose manager had recently survived a vote of confidence-read “Can’t afford to pay him off or to replace him”-and yet we were hanging on for grim death at the end?


In fairness,although Aberdeen grabbed the initiative around the hour mark and kept firing the ball into our box,they rarely if ever put us under pressure and we were fairly comfortable throughout. That they were allowed to do so speaks volumes for the performance of our midfield and front men for far too much of the game. Yes,they really were that bad that they allowed Aberdeen to boss them for long periods.


We did have the occasional flash,a nice through ball from Christie to Klimala being blocked,a cracking shot from CalMac brushing the upright and a beautiful opportunistic lob from Christie dropping about a foot too late. But once you’ve said that,you’ve said it all.


Apart,of course,from the winner. And in truth it was a goal worthy of winning a far better contest than this one. It really deserved a better stage,but when we are locked in the house,canny get out to watch it with our pals in the pub much less actually be there in person,it is the highlight of the day!


CalMac broke from defence and ran at a retreating Aberdeen backline who declined to come near him. He passed it inside to David Turnbull,who took a touch and stride before casually firing it into the bottom corner from twenty yards. A genuinely tremendous goal,it would be churlish to say otherwise.


To say that it graced a terrific performance,or that it came in a wonderful display of The Beautiful Game,one that we controlled from start to finish? That will have been for others to suggest,no doubt. Here,you get my take on the game. And my take on the game is that it was a genuinely tremendous goal.


Least said,soonest mended about the rest of it. It could get football stopped.


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Started well and bossed game up to going ahead, then lost our way, not having watched the game again, did they make a tactical change that changed the flow of the game. We never changed anything and at the end had no shape and no idea how to stop the crosses coming into the box, looking again like a unfit team who had not been coached on how to set up when under pressure.


You’re right enough Bobby; it wasn’t a great watch. In fact it was pretty sore on the eye.
Bain released Callum with a quick and accurate pass which led to the goal so he gets an honourable mention in dispatches. The two best performers were Ajer and Welsh. In the 1st half both were good on the ball, and in the 2nd, both defended stoutly. Either could have been awarded MoM, and the Celtic TV audience voted for big Kriss. Both full backs were steady. Our defence was hardly troubled yet for the last half hour, Aberdeen were on top, although all they did was pump high crosses into our box from everywhere. After half time our mid to front was poor, with too many players easily crowded out by the Dons’ defence.
Better teams than Aberdeen will cause us severe problems on this showing.
I’d like to see us use the remaining games to play as many of the development squad as possible primarily to find out if any can make the step up to 1st team. Surely, with the league lost, its worth seeing what they’re capable of. If they are to be moved on, then a few 1st team appearances should increase their transfer value.
Everything feels so flat just now, and starting to get really worried about the next couple of years. We haven’t half shot ourselves in the foot.
O me miserum.


I bet yer getting fed up writing these match reviews. Getting desperately difficult just to watch the game never mind write about it. I admire your indefatigability. 😬
I said to the missus last night, “ there’s a game on tonight. Ye might want to watch something upstairs”

She disappeared at kick off.

Half time I told her I’d watch the rest later if she wanted to come back down and change channels.

“ Is it not very good?” she enquired.

“ Ach it’s ok, well , so so. I can’t get into it tonight. I’ll watch later”

That’s the problem now for me and many others I bet. It’s so difficult to muster up enthusiasm for a dead rubber.

I remember someone telling me about a guy who had decided to to watch the same movie every week for a year. Don’t ask me why cos I can’t remember the reason. I do know though he had a blog and was going to be reviewing it. At the time I commented that it was one of the worst ideas I’d ever heard.

I guess this kinda feels like that. Same movie every week. Fortunately I’m not doing the write up. I feel for ya Bobby.

Jobo Baldie

The match report and opening comments on here are all accurate. But for me, the old “it’s the hope that kills you” comes to mind. As each game comes rounds I still really look forward to my 2 hours of ‘escape from lockdown’ in the hope that this will finally be the game where everything clicks – even if that is by luck rather than design. And I’m sure that come Sunday evening at 7.30pm it’ll be Groundhog Day for me again, trying to come up with some sort of reason to make the game meaningful…..hoping for 6 wins in a row is about all I can think of at the moment.
Time for work….



Bliddy stupid time for a game of football,the one on Sunday…



Was the movie Groundhog Day?





Time tae get aff the fags when yer coughing like that first thing in the morning!


BMCUWP 8.07am
A very, ahem, succinct interpretation. Made the match report (almost) tolerable…!😉🤣

Morning all and Packy.

Enjoyed the first half hour last night but then I lost my cricfree stream. I eventually came on here and picked up the hesgoal links and got back on stream. But everything had changed, Celtic’s form dipped.
I blame hesgoal! 🙁



It wasn’t much fun writing it either! I reckon I might struggle to stay awake on Sunday night if the game is of a similar “quality”

It would probably have been better to watch in the flesh,if we had been at the game with family and friends,but watching it under lockdown,on my own on a laptop,isn’t really conducive to time well spent. I kept flicking it over to watch the racing at Kempton,that’s how bad it was!



BADA’s the man for the sausages of an evening!

(So blame him…)

Bobby, talking about Kempton. I mentioned Shirley Bassey yesterday, so when I noticed Tyger Bay racing at 8.20pm I included it in my Yankee. It won at 9/4! I had another horse came in with a place. I won 80p. 🙂



I’d be keeping that quiet. Begging letters will be piling in.

Twisty, LOL 🙁 It was actually a trixie not a yankee now that I remember. 10p ew. So I got my money back!



I’ve adjusted your moniker to reflect your new status!

(Only for that post,it’ll be back to normal when you comment in future)

Bobby, LOL 🙂 Aye my nickname is Sean South!


Turnbull has not yet succumbed to the pass, stop and watch method preferred by most of our other midfielders.
Every time he releases the ball he finds space to give options.
Just hope the coaches don’t knock it out of him before season’s over.
I have moaned for years about our club and team being reactionary and how it has stopped us moving up a level.
Last night there were two brilliant passes to Christie that should have resulted in a better end but he was slow in reacting to them and chance’s were lost.
In the first half Turnbull lobbed a beautiful pass over Dons defense and Christie due to reacting late could not control and ball ran through to keeper.
In the second half Christie did the same from a brilliant diagonal pass from Soro.
Our static and safety first style often means we pass directly to feet so there is little anticipation in our play.



The pass from DT in particular was frustrating,he clearly wasn’t anticipating it or looking for it. Which isn’t what you want from an attack-minded midfielder.


Fan a Tic
The lobbed pass from Turnbull to Christie was one of the highlights of the game.
Had Christie placed it towards goal, instead of trying to take a touch, he would have scored.
Watching Turnbull’s goal, was like watching a Paul McStay goal from the past.
Get DT fit and we have some player on our hands.


Any chance o’ a tap?
Heard you had won a fair bit of money on the nags. 😜😂


Our coaches destroying his game worries me more than his fitness.
A Professional set up next season should see our fitness and dietary issues resolved.

Garry LOL 🙂 Too late, I had a big win last week (£70) but I gave most of it to SCIAF & SVDP for Lent!
That’s me done my thing for Lent so I will keep drinking & smoking 🙂


Fan a Tic
Yes, definitely. We can only hope for improvement. Again last night, the opposition ended the match the stronger, fitter looking team. This is unnacceptable that teams like Saint Mirren, Motherwell and Aberdeen are fitter than Celtic players.


Good man Jim.
Mary’s Meals will receive a small Lenten donation from me. After I’ve bought my tobacco and beers. 😁👍



If you’re around,you might find an interesting article on JohnJamesSite.


Noel Skytrot

The first thirty minutes we controlled the game and led through a fantastic strike by David Turnbull. After that it was a rather turgid display and if Dolly had better strikers it would have been a different result. Limping to second place will occur until the season ends.

Hrvatski Jim


If you’re around,you might find an interesting article on JohnJamesSite.


My problem with JohnJames is that he extrapolates too much to suit his own opinions. He maybe correct ultimately, but I am playing my request for an independent inquiry straight down the middle and would not want to be associated with unsubstantiated accusations brought into any petition that I may raise for an independent inquiry as, just one point being disproved would damage the credibility.

I have no particular leanings to any political party and I have also meticulously kept my correspondences party apolitical.

A few people on CQN have told me that they have contacted their MSP on the subject and that is all that i am trying to do to avoid this being buried in the long grass. The Murdo Fraser motion was carried by 65-59 in the Scottish Parliament which is encouraging but the narrow margin means that this is by no means a foregone conclusion that subsequent motions will be passed to authorise an inquiry.

Has anyone on here approached their MSP about this?

The Star Above The Crest

In the 1st half we were more than decent. Young Taylor was excellent with his runs and link-up play if not with his final ball. Ajer & Welsh looked solid with both capable of moving out of defence to support the attack and the midfield 3 of Soro, CalMac and DT looked accomplished. Kenny seems solid enough if not spectacular but in the 2nd half we were dreadful. Did we run out of steam? Run out of ideas? Better teams would have made us pay for not converting our possession and crisp passing into goals.

Noel Skytrot

Hrvatski Jim,

minor players in this whole scam might be facing the rope, but the ‘cabal’ protects their own, particularly those further up the ladder.



In fairness to JJ,he was raising this on his site before anyone else did,perhaps even when current voices were hoping that it would all go away. Of course there is little doubt that he posits his own views on events,but so do most people when they are reporting on events nowaday.

I’m with you on your preferred method,which is to highlight it in the corridors of power,let them know that we know and what are they gonna do about it. Too many instances along these lines have been quietly buried by ScotsGov over the years-look at the number of FOI requests refused on spurious grounds of cost as an example.

We cannot claim to live in a grown-up democracy when the corridors of power refuse to answer difficult questions,nor when they believe themselves infallible. People make mistakes,or errors of judgement. Or simply overreach. It may well be that no wrong has been done to the plaintiffs by anyone-but we deserve the right to know the facts of the matter,and the paper trail of the whys and wherefores.

Hrvatski Jim

Frank Mulholland, who was the person who signed the prosecutions is the person was “top of the ladder” as the Lord Advocate. He was singled out by one MSP in the debate as the person who must have been responsible, again someone judging before all inquiries are undertaken.

He issued a statement indicating that the source of the advice “advice” came from which was presented to him. A minor player would not have been in a position to instigate these prosecutions.



I thought we ran out of steam long before then! A great goal from fully 30 yards,then nothing.

Re the fullbacks,Kenny is releasing the ball from 25 yards out,while GT is firing them back to the spot rather than across the six yard line-which he was doing to good effect earlier in the season. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I have different opinions on his value to the team,btw!

The main failure last night was in bringing Ajeti into the game. Why make the run if the pass won’t be made? Or,why look for the pass when the run won’t be made? Either way,the link-up between midfield and forwards was abysmal all night.


bada bing1

The Star-The obvious lack of coaching with the creative players, position wise in a midfield/forward area,leaves us wide open to a counter attack, due to no team structure to defend these situations.


Afternoon All,



I asked my two sons a question last night.
“If Leicester City employed Neil Lennon as manager two years ago, do you think they would be joint second in the EPL today?”
Both answered, “Naw, in the Championship.”



Absolutely criminal how our squad has deteriorated in less than two years,mate. Virtually the same personnel,virtually unrecognisable.


“Naw, in the Championship.” relegation zone.


The squad while unbalanced has plenty of talent.
A half decent coach who could organize would have kept us in the title hunt.
It’s the performance’s that have deteriorated and the blame lie’s clearly in the dugout due to our frugal PLC’s lack of diligence when employing duds.


The personnel that Neil picks leaves me baffled.
Bain. Nowhere near good enough.
Taylor. Worst Celtic left back I can remember.
Christie. Needed dropped long ago.
That is only 3 of the worst.
Calmac and Soro are another 2 he started last night, that should not be starting on current form.


As i have stated far too often i would not have Calmac in the team.
For me he has plenty skill as a few moments showed last night but those are far too rare to justify inclusion.
His position seems pointless as he rarely shows creativity and has no defensive ability.
But my biggest doubt over him is his lack of mental fortitude that often sees him give the responsibility to others.
Soro i believe could start but with another holding player alongside (Brown for now.) and would allow Turnbull to play in front of them with a free license to create.
Christie lacks a football brain so with no coach to define his role like BR did he is not a team player.
Taylor i feel for as he should never have been bought.Surely we had a youth product who could have been given a chance in that position?I worry that he is being picked due to our board’s planned parsimony next season.
Barkas should be wearing the jersey for now unless we already have an agreement to sell him.
As for Neil picking the personnel there lies the problem .



Couldn’t agree more,mate. As I said,virtually the same personnel.

bada bing1

Norn Iron restrictions to continue till 1st April 🤦🏻‍♂️



Is that Covid restrictions or Brexit restrictions? Poor sods are getting battered from all sides.


Morning folks,
The NI lockdown being extended until April Fools Day sucks, the main intension is to avoid the StPatricks day and Easter gatherings.
I understand this, somewhat agree.
The people should be told this is the final push, last big lockdown because vaccines are coming.

California doing well against Covid and entire state expected to open up pretty soon.

Hail Hail


Fell away shortly after the goal,last twenty minutes we were all over the place.We are very poorly coached lmo.

Packy, have you given up blogging for Lent buddy?



Just caught up with yday’s article. Fantastic stuff. Kudos. Some brilliant posts also. Though I very much doubt that the eejit Lawwell would agree.

Fan-a-tic @ 0930

You make a excellent point re young Turnbull. Are the rest of the guys on the pitch playing to instruction from the ‘manager’…or are they just a shower of lazy feckers? If you think back to the great Celtic teams, the movement of players off the ball, was as important as the man on the ball. If nothing else, it gave more passing options to the man on the ball. Think Bobby Lennox.

Been like a kid in a sweetie shop the last few days. Ordered a shed load of books on line…mostly Celtic related, some on Irish history, and the latest book by beer author Pete Brown. Mahe, as a Belfast man you should check out a book I’m reading at the minute. ‘Ardoyne ’69’ by Brian McKee. Rather than being a dry historical record of that time, it is a collection of oral interviews from various people who lived through August 1969…from Volunteers, community activists and believe it or not…an RUC man. Haven’t reached that bit yet. Who woulda thunk it?

Big Packy

I don’t believe the scurrilous rumours that you were the driver of the West-end takeaway van. If so, you would have surely added a wee bit extra to spice up the Huns’ grub… I know I would have done so. If I could drive that is.

Must dash…books to read and pints to be sunk.

Hail Hail.



Short and concise leader Bobby, there wasn’t much to shout about regarding that game, we were rank, sheep were worse than rank, only just. Roll on next season and a dof and a half decent coach.

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