Pondering Potential,,,

Happy Friday folks.
It’s totally understandable that despite a few victories, there remains the waft of disappointment in the air given the prize on offer and more than likely finishing position.


I’m well aware misery loves company and that whilst at a lower ebb it can be easy to forget how good riding the crest of a wave can be for us Tim’s who truly do have something special here.
When all are on the same page, amarch, it can truly be spine tingling.


So with the hope of changing the record, I would be delighted to read your opinion on a topic that seems to be on repeat recently between the mates and myself.
And that is the potential of Glasgow Celtic.


For starters a chap I’m delighted to call friend has asked me a couple of times to sit and ponder a hard question.
That question is,,
If every Celtic fan that wanted a ticket for Seville was guaranteed one, how many would have went?
This opener digs into the very heart of the issue in a different way, how much potential is there not just emotionally or financially but physically if possible?
It’s a great question and my first answer was theres no stadium built could hold that crowd.
Stadia themselves can for safety reasons only hold so much which does limit them, in our case by a huge amount.
My honest answer was a quarter million to which the chap agreed that as a good starting point. His rationale being every single Tim would want at least two, himself and the next generation of Celtic supporters.
So automatically 100k who.would always wish to go, around the number that travelled by all accounts, would have at least doubled, if capacity were available.
It’s such a shame nowhere exists that would let us gather in such numbers, the Stadio Azteca perhaps the last great bastion in that respect.
How many tickets do you think we could have sold yourself?


Second, while we are talking fans and numbers, I put this to the bhoys the other night.
We have one world class asset.
Yourself, hopefully one day myself, the fans in the stadium, the faithful.
‘That’ atmosphere which all the greats rant and rave about, you know the one.
Some might say weve a world class history and while it is to us, many teams have had quite a journey with the Busby Babes a stark reminder that history while wrote by the victor, can be very cruel. So I will stick on one world class asset.
And that biggest asset is free!
It’s ironic the club receives a pittance for said atmosphere btw, and a miracle that what I believe to be the most corrupt league in Europe can produce such a unique experience.
You, me, footballers, broadcasters, literally cant get enough!
Any business person worth their salt would not need to be told, maximize your biggest asset.


In that respect it should not be rocket salad to determine some things.
First of all, the more the merrier.
Everyone gets into it, everybody either enjoys it or participates.
More bodies, more atmosphere. It looks that simple.
Which leads to the question,,how big should our stadium be?
Well, look at the above fact, more bodies, more atmosphere.


62k is a strange number and I would love to hear how is became settled upon, but given that the stadiums coming 50 now, half a decade of history under her bent, when the refurb or rebuild is considered, the capacity number really needs to be examined.


Given the Seville question was settled on a quarter million give or take,,given that many would take an extra or two along to the big games if that possibility where available,,given that many simply settle to watch those famous European nights on telly because they have ‘no chance of a ticket’,,and then factor in the International Supporters Clubs who would indeed travel en masse to the big games together IF the twenty thirty block of seats needed to accommodate the clan were actually available.
I think our stadium number needs looked at, bigtime.


Now you’re probably thinking ‘Mahe we get a tuppence in a backwater, cant afford the rebuild and what happens when theres only 40k in this huge stadium as was happening?’
The pittance we accept from Sky and BT should stop tomorrow.
Is the best atmosphere IN THE WORLD not worth more than the mere pittance tossed out way als the appetizer before the biggest league in the world?


Whilst a full price VST is not the answer, a larger stadium with tiered season ticket for example a minimum wage worker tier and of course an elderly and youth tier, with the stadium then filled by the unemployed as soon as the ball kicks off is my dream, and we dont sell out to Murdoch or whoever, but those who arent attending can stream for 5 pounds or another decent flat rate with deals galore to entice interest.
Barca hit the hundred thousand, still couldnt match us.
Imagine us with at a ton capacity,,,the last minute corner yell would wake my wee one up 😉
Build it and they will come I reckon.


And finally as three is the magic number, Supporters Clubs.
Either joined or founded one everywhere I’ve roamed, whether the happy landlord but bleary eyed staff, or the organically grown garage turned shrine which sums up my own over here, shout out to Calibhoy and the crew.
In the countryside the smaller ones are needed fullstop.


However, having cut my teeth in the hospitality trade, I believe the club are missing a trick here.
Around this date 17 years ago yours truly was a regular in a rugby teams official partner ‘outlet’ or something similar.
Positioned somewhere central with footfall, the designer then maximized the exterior space by filling it with those beautiful green and white hoops and the rest on display just drawing you in. That ‘superstore’ was small but equipped, a bored teenager when I had a butcher’s, but can you imagine the Hoops on display in the bigger USA cities saying come in and get me right here right now?


The establishment was the pre home game meeting point, with two big buses coming to take all those with cash,card or a season ticket to the game and back.
A large menu was always on offer, reassuring the just awake or the straight in after work supporter he could grab something substantial.
There was a bar of course.


However in my humble opinion the establishment’s jewel in the crown was its mini stand. Against a wall facing a roll down screen sat a mini set of bleachers that had the teams colors etc so you could actually sit shoulder to shoulder stadium style. I thought it was fantastic, it actually tended to be used be the elder fans for the better view and the younger ones seemed happy to give it up.


Transferring such a vision to our beloved club, such a place would be the perfect pre travel staging area within the isles surely, if not traveling the perfect CSC or as close as we shall get.
and I would have one in NYC, Boston, and SFO etc.
I would have a big hot box full of pasties, sausage rolls, and Scotch Pies full at all times and smelling great at the front beside the foot traffic. Take home packages for the expat.
The existing city based supporters clubs who have always been judged attendance vs opening costs by host bars can be left behind.
The ‘hardcore’ that watch live would see the establishment benefit from not only their attendance but the 3pm delayed recording crew (as we do) plus the shirt sales, pie sales, beer sales, all food sales.


I would have Official Glasgow Celtic Supporters Clubs in all the globes major cities where everyone knows they can catch the game live or replay, hear a friendly accent, grab a good fry (because I wouldnt accept anything less) or sample the hotbox,,grab haggis or black pudding etc to go, then all profits flows towards the club, employees being paid the average wage in that sector plus tips and bonuses.
A chunk of profit to local charities for the cherry on top!


Oh, on tops,,,why aren’t the local homeless and recovering vulnerable making them in an friendly workplace and even if a lesser quality we would buy if they actually help and support the community .
But that’s for another day.
What about you? Ever thought we were ‘missing a trick?’
I would love to hear below.


By Mahe.

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Aye,and a boot in the baws is a great leveller too,6’2″ or not!

Packy, LOL 🙂 Good story!


Big Jim Packy…how are you mate, I hope things are well with you, Wee Joan and the Pooches! One of my earliest memories of going to Hampden was while waiting to go through one of the turnstiles a big Polis Horse emptied his bladder onto the dusty ground. It seemed to go on and on and on for ages…a guy in front of us shouted “Gies a pint that!” I still find it funny and used it one day when me and the wee guy were heading into Parkheid. The wee man was rolling about laughing for ages after it and has even been known to use it himself!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺


Not for me Mahe i’m so depressed with everything Celtic my total contribution would be…. “We’re fscked!!”


I told you earlier in week, I am up for it. 👍


Great read this morning. Just about caught up on myself now.
I was watching Micky Flannigan in concert one night.

Watch this clip


Right- done it?

You ask the Celtic board those questions you’ve put to us this morning. 100,00 in the stadium? 250,000 in Seville?

They’d say “ you’re a dreamer Mahe”

Too ambitious. It’ll never happen.

I like to think Hutton got to fulfil his ambition of driving a van . I’m sure he would have. I’m equally certain that with the correct people in charge of our club, we could be bigger than Barcelona.

I’ll tell you what’s more. If you’d said to Brother Walfrid back in the day “ do you think we could one day have 100,000 people in the ground, housing the young, the old, the rich and the poor, the disabled?
He’d have welcomed that thinking. That’s what we were founded for.

Groups worldwide as you refer to in your leader. All meeting up to watch the hoops.

It’s magnificent thinking.

Keep on dreaming Mahe. Ya never know. Maybe one day it’ll come to fruition. I genuinely hope so.

I say again. Great article.

Right – where’s ma van keys…….


Bigger they are, the harder they crumble!

big packy

MCAFF, how are you pal, long time no speak👍



The record crowd at Celtic Park is 92000. So given our creative accounting,it’s quite possible that there were 100000 there that day. And I have no idea how many were at the game v Dundee in The Centenary Season!


I’ll mail you in a couple hours. Haven’t forgotten. Every time I sit down to do it my bloody phone goes or an e mail pops up

big packy

BOBBY, GARRY, it was a joke, my uncle packy did not have a bad bone in his body, 6 foot 2 or not


Big Jim Packy…all good here! It’s hosing it down here, was gonna take the dug out for a walk but just got the wee fella to do it instead!! 😉😁

big packy

MCAFF. you should have let me know ,wee joan would have taken her out for you,👍😎


Reading a warning on a paint can, that the lead in paint can kill you! …It seems kinda pointless when these people have already made a conscious decision to consume paint. 😜


Not posted for a wee while but what a breath of fresh air in these times of gloom Senntinel Celts has been. Some great posts, positive suggestions for regaining the soul of Celtic and rejuvenating the Club – the great camaraderie…

Very good piece Mahe

The Seville “effect” was interesting.

I didn’t attempt to go, with deadlines approaching on the project I was working on, no chance for annual leave…

Wonder if that Global Data Centre for that Bank is still live!? My frustration at not going to Seville is still palpaple. Priorities eh!!

The thing is though, I was living in London, did for about five years in and around that time…

When I first “split” with my wife in the late 90s my daughter did Irish dancing down the Irish club in Wycombe, I’d often be down there on weekend lunchtimes for displays and competitions and Monday evenings for her practise (the days of Monday night football)

No chance of the Bar showing a Celtic match, in fact getting a Celtic game shown in High Wycombe was next to impossible.

Fast forward through the MO’N years and I moved back to Wycombe – being a parent. Priorities eh!!

Martin was very popular in Wycombe for what he did for the local team and in the Irish Club even more so for what he did for Celtic.

So at the end of the MO’N years when I returned I discovered the Irish Club was the place to go, many of the aul Irish guys had remembered they were Celtic supporters, augmented by a place to gather for the local and passing through Tim’s the Irish Club was buzzing during the always shown Celtic games.

Mid-week European nights especially, the place packed to the rafters, often followed by a lock-in;-)

Great days, met many life long friends there.

Anyways around that time a new CEO was making his mark at Celtic, according to Martin he liked life in the slow lane.

Interest in Celtic waned from the Seville high point, you see the new CEO was interested in customers not the Celtic diaspora.

Numbers for the games at the Irish Club reduced, fholk move on, people get older, few replaced them, the Irish Club was sold to developers – it is once again hard to find a Celtic match in a bar and even on old firm days we are down to less than a dozen, even augmented by the always welcome passing Tims.

Seville was a great opportunity, a high plateau to build from but no, another case of paradise lost.

My favourite quote at the time was made by a beautiful Russian lady who I worked with…

“I saw all the Celtic fans in Spain on the news, I’m not going to think your a madman now – you are sane compared to them…”

Hail Hail



Good point! Must make their coffin heavier anaw,the inconsiderate basterts.

big packy

BOBBY, what did you mean by that post at 3-12 ?????



Unlucky with that horse.
Jockey needs a kickin, fell asleep at the start and lost 5/6 lengths then gets beat about 1 and a half lengths.




Good to see the return of a prodigal son! I think the arrival of PL and the associated drop in quality did for quite a few places like yours in Wycombe. At the time,Swindon Shamrock had over 400 members,and I knew lots more fans in the area who hadn’t joined-myself included!

All fell by the wayside,like snaw aff a dyke,around that time. Plus the 2008 crash saw a good few returning up the road. And the sale of the pub where they had made their HQ didn’t help either. So we were spread to the winds,meeting in wee groups here and there-until about two years ago when I persuaded the new sports bar in the town to let us have the top end during matches.

A year ago,we relaunched Swindon Shamrock. Got the membership up to three figures and then BAM!


Pretty confident we can still make it work,keep increasing the interest. But I think a lot depends on how next season pans out.

Still planning on watching a game with you and Harvey in The Gateway,Reading as soon as we get the chance,btw. I’m choking for a dayoooooot!!!



GARRY reckoned your uncle was lucky the guy didn’t hit him with the bottle-I reckoned he was lucky he didn’t get a boot in the baws for good measure!

big packy

BOBBY my uncle packy was a better celtic supporter than you will ever be ,for you to besmirch his name like that sickens me


Being cynical i viewed the minutes of the CST and Celtic PLC as being nothing more than their usual behavior of prevarication.
Lot’s of wait and see and we know how that turned out for Auldheid and the Res 12 guys.
Honesty and openness is not in this boards DNA.
Or perhaps the we don’t know response is because they have no plan just reaction on what circumstances will impact on their Old Firm model?

bada bing1

CT- I know mate,jockey was sleeping, plenty of horse there to win


When the club put it to the Trust that they are a modern club, perhaps they should have been strongly challenged on the issue.
Maybe that’s not how these meetings go, a non confrontational stance, but if that means getting fed spin and just nodding the head what’s the point?


“Any good chairman of a corporate board will find outsiders, will seek outsiders to join their boards that don’t see things in quite the same way as people within the company. There’s been a conscious effort over the decades to bring outsiders onto the board,” said Tom “Smitty” Smith, formerly director of the nonprofit group Public Citizen in Texas.


Lawwell and Celtic plc are delusional in claiming we are viewed as a modern progressive European football club.
Here in North America the only fans we have are the Scots and Irish who emigrated.
There is no appetite for Celtic in the USA where perpetual losers are seen as weak.
The Champions league and even the UEFA league are on tv and seen as barometers and as we continually have been on the end of some unflattering scoreline’s in the last 10 to 12 years we are considered irrelevant.
My son took 2 American friends to our Champions league tie at home to Wanglers Arsenal and the diving cnut and they loved the atmosphere and were hooked so bought jerseys and other merchandise.
I asked one recently if he still had the jersey and watched games.
He answered no to both.
Our standing is as low as i can remember in the last 30 years.


BMCUWP @ 4:06 PM,

Great news that the Swindon Shamrock are growing, hopefully the Lock down won’t hinder the impetus.

One of our recent passing Tim’s was a great aul bhoy who was a member of the Irvine CSC, he has three sons that went to all the games; home, away, Europe.

Thing is he got seriously ill and went back home… any news on how he’s doing would be appreciated.

Really looking forward to Reading, was over there giving plasma a couple weeks back hoping my next trip over would be meeting up with you ghuys.

This lock down is seriously taking it’s toll.

Hail Hail


Chairbhoy 3.55
Great post.
I always look forward to your posts.
I keep meaning to tell you, i spent a night in High Wycombe in 1986.
It’s one of those crazy stories, i went down for David O’Leary testimonial.
I was in Jean Armour pub in Crossmyloof on the Sunday before, that game was the Tuesday, with my mate Billy.
Fate intervened, I banged into an old school mate, who was living at his sister’s in High Wycombe but was up in Glasgow, visiting his mum.
He was travelling down the next day, after a few beers we asked him for a lift to London,( Wycombe) he agreed and said he would ask his sister to put us up for the night, too. What a guy.
I can’t remember the pub we went to but I know we were lucky to get out without getting a doing.
The landlord put food out and the locals told us to enjoy it, we wired in, the landlord came out and asked me how’s Dave? Blank look from me, ( nothing unusual there, you might say ) who? Dave from The Dog and Drake, said the landlord, ( I think ) it transpired that the food was for the away pool team, who hadn’t arrived yet. The locals had set us up, they were killing themselves laughing, to be fair the landlord joined in.
Where the bother came was later, they asked us to join in a game of killer, £1 a head, £15 quid to the winner, good money back then, now i’m a fair pool player but Billy, my buddy was the best in our local.
We gets down to the last 5 and both of us are still in it, the way it’s worked out, with a good few knocked out, I’m now playing directly after Billy. He has an easy ball over the pocket to pot and if he pots it, he would leave me virtually dead, so instead he played a brilliant long shot and leaves me the sitter, which I gratefully took. The problem was, I ended up winning the £15 quid, a few locals ( rightly so) got aggrieved about it. We took the money and got our of dodge quick. They were not happy.
The next day, we travelled over to North London, of course, being you and daft, we hadn’t worked out yet, how we would get home, the crazy things you do when your young!!
Although, I knew Stoke Newington well, having spent a couple of summer’s there, so in my daft head, I reckoned I could find a friendly face or two, as if!!
Thankfully during the second half, Billy met a work colleague, who had travelled on the Lisbon Lions bus, he told us spare seats were available and we could travel back with them.
Those bhoys and ghirls were great, they wouldn’t take a penny of us, even after we told them the pool story.
Now I have to have an itinerary to the minute, whenever I travel, oh to be carefree again.



It was YOU who besmirched his name. I merely commented on it.


Mahe…as yourself and others have said, including those who have referenced the CST/Club meeting, the opportunity to wipe clean the slate is there. A post-Lawell Celtic able to reflect on our failings and build on our successes is now in the hands of McKay. His track record at Development level and marketing Scottish Rugby in addition to his background of Press and Public Relations are as good a base as we could hope for. He’s been at the forefront of the drive to raise the profile of rugby in Scotland but has also been instrumental in trying to change the game at Grassroots level. Although we’ve had unprecedented success recently we’ve failed miserably to build a structure within the Club which allows us to build on these successes. If McKay is allowed a free rein to approach the job how he wants to I have a fair bit of faith he’ll start us on the road to where we should be. On the other hand…if he’s in it as another DD lap dog then we’re fecked before he even takes up the position. As you know I’m a glass 3/4 full guy so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until such times as he makes a C U Next Tuesday of me!!

big packy

BOBBY, i besmirched his name, it was just a comment on what happened it was a joke, the ghuy took it in good faith, dont you ever accuse me of besmirching my uncle packys name ,as soon as wee joan comes in from visiting her dying mother, i will give you a ring on your mobile, thats if your up for it, let me know,


From The Celtic Wiki.
Shamrocks and shenanigans – The history of the Celtic badge from Celtic Cross to four leaf clover.

https://t.co/fCGaHv3tme https://t.co/3bRkE9Essw


Hello pop pickers, another quiet day on the new manager front.
A 3rd consecutive day at number 1, for Steve Clarke.
Steve Clarke
John Kennedy
Rafael Benitez
Frank Lampard
Eddie Howe
Enzo Maresca
Roy Keane
Roberto Martinez
Alex Neil
Damien Duff
Jack Ross
Mark Hughes
Andriy Shevchenko
Dan Petrescu
Gordon Strachan
Henrik Larsson
Martin O’Neill
Paul Lambert
Shaun Maloney
Andre Villas-Boas
Jindřich Trpišovský
Marco Silva
Jim Goodwin
Malky Mackay
Veljko Paunovic



Cloning is officially upon us. We should try to find one of Jocks hairs or something


Since it’s Friday and 5 o’clock, in Scotland.
The Jam. Down in a tube station.


Echo Beach. Martha and The Muffins.


Van Morrison. Bright side of the road.


Jackie Wilson. Your love keeps lifting me higher.


Love that Echo Beach tune.
Pretty sure it was Martha and the Muffin’s only UK hit. Think they were bigger in their native Canada though.

big packy

BOBBY, just had a text on my phone might be you im hopeless on phones,


Big Jim Packy…I just mailed you, too!


Love that Riptide track.
I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations. Great line. 😊👍



My favourite ‘outside the turnstile’ story was published in NTV many moons ago. It concerned a Tim waiting to go into Ibrox, in the days when we got half the enclosure.

Anyhoo, the poor bugger had his ticket showing out of his back pocket…and it was promptly scoffed by a big polis horse. Guy was going ballistic, but was let into the game on the basis that no-one would make up such a story.

I’ll have to try that wan myself some day.

Hail Hail.


Is this your wee dug McCaff ?


Garry. 5.16.
A clever video, too.
At the line, Cause you’re gonna sing the words wrong.
He actually puts the wrong words up.


Hahaha ASWGL…my dug’s no that energetic – or smart!! She’s like me – up all night and lies aboot during the day!! 😳


Aye. Genius 😊👍


Magua.. sounds like there was a good Fenian working at Ibrox that day!! 🤫

big packy

NO listen while im waiting for wee joan to ring me good news or bad, bobby has been a rock to me on the phone when ive been down on the dumps, but nobody and i mean nobody is going to say a bad word about my uncle packy, sorry mick,another true story