Celtic 1 – 0 Aberdeen



I’m not really too sure what to say about last night’s game. Every win is a good one obviously,but we were up against a team who hadn’t scored in their last five games and whose manager had recently survived a vote of confidence-read “Can’t afford to pay him off or to replace him”-and yet we were hanging on for grim death at the end?


In fairness,although Aberdeen grabbed the initiative around the hour mark and kept firing the ball into our box,they rarely if ever put us under pressure and we were fairly comfortable throughout. That they were allowed to do so speaks volumes for the performance of our midfield and front men for far too much of the game. Yes,they really were that bad that they allowed Aberdeen to boss them for long periods.


We did have the occasional flash,a nice through ball from Christie to Klimala being blocked,a cracking shot from CalMac brushing the upright and a beautiful opportunistic lob from Christie dropping about a foot too late. But once you’ve said that,you’ve said it all.


Apart,of course,from the winner. And in truth it was a goal worthy of winning a far better contest than this one. It really deserved a better stage,but when we are locked in the house,canny get out to watch it with our pals in the pub much less actually be there in person,it is the highlight of the day!


CalMac broke from defence and ran at a retreating Aberdeen backline who declined to come near him. He passed it inside to David Turnbull,who took a touch and stride before casually firing it into the bottom corner from twenty yards. A genuinely tremendous goal,it would be churlish to say otherwise.


To say that it graced a terrific performance,or that it came in a wonderful display of The Beautiful Game,one that we controlled from start to finish? That will have been for others to suggest,no doubt. Here,you get my take on the game. And my take on the game is that it was a genuinely tremendous goal.


Least said,soonest mended about the rest of it. It could get football stopped.


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From the sidebar on the link you posted,the genius Scott Walker.


I was the only person I knew who bought that album,though I reckon others on here have it too. It is hiding in my sister’s loft somewhere now. Still,at least there won’t be any scratches on it from getting overplayed.